Iowa State Gazetteer, Shippers' Guide and Business Directory.
Chicago: Bailey & Hair, 1865
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The following places where churches are organized are reported in the official proceedings of the Iowa Baptist State Convention:


Brighton Danville Flint River
Davis Creek Marion Huron
Richmond Mt. Pleasant Jefferson
Washington New London Pisgah
Burlington Ononwa  


First Church Hopeville Sidney
Quincy Nishnabotany Bethel
Big Grove Red Oak Bethesda
Clarinda Lewis Big Creek
Nodaway Leon Hayden Grove
West Nodaway Bedford Union
Caledonia Platteville Vernal
Grand River Mt. Olive West Union
Oscedo New Hope White Breast



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Columbia Grinnell Richland
Green Mountain Honey Creek Toledo


Barclay Black Hawk County   St. Charles Floyd County
Cedar Falls Black Hawk County   Floyd Floyd County
Waterloo Black Hawk County   Rockford Floyd County
Chickasaw Chickasaw County   Rock Grove Floyd County
Fredericksburg Chickasaw County   Grove Hill Bremer County
Jacksonville Chickasaw County   Waverly Bremer County
Eden Fayette County   Tripoli Bremer County
Fairbank Buchanan County   Janesville Bremer County
Independence Buchanan County   New Hartford Butler County
Mitchell Mitchell County   Polk  
Osage Mitchell County      


Des Moines Polk County   Newton Jasper County
Avon Polk County   Otter Creek Jasper County
Carlisle Warren County   Pleasant Hill Jasper County
Greenbush Warren County   Iowa Centre Story County
Hartford Warren County   Knoxville Marion County
Sandyville Warren County   Enon  
South River Warren County   Good Hope  
Monroe Jasper County   Handsomeview  
Vandalia Jasper County   White Breast  


Albia Monroe County   Moravia Appanoose County
Bethlehem Wayne County   Milledgeville Appanoose County
Cambria Wayne County   Unionville Appanoose County
Corydon Wayne County   Peoria Story County
Chariton Lucas County   New Hope Union County
Wayne Henry County   Goshen  
Mt. Pleasant Henry County   Little Flock  
Franklin Decatur County   Mt. Eden  
Garden Grove Decatur County   Mt. Ararat  
Highland Clayton County   Mt. Olivet  
New Providence Hardin County   Pleasant Grove  
Union Hardin County   Pleasant Hill  
Walnut Creek        


Du Buque Du Buque County   Maquoketa Jackson County
Cascade Du Buque County   Monmouth Jackson County
Worthington Delaware County   Iron Hill Jackson County
Delaware Delaware County   LaMotte Jackson County
Delhi Delaware County   Spring Brook Jackson County
Manchester Delaware County   Waterford Jackson County
Plum Creek Delaware County   North Bend  
Hopkinton Delaware County      


Montezuma Poweshiek County   Sigourney Keokuk County
Brooklyn Poweshiek County   South English Keokuk County
Deep River Poweshiek County   Martinsburgh Keokuk County
Cedar Creek Mahaska County   Marengo Iowa County
Madison Mahaska County   Millersburg Iowa County
Clear Creek Allamakee County   Pella Marion County
Howard's Grove Washington County      



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Anamosa Jones County   Jackson Chickasaw County
Fairview Jones County   Prairie Hill Boone County
Belle Prairie Benton County   Quasqueton Buchanan County
Shellsburg Benton County   Big Grove  
Vinton Benton County   Jordan Grove  
Cedar Rapids Linn County   Linn Grove  
Marion Linn County   Parkers Grove  
Centre Point Linn County   Roger's Grove  
Palla Linn County   Simmon's Creek  
Clinton Clinton      


Algona Kossuth County   Fort Dodge Webster County
Boonsboro Boone County   Webster City Hamilton County
Swede Bend Boone County   Mt. Pleasant  
Iowa Falls Hardin County   North Union  
Great Bend     Squaw Creek  


Davenport (2) Scott County   Clear Creek Allamakee County
Princeton Scott County   Iowa City Johnson County
Le Claire Scott County   Muscatine (3) Muscatine County
Blue Grass Scott County   Hickory Grove Jackson County
Comanche Clinton County   Van Buren  
De Witt Clinton County   Mill Creek  
Lyons Clinton County   Mt. Olivet  


Keokuk Lee County   Bethlehem Wayne County
Denmark Lee County   Farmington Van Buren County
West Point Lee County   Mt. Zion Van Buren County
Warren Lee County   Glasgow Jefferson County
Pilot Grove Lee County   Boone Henry County
Big Mound Lee County   Jefferson  
Charleston Lee County   Tippecanoe  
Ft. Madison Lee County   Bratton's Grove  
Cedar Lee County      


Bloomfield Davis County   Concord  
Pulaski Davis County   East Shoal Creek  
Chequest Union Davis County   Little Fox River  
Centreville Appanoose County   Mar's Hill  
Freedom Lucas County   North Fabins  
Mt. Pleasant Henry County   North Union  
Salem Henry County   Province  
Hopewell Mahaska County   Shoal Creek  
Liberty Clarke County   Union  
New Hope Union County   Zion  



Big Grove Pottawattamie County   Milford Clarke County
Clarinda Page County   Nodaway  
Glenwood Mills County   Sidney Fremont County
Lewis Cass County   Silver Creek  


Oskaloosa Mahaska County   Pleasant Grove Wapello County
Bellefountain Mahaska County   Pleasant Corners Wapello County
Eveland Grove Mahaska County   Ashland Wapello County
Bluff Creek Mahaska County   Mt. Carmel Mahaska County
Fremont Mahaska County   Little Mount Mahaska County
Fairfield Jefferson County   Lovilia Monroe County
Brookville Jefferson County   Pella Marion County
Ottumwa Wapello County   Blakesburg  
Mt. Pleasant Wapello County   Friendship  
Centre Wapello County   Salem  



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West Union Fayette County   Hardin Clayton County
Fayette Fayette County   McGregor Clayton County
Illyria Fayette County   Strawberry Point Clayton County
Oran Fayette County   Waukon Allamakee County
Erie Buchanan County   Rossville Allamakee County
Lime Springs Howard County   Paint Creek  
Vernon Spring Howard County   Union  


There are organized congregations in the following places:
Butler Centre Butler County   Johnson County one in south western part
Waterloo Blackhawk County   Marshalltown Marshall County
Newcastle Jasper County   Iowa Centre Story County
Harla Shelby County   Panora Guthrie County
Unionvillen Appanoose   Harmony Jefferson County
Rock Creek Polk County   Pleasant Corner Monroe County
One in Davis Creek   One church Washington County
Seven miles south of Indianola in Warren County
South English, Keokuk county, and one in southern part of the county.



Diocese of Du Buque -- Comprising the State of Iowa

[Established in 1837]

Adel Dallas County   Guttenberg Clayton County
Augusta Des Moines County   Independence Buchanan County
Bankston Settlement Du Bue County   Iowa City Johnson County
Bellevue Jackson County   Irish Valley Linn County
Boonsboro Boone County   Keokuk Lee County
Burlington (2) Des Moines County   Lansing Allamakee County
Cascade Du Buque County   Le Claire Scott County
Castle Grove Du Buque County   Lyons City (2) Clinton County
Cedar Falls Black Hawk County   McGregor Clayton County
Cedar Rapids Linn County   Monona Clayton County
Centre Grove Madison County   Mount Pleasant Henry County
Cherry Mount Delaware County   Muscatine Muscatine County
Council Bluffs Pottawattamie County   Newbern Monroe County
Davenport (3) Scott County   New Melleray Du Buque County
Decorah Winneshiek County   O'Connel's Settlement Du Buque County
Des Moines Polk County   Old Man's Creek Iowa County
De Witt Clinton County   Old Mission Winneshiek County
Dodgeville Des Moines County   Oskaloosa Mahaska County
Du Buque (9) Du Buque County   Ottumwa Wapello County
Dyersville Du Buque County   Paint Rock Allamakee County
Eddyville Wapello County   Palo Alto Palo Alto County
Elkader Clayton County   Sabula Jackson County
Erin Buchanan County   Saint Cyprian Allamakee County
Fairfield Jefferson County   Saint Lukes Winneshiek County
Ferns Allamakee County   Sioux City Woodbury County
Fort Atkinson Winneshiek County   Spillville Winneshiek County
Fort Dodge Webster County   Spruce Creek Jackson County
Fort Madison Lee County   Sugar Creek Clinton County
Garnavillo Clayton County   Walnut Grove Scott County
Garryowen Jackson County   Waukon Allamakee County
Georgetown Monroe County   West Point Lee County
Gilbertville Black Hawk County   Wexford Allamakee County
Glassnevin Du Buque County      



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[From the Report of 1865]

Algona Des Moines   Irving Otho
Almoral De Witt   Jefferson Ottumwa
Anamosa Du Buque   Keokuk Pine Creek
Bellevue Durange   Keosauguq Plymouth
Bentonsport Durant   Knoxville Polk City
Bethel Dyersville   LaFayette Postville
Big Rock Eddyville   Lakin's Grove Quasqueton
Black Hawk Elkader   Lansing Rock Creek
Bowen's Prairie Elk River   LeGlaire Rockford
Bradford Exira   Lewis Rock Grove
Brighton Fairfield   Lima Rockville
Brookfield Fairview   Long Creek Sabula
Brown Township Farmersburg   Lyons City Salem
Buckingham Farmington   Magnolia Salina
Buffalo Grove Fayette   Manchester Saratoga
Burlington Flint   Maquoketa Sherrill's Mount
Burr Oak Floyd Centre   Marion Sioux City
Cass Fontanelle   Martinsburgh Stacyville
Cedar Falls Forestville   Mason City Sterling
Cedar Rapids Fort Atkinson   McGregor Summit
Central City Fort Dodge   Mitchell Tabor
Centre Town Franklin   Monona Tipton
Chapin Garnavillo   Monticello Toledo
Charles City Georgetown   Mount Pleasant Ulster
Civil Bend Genoa Bluffs   Muscatine Wapello
Clay Glasgow   Nevin Warren
Colesburg Glenwood   New Hampton Washington
Columbus City Grand View   New Liberty Waterford
Concord Green Mountain   New Oregon Waterloo
Copper Creek Grinnell   Newton Waukon
Cottonville Hampton   Nottingham Wayne
Council Bluffs Harrison   Old 'Man's Creek Webster City
Crawfordsville Hillsboro   Onawa West Union
Danville Indiantown   Orleans Williamsburg
Davenport (3) Inland   Osage Wilton Junction
Decorah Iowa City   Oskaloosa York
Denmark Iowa Falls      
      This denomination has in the State 152 churches, 116 ministers, 6,031 church members and 6, 137 scholars in Sabbath schools.





      The Iowa Annual Conference  was formed by the General Conference of 1844, embracing the entire Territory of Iowa. The first session was held at Iowa City, Iowa, commencing August 14th, A. D. 1844, Bishop T. A. Morris presiding, Rev. H. W. Reed, Secretary. The Conference was divided into three Districts and twenty-nine Stations, Circuits and Missions, with eighteen traveling Preachers in full connection, and nine probationers. There were sixty local preachers, and five thousand four hundred and three Church members within the bounds of the Conference.

      The Upper Iowa Annual Conference was formed by the action of the General Conference in 1856, embracing all that part of the State of Iowa lying north of a line commencing at Davenport, and running on the line of the railroad to Iowa City; thence up the Iowa River to the south-west corner of Benton county; thence due west to the Missouri River, embracing Iowa City and Davenport. It was divided into nine Districts and eighty-eight Stations, Circuits and Missions, with fifty traveling Preachers in full connection, and twenty-eight on probation. The first session of the Conference was held at Maquketa, commencing August 27th, 1856. Bishop E. S. Janes presiding, Rev. Landon Taylor, Sec'y.



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     The Western Iowa Annual Conference was formed by the General Conference of 1860, and bounced as follows, to-wit: Commencing at the south-west corner of Appanoose county., thence north to the Des Moines River; thence up said river to the south line of Boone county; thence west on the line to the Missouri River; thence down said river to the south line of the State; thence east on said line to the place of beginning. It is divided into four Districts and forty Stations, Circuits and Missions, with thirty-six traveling Preachers.  In full connection, and ten on probation. The first session of the Conference was held at Indianola, Warren county, commencing August 22d, 1860, Bishop E. S. Janes presiding, Rev. E. M. H. Flemming Secretary. The General Conference in 1864 discontinued the Western Iowa Conference and formed the Des Moines Conference.

      The State is now divided into three Annual Conferences, the Iowa, Upper Iowa and Des Moines.

      The Iowa Annual Conference is bounded as follows to-wit: Commencing at Davenport on the Mississippi River; thence down said river to the south line of the State; thence west on said State line to the south-west corner of Appanoose county; thence north to the south side of Marshall county, leaving the town of Knoxville; thence east on the south line of Marshall county to the Iowa River; thence down said river to Iowa City; thence on the line of the railroad to Davenport, leaving Davenport and Iowa City in the Upper Iowa Conference, and the intermediate places in the Iowa Conferences. It is divided into sox districts and seventy-three Stations, Circuits and Missions, with eighty-three traveling Preachers in full connection, and six on probation.

      The Upper Iowa Conference is bounded as follows, to-wit: Beginning at the north-east corner of the state; thence down the Mississippi River to Davenport; thence westward by the line of the Iowa Conference to the south-east corner of Storey county; thence due north to the State line; thence east on said line to the place of beginning, and  is divided into six Districts and eighty-nine Stations, Circuits and Missions, with one hundred and two traveling Preachers in full connection, and nine on probation.

     The Des Moines Conference includes all that part of the State of Iowa not included in the Iowa and Upper Iowa Conferences, and the Dakota Mission, in Dakota Territory. It is divided into six districts and fifty-eight Stations, Circuits and Missions, with fifty-five traveling Preachers in full connection, and nine on probation.

      There are in the State 485 local Preachers, 33,072 Church members, and 35, 358 Sabbath school scholars.  



     The State is embraced in two Synods, viz.: Synod of Iowa and Synod of Southern Iowa. The former contains three Presbyteries, viz: Cedar, Du Buque, and Toledo, the latter four, viz: Des Moines, Fairfield, Iowa and Missouri River. There are churches in the following places as per Report of 1865.                                           

Synod of Iowa

Cedar Presbytery Du Buque Presbytery  
Cedar Valley Du Buque Wayne
Blue Grass Scotch Grove Prairie
Walcott Fort Reston Canton
Fulton Mt. Hope Frankville
Marion Farmersburg Clarksville
Springville Independence Milo
Mechanicsville Pleasant Grove  
Red Oak Bremer Valley Toledo Presbytery
Wilton Junction Fredericksburg Sand Prairie
Herman Leroy Shiloh
Sugar Creek Waverly Salem
Davenport Waukon South Ridge
Tipton Lycurgus Newton
Mt. Vernon Sherrill's Mount Montezuma
Linn Grove Hopkinton Deep River


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Synod of Iowa cont.

Cedar Presbytery cont. Du Buque Presbytery cont. Toledo Presbytery cont.
Muscatine Pisgah Rock Creek
Buffalo Coldwater Corinth
Iowa City Bellevue York
Summit Epworth Buck Eye
Long Grove Pcosta Vinton
Fairview McGregor Big Grove
Solon Lime Springs Millersburg
Unity Chester

West Irving

Cedar Rapids Barclay Blairstown
Princeton Pleasant Point  
Le Claire    

Synod of Southern Iowa cont.

Des Moines Presbytery Sigourney Mt. Pleasant
Oskaloosa Martinsburg Burlington
White Oak Washington Unity
Agricola Crawfordsville Round Grove
Knoxville Locust Grove Oakland
Albia Salina Westminster
Chariton Keosauqua Union
Osceola Summit Round Prairie
Corydon Ottumwa

West Point

Garden Grove Libertyville Middletown
Des Moines Eddyville Wapello
Indianola Kirkville Franklin Centre
Hartford Birmingham Trenton
Winterset Fairfield Spring Creek
St. Charles Bethel New London
Columbia Brighton  
White Breast Bentonsport

Missouri River Presbytery.

Pella Shiloh Council Bluffs
Fairfield Presbytery. Iowa Presbytery. Sidney
Troy Ononwa Bedford
Bloomfield Sharon Hawleyville
La Fayette Pilot Grove Afton
      There are in both Synods 6,480 Communicants and 99 Pastors.


   The whole state is embraced in one Synod, called the Synod of Iowa, and is composed of six Presbyteries, viz.: Des Moines, Keokuk, Iowa City, Du Buque, Chariton and Cedar Valley. The first Presbytery (Des Moines was organized in 1845. There are in the State 2208 Communicants and 52 Pastors. The following places contain churches as per Report of 1865.
Des Moines Presbytery Marengo Troy
Winterset Clinton Shunem
Des Moines Mt. Vernon Carmel
Swede Point   West Grove

Keokuk Presbytery.

Adel Kossuth  
Newton Keokuk

Cedar Valley Presbytery.

Panora Croton


Indianola Union Vinton
  Muscatine Yankee Grove

Iowa City Presbytery.

Montrose Steamboat Rock
Comanche   Union

Du Buque Presbytery.

Cedar Rapids Council Hill Nevada
Iowa City Du Buque Iowa Centre
Wheatland Clermont Cedar Falls
Centre Point Wyoming Iowa Falls
Clarence Oxford Maysville
Lyons City   Point Pleasant

Pleasant Prairie

Chariton Presbytery. Cedar Valley
West Liberty Centreville Benton
Atalissa Olivet Jaynesville


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   The whole state is embraced in one Synod, called the Synod of Iowa, which is divided into four Presbyteries, viz.: Des Moines, Keokuk, Le Claire and Nebraska, the later including four churches in Minnesota and four in Nebraska.
     In the Presbytery of Des Moines there are the following churches:


Oskaloosa Promise City Winterset
Summerset Albia Knoxville
Boonsboro Half Moon Prairie Morrow
Centreville Des Moines  

    In the Presbytery at Keokuk the following churches:

Washington Mt. Sterling Ainsworth
Columbus City Keokuk Dodgeville
Crawfordsville Harrison Millersburg
Morning Sun Mt. Pleasant Sugar Creek
Grandview Now London Grand Prairie
Talleyrand Brighton  

     In the Presbytery of Le Claire, the following churches:

De Witt Barclay Kingston
Camanche Scotch Grove Pleasant Unity
Andrew Wilton Tranquility
La Motte Vinton Fairfax
Le Claire Wyoming Linn Grove
Iowa City Clarence Cedar Prarie
Cascade West Union  


         In the Presbytery of Nebraska the following churches:

College Springs Clarinda Walnut Grove




Diocese of Iowa

     Bishop of the Diocese, Right Rev. Henry W. Lee, D. D., Davenport. Number of Communicant 1208. Number of Clergymen 35. Number of Sabbath school scholars 1743.

     From the journal of the proceedings of the Twelfth Annual Convention held at Des Moines, May 31st, and June 1st, 1865, we find reported the following Parishes:

Christ Church Burlington   St. Luke's Church Keosanqua
Church of the Ascension Nevada   St. Luke's Church Lansing
Church of the Holy Trinity Maquoketa   St. Mark's Church Anamosa
Church of the Redeemer Goshen   St. Mark's Church Fort Dodge
Gethsemane Church Iowa Center   St. Mark's Church Waterloo
Grace Church Cedar Rapids   St. Mary's Church Ottumwa
Grace Church Lyons   St. Michael's Church Mt. Pleasant
Grace Church Montrose   St. Paul's Church Bellevue
Grace Church Tipton   St. Paul's Church Council Bluffs
Hope Church Ft. Madison   St. Paul's Church Des Moines
St. Andrew's Church Waverly   St. Paul's Church Durant
St. George's Church Worthington   St. Paul's Church Fayette
St. James' Church Independence   St. Paul's Church Waukon
St. James' Church Oskaloosa   St. Peter's Church De Witt
St. James' Church Winterset   St. Peter's Church Fairfield
St. John's Church Buffalo   St. Stephen's Church Bloomfield
St. John's Church Clinton   St. Thomas' Church Sioux City
St. John's Church Du Buque   Trinity Church Bloomfield
St. John's Church Keokuk   Trinity Church Iowa City
St. John's Church McGregor   Trinity Church Muscatine
St. Luke's Church Cedar Falls   Trinity Church New Oregon
St. Luke's Church Davenport   Trinity Church Washington


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