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Iowa Official Registers

1927 - 1928

Pages 183

Iowa State Board of Education


Members of the Board of Education
George T. Baker, Davenport, Democrat, term exp. July 1, 1929
Edward P. Schoentgen, Council Bluffs, Democrat, term exp. July 1, 1933
Willard C. Stuckslager, Lisbon, Republican, term exp. July 1, 1929
George W. Godfrey, Algona, Republican, term exp. July 1, 1933
Anna B. Lawther, Dubuque, Democrat, term exp. July 1, 1929
Pauline Lewelling Devitt, Oskaloosa, Republican, term exp. July 1, 1933
Henry C. Shull, Sioux City, Republican, term exp. July 1, 1931
C.C. Sheakley, New Hampton, Republican, term exp. July 1, 1931
Claude R. Porter, Des Moines, Democrat, term exp. July 1, 1931

Finance Committee of Board of Education
William R. Boyd, Chairman, Cedar Rapids, Republican, annual salary - $3,600.
W.H. Gemmill, Secretary, Des Moines, Republican, annual salary - $4,000.
Jackson W. Bowdish, Member, Des Moines, Democrat, annual salary - $3,600.

Employees of Finance Committee, Board of Education
Lida M. Erwin, Chief clerk, Des Moines, annual salary - $1,500.
Ernstine Schultz Conrad, Statistical clerk, Des Moines, Annual salary - $1,300.
Mildred Grabill, Stenographer, Des Moines, Annual salary - $1,200.
Helen M. Lenihan, Stenographer, Des Moines, Annual salary - $1,200.

The board of education of nine members is appointed by the governor for six-year terms, subject to approval by the senate. The board chooses from outside its own membership a finance committee of 3 members. The educational institutions in charge of the board are: Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, Ames; State University of Iowa, Iowa City; Iowa State Teachers' College, Cedar Falls; Iowa School for the Blind, Vinton' Iowa School for the Deaf, Council Bluffs.

State University of Iowa -- Iowa City
Walter Albert Jessup, Ph.D., LL.D., President
Thomas Huston MacBride, Ph.D., LL.D., President Emeritus
William Herbert Bates, Secretary
William Judd McChesney, Financial Agent
W.H. Cobb, Auditor
John Meeker Fisk, B.S. in E.E., Superintendent of grounds & buildings
Elmer Almy Wilcox, B.A., Secretary of the University Senate
Herbert Clifford Dorcas, M.A., University Examiner & Registrar
Adelaide Lasheck Burge, Ph.B., Acting Dean of Women
Robert Elmer Rienow, B.A., Dean of Men
Morton Claire Mumma, B.S., Lieut. Col., U.S.A., Commandant of the R.O.T.C.
John Boynton Kaiser, M.L.S., Director of University Libraries
George Frederick Kay, Ph.D., Dean of College of Liberal Arts
Henry Craig Jones, LL.B., S.J.D., LL.B., Dean of College of Law
Lee Wallace Dean, M.S., M.D., F.A.C.S., Dean of College of Medicine
Frank Thomas Breene, D.D.S., M.D., Dean of College of Dentistry
Wilber John Teeters, M.S., Ph.C., Dean of the College of Pharmacy
Carl Emil Seashore, Ph.D., Dean of the Graduate College
Clement Clarence Williams, Dean of the College of Applied Science
Paul Clifford Packer, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Education
John Thomas McClintock, B.A., M.D., Junior Dean College of Medicine
Edward Henry Lauer, Ph.D., Director of the Extension Division
Bird Thomas Baldwin, Ph.D., Director of the Child Welfare Research Station
Chester Arthur Phillips, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Commerce
Philip Greeley Clapp, Ph.D., Director of School of Music
Mary Jane McArthur, Director of School of Nursing; superintendent of nurses
Jesse LeRoy McElroy, M.D., Superintendent of University Hospital

Iowa State College of Agriculture & Mechanic Arts -- Ames
Raymond M. Hughes, B.S., M.S., President
Herman Knapp, B.S.A., Business Manager
Orange Howard Cessna, D.D, Chaplain
Charles Franklin Curtiss, M.S.A., D.Sc., Dean of the Division of Agriculture, Director of Agricultural Experiment Station
Anson Marston, CE., Dean of the Division of Engineering, Director of Engineering Experiment Station
Charles Henry Stange, D.V.M., Dean of the Division of Veterinary Medicine, Professor of Veterinary Medicine
Robert Earle Buchanan, M.S., Ph.D., Dean of the Graduate College; Professor of Bacteriology
Frances A. Sims, Ph.B., Acting Dean of the Division of Home Economics
Henry Herbert Kildee, M.S., Vice Dean of the division of Agriculture, Professor of Animal Husbandry
Samuel Walker Beyer, B.S., Ph.D., Dean of the Division of Industrial Science, Professor of Geology
Maria M. Roberts, B.L., Dean of the Junior College, Professor of Mathematics
Harold Edward Bemis, D.V.M., Vice Dean of Division of Veterinary Medicine and Professor of Veterinary Surgery
James R. Sage, B.A., M.Sc., Registrar, Vice Dean of Junior College
Thomas Sloss, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds
James Franklin Edwards, MD., College Physician and Professor of Hygiene
Mrs. Julia Stanton, B.L., Dean of Women
John Elden Foster, B.A., Dean of Men, Director of Summer Session
Charles Harvey Brown, B.A., M.A., Librarian

Iowa State Teachers College - Cedar Falls
Administrative Officers, Address - Cedar Falls:
President - Homer H. Seerley, M.A., LL.D.
Business Secretary - Benjamin Boardman, Ph.B.
Executive Secretary - Anna R. Wild
Treasurer - Roger Leavitt
Registrar and Examiner - Charles C. Cory, B.S.
Director of Extension - Irving H. Hart, B.A.
Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds- James E. Robinson
Dean of Women - Mrs. Marion McFarland Walker, B.A.
Dean of Men - Leslie I. Reed, M.A.
Librarian - Anne Stuart Duncan, B.L.
Health Service - Dr. F.N. Mead
Head of Bartlett Hall - Mary E. Haight

Iowa School for the Deaf - Council Bluffs
Superintendent, O.L. McIntire
Physician, McM. Hanchett, M.D.
Steward, John F. Schultz
Matron, Rosa Lorenz

Historical: The Iowa School for the Deaf was founded in 1885 in answer to the demand that the deaf children of the state be given the same opportunity for an education that was provided for those who could hear. Because such deaf children are fewer and very much scattered, as well as to secure better grading, it was found more economical to get them together and provide board as well as tuition. The school was first located at Iowa City and later moved to Council Bluffs. n 1902 a fire completely destroyed the main building. A new modern, fireproof structure has arisen in its place where sufficient room is provided for 300 pupils. A separate building to accommodate forty-five of the younger pupils is also provided.

Iowa School for the Blind - Vinton
Superintendent, Francis Eber Palmer
Physician, J.E. Luckey, M.D.
Visiting Ophthalmic Surgeon, L.W. Dean, M.D., state university

The aim and purpose of the Iowa School for the Blind is purely educational. The course of study includes not only the subjects required for admission to the colleges and the university of the state, but also subjects that aim to prepare our students for some of the occupations in which it has been demonstrated that the blind are usually successful. After a pupil of this school reaches the high school department, he is given some latitude in the choice of courses of study, and in the making of his choice he always has the guidance and advice of teachers and matrons. However, the courses are so arranged that a student who chooses one course, say, one of the vocational courses of study, has the benefit of subjects in other courses. In fact, both literary and industrial work is required of all students.


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