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By Thomas Teakle
Published at Iowa City, Iowa in 1918
By The State Historical Society of Iowa
(contributed to Iowa History Project by Kris Meyer, Dickinson CC)
  Introduction and Preface  
I The Advancing Frontier 1
II Indian Wrongs and Discontent 9
III The Unprotected Frontier 17
IV The Grindston War and the Death of Sidominadota 26
V The Frontier and Winter of 1856-1857 37
VI Okoboji and Springfield in March 1857 44
VII The Journey East for Supplies 59
VIII The Inkpaduta Band 63
IX Inkpaduta Seeks Revenge 72
X The Smithland Inident 78
XI From Smithland to Okoboji 84
XII The First Day of the Masscre 94
XIII The Second Day of the Massacre 108
XIV From Okoboji to Heron Lake 113
XV Newsof Massacre Reaches Springfield and Fort Ridgely 122
XVI Relief Sent from Fort Ridgely 128
XVII Preparations for Defense at Springfield 132
XVIII Inkpaduta Attacks Springfield 138
XIX The Settlers Flee From Springfield 147
XX Relief Arrives From Fort Rigely 153
XXI Organization of Relief at Fort Dodge and Webster City 159
XXII The March From Fort Dodge to Medium Lake 170
XXIII From Medium Lake to Granger's Point 170
XIV The Burial Detail 192
XXV Rerurn of the elief Expedition 206
XXVI The Death of Mrs Thatcher 215
XXVII The Ransom of Mrs. Marble 225
XXVIII The Death of Mrs. Noble and the Ransom of Abbie Gardner 232
XXIX Pursuit and Punishment of Inkpaduta 245
XXX The Memorial Tributes of Iowa 260
XXXI Changes of Sixty Years 269
  Notes and References 277
  Index 321

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