Mary Brown, MrsOatsLady118321946 Jan 24deceased1  Norfolk, Nebr.
ArleneO'BanionLady81421937 Aug 6Beauty Contest1  Woodbine, Iowa
ArleneO'BanionLady86651939 May 17 2  Woodbine, Iowa
JoeO'BanionDanny131891952 Dec 2 1  Woodbine, Iowa Danny birth Apr 26, 1951
Mary HelenO'BanionLady100491942 Dec 1 2  Logan, Iowa
Millicent, MissO'BanionLady85481938 Dec 5 1  Logan, Iowa
Millicent, MissO'BanionLady92021940 Dec 16 2  Woodbine, Iowa
Ina, MrsObrechtLady131521952 Sept 6 1  423 W Erie, Mo. Valley, Iowa
BeatriceOchampaughYoung Lady86841939 May 27Grad. LHS '393  Logan, Iowa
DorothyOchampaughGroup 4 children119451946 May 31 1  Mo. Valley, Iowa
DorothyOchampaughLady26491930 Nov 23 2  Logan, Iowa
DorothyOchampaughLady41971933 Aug 17 4  Logan, Iowa
Lillian OchampaughLady100291942 Nov 28 4  Mo. Valley, Iowa
Lillian OchampaughYoung Lady50131936 May 21Grad. '361  Logan, Iowa
Arthur G.O'ConnorCar Accident118961946 Feb 13deceased1  Mo. Valley, Iowa
Geo., MrsO'DayLady96361942 Feb 26Identification2  Little Sioux, Iowa
 Odellbarn fire9117no date 2  Magnolia, Iowa
BurylO'DellLady106641943 Nov 27 2  Denison, Iowa
Howard W.O'DellMan84731938 Aug 14 2  Mo. Valley, Iowa RR # 1
Patrick, Rev.O'DonnellMan84541938 July 6 1  Mo. Valley, Iowa
RogerOGaraMan91301940 Oct 20 21 Logan, Iowa
RogerOGaraMan101391943 Jan 21Uniform2 nMo. Valley, Iowa Note : 605 Nichols St. Waycross, Ga. March 19, 1943 Dear Mr Notson - It just "downed" on me why we've never rec'd Roger's picture! If I remember rightly, all that was done was an "X" just on the one best liked! Will you please finish the one specified, but do not tint it, however. I'd like to have his picture put in a brown leather double frame, and I'll have a photograph taken here & fill in the other space. The frame should be just meduim size - not too large, but I'll leave that up to your judgment, and then, if you'll send the picture, frame & bill to me at 605 Nichols Street, Waycross, Ga., Ill refund you immediately, as I don't want Rog. to see it until it's completely finished! Your attention to this matter will certainly be appriciated and I very much regret my neglect in sending you the necessary informaiton. - Sincerely, Jan O'Gara
Mae, MrsOgbornCopy Check134741955 Aug 24 2  Logan, Iowa copy check to Tom Fields from C. W. Honewell
OliverOgleOlver & Joyce dau.86421939 Apr 21 4 nPisgah, Iowa Billie Joyce birth Oct 16, 1934 Dear Sir: If you want the rest of the proofs I'll gladly send them but I know they would fade in a few days & I am sending the ones I want finished. I think I'll be well pleased with the pictures. I sure was sursprised to know you had no more good ones of my child they were realy hard to select just one . I thank you very much Oliver O. Ogle % Mrs Earnest Mcintesh?
EvelynOhlLady81541937 Aug 9Beauty Contest1  Dunlap, Iowa Briardale Store Dunlap Brown dress, red patten leather belt - Upocket
MaynardOhlMan103511943 Apr 25 2  % Earl Jones, Soldier, Iowa
Nellie, VirgilOhlGroup 344421933 Sept. 28also - Mrs Viola Poitiven1  Dunlap, Iowa
NickOhlGroup 644141933 Sept 28 1  Dunlap, Iowa Note: Notson Studio, Logan, Iowa Oct 11,1933 Nich Ohl, Dunlap, Iowa Dear Friends: I was in hopes that you would be sufficiently dissatisfied with the proof of your picture to come down and have another taken. I am satisfied that we could get a much more satisfactorily family group for you if we could, as you probably know we make no extra charge for retaking a picture: as we wish you to be satisfied. If it is possible for you to do this please let us know the day and hour that you can come. We would even take the picture on Sunday if that would be more convenient for you and not interrupt work and school for the children. Yours very truly, Lee W. Notson - BMK Notson Studio NOTE: Oct 16. Dunlap, Iow Dear Sir - we would be delighted to come down sometime and have the Group taken over as I am not satisfied . will let you know when, It may not be till after corn picking will you please let me know why you didn't send Job McCoids 3 kids proof , we never got them and they should of been snt here let me know please. They are anxious to know. Mrs Nick Ohl, Dunlap Iowa R 1
LloydOldakerMan102891943 Mar 23also D. E. Hester2  Oskaloosa, Iowa
RenateOlhaveLee Anthony138071959 Apr 24 2  Persia, Iowa Lee Anthony birth Dec 1, 1958
RenateOlhaveLee Anthony138071959 -Rejects6  Persia, Iowa
Geo. OlingerMan94291941 Sept 8AAA4  Modale, Iowa
Irene RogersOliverLady103681943 May 2 2  Dunlap, Iowa
Sam, MrsOliverSadie Mae & Marcella25231930 July 25 5  Pisgah, Iowa
TedOliverJimmie & Karen91661940 Dec 4 2  Woodbine, Iowa Jimmie birth Mar 30, 1938 Karen birth Feb 5, 1937
TedOliverJimmie, Karen, Keith117841945 Dec 9 6  Pisgah, Iowa
Wm. OliverMan110121944 June 10Navy3 nModale, Iowa %Leo Oliver July 5, '44 Notson Studio, Logan, Ia. I am writing you in regard to those 3 enlargments I had made of my son (in the Navy). I wanted them for x-mas. I wish instead you would go ahead with them and finish them now. Ive decided to give them to the folks right away. They were of William Oliver I gave you $1.00 deposit. You fix them as soon as you can. Write me a card when ready and ill come over after them & pay the balance. How near ready are the dozen others we ordered. Hoping Ive not troubled you to much. I am yours truly, Mrs Leal Oliver, Modale, Iowa The picture were of Wm Oliver Modale, Ia.
EleanorOlmsteadLady89301940 Feb 16 1  Mo. Valley, Iowa
BillOloffYoung Man90341940 May 24Grad. LHS '402  Logan, Iowa
EdithOloffYoung Lady50191936 May 28Grad. '362  Portsmouth, Iowa
EdnaOloffLadyno numberno date 2   
ElsieOloffMan, Lady & 2 Ladiesno numberno date 24  
ElsieOloffYoung Lady50181936 May 29 1  Portsmouth, Iowa
Geo.OloffYoung Man50201936 May 29Grad. '363  Persia, Iowa
Geo. D. OloffMan138891960 July 10Democrat Campaign Auditor1  Woodbine, Iowa
Geo. D. OloffMan138891960 -Rejects6  Woodbine, Iowa
Henry, MrsOloffGeo. D. Oloff115831945 May 15Uniform, Geo. D.1  Persia, Iowa
LyleOloffJim & Wayne139371961 May 18 4  Portsmouth, Iowa Jim birh 9 - 2 - 1949 Wayne birth 6 - 26 - 1951
LyleOloffKeith139171959 Nov. 12 1  Portsmouth, Iowa Keith birth 5 - 10 -1953
LyleOloffKeith139171959 -Rejects4  Portsmouth, Iowa
LyleOloffKeith140671946 June 30 1  Portsmouth, Ia.
LyleOloffKeith140671966 June 30 4  Portsmouth, Ia.
LyleOloffLyle137601958 Sept. 27 2  Portsmouth, Iowa Lyle birth 7 - 5 - 1958
LyleOloffLyle137601958 -Rejects4  Portsmouth, Iowa
LyleOloffLyle138371959 Sept. 19 1  Portsmouth, Iowa Lyle birth 7 - 5 - 1957
LyleOloffLyle138371959 -Rejects7  Portsmouth, Iowa
LyleOloffLyle, Jr.139181959 Nov. 12 1  Portsmouth, Iowa Lyle Jr. birth 7 - 5 - 1957
LyleOloffLyle, Jr.139181959 -Rejects4  Portsmouth, Iowa
LyleOloffTerry139621961 Oct. 26 1  Portsmouth , Iowa Terry birth 5 - 30 - 1961
LyleOloffTerry139621961 -Rejects2  Portsmouth, Iowa
LyleOloffTerry140661946 June 30 2  Portsmouth, Ia.
LyleOloffTerry & Keith140661966 June 30 2  Portsmouth, Ia.
MarieOloffLady47431934 Dec 22 42 Portsmouth, Iowa
OlgaOloffLady42981933 Sept. 22 2  Persia, Iowa
 OloffLadyno numberno date  1  
Lyle BettyOloff MeierMr & Mrs & Group126021949 Mar 27Wedding2  Portsmouth, Iowa
AnnaOlsenLady136751957 Nov. 14 2  Logan, Iowa
AnnaOlsenLady136751957 -Rejects2  Logan, Iowa
Anna OlsenLady & Girl3791925 Dec. 17 6  Logan, Iowa
Anna, MrsOlsenLady42841933 Sept. 18 2  Logan, Iowa
CarolineOlsenLady103721943 May 3 41 Dunlap, Iowa
EdwardOlsenRonny121911947 May 8 2  R# 1 Mo. Valley, Iowa Ronny birth Sept. 26, 1946
ElmerOlsenGroup 5120411946 Nov. 10 1  Mondamin, Iowa
ElmerOlsenRodney, Jaleen, Sandrea112391944 Nov. 5 5  Mondamin, Iowa Rodney birth 1 - 26 - 1935 Jaleen birth 7 - 31 - 1038, Sandra birth 3 - 24 - 1944
ErmaOlsenFamily Group 428751931 Mar 11 1   
ErmaOlsenGroup 3 children28761931 Mar 1 1   
Erma, MrsOlsenHarold, Erma & Elmer28771931 Mar 11 4   
FrancisOlsenLadies & Boy's348no date 64  
Frank OlsenMan & Child45741933 Nov. 8 1  Logan, Iowa Daughter & Grandfather
O. C.OlsenRaymond & Earlis29831931 Oct 22 4  Omaha Bee News
DorothyOlsonLady136611957 Sept. 24 1  Logan, Iowa
DorothyOlsonLady136831957 Dec 4 2  Logan, Iowa Identification
FrancisOlsonMan - Operetta Costume47421934 Dec 20 4  Logan, Iowa
Jerry OlsonMan129841951 July 19Uniform Army1  810 St. Claire St. Mo. Valley, IA.
LoisOlsonLady99531942 Oct 9 1  Logan, Iowa % C. W. Coffelt
Mrs.OlsonLady91421940 Oct 31 1n Dunlap, Iowa 9142 note Omaha, Nebr Nov. 12, 1940 , Notson Studios, Logan, Iowa , Dear Friends, I am returnig proofs of the pictures manna had taken a few days ago and ask that you send her a dozen of this one I have fastened to this letter. Thanking you, I remaqin yours very truly Alga Olson 4329 Lake St.
RodneyOlsonBaby13495  6   
RodneyOlsonClaudia134951955 Nov. 12 1  418 E Michigan St., Mo. Valley, IA. Claudia birth 2 - 15 - 1955
Sherman L. OlsonMan Veteran foreign Wars115651945 May 7 11 % Bakery Denison, Iowa
Sherman L., MrsOlsonLady115801945 May 14 11nDenison, Iowa 11580 note - Dec 23, 1945 Denison, Iowa Dear Sir: Will you kindly finish 3 glossy prints for me like the ones I had finished before, without folders. The prints are to measure 3x5. Would appreciate it if I could get them soon after the firt of the years. Will you kindly send them to me and the bill. Sherm says to tell you he is coming down right after the first of the year. Respectfully, Mrs. S.L. Olson, Denison, Iowa
Wm B.OlsonMan102521943 Mar 17Duvall & McKinney1  Storn Lake, Iowa also neg of Elliott Keele and unknown man.
 OlsonChildren661934 July 31  1  
Gerald JalineOlson GoodMr & Mrs 129351951 Jan 11Wedding33 810 St. Claire St. Mo. Valley, IA.
ArlonO'NeillDennis124971948 Nov. 20 11 Neola, Iowa Dennis birth June 23, 1946
ArlonO'NeillGroup13161no dateAnniv. 30 ?44 Logan, Iowa
ClintonO'NeillBaby684no date2 bad neg.5   
ClintonO'NeillBaby84581938 June 13 2  Logan, Iowa
ClintonO'NeillDonna Lou95541941 Dec 16 4  Logan, Iowa
ClintonO'NeillJimmie89561940 Mar 23 1  Logan, Iowa Jimmie birth July 12, 1937
ClintonO'NeillMan94401941 Sept. 9AAA2  Logan, Iowa
ElmerO'NeillHouse50651936 June 28 2  Logan, Iowa
ElmerO'NeillLarry94001941 Aug. 2 1  Logan, Iowa Larry birth Feb 2, 1941
ElmerO'NeillLarry121561947 Mar 5 1  Logan, Iowa Larry birth Feb 2, 1941
ElmerO'NeillMarlene88371939 Dec 1 2  Logan, Iowa Marlene birth July 14, 1939
ElmerO'NeillMarlene & Larry109971944 May 29 2  Logan, Iowa
LeslieO'NeillArlen & Lois8918no date 4  Logan, Iowa
LeslieO'NeillEvonne 96471942 Mar. 7 6  Logan, Iowa
LeslieO'NeillEvonne Grace92861944 Mar 29 4  R# 3 Logan, Iowa Evonne Grace birth Nov. 24, 1940
LeslieO'NeillYvonne110221944 June 21 22xLogan, Iowa
Franklin, MrsOppoldMrs & Pat112871944 Nov. 22 4  321 N 6th St. Mo. Valley, Iowa Mary Pat birth 6 - 3 - 1943
Hilton CopelandOrchestraMan89521940 Mar. 17 9  Logan, Iowa
M. J., FatherO'ReillyMan119621946 June 26 41 Mondamin, Iowa
Wm. O'RourkeMary Ellen137861958 Dec 10 2  Pisgah, Iowa Mary Ellen birth 8 - 7 - 1958
Wm. O'RourkeMary Ellen137861558 -Rejects2  Pisgah, Iowa
W. L.Orrfield and plat map108211944 Feb 7vs Noble12  Mo. Valley
CliffordOsbahrMan107751944 Jan 11Uniform Army1  Persia, Iowa
CliffordOsbahrMan122551947 Aug 28 1  Persia, Iowa
DorisOsbourneLady81581937 Aug 9Beauty Contest1  Woodbine, Iowa
Theodore C. AverdineOsland SeeleyMr & Mrs & Group121381947 Feb. 14Wedding33 Theodore Omaha,Nebr. - Averdine Logan, Iowa
S. R., RevOverholserGroup 325801930 Sept 5 1  Woodbine, Iowa
DorisOviattLady49201935 Dec. 18 2  Logan, Iowa
EthelOviattYoung Lady5731926 Oct. 16 2  Woodbine, Iowa RR# 1
JesseOviattScene of Accident (death)107861944 Jan 16 2  Logan, Iowa Scene of Jesse oviatt Death Sheriff Bullis
P. W., MrsOviattCopy Lady4650no date 1   
VidaOviattLady4181925 Mar 20 2  Woodbine, Iowa
VidaOviattLady25561936 Aug. 11 2  Logan, Iowa
Bill D.OwensMan121771947 Apr 8Uniform Navy11 Logan, Iowa
Billie DeanOwensYoung Man9016no dateGrad LHS '402   
Chas., MrsOwensLady129771951 June 27 2  Logan, Iowa
DickOwensCopy Glenn Owens98841942 JulyUniform1  Logan, Iowa
DickOwensMan in tree80531937 May 10 55 Logan, Iowa
DonOwensMan105451943 Sept 25Uniform (glass Negative)1  Logan, Iowa
DonOwensYoung Man96841942 Apr. 11Grad LHS '422  Logan, Iowa
Elias, MrsOwensLady28591931 Feb 24 2   
Elias OwensMan3541926 Dec 7 1   
GlennOwensYoung Man49961936 May 17Grad. '361  Logan, Iowa
Glenn, MrsOwensDon Richard98371942 June 1 2  Logan, Iowa Don Richard birth 2 - 9 - 1941
J. C.OwensMan, Lady & Groupno numberno date 55  
LolaOwensYoung Lady108271944 Feb 9Grad LHS '4422 Logan, Iowa
Mary CatherineOwensLady86291939 Mar 31Easter Ball - Queen Contest2  Logan, Iowa
Neil, MrsOwensNeil Richard10011942 Nov 12 4  Logan, Iowa
Mary Catherine Ardith MaxineOwens Clark McKesLadies 86321939 Mar 31 2  Logan, Iowa

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