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 The Journals of Emma Troutman Boylan
© 2023 Linda Hoopes
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Emma #5: February 1928
Theater,the Dentist, and a death in the family
~Wed 1. Worked on sausage all AM. We canned 70 pints & made about 10 gal. of lard. Spent the PM in bed. Did not go to prayer meeting.
~~I had fun researching canning sausage and making lard (which, it turns out, is arguably healthier than butter!)
~Thu 2. Sewed today. Went to the church to a pot luck supper in the evening. Katharine had charge of the game & the club gave a program.

Fri 3. John came over today with Mr. Paine. Ate dinner with us. I spent an hour & a quarter with the dentist.

I’m not sure what Emma’s dental issues were, but she spent a lot of time there. Here’s a picture of a 1928 dental chair from this unusual compilation of dental chairs through history.

Sat 4. Horace Daggett ate dinner with us today, also Mrs. Shultz as she helped me wash. Finished Margaret’s & Betty’s night gowns today, also my wool dress.

Sun 5. Have been over to see the baby. He is two weeks old today. No church at our church as the Revival meetings begin at the Salem church.

I found a record of a Salem Evangelical United Brethren Church in Hubbard1, which may have been the one she refers to.

Mon 6. Has rained & sleeted today till it is so slippery & the trees and wires are covered with sleet. Ironed today. Helped Mrs. Van Patter cut out a dress.

Tue 7. Mrs. Nymeyer & I entertained the Ladies Aid today. It was so cold & rainy that there were only eight here.

The Ladies Aid Society was a Methodist women’s church organization that held events (such as chicken pie suppers) to raise money for the church.
The Monkees recorded a song called The Ladies Aid Society in 1967. The chorus: “We're the ladies aid society
And we're really a great bunch of girls
We're the ladies aid society
And soon we'll take over the world.”

Wed 8. Taught in Bible school this PM. We all went to the Salem Ev. Church in the evening. Finished writing names on the quilt today.

Thu 9. WFMS at Mrs. Mohler’s today. We all went to church again this evening.

Fri 10. Went to the dentists today & then sewed. A Beautiful day.

Sat 11. Went to Iowa Falls with Katharine & Miss Reece. Got some bookends for Harry Manners. Had my hair cut.

1920’s women’s hairstyles! Bobs, finger waves, and spit curls were some of the trends of the time.

Sun 12. This is like a soft Spring day. Katharine went to Iowa Falls in PM. Ruth & Naomi Haas are together. I went over to Miriam’s for a while.

Mon 13. It has rained all day long. I am tired after a big day’s work. Was only five at my class meeting. Mrs. Baker is sick & I will have to take charge of the dinner Sat. Sent Harry Manners some bookends today.

Tue 14. Ruth was at home all day with a cold. Had the Cemetery meeting at Mrs. Clancy’s. I was elected president after being secretary over 21 yrs.

The Boylan Cemetery is on land originally owned by William Wesley Boylan, Tell’s father. A number of family members are buried there. The cemetery association was established in 1880.

Wed 15. Ruth is still at home though very much better. Today was Gerald’s & Miriam’s Fifth Wed. Anniversary. We went with them, Katharine & I to see the movie “What Price Glory?” It was so long.

What Price Glory was a 1926 silent comedy-drama war film based on 1924 play; it was re-released with sound effects and music in 1927.2 116 minutes long.

Thu 16. Have been sewing today. Ruth went to school today. Have the plans for the Conf. Sat. well in hand.

Fri 17. A snow storm is on this AM which makes our Conference plans rather uncertain.

Sat 18. Spent all day at the church basement. We served the Older Boys & Girls Conf. As Mrs. Baker was sick I had charge. Went to Her Step-Husband Jr class play in evening.

Her Step-Husband was a three-act comedy/farce written by Larry E. Johnson and published in 19253. (Johnson wrote a number of plays, including one called The Mummy and the Mumps!)

This week’s rabbit hole: In the 1920s, there was huge activity in the theater world. Jazz, vaudeville, broadway, cinema, and musicals all thrived. The shift from silent movies to “talkies” in 1927 began a decline in the popularity of theater.

Sun 19. Went to church & SS as usual. Went over to see Gerald & family awhile.

Mon 20. Wash day! Got word Loa is very sick.

This is Tell’s sister Maloa Boylan Lohr, who was living in Wahpeton, ND, with her family.

Tue 21. Did the ironing. Went to the dentist. Went to Rep Caucus in the evening to elect delegates to the Co. Con. I was secretary of caucus.

Wed 22. Am looking for Mrs. Johnson down tomorrow. It is turning very cold & bad. Went to a Washington Day program at the school house this PM. Too long.

What is now President’s Day started as a celebration of Washington’s birthday, and was as prominent as the 4th of July.

Thu 23. The sad news of Loa’s death came today. Daddy is planning to go tonight. Mrs. Johnson spent the day with me planning the Dist. WFMS Con program. I went with Daddy as far as Eldora.

Loa was 65 when she died. Tell’s trip from Hubbard to Wahpeton would have been about 400 miles.

Fri 24. Spent the day at the shop. Ruth took part in a Recital at Ports. Mrs. S wants me to run for school director.

Sat 25. A night letter and telegram to Uncle John said Daddy arrived safely. Aunt Loa’s funeral was at three this PM. I spent the day at the shop.

Sun 26. A wonderful day. Ruth, Katharine, & I ate dinner with Gerald’s today. Katharine & I called on Mrs. Baker & Mrs. Knowles today.

Mon 27. Daddy brought Marie Mitchell home via crossing today. Willie Daggett spent the evening with us. Staid up till midnight.

Tue 28. Gerald & I took Marie to Eldora this AM. We stayed for dinner. Have washed this PM. Heard of Margie Lou’s marriage which took place last Sat to a man named Sharpe.

~Wed 29. Went to the Dentists this AM. Taught in Bible school & called on Mrs. Beck in PM. Also attended a Steward Board meeting. Did my ironing after supper with Tell’s help.

~~I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s installment of Emma’s journal! See you next week for March, 1928.
~1. This is a wonderful list of resources on Hardin County, Iowa.
~2. The movie was controversial when the characters are seen speaking profanities which are not reflected in the intertitles, but lipreaders could decipher. Offended peoples flooded letters to Fox studios.
~3. Photo credit: https://www.biblio.com/book/her-step-husband-comedy-three-acts/d/1261600937

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