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Alumni and Ex-Students of Iowa State College

...with notes from 1917

Class of 1911

Ames, J.H. B.S. in C.E. Iowa Highway Comm., Ames, Iowa    
Amundson, O.L. B.S. in M.E. Box 858, Gary, Ind.    
Anderson, Irene May B.S. in H. Ec. not given    
Arnold, Maud K. B.S. Ames, Iowa    
Arthur, C.S. B.S. in C.E. Spirit Lake, Iowa    
Ballantyne, F.I. B.S. in M.E. Lincoln, Maine    
Ballard, F.S. D.V.M. Sibley, Iowa    
Barrett, R.L. B.S. in For. Koshkonong, Mo.    
Baxter, R.W. B.S. in Ag. Ida Grove, Iowa    
Beardshear, C.L. B.S. in A.H. Steamboat Springs, Colo.    
Beardshear, Wm. B. JR B.S. Leadville, Colo.    
Beitel, A.H. B.S. in M.E. not given    
Benbow, Fred M. B.S. in E.E. Fraser, Iowa    
Benson, A.W. B.S., C.E. 1332 E. 9th St., Des Moines, Iowa    
Beresford, Mary B.D.E. 223 Russell Ave., Ames, Iowa BLODGETT  
Beresford, Rex B.S. in A.H. 223 Russell Ave., Ames, Iowa    
Beverly, A.L. D.V.M. Stratford, Iowa    
Bevins, N.O. D.V.M. Hawkeye, Iowa    
Bittenbender, H.A. B.S. in A.H. Ames, Iowa    
Blair, J.R. B.S. in C.E. Ames, Iowa    
Born, A.L.  D.V.M. Lock Box 8, So. Omaha, Nebr.    
Brennan, Mary R. B.S. in H. Ec. 529 E. St., San Bernardino, Calif.    
Bristol, F.T. B.S. in C.E. 1126 26th St., Des Moines, Iowa    
Brown, E.V.H. B.S. in C.E. Albert Lea, Minn.    
Brown, J.D. B.S. in E.E. U.S. Army, Ft. Worden, Wash.    
Brown, R.E. D.V.M.; B.A.I. So. Omaha, Nebr.    
Brush, G.B. B.S. in E.E. 1226 6th Ave., Des Moines, Iowa    
Buchanan, Jno. H. B.S. Station A, Ames, Iowa    
Buck, F.L. D.V.M. Grand Junction, Iowa    
Buell, W.E. B.S. in C.E. Seattle, Wash. Old address  
Burling, Helen A. B.S. Central Bldg., Ames, Iowa    
Burlingame, J.H. B.S. in M.E. 207-08 Reliance Bldg., Kansas City, Mo.    
Cameron, H.M. D.V.M. Springville, Iowa    
Cameron, W.D. B.S. in E.E. 122 Elmer Ave., Schenectady, N.Y.    
Campbell, Carlyle B.S. in Dy. R.F.D. No 4, Ames, Iowa    
Cassady, E.M. JR B.S. in A.H. Whiting, Iowa    
Chalmers, D.J. D.V.M. Grant, Iowa    
Clark, G.W. B.S. in M.E.   deceased  
Cockerell, Benj. F. B.S. in C.E. Nat. Bank Bldg, Omaha, Nebr.    
Cooley, C.H. B.S. in E.E. Galiano, 91, Havana, Cuba   Chicago Alumni Meeting
Alumni Assoc. Officers (Chicago)
Cort, E.G. B.S. in A.H. Browns Valley, Minn.    
Davidson, R.J. B.S. in A.H. Red Oak, Iowa    
Davis, E.C. B.S. in A.H. Dept. of Ag. Ed., Univ. of Minn., Minneapolis, Minn.     
Davis, O.L. B.S. in C.E. New Viginia, Iowa    
Deacon, E.L. B.S. in C.E. 256 Hogarth Ave., Chicago, Ill.    
Deemer, E.H. B.S. in A.H. State Fair Grounds, St. Paul, Minn.    
Deemer, Elizabeth B.S. Osceola, Iowa   Alumni Notes:  Elizabeth Deemer (Sc) resigned her position in the Junior High School at Lincoln, Neb., to accept a position in the East Des Moines High School.
Dickey, W.N. B.S. in M.E. Willard, Colo.    
Dodds, Josephine B.S. 312 7th St., Ames, Iowa HUNGERFORD  
Doerr, J.H. D.V.M. Melbourne, Iowa    
Dornbach, W.E. B.S. in Cer. Warrior, Ala.    
Doughty, L.H. B.S. in C.E. Iowa State Highway Comm., Ames, Iowa    
Dowson, Harry R. B.S. in M.E. La Salle, Ill.    
Duval, Eugene C. B.S. in M.E. 419 7th St., Racine, Wis.    
Easter, Mary B.S. in H. Ec. Bonaparte, Iowa    
Eastwold, O.A. B.S. in E.E. 2d Lieut., C.A.C., Ft. Mills, P.I.    
Edgecomb, R.E. B.S. in C.E. Corvallis, Ore.   Alumni Assoc. Officers (Corvallis)
Eichling, H.L. B.S. in Agron. Iowa State College, Ames    
Elayda, R.I. B.S. in Agron. Los Banos, Laguna, P.I.    
Elliott, W.R. D.V.M. Woodward, Iowa    
Evans, E.L. B.M.E.   deceased  
Farnsworth, E.P. B.S.A. Erie St., Toledo, Ohio    
Feister, A.A. B.S. in E.E. Gen. Elec. Co., Schenectady, N.Y. old address Alumni Notes:  A.A. Feister (EE) passed away March 9, 1916.  No particulars.
Ferguson, Myrtle B.S. in H. Ec. Peru, Nebr.    
Ferm, J.F. B.S. in M.E. Bethlehem Iron Wks., So. Bethlehem, Pa.    
Ferrin, E.F. B.S. in A.H. Station A, Ames, Iowa    
Fisher, A.J. B.S. in C.E. Glidden, Iowa    
Fleming, Mabel A. B.S. 719 Douglass Ave., Ames, Iowa    
Folker, A.D. B.S. in A.H. Lemexa, Kans.    
Freed, O.F. D.V.M. Huxley, Iowa    
Freed, W.J. B.S. in Agron. Gaylord, Minn.    
Freeman, Frank G. B.S. in For. Santa Ana, Calif.    
Frevert, C.D. B.S. in M.E. 621 Franklin St., Columbus, Ind.    
Fuller, J.M. B.S. in Dairy Ag. Coll., Brookings, S.D.    
Gardner, W.M. B.S. in A.H. Hamlin, Iowa    
Gilbert, Guy C. D.V.M. Lamar, Colo.    
Gilchrist, Margaret B.S. Ames, Iowa    
Gilmore, C.B. B.S. in E.E. Westinghouse Co., Memphis, Tenn.    
Gilmore, W.J. B.S. in A.E. Ag. College, Winnipeg, Man.    
Gobble, C.F. B.S. in A.H. Purdue Univ., La Fayette, Ind.    
Goodin, C.E. B.S. in C.E. 605 Grandview, Pittsburg, Pa.    
Goodrich, I.E. B.C.E. Humboldt, Iowa old address  
Graham, Elizabeth B.S. in H. Ec. The Knolls, Barrington, Ill. FARNSWORTH  
Greer, J.R. B.S. in Mn.E. Gillespie, Ill.   Alumni Notes:  James R. Greer (MnE) is enjoying his work as engineer for the Douglas Co. of Cedar Rapids, Ia.
Haas, F.J. B.S. in Agron. Shelby, Iowa    
Haeger, Vera B.S. 640 Forest Ave., Elgin, Ill. MILLS  
Hanson, B.B. B.S. in C.E. Osage, Iowa    
Hardman, C.J. B.S. in A.H. Commerce, Ga.    
Harter, Ira H. B.S. in M.E. 546 Ash St., Waukegan, Ill.    
Hatch, Harry C. B.S. in E.E. George, Iowa old address  
Havner, Harry D.V.M. State College, Pa.    
Hintgen, L.N. B.S. in C.E. City Eng. Office, Sioux City, Iowa    
Hoffman, Arthur F.C. B.S. in For. Pagosa Springs, Colo.    
Holcombe, F.L. B.S. in A.H. Box 205, Fayetteville, N.C.    
Holloway, G.N. B.S. in C.E. Excelsior, Minn. old address  
Hough, Herbert S. B.S. in A.H. Robertsdale, Ala.    
Householder, H.W. D.V.M. Marshalltown, Iowa    
Howd, Otto B.S. in C.E. Webster City, Iowa    
Howes, R.L. B.S. in M.E. 9 Skillern Bldg., Little Rock, Ark.    
Hunt, Edith B.S. in H. Ec. 603 W. Concord St., Vinton, Iowa    
Hurd, R.R. B.S. in C.E. Williams, Iowa    
Jensen, G.J. B.S. in E.E. 21 E. 21st St., Chicago Heights, Ill.    
Johnson, R.C. B.S. in E.E. Gen. Elec. Co., Schenectady, N.Y.    
Jones, Ada Margaret B.S. in H. Ec. Manchester, Iowa    
Jones, H.W. B.S. in C.E. Worthington, Minn.    
Jones, Ray G. B.S. in Dairy Pine City, Minn.    
Kammerer, N.C. B.S. in M.E. 1324 Helen Ave., Detroit, Mich.    
Killey, J. Walter B.S. in C.E. Room 26, Milwaukee Depot, Aberdeen, S.D.    
Kingman, F.C. B.S. in Agron. Bu. Agr., Lamao Battan, P.I.    
Klippel, F.H. B.S. in E.E. Tonopah, Nev.    
Koepke, W.C. B.S. in For. For. Service, Albuquerque, N.M.    
Kyner, R.E. D.V.M. Humeston, Iowa    
Laing, F.O. B.S. in C.E. Indianola, Iowa    
Laird, W.R. D.V.M. Sioux Falls, S.D.    
Lamson, J.B. B.S. in Agron. 547 Jackson Blvd., Chicago, Ill.   Alumni Notes: J.B. Lamson (Agron) is agriculturist for the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R.R.  His home is at Hinsdale, Ill.
Lee, La Verne B.S. in Ag.; B.S. Sac City, Iowa    
Leerburg, N. B.S. in M.E. Box 112, Ottumwa, Iowa    
Leonard, Arthur C. B.S. in M.E. Elliott, Iowa    
Linse, J.F. D.V.M. Milbank, S.D.    
Lippincott, W.A. B.S. in A.H. Dept. of Poultry Husbandry, Kan. Ag. Coll., Manhattan, Kans.    
Long, F.R. B.S. in A.H. Marne, Iowa    
Long, Geo. J. B.S. in E.E. Webster City, Iowa    
Lovesee, R.G. D.V.M. Manson, Iowa    
Lyle, Ethel B.S. Iowa Falls, Iowa old address; CUPPS  
Macklin, Theo. B.S. in Dy. 2235 Hollister Ave., Madison, Wis.    
Madson, Sern B.S. in M.E. Curtiss Bros. Co., Clinton, Iowa    
Maine, H.E. B.S. in M.E. 605 Ovid Ave., Des Moines, Iowa    
Malloy, J.M. B.S. in C.E. Davenport, Iowa    
Mananton, Gregoria B.S. in Agron. Arroyo, Porto Rico    
Manning, T.W. B.S. Ames, Iowa    
Marks, W.H. D.V.M. Lake Park, Iowa    
Martin, C.E. B.C.E. Des Moines, Iowa    
Martin, E.R. B.S. in E.E. 45 Lake Place, New Haven, Conn.    
Martin, Helen E. B.S. care of Jno. Hall, R.F.D. No. 2, Shell Rock, Iowa    
Mayhew, Harry P. B.S. in A.H. Villisca, Iowa    
McCall, F.E. B.S. in Hort. 204 5th Ave.North, South St. Paul, Minn.    
McCartney, H.E. B.S. in A.H. Sheridan, Wyo.    
McClyea, L.W. D.V.M. Mason City, Iowa    
McCormick, A.G. B.S. in A.H. Windom, Minn.    
McCoy, Edward B.S. in M.E. 5 Washington Flats, Davenport, Iowa    
McCulloch, H.I. D.V.M. New Sharon, Iowa old address  
McCune, C.E. B.S. in E.E. 1530 W. 9th St., Des Moines, Iowa    
McDonald, Murl B.S. in Agron. Pocahontas, Iowa    
McFarland, F.M. B.S. in M.E. 1287 E. Warren Ave., Detroit, Mich.    
McRoberts, H.L. D.V.M. Columbus Junction, Iowa    
Merrill, A.H. B.S. in C.E. Correll, Minn.   Alumni Notes: A.H. Merrill (CE) is district engineer for the State Highway Commission of Minnesota. His headquarters are at Mora.
Michaelson, T. B.S. in C.E. Cedar Falls, Iowa    
Middleton, Ralph S. B.S. in Dy. San Luis Obispo, Calif.    
Miller, Geo. E. B.S. in A.H. not given    
Miller, Paul E. B.S. in Agron. Morris, Minn.    
Mobley, Byers B.S. in M.E. Station A, Ames, Iowa    
Morris, F.H. B.S. in M.E. 631 Mercantile Bldg, Rochester, N.Y.    
Mosher, C.L. B.S. in C.E. Box 316, Sioux City, Iowa    
Moss, V.W. B.S. in E.E. Ogden, Iowa    
Musgrove, Floyd B. B.S. in M.E. 173 Ellsworth St., Gary, Ind.    
Narvis, C.S. B.S. in M.E. Muscatine, Iowa    
Neil, Jas. E. B.S. in Agron. Wabasso, Minn.    
Nelson, N.L. D.V.M. Ames, Iowa    
Palmer, B.L. B.S. in E.E. 1204 Franklin Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa.   Pittsburgh Alumni Banquet
Palmer, D.B. D.V.M. Live Stock San. Board, Old Capitol Bldg., St. Paul, Minn.   Alumni Notes: Dr. D.B. Palmer (Vet) is field veterianarian for the Minnesota State Live Stock Sanitary Board, with headquarters at St. Paul.
Palmer, R.C. B.S. in Agron. Blue Earth, Minn.    
Parke, Leland S. B.S. in For. Box 1210, Phoenix, Ariz.    
Parker, B.L. B.S. in E.E. 2118 S. 47th St., Morton Park, Ill.    
Pattengill, Emma B.S. 432 Welch Ave., Ames, Iowa WENNHOLZ  
Paulsen, Henry J. B.S. in M.E. Deere & Co., Moline, Ill.    
Peterson, G.E. B.S. in C.E. 4106 18th St., Omaha, Nebr.    
Platts, Chas. B.S. in Agron. Lake Mills, Iowa    
Porterfield, R.F. D.V.M. Holstein, Iowa    
Quaife, E.L. B.S. in A.H. Amherst, Mass.   Alumni Assoc. Officers (New England)
Quint, Annie L. B.S. Metuchen, N.J.    
Raasch, F.A. B.S. in E.E. 421 Boone St., Boone, Iowa    
Ray, F.E. B.S. in For. 1320 20th St., Des Moines, Iowa    
Rector, J.W. B.S. in A.H. Oneida, Iowa    
Reppert, P.L. B.S. in M.E. Dallas, Texas    
Reynolds, W.E. B.S. in C.E. Lytton, B.C.    
Reynoldson, L.A. B.S. in For. Redwing, Minn.    
Ricketts, R.A. D.V.M. Zearing, Iowa    
Rogers, H.C. B.S. in C.E. not given    
Root, Walter H. B.S. in C.E. Mason City, Iowa   Alumni Assoc. Officers
(Cerro Gordo)
Rush, Gladys B.S. Station A, Ames, Iowa   Alumni Notes: Gladys Rush (Sc) is in the public library at Sioux City, Ia.
Schafer, C.W. B.S. in C.E. 1233 W. 13th St., Des Moines, Iowa    
Schmitt, W.W. B.S. in Agron. Long Prairie, Minn.    
Schoenenberger, J.G. D.V.M. Winterset, Iowa    
Schregardus, Dirk B.S. in E.E. 1121 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Scott, C.E. B.S. in Mn.E. care of Laciede Steele Co., St. Louis, Mo.    
Scott, F.A. D.V.M. 304 W. College St., Austin, Minn.    
Searle, Mary A. B.S. in H. Ec. Station A, Ames, Iowa    
Shields, F.W. B.S. in A.H. Hysham, Mont.    
Shumway, C.R. B.S. in A.H. Mankato, Minn.    
Slater, C.V. B.S. in C.E. Atl. Gulf & Pac. Co., Houston, Texas    
Smith, P.T. B.S. in For. U.S. For. Serv., Deadwood, S.D.    
Smith, W.A. B.S. in C.E. Bridge Dept, B&O Ry., Chicago, Ill.    
Smith, W.T. B.S. in C.E. 122 Oxford Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.    
Steele, B.W. B.S. in C.E. Winterset, Iowa    
Stephens, Marle B.S. in H. Ec. Lohrville, Iowa    
Stewart, B.A. B.S. in Agron. R.F.D. No. 1, Marshalltown, Iowa    
Stewart, B.J. B.S. in E.E. Box 33, R.F.D. No. 1, Davenport, Iowa    
Stewart, Jas. E. B.S. in C.E. 416 Couch Bldg., Portland, Ore.    
Stoddard, I.W. B.S. in C.E. Boise, Idaho    
Storm, Shirley Snow B.S. in H. Ec. 103 Hemenway St., Boston, Mass.    
Stoulil, W.G. B.S. in C.E. Pocahontas, Iowa    
Tolstrup, M.R. B.S. in Dy. Iowa State College, Ames    
Tompkin, W.I. B.S. in E.E. 60 Wall St., New York City, N.Y.    
Trimble, C.S. B.S. in Dy. 1612 Pierce St., Sioux City, Iowa    
Troutner, Edith B.S. Elkader, Iowa    
Vail, H.O. B.S. in A.H. Nevada, Iowa    
Vaughn, Howard B.S. in A.H. Marion, Iowa    
Velie, C.E. B.S. in E.E.   deceased  
Wallis, R.S. B.S. in C.E. Ames, Iowa    
Walter, R.E. B.S. in E.E. Harlan, Iowa    
Waterman, C.R. B.S. Newell, Iowa    
Watson, W.F. B.S. in C.E. D.M. Bridge & Iron Works, Des Moines, Iowa    
Weiss, Albert B.S. in A.H. Denison, Iowa    
Welden, Ernest B.S. in C.E. Iowa Falls, Iowa    
Whitam, J.C. B.S. in For. U.S. For. Serv., Billings, Mont.    
White, S.K. B.S. in Hort. Lares, Porto Rico    
Wichman, Geo. B.S. in E.E. Atlantic, Iowa    
Wilbur, W.E. B.S. in C.E. care of Waddell & Harrington, Kansas City, Mo.    
Willey, L.E. D.V.M. Univ. of Minn, Univ. Farm, St. Paul, Minn.   Veterinary editor of The Alumnus published by the Alumni Association of the Iowa State college
Wilmarth, Emma B.S. in H. Ec. 265 Spring St., Aurora, Ill. TELLIER  
Woodman, Arthur B.S. in E.E. Ext. Dept., State Univ., Minneapolis, Minn.    
Woody, C.E. [C.C. Woody] B.S. in C.E. Aurora, Ill. old address Alumni Notes: C.C. Woody (CE) is joint proprietor of the Madison Cement Stave Silo Co. at Madison, Wis
[transcriber's note: I believe it is one and the same as C.E. Woody]
Wright, C.E. B.S. in C.E. Harlan, Iowa    
Wylie, Paul E. B.S. in C.E. Guthrie Center, Iowa    
Zentmire, Zelma B.S. in H. Ec. State College, Ames    
Zimmerman, A.G. B.S. in Agron. Washta, Iowa    
Blake, Fred N. none Maquoketa, Iowa Ex-student  
Brockman, Chas W. none Y.M.C.A., Ottumwa, Iowa Ex-student  
Buck, David W. none Rhodes, Iowa Ex-student  
Burright, Jno. W. none Gravity, Iowa Ex-student  
Byrne, Walter S. none Omaha Lt. & P.C., Omaha, Nebr. Ex-student  
Cowan, H.C. none Eagle Grove, Iowa Ex-student  
Forman, Martha none Station A, Ames, Iowa Ex-student; LEFFLER  
Hammond, F.B. JR none Moab, Utah Ex-student  
Helm, Fielding none Clifton, Texas Ex-student  
Hill, Frank W. none Ostrander, Minn. Ex-student  
Huenke, Howard H. none New Brennan, Ohio Ex-student  
Inercer, Frank H. none Elliott, Iowa Ex-student  
Inman, E.K. none Smithland, Iowa Ex-student  
Jacquis, A.E. none Waterville, Kans. Ex-student  
Krall, J.A. none St. James, Minn. Ex-student  
Letts, Marie none Columbus Junction, Iowa Ex-student; CARR  
Letts, W.S. none Columbus Junction, Iowa Ex-student  
McCord, B.L. none R.F.D. No. 5, Harlan, Iowa Ex-student  
McElroy, Margaret J. none Newton, Iowa Ex-student  
McGavren, Ward R. none Box 45, Missouri Valley, Iowa Ex-student  
Moore, Sam'l L. none Moulton, Iowa Ex-student  
Naylor, Jos. S. none Haywarden, Sask. Ex-student  
Nelson, Mary none Goldfield, Iowa Ex-student; LEFFLER  
Porter, Clyde H. none Jerome, Idaho Ex-student  
Randolph, Gail H.F. none Tama, Iowa Ex-student  
Rice, Dora M. none American Falls, Idaho Ex-student  
Richardson, Ralph E. none Dodson, Mont. Ex-student  
Schoel, F.L. none Nevada, Iowa Ex-student  
Secor, Perry R. none Melbourne, Iowa Ex-student  
Sharp, E.P. none Spooner, Wis. Ex-student  
Taylor, Nora M. none Sibley, Iowa Ex-student  
Thomas, R.M. none 615 4th Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa Ex-student  
Vogel, Walter B. none 5 North 3rd St., Marshalltown, Iowa Ex-student  
Wakeman, Ray none Mason City, Iowa Ex-student  
Wallace, Marie L. none Ainsworth, Nebr. Ex-student  
Whitemore, Ruth none 2110 Jackson St., Sioux City, Iowa Ex-student  
Wilson, Velda J. none Sigourney, Iowa Ex-student  


General Transcription notes
~Transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for the IAGenWeb Iowa History Project
1) The Alumnus of Iowa State College; Alumni Directory, June, 1914, Vol. IX, No. 9
2) The Alumnus of Iowa State College, April, 1917, Vol XII, No. 7

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