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Orphan Train Riders to Iowa  Orphan Train Riders

~ Emmet County ~

(Retyped from the Estherville Daily News)

Wednesday October 28, 1918

Eastern Orphans Take Well Here
Twelve of the Children from the home in New York City arrive Thursday.

HILL and COMSTOCK in charge
Crowds Gather at the Court House Friday to See and Provide for them


Misses Hill and Comstock of the children's Aid society of New York City arrived on schedule time with their carload of homeless children from the city of New York. They were met at the train by a large gathering of our citizens bent on seeing the little fellows as they alighted from the evening train.

The court room had been provided for the meeting on Friday afternoon but many called at the Gardston hotel on that evening to see the boys and girls for whom the society were seeking homes. There were favorites among these children as there is where any gathering of children are held and there was one little girl for which there were eleven applications.

On Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock the little ladies and gentlemen who had been so well trained by the society were taken to the court room to be provided with homes.

Never was the court room more crowded. The room was packed to the full extent. The office rooms were full and the hall was well filled, all bent on seeing the children and many willing to provide them with homes.

Miss Hill gave an address on the home and its methods of doing business and her words combined with the presence of those homeless children brought tears to the eyes of many of the men and women present. The committee selected by these ladies to assist in the selection of homes for these children passed among the crowd and received the applications. After the consideration of the applications, the little two-year-old girl, Jeannie Hewett, who had fascinated the crowd was given to Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Swanson.

The two little brothers, Russel and Victor Hemstead, who every one had dreaded to see separated, were both taken by Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Fisher of Wallingford, and a happy quartet they made as they left the court room hand in hand, and what a consolation to everyone to know they were not to be separated.

Marie Marquard was provided with a home by Mr. and Mrs. Albert Swartz.

Walter Dawson went to live with Rudolph Stade and wife at Dunnell, Minnesota

Mabel G. Lamphear, for whom there was great demand, went to M. and Mrs. Dr. Wilson.

Hilding Anderson now resides with Mr. and Mrs. Claud Cobb on route one

Willie Wiggers, was taken to Dunnell to live with Mr. and Mrs. W. A. McCorkel.

Francis Anderson was not compelled to alter his name as he will be provided with a home by Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Anderson of Wallingford.

Sophia Anderson, sister to Francis Anderson, goes to the A. Swanson home to live. There still remains one boy and one girl to provide for on account of a little misunderstanding at the time of making the award of home. One of these is James Mack, one of the best and brightest of the children brought here. (went to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Berg in Dunnell, Mn. ?)

As a reward to the ladies in charge of the children is the knowledge that many more of their homeless children were provided with good homes in the great middle west.





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