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Orphan Train Riders to Iowa  Orphan Train Riders

~ Webster County ~

Webster City Tribune
14 November 1890


Another company of boys from the Children's Aid Society of New York, will arrive at Webster City, Iowa, Thursday, Nov. 20th, 1880, for the purpose of finding homes with the people of Hamilton county. Boys ill be placed in homes on the same conditions as before. All the expenses of transportation are paid by the society. There will be a meeting at Smith's rink, Thursday, November 20th, at 2:30 p.m. for the distribution of the boys. Those proposing to take one are requested to hand their names to one of the following gentlemen, who will act as the committee H.A. Crandall, B. F. Derr. Wesley Martin, E. R. Lee. Webster City, and P. H. Dickman, Kamrar.
E. Trott, Agent children's Aid Society, 24th St. Market Place, New York, N. Y.

Webster City Tribune 21 Nov. 1890
The third and last party of children from the children's Aid Society, of New York, arrived as advertised yesterday. There were four girls and eleven boys this time and no problem was experienced in finding good homes for them in our county.

Webster City Tribune November 21, 1890
"Little Georgie, the bright boy taken from the children's Aid Society of New York by August Witte, has been seriously ill during the past week, so much so that his life has been almost dispaired of, but the best medical attendance now promises that his life will be spared."

Webster City Freeman Wed. Nov. 26, 1890
"Four girls and eleven boys arrived in the city Thursday, from the Children's Aid Society, of New York City, and with very little trouble found homes among Hamilton county people where they all, no doubt, be well cared for. This was the third and also the last company of children which will be sent to this place."

Webster City Tribune November 28, 1890
"One of the boys from the Children's Aid Society, of New York, about five years old, can be secured by a good family of called for at once. Enquire of N. F. Hellen."

Webster City Tribune November 28, 1890
"Mr. And Mrs. H. C. Roop are so well pleased with the little girl Lillian Langren that they took recently from the Children's Aid Society of New York that they last week end took out adoption papers according to the law and the little miss is now Lillian L. Roop.

Webster City Tribune September 18, 1891
Mr. E. Trott of the Children's Aid Society of New York City, has passed through here yesterday with a party of Thirteen children for Dakota City, Ia.

Webster City Freeman, Friday Feb 14 1896
"Mr. & Mrs. Nels Jensen of Fremond township, have lately adopted a bright little orphan baby girl, nine months old, which they got from Des Moines. Five years ago these same good people adopted a little boy from the New York Society and are bringing him to man hood in a most commendable manner. The little girl has fallen into good hands, as the boy did five years ago."