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 The Journals of Emma Troutman Boylan
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Emma #4: January 1928
Bringing in the New Year with a revival, a new grandchild, and a butchered hog".
Jan 27, 2022
Welcome to 1928! Emma started writing these journals in October 1927, and the first three years were all entered in one small volume. 
 Here is the first New
Year’s entry in the first book.
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~Sun 1. The New Year starts in pretty cold. It is reported 10° below. I have a bad cold. Went to church & SS in AM. None in evening because the church was too cold. Ruth attended an E.L. New Year’s party last night at Buchan’s. Katharine took Lottie a painted handkerchief today.
~~I’m pretty sure E.L. refers to Epworth League, which was the youth association in their church.
~Mon 2. School began again today. The sun is shining bright but it is still pretty cold.

~Tue 3. A pretty day—tho’ cold. Tell went to Ames to Imp Dealers Convention. My cold is better. Finished reading Against the Current by Steiner this evening. Had my hair cut today.
~~Tell had a farming implement business in Hubbard. The Implement Dealers Convention was a trade show for this industry.
~~Edward Steiner was a Hungarian immigrant with a fascinating history who studied and wrote about the immigrant experience.
~Wed 4. Just a year ago today I had my operation. Taught in Bible school today. Tell & Gerald went to Ames to Imp Dealers Convention.
~~Here’s a picture1 of a tractor as an example of something that might have been featured at the conventio.
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~Thu 5. Yesterday & today have been much warmer. Went to Aid at Mrs. Van Patten’s a little while and to club at Liebenstein’s in the evening.
~~This is their regular Thursday night Bible study club.
~Fri 6. It is so warm & pleasant today. Have not been well this week.

~Sat 7. Another beautiful day. Mr. Cassel died this AM. Was injured yesterday falling from a load of hay.

~Sun 8. Went to church & SS in AM. Had a roast chicken for dinner.

~Mon 9. Went to Des Moines Quarterly today. Met Mrs. Johnson down there.
~~This was the quarterly business meeting of the Methodist Episcopal Church.~
~Tue 10. Attended the meeting today. Came home this evening. A lovely day.

~Wed 11. Another lovely day. Taught in Bible school today.

~Thu 12. WFMS at Lottie’s today. It is a most wonderful day.

~Fri 13. I helped Gerald’s move today. They were here for dinner & supper. Am pretty tired. Warm today.
~~Gerald and Miriam, Emma and Tell’s son and daughter-in-law, had 2 girls and were expecting their third child.
~Sat 14. A beautiful sunny day. We washed & cleaned our house in AM. Katharine & I went to Iowa Falls in the PM.

~Sun 15. The Gospel Team had charge of the services in the evening. Had Helen Manner & Miss Berry here for dinner. Daddy made a fine talk.
~~Emma often referred to Tell as “Daddy.”
~Mon 16. Held a class meeting after school. Elected new officers. Went to the revival meeting at night. Rev. Gedye preached.
~~A revival meeting was a multi-day series of evening church services designed to inspire members, gain converts, and call sinners to repent. They were often conducted by traveling evangelists.
~Tue 17. Spent awhile at Miriam’s in the afternoon. Went to the revival service at night. Rev. Gedye preached.

~Wed 18. Taught in Bible school this PM. Took Margaret & Betty to the Baby Clinic this AM. Led the Opening service of church in the evening.
~~Margaret and Betty are Emma’s young granddaughters.
~Thu 19. Turned cold & windy today. Went to church in the evening & then to the club where Katharine took the part of an Irish girl in a play.

~Fri 20. Attended the revival meeting in the evening, then went to the Operetta—College Day.

~Sat 21. The Co TB com met with me—Mrs. Stoddard, Mrs. Mangum, Mrs. Button, Mrs. Reece, Mrs. Miller were here, also Mrs. Guard. Lovely day.

~Sun 22. Have been at Gerald’s all day. Their boy was born about 8 PM this evening. 9¼ lbs. A beautifully sunny day.
~~This is Emma and Tell’s third grandchild and the first grandson.
~Mon 23. ashed for Gerald’s today. Too tired to go to church.

~Tue 24. Am keeping Betty & Margaret this week. Ironed some today. How they love to say their prayers. Made them each new nighties.

~Wed 25. Taught in Bible school this PM. Then went to church in evening. Finished Miriam’s ironing. Lovely day.

~Thu 26. We had Rev. Gedye for supper. Went to church. Am writing quilt blocks for Mrs. Leming’s friendship quilt.
~~A friendship quilt is made from blocks that each have person’s name on them. I learned that often one person with good handwriting wrote the names on the blocks rather than having each maker sign their own. Here’s a picture of one from that period2.
NOTE: Click above small image to view it full
~Fri 27. Much colder today. Cut me out a wool dress this AM.

~Sat 28. Entertained King’s Heralds today.
The King’s Heralds was the children’s branch of the Women’s Foreign Missionary Society.
~Sun 29. The meetings closed here this evening. Tell & I went to Ellsworth and held the service in the evening.
~~Wow…the revival meetings went on for 2 weeks!
~Mon 30. Entertained my SS class after school. We got a hog today. Washed & dressed the baby boy today.
~~Although Tell and Emma had a farm, by this time most hogs were commercially raised and slaughtered, so I am guessing that they bought a whole hog from a supplier.
~Tue 31. Gerald & I have been making lard & sausage today. Am so tired tonight. Helped with a gift for JJ Hein & wife for their 50th wedding anniversary.
~~A specialty butcher shop near us offers a course in whole hog butchery. It looks like a lot of work…not to mention all the follow-up work to process the meat.

NOTE: Click above small image to view it full
~~That’s it for January! See you next week for February, 1928. —LH
1. Image source: https://octanepress.com/content/1928-model-c-experimental
2. Image source: https://lovethosehandsathome.wordpress.com/tag/friendship-quilt/

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