Elaine,MrsPageMrs & Baby104521943 - 3  Pisgah, Iowa
Elaine,MrsPageMrs & Baby104521943 July 15 4  Pisgah, Iowa
AlbertPalmerYoung Man25371930 July 30 2  Logan, Iowa
Albert & JakePalmerGopher Trap29291931 June 10 1   
EllenPalmerYoung Lady84251938 May 20 1  Logan, Iowa
EnidPalmerGirl23991930 Mar 25Spelling Contest winner21 Logan, Iowa
FredPalmerYoung Man84791938 Aug 17 2  Logan, Iowa
FredPalmerYoung Man86451939 Apr 23 1  Logan, Iowa
FreddiePalmerYoung Manno numberno date  2  
Joe & RoseannaPalmerMan & Lady88111939 Nov 25 1  Logan, Iowa
Rose AnnaPalmerGirl26051930 Oct 27 2  Logan, Iowa
Thomas PalmerThomas & Brother4201926 Apr 4 4   
TomPalmerFamily Group 448611935 Oct 27 1  Logan, Iowa
Wm.Palmerbottom half of womanno numberno datesidewalk memorial ?1   
ChesterPapeGroup 3107061943 Dec 5 1  Woodbine, Iowa
GlennPapeCathie & Carolyn136821957 - 10  Logan, Iowa
GlennPapeCathie & Carolyn136821957 Dec 3 3  Logan, Iowa Cathie birth 6 - 22 - 1945 Carolyn birth 3 - 15 - 1959
Richard PapeRonald82481937 Dec 3 1  Persia, Iowa
James D.ParchenNavy Discharge118341946 Jan 29 2  Mondamin, Iowa
Annie ParkLady45001933 Sept 30 1 nDunlap, Iowa note 4500 big white beads, stringy hair
Arnold FrancisParkArmed Forces Transfer Paper136591957 Sept 18 2  Woodbine, Iowa 3 Service No 3196977 Armed Forces Transfer
S.R,MrsParkLady29981928 Mar 25 2  Logan, Iowa
 Parke-Davis Co.Young Lady70071937 Jan 4 4  Dr. Chas E. Dutchess, M. D. Taken for Dr J. G. Walsh Woodbine, naked Young Girl
Edward P.ParkerMr , Mrs, & Patricia124531948 Aug 12 6  Logan, Iowa %Edith Brittian
IrmaParkerLady4151926 Mar 6 4  Logan, Iowa
PaulParkerYoung Man3891925 Dec 31 2  Logan, Iowa
T. S, MrsParkerLady5701926 Oct 8 2  Logan, Iowa
Chas.ParsonsMr & Mrs100941942 Dec 13 2  536 N First, Mo. Valley, Iowa
LaVonneParsonsLady95961942 Jan 24 2  Mo. Valley, Iowa
Dean, MrsPaskoLady125051948 Nov 26 2  Mo. Valley, Iowa
James, MrsPatonSamuel112311944 Oct 31 1  Mo. Valley, Iowa Samuel birth 9 - 12 -1944
MildredPattenLady107791944 Jan 15 4  Woodbine, Iowa Box 354
Jean, MrsPattersonMrs & Julia131331952 July 15 11 Mondamin, Iowa Julia birth May 21, 1952
Jean, MrsPattersonJulia131831952 Nov 22 2  Mondamin, Iowa Julia birth May 21, 1952
Jean, MrsPattersonLady136351957 Apr 1 1  Mondamin, Iowa
Lois Jean,MrsPattersonMrs, Julia & David135591956 Apr 27passport44 Mondamin, Iowa
W. E. MrsPattersonMrs & Paige112921944 Nov 25 22 Mo. Valley, Iowa
Roy EPattonBaby3301925 Nov 19 2  Orson, Iowa
C. G.Pauley2 children91921940 Dec 12 1  Logan, Iowa RR# 2
FredPawleyMan30881932 May 17 1  Woodbine, Iowa
JulianPearsallMan103711943 May 3 1   %Shorty
JulianPearsallMan117811945 Dec 4uniform Army11 Logan, Iowa
V.F.PearsallMax & Gene89791940 Mar 30 1  Logan, Iowa Max birth Nov 26, 1936 Gene birth May 17, 1939
VernonPearsallMr & Mrs47191934 Dec 9 4  Logan, Iowa
 Pearsall & MichaelNero Demonstraction126131949 Apr 21 2  Logan, Iowa
VernonPearsall(soll)Jean88211939 Nov 27 3  Logan, Iowa
AnnPearsonLady104531943 -Rejects4   
Ann PearsonLady104531943 July 1 nMrs Harry Adams, 122 N 7th, Mo. Valley, Iowa on envelope hair, reddish br., eyes hazel blue, blouse & suit green. Note Mondamin, Ia. 8/28/43 Mr. Notson, Would you have two pictures finished of the same print I had before, if you recall which one it was. You really do nice work. Let me know when you will have them finished. Ann Pearson
AnnaPearsonMan96851942 Apr 10uniform1  Mondamin, Iowa
DalePearsonYoung Man50051936 May 21Grad '363  Logan, Iowa
DalePearsonMarcia Lou112161944 Oct 23 6  Logan, Iowa Marcia Lou birth 2 - 15 - 1944
GlenPearsonMr & Mrs5081no dateWedding5 nLogan, Iowa note 5081 Glen hair light brown, eyes blue lt., suit light grey, tie red, Mrs haiar dr brown, eyes blue lt. dress navy blue.
Gus, MrsPearsonMan101641943 Feb 19Uniform3   
KennethPearsonYoung Man98501942 June 21 1  Logan, Iowa
Lawrence, MrsPearsonBarbara Ann90731940 Aug 7 8  Mondamin, Iowa Barbara Ann birth Aug 7 1939
NelsPearsonMr & Mrs106781943 Nov 28photo of Mr11 Logan, Iowa
RussellPearsonYoung Man97011940 Apr 20Grad LHS '421  Logan, Iowa
Leo PeasleyBaby3581925 Dec 9 2  Pisgah, Iowa RR
RexPeasleyJanet85321938 Nov 26 2  Orson, Iowa Janet birth July 7, 1938
RobertPeasleyYoung Man125411948 Dec 24 1  Mo. Valley, Iowa %Leo Peasley
Robert, MrsPeasleyBaby40861933 May 25 2  Orson, Iowa
FrankPeckenpaughBonnie & Donna25581930 Aug 14 6n Lyons, Neb. Note 2558 Lyons, Nebr. Aug 21 1931 Mr Lee Notsons, Dear Sir: We would like a dozen pictures like the proofs we marked with (X) and three like the ones marked (XX). We would aalso like one of each of the proofs marked (XX) with out the folder. Respectfully, Mrs F. A. Peckinpaugh.
Frank PeckenpaughMan5831926 Nov 8 4  Logan, Iowa
MarthaPeckenpaugh4 Generation94511941 Sept 20 1  Logan, Iowa
MarthaPeckenpaughLady99701942 Oct 17 1  Logan, Iowa
Clarence LPeckhamblack negative82231937 Nov 10 1  113 S 7th St, Mo. Valley, Iowa
Peter C.,MrsPedersonMrs & Norma Jean & Norene Ione45561933 Sept 30 1  Dunlap, Iowa
Peter C.,MrsPedersonNorma Jean & Norene Ione45591933 Sept 30 1 nDunlap, Iowa noet 4556 Group 3 Mrs Peter Pederson and Norma Jean and Norene Ione - Glass beads, lace color clasps at corners. Smaller girl necklace coral, Mrs beads chifon color, cuffs at elba figured dress with big chair group 2 two girls in big chair.
Ralph D.PeiperMan97951942 May 26 1  117 N 16th St. Denison, Iowa
Wayne MaryPeitzman TriplettMr & Mrs98461942 June 10Wedding21 Woodbine, Iowa
LouisePeltonYoung Lady81671931 Aug 9 1 nWoodbine, Iowa note 8167 Campbells Groc., White buttons on blue blouse, little black bow
E.E., RevPencockRuth Marie88511939 Dec 5 2  Magnolia, Iowa Ruth Marie birth May 23 1939
HenryPeperMan96211942 Feb 16 2  RR# 3 Logan, Iowa
Agnes, MrsPerkinsLady133511934 -Rejects3  Logan, Iowa
Agnes, MrsPerkinsLady133511934 May 25 1  Logan, Iowa
Agnes, MrsPerkinsMan (husband)136491957 June 27Uniform1  Logan, Iowa
BillPerkinsMan140991966 -Rejects4  Logan, Iowa
BillPerkinsMan140991966 Dec 15 1  Logan, Iowa
Bill, MrsPerkinsLady130081951 Oct 11see Mrs Ed Skinner6  Logan, Iowa all daughter of Rex Clark
EdwardPerkinsMan115451945 Apr 17Uniform Navy3  Pisgah, Iowa %H. A. Perkins
EdwardPerkinsMike128821950 Oct 14 11 Pisgah, Iowa Mike birth Sept 4 1949
F. H.,MrsPerkinsChildren3321925 Nov 19bad negatives4  Logan, Iowa
Floyd, MrsPerkinsGroup 5 & Man24301930 May 17NO PHOTO21?  
HarrisonPerkinsBaby3701925 Dec 12 4  Pisgah, Iowa
MaryPerkinsYoung Lady6871927 Mar 26 2 nPisgah, Iowa March 28, 1927 Dear Sir: Please finish picture a for me. The one with the cross on. Yours respectfully Mary Perkins
PearlPerkinsLady26031930 Oct 26 2  1824 S Grand, Sedalia, Missouri
RobertPerkinsYoung Man101791943 Mar 7Grad LHS '431  Logan, Iowa
Shirley PerkinsChildren29801931 Oct 17 2  Logan, Iowa
Shirley PerkinsLady105551943 Oct 3 2  Logan, Iowa
 PerkinsMan558no dateuniform1   
JamesPerleyMan94391941 Sept 9AAA4  Little Sioux, Iowa
Annie, MrsPerrinMan42851933 Sept 19 1  Moorhead, Iowa
DavidPerrinMan2543no date 2 nPisgah, Iowa note 2543 Oct 15, '31 Mr Lea Notson Dear Sir. What would you charge to finish a picture large size like we had some finished last year. Special -) or what would 1/2 doz cost. I do not want them mounted as I am going to frame them. Resp- David Perrin, Pisgah, Iowa Please let me know at once. note 2 Dec 3, 1931 Mr David Perrin, Pisgah, Iowa. Dear Mr Perrin: In reply to your inquiry about the price of pictures like you got before, will say that one picture would be $2.25, Three pictures would be $5.00; and six pictures would be $9.00. I hope that we may soon have your order for some more of these portraits. Yours Truly. The notson Studio
W. L.PerrinChildren5311926 July 14 14  Moorhead, Iowa
Mabel, MrsPerryChildren & Ladies2951930 Apr 19 26 Magnolia, Iowa
 Persia High School Annual Group pictures123891948 Feb 15 10  Persia, Iowa
Earl PetersYoung Man47951935 May 3 2  RR # 3 Logan, Iowa
Earl, MrsPetersKathryn & Wm.122301947 July 14 4  352 N. Ave 61, Los Angeles 42, Calif Kathryn birth Mar. 9, 1943 wm birth Feb 11, 1946
F. W.PetersGroup 698571942 June 24 1  R# 3 Logan, Iowa
J. R.PetersMan134441955 May 6 22 Logan, Iowa
Madge, MrsPetersLady109161944 Mar 22 22 Dunlap, Iowa
Orville, MrsPetersMrs & Larry107091943 Dec 6 5  Woodbine, Iowa
Orville, MrsPetersLady112341944 Nov 3 1  Woodbine, Iowa R# 2
Edna PetersenBaby30251931 Dec 15 2  Logan, Iowa
A. C.PetersonMan & Lady124371948 June 9copies4  R# 3 Logan, Iowa
Albert CPetersonMan102331943 Mar 15see Newman, Lendol 102321  Vallisca, Iowa
Alice, MrsPetersonCordelia,Paul & Wanda126341949 June 11 6  Logan, Iowa RR# 2
BeatricePetersonGril & Men2533no date 117  
BernardPetersonSharon107241943 Dec 10 1  Portsmouth, Iowa Sharon birth Feb 21, 1943
BettyPetersonYoung Lady93491941 May 5Grad LHS1  Logan, Iowa
BettyPetersonLady105401943 Sept 22glass negative2  Logan, Iowa
BettyPetersonLady108911944 Mar 2 1  Logan, Iowa
C. FPetersonTwins Dean & Gene60901936 Dec 18 6  Logan, Iowa Dean brown eyes, Gene blue eyes
CarlPetersonPhillip Carl95041941 Nov 21 2  Mo Valley, Iowa Phillip birth 12 - 7 - 1939
Donald B.PetersonMan4635no date 2   
DonavonPetersonBoy49741936 Apr 11Boy Scouts21 Persia, Iowa
Dorothy PetersonLady & Baby437-4411926 May 1 12  Logan, Iowa
E. F.PetersonGroup 3104831943 Aug 5glass negative1  104 S7th, Mo. Valley, Iowa
EileenPetersonLady40761933 Apr 30 4 nLogan, Iowa note 4076 Light Br. Hair, Blue Eyes, Blue Dark Dress, White Design on dress
ElmerPetersonJoe41801933 Aug 5 2  Logan, Iowa RR# 2
Faye, MissPetersonLady24351930 May 10 3  Logan, Iowa
Fred C.PetersonMr & Mrs & Son41861933 Aug 11 6  Dunlap, Iowa
HaroldPetersonMr & Mrs107451943 Dec 15Wedding4  Logan, Iowa
HarriettePetersonLady80271937 Apr 28 1  Logan, Iowa
HarryPetersonDaughter24931930 June 18 2  Woodbine, Iowa R 1
HenryPetersonMr & Mrs28641931 Feb 28 2   
Henry L.PetersonCordelia Mae105651943 Oct 7glass negative2  Woodbine, Iowa R# 2
J. A.PetersonGroup 8116171945 June 15 1  Logan, Iowa
J. C.PetersonGirl29091931 May 2 2  Woodbine, Iowa
JoePetersonToni Marie124941948 Nov 13 2  Logan, Iowa
JoePetersonTony138531959 -Rejects11  Logan, Iowa
JoePetersonTony138531959 Dec 10 1  Logan, Iowa
JohnPetersonMan128001950 Feb 20wood carvings1  Logan, Iowa Mrs R. H. Hudspith John's daugher Box 489, Ames, Iowa
KathleenPetersonLady132331953 -Rejects4  Woodbine, Iowa
KathleenPetersonLady132331953 Mar 21 21 Woodbine, Iowa
LloydPetersonZoo Pictures ?85000no dateno on photos 6932022  
Lloyd, MrsPetersonLady136601957 -Rejects6  Logan, Iowa
Lloyd, MrsPetersonLady136601957 Sept 19Masonic slide1  Logan, Iowa
LouisPetersonMan121531947 Mar 1Uniform Navy2  Logan, Iowa
Louis, MrsPetersonMrs & Sharon130731952 Jan 21 42nLogan, Iowa Sharon birth May 20, 1951 note 13073 I am sorry I cannot return these proofs in person as I have moved from Logan to Mo. Valley. Please write me when you have the pictures finished. Or send them C.O.D. to me. Sincerely Mrs. Louis Peterson 504 E Superior St., Mo Valley, Iowa
O.L.PetersonMr & Mrs130441951 Dec 2Wedding2  Logan, Iowa
P. J.PetersonGroup 430611932 Mar 16 11 Logan, Iowa
PattiePetersonLady126871949 Oct 18 1  Logan Oil Co., Logan, Iowa
PaulinePetersonLady41531933 July 22 2  Logan, Iowa RR # 2
Robert PetersonMan49731936 Apr 12 42 Woodbine, Iowa
Roy PetersonFamily Group 4128621950 Sept 9 1  Woodbine, Iowa
Roy B.PetersonBaby40091932 Sept 29 2  Woodbine, Iowa RR 4
Roy B.PetersonGroup 482531937 Dec 4 1  Woodbine, Iowa
Ruth PetersonLady40281932 Apr 4 1  Logan, Iowa
ScottPetersonDoyl & Maurice88811839 June 22 2  Mondamin, Iowa R# 2, Doyle birth June 22, 1938 Maurice birth Aug 24, 1939 %James Earlywine
VernaPetersonLady41811933 Aug 5 2  Portsmouth, Iowa
WaynePetersonYoung Man97361942 May 2Grad. LHS '421  Logan, Iowa
WaynePetersonFloral - Baby13792no date 1  Logan, Iowa
WilmaPetersonLady4537-B1933 Sept 30 1 nLogan, Iowa note 4537-B Wilma Peterson Head & Shoulders, white color on 1side 2 butons, dark across, glass beads
WilmaPetersonYoung Lady49971936 May 17Grad '362  Logan, Iowa
WilmaPetersonLady91621940 Dec 1 3  215 W St. Claire, Mo. Valley, Iowa
Wilma MaePetersonYoung Lady28561931 Feb 21 21 Logan, Iowa
Everett M.PettengallMan97571942 May 21 1  Avoca, Iowa
C. A.PettengillMan101871943 Mar 9see 10184 C. Anderson   Villisca, Iowa
C. A.PettengillMan101871943 Mar 9see 10184 C. Anderson   Villisca, Iowa
E. M.PettengillMan101861943 Mar 9see 10184 C. Anderson   207 Franklin Ave, Co. Bluffs, Iowa
E. M.PettengillMan101861943 Mar 9see 10184 C. Anderson   207 Franklin Ave, Co. Bluffs, Iowa
BernicePettitYoung Lady86341931 Apr 3Easter Ball Queen contest1  Logan, Iowa
DonaldPettitYoung Man118761946 Feb 24Grad LHS '461  Logan, Iowa
Leonard GlenPettitYoung Man100531942 Dec 3 2  Logan, Iowa
RalphPettitMan107531943 Dec 20uniform, Navy Air Corp2  Logan, Iowa
RalphPettitYoung Man108121944 Feb 2Grad LHS '44 glass negative2  Logan, Iowa
ClarencePettyMr, Mrs & Linda Mary109881944 May 25 7 nLittle Sioux, Iowa note 10988 June 5 1944 Notson Studio, Logan, Iowa Dear Sir: Please finish the following pictures. The picture of the Baby that we want enlarged and painted, will be an extra picture. Dress blue & white striped, white collar, ribbon pink, shoes + stockings white. blue eyes. and blonde hair. You can let us know how much extra it will be. Will send you a check. Yours Truly Mrs Petty
EverettPettyMr & Mrs & Barbara110271944 June 23 6  Little Sioux, Iowa
Carrie Mrs G.HPeytonLady133011953 -Rejects12  Logan, Iowa
Carrie Mrs G.HPeytonLady133011953 Nov 16 2  Logan, Iowa
DallasPeytonYoung Man87481939 Sept 1 6  Logan, Iowa
DallasPeytonYoung Man92771941 Mar 14 3   
DallasPeytonMr & Mrs117211943 Oct 29uniform22 Logan, Iowa
Edith L.PeytonLady105261943 Sept 17glass negative4  Logan, Iowa
FranklinPeytonYoung Man46621934 June 8 2  Logan, Iowa National Music Contest Winner
H. L. PeytonBoy - ad Omar Flour706919? Apr 3 2   
H. L. PeytonBryce28581931 Feb 24 4  Logan, Iowa
Harrison L.PeytonMan49601936 Mar 10 1  Logan, Iowa
PaulPeytonYoung Man80521937 May 9 1  Logan, Iowa
HaroldPheasantMr & Mrs85371938 Dec 1 2  115 N 4th St Mo. Valley, Iowa
H.H.PhillipsAccident 119681946 July 8 4  6427 Washington, Kansas City, Mo. On envelope - Ruse vs Phillips - acident taken by Barbara M. Kay. This is the same case listed under #11953 taken by Lee W. Notson.
R. E., MrsPhillipsLady119631946 June 28 11 Woodbine, Iowa %T. A. Tollifson
SidneyPhillipsMr & Mrs3911925? Dec 31 2  Woodbine, Iowa
 Photogrphic EtchingsBaby & Man9078no date 6   
DannyPickardBoy42311933 Sept 2 2  Woodbine, Iowa
 PickenFamily28201931 Jan. 16 14   
FrankPickeringJacqualine & Larry82841937 Dec 14 1  Logan, Iowa
Dorothy PiekenYoung Lady70741937 Apr 7Grad '372  Logan, Iowa
John,MrsPieperGroup 494151940 Aug 25 1  Minden, Iowa
MaryPieracciLady95521944 Dec 15 2  Logan, Iowa
DavidPierceBoy141131967 June 20 12   
DonaldPierceLinda127591949 Dec 29 2  Pisgah, Iowa Linda birth Apr 1, 1949
Donna LouPierceDanny, Pual, Davie140211962 Dec. 1 22 Logan, Iowa
Donna Lou, MrsPiercePaul131111952 June 5 1  Logan, Iowa Paul birth Dec. 10, 1951
FloydPierceMr & Mrs117741945 Dec 2uniform3  Logan Iowa Box 14
FloydPierceDavie138321959 -Rejects6  Logan, Iowa
FloydPierceCar12885no date 2 nnote 12885 R. E. Scholz, Travelers Ins. Co. , 1304 City Natl Bank Bldg., Omaha, Nebr. Front & Left Side Floyd Pierce Four Door Chev. Behind Skelly Station.
Floyd PierceDavie138321959 Aug 10 4  Logan, Iowa
Harris &PierceBendix Washer11911no date 4  Omaha, Nebr. 4012 Dodge St. Attention - Miss Alida Linnaus. Bendix Washer & Mrs W. I. Wolfe (Chas Fisher - Sales Mgr.)
MyronPierceYoung Man48101935 May 26 4  Logan, Iowa
PaulPierceMan141121967 May 20 1   
PaulPierceBoy13832no date 1   
PaulPierceBoy13832no date 5   
L. D.PiercyGroup 5100611942 Dec 5 1  Mondamin, Iowa
L. D.PiercyFaue Ann110701943 Dec 27 1 nMondamin, Iowa Faye Ann birth 12 - 27 - 1943 note 11070 Mondamin, Iowa, Notson Studio - Could you please finish 13 of the small picatures instead of 12. I miscounted - Sorry to make extra trouble - Mrs Piercy, Mondamin, Iowa
MarianPiercyLady126311949 June 10Formal22 Mondamin, Iowa
GlenPiersonJerry & Jane Kay106411917 Nov 11 3  Logan, Iowa
Wayne J. AileenPietig(z) McLaughlinMr. & Mrs118091946 Jan 10Wedding55  
PaulinePiperLady104221943 June 15 2  Woodbine, Iowa R# 3 Box 62
Ray PiperJune & Donnie44271933 Sept 28 1  Woodbine, Iowa
HarryPippittJimmie, Rex & Betty42041933 Aug 23 2  Little Sioux, Iowa
JimPippittPeggy133441954 - Rejects4  Little Sioux, Iowa
JimPippittPeggy133441954 May 8 3  Little Sioux, Iowa Peggy birth 1 - 16 - 1954
J. D. PirmannMr & Mrs117911945 Dec. 17Wedding22 % Mrs. Art Turner Woodbine, Iowa
SchoolPisgahGlee Club, 2nd Grade, Basketball, Etc24471930 May 13 19  Pisgah, Iowa
AlvinPittMan13364no dateRejects4   
Alvin, MrsPitt 13364 Rejects6   
ArlenePittYoung Lady93351941 May 3Grad LHS 3  Logan, Iowa
BernardPittGroup 4111011944 Aug 1 1  Logan, Iowa
BernardPittLady129511951 Feb 22copy mother1  Logan, Iowa
BillPittKennie117571945 Nov 25 2  Persia, Iowa Kennie birth Oct. 24, 1944
DonaldPittElaine117401945 Nov. 15 33 Persia, Iowa Elaine birth Feb. 18, 1945
EdithPittLady141011966 - 2  Logan, Iowa 418 N 4th St.
EdithPittLady141011966 Dec 16 22 Logan, Iowa 418 N 4 Ave.
Edith PittLady141021966 Dec 16 4  Logan, Iowa
FloydPittCorn of fire84981938 Oct 1 2  Logan, Iowa
FloydPittGaylore & Mary95481941 Dec 14 4  Logan, Iowa Gaylord birth June 4, 1931 Mary Ann birth Dec 12, 1940 note 9548 Please make 12 pictures, Floyd Pitt
FloydPittLady98391942 -Masonic slide2  Logan, Iowa
Floyd G., Mrs,SrPittLady (Helen)131481952 Aug 13Masonic slide2  Logan, Iowa (Helen)
Floyd, MrsPittPeople in Boat8799no date 11  
GaylordPittDavie & Mike139091960 Oct 8 8  Logan, Iowa R# 3A Davie birth 6 - 26 - 1957 Mike birth 10 - 7 - 1959
HarryPittGroup 4107501943 Dec 18 1  Logan, Iowa
Harry PittMr & Mrs136861957 Dec 15 1  Logan, Iowa
Harry WaynePittBaby43321933 Sept 23 1  Persia, Iowa
Harry WaynePittArmy Discharge Papers130001951 Sept 17 2  Logan, Iowa
Harry, MrsPittGrandchildren136011956 Nov. 14 1  Logan, Iowa
IrmaPittChildren 3 - Uarick ?, Ann Marie, Ralph97461942 May 6 1  Logan, Iowa
JessePittMr & Mrs136211956 - Rejects11  Logan, Iowa
JessePittMr. & Mrs136211956 Dec 15Golden Wedding22 Logan, Iowa
Larry DeanPittYoung Man129671951 May 17LHS. 8th Grade Grad.3  Logan, Iowa
LawrencePittEugene43921933 Sept 27 1  Logan, Iowa
LawrencePittMarian43931933 Sept 27 1  Logan, Iowa
LuluPittLady139671961 Oct 29 2  Persia, Iowa
Lulu KnaussPittLadyno numberno date  1  
M. B., MrsPittLady135101955 -Rejects   Logan, Iowa
M. B., MrsPittLady135101955 Dec 8 2  Logan, Iowa
MarlenePittLady135981956 Nov 13LHS Queen Attendant1   
MarlenePittLady135981956 Nov 13Rejects5   
MerlePittJudy & Dwain106331943 Nov 13 4  Portsmouth, Iowa
Mrs.PittLady13967no datemother-in-law to Carl Hall?6   
PerryPittMr & Mrs & sheila120571946 Nov 27 6n 101 S. W. St, Mo. Valley, Iowa note 12057 Please try to fix pockets on Perry's blouse. They were not snaped down. Have chosen pictures that have an Xon the back. 12057 U, 12057E,12057B.
R. E.PittBaby4171926 Mar 19 2  R 4 Woodbine, Iowa
RobertaPittLady2484no date 1   
SidneyPittMr & Mrs99861942 Nov 2 4  Pisgah, Iowa
SidneyPittGroup 599871942 Nov 2 1  Logan, Iowa
SidneyPittGroup 699881942 Nov 2 1  Logan, Iowa
SidneyPittGroup 899891942 Nov 2 11 Logan, Iowa
TedPittCasket49701936 Mar 18 2  Logan, Iowa
Theda, MrsPittLady111371944 Sept 3 4  2533 Ave. H., Co. Bluffs, Iows
ThelmaPittLady80071937 Apr. 19 1  Logan, Iowa
ThelmaPittLady106501943 Nov 20 2  Portsmouth, Iowa
WillisPittYoung Man47921935 Apr 25 3  Logan, Iowa
WillisPittGary & Bruce110581944 July 7 4  Logan, Iowa
WillisPittGary & Bruce115021945 Mar 17 12  Logan, Iowa
Willis, MrsPittLady115391945 Apr 8 1  1517 Ave F., Co. Bluffs, Iowa
Willis, MrsPittLois Rae130501951 Dec 11 1  Logan, Iowa Lois Rae birth July 5, 1951
WmPittYoung Man86581939 May 12Grad LHS '391  Persia, Iowa
Billie & MarylnPlambeckChildren44111933 Sept 28 1 nPortsmouth, Iowa note 4411 Portsmouth, Ia. Oct 13, '33 Mr. Notson. As you only sent me the one proof. It's the only one I know about. It looks pretty good. Billy is rather sober but I think it will be all right. Can I have the proof's or do you keep them. Mrs Will Thiles
BernardPlathYoung Man86921931 June 1 2  R# 2 Logan, Iowa
BernardPlathAllen133651954 - Rejects2  Pisgah, Iowa
BernardPlathAllen133651954 Aug 5 3  Pisgah, Iowa Allen birth 1 - 4 -1954
BernardPlathLarry Dean137751958 - Rejects4  Pisgah, Iowa
BernardPlathLarry Dean137751958 Nov. 12 2  Pisgah, Iowa Larry Dean birth 1 - 21 - 1958
CharlesPlathYoung Man86911939 June 1 2  Logan, Iowa R# 2
EdPlathGroup 5113531944 Dec 26 1  R# 2 Logan, Iowa
HarryPlathFamily Group 6117601945 Nov 26 1  Logan, Iowa
Harry PlathChild28441931 Feb 16 2  RR 2 Magnolia, Iowa
Helen, MrsPlathLady82441937 Nov 28Wedding1  Logan, Iowa
JoePlathWedding Group120311946 Oct 27Wedding22 Logan, Iowa
JoePlathRoger,Mary Jo, & Nancy133691954 -Rejects14  Pisgah, Iowa
JoePlathRoger,Mary Jo, & Nancy133691954 Aug 27 5  Pisgah, Iowa Roger birth 7 - 14 - 1948 Mary Jo birth 7 - 30- 1950 Nancy birth 1 -26 - 1952
JohnPlathMr & Mrs8243? Nov 28Wedding1  Logan, Iowa
JohnniePlathPeggy & Sonja113601944 Dec 30 4  Logan, Iowa Peggy birth July 9, 1938 Sonja (sunny) birth Feb 12, 1940
MarjoryPlathLady94061941 Aug 13 4  Logan, Iowa
Maxine D.PlathConfirmation Class93681941 June 13see Magnolia 93682  Magnolia, Iowa
Phyllis PlathYoung Lady98101942 May 26Lutheran Confirmation '422  Logan, Iowa R# 2
TwylaPlathYoung Lady132041953 Jan 10 2  Co. Bluffs, Iowa 742 W. Washington %L. B. VanDyke
W. F.PlathPamela Dau/Charles132251953 Mar 8 1  Logan, Iowa Pamela birth Mar 5, 1950
Wm. A.PlathMr & Mrs92151940 Dec 28Golden Wedding4  Magnolia, Iowa
Darlene Leonard R.Plath Van CleaveMr & Mrs126651949 Sept 11see Van Cleave, Leonard R.44 Logan, Iowa
Charles TwylaPlath VanCleaveWedding Group125951949 Mar 6 86  
Elinor M.PlothLutheran Confirmation93691941 June 13 1   
HarryPlath/PlothMan99731942 Oct 18 42 Dunlap, Iowa
IrwinPlath/PlothMan40411932 Dec 14 1  Magnolia, Iowa
Mary, MrsPlothChild25991930 Oct 17 6  Logan, Iowa
AlmaPlumbeckLady5171926 July 3see Ralph Holton 516   Poartsmouth, Iowa
EarlPlummerKay115071945 Mar 24 3  Woodbine, Iowa Kay birth Oct 10 1944
EarlPlummerKarolKay & Terry Dean121791947 Apr 12 8  Logan, Iowa Karol Kay birth Oct 10, 1945 Terry dean birth Aug 25 1946
LeatricePlummerLady118441946 Feb 8Grad LHS '4622 Logan, Iowa
AugustPodendofMr & Mrs138611960 -  12 Little Sioux, Iowa
AugustPodendorfMr & Mrs138611960 Jan 31 29nLittle Sioux, Iowa note 13861 Sun. PM Dear Barb. I shouldn't have counted on your being in on Dunday but I did - So I'll see if I can leave these over there and then talk on the telephone. I like Letter B and so do the folks. So will you make the glaossy prints from it even tho they won't be as clear in the papers? I guess we want 8 glossy prints. My bro said 6 and I tho't if 2 more that I don't think he was counting on, Anyway it will be plenty!!! I don't kno where he got 6 but he did - We'll want 3 pictures finished too. If you have a question or want to tell me anyting just call me either callect or put it on the bill. My home No is 2504 and school is 2181. I plan now to come over Wed. eve so if the print are ready then I'll pack them up. of course if it is another blizzard I won't come. I like better B verymuch. Hop it does do OK in the paper and in the portraits too. Isn't this some weather? It can stop just anytime. See you Love Vada.
VadaPodendorgLady26001930 Oct 25 4  Logan, Iowa
BernardPoeYoung Man86621939 May 14 1  Logan, Iowa
BernardPoeMan104891943 Aug 14Uniform2   
DalePoeCarol Ann124801948 Oct 25 2  Logan, Iowa R #1 Carol Ann birth Oct 25, 1947
Dale E.PoeMan101691943 Feb 25uniform Army1  Woodbine, Iowa
Edward PoeGroup 4100191942 Nov 22 2  Woodbine, Iowa
LeonardPoeMan117331945 Nov 10uniform Army11 Logan, Iowa
MabelPoeLady139231960 -Rejects41  
Mabel PoeLady139231960 Dec 5 1  803 LincolnWay, Woodbine, Iowa
Ruby, Mrs PoeLady98991942 Aug 13 4  Logan, Iowa
 PoeBabyno numberno date 2   
JimmiePogueBoy131991952 Dec 27 2 n2500 Ave. M. Co. Bluffs, Iowa note 13199 Jan. 4, 1953 Dear Barbara, I have checked 2 proof. The one with 2 -XX I would like on print either 3X4 or if you do not make them, 5X7. 2 enlargements 8X10 hand painted of the proof with 1 - X. also 1/2 doz of that print. there is no hurry. Just let me know when they are finished. Hair - Eyes hazel or medium brown Tie green, gold tie clasp, shirt red square with brown stripes The ights lights bar like things are white & yellow. I realize that shirt can be a headache to paint so do what you can, I will understand. Jim has 2 scars on left check. They hardly shw=ow in proof. Touch up lightly best not entirely. Thank You so much Mildred pogue 2500 Ave M. Co. Bluffs, Iowa
Mildred, MrsPogueJimmie109531944 Apr 27 5  Logan, Iowa Jimmie birth 4 - 26 - 1042
DorisPointsYoung Lady125881949 Feb 28Basketball4  Mondamin, Iowa
Viola PoitivenGroup 344421933 Sept 28see Nellie Ohl1  Dunlap, Iowa
LloydPolenJohn131851952 Nov 28 1  Logan, Iowa
ArdisPooreLady28061931 Jan 4 2  Logan, Iowa
ArdisPooreArdis & Brother40401932 Dec 11 2   
ArdisPooreLady47971935 May 9 1 nLogan, Iowa Ardis Poore hair Dr. Brown, wyes Dr. Brown, dress Black, Shoes Black & Blue
EdPoore5 Generation139531961 -Rejects3  Logan, Iowa
EdPoore5 Generation139531961 July 31 1  Logan, Iowa
ErvinPoore2 children132921946 - Rejects10   
ErvinPooreMan90031946 May 4 5  Logan, Iowa
ErvinPoore2 children132921953 Oct 27 4  Logan, Iowa
WilmaPooreLady81021937 June 20 4  Logan, Iowa
WilmaPooreLady80451937 May 3 1  Logan, Iowa
LylePorterFlorence (Bunny)119081946 Apr 2 11 Logan, Iowa Florence birth Aug. 10 1945
LylePorterDeceased Baby119711946 July 21 1  Logan, Iowa
J.F.PoschwattsLady21391927 July 21one bad neg.2 nJuly 21, 1927 Dear Friend, Could not get away today. Sorry so maybe down sometime during the week otherwise next Sunday A.M. Kindly remember and have those wordings on as I requested. Below Comic of the 4th in Parade of Dunlap 1929 above line at top, if you have not made such and underneath pictures. Which is it? Step On A Pushy? Will be down get them as soon as possible, and busy at Haying at present. Yours Truly J. F. Poschwatta
FrankPotterMr & Mrs136971958 Jan 23Golden Wedding22 Logan, Iowa
FrankPotterMr & Mrs136971958 Jan 23 86  
IvanPotterMan, Lady, Man2762-27641930 Dec 11also Harold Hunt helen Marie Holiday6   
John P.PotterArmy Discharge Papers118201946 Jan 14 2  Pamapoo Rd, Ridgefield, Conn.
Leonard PotterYoung Man124321948 May 30First Communion1  Logan, Iowa
Marvin SusanPotter BakerWedding Group122771947 Sept 30Wedding66 Dunlap, Iowa January 8, 1948 Dear Mr Notson: It is quite alright with Mr Potter and myself for my family (Mrs Maaske, Mrs P. B. Baker, Mrs H. E. Baker) to have a group picture made of the wedding. Yours Truly Mrs Marvin Potter 1146 - 0 - St Fresno, Calif.
MearlPottroffPhyllis Irene41821933 Aug 5 2  R 4 Jefferson
FrankPowellMan60051936 Sept 26 2  Mo. Valley, Iowa 106 N W. St.
MerlePowellcopy parents135991958 Nov. 14 3  Logan, Iowa
MikePowellChevolet Garage49861936 May 8 2  Logan, Iowa
MiltonPowellRichard60101936 Oct 7 6   
MiltonPowellRaymond96551942 Mar 19 2  Orson, Iowa
MiltonPowellRaymond100141942 Nov 21 4  Orson, Iowa Raymond birth 10 - 19 - 1941
MiltonPowellSarah Anne119791946 Aug 8 32 Orson, Iowa Sarah Anne birth May 29, 1944
Milton, MrsPowellBaby49191935 Dec 17 3  Orson, Iowa proofs Elmer Coffman Mondamin, Iowa
Richard PowellBaby82161937 Oct 9  Logan, iowa Address Gladys Coffman
Rose PowellLady114781945 Feb 27 2  Logan, Iowa %Mrs Helen Rolphe
WalterPowellBetty Jean42381935 Sept 8 1  Mondamin, Iowa
WalterPowellMr & Mrs108861944 Feb 29 62 Pisgah, Iowa
Walter, MrsPowellMr & Mrs95461941 Dec 15 1  Pisgah, Iowa
WilburPowellMan92481941 Jan 29 11 Pisgah, Iowa
BillPowell Man117691945 Nov. 30 2  Pisgah, Iowa
Max JanePowell RockMr & Mrs135641956 -Rejects3  Woodbine, Iowa
Max JanePowell RockMr & Mrs135641956 June 9 14 4217 Washington Blvd, Chicago, Ill 24, Woodbine, Iowa
ArtPowersMr & Mrs84571938 June 12 1  Woodbine, Iowa RR # 3
Arthur J.PowersMan81261937 July 13 6  Woodbine, Iowa
Robert PowersYoung Man130671952 Jan 11 1  Logan, Iowa
Thomas, MrsPowersLady103021943 Mar 27 2  Logan, Iowa
ArlenePowleyLady86681939 May 18 2  Woodbine, Iowa
JohnPowleyBarabra, Phyllis, Mary104431943 July 10 6  DR# 3 Dunlap, Iowa
John, MrsPowleyNancy & Jimmie Smith135161955 -Rejects12  Woodbine, Iowa
John, MrsPowleyNancy & Jimmie Smith135161955 Dec 31 4  Woodbine, Iowa Box 19 R# 1
Lucy, MrsPowleyLady117791945 Dec 3 11 Woodbine, Iowa R# 1
LynnPowleyElaine & Karen Lynn8849no date 6   
TomPratherconvict4781926 May 21 2   
Lydia,MrsPrewittGirl3631925 Dec 12 3 nLogan, Iowa R 1 Dec. 17 1925 Mr. Notson Dear Sir: am returning the proofs and if it only costs 50 cents extra I want 6 of each finished and if its going to cost more finish them all off of 363 1. Mrs Lydia Prweitt Logan, Iowa R# 1 would you call me when they are finished Phone U 8
FrancesPriceLady106061943 Oct 24glass negative2  Mondamin, Iowa
NilesPriceMan97621942 May 21 1  Malvern, Iowa
Theo., MrsPriceLadies, Men, Children1106no date 45  
CorlasPrineYoung Lady90181940 May 17Grad LHS '402  Logan, Iowa
DelmarPrineMan60361936 Nov 14 1  Logan, Iowa
DelorisPrineLady80511937 May 8 1  Logan, Iowa
LilaPrineLady48171935 June 8 6  Logan, Iowa
MablePrineLady4871926 May 27 2  Logan, Iowa
KennethPringleYoung Man102961943 Mar 25 2  Webster City, Iowa 1112 Water st.
 PrisonersMen540? July 31 4   
 PrisonersJohn Cooper Dick Spencer5631920 Sept 24 4  Prisoners
Betty LouProctorLady41471933 July 21 2  Logan, Iowa
HarryProctorFamily Group 33211925 Nov. 13 11  
HarryProctorBaby1308no date 5   
Mrs.ProctorMrs & Betty Lou26011930 Oct 25 3   
E. G, Mrs DorisProhaskaMrs & Children121511947 Feb 27 41 Logan, Iowa
Elmer, MrsProhaskaMrs & Carol Jean89321940 Feb 16 1  Logan, Iowa Carol Jean birth Sept 21 1938
Elmer, MrsProhaskaMrs & Children110531944 June 30 3  Logan, Iowa Children Carol Jean and Thomas Gene
 Prohaska Family 125521949 Jan. 4see Eugene Cutler 125521   
GordonPruittJennie120741946 Dec 7 1  Pisgah, Iowa Jennie birth Dec 21, 1943
AlbertPryorFamily Group 7126491949 July 10 11 Dunlap, Iowa
AlbertPryorDonald & Joan126501949 July 10 2  Dunlap, Iowa
Betty, MrsPryorLady96541942 Mar 18 6  306 N 3rd St, Logan, Iowa
CleoPryorYoung Lady94611941 Sept 30 3  Logan, Iowa
HarryPryorDorothy & Maribelle45151933 Sept 31 1 nDunlap, Iowa on slip 3 links pin red buttons on white background Dorothy & Maribelle Pryor together green fig dress haese pin at throat beads Broach at the bar on hair note 2 Oct 7 1933 Mr. Notson Recd the proof but as there was only one I had no ivoice. The children told you they wanted the full form taken. Will you please just finish off the one and perhaps we can come down and try it over again some time. I do ot think it necassary to insure one picture. Yours Truly Harry Pryor.
Howard, MrsPryorBillie109581944 May 1 4  Woodbine, Iowa
LloydPryorMr & Mrs48761935 Nov 26 4  Dunlap, Iowa
LloydPryorShirley & Melvin107611943 Dec 29 4  Woodbine, Iowa R# 1
LloydPryorVirginia & Wanetah106821943 Nov 130 4  Woodbine, Iowa R# 1
W. B.Puckett,Estcanceled checks123491947 - 12  Atty Roy E. Havens
W. B.Puckett,EstWill123491947 - 1  Atty Roy E. Havens
W. B.Puckett,EstProbate papers12349no date 2   
W.B.Puckett,EstWill123491947 - 9   
W.B.Puckett,EstChecks123491947 - 13   
W.B.Puckett,EstWill123491947 - 4n  
W.B.Puckett,EstChecks123491947 - 25   
W.B.Puckett,EstWill 123491947 Dec 17 8  Atty Roy E. Havens
FrancisPugsleyMan & Lady136981958 -Rejects99 Omah, Nebr.
FrancisPugsleyMan & Lady136981958 Feb 1Wedding22 418 S. 24th Ave., Apt 15, Omaha, Nebr.
George PugsleyMan24981932 June 26 2  Woodbine, Iowa
George, MrsPugsleyLady24991930 June 26 2  Woodbine, Iowa
James M PugsleyMarriage Record121741947 Apr 1 11nWoodbine, Iowa Certificate of Marriage note 12174 Woodbine, Iowa March 24, 1947 Notson Studio, Logan, Iowa Gentlamen, Would you please make me two phote static copies of this marriage license and return them with the original to me C.O.D. - as soon as possible. Thank You. sincerely, Mrs. James Pugsley
James MarcellosPugsleyNavy Discharge118031945 Dec 31 22 Woodbine, Iowa
M., MrsPugsleyLady91801940 Dec 9 2  Woodbine, Iowa
Marie A.PugsleyChecks136001956 Nov 14 2  Woodbine, Iowa
Sadie,MissPugsleyLady24281930 May 19 4 n2428 Note 1 Cedar Crest, Woodbine, Iowa Dec. 2, 1930, Mr Lee Notson, Logan Iowa, My dear Sir: I would like another half dozen of my pictures (the more serious looking ones, please) if you can finish them within the next week. If you have the photograph mailing envolopes, please send me 6 the size of my parents, pictures, and 6 the size for my own. Include the bill with that for the photoes, and oblige. Yours sincerely, Sadie Pugsley, Note 2 May 19, 1930 Mr Lee Notson, Logan Iowa, my dear Sir: The new proofs came today, and I appreciate your promptness. It seems to me, however, that the first ones are the better pictures. In some ways I like the smaller size, but on the whole I've decided to try some of the first ones. I didn't ask you how much extra it would cost to have some from two plates, but I would like six of each I've marked on the attached cards (the ones not cut apart), unless you think the one with a guestion mark would make a better finished picture than the one at the left which I've checked. I'm just a little doubtful about the eyes in it, and wish you'd use your own judgement between those two. I notice they are all to one side of the card, and hope that can be remedied in the printing. Also hope the pimples on face and arm can be eliminated -- could the part of my skirt that shows below my arm (in the lower right hand corner) be shaded out so it won't show? It seems to me it would make a better looking picture. If that can't be done, how about cutting the prints off at the line I've penciled on one of the proofs? I thain you understood that I also want the little frame I chose, to fit one of these pictures. It was good of you to let me try the second time, and I'm sorry, we didn't have better luck, but its hard to make a pretty picture from a poor subject! i am very anxious to have the pictures the first week in June, or before if possible. If you will mail them, with the bill, I'll send you a check. Thanking you, Sincerely, Sadie E. Pugsley.
BettyPullmanYoung Lady108261944 Feb 9Grad LHS '44 11 Logan, Iowa
Eva PurcellLady26061930? Oct 28 2  Woodbine, Iowa
IlenePurcellYoung Lady90111940 May 14Grad LHS '401  Logan, Iowa
Jesse, MrsPurcellBaby2741925 May 21 22n note 1 (274) Woodbine, Iowa June 4, 1925 Notson Studio Dunlap, Ia the proofs came yesterday - I'm returning the proof I want finished. If you can touch the foot up so it won't look so blurred, I want a dozen finished. If not a 1/2 dozen will be enough. Is it too late to have the pictures finished in the brown tone. Id so, its all rite, but thought I'd like them better in brown, Mrs Jesse purcell. Woodbine, Ia. Note 2 Woodbine, Iowa July 14, 1925 Notson Photgraph Studio, Dunlap, Iowa dear Sir: In regards to the pictures you took of the baby - I returned the proof May 29, Why is it that I haven't my pictures by this time? I sent the proof to the Dunlap Studio. would be glad to know why I haven't gotten them. Yours Truly Mrs Jesse Purcell, Woodbine Box 603 Iowa.
Jesse, MrsPurcellnote274    nnote 3 (274) Mrs Jesse Purcell, Woodibne, Iowa dea Mrs. Purcell, Your letter of the 14th inst. Was refered to me from the Dunlap Studio and I looked the matter up at once and find that the pictures of your order were finished June seventh in accordance with your letter of the 4th of June. They were finished in the sepia or brown finish as you specially requested and as we were able to touch up the foot as you gested one dozen were finished. As we must have failed to note that you wished the m--- it to you they have been waiting for you on the shelf. According to our accounts you paid for 1/2 dozen $3.50 we are sending the pictures to you by insured C.O. D. P.P. $2.00. Trusting that this will explain the delay and willmeet your approval. I am, Yours very Truly
Jesse, MrsPurcellnote274    nNote 4 (274) Woodbine, Iowa July 28, 1925 Notson Studio, Logan, Iowa Dear Sir: In regard to the pictures - I do think the black & white finish is better than the brown - but it seems to me the proof looks so much clearer & life like than the finished picture. The eyes are much brighter and the month more plain on the proof. Why is it that the finished pictures doesn't look that way! I am sending the proof, black & white picture and one of the borwn ones, you can see the black & white is better than the brown one. I would be glad to have something done about them as I don't feel as tho I could give these to anyone. If you finish them in black & white, I'd rather not have the eyes touched up as you have the black & white one as it makes it look different than the proof. Please let me know what you can do about them & if you want the brown pictures returned. Yours Truly Mrs. Jesse Purcell.
Jesse, MrsPurcellnote274    nnote 5 (274) Woodbine, Iowa August 18, 1925 Notson Studio, Logan Iowa Dear Sir: Am returning pictures & Folders. Pleases finish the pictures in black & white. Yours Truly Mrs Jesse Purcell. Note 6 Woodbine, Iowa July 20 1926 Notson Studio, Logan, Iowa Dear Sir: You ask me to let you know how I liked baby's pictures - I got them Sat. & quite frankly I was very sick over them - they aren't have as good as the proof. You did improve the foot but the face is terrible, they don't look like her at all. I wouldn't give ten cent a dozen for such pictures - they simply are not fit too give to any one. Yours truly Mrs Jesse Purcell. Ans. 7/23/ 25 sent proofs and B &W print offered to do any work to make things saticfactory.
P. A.PurcellMan97841935 May 25 1  Logan, Iowa
R. PurcellMen5851926 Nov 9also Thos Teager2   
Wallace PurcellJerry 85171938 Nov 8 1  8 Weir St., Woodbine, Iowa Jerry birth June 6, 1937
C. F.PutnamDeceased Mother119411946 May 31 1  Box 508 Co. Bluffs, Iowa
 PyroDog28021931 Jan 3 2  

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