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Alumni and Ex-Students of Iowa State College

...with notes from 1917

Class of 1895

Ashby, Arthur J. B.S. in E.E. Laurens, Iowa    
McManus, Florence B.S. R.F.D., Council Bluffs, Iowa BAKER  
Ball, Elmer D. B.S., M.S.Ag. College Logan, Utah    
Banks, A.J. B.M.E. Montour, Iowa    
Bitting, A.W. D.V.M., B.S. 1739 H. St. N.W., Washington, D.C.    
Blanche, Richard J. D.V.M.   deceased  
Brockhausen, C.E. B.M.E. 536 West St., Bradley Hotel, Chicago    
Brownlie, Ira C. B.S. 2222 Claremont St., Denver, Colo    
Cave, Chas. R. B.M.E. Waverly, Iowa    
Crawford, Jno. W. B.S. Afton, Iowa    
Campbell, Effie B.L. 1520 Pruitt St., Ft. Worth, Tex. CURTISS  
Danielson, J.G. B. Ag. Gowrie, Iowa old address  
Davidson, J.R. B.S. 142 W. 65th St., New York City    
Davison, E.T. D.V.M. Athenia, N.Y.    
Tilden, Ruth B.L. Ames, Iowa DUNCAN  
Duroe, C.R. B.S. Jeffers, Minn.    
Eck, Wm. J. B.M.E. 47 Adams St. N.W., Washington, D.C.    
Eckles, Clarence H. B. Ag., M.S.A. Univ. of Mo., Columbia, Mo.    
Foster, A.H. B.M.E. 1718 Main St., Marinette, Wis    
Frisbie, Jerome B. B. Ag. Ft. Collins, Colo.    
German, Burt B.M.E. Des Moines, Iowa   Organizer of informal ISC Alumni gatherings.

Alumni Notes:  Burt German (ME), chairman of the Real Estate & Investment group of the Des Moines Chamber of Commerce, is taking an active interest in the City Garden work.

Alumni Assoc. Officers (General)
Goddard, Clarence B.C.E. not given    
Gossard, Wm. E. B.S. Webster City, Iowa    
Gunn, Geo. D. B.S. Lexington, Nebr. old address  
Harden, Geo. W. B.S. White Sulphur Springs, Mont.    
Helmer, A.C. B.M.E. 1301 Brady St., Davenport, Iowa    
Hosford, D.M. B.M.E. 2202 W. 93rd St., Cleveland, Ohio    
Hurst, N.C. B.M.E. Massilon, Ohio   Alumni Assoc. Officers
(St. Louis)
Hutchinson, Chas. S. B.S., M.S. 501 Gramercy Place, Los Angeles, Cal    
Johnson, Ira B. B.S.   deceased  
Johnson, Raymond D.V.M. Richland, Iowa    
Lazell, Fred J. B.S. Cedar Rapids, Iowa    
Lewis, C.C. B.M.E. Carlsbad, N.M.    
Lewis, Harry T. B.M.E. Payette, Idaho    
Lewis, J.W. B.C.E. Carlsbad, N.M.    
Lewis, L.L. D.V.M. Stillwater, Okla.    
Louthan, Gilbert W. B. Ag., M.S.A. Cornell, Iowa    
Lyford, Fred R. B.C.E. Northwood, Iowa    
Maguire, Helen F. B.L. 1116 5th St. S.E., Minneapolis, Minn.    
Mellinger, E.A. M.E. Lennox House, Norfolk St., Strand, London, England    
Meyers, J.H. B. Ag. not given    
Hurst, Lillian B.L. Massilon, Ohio MILLS  
Moore, Jos. A. B.C.E. Hood River, Ore.    
McCready, Wilson R. B.C.E. Hood River, Ore.    
Aten, Mary B.L. Garden Grove, Iowa McNEILL  
Nelson, Hulda M. B.S.   deceased  
Oliver, Wm. J. B.S. Ahrens and Ott Mfg. Co., Louisville, Ky    
Orr, M.J. B.M.E. 2932 Jackson St. Sioux City, Iowa    
Wilcox, Mabel Ruth B.L. Honalulu, H.I. OWENS  
Bennett, Lola B.S. 810 W. Laveta Ave., Orange, Calif. PLACEWAY  
Preston, Jno. M. B. Ag.   deceased  
Reed, Erwin E. B.S. Monticello, Iowa    
Rice, Thos. L. D.V.M. Ames, Iowa    
Rich, Wilson D. B.S. Leeds Sta., Sioux City, Iowa    
Richmond, Albert B.C.E. G.T.P. Ry. Eng. Co., Winnipeg, Man. old address  
Cutler, Laura B.S. Dunlap, Iowa WYATT  
Wright, Jno. I. B. Ag. not given    
Woodburn, O.P. B.M.E. Houston, Texas    
Wilson, E.R. B. Ag.   deceased  
Wilson, Chas. A. B. Ag. 452 W. 61st. St., Chicago, Ill   Alumni Notes: Chas. A. Wilson (Agr) and wife, Blanche (Greeley) Wilson '97, were in Ames last month in connection with the settlement of her uncle's estate.
Gardner, Etta B.S. Eddyville, Iowa WHIPPLE  
Walker, R.H. B.M.E. Columbus, Ohio    
Thomas, W.J. B.C.E. 101 Park Ave., New York City    
Sokol, Jno. M. B.S. Spencer, Iowa    
Schulte, J.I. B. Ag. R.F.D. No. 1, Ballston, Va.    
Schleiter, Frank H. B.M.E. Galva, Iowa    
Sample, Jno. C. B.C.E., C.E. 74 Elm St., Flushing, L.I.    
Sanborn, Roger S. B.S.E. 1412 5th Ave., Spokane, Wash.    
Sabin, Geo. D. B.M.E.   deceased  
Rundall, Ethel B. B.S. Rodman, Iowa old address  
Roop, F.S. D.V.M. Blackbury, Va.    
Norton, Mildred B.L.   Ex-student; deceased  
Harriman, Mary none Ames, Iowa Ex-student; WORMLEY  
Develle, Elmer H. none Northwood, Iowa Ex-student  
Rogers, A.R.       Alumni Assoc. Officers (Southern California)
[transcriber's note: this man is not listed in the 1914 directory]
Randall, Mac       Alumni Notes: Hon. Mac Randall, Ex-'95, of Cedar Rapids, is one of the representatives from Linn co. in the present legislature. Although his 1st term, he is giving a good account of himself.
[transcriber's note: this man is not listed in the 1914 directory]


General Transcription notes
~Transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for the IAGenWeb Iowa History Project
1) The Alumnus of Iowa State College; Alumni Directory, June, 1914, Vol. IX, No. 9
2) The Alumnus of Iowa State College, April, 1917, Vol XII, No. 7

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