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History of Iowa

Volume II


 The great Civil War of 1861-5, has been told in many excellent publications and the elaborate record of the Adjutant-General's Office The dramatic story has been well written by Stuart, Ingersoll and Byers, in addition to the numerous regimental histories. The complete history of the patriotism, devotion to country, sacrifices and heroic endurance of mothers, wives, sisters and near friends of the men who marched to southern battle-fields can never be written.

 The names of a few officers who were prominent in the great conflict, of the regiments organized, the battles fought, find a place in history. The names and deeds of more than 75,000 common soldiers, like the nameless graves of wars' victims, scattered over the hills, valleys and plains of the South, are recorded only in the memory of friends or comrades who survive.

 This volume embraces but a brief history of the events connected with that most momentous war of modern times and the more important acts of the higher officials in civil and military affairs. No State in the restored Union is richer in noble men and women whose devotions to duty in camp, hospital and battle-field has never been excelled in any war or country. No State developed more brilliant officers or braver solders.

 Iowa has always honored the memory of the Grand Army of the Republic, its survivors have filled the highest positions in civil life. Our people have no sympathy with the mercenary spirit which for years, has sought to impeach the integrity of veterans on the pension roll. It is a record of honor that the people of Iowa will ever regard with grateful hearts and sustain with unswerving fidelity. It is little enough that money can do to compensate, in any degree, the men who offered their lives in defense of their country, and for years endured sacrifices and sufferings that entitle them to the lasting gratitude of their countrymen. There are no more sacred pages in Iowa history than those which record the brilliant deeds of Iowa soldiers.


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