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The Keosauqua Weekly Republican
Keosauqua, Van Buren, Iowa
Thursday, June 7, 1866

To Returned Soldiers and Others.

Washington, D.C., May 30, '66

     DEAR SIR:- Herewith enclosed please find rolls of missing men. Nos. 3 and 4, accompanied by an explanatory heading, which I trust renders their object and character sufficiently apparent.
     If not to much trouble will you have the kindness to publish the list of your State (with the heading) in your paper. Your readers may know the fate of some of these brave men and comrades who have so nobly given up their lives, and whose uncertain history is deepening the shadows in so many thousand homes.
     In the hope that we may be able to throw light upon these obscure cases, and relieve some of the anxiety and distress attending them, I have taken  the liberty to solicit the co-operation of yourself and your readers.
          Yours very respectfully,
                          CLARA BARTON.
          Washington, D.C., May 1, 1866.

Soldiers and Friends of Soldiers,
     This roll, No. 3, is composed entirely of names of soldiers who have been killed in battle, died in Southern prisons, or otherwise lost in the service, and whose fate is unknown to their friends.
     Each name here enrolled is taken from the letter of some relative or friend, who has written to me asking my aid in their painful search; and in their behalf I appeal to you to give such facts relative to the fate of these men as you may recollect or can ascertain. They have been your comrades on march, picket or raid, or in battle, hospital, or prison, and falling there the fact and manner of their death may be known only to you.
     The thousands of letters making those inquiries are in my possession, filed and recorded, and the bereaved families and friends are anxiously waiting the information which they hope to obtain from you.
     Please examine the rolls and if you have facts relative to any one herein named, communicate them to me by letter, with your full  address so that the information may be immediately forwarded to the inquiring family.
     As some may have returned since the inquiry, or a comrade whose name appears here may be known by you to be living, please inform me, that the name may be withheld from future rolls.
     Letters of inquiry for missing soldiers need only to contain the names, with the regiment, company and State, or other organization to which they belonged, and the address of the writer plainly written.
     No apology is necessary for writing me; and if a letter fails to receive an answer, please write again, as no letter will ever be intentionally neglected, and in no case will any compensation be accepted.
          CLARA BARTON.
          Miss Clara Barton,
                   Washington, D.C.



Allen, James T, co C, 2d inf.
Burns, James, co. B, 15th inf.
Clark, John C, serg't co H. 31st inf.
Clark, Edward B, co K, 8th cav.
Cjernos, Smith, co G, 3d inf.
Coles, Joshua, co. G, 3d inf.
Downing, Hezekiah A, co C, 24th inf.
De Witt, Elisha, co. E, 8th cav
Dorland, G.S., co F, 2d cav
Esuay or Esnay, Francis J, co A, 24th inf.
Fey or Foy, Wm, co. E, 2d cav
Frost, Edmond, co. L, 8th cav.
Funston, Charles R. co. C, 2d cav
Grayson, Thomas ,co. D, 21st inf.
Heckart, Joseph, serg't, co. D, 15th inf.
Hoisington, Lucian P, co D, 7th inf.
Jackson, Samuel Y, co. C, 9th cav.
James, Wm, Warren, co. G, 15th inf.
Johnson, James F, co. F, 2d cav.
Leach, Kendrick, co. C, 2d cav.
Livingston, James A, co. A, 4th cav.
Long, Daniel R, co. B, 9th inf.
McCracken, George, co. A, 5th cav.
McKay, Hugh, co. K, 15th inf.
Meeker, Francinny D, co. I or L, 8th cav.
Norton, Patrick, co. A, 15th inf.
Peters, Peter, co. E, 2d cav.
Pierce, Wm., co. E, 6th inf.
Pierson, Martin, co. E, 6th inf.
Kabun, Lewis, co. G, 2d inf.
Raser, Albert, Co. I or L., 8th cav.
Reel, John, co. B, 4th inf.
Ren, Thomas, co. A, 40th inf.
Rider, Nelson, co. ___, 13th inf.
Rose, Thomas W., co. K, 30th inf.
Shely, Horace, co. I, 13th inf.
Spink, Edwin, co. I, 5th cav.
Streetor, Levi J., co. H, 15th inf.
Taylor, Michael, co. F, 35th inf.
Tibbetts, A.W., co. H, 14th inf.
Thompson, Jas. D, co. M, 8th cav.
Thompson, Thos. B., co. D, 32d inf.
Thompson, Adam, co. D, 32d inf.
Vinton, Charles B, co. G, 15th inf.
Ward, Amos W., co. B, 5th cav.
Walton, Theodore, co. E, 31st inf.
Westby, Miller , co. F, 16th inf.
Work, Wm., co. H, 3rd cav.

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