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Jefferson Bee
Jefferson, Greene Co, Iowa
Oct 26, 1954


     Below will be found at list of Civil war soldiers who were buried in the Jefferson cemetery. There also appears upon the list one veteran of the War of 1812, also men of Mexican war and the Spanish-American war.

West Side
B.R. Crose, Co. D, 72d Ind.
A.C. Wells, Co. C, 2d Iowa
Mahlon Head, Co. F, 10th Iowa
W.B. Partridge, U.S. Army, 1812
C.W. Mason, 51st Ia. Band S A W
Harmon Anderson, Co. C. 198th O.
John H. Decker, Co. E, 36th Iowa
Isaac Morris, Co, I, 82d Illinois.
D.W. Henderson, Co. H, 22nd Iowa
W.S. Schemerhorn, Surg. 16th W.
Albert Head, Co. F, 10th Iowa
Austin Partridge, Co. F, 28th Ia.
N.M. Williams, Co. G. 151st Ill.
W.A. McDonald, Co. E., 98th Ill.
H.W. Kellogg, Co. G. 2nd U.S. Vol.
S.J. Blackburn, Delaware Vol Inf.
C.B. Gilliland, Co. G. 2nd U.S. Volunteer Eng. (S.A. War)
James Quirk, Co. G., 126th Ill.
Nelson A. West, U.S. Inf. (Mex.)
T.P. Mendenhall, Co. C. 154th O.
T.P. Mugan, Co. G, 75th Ill.
D.J. Merriam, 37th Ill.
John M. Hulse, Co. C, 43d Ohio.
J.W. Edwards Co. G, 142d Ohio.
J.B. Benjamin, 6th NY Heavy A.
Wm. Beard, Co. C, 51st Ia. S A W
John N. Gallup, Co. E, 31st Ill.
H.A. Turrill, Co. G., 211th Penn.
John Onstott, Co. C, 66th Ohio
G.B. Kendall, Co. K, 127th Ill.
John Coil, Co. E, 39th Iowa
T.M. Garrett, Ills. Vol. Inf.
J.W. Wyatt, Co. I, 15th Iowa
Dr. Chas Enfield, Co. D, 1st NY
Geo. W. Colvig, Co. C, 52d Ohio
Harvey Church, Co. I, 3d Wis Cav
J.E.Stevens, Co. C, 52d Iowa, S A W
Barton Pearson, Ind. Vol. Inf.
H.P. Hastings, Co. M, 96th Ill.
J.C. Secord, Co. E, 151st Ill.
Robert Willard, Co. A, 160th NY
Abraham Coleman, Co. C, 35th Ind.
Philip Rodocker, Ia Gray Beards
M.C. Sayers, Ohio Vol Navy
Chas Heward, Co. G, 151st Ill.

Louis Ehrhardt, Co. F., 52d Ill.
G.G. Odiorne, 4th U.S. Vol.
John Dew, Co. F., 65th Ind.
Henry Drake, 4th Iowa Cav.
Andrew Watts, 12th Wis. Battery
John S. Welch, Co. C, 40th Ind.
A.B. Shipman, Co. K, 8th Iowa.
H.R. Myers, Co. H, 10th Iowa
John W. Myers, Co. H., 10th Iowa
Joseph R. Myers, Co. E., 39th Iowa
James W. Ganoe, Co. E., 39th Iowa Infantry
Levi Corbin, co. B, 21st Wis.
John L. Auld, Co. E, 51st Ohio.
Ed Heimboldt, Co. G, 72d Ind.
Geo. W. Gilroy, Co. H, 10th Iowa
R.P. Smith, New Hampshire Vol.
John Smurr, Co. A. 5th Iowa
John Rake, Co. A, 116th Ohio
S.J. Harker, 50th Wis.
J.W. Anderson, Co. H, 10th Iowa
M.D. Culley, u.S. Army, 1812
Jeff McCoy, Co. H, 10th Iowa
I.J. McDuffie, 33rd N.Y. Inf.
V. Tew, Co. B, 100th Illinois
Henry Frantz, Co. H, 15th Iowa Inf.
Clark Graven, 1?? Ohio Inf.


East Side

Horace Bennets, Co. G, 153rd Illinois.
O.S. Beebe, Co. K, 8th Ill. Cav.
R.G. Seaman, Co.F., ??th Ohio
Geo. W. Day, Co. I, 12th Wis.
Robert M. Rippey, Co. E, 38th Iowa
W.H.B. Wynkoop, Co. A, 18th Iowa
James L. Perry, Co H, 22d Iowa
Joseph LeGere, Co. E, ?th Iowa
J.W. Fitz, Co. A, 13th Iowa
E.G. Gibson, Co. A, 108th N.Y.
W.C. Strea??, Co. G., 36th Iowa
Amos Johnson, Co. I, 4th Ohio
Geo. McBurney, Co. A, 15th Iowa
Samuel Wise, Co. B, 113th Ill.
Walter Bedell, Co. G, 2?th Iowa
S.J. Heot, 3d Mich Engineers.
Oliver M. Probst, Co. E, 128th Ind.
Henry Cockerill, Co. D, 29th Iowa
W.L. Franklin, Co. E, 30th Iowa
R.B. Elliott, 13th N.H.
K.H. Williams, Co. A., 11th Wis.
C.M. Starling, Co. G, 1st Wis Art.
Benj. F. Ay??ott, Co. K, 38th Iowa
Geo. W. Myers, Co. F, 9th Iowa
W. B. Brown, Co. E, 3d Mo. Cav.
John Gray, Co. K, ??th Illinois
A.R. Mills, Co. K, ??th Iowa
E.U. Daly, Co. C., 14th Iowa
M.E. Hall, Co. G, 9th U.S. Art.
Chas. Louk, Co. D, 2d Iowa
J. Hauptman, Co. __, Penn Regt.
Gus Lindell, Engineer Corps
Thos. Urie, U.S. Army, Mexican
D.A. Conant, Co. G, 1st Wis. Cav.
S.E. Wilson, Co. H, 2d Wis.
Wm. Wilson, 3d Wis Cav.
H.B. Heath, Co. H, 6th Iowa Cav.
F.J. Harrington, Co. A, 16th Wis.
J.J. Russell, Co. B, 13th Illinois
Augustus Yerger, Co. I., 39th Iowa.
John T. Beaty, Co. I, 13th Iowa
Milbourn Zettler, Co. A, 5th Iowa
R.S. Cory, Co. G., 48th Indiana
M. Phillips, Co. F, 18th N.Y. Art.
Thos. Johnson, Co. D, 98th Ohio
J.P. Miller, Co. G., 3d Mo. Cav.
S.S. Wherry, Co. C., 14th Iowa
David Huffman, Co. C, 4th Illinois
J.G. Debbs, 4th Kentucky
Samuel Brackerts, Co. I, 32d Wis.
B.D. Benmore, Co. H, 2d Iowa Cav.
Thos. Calvert, Co. C, 50th Wis.
John Calvert, Co. C, 33d Wis.
Geo. W. Bleakney, Co. A, 3d Mo. C.
Jas. W. Smith, Co. E, 39th Iowa
W.H. Cassell, Co. D, 77th Illinois
John A. Gretner, Co. H, 15th Mich.
Zack Fuhr, Co. I, 16th Penn Cav.
W.P. Seaman, Co. C, 11th Mo.
H.B. Wright, Co. E, 2d Ill Cav.
Jos. St. Peter, Co. K, 14th Ill.
Matthew Custer, Co. H, 10th Iowa
John Wilkinson, Co. K, 11th Iowa
Horace Walrod, Co. B, 55th Ill.
Geo. D. Pettingell, Co. K, 15th Ill.
Eleasor Hockett, Co. E., 30th Iowa.
Fenton Stream, Co. B, 9th Iowa.
M.E. Jones, Co. G, 7th Iowa Cav.
Lewis Heller, Co. A, 8th Iowa Cav.
J.R. Knowles, Co. E, 50th Wis.
B.F. Stevenson, Co. I, 85th Ohio
John Shannon, Co. A, 45th Illinois
P.H. Bradley, Co. G, 9th Ia. Cav.
J.S. McCall, Co. D, 29th Iowa
Lot Timbrel, Co. C, 33d Iowa
J.C. Harker, no inscribed record.
Jed Brockway, Co. D, 47th Ia Inf.
G.S. Toliver, Co. H, 19th Iowa
F.W. (or P.W.) Lorence, Co. D, 44th Iowa
E.A. Lasher, Co. H, 193rd N.Y.
E.M. Troxell, Co. H, 153rd Pa. Inf.
Geo. P. Mooney, Iowa Infantry
J.W. Huntington, Iowa Infantry.

St. Joseph's Cemetery
Michael Kearney, Co. C, 33d Wis.
John Degan, no inscribed record
John E. McDonald, World War.

     This burial list has not been published since 1931, and is given here at the request of a number of people who wish to have a copy. It is possible there may be errors as it is difficult, over a period of 70 or more years, to keep records of this kind absolutely correct. At one time the list contained names of soldiers who belonged to George H. Thomas Post, and who were buried elsewhere, but these were removed from the published list.


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