BonnieCaddellYoung Lady115911945 May 19 2  Logan, Iowa
Chester CaddellMan & Lady100901942 Dec 12also Margaret Vore4  Logan, Iowa
ChetCaddellMr & Mrs122961947 Nov 2 4  Logan, Iowa
Jonas, MrsCaddellMan copy101631943 Feb 19Uniform1  Logan, Iowa
WayneCaddellWayne131311952 July 12 3  Logan, Iowa Wayne born Mar 24 1952
Wayne, MrsCaddellMrs & Wayne131321952 July 12 11 Logan, Iowa
C. A.CadwellMan9413? Aug. 25uniform1  Logan, Iowa
C.A.Cadwell2 Boys27801930 Dec 15 2  Logan, Iowa
CarlosCadwellMan 124151948 Apr 22 1  Woodbine, Iowa Campaign- State Representative
Carlos C.,MrsCadwellLady124161948 -rejects6  Omaha, Nebr.
Carlos C.,MrsCadwellLady124161948 Apr 22 1 n1018 N 33 st, Omaha, Nebr. Dec. 27, 1952 Dear Lee: You may recall that in the summer of 1948 you took mother's picture and she never had any finished. I have een wondering if you have the proofs there. I have no picture of mother at all, and thought if you had them, and there was any that would be fairly good, I'd like a couple. Will you let me know? Enjoyed Florence's letter, and wish we could get together for a visit. Perhaps some day. Regards, Mrs L. Bruce) Virginia Pryor JANUARY 30, 1953 Dear Lee: Thanks for sending the proofs. I have marked one that I would like finished. It seems to be the only one that looks like Mother. I'd like this as nearly as possivle like the one you made of Dad. Do you have a record of his? The coloring was so natural and soft in blue and yellow mixed, and the frame was wood with a touch of blue. The size was 5x7. I'm not very good at describing things, so will leave it to your good judgment. Mother's eyes are hazel, hair gray and brown, and her dress was black. It may be that later I'll want another made for Clark, but one will be all for now. Send along the bill, and I'll send a check. Thanks so much. Sincerely, Virginia
DonaldCadwellYoung Man86531939 May 5Grad. L.H.S.1  Logan, Iowa
Donald A.CadwellMan116931945 Sept 19Uniform Army1   
HomerCadwellCemetery Gate Logan94191941 Sept 4 1  Logan, Iowa
KatherineCadwellYoung girl5421926 Aug 2 3  Logan, Iowa
MargaretCainOscar Black Quality Service     nMargaret Cain, 2720 North 64th St, Omaha, Nebr.
CharlesCaldwellMr & Mrs128061950 Mar 1Wedding1  Little Sioux, Iowa
ErnestCaldwellMan41151933 June 19 2  Little Sioux, Iowa
FrancesCaldwellLady40991933 June 14 1  Little Sioux, Iowa
Melvin CaldwellMr & Mrs99971942 Nov 8 4  Woodbine, Iowa
Melvin, MrsCaldwellMrs & Gerald Melvin103871943 Feb 11 6  Woodbine, Iowa Gerald Melvin born Feb 11, 1943
Melvin, MrsCaldwellMan10407no dateUniform1   
Melvin, MrsCaldwellMrs & Jerry116011945 June 10 6 nWoodbine, Iowa Jerry born Feb 14, 1943 The picture of myself smiling that I maark with an x put it in my husbands folder, and put the other one in were the I marked. I just mark one of the baby for li?--- folder. Thank You Sincerley Mrs Melvin Caldwell.
W.S., MrsCaldwellLady4100192? June 14 2  Little Sioux, Iowa
ShermanCalendarFamily Group30551932 Feb 20 1  Woodbine, Iowa
G. M., MrsCalhounLady134171955 Jan 5 4  Logan, Iowa
BobCallahanMargaret & Eddie Twins128461950 June 18 2  Co. Bluffs, Iowa
Mrs.CallahanLady124471948 July 26 2  Co. Bluffs, Iowa
Robert E.CallahanMr & Mrs122251947 June 22Wedding65 Logan, Iowa
LyleCallendarMan43021933 Sept 22 2  Dunlap, Iowa
L. H.CallenderBaby7191927 Apr 23 1  Woodbine, Iowa RR 2
L.H.CallenderL.H. & 2 children3431925 Dec 15 3 nWoodbine, Iowa Envelope note Woodbine, Ia Dec 15, '25 Dear Sir: Am sending proof back which I would like the (6) six finished if you have the others finished. I'd like them soon as I will have to send them out a distance, but if you can get these in a few days you needn\'t to mind making two different, packages. Yours Truly, Mrs L. H. Callender Woodbine, Iowa
DonCamdenYoung Man134191955-rejects6  Neola, Iowa RR 2
DonCamdenYoung Man134191955 Jan 8 21 Neola, Iowa RR 2
GlennCamdenFamily Group 5117461945 Nov 10 1  Neola, Iowa RR 2
Karen AnnCamdenYoung Lady134201955-rejects61 Neola, Iowa RR 2
Karen AnnCamdenYoung Lady134201955 Jan 8 2  Neola, Iowa RR 2
 Camera ClubGroup GuysNo Numberno date 34  
James M.CampbellMan90201940 May 17 21 Mondamin, Iowa
RoyCampbell,JrMan136051956 -rejects4   
RoyCampbell,JrMan136051956 Nov 26 2  Mo. Valley, Iowa RR 2
 Cancer DriveGroup People124071948 Mar. 8 1  Logan, Iowa
JosephCanty road scene91011940 Sept 8 7  Orchard & Highway 127
PhilCardMan110561944 July 1Uniform (Navy)44 Logan, Iowa
PhillipCardMan2478no date 1   
PhillipCardMan98071942 May 26 2  Logan, Iowa
W.B., MrsCardLady96001942 Jan 27OES 4  Logan, Iowa
W.B., MrsCardFloral (casket)125941949 Mar 8 1  Logan, Iowa
MinnieCareywill & testament11907no date 4   
Pearl, MrsCareyBaby30271931 Dec 18 4  Mo. Valley, Iowa
Pearl, MrsCareyLady118141946 Jan 14Masonic Slide1  Logan, Iowa
VictorCarlMan116071945 June 5Uniform Army2  Logan, Iowa
AliceCarlileYoung Lady103501943 Apr 24Grad. L.H.S1  Logan, Iowa
DoranceCarlileMan6901926 Mar 27 12nLogan, Iowa Note I would like to have 4 pictures of 3, and 5 picture of 5 which will be one more than I ordered. Yours Truly Dorrance Carlile. Logna, Iowa
Dorrance CarlileMan & Lady47721935 Mar 19 1  Logan, Iowa
EarlCarlileMan50091936 May 24 1  Logan, Iowa
EileenCarlileMan9882no dateUniform1   
IleneCarlileLady93081941 Apr 26Grad. L.H.S.2  Logan, Iowa Dress - Pink lt, at this sample ribbons 2 pink & 2 blue, Eyes G-ch. Blue, Hair Lt Br.
IleneCarlileYoung Lady95931942 Jan 24 2  Logan, Iowa
JackCarlileMan80421937 May 3Grad. '371  Logan, Iowa
JohnCarlileElda Marie115591945 May 29 1  Cameron, Mo. / Persia, Iowa Neva will call for one. S.O. others to John 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 Bill fold
John, MrsCarlileElda Marie60111936 Oct 11 6   
Marcella CarlileLady94891940 Dec 12 4  Logan, Iowa
NevaCarlileLady26501930 Nov 24 2  Logan, Iowa
NevaCarlileLady29121931 May 14 4  Logan, Iowa
NevaCarlileLady47311934 Dec 15 2  Logan, Iowa
NevaCarlileYoung Lady82201937 Nov 7 41 Logan, Iowa
Vera CarlileYoung Lady50491936 June 4Grad. 5 nLogan, Iowa note Hair - med br., Eyes - med blue, Dress - white
Viola CarlileLady48141935 June 6 3 nLogan, Iowa Eyes - lt. blue, dress- white, tie - red, hair - light (George Carlile)
Viola CarlileLady70201936 Jan 24 2  Logan, Iowa % Elmer Musfeldt
J. W. EvaCarlile WilliamsMr & Mrs133701954 Aug 20wedding/ cutting cake1  Pleasant Hill, Mo.
FloydCarlsonMen102441943 Mar 17see E. I Rogers 102424  Logan, Iowa
JoyceCarlsonShelly141181968 June 29 1  Woodbine, Iowa RR 1 %Melvin Wendt , Shelly born Nov 9 1967
JoyceCarlsonShelly1411819698 -rejects4 nWoodbine, Iowa Sept 23, 1968 Dear Barb, Since I'm no longer employed at Blue Star I'm sending the proofs to you. The picture I want is marked on the back with a big red x. The number is 14118E. Was wondering if it would be possible to cover up the corner of the chair. If not that ill be ok! She was squirming around so much - its a wonder she wasn't on the floor. Thank you Joyce Carlsen
JohnCarlyleFinger Prints3351925 Oct 23 2   
DonCarneyYoung Man125461948 Dec 31Grad. L.H.S.1  Logan, Iowa
Frances, MrsCarneyGrandchildren140681966 June 24 5  Logan, Iowa
LeeCarneyMr & Mrs129661951 May 11 4  Logan, Iowa
Elizabeth CarrLadies & Children3,13no date 53 The Wagoner Studio, Logan, Iowa Envelope
DonCarricoMan49211935 Dec 21 2  Norfolk, Neb.
Chas.CarrierMichael126931949 Oct 25 11 Logan, Iowa Michael born Aug. 17, 1949
FredCarrierMr & Mrs90661940 July 20Wedding1  Orson, Iowa
Fred, Mrs.CarrierGroup 397431942 May 4 1  Logan, Iowa
GeraldCarrierMrs & Dennis114331945 Feb 12 6  Woodbine, Iowa Park St Dennis born 12 - 31 - 1944
Gerald, MrsCarrierDennis116351945 July 2 6  Woodbine, Iowa Dennis born Dec 31, 1944
C. E.Carson Young Man9471928 Jan 3Grad. L.H.S.1  Logan, Iowa
C. N.Carson Mr & Mrs117861945 Dec 4 42 Logan, Iowa
ClydeCarson Donna & Ann95051941 Nov 23 4  Orson, Iowa Donna born Feb 18, 1941, Ann born Jan. 23, 1939
ClydeCarson Ann130301951 Nov 17 1  Orson, Iowa
DorisCarson Ladies1023no date 23  
DorisCarson Lady30281931 Dec. 4  Logan, Iowa
EdgarCarson Man41241933 June 21 2  Civil service
EdgarCarson Boy110Fno date6th Birthday11  
Edgar, MrsCarson Lady94181944 Sept 5AAA1  Logan, Iowa
HaroldCarson Ruth & Dale82831937 Dec 17 2 nLittle Sioux, Iowa Dec 17, 1937 Notson Studio, Logan Iowa Dear Sir: We have decided we only want a half dozen pictures. Can you finish them in the next larger style than the one we ordered? If so that is what we want, if you cant finish them in that style we would like just a half dozen of the small ones and the rest of the money refunded. Very Truly Yours, Mrs. Harold Cason
J.S., MrsCarson Son96861942 Apr 10Uniform2  Pisgah, Iowa
James, Mrs.Carson copy man with gun103641943 Apr 29 1  Pisgah, Iowa
MarshallCarson Young Man102831943 Mar 21Grad. L.H.S.1  Logan, Iowa
MarshallCarson Man125571949 Jan 8 2  Logan, Iowa
Ray Carson Marriage Cert.130051951 Oct 1Bonnie Lou Hall2   
Ray, MrsCarson Lady130061951 Oct 2 1  Logan, Iowa
RaymondCarson Young Man27161930 Nov 2 1   
RexCarson Young Man70901937 Apr 14 1  Logan, Iowa
RexCarson Young Man101421943 Jan 27Uniform Navy2  Logan, Iowa
RexCarson Virginia Sue126821949 Oct 17 11 Logan, Iowa Virginia born Jan 22, 1948
WillisCartMan110791944 July 17 4 nStanton, Iowa The pitchers I want finished I marked. I payed for 5 so I want 3 of one kind and 2 of the other. Willis Cart Stanton, Iowa If I should want some more finished could I.
BillCaseManNo Numberno date  3  
Clarence CaseMr & Mrs82741937 Dec 11Wedding2  Logan, Iowa
Clarence CaseHerbert Blaine95111941 Nov 29 4  Logan, Iowa Herbert Blaine born Sept 26, 1940
DickCaseMan27511930 Dec 9 2   
DickCaseDick & Family70261937 Feb 1 6  Logan, Iowa Box 436 Creston, Iowa %Highway Commissionor
DickCaseBobby & Kenneth112131944 Oct 22 8  Logan, Iowa
Dick, MrsCaseLady & BabyNo Numberno date 1   
EugeneCaseMan113861945 Jan 19Uniform Army4  Logan, Iowa R# 1
GenevieveCaseYoung Lady45481933 Sept 30 1 nDunlap, Iowa RR 4 White Colar, Silver Buttons down front. Also with Hat Dunlap, Ia. Oct 9, 1933 The Notson Studio, Logan, Ia. Dear Sir- Please make the one large photograph from proof 4548 -1 Genevieve Case our address is Dunlap, Ia. R #4
H. A.CaseMan30461932 Feb 2 4  Logan, Iowa
H.A.CaseLady111621944 Sept 18 11 Logan, Iowa
J. E.Caseson Joe30231931 Dec 13 2  Woodbine, Iowa
Jesse, MrsCaseFlower132491953 -rejects3  Logan, Iowa
Jesse, MrsCaseFlower132491953 May 1 1  Logan, Iowa
JimCaseMan49091935 Dec 15 11 Logan, Iowa
JoeCaseMan87331937 July 30 1  Logan, Iowa
MarieCaseGirl5931926 Nov. 24 2  Addison Harvey's Daughter
ThelmaCaseLady47601935 Feb 9 2  Logan, Iowa
ThelmaCaseYoung Lady 50221936 May 29Grad L.H.S2  Logan, Iowa
VerdaCaseYoung Lady 80311937 Apr 28Grad. L.H.S1  Logan, Iowa
VerdaCaseLady83201938 Feb 13 2  Logan, Iowa %Fred Egan, Mo. Valley, Ia.
VictorCaseGroup 6100671942 Dec 8 1  Logan, Iowa R# 1
ArnoldCaspersonMr & Mrs133061953 Dec 6 26 Dunlap, Iowa
ArnoldCaspersonMr & Mrs133061953-rejects2016 Dunlap, Iowa
Wm.CasserlyYoung Man40001932 July 24 2  Logan, Iowa
E. F.CassidyMan5081926 June 26 6   
FrankCassidyHouse333no date 22  
Geo.CassidyJean 46801934 Aug 16 4  Logan, Iowa
Geo.CassidyMr & Mrs & Jean48881935 Dec 5 12  Logan, Iowa
Geo., MrsCassidybaby40421932 Dec 14 2  Logan, Iowa
Geo., MrsCassidyJean Meryln41551933 July 26 4  Logan, Iow
Geo., MrsCassidyHelen95851942 Jan 16O.E.S.composite2  Logan, Iowa
GeorgeCassidyHorses116721945 Aug 15 5  Logan, Iowa
JeanCassidyGirl70341937 Feb 20 4  Logan, Iowa
JeanCassidyGirl85771938 Jan 2 5  Logan, Iowa
JeanCassidyGirl92581941 Feb 9 1  Logan, Iowa
JeanCassidyYoung Lady120721946 Dec 6 22 Logan, Iowa
JeanCassidyYoung Lady 127821950 Jan 27Grad. L.H.S.1  Logan, Iowa
P. BCastleMan8308193? Jan 17 2  Mo. Valley, Iowa
Roy N.CatesMan108481944 Feb 19wedding ?2  Logan, Iowa RR 3
Roy N.CatesMr & Mrs112751944 Nov 18wedding4  Logan, Iowa RR 3
JohnCaveMan & Lady103161943 Apr 6Uniform4  Logan, Iowa Duvall & McKinney
LeRoyCaveBobby & Jimmie107151943 Dec 8 4  Orson, Iowa
M.L.CaveJackie122141947 June 6 6 nPisgah, Iowa Jackie born Oct 15, 1946 Pisgah, Iowa June 30, 1947 Dear Sir: I am returning my proofs and I want 1 1/2 doz pictures finished in the folders I picked. The proof marked x is the one for the folders. I want three panels- two complete with wood frames and one in your lowest priced folder. I want the proof marked x and the two marked O in the panel and please put the one with "middle" of the panel. Sincerely Yours Mrs Leroy Cave
HelenCaywoodLady106051943 Oct 28glass neg.2 nMondamin, Iowa Nov 2, 1943 Notson Studio, Logan, IA. Dear Sir: I would like to have 2 large pictures of the proof with the xon the back. I want them tinted. Dress - Bright red, hair - Brown, eyes - blue, earings - gold. If you want to call me call Noyes Store. When you get them finished, you can either send them over by Mrs. Notsen or C.O.D. Helen Caywood.
ClaudeCecilMan47621935 Feb 19 4 nLogan, Iowa Claude Cecil - Suit, dr blue, Tie - light blue, Hair - dr. br., Eye - med. Blue. 1424 Castelar, Omaha, Nebr. Dear Kay, As I told you Sat. I would write to you if I didn't get down Sat. eve as her it is. I want that picture tinted. I'll tell you Friday if I want one of those frames. I wanted to be sure and tell you about the tinting before Friday so that you could have it finished. Thank you alot. Sincerely Claudis Cecil
ClaudiaCecilLady84901938 Sept 13 2  Logan, Iowa
Grace, MrsCecilLady84201938 May 12 21 Logan, Iowa
Jimmie, MrsCecilYoung Man83991938 Apr 4Grad. L.H.S.22 Logan, Iowa
Jimmie, MrsCecilJames110981944 July 30 8  Logan, Iowa James born 6 - 15 - 1944
Jimmie, MrsCecilJimmie & Mike124551948 Aug. 19 22 Logan, Iowa Jimmie born June 15, 1944, Mike born Nov 26, 1946
Then & NowCentury of Progresspicture then & now42791933 Sept. 18 1   
Janet, MrsChaffinJohn David122161947 June 8 2  Woodbine, Iowa %Dr J. G Walsh John David born June 7, 1946
Main St. LoganChamber of CommerceMain St. Logan, Ia.133331953 Feb. 6  Logan, Iowa Main Street 7th st paving
SlidesChamber of Commercecommity songs9062no date 2   
 Chamber of CommerceEmblem123761948 Feb 7 1  Logan, Iowa
HenryChamberlainJanet126731949 Sept 25 11 Mondamin, Iowa Janet born July 31, 1946
WarrenChamberlainMan92981941 Apr. 6 1  Box 263, Mo. Valley, Iowa
WarrenChamberlainMr & Mrs102011943 Mar. 14 2   
WarrenChamberlainRebecca12809no date 6  Logan, Iowa
WarrenChamberlainBecky 130241951 Nov 12 3  605 E Michigan, Mo. Valley, Iowa Becky born Feb 13, 1950
WarrenChamberlainFamily Group 3136691957 -rejects610 Mo. Valley, Iowa
WarrenChamberlainBecky &Family Group136691957 Nov. 3 32 Mo. Valley, Iowa
WarrenChamberlanMan & Lady87671937 Oct 23Copy of A.M. Fryando1  Logan, Iowa
EarlChambersKenneth Wayne103231943 Ap 10 2  Woodbine, Iowa Kenneth Wayne born 12 - 30 - 1942
EarlChambersKenneth107731944 Jan 10 2  Woodbine, Iowa Please send the pictures by mail Mrs Earl Chambers Woodbine, Ia
GeneChambersConnie136761957 -rejects6  Logan, Iowa
Gene ChambersConnie136761957 Nov 15 1  Logan, Iowa connie born 7 - 13- 1951
J.M.ChambersChild11471928 Oct 11  1 Woodbine, Iowa
DuaneChamnessChildren25001930 June 25 4   
L. L. Rev.ChamnessMen94631941 Sept. 30also Lowell Marshall6   
L.L.ChamnessMr & Mrs3311925 Nov 19 2  Logan, Iowa Tel. 289
L.L. Rev.ChamnessMan46291934 Mar 16 6   
JoeChamplinGroup 5116911945 May 29Uniform Army1  Persia, Iowa
Wm.ChamplinMan116021945 May 29Uniform Army2  Persia, Iowa
Norval, MrsChampneyLady104701943 July 25girl Violin/glass neg2  Logan, Iowa
D. L.ChandlerFamily Group 4134011954 Dec. 1 1  Modale, Iowa
D.LChandlerFamily Group 4134011954 -rejects2  Modale, Iowa
DelmarChandlerKent107471943 Dec 16 1  Modale, Iowa
DelmarChandlerKent & Kaye120491946 Nov 18 2  Modale, Iowa
W.P., DrChandlerSonny & Billie117581945 Nov. 25 77 Persia, Iowa Sonny- Clifford, Billie - Baby
L. R.ChapmanLady52651926 July 8 2  Persia, Iowa
LeoChapmanMarva Jean96711952? Apr. 1 4  Little Sioux, Iowa Marva Jean born Apr 8, 1yr.
Sheldon ChapmanGroup 4106921943 Dec 4 1  Persia, Iowa
Ed Chappel Man & Lady copy24341930 May 7 2   
EdChappelMan & Lady & Dog & Cow1771930 Mar 31  3  
CarlChappellMan92091940 Dec 23Uniform4  Logan, Iowa
Carl, MrsChappellMrs & son Jimmie99911942 Nov 6 2  Logan, Iowa
EddChappellFamily Group9067? July ? 1  Logan, Iowa R# 1A
LaFolia, MrsChappellLady112191944 Oct 24 2  Logan, Iowa
LawrenceChappellMr & Mrs104371943 June 29Uniform11 Logan, Iowa
LoraineChappellLady92721941 Mar. 8 1  Logan, Iowa
GenevieveCharlesLady26101930 Nov 8 2  Logan, Iowa
HarryChaseDavid Arthur132271953 Mar 11 1  Logan, Iowa David Arthur born Sept 10, 1952
JoanChaseYoung Lady 108371944 Feb 13Grad. L.H.S '441  Logan, Iowa
L. C.Chase3 children30221931 Dec 13 2   
L. C.ChaseMan46241934 Mar 12 22 Logan, Iowa
L. C.ChaseGroup 8 Group 34No Numberno date 4   
L. C., MrsChaseLady94651941 Oct 4 2  Logan, Iowa
L.CChaseGroup /show30731932 Apr 14 1  A show / program Her Majesty Love. Mat Hathaway, Marilyn Miller & Ben Lyon
Marcella ChaseYoung Lady 93411941 May 4Grad. L. H. S.1  Logan, Iowa
Marcella ChaseMan99301942 Sept 14Uniform1  Logan, Iowa
Marcella ChaseLady99781942 Oct 30 1  Logan, Iowa
Marcella ChaseLady103521943 Apr 25 2  Logan, Iowa
Thos. ChatburnMr & Mrs & Connie124981948 Nov 21 6  Magnolia, Iowa
TomChatburnConnie123671948 Jan 20 2  Magnolia, Iowa Connie born June 28, 1947
MargaretCherryLady81131937 July 8 8  Logan, Iowa
Thos., MrsCherryLady70301937 Feb. 13 2  Logan, Iowa
Motor DivisionChevrolet Parts Room 82651937 Dec 4McKinney & Seabury1  Omaha, Nebr. Capital & 9th St.
McKinney - Seabury Chevrolet Motor DivisionParts Room119261946 May 2 2  R. E. O'Brien, Chiv Motor Div. 90 Capital, Omaha, Nebr. Photgraphs of old parts - roon at McKinney - Seabury Motor Co., Logan, Iowa Purchase Order No. 199
HelenChewYoung Lady 93441941 May 4Grad L.H.S2  Logan, Iowa
Marion ChewYoung Man50511936 June 5Grad L.H.S1  Logan, Iowa
WillChewMr & Mrs106381943 Nov 16 4  Logan, Iowa
KennethChichesterMr & Mrs139201960 -rejects10  Co. Bluffs, Iowa
KennethChichesterMr & Mrs139201960 Nov 20 2  Co. Bluffs, Iowa
VirginiaChichesterYoung Lady125801949 Feb 26Grad L.H.S1  Logan, Iowa
JackChickMan86481938 Apr 28 31 Mo. Valley, Iowa
GladysChilesLady49501936 Feb 10 2  Mondamin, Iowa
HerbertChilesMan49361935 Jan 2 21 Woodbine, Iowa
HerbertChilesMan84061938 May 1 41 Woodbine, Iowa
Herbert A.ChilesDischarge Papers118871946 Feb 26 41 Woodbine, Iowa
A. C.ChristensenMan & Lady copy92281941 Jan 7 1  Moorehead, Iowa
KennethChristensenWedding Group134691955-rejects87 Blair, Nebr. 407 S Walker
KennethChristensenWedding Group134691955 Aug 13Wedding21 Blair, Nebr. 407 S Walker
Magnus ChristensenMan122691947 Sept 22 22 Woodbine, Iowa
Magnus AndrewsChristensenMan133021953 Nov 23 2  Woodbine, Iowa
AlmaChristiansenFamily Group127361949 Nov 23 1  Logan, Iowa
ErnestChristiansenGroup 4110551944 July 1 1  Logan, Iowa RR 3
HaroldChristiansenJohn D. & Jimmie48901935 Dec. 7 4  Logan, Iowa RR# 3
JimChristiansenYoung Man129261951 Jan 6Grad L.H. S1  Logan, Iowa
John ChristiansenYoung Man125621949 Jan 14Grad. L.H.S.11 Logan, Iowa
L. A.ChristiansenMr & Mrs106671943 Nov 27 3  Woodbine, Iowa R# 2
LouiseChristiansenYoung Lady 80571937 May 11Grad Beebeetown2  Beebeetown, Iowa
Minus A.ChristiansenMr & Mrs. 124171948 Apr 25 4  Woodbine, Iowa
ReneldaChristiansenYoung Lady124231948 May 7 11 Woodbine, Iowa
Walter A. ChristiansenGroup 5120421946 Nov 10 1 nWoodbine, Iowa Nov 5 1946 - Notson Studio - Logan, Ia. Dear Sirs: I am returning the proofs of our pictures we read today. Have marked a large X on the back of the one we want. We have decided we want 2 dozen instead of just 18. Drop me a card when they are ready. Thanks Mrs Walter Christiansen.
FredrickChristinsMr. & Mrs91331940 Oct 22Wedding1  Logan, Iowa W. F. Plath
HelenChristinsonLady24601930 May 21 2  Mo. Valley Iowa Master Breeders
DonChristoDonna119681946 Jul 8 2  Logan, Iowa Donna born July 8, 1942
DonChristoJerry Lynn121221947 Feb 12 2  Logan, Iowa Jerry Lynn born Nov 12, 1946
Don, MrsChristoDonna116391945 July 8 1  Logan, Iowa
Donald, MrsChristoMrs & Donna101511943 Jan 31 4  Omaha, Nebr. 2773 Clarkson Ave. Donna born 7 - 8 - 1942
Donald, MrsChristoMrs & Donna107681944 Jan 8 4  Logan, Iowa
Ferne, Mrs.ChristoChildren128761950 Oct 6 2   
Mary AnnChristophersonLady121671947 Mar 17 13 Logan, Iowa
MarilynnChristyLady127381949 Nov 26 2  Logan, Iowa
Charter of Chrysolite Lodge No 420 AF & A.M.Rules11576no date 1  Logan, Iowa Charter of Chrysolite Lodge 420 AF & AM
 Church of ChristBuilding138771960 May 17 1  Logan, Iowa
Donald O.ChurchillArmy Discharged115331945 Mar 29 2  Woodbine, Iowa
GeorgeChurchillMr & Mrs126831949 Oct 18 23 Woodbine, Iowa
VeraChurchillLady133461923? May 6rejects6   
Vera ChurchillLady133461923? May 6 1  Woodbine, Iowa 248 N.
DahrlClabaughYoung Man112581944 Nov 15Uniform2  Mo. Valley, Iowa s/o Gus Stueve RR 1
AdaClarkFamily Group 8129981951 Sept 9 11 Logan, Iowa
AdaClarkLady137801958 -rejects6  Logan, Iowa
AdaClarkLady137801958 Dec 1 2  Logan, Iowa
ArdithClarkLady86311939 Mar 31Easter ball Queen Contest1  Logan, Iowa
Ardith ClarkLady87511939 Sept 15 1  Logan, Iowa
Arthur & CalvinClarkYoung Men123221947 Nov 28 4  Logan, Iowa
C. I.ClarkGroup 651811926 July 3 2  Mo. Valley, Iowa RR 3
C.I.ClarkMr & Mrs105941943 Oct 23 4  Mo. Valley, Iowa
CalvinClarkMan103311943 Apr. 15 4  Logan, Iowa
CalvinClarkFamily Group's190321941 June 30     
Chas.ClarkFamily Group 1092161942 Dec. 29Uniform1  Mo. Valley, Iowa
Construction Co.ClarkRoad No Numberno date 1   
DanielClarkGary92001940 Dec 15 1  Logan, Iowa
DanielClarkRochelle121521947 Mar. 1 1  Logan, Iowa Rochelle born Mar 1 1946
DanielClarkYoung Man140101967 Apr. 19 1  Logan, Iowa
DannyClarkBoy13832no date 1   
DannyClarkBoy13832no daterejects6   
DarleneClarkLady138921960 July 26 1  Logan, Iowa
DarleneClarkLady13892no date 4   
DarleneClarkYoung Man & Lady141111967 Apr. 29 5  Co. Bluffs, Iowa
DarrelClarkMr & Mrs83181938 Feb 10 1  Chappell, Nebr.
DonClarkaccident by pool138231959 July 15 3  Logan, Iowa Atty Carl V. Burbridge, Bicycle Accident Near Swinning Pool.
DonnaClarkYoung Girl136181956 -rejects6  Logan, Iowa
Donna ClarkYoung Girl136181956 Dec 9 1  Logan, Iowa
Donna Lou, MrsClarkDanny129071950 Dec 6 6  Logan, Iowa Danny born Oct 23, 1049
Dorothy ClarkLady80181937 Apr 26 1  Logan, Iowa
EffieClarkLady103471943 Apr 23 1  Logan, Iowa
ElsieClarkLady4991926 July 3see Ralph Holton 516    
Ernest(Bud)ClarkYoung Man129991961 Sept 9Uniform22 Logan,Iowa
Fern ClarkHarvey43511933 Sept 25 1  River Sioux, Iowa
FrancesClarkYoung Lady 9030-B1940 May 21Grad. L.H.S1  Logan, Iowa
Frances, ClarkLady107071943 Dec. 5 2  Logan, Iowa
FrancisClarkFamily Group 3104541943 -rejects5  Orson, Iowa
FrancisClarkFamily Group 3104541943 July 18 1  Orson, Iowa
FrancisClarkLonnie Francis119781946 Aug. 8 2  Orson, Iowa Lonnie born June 10, 1946
FrancisClarkMr,Mrs, Linda & Lonnie121411947 Feb. 21 8  Orson, Iowa Linda born Jan. 18, 1943, Lonnie born June 10, 1946
FrancisClarkLarry Joe138691960 -rejects4  Mondamin, Iowa
FrancisClarkLarry Joe138691960 Mar 24 2  Mondamin, Iowa Larry Jo born 1 -21 - 1960
Francis ClarkLinda Ruth102791943 Mar 19 4  Orson, Iowa Linda born Jan. 18, 1943
Geo. W.ClarkMr & Mrs87611939 Oct 11 4  Pisgah, Iowa
George, Robert JermaineClarkYoung Men115361945 Apr 6Uniform7  Logan, Iowa
GlennClarkKenneth90371940 May 28 4  Logan, Iowa Kenneth born Sept. 23, 1939
GlennClarkKenneth123801948 Feb 14 13 Logan, Iowa Kenneth born Sept. 23, 1939
GlennClarkDavid132561953 -rejects8  Logan, Iowa
GlennClarkDavid 132561953 June 1 1  Logan, Iowa David born July 28, 1952
H. S. ClarkMr & Mrs82191937 Nov 5Golden Wedding4  Logan, Iowa
HaroldClarkYoung Man5007no date 1  Logan, Iowa % Wm Netsch
KarenClarkYoung Lady 135941956 Nov 13Homecoming Queen1  Logan, Iowa
KarenClarkProm Queen13594no daterejects6   
KermitClarkEdith44211933 Sept 28 1  Mondamin, Iowa
KermitClarkFamily Group 5130341951 Nov 23 1  Mondamin, Iowa
Kermit J.ClarkNorman44201933 Sept 28 1  Mondamin, Iowa
Kermit J.ClarkFamily Group 5100171942 Nov 22 1  Mondamin, Iowa
LeeClarkRemfro vs Clark96741942 Apr 3 3  Mo. Valley, Iowa Atty Carl V. Burbridge
LewisClarkBaby42761933 Sept 17 1  Logan, Iowa
Lewis ClarkKaren86491939 Apr 28 2  Logan, Iowa R# 2
Lewis CClarkMr & Mrs139271960 Dec 9 8  Logan, Iowa R#2 Box 212
Lewis C, MrsClarkLady45991933 Dec 12 1  Logan, Iowa
Lewis C.ClarkKaren Lucille110631944 July 8 2  Logan, iowa R# 2
Lewis C.ClarkMr & Mrs139271960-rejects1414 Logan,Iowa
Lewis C.ClarkChildren on Tractor122352no date 77  
Lewis H.ClarkMrs137171958 -rejects6  Logan, Iowa
Lewis H.ClarkMr & Lady137171958 -rejects4  Logan, Iowa
Lewis H.ClarkMr. 137171958 May 10Co. Campaign Supervisor Rep.5  Logan, Iowa
LucianClarkBaby3881923, Dec 29 4  Orson, Iowa
LucianClarkMan119291946 May 7 21 Orson, Iowa
Lucy MaeClarkYoung Lady 50121936 May 27Grad 1  Logan, Iowa
Lucy MaeClarkLady82601937 Dec 6 2  Logan, Iowa
Lucy MayClarkYoung Lady 42771953 Sept 17 1  Logan, Iowa
Marion ClarkYoung Man91761940 Dec 8 1  Woodbine, Iowa
MaryClarkLady91431940 Nov 2 3  Logan, Iowa
MaxClarkYoung Man4228193? Sept 1 2  Woodbine, Iowa
MaxClarkCass91871940 Dec 10 2  Woodbine, Iowa Cass born apr 8, 1940
MaxClarkMr,Mrs, 2 children107381943 Dec 12 4  Woodbine, Iowa
MaxClarkGroup & Children136171956 Dec. 8no picture11xLogan, Iowa
Max Clark 136171940 -rejects31 Logan, Iowa
MaxineClarkYoung Lady 80281937 Apr 28Grad4  Logan, Iowa
Monte D.ClarkDischarge Papers135531956 Apr 10Army 3  Logan, Iowa Armed Forces Separation, Air Force Certification
NaomiClarkYoung Lady108561944 Feb 20Grad. L.H.S.11 Logan, Iowa
Opal, MrsClarkLady - Mrs Max136281957 -rejects6  Logan, Iowa
Opal, MrsClarkLady136281957 Feb 7 1  Logan, Iowa
PaulClarkMan92171940 Dec 29uniform Army2  Mo. Valley, Iowa
RexClarkMr & Mrs117501945 Nov 22 6  Logan, Iowa
S.M., MrsClarkLady42271923 Sept 1 2  Woodbine, Iowa
VelmanClarkRoger103331943 Apr 16 2  Moorhead, Iowa Roger born Feb 18, 1943
VenaClarkLady81331937 July 21 12  Logan, Iowa
VirginiaClarkLady95241941 Dec 6 19  Logan, Iowa
VirginiaClarkYoung Lady103111942 Apr 4 11 Logan, Iowa
W.W.ClarkMan70861937 Apr 13 2  Omaha, Nebr. U. S. Rubber Co.
WaunetaClarkYoung Lady 92181941 Jan 2Grad. L.H.s.4  Mo. Valley, Iowa
WesClarkMan315no date 11  
ZolaClarkLady26791930 Nov. 26 2   
Donald PattyClark MeevesMr & Mrs139391961 JuneWedding1  Logan, Iowa
Donald ?Clark MeevesYoung Man & Lady139391961-rejects3   
Ardith Mary Catherine MaxineClark Owens MeckerLadies86321939 Mar 31see Owens, Mary Catherine2  Logan, Iowa
Road & QuarryClark Construction Co.Road Work137061958 Mar 18 51 Logan, Iowa
EarlClausenWarren Earl124181948 Apr. 25 4  Logan, Iowa Warren Earl birth Aug. 22 1947
Fred, Mrs.ClausenFreddie & Mother128911950 Nov. 12 4  Woodbine, Iowa Freddie birth Oct. 21, 1950
H. MrsClausenLady41371933 July 6 2  Logan, Iowa
HansClausenMan105891943 Oct 16glass neg.21 Logan, Iowa
KennethClausenYoung Man83691938 Mar 28Grad. L.H.S2  Portsmouth, Iowa
MarieClausen Lady3411925 Nov 30bad neg.6   
MarieClausenLady449192? May 3also Millie Netsch2  Porctors Waitress
Melvin, MrsClausenMrs. & Freddie129641951 May 8 1  Woodbine, Iowa
Melvin, MrsClausenMichael133501954 -rejects6  woodbine, Iowa
Melvin, MrsClausenMichael133501954 May 19 2  Woodbine, Iowa Michael born Apr 30, 1954
MildredClausenLady4521926 May 8 3  Logan, Iowa
Violet, MrsClausenLady136021956 Nov 14 1  Logan, Iowa %Mrs Otto Pieken
Violet, MrsClausenLady13602no daterejects6   
AndyClaussenYoung Man49641936 Mar 21 1   
BettyClaussenGirl70401937 Mar 6 1  Logan, Iowa
EarlClaussenMan85651938 Dec 18 2  Logan, Iowa
EarlClaussenMr & Mrs90991940 Sept 8Wedding2  Logan, Iowa
FredClaussenKenneth44291923 Sept 28 1  Persia, Iowa
FredClaussenMelvin44301933 Sept 18 1  Persia, Iowa
FredClaussenStanley44311933 Sept 28 1  Persia, Iowa
JeanClaussenGirl70391937 Mar 6 2  Logan, Iowa
PeteClaussenBull8757no date 1   
New WayCleanersBuilding60231936 Oct 31 1  Logan, Iowa
DeweyClevelandMr & Mrs50461936 June 4Wedding4  Woodbine, Iowa
DeweyClevelandLinda Kay123991948 Mar 12 2  Woodbine, Iowa Linda Kay born Oct 13, 1945
Dewey, MrsClevelandLinda Kay119191946 Apr 16 4  Woodbine, Iowa Linda Kay born Oct 13, 1945
DonaldClevelandYoung Man96021942 Jan 27 1  Woodbine, Iowa
DonaldClevelandNicky130811952 Feb 23 11nWoodbine, Iowa Nicky born Dec 9, 1949 Friday, Dear Mr Notson - Hid my negatives so good I couldn't find them - Had a terrible time deciding on the one I wanted. I guess Mom is going to get another different one & I want just one as Jenell & Miles & I are going to wait until Bernard comes home & have all the children taken together - that will be this summer. So I'll take one of these in the brown - no frame as I have one - I think it's the 5x7 I want - not the large but next size to it - Thanking you in advance, I remain Yours truly Maxine Cleveland Woodbine, Iowa
TrumanClevelandBlank Paper8385no date 1   
TrumanClevelandMr & Mrs112781944 Nov 19 4  Logan, Iowa
DickClevengerFord Wreck car46671934 July 7 3  Walter K Stewart,918 Valley Bldg., Des Moines, Iowa
Geo. ClevengerMr & Mrs3771925 Dec 15 2  Persia, Iowa Box 35 RR 1
GordonClevengerFamily Group137851958 -rejects1  Logan, Iowa
GordonClevengerFamily Group137851958 Dec 7 1  Logan, Iowa
GordonClevengerDebbie139741961 Nov 19 2  Logan, Iowa
GordonClevengerDebbie139741961 Nov 19rejects6  Logan, Iowa
GordonClevengerBillie139751961-rejects5  Logan, Iowa
GordonClevengerBillie139751961 Nov 19 2  Logan, Iowa
GordonClevengerBetty140951966 Oct 21Grad A. L.1  Co., Bluffs, Iowa
GordonClevengerBetty140951966 Oct 21rejects5  Co., Bluffs, Iowa
JohnClevengerMr & MRs138761944 -rejects14  Mondamin, Iowa
JohnClevengerMr & Mrs138761960 Apr 27 2  Mondamin, Iowa
R. C.ClevengerMr,Mrs & Children3071925 Sept 10 3  Persia, Iowa R# 1 Box 36
JohnClingmanChild with Dog24901930 June 14  4 Logan, Iowa
GeraldaneClinkenbeardYoung Lady29961931 Nov 21 2  Mo. Valley, Iowa 509 N 3rd.
John F.ClinkenbeardMan41781933 Aug 5 2 nMo. Valley, Iowa Aug 7, 1933, Iowa The Notson Studio, Kind Sir: The proofs of Mr C. picture at hand, and as he is with boy scouts at the lake he wanted me to return to you and state which --------. I like them both real well, and wish we could see both and I was writing and wandering if cost would be -------- to have two of the front view finished and one of the side view I think the side view very good too, but if the cost is more, just finish allthem of the front view. Very Resp. Mr John Clinkenvbeard P.S. Do you want the proofs.
DalbertClodfelderMr & Mrs70041936 Jan 1Wedding3  Omaha, Nebr.
DelbertClodfelderYoung Man49801936 May 1 1  Logan, Iowa
H.E.ClodfelderMr & Mrs85791939 Jan 11Golden wedding11nLogan, Iowa Mr & Mrs Theron Clodfelder, 419 S 24th St, Co. Bluffs, Iowa Dear Theron & Catherine: Here are the proofs: Mr & Mrs Clodfelder picked No 3 as their choice, which I think is very good. What do you think? Very truly Yours, Barb, Notson Studio Dear Barb; Their choices is my choice so you can go ahead and finish it up. You can make two (2). Theron C. 419 S 24th Co. Bluffs, Iowa
LyonalClodfelderYoung Man70851937 Apr 10 1  Logan, Iowa
LyonalClodfelderLyonal David103141943 Apr. 4 2  Logna, Iowa Lyonal David born 6 - 9 - 1942
Theron, Lynal Delbert ClodfelderYoung Men48651935 Nov 11 7  Logan, Iowa
Theron, Mr & MrsClodfelderYoung Man5075no dateWedding21 Co. Bluffs, Iowa Picture of Theron
 Clouds 9085no date 4   
FrankClulowMan92971941 Apr 6 1  Logan, Iowa
Jervaise ClulowYoung Lady 50171936 May 28Grad.1  Logan, Iowa
Jervaise, MissClulowLady92681941 Mar 1 2  Logan, Iowa
C. S.CobbH. S. Class26831031 Mpv 26 1  Sioux City, Iowa 2026 S Royce St.
ClydeCoberlyMr & Mrs48161935 June 7Wedding4  Woodbine, Iowa
Marion CoberlyLarry Gene91931940 Dec 13 1  Mo. Valley, Iowa RR 2 %Chester Nixon Larry Gene born May 1939?
S. H.CochranGroup Men60441936 Dec. 1see Ed Beck1   
IreneCodyLady96791942 Apr 10 2  Logan, Iowa
Dorothy Coe Young Lady81751937 Aug ?Beauty Contest1 nDunlap, Iowa Robson Clothing Dunlap, Iowa - Big flowers, two buttons at neck Wcollar.
KennethCoenenLinda122031947 May 24 6  Woodbine, Iowa Linda born Sept 4, 1946
Paul ACoeppenPaul & Lady104441943 July 10Uniform1  Logan, Iowa Sgt. F. C.
Paul A.CoeppenPaul & Lady104441943 July 10 8  Logan, Iowa
C. W., MrsCoffeltGroup & Mary Jeane28721931 Mar 9 4  Logan, Iowa
C. W., MrsCoffeltMary Jeane44161933 Sept 28 2  Logan, Iowa
JoeCoffeltMargaret Jo117221945 Oct 29 21 Logan, Iowa Margaret Jo born July 19, 1945
JoeCoffeltMan117231945 Oct 29Uniform Navy4  Logan, Iowa
JoeCoffeltMargaret Jo & Mickey122401947 July 25 8  Logan,Iowa Margaret Jo born July 19, 1945, Mickey born Feb 3, 1947
Mary JeanCoffeltYoung Lady86731939 May 19Grad. L.H.S.3  Logan, Iowa
Mary JeanCoffeltLady92691944 Mar 3 2  Logan, Iowa
Mary JeanCoffeltLady110731944 July 15 2  Logan, Iowa
Ida MayCoffeyFloral47481934 Dec 31 3  Logan, Iowa %Oscar Black
ArleneCoffmanGroup, ladies, childrenNo Numberno date 3   
CliveCoffmanBetty Jo41681933 Aug 2 2  Orson, Iowa
DarleneCoffmanLady86441939 Apr 24 2 nThurman, Ia. Apr 24, 1939 Dear. Mr Notson Please develop 12 appl. pictures as ordered of the enclosed proof, also 1/2 doz. pictures in folders. The folder I picked out was your best expensive I've forgotten the price. I'll call for these next Sat. if they are completed by then, also the pictures from the film i'm sending. Yours Truly, Darlene Coffman
DavidCoffmanMr & Mrs87041939 June 4Wedding1  Mo. Valley, Iowa
DavidCoffmanPaul92031940 Dec 17 2  Logan, Iowa Paul born Apr 13, 1940
DavidCoffmanLady , 2 Children100581942 Dec 5 6  Logan, Iowa
ElmerCoffmanMan113561945 Jan 2 2  Mondamin, Iowa
KennethCoffmanYoung Man87411939 Aug 12 1  Mo. Valley, Iowa
KennethCoffmanMr & Mrs90411940 June 2Wedding1  Magnolia, Iowa
LoisCoffmanLady116121945 June 12 1  Magnolia, Iowa
Pearl CoffmanKenneth Dale106211943 Nov 4 4  Logan, Iowa
PearleCoffmanLady116301945 June 22 4  Logan, Iowa
RoyCoffmanGirl5761926 Oct 17 2  Magnolia, Iowa
RoyCoffmanFamily Group 7107561943 Dec 25 11 Magnolia, Iowa
RoyCoffmanMr132171953 Feb 12 2  Magnolia, Iowa
RoyCoffmanMr & Mrs. 140771965 Jan 21Golden Wedding2  Magnolia, Iowa
RoyCoffmanMr & Mrs140771965 Jan 21Golden Wedding rejects10  Magnolia, Iowa
C. H, MrsCogswell 126271948   nPersia, Iowa Nov 21, 1948 Notson Studio, Logan, Iowa since sending in my order, Friday Nov. 19, I have been thiniking it over, and have decided to cancel my order - to have the enlarged photos from the small picture I send you, as I do not feel like putting so much expense into some thing that I am not sure that my Daughter would be pleased with, I will wait and talk it over with her later and if she thinks she would like it, why then I will have some enlarged. Thank you very much for your kindness, and I hope this has not caused you any inconvience. I had thought of having a Bronze finish instead of the Oil Painting or Water color, but that may be just as expensive, so I think I will wait until later. If you will kindly trturn the small picture, it you have a small narrow frame to fix it, I would be pleased to have it put in one, and if you will let me know cost of frame, I will send it as soon as I receive the picture. Yours Truly Mrs C. H. Cogswell, Box 458, Persia, Iowa
C. H, MrsCogswell 126271948-   nPersia, Iowa Nov 18, 1948 Notson Studio Logan, Iowa, Your letter received in regard to the small picture I sent you to be photographed: to a larger size and prices for same. As to the Oil painting, I had not thought of having that, but, I would like to leave them tinted with Water color, not printed as bright as the picture I sent but more like Pastel tinting. If you could do that I would like it much better then Oil. The coloring in the picture is just the right shades, as to Hair, Eyes and Everything, only a little deep which is one half size of size 5x7. I wish to have them for Christmas, and if her mother & dad like them I will have, 2 of the 5x7 made later. I think the likeness is very good. Her mother had planed to have some photographes taken 2 or 3 months before she was taken sick, but, they neglected from week to week, until to late, she was 12 when she passed away 4 years ago. We have several snap-shots and picture from time to time, and I have been trying to find some thing that, would look right, I think. However if you can not do that I will have the Oil. Now, I really do not need but two, one for her Brother who is near her age, and one for her mother & dad. I had this picture, and her Brother see it a short time ago and liked it very much, but am not sure about whether her Mother will like it. I am her Grandmother, and am not able to get out much as I am a semi-invalid, or I would have came over to see about them, but had to write for information instead. I have decided to have two 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 size to have photographed. I hope you will please excuse this not to brief note, and I will look forward to having two pictures 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 finished if you have any small narrow metal Frames, let me know please if not please put them in a small folder. Sincerely Mrs. C. H. Cogswell Box 458, Persia, Iowa
C. H, MrsCogswellGranddaughter126271948 nov 20 1 nPersia, Iowa Box 458, Granddaughter deceased 1944, Oct 21, 1948 Notson Studio, Logan, Iowa I am closing a little Picture of my Granddaughter, the only original one I have, she passed away 4 years ago. I wonder if you could photograph this to an enlargement, 5x7 inches, and also tint it like this one, if so i would like 3 of them and I would also like 4 of the one like this the same size 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches, tinted just the same, if you could do them, please let me know and I would like them as soon as possible and also the Price of same, if you cannot do them please return picture at once. Sincerely Mrs C.H. Cogswell Box 458 Persia, Iowa We have some very lovely tinted pictures of myother 2 grandchildren, very large ones, which was taken about 3 years ago now, which we like very much, and hope that you can do these for me.
DorisCohrsLady116241945 June 18 4  Logan, Iowa
ElmerCohrsCarroll60671936 Dec 12 2  Logan, Iowa
HarryCohrsGroup 3 & Boy92071940 Dec 23 1  Logan, Iowa
HermanCohrsBaby Girl29561931 Aug 19 4  Logan, Iowa
Robert CohrsYoung Man126421949 June 21 2  Logan, Iowa RR 2
L. ColburnLady106091943 Oct 29glass neg.2  pisgah, Iowa
Bessie, MrsColeLady106711943 Nov 27 2  Woodbine, Iowa
CliffordColeAlethea122431947 July 30 2  Woodbine, Iowa Alethea born May 28, 1931
MargaretColemanYoung Lady84361938 June 2 3  RR 1 Mo. Valley, Iowa
Vivian, MrsColliersBaby48131935 June 3 1  Logan, Iowa % Chas. Hodges
T. E.CollingsMr & Mrs60301932 Nov 12 4  Persia, Iowa
CalvinCollinsKenny107191943 Dec 8 6  Woodbine, Iowa
Edith, MrsCollinsLady109201944 Mar 29 2  Logan, Iowa
FaylorCollinsChildren108181944 Feb 5 6  Logan, Iowa RR 1
Flora, MrsCollinsLady25191930 July 23 4  Woodbine, Iowa
Harlan E.CollinsLinda133871954 Nov 5 11 Pisgah, Iowa Linda born 12 - 5 - 1053
HaroldCollinsMr & Mrs124051948 Mar 28Wedding22 Woodbine, Iowa
Violet, MrsCollinsLinda133871954 -rejects66 Pisgah, Iowa
Wm.Collinsyoung Man91841940 Dec 9 2  Woodbine, Iowa
Wm.CollinsMan139931962 -rejects6  Woodbine, Iowa
Wm.CollinsMan139931962 May 2Harr. Co. Supervisor1  Woodbine, Iowa
JohnCollins,JrMr & Mrs109511944 Apr. 4Wedding10  Persia, Iowa
 Columbus Picture CorpGroup People30961932 June 11 1  1514 Davenport St., Omaha, Nebr.
Willis J. ComfortLeslie Baby124641948 Sept 12 6  Orson, Iowa Leslie 3 mos.
AnitaComstockYoung Lady49921936 May 13Grad.3  Logan, Iowa
AnitaComstockLady101131942 Dec 29 21 Logan, Iowa %Mrs Faye Comstock
AnitaComstockLady8471-81938 Aug 9 12 Logan, Iowa
BenComstockMr & Mrs109751944 May 15 2  Logan, Iowa
Ben FranklinComstockRecord U.S. Contract Wake Island125501949 Jan ? 10  Logan, Iowa
BobComstockYoung Man94491941 Sept 13 1  Logan, Iowa
BobComstockMan & LadyNo Numberno date 77  
CadComstockFamily Group 588991939 Dec 24 12 Logan, Iowa
CadComstockCopy Nurse Motto94711944 Oct 10 1  Logan, Iowa
CadComstockHouse111171944 Aug 7 1  Logan, Iowa
DonComstockYoung Man103461943 Apr 23 22 Logan, Iowa
DonaldComstockYoung Man103091943 Apr 4Grad L. H. S.3  Logan, Iowa
DonaldComstockBirth Certificate103191943 Arp 3  1 Logan, Iowa
Edna, MrsComstockLady & Man118671946 Feb 19 3  Co. Bluffs, Iowa
FranklinComstockYoung Man49981936 May 17Grad.'363  Logan, Iowa
FranklinComstockMan87201939 July 5 4  Logan Iowa
J. P.ComstockMan30571932 Feb 27 6  Mo. Valley, Iowa
LeonComstockYoung Man48041935 May 22 2  Logan, Iowa
LeonComstockSandra Jo116441945 July 12 1  Logan, Iowa Sandra Jo born Oct 28, 1944
LeonComstockJudy116781945 Aug 26 1  Logan, Iowa Judy born Dec 21, 1942
LeonComstockLinda Jean122021947 May 22 1  Logan, Iowa
Leon, MrsComstockJudith110881944 July 25 6  Logan, Iowa Judith born Dec 21, 1942
Martha, MrsComstockLady122711947 Sept 2188 yrs old11 Logan, Iowa
RobertComstockYoung Man90541940 June 16Grad. L.H. S.2  Logan, Iowa
KeithCondersonGroup 3 & Boy13709no daterejects9   
Ed L.CondronGroup 8128291951 May 15 11 Woodbine, Iowa
CliffordConyersHattie Rosetta105041943 Aug 24glass neg.2  RR 3, Mo. Valley, Iowa hattie Rosette born 4 - 24 - 1943
Clifford, MrsConyersLady97511942 May 15 2  Logan, Iowa %C.A. Marshall RR 3
Clifford, MrsConyersClifford101201943 Jan 6Uniform1  Logan, Iowa %Clyde Marshall
Geo.ConyersMan132591953- rejects6  Logan, Iowa
Geo.ConyersMan132951953 Nov 8 2  Logan, Iowa
LaVernConyersLady29581951 Aug 22 5   
SabraConyersLady92501941 Jan 31 2 nWoodbine, Iowa Feb. 13, 1941 the Notson Studio, Logan, Iowa, Dear Madam: You may finish 1 dozen application pictures from the one I have chosen, and I trust you can remove the wrinkles or blemishes on the face and neck. I might be interested in a small tinted picture of the one taken in my coat. I'm not particular, really as to the size of it but wouldn't care to spend more than $1.50 for it. As I shan't be able to be down that way very soon, you may use your own judgment as to size and mounting. You may send all the pictures collect when finished. Miss Sabra Conyers, Woodbine, Iowa
SadieConyersYoung Lady108281944 Feb 9Grad. L.H.S. '4411 Logan, Iowa
F. H. CookMr & Mrs88601939 Dec 9 1  RR 1, Logan, Iowa
FredCookFamily Group 4132221953 Feb 25 1  Logan, Iowa
InaCookIna & Jerry104351943 June 25 2  Mondamin, Iowa
LloydCookMan522, 5241926 July 3see Ralph Holton 516    
Patricia A.CookLady138411959 Oct 29 1  7th & Normal, Woodbine, Iowa
Patricia A.CookLady138421959 - 2  Woodbine, Iow
Patricia A.CookLady138421959 Oct 29 3  7th & Normal, Woodbine, Iowa
VerdenCooneyBaby40741953 Apr 22 2  Dunlap, Iowa
Beverly CooperYoung Lady 125841949 Feb 28no picture 42xMondamin, Iowa
Charles C.CooperMan24011930 Mar 29 2  Mondamin, Iowa
DavidCooperMr & Mrs50621936 June 22Wedding2  Blencoe, Iowa Box 72
EstherCooperLady45601933 Sept 30 3  Logan, Iowa
GlenCooperMaryln Ann44861933 Sept 29 1  Mondamin, Iowa Ruffle over sleeve, Ruffle in front, Blue dress same slippers & hose.
H. E.CooperGroup84591938 June 12 2  Mo. Valley, Iowa RR 1
JackCooperMr & Mrs60431936 Nov 25 1  Rosalie, Nebr. RR 1 %John Nelling/Uelling?
JohnCooperPrisoner5631920 Sept 24see Prisoners 5634  Prisoners
AdaCopelandChildren with animals1861929 May 27 65  
BernardCopelandYoung Man26921930 Nov 27see Elsie Godden 26681  Logan, Iowa
Bernard Copelandcopy Hilton - Grade School Class137131958 Apr 29 1  Logan, Iowa
Frank B.CopelandGroup 4101151943 Jan 2 1  Logan, Iowa
HiltonCopelandSigns85741938 Dec 27Logan Business12 Logan, Iowa
HiltonCopelandOrchestra86071939 Mar 6 2  Logan, Iowa
HiltonCopelandOrchestra89521940 Mar 17see Orchestra9  Logan, Iowa
JoeCopelandYoung Man93501941 May 6Grad. L. H. S.2  Logan, Iowa
JoeCopelandYoung Man98881942 Aug 2 2  Logan, Iowa
Libbie, MrsCopelandLady124591948 Aug 27 2  Logan, Iowa
WalterCopelandYoung Man103451943 Apr 23Grad. L. H. S.3  Logan, Iowa
Walter R.CopelandYoung Man120931947 Jan 9uniform Army1   
Lee C., SuptCopleyMary Marie117761945 Dec 2 10  Mondamin, Iowa
C.S.Coppcopy H. S. Class26831931 Nov 26 1 x2026 S Royce St., Sioux City, Iowa
DonnaCoppYoung Lady114491945 Feb 15Grad. L.H.S11 Logan, Iowa
Lois JeanCoppYoung Lady108631944 Feb 21Grad. L. H. S.1  Logan, Iowa
RoyCoppBaby21301928 Junebad neg.1   
RoyCoppBaby29421931 July 10 2  Logan, Iowa
RoyCoppBaby46641934 June 16 2  Logan, Iowa
RoyCoppDiane113581944 Dec 28 6  Logan, Iowa Diane born Aug 29, 1943
RoyCoppFamily Group 7131821952 Nov 22 11 Mondamin, Iowa
RoyCoppMan133531943 June 5 21 Logan, Iowa
RoyCoppMan133531943-rejects4  Logan, Iow
Roy, MrsCoppJoyce Elaine42131933 Aug 26 2  Logan, Iowa
ElvinCoppleMr & Mrs90581940 July 3Wedding1  Logan, Iowa
ElvinCoppleJimmei & Michael119401946 May 29 4  Logan, Iowa Jimmie born July 3, 1942 Michael born May 29, 1945
Elvyn W.Coppleroad & Car Accident139481961 -rejects8   
Elvyn W.CoppleAccident 139481961 July 24 12 nElvyn W. Coople --- Ralph Spencer, Edna Straight Chev. No. 43-64 (Copple driving) Sue Ellen Spencer on Shetland Pony. Statement to Raymond A. Smith, Attty. Co Bluffs, Ia. Photographs to Iowa Nat'l Mutual Ins. Co. box 33 West Dodge Station, Omah, Neb.
Elvyn, Mrs EleanorCoppleLady137421958 Aug 1Campaign H. Co Treasurer1  Logan, Iowa
Evlyn, Mrs EleanorCoppleLady137421958 -rejects5  Logan, Iowa
H. L. CoppleJimmie-grandson101681943 Feb 23 2  Logan, Iowa Jimmie born July 3, 1942
J. H., MrsCoppleCasket 86041939 Feb 20 1  Logan, Iowa
LesterCoppleMr & Mrs135081955-rejects1213 Logan, Iowa
LesterCoppleMr & Mrs135081955 Dec 7 2  Logan, Iowa
MarjorieCoppleYoung Lady97291942 May 26 1  Logan, Iowa
C.P.CorbittMan101011942 Dec 16 1  Mo. Valley, Iowa RR 3 (W.H. Adams?)
J. F.CoulthardGroup 788391939 Dec 1 1  Logan, Iowa
DaleCourtneyYoung Man123851948 Feb 21Grad. L.H.S.11 Logan, Iowa
DarrellCourtneyYoung Man103101943 Apr 4Grad. L.H.S.1  Logan, Iowa
DarrellCourtneyYoung Man118101946 Jan 10 4  Logan, Iowa
H. E.CourtneyMan48401935 Sept 3 2  Logan, Iowa
JimCourtneyMr & Mrs106021943 Oct 26 2  Logan, Iowa
LoranCourtneyYoung Man93481941 May 5Grad. L. H. S.2  Logan, Iowa
LucilleCourtneyYoung Lady24801930 June 3 2  Logan, Iowa
Lucille CourtneyMen, & Ladies563no date 1212  
Lucille, MissCourtneyYoung Lady48931935 Dec 7bad neg.2  Logan, Iowa
Maraha & AngieCourtneyGirl's130191951 Oct 28 4  Logan, Iowa Marsha born Aug 6, 1939, Angie born Mar 4, 1941
MarjorieCourtneyYoung Lady108331944 Feb 13Grad. L.H.S.2  Logan, Iowa
MarjorieCourtneyYoung Lady114751945 Feb 25Grad. L.H.S2  Logan, Iowa
MarjorieCourtneyClaudia130181951 Oct 28 3  Logan, Iowa Claudia born Mar 11, 1949
MarshaCourtneyYoung Lady135961956 -rejects2   
MarshiaCourtneyYoung Lady135961956 Nov 13Logan Queen Attendant Homecoming3   
MarshiaCourtneyYoung Lady135961956 - rejects2   
MerleCourtneyMr & Mrs10464192? July 22 2  Logan, Iowa
MerleCourtneyMr & Mrs10464no dateUniform10   
EdithCowanChildren, Man,Lady, Dog & Garden49481no date 13   
FloydCowanMan7181927 Apr. 20 2   
FloydCowanMan103221943 Apr 9 21 Logan, Iowa Duvall & McKinney
Floyd L.CowanMan-parachute116341945 June 19Japanese Parachute Inciendiary Bobm6  Logan, Iowa Nightwatch
Floyd L.CowanAlley- N Ed Black Shoe Shop135551956 Apr 11 1  Logan, Iowa
Glen, MrsCowanLady96501942 Mar 13 2 nMondamin, Iowa RR 2 March 31, 1942 Dear Mrs. Notson, I am sending these prints back, I have checked the one I want a print made from so If you will make a print and send it to me as soon as possible. As I don't know when I will be able to get over there these roads are terrible. Fix some of that stragling hair if you can. Thank You. Sincerely, Mrs Glen Cowan
Mrs.CowanLady & Child529no date 2   
Mrs.CowanBoy527-21926 July 10 2   
VirgilCowanMan29451931 July 13 2  Logan, Iowa
VirgilCowanMan96701942 Nov 30 4 nWoodbine, Iowa note Longmont, Colo. Nov 6, 1946 Notson Studio, Logan, Iowa Mr Notson: I have been wondering if you keep your old negatives. I have proofs of pictures taken of Mr. Cowan in 1942. About Mar or April I believe at least before May. I would like to have a few more finished if you do. Please finisch 4 of the one I enclose and mail them to me C.O.D. sincerely, Mrs Olive Cowan, 16 Knox Ave., Longmont Colo.
A. L.CoxCorvin Lee grandson42561933 Sept 10 2 nWoodbine, Iowa Sept, 14, 1933 Mr. Notson: I like both of them they are sure good, but I want the one what I put a cross on now. I might want to get the other one later on. That is if you keep them. When will they be finish. So if we come down we cn run in and get it or we can send you the postage to mail it to us. Yours Mrs A. F. Cox, Woodbine Iowa %A.L. Cox
Arthur CoxMr & Mrs131101952 June 4 4  Woodbine, Iowa
BernadineCoxLady85401938 Dec 5x find note11nWoodbine, Iowa Dec 7, 1938 Notson Studio, Logan, Iowa, Gentlemen: I have indecated the proof which I have chosen with an "x", on the back. I assume the white spot at the top of one tooth (caused by a filling!) will be eleminated - also the white speck in my hair! As far as I know now, my father will call for the finished pictures in a week or ten days. If this is not possible however, I will notify you, and other arrangements can be made. Yours Very Truly Bernadine Cox.
Dewey CoxBaby595192? Nov 27bad neg.2  Moorhead, Iowa RR 3 lace dress.
DonaldCoxDonnie126051949 Apr 4 2  Dunlap, Iowa Donnie born July 16, 1948
DonaldCoxDaryl134861955 -rejects6  Dunlap, Iowa
Donald CoxDaryl134861955 Oct 18 2  Dunlap, Iowa Daryl born Dec 23, 1955
Earl, MrsCoxMr & Mrs88761939 Dec 11 4  Woodbine, Iowa
EdithCoxLady2801925 May 22  1 Logan, Iowa
HowardCoxMan94081941 Aug 17 22 Logan, Iowa
HowardCoxMr & Mrs100121942 Nov 21Uniform Navy5  Logan, Iowa
HowardCoxGroup 3 & Boy107581942 Dec 27 1  Logan, Iowa
Howard, MrsCoxMrs & Kermit105761943 Oct 12glass neg.6  Logan, Iowa Kermit born June 29, 1943
Iva MaeCoxYoung Lady81681937 Aug 9Beauty Contest1 nWoodbine, Iowa Gamble Store, bouquet of blue flowers on pink dress. Ruffed looking sleeve.
MelvinCoxMelva Jane & Judy Mae135141955-rejects10  Moorhead, Iowa
MelvinCoxMelva Jane & Judy Mae135141955 Dec 27 4  Moorhead, Iowa Melva Jane born Nov 17, 1950 Judy Mae born May 2 1955
Melvin A.CoxMelva Jane 129801951 July 9 4  Moorhead, Iowa Melva Jane born Nov 17 1950
S. E. CoxMan28121931 Jan 10 2  Dunlap, Iowa
Vera ICoxLady6131926 Dec 3 2  Logan, Iowa
Versal E.CoxMan94331941 Sept 8 4  Moorhead, Iowa
Donald D. Margaret E. Cox MillerMr & Mrs122591947 Sept 5Wedding22 Moorhead, Iowa
ClarkCoyleMr & Mrs85341938 Nov 30Wedding12  Pisgah, Iowa
ClarkCoyleMerna & Ronnie122041947 May 24 4  Pisgah, Iowa Merna born Nov 20, 1940 - Ronnie born May 24, 1946
Derrell A.CoyleBoy & Girl13155no date 7  Orson, Iowa
ElvaCoyleLady100201942 Nov 23 1  Orson, Iowa
ElvaCoyleGroup Children101211942 Jan 63rd Grade 1  Pisgah, Iowa Copy of Neg 2447 3rd Grade School Picture.
ElvaCoyleMan101771943 Mar 1 1  Pisgah, Iowa
Harrison CoyleGirl5041926 June 23 2  Orson, Iowa
Harrison CoyleFamily Group49041935 Dec 14 2  Orson, Iowa
Harrison CoyleMan94221941 Sept 6 2  Orson, Iowa
Harrison CoyleMr & Mrs119221946 Apr 20 6  Orson, Iowa
Ralph CoyleDarrell43271933 Sept 23 3 nOrson, Iowa boy - buttons on shoulder of sweater Oct 13, 1933 Dear Sir: Enlarge one picture we will come after it. Yours Truly, Mr Ralph Coyle, Orson Iowa
Rex E.CoyleMr & Mrs84421938 June 10Wedding2  Havelock, Iowa
CharleneCrabbBaby82631937 Dec 7 2  Logan, Iowa
HowardCraftJanet & Richard131931952 Dec 7 8  Logan, Iowa Janet born Mar 27, 1950, Richard born Feb 14, 1951
MaryCraftLady4891926 May 28 1  Logan, Iowa
Otis, MrsCraftCasket & Flowers129491951 Feb 11 1  Logan, Iowa
Geo., MrsCrainYoung Man87681939 Oct 23 1  Mo. Valley, Iowa
C.E., MrsCramerCarol Lee46411934 Apr 3 1  Logan, Iowa
CorrineCrandallLady88281939 Nov 28 1 nWoodbine, Iowa December 5, '39 Dear Sir: Would like another large picture made up- tinited, and in frame, as one with order. If you will mail them, please send C.O.D., if not, let me know when ready and will call for them. Thank You. Yours Truly, Corine Crandall. Can my hair line be straighten up a little? Also the wrinkle in my nceck - Will need have another large one made right now. Please mail pictures to me. Corine Crandall
CorrineCrandallLady92741941 Mar 11 2  Woodbine, Iowa
JackCrandallMan with horse101221943 Jan 6Light Running Plano2  Woodbine, Iowa
O.B.CrandallLady92751941 Mar 11 1  Woodbine, Iowa
BettyCraneChildren & Man60no date 1611  
BettyCraneChildren68no date 75  
BettyCraneLadies & boy146no date 44  
BillCraneLady46081934 Jan 25 12 Logan, Iowa
E.E.CraneMr &Mrs105251943 Sept 17glass neg.4  Woodbine, Iowa
E.E.CranstonYoung Lady118951945 Dec. 1  Logan, Iowa
AdamsCreekCreek out 115531945 Apr 25 11  Atty Carl V. Burbridge. Adams Creek Walter - Wm Plumer Co., I.C.R.R.C. & N.W.R.R.
James EvelynCregor PlathMr & Mrs128271950 May 14Wedding22 Logan, Iowa
EthelCressYoung Lady41201933 June 20 2  Magnolia, Iowa
James CressYoung Man82731937 Dec 11 4 nMagnolia, Iowa December 15, 1937 Notson Studio, Logan, Iowa Dear Barb: Received the proofs this morning. Had wuite a time deciding which one we wanted finished. Have marked on the back the one we want. We want a half a dozen 3 1/2 x 5. Will you finish me one 3 1/2 x 5 like the one marked 1 and not put it in a folder if not too expdensive. Send the other 2 to us (the extra one and one like the others). This is a pretty nice place to be especially in the winter. We have had some grand weather. You don't need a coat in the daytime. We have a good job, plenty to eat and a good bed. Like it fine. Be looking for you. Your Friend, Viola 786 Chester Ave., San Marino, Calif. PS If this check for $5 doesn't cover everything please let us know and we will send you the difference.
W. B.CrewdsonMan, Ladies, Home4201no date 41  
W.B, Rev.CrewdsonRev. & Mrs46271934 Mar 1660th Wedding6  Logan, Iowa
Leslie, MrsCrewsBaby29101931 May 2 2  Pisgah, Iowa
JuddCrockerroad scene91461940 Nov 8 2  Martin Jensen vs Greenberg
Judd Crockercar 112171944 Nov 19 1  Order of R. S Wiles, Harry Bloom's burned car
Judd W.Crockeraccident road47851935 April 16 3  Judd W. Crocker & Associates, Clain Dept. Al Hummel - Adjustor 424 Farman Bldg. Omaha, Nebraska
Judd W.Crockercar accident118561946 Feb 12 4  Judd W. Crocker Clains Service, Wreck Iver Johnson - James Pagliars
Geo. R.CrokerYoung Man97971942 May 26 1  Ames, Iowa 2217 Storm St. White jacket, plan sweater , striped shirt.
EverettCrom Young Man282no date 4   
EverettCromYoung Man721192? Aprsee Harold Freymullar 7202  Rt 1, Missouri Valley, Iowa Basketball
EverettCromMr & Mrs46001933 Dec 12 3  Logan, Iowa
AnthonyCrossCarol Lee Anderson123021947 Nov 8 22 Mondamin, Iowa Carol Lee born Apr 7, 1947
C. F.CrossMan27011930 Nov 28 11x 
C.F.CrossMan25731950 Aug. 28 2  Logan, Iowa
C.F.CrossDog3040193? Jan 22 2  Logan, Iowa
C.F., MrsCrossMan122651947 Sept 13Uniform Navy2  Logan, Iowa
Isabelle CrossLady & Dog28231931 Jan 17 1  Logan, Iowa
 Cross2 Men Building BridgeNo Numberno date 39  
BobCrouchJanice Kay82811937 Dec 14 8  Logan, Iowa
BobCrouchMother83861938Masonic Lodge31 Logan, Iowa
EleanoreCroweLady26111930 Nov 8 2  Logan, Iowa
NancyCroweYoung Lady41751933 Aug 8 1 nLogan, Iowa Co. Bluffs, Ia. Dec 11 '33 Mr Lee Notson, Logan, IA. Dear Sir: Enclosed find $5.90 for 4 picture of Nancy in folders finished from the same one I got. Resp. Yours Mrs Delight E Crowe, 513 So. First St., Council Bluffs, Ia.
DavidCruiseEdward109261944 Apr 2 3  Dunlap, Iowa
DavidCruiseMr & Mrs109271944 Apr 2 4  Dunlap, Iowa
Ralph CueMaryln44231933 Sept 28 1  Dunlap, Iowa RR 1
Ralph CueMaynard & Cledith44241933 Sept 28 1  Dunlap, Iowa
Ralph D.CulbertsonMan98001942 May 26 1  Whiting, Iowa D. Royce Holmes
H. J.CullivanCar Wreck49521936 Feb 10 5  Mo. Valley, Iowa Car Wreck with Beer Truck
Jeane & JessieCulverChildren43421933 Sept 25 2  Dunlap, Iowa
LewisCulverChild47711935 Mar 19 4  Dunlap, Iowa
Louis CulverMan94371944 Sept 8AAA2  Dunlap, Iowa
Chester CunninghamMan91771940 Dec 8 1  Dunlap, Iowa % Harry Hopkins
PaulCuppyPaul Richard135-31955 -rejects4  Woodbine, Iowa
PaulCuppyPaul Richard135-31955 Dec 19 1  Woodbine, Iowa Pual Richard born Nov 7 1955 %Cuppy Cleaners
MissCurlessLady2740no date 2   
Ben CurtisWheeler41961933 Aug 16 2   
Ben, MrsCurtisMrs & Wheeler40301932 Nov 12 2  Logan, Iowa
Ben, MrsCurtisMrs & Wheeler89771940 Mar 30 6  Logan, Iowa
Donal F.CurtisMr & Mrs106231943 Nov 4Wedding Uniform1  Woodbine, Iowa % R. L. Messenger
WheelerCurtis Young Man89781940 Mar 30 4  Logan, Iowa
WheelerCurtisEagle Scout111291944 Aug 29 1   
WalterCusterRobert43831933 Sept 27 1  Persia, Iowa
Walter CusterKenneth43821933 Sept 27 1 nPersia, Iowa Oct. 11, 1933 Mr. Notson, Please finish one eadch of Kenneth and Robert. The baby picture isn't my must have been sent to me by mistake. Mrs Walter Kuster, Persia, Iowa
B. H.CutlerByran,Clark, Neil49571936 Feb 22only 1 boy1  Dunlap, Iowa Mrs. B. H. Cutler, 808 Charleston, Mattoon, Ia.
C. L., MrCutlerMan24041930 Apr 4 2  Logan, Iowa
DorisCutlerLadies, Man, & Children453no date  7  
DorisCutlerLady24871930 June 16glass neg.2  Logan, Iowa
DorisCutlerLady81721937 Aug. 11 11 Logan, Iowa
EugeneCutlerCol. Prohaska Family125521949 Jan. 4 1  Logan, Iowa
Feed & ProduceCutlerGroup men, Truck, Washing Machine81881937 Aug 18Another Car of Meadows Washers2  Logan, Iowa
GlenCutlerMan27281930 Dec 3 2   
GlenCutlerMr & Mrs81321937 July 21Wedding2  Logan, Iowa
GlenCutlerBaby John85361938, Dec 1 2  Logan, Iowa John born Sept 27, 1938
GlenCutlerMrs & John89311940 Feb 16 1  Logan, Iowa John born Sept 27, 1938
GlenCutlerJohn9490? Nov 15 1  Logan, Iowa John born Sept 27, 1938
HenryCutlerYoung Man108531944 Feb 20Grad L.H.S.1  Logan, Iowa
KennethCutlerYoung Man4591926 May 13 1  Mo. Valley, Iow RR 1 H.C. Cutler
L. CCutlerMan30361931 Jan 8 6  Logan, Iowa
Ralph CutlerMan3161925 Nov 5 2  Logan, Iowa
Ralph CutlerMan120321946 Oct 27 6  Logan, Iowa