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~ Emmet County ~


(Retyped from the Estherville Daily News

November 28, 1914

Only Eleven Children Available to Fill Thirty-five Applications

Last Thursday Misses A. L. Hill and C. B. Comstock of New York City, representing a children's' aid society arrived in Estherville with twelve orphans for whom homes were to found in Emmet county, and on Friday afternoon they were taken to the court house where an unprecedented crowd gathered and as soon as applications commenced being filed for the children it was apparent that the demand was going to far exceed the supply.

A local committee composed of Arthur Pitcher, W. W. Walker, Carl Jegium, Henry Mahlum and A. D. root assisted the ladies in charge of the children in passing on the application filed. During the afternoon ten of the children were placed in homes. One boy was not permitted to go out with any of the applicants asking for him and one girl was returned to Cedar Rapids, where she had been with a family for some time previous, and one girl was returned after being taken.

No papers have been made out as yet legalizing the adoption of the children as the Misses Hill and Comstock are to remain here for some time and visit at the home in which they have been placed and satisfy themselves that none of the children have been placed in an undesirable environment or with families not in position to properly care for and bring them up. On this score, however, there will be no question as the applicants given custody of the children represent Emmet county's most respected and prosperous residents. As will be noted, two of the children found homes in Estherville, the remaining going to parties residing near Estherville, Wallingford, Huntington and Dunnell.

Following is a list of those taking the children on trial.

Rudolph Stade, Huntington, a boy; W. a. McCorkle, Dunnell, a boy; J. A. Anderson, Wallington, a boy; Geo. Swanson, Estherville, a girl; W. A. Fisher, Wallingford, two boys, brothers; C. E. Cobb, Estherville, a boy; Andrew Swanson, Estherville, a girl; M. E. Wilson, Estherville, a girl. One boy taken by a. Swartz was returned and this girl and one boy are to be placed later.
After the adoption papers have been made out and possession of the children given to those in whose care they are now entrusted. The parties taking them have six months in which to decide whether or not they desire to keep them.



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