ArleneMcAdamsLady80391937 May 1 2  Woodbine, Iowa
CarlMcAdamsBeulah110901944 July 26 2  Logan, Iowa
CarlMcAdamsMan109181944 Mar. 28 2  Logan, Iowa %Mrs Roy McKean
Harriett ,Mrs ThomasMcAdamsLady108361944 Feb. 13 4  Logan, Iowa Hole in negative near edge of hair (one with glasses)
Lyle McAdamsYoung Man103651943 Apr. 30Grad LHS '431  Logan, Iowa
Lyle McAdamsRhonda Kay135881956 - 5  Logan, Iowa
Lyle McAdamsRhonda Kay135881956 Oct. 27 3  Logan, Iowa R# 1-A Rhonda Kay birth 7 - 27 - 1956
Lyle McAdamsRhonda Kay138911960 - rejects6  Logan, Iowa
Lyle McAdamsRhonda Kay138911960 July 24 2  Logan, Iowa Rhonda Kay birth 7 - 27 - 1956
PaulineMcAdamsLady87801939 Nov. 16 2  Logan, Iowa
ThomasMcAdamsMan82691937 Dec. 11 2  Logan, Iowa
ThomasMcAdamsMan85491938 Dec. 10 2  Logan, Iowa
Donna Mae FrancisMcAdams VittatoeMr & Mrs125391948 Dec 18See Vittatoe, Francis21 Mondamin, Iowa
A. B.McAdonMr & Mrs.41701933 Aug. 4 2n Little Sioux, Iowa The Notson Studio, Logan, Iowa August 5, 1933 Mr & Mrs A. B. McAdon Little Sioux, Iowa. Dear Mr & Mrs McAdon: We are sorry to say that Arl moved in his pictures. Our advice would be to bring him back. We would appreciate it very much if you would drop us a card or phone us when you will be here. Very Truly Yours. Lee W. Notson - BMK - Notson Studio. We will bring in a bout a week. I do not what lady soon as possible. I do not like my pictures 4-1701. I would rather have it taken agin if you think it would be better. McAdon.
ArlMcAdonBoy4173no date 1 nNote The picture is fine finish the large one I am going to have some small finish a little later on if both of the children can . I have the this picture I sure thing it is good. Mrs. A. B. McAdon Little Sioux, Iowa Send them a soon as you finish them.
Conna Jean & ArlMcAdonGirl41731933 Aug 4 2  Little Souix, Iowa
KentMcAdonYoung Man41311933 June 29 2 nLittle Sioux, Iowa Note We will call for the pictures if you will let us know when they are finished.
J. W.McAleerMichael125061948 Nov. 27 4  Woodbine, Iowa Michael birth July 7, 1948
J. W.McAleerMark128491950 June 28 6  Woodbine, Iowa Mark birth Jan. 16, 1950
J. W., Dr.McAleerMonica131181952 June 18 3  Woodbine, Iowa Monica birth June 14, 1951
LavinaMcAndrewsSharon Ann109281944 Apr. 4 2  Woodbine, Iowa Sharon Ann birth 10 - 21 - 1943
AdaMcBrideYoung Lady50151936 May 28Grad "361  Logan, Iowa
BonnieMcBrideLady49101935 Dec. 15 2  Logan, Iowa
BonnieMcBrideLady70891937 Apr. 14 1  Logan, Iowa
BonnieMcBrideLady1053no date 11  
BonnieMcBrideChildren & Lady1053no date 77  
C. EMcBrideEmma Jane107101943 Dec. 6 3  Logan, Iowa Emma Jane 9 mos.
C. EMcBrideMan102761943 Mar. 17 4  Logan, Iowa (Duvall & McKinney)
C. EMcBrideEmma Jane111411944 Sept. 5 6  Logan, Iowa Emma Jane 1 1/2 years.
C. EMcBrideEmma Jane & Patti119701946 July 10 8  Logan, Iowa
C. E, Mrs.McBrideEmma Jane & Patti136131956 Dec. 1 3  Logan, Iowa
C. E.McBrideMr & Mrs88981939 Dec. 22 2  Logan, Iowa
C. E.McBrideDog97211942 Apr. 21 2  Logan, Iowa
C. E.McBrideEmma Jane103551943 Apr. 25 3  Logan, Iowa Emma Jane birth 2 - 4 - 1943
C. E.McBrideEmman Jane105221943 Sept. 8 2  Logan, Iowa
C. E.McBrideEmman Jane108801944 Feb. 28 5  Logan, Iowa Emma Jan 1year Mar 4
C. E., MrsMcBrideEmman Jane & Pattie136131956 - 14  Logan, Iowa
HaroldMcBrideLady, Boy & Girl3871925 Dec. 29 1  Logan, Iowa R 4
HaroldMcBrideFamily Group 699251942 Sept. 16 1  Logan, Iowa
NormanMcBrideYoung Man123871948 Feb. 23Grad. LHS '4821 Logan, Iowa
O. McBrideMr & Mrsno numberno date 12  
OpalMcBrideLady97051942 Apr. 21O.E.S. Composite6  Logan, Iowa
Ray, MrsMcBrideLady50901936 Aug. 20 2  Logan, Iowa
Zane, MrsMcBrideHorse's138621955 Sept. 210  
Daisy, MissMcCadeLady348? Dec. 4 3  Logan, Iowa
Mr.McCadeMan3731925 Dec. 13 1   
RobertMcCainTeddy & Donnie91981940 Dec. 14 2  Logan, Iowa Teddy birth Dec 17, 1936 Donnie birth Dec 3, 1939
FrankMcCannMan46591934 June 1 13 Dunlap, Iowa
FrankMcCannMan90751940 Aug. 8 2  Dunlap, Iowa
B. J.McCardleMan & Lady7251927 Apr 27 1 nPersia, Iowa Dear Sir: left picture to be enlarged. So I want you to give the one you have finished to Mr. Sprinkle and he will bring it here tonite and I will call you up and let you know how many I want finished are come ????and pick a frame for a couple of them. yours Truly B.J. McCardle. Persia, Ia.
LeoMcCartyMan60041936 Sept. 18 2  Logan, Iowa
LeoMcCartyYoung Man97401942 May 4Grad LHS '421  Logan, Iowa
HaroldMcCauleyBillie85661938 Dec 19 4  Mondamin, Iowa Billie birth Mar. 26, 1935
Harold F.McCauleyMan99671940&42 Oct 10 1  Mondamin, Iowa
J. P.McCauleyYoung Girl25131930 July 17 6  Mondamin, Iowa
J. P.McCauleyKatherine & Norma Jean43941933 Sept. 27 1  Mondamin, Iowa
JamesMcCauleyMan43641933 Sept. 26 2  Mondamin, Iowa
Joseph P.McCauleyMan49481936 Jan 31 4  Mondamin, Iowa
Catherine Jack McCauley McClannahanMr. & Mrs134371955 Apr 11Wedding11 Mondamin, Iowa Catherine McCauley
BethMcClannahanLady27961930? Dec 30 4  Mondamin, Iowa
GeneMcClannahanMr & Mrs121651947 Mar. 17Wedding11 Mondamin, Iowa
Jack McClannahanMr & Mrs134371955 -Wedding rejects66 Mondamin, Iowa
W. E.McClannahanMan81921937 Sept. 4 41 Mondamin, Iowa
W. A.McClellandMan97711942 May 22 1  Corning, Iowa
Wm AMcClellandMen102351942 Mar 15see Laird W Richey 102344  Corning, Iowa
Donald McClureCathie June131171952 June 16 3  Logan, Iowa Cathie June birth Feb. 2, 1950
DaleMcCoidMan114241945 Feb. 10 22 Dunlap, Iowa
GeorgeMcCoidMan114231945 Feb. 10Army Uniform11 Dunlap, Iowa
Tobe McCoid2 Boys & 1 Gril44131933 Sept. 28 1  Dunlap, Iowa
Tobe McCoidGourp 5114221945 Feb. 10 1  Dunlap, Iowa
EdwardMcColleycopy Navy Discharge113631944 Dec. 30 2  Logan, Iowa
Edward M.McColleyMr. & Mrs & Edward Jr.110501944 June 27Navy Uniform8  Logan, Iowa
Geo. McCordVirginia44511933 Sept. 28 1  Dunlap, Iowa
GeraldMcCordVern70091937 Jan. 11 4  Dunlap, Iowa Vern birth May 6, 1935
John R.McCormackCar Accident70871957 Apr. 14 5   
RobertMcCormackCar Accident12570no date 7  Mondamin, Iowa
E. B., MrsMcCounLady47241934 Dec. 12 22 Omaha, Nebr. 4638 Douglas
Peter, MrsMcCoyLady111111944 Aug. 11 2  Onawa, Iowa
MargaretMcCrackenLady42691933 Sept 16 1n Little Sioux, Iowa Hair - dark brown, Eyes - dark brown, Dress - red & white Paint & send out Thurs. Little Sioux, Iowa May 4, 1934 Notson Studio Logan, Iowa Dear Mr. Notson, I would like 1/2 doz more pictures finished from the same negative 3X4. If possible I would like to get them the latter part of next week. Yours Truly Margaret McCracken
TedMcCrackenMan4115no date 2   
Wilbur, MrsMcCrackenRobert42911933 Sept. 20 2n Woodbine, Iowa Retake Diamond specks in green suit, 1/2 hose strye around, original band around neck & sleeves.
BillMcCulloughMan, Lady & Child2526 29051931 apr. 22 3  Dunlap, Iowa Adelyne Komock/Kmock?
AdaMcCurleyLady26251930 Nov. 14 2   
AdaMcCurleyLady40281933 Feb 25 2  Logan, Iowa
AdaMcCurleyYoung Ladies47301934 Dec 15also Doris Whannell21 Mo. Valley, Iowa
AdaMcCurleyMan, Lady & Child2575no date 1110  
AdaMcCurleyLady,Child & Goup2575no date 85  
DonMcCurleyMan60511936 Dec 7 4  Logan, Iowa
DonMcCurleyMr & Mrs84401938 June 9Wedding2  Logan, Iowa
DonMcCurleyGroup 5106511943 Nov. 21 1  Persia, Iowa
Don, MrsMcCurley copy of Mother Mrs John Carlile9502? Nov. 20Mrs. John Carlilse & Children2  Persia, Iowa
Don.McCurleyAndrea114981945 Mar. 15 2  Persia, Iowa Andrea birth Feb. 18, 1943
EarlMcCurleyMr & Mrs40341932 Nov. 26 1   
JamesMcCurleyFarm Machine Accident226no date 22  
RobertMcCurleyMr & Mrs60531936 Dec 8 4  Logan, Iowa
RobertMcCurleyRobert Hughie119231946 Apr. 22 55 Persia, Iowa Robert Hughie birth Oct. 22, 1945
AdelineMcDanielLady131201952 June 21 4  Mo. Valley, Iowa 312 N 4th St.
MildredMcDanielLady113591944 Dec. 29 1  % Joe McDaniel R# 3 Mo. Valley, Iowa
Agnes,MrsMcDoleLady44251933 Sept. 28 1n Dunlap, Iowa 310 S. 12th St. - Dunlap, Iowa Oct 19, 1933 Notson Studio, Logan, Iowa Dear Sir: Please finish one copy of this picture as I am entitled to with my cream card. Thanking You Mrs. Agnes McDole. Dunlap, Iowa 310 D 12th St.
ClaudineMcDonaldLady101521943 Feb. 1 5n Richmond, Calif. 3- 8 -43 Dear Barb, Here all the proofs that I want finished. I would have sent them sooner but waited till I could show them to Della. She wants to know why you don't write. Shes sent two letters & hasn't received an answere yet. How is Jammy? I waited for him to write & he waited for me so I finally gave in as usual. Tell him to write. I'm in a hurry because its almost time to go to work. I like 115220 the best but if you can take the wrinkles out of my neck on 115224 I want some of those finished. 115215 - 2, 115218 - 1, 115224 - 10, 115220 - 4. Put 11520 in the small frames I had Picked out. With the V shape so that it look likde this (Picture) you know. Goodbye now As ever Clausine. P.S. Don't forget to write.
GarethMcDonaldsee Jack Edwards131641952 -Octband1  Logan, Iowa
Ila JaneMcDonaldLady81431937 Aug. 6Beauty Contest1  Dunlap, Iowa
Ila JaneMcDonaldLady85961939 Feb. 16 4  Logan, Iowa
Ila JaneMcDonaldLady87341939 July 31 1  Logan, Iowa
RussellMcDonaldMan119371946 May 22Army Uniform11 Logan, Iowa % Walter Ellerback
ShirleyMcDonaldYoung Lady127851950 Jan 29Grad LHS '503  Logan, Iowa
Bonnie JaneMcDuffeyYoung Lady90121940 May 15Grad LHS '403  Logan, Iowa
MarjorieMcDuffeyLady82331937 Nov. 19 2  Logan, Iowa
Minnie, MrsMcDuffeyLady89501940 Mar. 18 1  Logan, Iowa
G. L.McElderryFamily Group 8112541944 Nov. 15 11 Mo. Valley, Iowa 302 N Frist St.
G. L. McElderyJanice & Nancy111041944 Aug. 3 3  Mo. Valley, Iowa 302 N. First St.
RusselMcEllwainMr & Mrs3841925 Dec 23 2  Dow City, Iowa Hold proofs.
EdwardMcElvoyMan, Lady & Childno numberno date 44  
GordonMcElwainMan83111937 Jan. 25Navy Uniform4  Woodbine, Iowa
MarvinMcElwainMan91641940 Dec. 4 2  Dunlap, Iowa
MerrillMcElwainYoung Man104571943 July 20 2  Woodbine, Iowa
OraMcElwainMr & Mrs133111952 -rejects1212 Woodbine, Iowa
OraMcElwainMr & Mrs133111953 Dec. 14 22 Woodbine, Iowa
Ora, MrsMcElwainLady86371939 Apr. 4 24 Woodbine, Iowa
RussellMcElwainBaby26581930 Nov. 26 6n Woodbine, Iowa I would like to have the three pictures I have marked with an O in a folder. The one with a X a dozen of it. Mrs. McElwain.
Camilla, MissMcEversLady44191933 Sept. 28 1  Little Sioux, Iowa
Earl, MrsMcEversPatricia41941933 Aug. 15 2  Little Sioux, Iowa
Augusta McEvoyYoung Lady80561937 May 11Grad Beebeetown1  Beebeetown, Iowa
EdwardMcEvoyMary Ellen60891936 Dec. 18 2  Logan, Iowa
EdwardMcEvoy3 Grils104671943 - rejects3  Mo. Valley, Iowa
EdwardMcEvoy3 Grils104671943 July 24 1  Mo. Valley, Iowa
EllenMcEvoyYoung Lady135321956 -rejects10  Logan, Iowa
EllenMcEvoyYoung Lady135321956 Jan 28Grad LHS '5612n Logan, Iowa R #2 Miss Bernice Bobenhouse, Logan High School, Logan, Iowa. Dear Mess Bobenhouse: Thank You for your letter of March 6th with information regarding the photographs of the two senior girls. Ellen McEvoy's photograph is printed on a silk, or linen, stock and this finish will not reproduce well on the composite group portrait. We are here with returning it so she may have the studio who made this for her, supply her with a photograph on white heavey - weight semimatte stock; linen, silk, or glossy finish can not be used. It is not necessary for them to trim this photograph. She should have no trouble in securing a photograph on a matte surface. Sincerely Yours, Genelli Studios, Margaret M. Voiland.
MargaretMcEvoyMen2327no date  1  
Mary AnnMcEvoyYoung Lady132081953 Jan. 19Grad LHS '531   
MildredMcEvoyLady114801945 Feb. 28 11 Logan, Iowa
MildredMcEvoyYoung Lady118941946 Mar. 1Grad LHS '461  Logan, Iowa
Thos.McEvoyCouple, Group1225no date 65  
TomMcEvoyMr & Mrs106971943 Dec. 4 4   
Ardo, MrsMcFeeSusan139021960 -rejects2  Magnolia, Iowa
Ardo, MrsMcFeeSusan139021960 Sept. 14 4  Magnolia, Iowa Susan birth 5 - 25 - 57
Terry vx.McFeepicture of land8774no date 1   
E.E.McFerrinSunny Side Gas Station40691933 Apr 11 13  
E.E.McFerrinCar Accident47061934 Dec 3See Harrison Co. (Cross)taken Apr. 11 193371n Mo. Valley, Iowa Taken for Cross, Sheriff Harrison County Note Satterfield Vs McFerrin, Mr W. A. Matthews, Mo. Velley, Iowa, Lawyer - Mr Charles P. Howard 515 Mulberry St., Des. Moines, Iowa
E.E.McFerrinCase47501935 Jan. 24Atty Wm. P. Welch10n 1. On bar N of person pt looking south. 2. on edge of bar looking east toward Alex house. 3. on bank of Alex bend looking west 4. under Wallace tree looking NW toward Vittitoe house on McCade lot #1 5. same pt looking East toward twin trees 6. under Wallace tree looking S toward pastured house 7. In depression E of rd on East End Lot 1 looking SW toward Dick House. 8 S of Blane bank looking North. 10. taken on road West of Davis Track in Depression South of Geo. Willey house looking West 9. On gravle road in depression South of Geo. Willeys house. 2. crossed out. on bank looking west at bar in Alex bend. McFerrin VS McQueen etal. On back of note List of Jurors for the January Term 1935
E.E.McFerrinSurvey Papers95351941 Dec. 10Atty H. B. Scott3  Modale, Iowa
EarlMcGaffinMan97701942 May 22 1  Corning, Iowa
Ray McGavernChildren - boys12111no date 31 Persia, Iowa
Bert McGeeMan102471945 Mar. 17 1  Logan, Iowa
Bert L. McGeeMan97931942 May 25 1  Logan, Iowa
BettyMcGeeYoung Lady114771945 Feb 27Grad. LHS -4522 Logan, Iowa
Donald McGeeMr & Mrs & Group117061945 Oct 7Wedding5  Logan, Iowa
Erma McGeeLady132911953 - rejects6  Logan, Iowa
Erma, Mrs DonaldMcGeeLady132911953 Oct. 19 4  Logan, Iowa
FayeMcGeeDennis Eugene & Lady112511944 Nov. 12 3  Logan, Iowa Dennis Eugene birth 7 - 22 - 1944
FredMcGeeMr & Mrs.4241926 Apr. 14bad negatives2  Woodbine, Iowa RR # 1
MarionMcGuireMan42361833 Sept. 3 2  Logan, Iowa RR # 1
Chas.McHenryMan46331934 Mar. 29 2  Woodbine, Iowa R# 3
Donna McHenryLady43331933 Sept. 24Vera May ?1n Woodbine, Iowa Sunday - Donna McHenry Big crystal buttons white collar wine dress? Curled hair.
Norma JeanMcHenryGirl88141939 Nov. 25 1  Woodbine, Iowa R# 1 Riley McHenry
RachaelMcHenryLady88061939 Nov. 23 1  Woodbine, Iowa
RileyMcHenryMan4045192? Dec. 15 1  Woodbine, Iowa
Vera MaeMcHenryLady43331933 Dec 12 1n  Nov. 17 Friday - I am sending the proof back. I realy like the other picture best, you do as you like about them. And Pearls is a lot better now and thanks for fixing it for me so nice. Mrs. Fred McHenry
CletaMcHughLady48091935 May 24 6  Orson, Iowa
DaleMcHughCharlott Kay96661942 Mar. 30 2  Woodbine, Iowa Charlott Kay birth Sept. 30, 1941
DaleMcHughCharlott Kay105501943 Sept 30glass negative1  Woodbine, Iowa NO NEGATIVE
DaleMcHughMr. & Mrs108681944 Feb. 24 11 Woodbine, Iowa
DaleMcHughSharon Irene110311944 June 25 2  Woodbine, Iowa
Dale McHughCharlott99411942 Oct 1 1n Woodbine, Iowa Woodbine, Iowa Oct 5, 42 Dear Sir; I want this one finished off. The tricyle is red, wheels cream color, ends of tricyle handle are black. Also her eyes are brown. I don't know whether you got these colors the other day, but thought I'd write them down to be sure. As far as I no now, we will be down after it. If any different, I'll let you no next week. A Friend Mrs. Dale McHugh.
DaleMcHughCharlotte & Sharon113521944 Dec 26 4  RR 1 Woodbine, Iowa Charlotte born Sept 30, 1941; Sharon born Dec 22, 1943
Dale McHughShirley Jean124441948 July 3 2  Woodbine, Iowa shirley Jean birth Jan 3, 1948
HelenMcHughLady109821944 May 19 4  Woodbine, Iowa
HelenMcHughLady111661944 Sept. 22 2  Logan, Iowa
John McHughMan124751948 Oct. 9 4  Pisgah, Iowa Box 124
Kenneth McHughMr & Mrs139411961 -rejects3  Logan, Iowa
MaxineMcHughLady133211954 -rejects6  Logan, Iowa
MaxineMcHughLady133211954 Jan. 30 2  Logan, Iowa
RitaMcHughLady110611944 July 8 4  Moorhead, Iowa %Mrs. Ora Hunt Woodbine, Iowa
RolandMcHughYoung Man129451950 Dec. 23Grad. LHS '511   
ViolaMcHughLady121761947 Apr. 3 4  Logan, Iowa
Kenneth NormaMcHugh JacobsenMr & Mrs139411961 June 18Wedding1  Logan, Iowa
EugeneMcIntoshMan & Lady101271943 Jan 9 6  Mo. Valley, Iowa R# 1
HaroldMcIntoshMan98961942 Aug. 10 21 Logan, Iowa
HaroldMcIntosh2 Children100961942 Dec. 13 4  Logan, Iowa %Paul McMillan
HaroldMcIntoshDonna,Delores,Elaine & Evelyn117561945 Nov. 25 8  Logan, Iowa
HeinieMcIntoshBrothers & Sisters49401936 Jan 10Mrs Art Boysen?11 Harlan, Iowa
K. E.McIntoshMr & Mrs24681930 May 24 2   
Wm.McIntoshShirley & Judy105011943 Aug. 27glass negative2n Woodbine, Iowa Shirley birth 10 - 20 -1937, Judy birth 12 - 31 - 1941 September 11, 1943 Notson Studio I would like to have the 2 pictures painted that I have check on the back. Mrs. Wm. McIntosh, Woodbine, Iowa R2
Jack McKainYoung Man104511943 -rejects4  Logan, Iowa
Jack McKainYoung Man104511943 July 14 1  Logan, Iowa
Jack McKainYoung Man114591945 Feb. 18Grad LHS. '4511 Logan, Iowa
LeeMcKainMan, Lady & Child & CowsC-474no date 78  
LesterMcKainCows82011937 Sept 10 14 Logan, Iowa
ErmaMcKayYoung Lady49941936 May 16Grad. '365  Logan, Iowa
EvelynMcKayLady107981944 Jan. 25 1  Logan, Iowa phone 180
HomerMcKayLady28541931 Feb. 21 2  Logan, Iowa R.R. 1
J. F., MrsMcKayLady27881930 Dec. 19 2  Logan, Iowa
J. F., MrsMcKayLady85201938 Nov. 17 1  Logan, Iowa
O.O., MrsMcKayMarvin45731933 Nov. 3 1n Woodbine, Iowa Marvin ligh hair, blue eyes, tan blouse, brown suit, tan hose, brown shoes.
O.O., MrsMcKayVerdina89401940 Mar, 3 1  Woodbine, Iowa
O.O., MrsMcKayMarvin89391940 Mar. 3 1  Woodbine, Iowa.
O.O., MrsMcKayMrs J. F. McKay deceased97541942 May 17 1  Woodbine, Iowa
O.O., MrsMcKayMan & Lady105671943 Oct. 7 8n Woodbine, Iowa Dec. 14, 1943 Notson Studio, Logan, Iowa Dear Sir: I am enclosing the proofs marked. Please finish a half dozen. I liked the others fine, but need a few more. So will have another pose finished, if it does cost a little more. I will have Edna Adams get them and pay for them as she comes home every weekend. Use same kinf of folders, if you have them. sincerely Mrs. O. O. McKay If it rushes you too much. I can get them after xmas.
O.O., MrsMcKayLady & children2990no date 7n Note 1 Woodbine, Iowa Nov. 18, 1931 Notson Studio Logan, Iowa Dear Sirs: Please finish a dozen of the children's pictures. Six of each proff I am sending back. I come to Logan quite often to see my sister so I will call and see when you'll have them finished. Sincerely Yours Mrs. O.O. McKay Note 2 The American Red Cross Notson Studio Please finish a half dozen of the one I marked of myself. As a group of three and the other half dozen I want of the children alone. Sincerley Your Mrs. O.O.McKay Noate 3 Woodbine, Ia. Nov 30, 1931 Notson Studio I sent the proofs down with my siter Sun but forgot to mark the proof of the baby with the top. As I want a half dozen of them and half a dozen with him smiling and a half dozen of myself. Put either one of the babys on with me as I don't care which. I have a terrible time deciding. Ha. Mrs McKay.
RussellMcKayYoung Man26761930 Nov 26see 2675 Max Miller2   
RussellMcKayMr & Mrs88291939 Nov. 28 1  Logan, Iowa
Russell, AttyMcKayMan92901941 Apr. 2 22 Logan, Iowa
Russell, Mrs.McKayRuth Ann124891948 Nov. 10 4  Logan, Iowa Ruth Ann birth Feb 9 1948
BeulahMcKeanLady26271930 Nov. 14 2   
ClydeMcKeanTractor101no date 312  
Glenn McKeanTommy & Peggy134091954 Dec. 30 4  Mo. Valley, Iowa 1023 W Huron St. Tommy birth 8 - 22 - 1946, Peggy birth 5- 28 - 1954
KeithMcKeanYoung Man130561951 Dec 27Grad LHS '511  Logan, Iowa
NancyMcKeanYoung Lady125861949 Feb. 28Mondamin Bball4  Mondamin, Iowa
R. S.McKeanMr & Mrs1292019? Dec 28Uniform4  Mondamin, Iowa
AlmaMcKenneyYoung Lady127601949 Dec. 30 2  Modale, Iowa
George McKenneyMan127471949 Dec. 4 2  Modale, Iowa
HarveyMcKenneyMan94091944 Aug. 17 22 Logan, Iowa
JessMcKenneyMr. & Mrs100851942 Dec.11 4  Logan, Iowa
MerleMcKenneyJoyce ann97501942 May 14 6  Logan, Iowa Joyce Ann birth Jan 21 1941
Chevrolet GarageMcKenney SeaburyFire111801944 Oct 5 5  Logan, Iowa
Motor Co.McKenney SeaburyExteriro & Interior120901947 Jan 2 41  
HaroldMcKercherYoung Man135221956 -rejects5  Blair, Nebr.
HaroldMcKercherYoung Man135221956 Jan. 11annual Beebeetown1  Blair, Nebr.
ArchieMcKinneyDelores108451944 Feb. 18 2  Dunlap, Iowa
ArdeneMcKinneyYoung Lady80441937 May 3Grad '373  Logan, Iowa
BrothersMcKinneyCorn122671947 Sept. 16 9  Woodbine, Iowa
CarlMcKinneyMan29791931 Oct 13Civil Service2  Logan, Iowa
DorothyMcKinneyYoung Lady70951937 Apr. 17 1  Logan, Iowa
HarryMcKinneyMan & Dog40541933 Feb. 5 2   
HarryMcKinneyGroup 4691no date 2   
Harry R.McKinneyMan97831942 May 25 21 Logan, Iowa
HarveyMcKinneyMr & Mrs.30771932 Apr. 18 6  Logan, Iowa
J. N, MrsMcKinneyLady105781943 Oct 9Uniform (glass neg)1  Woodbine, Iowa
JessMcKinneyCasket123931948 Feb. 19%Harvey McKinney1  Logan, Iowa
MarianMcKinneyYoung Lady83881938 Apr. 2Grad LHS '3822 Logan, Iowa
MurleMcKinneyJanice 82751937 Dec. 12 6  Logan, Iowa
MyrlMcKinneyMan7351027 May 12 21  
Paul McKinneyMan137001958 -rejects6  Woodbine, Iowa
Paul McKinneyMan137001958 Feb. 8 1  Woodbine, Iowa
T. N., MrsMcKinneyLady101611943 Feb. 18 1  Logan, Iowa R# 2
Virginia AnnMcKinneyYoung Girl70791937 Apr. 9 2  Logan, Iowa
ThelmaMcKnightLady84671938 Aug. 4 2n Mondamin, Iowa Sat. Dear Mr. Notson Would you please finish 3 more ofmy application pictures and send them as quickly as pooible? Sent bill and I'll remitt at once. Thank you Thelma McKnight
W. H.McKnightMan84921938 Sept. 21 2  Mondamin, Iowa
BernardMcLaughlinLinda131771952 Nov. 15 4  Mo. Valley, Iowa Linda birth June 9, 1951
BernardMcLaughlinMan139051960 Oct 3State Rep. Demc.2  Mo. Valley, Iowa
D. C.McLaughlinMan94321941 Sept. 8AAA2  Mo. Valley, Iowa
DeanMcLaughlinMr & Mrs136371957 Apr. 7Golden Wedding2  Logan, Iowa
Eileen McLaughlinLady49721936 Apr. 11Grad - Woodbine2  Moorehead, Iowa
MauriceMcLaughlinGroup111571944 Sept 16Wedding4  Mo. Valley, Iowa
WarrenMcLaughlinYoung Man93231941 May 1Grad. LHS1  Mo. Valley, Iowa
Aileen Wayne J.McLaughlin Pietiz(z)Mr & Mrs118091946 Jan 10 55  
L. E.McManusMan83291938 Feb. 21 2  Mondamin, Iowa
AdaMcMillanYoung Lady86881939 June 1Grad LHS '393  Logan, Iowa
AdaMcMillanYoung Lady105991943 Oct. 24glass negative2  Logan, Iowa
ClaireMcMillanMary Anne126791949 Oct. 15Baby Contest9  Persia, Iowa Mary Anne birth Jan 30, 1949
E. W.McMillan2 Children27821930 Dec. 16 1   
Jack McMillanYoung Man121161947 Feb. 9Grad LHS '4722 Logan, Iowa
LawrenceMcMillanYoung Man97101942 Apr 23Grad LHS '424  Logan, Iowa
LawrenceMcMillanMan104981943 Aug. 25Uniform 2  Logan, Iowa
LawrenceMcMillanYoung Man119121946 Apr.5 11 Logan, Iowa
LloydMcMillanYoung Man40871933 May 28Grad.2  Logan, Iowa
LloydMcMillan4 Generation100621942 Dec. 6 1  Logan, Iowa pd - S.O. to Dorothy (Mrs Grover Thompson) 5 Rodgers Pl., Portsmouth, VA.
LloydMcMillanStanley100631942 Dec. 6 1  Logan, Iowa Stanley birth 10 - 10 - 1941
LloydMcMillanLarry Russell111061944 Aug. 6 1  Woodbine, Iowa Larry Russell birth 2 - 24 - 1943
LloydMcMillanLowell117151945 Oct 21 1  Woodbine, Iowa Lowell birth Jan 20, 1944
LloydMcMillanMarna121831947 Apr. 20 1  Woodbine, Iowa Merna birth Jan. 16, 1945
LoisMcMillanYoung Lady50541936 June 6Grad '363  Logan, Iowa
MildredMcMillanYoung Lady26231930 Nov. 14 2   
Mildred,Lois, & LloydMcMillanMildred, Lois & Lloyd49131935 Dec. 15 4  Logan, Iowa
PaulMcMillanMr. & Mrs106541943 Nov. 21 4  Logan, Iowa
W. ClaireMcMillanMr. & Mrs123201947 Nov. 28 4  Persia, Iowa
Wm LaVerneMcQueenroad & car Accident123071947 Nov. 5 4  Co. atty Michael Murray State VS Wm LaVerne McQueen
Michael McTigueMr & Mrs85311938 Nov. 24Wedding8  1053 E 47th St. Chicago
CarolMcWilliamsFamily Group70571937 Mar. 14 1  Woodbine, Iowa
CarolMcWilliamsFamily Reunion93971941 July 27Woodbine Park1 nWoodbine, Iowa Note: Aug. 19, 1941 The Notson Studio, Logan, Iowa. Dear Sir: Am sending you the proofs of the family reunion taken July 27 and hope they have not gotten to dark, as they have been held up in Co. Bluffs for about 2 weeks. They seem to like No 1 best, I have also marked it with X on the back. Please finish as follows 3 - 8x10 mounted, 2 8x10 not mounted, 10 5x7 not mounted, 2 5x7 mounted. am enclosing P.O. Money order for 7. 86 and return the pictures to me when finished. Yours Truly, Carroll McWilliams
CharlottMcWilliamsYoung Lady81631937 Aug 9Beauty Contest3n Woodbine, Iowa Beauty Contest Foutch Implement Co. Figures small, dark red petals & belt tied in bow in front. Curls around front of face.

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