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 The Journals of Emma Troutman Boylan
© 2023 Linda Hoopes
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Decatur, GA 30030
Emma #6: March 1928
Quilts, gum, and small-town politics.
Page 1.

Thu 1. Helped mark the Aid Quilt at Mrs. Olmstead’s this PM. Katharine & I attended the Club Pot Luck supper at Gunther’s in the evening.

~Fri 2. Finished helping mark the quilt at Mrs. Baker’s today. Decided to run on the school board. Had a Cemetery meeting here this evening.  Rowleys called.
~In the previous entry, Emma was elected president of the association for the Boylan Cemetery. Here’s a picture of Betty (Emma’s oldest granddaughter) on a visit to Hubbard in 2002.
~Sat 3. Was at home all day. Am planning to make a little speech tomorrow evening. John Boylan makes the address for Victory Day.

~Sun 4. Had Gerald & family over today. First time Baby Jerry had been out. John gave a talk at the church for WCTU Victory Day.  I asked for offering. Got about $18.00.

~Mon 5. A beautiful wash day. Mrs. Port called to urge me to urge Ruth to practice. Did the ironing this evening.
~~Ruth grew up to be a professional musician—a lot more on that later—but, like most of us, she had to be reminded to practice!
~Tue 6. Went to Ladies’ Aid today. We are quilting Mrs. Leming’s Friendship quilt. I cut out two house dresses today. Saw a robin yesterday. Ruth’s grade got a pretty silk scarf for Miss Berry’s birthday tomorrow.
~~Ruth was in 8th grade at Hubbard Junior High School. Emma Berry was one of her teachers. I just found a handmade yearbook from her 1928 class…more on that to come.
~Wed 7. Taught again in Bible school today & then quilted awhile. Got a little studying done on my talk for tomorrow.  Lowell Gosser gave me a stick of gum.
~~A little research shows that chewing gum has been around since ancient Greece; the first bubble gum was actually invented in this very year, 1928.
~Thu 8. Mrs. Rowley took Mrs. Swallum & me to Honey Creek to a WCI Institute today. I made a speech. Rained all day hard.
~Mrs. Swallum is a regular character in these journals
~Fri 9. WFMS at Mrs. Baker’s today. Had a Founder’s Day meeting. Had a good meeting. Went to choir practice in the evening.

~Sat 10. Had a lovely surprise today. Miss Golisch came to see me for a little while. She went just as dinner was ready for her folks came for her & she went with them to Eldora. It was in Mar 1915 that I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit—my 13th birthday.
~Miss Golisch, mentioned in an earlier entry, is a church missionary. It took me a minute to figure this out…Emma was born in 1879, so would have been 36 in 1915, but I believe she is saying that today is her 13th birthday “in the Holy Spirit.”
~Sun 11. We had Gladys & her father here for dinner today. Had a nice chicken dinner. Gerald & family have gone to Eldora.

~Mon 12. School Board election today. I surely was snowed under. 46-138. These Germans sure want the squaw to stay in her wigwam. Quilted, washed and had my girls SS class meeting.
~Hubbard had a large German population at this time. Based on census figures, the population of the town would have been around 700 or so in 1928.
~Tue 13. Went to the dentist. Ironed. Went down to Liebensteins & finished the quilting today. Ruth is making a box for the EL supper Sat. night.

~Wed 14. Taught in Bible School. Ruth was not feeling well today. Bought material to make a quilt. Went to choir practice & prayer meeting.
~My mom has some quilts that were made by Emma. I don’t know if either of them is the one she’s talking about here, but here’s some detail from one of them.
~Thu 15. Finished at the dentists today. Cost me $23.00. Made my first quilt block.
~This would have been about $370 in today’s dollars.
~Fri 16. Attended a WCTU meeting at Ports’ today. Called on Mrs. Haas.

~Sat 17. Went to Iowa Falls with Katharine & Miss Reese. Went to the EL Basket supper in the evening.

~Sun 18. Went to church & SS in AM. Stayed with Gerald’s children in the evening while they went to church.

~Mon 19. Am so tired today from washing. Katharine is sending off about 225 alumni letters.

~Tue 20. Did part of the ironing & quilted this PM on Mrs. Liebenstein’s quilt.

~Wed 21. Ironing—School—Quilting—Called on Mrs. Van Patter—Prayer Meeting—Choir practice. It has been a beautiful day.

~Thu 22. Another beautiful day. I cleaned the bath room & sewed today.

~Fri 23. A beautiful day. Spent the PM at the shop.

~Sat 24. An extra beautiful day. Sewed.

~Sun 25. Another wonderful day. The grass is turning green & the birds are singing. Katharine went to Des Moines to hear Aimee McPherson today. Tell & I walked to the Boylan Cemetery today. About four miles. Caught a ride part way home.
~~Aimee Semple McPherson was a wildly popular and controversial Pentecostal evangelist and faith healer who founded one of the first megachurches in the US
Page 2.

Mon 26. Cold & dreary today. Worked at the shop.

Tue 27. Washed this AM. Went to a church meeting at night. Cleaned my basement today.

Wed 28. Ironed, worked at the shop. Taught at church. Cold & stormy today with snow.

Thu 29. Still cold. Gerald & I papered the little bedroom. Mr. JBS took Gerald’s place in the PM. The wall paper looked prettier in the sample than on the wall.

~Fri 30. It has warmed up a bit today. The day has been spent cleaning up the house. The roller skating party is on—the Eighth grade is to eat here.
~~Ruth’s Junior High yearbook lists their class events, including this roller skating party. Because I just found it, I missed being able to post the details of their February program, which was a rendition of the Boston Tea Party held in the gymnasium. Ruth played “Mistress Lettice Winthrop.”
~Sat 31. We sewed today. Ruth, Katharine & I went to Iowa Falls in Miss Reece’s car. Had a blow out.
Car tires in 1928 were pneumatic, and used natural rubber
Page 3. Tire life was about 15,000 miles, and blowouts were fairly frequent.
~~I hope you have enjoyed this week’s installment of Emma’s journals! See you next week for April, 1928.
1.Photo credit: James Wainscoat on Unsplash
2.More information and photo credit here.