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Albert Powley Pictures

Albert and Viola�s Golden Wedding anniversary celebration, November 13, 1933.

From left to right; Arlene Powley, Genevieve Case, Fred Powley, Abel Powley, Frederick Powley, George Powley, Horace Powley, Elizabeth (wife of Horace), Lucy (wife of George), Viola (mother), behind Viola is Hume Case & Stanley Powley, Albert Powley (father), Ethel Gard Powley, Nellie Powley (wife of Abel), Mable Powley Johnson, Mary Gard, Ida Powley Case

The �Powley Girls� at Viola and Albert�s farm.

From left, back row - Mrs. Abel (Nellie) Powley, Viola (mother), Ida Powley Case, Myrtle Powley Gilkerson, Mrs. Horace (Elizabeth) Powley, Mrs. George (Lucy) Powley. sitting from left - Vera, Marie, Francis (Fred Powley�s girls), Hazel Powley, Beulah Johnson, Pearle Powley

Albert and Viola�s farm buildings in 1995, remains in the Powley family; JRW Farm.

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