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Estherville Newspaper
Estherville, Iowa
October 28, 1914

Twelve orphans of New York City were given homes near Estherville
These children were placed in some of the best home in this vicinity.

Thursday evening Miss C. B. Comstock and Miss A. L. Hill of New York who are representing the children's Aid Society, arrived in Estherville with twelve children. On Friday afternoon at the Emmet County Court House these children were placed in the care of people who were very highly recommended as people who were capable of providing good homes for the orphan children.

These children are all of legitimate birth and are very bright, the youngest being two years old and the oldest is eleven. This society has found good homes for over 58,000 children. After the children are placed into homes they are visited by nurses, and if they think any child has been placed in a home where they will not receive good treatment they immediately take it in charge to see that the child is placed where it will be treated as any child should be.

The court room was far too small to accommodate the large crowd of sight seers, some interested, but the larger portion there for curiosity more than anything else.

Mr. and Mrs. George Swanson had strong competition for the little baby, Jean Hewett, but they were successful in having the little one placed in their care. Russell Hempstead, four year old and brother, Victor, aged six, were given to the care of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Fisher of Wallingford. Walter Dawson age eight, was taken by Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Stade of Huntington. Mabel Lamphere, aged seven will make her home with Dr. and Mrs. M. E. Wilson of this city. Hilda Anderson, aged thirteen, found a home with Mr. and Mrs. Claude E. Cobb. Willie Wiggers, aged five, was given to Mr. and Mrs. W. A. McLaughlin. James L. Mack, aged nine, was placed near Donnell, Mn., with Mr. and Mrs. Chas, J. Berg. Sophia Anderson went to the Andrew Swanson residence. Francis Anderson will be cared for by Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Anderson of Wallingford. Marie Marquaid has not been placed.



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