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Locations (map), GPS coordinates and alternative names for Henry County Cemeteries

Compiled and contributed by Paul French for Henry County IAGenWeb, Dec 2014

Thanks also to Henry Co. Pioneer Cemetery Commission for providing the cemetery list, GPS Coordinates & proofreading the map!

Index of Surnames on Iowa Gravestone Photo Project for Henry County

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Abbreviations you will find in online cemetery indexes:

b. - Born

d. - Died

m. or md - Married

n/d - No Date

s/s - Same Stone

m/o - Mother of

f/o - Father of

w/o - Wife of

h/o - Husband of

s/o - Son of

d/o Daughter of

b/o - Brother of


Cemetery Township Section Photos Map GPS Coordinates
Abbe-Baltimore Cemetery aka Short, Woods Baltimore 18   View Map 40.861816,-91.483952
Abraham (Farm) Cemetery aka Elmwood Center 35   View Map 40.902487,-91.508692
Asbury Cemetery Wayne   Photos View Map 41.157054,-91.525223
Barton-Bethel Cemetery aka Home Bethel Center 17   View Map 40.948014,-91.580011
Beery Cemetery Baltimore 7   View Map 40.874470,-91.477434
Bethany Cemetery aka Hussey or Shelledy Baltimore 29   View Map 40.828003,-91.456706
Boyleston Cemetery Jackson 25   View Map 40.838819,-91.505474
Brooks Cemetery aka Nugen New London 28 Photos View Map 40.921859,-91.442715
Burge Cemetery New London 22 Photos View Map 40.931963,-91.417944
Carnahan Cemetery Jackson 4 Photos View Map 40.886050,-91.536688
Cedar Creek Cemetery Salem 2 Photos View Map 40.898094,-91.631054
Center Cemetery aka Noble Jefferson   Photos View Map 41.156691,-91.601343
Cholera Hill Cemetery aka Sample, Davis, Fairchild Tippecanoe 3   View Map 40.981194,-91.652827
Cottonwood Cemetery Jefferson 6 Photos View Map 41.148740,-91.702640
East Grove Cemetery aka Garrertson Jackson 28   View Map 40.828611,-91.548333
Ebenezer Cemetery aka Wesley Chapel Marion 36   View Map 40.997061,-91.496774
Farlow Pioneer Cemetery aka Reese or Hardin or Flint New London 25 Photos View Map 40.902900,-91.395854
Faulkner Cemetery Center 30 Photos View Map 40.920717,-91.596578
Ferrel Cemetery aka Totemeier New London 13 Photos View Map 40.946268,-91.376538
Finley Cemetery aka Finley Chapel Jefferson 25 Photos View Map 41.091479,-91.620283
Forest Home Cemetery

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Center 16 Photos View Map 40.952771,-91.542544
Grant Cemetery aka Fairview Tippecanoe 5 Photos View Map 40.987877,-91.699250
Green Mound Cemetery Trenton 4 Photos View Map 41.069602,-91.665224
Haynes Pioneer Cemetery Jefferson 7 Photos View Map 41.144051,-91.707425
Hickory Grove Cemetery Marion 15 Photos View Map 41.039746,-91.544217
Hicks Family Burial Grounds - Pioneer Cemetery Jackson 36   View Map 40.820566,-91.502196
Hillsboro Cemetery Salem 30 Photos View Map 40.830325,-91.715044
Hochreiter Cemetery aka Hochreider or Kepper Scott 9   View Map 41.143969,-91.442633
Hunting Cemetery Jackson     View Map 40.862912,-91.531932
Kurtz- McClintic Cemetery Jefferson   Photos View Map 41.146978,-91.707110
Lambirth Cemetery aka Lees Tippecanoe 30 Photos View Map 40.923141,-91.714885
Lowell Cemetery Baltimore 28   View Map 40.834392,-91.442411
McDowell Cemetery aka Old Becker Farm Jackson 6     40.896966,-91.588933
Menefee Family Cemetery Marion       40.991293,-91.529304
Mental Health Institute Cemetery Center 16 Photos View Map 40.95199,-91.54073
Messer Cemetery aka Crook-in-the-Road Trenton 17   View Map 41.041706,-91.688543
Mt. Ayr Jefferson 31     41.083163,-91.698720
North Wayne Cemetery aka Olds, Congregational Wayne   Photos View Map 41.142270,-91.542223
Oak Grove Cemetery aka Stringtown Marion 20 Photos View Map 41.032124,-91.581646
Oakland Mills Cemetery Tippecanoe 25 Photos View Map 40.934214,-91.618664
Old Baptist Cemetery Jefferson Photos View Map 41.104481,-91.620911
Old City Cemetery aka Mount Pleasant Old City
   Map of the Cemetery
Center 16 Photos View Map 40.960567,-91.554817
Pickard Cemetery Jackson     View Map 40.891448,-91.559339
Pickle Cemetery Baltimore 32 Photos View Map 440.822739,-91.454714
Pleasant Grove Cemetery aka Beulah Baltimore 13   View Map 40.859171,-91.372167
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Center 23 Photos View Map 40.930814,-91.512182
Pleasant Point Cemetery Tippecanoe 22 Photos View Map 40.944691,-91.654505
Prairie Grove Friends Cemetery aka Friends Salem 24 Photos View Map 41.126798,-91.506718
Richwood North Cemetery aka New Richwood, Benjamin Chapel Trenton 24 Photos View Map 41.026881,-91.611115
Richwood South Cemetery aka Old Richwood Trenton 25 Photos View Map 41.017653,-91.611618
Ritchey Cemetery aka Richie Scott 6   View Map 41.156075,-91.476846
Robinson-Rice Cemetery Center 6   View Map 40.974448,-91.601186
Roth Cemetery Trenton 16 Photos View Map 41.051496,-91.677180
Saint Alphonsus Cemetery Center   Photos View Map 40.952991,-91.545630
Salem East Cemetery Salem 29 Photos View Map 40.856566,-91.611991
Salem South Cemetery aka Old Quaker Salem 29 Photos View Map 40.847521,-91.621998
Scheffel Family Cemetery Trenton 5     41.053179,-91.692077
Scotts Cemetery Marion     View Map 41.001854,-91.552750
Shepherd Cemetery Trenton     View Map 41.028601,-91.708895
Sheridan Cemetery Canaan 4 Photos View Map 41.060662,-91.430292
Shievely-Neff Cemetery Jefferson   Photos View Map 41.142095,-91.702710
Short Family Cemetery Tippecanoe       40.934985,-91.601466
Smith Family aka Mormon Graves Tippecanoe 5   View Map 40.975522,-91.698724
Sugar Creek-Mennonite Cemetery Jefferson   Photos View Map 41.134773,-91.635103
Swedesburg Cemetery aka Swedesburg Lutheran Wayne   Photos View Map 41.105546,-91.545688
Tallman Cemetery Wayne     View Map 41.096907,-91.495478
Traxler-Leach Cemetery Marion 18   View Map 41.041343,-91.592186
Trinity Cemetery Canaan   Photos View Map 41.017316,-91.389792
Vorhies Cemetery Trenton 19   View Map 41.020416,-91.713122
(Alfred) Warner Family Burial Ground Trenton     View Map 41.018932,-91.690778
Wayland Methodist Cemetery Jefferson   Photos View Map 41.148336,-91.658201
White Oak Cemetery Trenton 17 Photos View Map 41.028995,-91.679329
Wilbourne Family Cemetery Marion       41.016531,-91.554331
Williford Cemetery Center 15   View Map 40.944721,-91.530887
Winfield & Scott Twp Cemetery   A - L      M - Z Scott 16 Photos View Map 41.119062,-91.423638
Woodlawn Cemetery  aka Irishtown or Old Catholic Center 8   View Map 40.956199,-91.562361

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