Tippecanoe Township, Henry Co., IAGenWEb

BOOK 2 1899-1904
Contributed by Cathy Joynt Labath


No.     Surname         First Name                  Sex Race Age at Death  Occupation      Date of Death  MarSt   Place of Birth                Place of Death             Cause of Death              Burial

1564    Allender        John W                      m   w    38y           Day Laborer     4 July 1896    m       Henry Co                      Rome, Henry Co.            Rheumatism of Heart         Grant Cemetery

2319    Arnold          Theadore Perry              m        30y           Farmer          June 1900      s       Trenton Twp                   Tippecanoe Twp             Killed by Cars              White Oak

2614    Arnold          Emma V                      f        52y 8m                        20 Dec 1901    m       Merrilstown, PA               Tippecanoe Twp             Neuralgia of Heart          Salem Cemetery

2814    Baker           Patrick                              84y 6m 8d                     17 Mar 1902    w       Bell, Clare, Ireland          Rome, Henry Co.            Kidney Trouble              Mt Pleasant

2010    Barton          Minnie Lizzie               f        33y 1m 20d    Farmer's Wife   8 June 1899    m       Monroe Co, IA                 Tippecanoe Twp             Lockjaw                     Lambert

1617    Barton          Elizabeth                   f        40y 21d                       10 Oct 1901            Oskalooska                    Tippecanoe Twp                                         Lambirth Cemetery

2904    Bausman         Isaac                       m        79y 1m 2d     Farmer          4 Feb 1903     m       Pennsylvania                  Tippecanoe Twp             Pneumonia                   Pleasant Point

2323    Berry           Samuel                      m        82y 1m 15d    Farmer          26 Feb 1900    m       New York                      Tippecanoe Twp             Consumption                 Lambirth Cemetery

2808    Berry           Marietta                    f        80y 9m 9d                     19 Apr 1902            New York                      Tippecanoe Twp             Old Age                     Lambirth Cemetery

2909    Blyth           Cirena Jane                 f        39y 7m 13d                    8 Aug 1903     s       Shelbyville, Ill              Tippecanoe Twp             Congestion of Lungs         Oakland Mills

2615    Bonnifield      Greg                        m        80y 1m 10d    Farmer          30 Mar 1901    m       Virginia                      Tippecanoe Twp             Bladder Trouble             Forest Home

2317    Bright          James Nelson                m        71y           Farmer          21 Oct 1900            North Carolina                Tippecanoe Twp             Apoplexy                    Pleasant Point

2318    Bright          Sarah Ann                            19y 3m 9d                     9 Aug 1900     w       Indiana                       Tippecanoe Twp             Abscess on Liver            Pleasant Point

1456    Brown           Louis C                     m   w    17y           Hunter & Trapper2/3 Nov 1895   s                                     Tippecanoe Twp                                         Rockford, Ill.

1411    Camble          T.                          m        22y           Farmer          27 Mar 1895    m       Ohio                          Tippecanoe Twp             Fever                       Grant Graveyard

1188    Cavenee         Oliver                      m   w    44y           Farmer          29 May 1894    m       Ohio                          Rome, Henry Co.            Accident                    Forest Home

1285    Claire          Benjamin Franklin           m   w    5mo                           1 Feb 1895     s       Tippecanoe Twp                Tippecanoe Twp             Ulceration of bowels        Forest Home

2993    Coffin          Mary M                      f        70y                           2 Aug 1904     m       Indiana                       Tippecanoe Twp             Paralysis                   Cedar Creek Cemetery

1749    Cook            Sarah E                     f        18y 10m 22d                   12 Apr 1897    s       Near Rome                     Rome, Henry Co.                                        Fairview

1751    Duncanson       Nancy                       f   w    56y 10m 15d                   25 Feb 1897    m       Ohio                          Rome, Henry Co.            Chronic Debility            Fairview
1752    Duncanson       Edward                      m   w    57y 11m 6d                    7 Mar 1899     w       Mississippi                   Rome, Henry Co.            Lung Disease                Fairview
2611    Durk            John                        m        65y 8m 8d     Merchant        20 May 1901    s       Ohio                          Tippecanoe Twp             Cancer                      Richwood Cemetery
2612    Durk            Levi                        m        76y 1m 16d    Merchant        27 Mar 1901                                          Tippecanoe Twp             Heart Failure               Richwood Cemetery
1386    Elliott         Sarah                       f        63y           Housekeeper     8 Aug 1895     m       Ohio                          Rome, Henry Co.            Dysentary                   Fairview
2079    Elliott         Adelea Stephens             f        29y 5m        Housekeeper     20 Aug 1899    m       Rome, Henry Co                Rome, Henry Co.            Confinement                 Rome Cemetery
2903    Elliott         William Andrew              m        54y 18d       Farmer          20 July 1903   m       Round Prairie Twp, Jefferson CTippecanoe Twp             Heart Trouble               Lambirth Cemetery
1326    Fisher          Cephas                      m        83y           Farmer          6 Mar 1895     w       Indiana                       Tippecanoe Twp             Old Age                     Salem Friends
2629    Freeman         Frank                                36y 12d       Bridge Foreman  12 Aug 1901    w       Tippecanoe Twp                Burlington, IA             Hurt from Fall              Lockridge
2806    Freeman         Louesa E                    f        44y 5m 7d                     24 Aug 1902            Henry Co                      Tippecanoe Twp             Cancer                      Oakland Mills
2908    Harper          Paul James                  m        1y 11m 1d                     22 Aug 1903            Tippecanoe Twp                Tippecanoe Twp             Bowel Trouble               Oakland Mills
2012    Harsbarger      Mary                        f        59y           Farmer's Wife   15 Jan 1899    m       Henry Co                      Tippecanoe Twp             Paralysis                   Pleasant Point
2812    Harshbarger     James Henry                 m        67y                           24 Aug 1902            Virginia                      Tippecanoe Twp             Typhoid Fever               Pleasant Point
2813    Harshbarger     George Floyd                         37y                           2 Oct 1902             Tippecanoe Twp                Tippecanoe Twp             Heart Trouble               Pleasant Point
2314    Hass            Mary A                      f        49y 2m 3d                     9 Apr 1900     m       Trenton Twp                   Tippecanoe Twp             Lung Trouble                Lambirth Cemetery
1659    Higgins         Levi                        m   w    63y           Farmer          4 Mar 1897     m       Vermont                       Tippecanoe Twp             Malignant disease of stomachPleasant Point
2995    Higgins         John                        m        35y 2m 7d     Farming         23 May 1904    s       Mt. Pleasant, Iowa            Tippecanoe Twp             Consumption                 Pleasant Point
2006    Hobbs           Elizabeth                   f        93y 10m 3d                    22 Jan 1899    w       Hancock Co, WV                Tippecanoe Twp             Old Age                     Oakland Mills
2009    Holley          Martha                      f        58y 1m        Farmer's Wife   17 July 1899   m       Ohio                          Tippecanoe Twp             Cancer                      Lambert
2991    Holley          Solomon Woodward            m        85y 8m 16d                    28 Mar 1904    w       Virginia                      Tippecanoe Twp             Gangrene & Infirmities of OlLambirth Cemetery
2994    Holly           Willis Gale                 m        3m                            6 Nov 1904             Tippecanoe Twp                Tippecanoe Twp             Pronounced Heart failure    Lambirth Cemetery
2320    Johnson         Charlie                     m        20y                           16 Oct 1900    s       Illinois                      Tippecanoe Twp             Typhoid Fever               Mt Pleasant
2905    Kaufmann        Alice                       f        4m 2d                         16 Mar 1903            Oakland Mills, IA             Oakland Mills, Tippecanoe TLung Fever                  Forest Home
2619    Kirk            Phebe Ann                   f        47y 8m                        5 Nov 1901     m       Tama Co, IA                   Tippecanoe Twp             Heart Trouble               Lambrith Cemetery
1329    Laird           Susan                       f   w    79y                           23 Mar 1895    w       Ohio                          Tippecanoe Twp             Catarrahl Pneumonia         Pleasant Point
1942    Laird           Louisa Alice                f        41y 10m 5d    Farmer's Wife   2 July 1898    m       Henry Co                      Tippecanoe Twp             Consumption                 Pleasant Point
2616    Laurence        George Sr                   m        72y 10m 16d   Farmer          27 Sep 1901    m       Black Ford, Perthshire, ScotlaTippecanoe Twp             Runaway Accident            Forest Home
2311    Lee             Martin                      m        83y 15d       Farmer          30 Apr 1900    m       Kentucky                      Tippecanoe Twp             Old Age                     Lamberth Cemetery
2809    Lee             Isaac F                     m        84y 6m 8d     Farmer          3 July 1902            Tennessee                     Tippecanoe Twp             Infirmities of Old Age      Lambirth Cemetery
2820    Lee             Elizabeth                   f        77y 5m 2d                     7 July 1902            Vernon, Indiana               Tippecanoe Twp                                         Lambirth Cemetery
1958    Luellen         Commodore Dewey             m        3m 18d                        22 Sep 1898            Rome, Henry Co                Rome, Henry Co.            Cholera Infantum            Trenton
1407    Lupton          Charles                     m        30y           Farmer          26 July 1895   m       Iowa                          Tippecanoe Twp             Peforation of bowels        Cedar Cemetery
2559    Lwellen         John                        m        15d                           23 July 1900           Rome, Henry Co                Rome, Henry Co.
2315    Mabeus          Bessie                      f        3y 9m 20d                     18 Dec 1900            Tippecanoe Twp                Tippecanoe Twp             Appendicitis                Pleasant Point
2906    Mabeus          May Alice                   f        2m 14d                        29 June 1903           Tippecanoe Twp                Tippecanoe Twp             Spinal trouble              Pleasant Point
2996    Mabeus          Minnie F                    f        36y 4m 2d                     2 June 1904    m       Germany                       Tippecanoe Twp             Liver Trouble               Pleasant Point
2998    Mabeus          Infant Child of Charles & Mim        1d                            31 May 1904            Tippecanoe Twp                Tippecanoe Twp                                         Pleasant Point
2815    McMurren        Amy                         f        55y                           April 1902     w       salem, Iowa                   Tippecanoe Twp             Pneumonia                   Pleasant Point
2997    Melton          Sarah                       f        67y                           9 Jan 1904     m       Iowa                          Tippecanoe Twp             Cancer of stomach           Bethel Cemetery, Center Twp
2628    Mickey          Hazel                       f        2y                            21 Sep 1901            Rome, Henry Co                Rome, Henry Co.            Brain Fever                 Rome Cemetery
1470    Mills           Miralda                     f   w    26y           Housewife       27 Jan 1896    m       Henry Co                      Tippecanoe Twp             Disease of liver            Cedar Cemetery
2312    Mills           Anna May                    f        14d                           5 June 1900            Tippecanoe Twp                Tippecanoe Twp                                         Oakland Mills
2807    Monrey          Myrtle                      f        27y 8m 12d                    23 May 1902            Hamilton, Ill.                Tippecanoe Twp             Brain Fever                 Forest Home
2618    Montgomery      Silas                       m        26y 4d        Farmer          30 Mar 1901    s       Tippecanoe Twp                Shelton, Washington        Falling Tree                Pleasant Point
1221    Percell         M.M.                        m   w    82y           Farmer          20 Mar 1894    m       New Jersey                    2 mi. S of Rome            Immediate Paralysis         ?
2254    Pettis          Lena                        f        16y           Domestic        17 Nov 1900            Wisconsin                     Tippecanoe Twp             Consumption                 Rome Cemetery
2255    Pettis          Emiline                     f        22y                           17 May 1900            Wisconsin                     Tippecanoe Twp             Consumption                 Rome Cemetery
1222    Potter          Charlie                     m   w    15y           Farmer          27 Aug 1894    s       Illinois                      Tippecanoe Twp             Peretonitis                 ?
2324    Sammons         Floyd                       m        4y 9m 8d                      22 Oct 1900            Trenton Twp                   Rome, Henry Co.            Kidney Trouble              Morehead Cemetery
1341    Septer          Harry                       m   w    73y           Farmer          30 Apr 1895            Pennsylvania                  Tippecanoe Twp             Lagrippe                    Pleasant Point
1093    Smith           Omer T.                     m   w    43y           Laborer         25 Jan 1894            Indiana                       Mt. Pleasant               General Paralysis           Weaver, Iowa
2008    Soule           Nettie                      f        19y           Domestic        3 Dec 1899     s       Illinois                      Tippecanoe Twp             Septic Poisoning            Aurora, Ill
2992    Stout           Eliza Jane                  f        70y 17d                       25 Feb 1904    w       Indiana                       Tippecanoe Twp             Abscess on side caused by faPleasant Point
1342    Taylor          ?                           f        2d                            14 Apr 1895            Rome, Henry Co                Rome, Henry Co.            Hemorrhage of bowels        Rome Cemetery
2011    Trueblood       Rosannah                    f        57y 2m 17d    Farmer's Wife   23 Apr 1899    m       Indiana                       Tippecanoe Twp             Consumption                 Cedar Cemetery
2133    Vandoren        Elizabeth                   f        70y 8m                        17 Aug 1899    m       Indiana                       City                       Cancer                      Lambert
1941    Welch           Rachel                      f        58y 7m 15d    Farmer's Wife   20 Aug 1898    w       Knox Co                       Tippecanoe Twp             Apoplexy                    Forest Home
2907    Wood            ?                           m        3d                            27 Mar 1903            Tippecanoe Twp                Tippecanoe Twp                                         Oakland Mills
2821    Wood            James Nelson                m        20d                           20 Dec 1902            Tippecanoe Twp                Tippecanoe Twp             Lung Trouble                Cedar Cemetery
2316    Yakle           Anna Elizabeth              f        89y 10m                       14 Oct 1900    w       Germany                       Tippecanoe Twp             Old Age                     Cedar Cemetery


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