Iowa State Gazetteer, Shippers' Guide and Business Directory.
Chicago: Bailey & Hair, 1865

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Grundy County


     Is in the fourth tier of counties from the northern boundary line, and the fifth west of the Mississippi river. It is bounded on the north by Butler county, on the east by Black Hawk, on the south by Tama and Marshall, and on the west by Hardin.

     It is watered principally by Beaver and Black Hawk creeks, which flowing in an easterly direction, empty into the Cedar river.   

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   The county is principally high rolling prairie, with a limited supply of timber, and on this account has been somewhat tardy in its settlement, although the soil is as productive as in any part of the State. It was organized in 1856.

     The DuBuque & Sioux City Railroad passes through the northern portion of the county.

     GRUNDY CENTRE, the county seat, is in the centre of the county, on Black Hawk creek. It contains two general stores.

     The great drawback of the county is want of timber, but coal is found within twenty miles of this place. The village is fifteen miles south of the DuBuque & Sioux City Railroad, and twenty miles north of Marshalltown, on the Cedars & Missouri River Railroad.

     TAYLOR HILL is a small village in the northeast corner of the county 



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