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Churches and Religion

Pages 383-386

Historical Sketches of Iowa Baptists, 1886

S. H. Mitchell

 Published by Burdette Co., Burlington, Iowa



East Nodaway Association Organized 1874.
Between the Southwestern and East

Grand River 1875 to 1886


AT the meeting of the Southwestern Association held at Bedford, Iowa, in 1874, a committee reported in favor of the formation of a new Association between that Association and East Grand River, on the east of it; and a meeting was appointed to be held at Corning, in November of that year for the purpose of organization. In 1875 we find a record, accordingly, of the East Nodaway Association, with 15 churches, 9 pastors, 45 baptisms during the year, and 694 members. Ten of the churches were from the East Grand River Association, and only three from the Southwestern. The names of the churches, with their pastors and the number of members in each, were as follows: Adams County 1st Church, D. C. Ellis, 80; Bedford, G. W. Robey, 118; Buchanan, I. M. Seay, 35; Corning, P. Andrews, 65; Goshen, E. Ellis, 44; Hayden Grove, I. M. Seay, 50; Hickory Grove, M. M. Case, 17; Memory, I. M. Seay, 29; Mormontown, Wm. Golding, 28; Mount Zion, E. Otis, 20; New Hope, E. Otis, 20; Platte Prairie, D. T. Smith, 23; Platteville, E. Otis, 26; Prescott, Wm. Golding, 30, and Union, E. Otis, 47. The first clerk of the new Association was J. A. Marley of Memory.

1876 ... The Second Anniversary was held at Prescott, in 1876. J. A. Marley, clerk, then of Clarinda. Hickory Grove and Platte Prairie were dropped from the record, but 1876 three new churches were added, viz: Grant Center, Kent and Lennox. D. T. Smith is pastor of the first two and Wm. Golding of the last. Eighty-three baptisms are reported and 746 members. The East Nodaway Association may be said to have sprung into being full-grown, to have been launched on its voyage of usefulness under favorable winds, and possessing elements of strength and vitality. In 1877 it met at Bedford. Brother Marley still acts as clerk. The Conway Church was received with 9 members, J. B. Ritner, pastor, and Hopkins, Missouri, 27 members, Joseph Yates, pastor. Rev. J. D. Burr is pastor at Corning. The First Church Adams county entertained the Association in 1878. One hundred and seven baptisms were reported and 1,029 members. Bedford Church, Brother Robey still pastor, reports 75 baptized and 80 by letter, and a total membership of 278.

1878 ... This church, in 1878, ranked third in the State in members, Davenport being first with 372 members and Waterloo second with 342. Rev. J. D. Adams appeared as pastor at Mt. Zion and J. W. Hough at Prescott. The anniversary of the State Convention was held at Bedford in 1878. The first and only time it has ever been held southwest of Des Moines. The Association met in 1879 at Lennox. The Hopkins Church was dropped and Creston received from the East Grand River Association. Buchanan also disappears and Carbon comes from the Southwestern. Carbon enjoyed a revival in 1878, in which 17 were baptized and the membership raised to 91.

1880 ... In 1880 the anniversary was at Carbon. The Summerset Church was received with 21 members, H. S. Cloud pastor. W. K. Miller is preaching; at Corning;  E. J. Lockwood at Hayden Grove, and J. L. Blakely at Union Church. Conway entertained the anniversary in 1881, J. D. Burr clerk. Brother Marley had served as clerk up to 1880. Rev. G. W. Robey closed his honored pastorate of six years at Bedford, and removed to Moberly, Mo.  Rev. C. E. Taylor, recently of Grinnell, Iowa, is his successor.  Rev. T. K. Tyson appears as pastor at Conway, Grant Center and Lenox. Rev. William Carpenter is supplying Prescott in connection with Alton in the Murray Association. Brother Andrews is preaching at Goshen, and R. Bosisto at Summerset. Every pastor dates the beginning of work on his present field this year, 1881, except two. H. S. Cloud at Bethel dates back to 1879, and E. Otis at Hayden Grove to 1880. The latter is a return to an old field where Brother Otis preached for many years. Bedford was the place of meeting in 1882, T. K. Tyson clerk. Rev. G. T. Colvin is preaching at Carbon and Corning. Clearfield is added to the list of churches. There are now 20 churches, 9 pastors, 88 baptisms reported, and 911 members.  Rev. A. B. White succeeded a little later to the work at Corning and some other points. Brother White was a man of considerable ability who came from Springfield, Ohio, and after securing recognition and honors, and doing some good work among our churches in Southwestern Iowa, discovered that he was not in sympathy with the teachings and practices of our denomination, and withdrew from us.

1883 ...  In 1883 the Association met at Creston. The former clerk. Brother J. A. Marley, returned to his post. Rev. James M. Smith returned from Indiana, where he had been for several years, and is living at Bedford.  Rev. Edward Otis, for seventeen years pastor of the Hayden Grove Church, died, September 1, 1882. He preached his last sermon only the Sunday before his death. The meeting in 1884 was with the Adams County First Church. Rev. I. M. Seay was moderator. Rev. A. Jacobs had succeeded C. E. Taylor at Bedford. Revs. W. C. Shepherd and A. B. Buckner were ordained at Mormontown on April 5, 1884, and Rev. H. C. Nash came from Marley, Illinois, and succeeded G. A. Hertzog at Creston. Brother Hertzog settled in Creston in 1883. The eleventh annual meeting was held with the Mount Zion Church in 1885. I. M. Seay Moderator, H. C. Nash clerk. The names of five churches. Carbon, Clearfield, Grant Center, Lenox and Platteville, are erased from the list. The Delphos, Gay Street and Mount Pleasant churches were added. Rev. W. G. Howard was ordained at New Market, February 21, 1885.

1886 ... The report for 1886 brings inspiring news with which to close this sketch. Number of baptisms reported 129; members 900. The number of members is less than in the recent years, but the number of baptisms shows a good degree of spiritual life. Thirteen of the 20 churches are represented in the baptisms, in numbers ranging from one to 45. The larger sharers are Mt. Zion, 45; Mormontown, 25; Delphos, 12; Creston 11 and Gay Street 10.  Rev. A. Stott is pastor at Bedford, George E. Eldridge at Gravity and New Market, Samuel Meacham at Pleasant Hill and W. J. Howard at Corning.  Other pastors are H. S. Cloud, W. C. Shepherd, H. C. Nash, Wm. Golding and J. M. Smith. The East Nodaway Association bids fair to be a growing force in the field which it is to till for the Master.

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