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Alumni and Ex-Students of Iowa State College

...with notes from 1917

Class of 1887

Barnes, G.Z. D.V.M.   deceased  
Beach, Spencer A. B.S.A., M.S. Station A, Ames, Iowa    
Bennett, R.C. D.V.M.   deceased  
Besser, Emil D.V.M. Remington, Ind.    
Canady, C.M. B.C.E. Park Rd. Ambridge, Penn.    
Schofield, Emma B.L. El Centro, Calif. CASEY  
Christie, E.J. B.S. Marion, Iowa    
Clark, S.B. B.S.   deceased  
Colton, G.H. B.S.A., M.S. 416 18th Ave., No., Seattle, Wash    
Cotey, C.E. B.S.   deceased  
Crawford, Esther B.L. R.F.D. No. 1, Missouri Valley, Iowa    
Curtiss, C.F. B.S.A.,M.S.A.,D.Sc Ames, Iowa, Sta. A.   Dean and Director of the ISC Agricultural experiment station; Live stock expert; photo & news article
Felt, A.C. B.S. Superior, Nebr.    
Ferguson, C.W. D.V.M. none given    
Frater, W.H. B.C.E.   deceased  
Govier, G.S. B.C.E. 3304 Karnes Bldg., Kansas City, Mo.   Alumni Assoc. Officers (Kansas City)
Graves, F.H. D.V.M. Madrid, Iowa    
Beach, Norma B.S. Station A, Ames, Iowa HAINER  
Hanson, Niels E. B.S., M.S. 828 8th Ave., Brookings, S.D.   Alumni Assoc. Officers (South Dakota)
Harpel, L.V. B.S. Boone, Iowa    
Hoskins, F.L. D.V.M. Beresford, S.D    
Igo, W.S. D.V.M.   deceased  
Kirkpatrick, E.A. B.S., M. Ph. Fitchburg, Mass    
Mally, F.W. B.S., M.S. Crystal City, Texas    
McCarthy, O.E. B.C.E. Bawlf, Alta.    
Osborne, A.E. B.S. LaPorte City, Iowa    
Patty, L.G. D.V.M. 120 E. 5th St., Carroll, Iowa    
Perley, J.A. B.C.E. Little Sioux, Iowa    
Paxton, Jos. B.C.E. Aspen, Colo.    
Peterson, Wm. A. B.S. 5039 Winthrop Ave., Chicago, Ill.    
Randall, G.R. B.M.E. Warren, Ill.    
Schermerhorn, Geo. L. B.M.E. 127 Elmer Ave., Schenectady, N.Y.    
Spencer, C. Lyman B.S. Aragon Hotel, Jacksonville, Fla.    
Sturtz, Geo. W. B.S.A. Sioux City, Iowa    
Thurtle, R.P. D.V.M. Valley Junction, Iowa    
Tillie, Jno. D.V.M. 113 E. 6th St., Muscatine, Iowa    
Curtiss, Olive B.L. Station A, Ames, Iowa WILSON  
Wilson, J.W. D.V.M. Traer, Iowa old address  
Coe, P.W. none 724 9th Ave., No., St. Petersburg, Fla. Ex-student  
Faville, Fred'k F. none Storm Lake, Iowa Ex-student Alumni Notes:
F.F. Faville (Sc) of Storm Lake has been selected by Attorney General Havner as special prosecutor in the famous Villisca murder case.
Van Epps, Harry none Newton, Iowa Ex-student  


General Transcription notes
~Transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for the IAGenWeb Iowa History Project
1) The Alumnus of Iowa State College; Alumni Directory, June, 1914, Vol. IX, No. 9
2) The Alumnus of Iowa State College, April, 1917, Vol XII, No. 7

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