At an informal meeting of a considerable number of our citizens, ladies and gentlemen, on the evening of the 25th, at the Brazelton House, it was determined to propose to our fellow citizens that a MASS MEETING be held at the Public Square on the Court House grounds on the 7th inst., at 2 o’clock P.M. in testimony of our rejoicing at the everlasting overthrow of American slavery and at the triumphant passage of the Fifteen Amendment. Should the weather prove inclement, the meeting will be held in Union Hall.

 Joseph A. Dugdale,J.H. White,
 Ruth Dugdale,H.R. Kern,
 Ellen M. Elliott,Mary E. Kern,
 C.S. Marsh,S.L. Howe,
 J.C. McClintock,E.L. Penn,
 Mary E. McClintock,Amelia Penn,
 Phebe L. Elliott,J.H. Kaster,
 Elihu Gunn,R. Root,
 Amy B. Gunn,E. Crane,
 J.W. M. Page,Mrs. E. Crane,
 Presley Saunders,Thos. E. Hargrave,
 J.C. Kern,J.H. Hopkins,
 J.B. Vernon,H.N. Crane,
 Maria Vernon,H.C. Saunders,
 G.W. McAdam,M.L. Edwards,
 Thomas E. Corkhill,John D. Dugdale,
 Lucinda Corkhill,Mary E. Dugdale,
 H. Fuller,Susan D. Thompson,
 Mark Ranney,T.A. Bereman,
 M.W. Ranney,Annie E. Bereman,
 William B. Clay,Samuel Burnaugh,
 Lydia Ann Clay,Clarand Burnaugh,
 Timothy Whiting,A.T. Brooks,
 J.B. Shaw,Mary C. Brooks,
 J.W. Hampton,J.H. Whiting,
 Susan S. Hampton,R.J. Borgholthaus,
 Jno. T. Woods,W. Mosely,
 J.W. Satterthwaite,Agnes Mosely,
 C. Pearson,Edwin G. Vancise,
 Ellen E.R. Pearson,Maria Vancise,
 C. Davis,J.B.Shaw,
 John S. Mansfield,Mrs. Mansfield,
 B. Alexander,S.N. Thompson,
 J. Chaffin,Belle Chaffin,
 P.N. Bowman,T.C. George,
 G.B. Corkhill,John S. Woolson,
 O.K. Carr,J.N. Allen.

("The Mount Pleasant Journal", Friday, May 6, 1870, page 8)

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