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      Aaron D Hoyer Diary

Originally transcribed by Jessie Burkholder Peckenpaugh
preserving the original spellings and punctuation.
Transcribed for the Harrison County Iowa USGenWeb
by his descendant John Burkholder (email napagrappa@yahoo.com).

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Sun. Jan. 1, 1899 � We all staid at home visiting with Frank. Mr. & Mrs. Reiff, Minnie and Paul were here to supper this evening & staid late visiting. Jesse was here.

Mon. Jan. 2 � We visited with Frank until time to go to the train. Frank left this afternoon. The boys took Jess's buggy pole in, that was broken yesterday, to get a new one made. It was cold the last few days.

Tues. Jan. 3 � The boys fixed the grinder & ground and shelled a load of corn and cut the rest of the fodder that was on the hay rack. I helped them some. I fixed the vice that was broke last summer. Warm today.

Wed. Jan. 4 � The boys hauled in straw, filled the barn with it. They then went to town. Ma & Bertha went with them as far as Reiffs to Missionary Meeting. I choped a little wood. Jack Meadows had a sow here to breed.

Thurs. Jan. 5 � The boys cleaned out the Ice house. There was a good bit of ice in yet. They went over to Teals this evening.

Fri. Jan. 6 � It snowed a couple of inches last night. the boys were out with the gun, got a rabbit. They were down to the pond to cut ice but could do nothing with our saw. Louis, Herb & Millie went down to Page's to congratulate the newly married couple, Ed & Lulu. Harold Reiff & Miss Mendenhall & W.W. Tuttle were there also.

Sat. Jan. 7 � Louis, Herb & Millie were to town. I choped a little wood. Floyd Kinne was here to take a lesson on the violin from Herb. Ma took sick this evening.

Sun. Jan. 8 � We had a bad time last night to ease Ma from the great pain, hot water & mustard plaster done it. She is much better today but must keep in bed. Jesse, Louis, Herb & Millie were to S.S.

Mon. Jan. 9 � The boys were over to the river & brought four loads of ice. Jack Meadows & Fin. Dunlap helped with their teams. Ice is sixteen inches thick. They made only one trip today.

Tues. Jan. 10 � The boys & Meadows & Dunlap each brought another load of ice and packed it in the Ice House, which makes eight loads, sixteen inches thick. They worked about one day and a half at the ice.

Wed. Jan. 11 � It is misty this morning, very cloudy & wind from the south, looks very much for rain. Got the ice in just in time. There is room for another load but we think we will have a plenty of it if it keeps as well as it usually did. The boys were to town. They ground some after they came from town. Herb was up to Younts before supper.

Thurs. Jan. 12 � Herb went to town & Louis chored around & made trays etc. for his Photo outfit. Dell straight was here & bought two steers & a heiffer lumped at $110.00 for I.A. DeCou.

Fri. Jan. 13 � Louis took Herb to the early train, he is going to Chicago to learn the barber business. Louis afternoon chored around & made a box for a ruby light for his Photo outfit. Harold lost his bib pin, we are afraid he swallowed it.

Sat. Jan. 14 � There are two men here from the Harris Grove. They each bought a W.P.R. cockerel. Louis was to town this afternoon. He came home late. We took the cattle over to DeCous this morning.

Sun. Jan. 15 � Louis, Millie & Jesse were to S.S. This was a very fine day.

Mon. Jan. 16 � Louis chored around. After dinner he, Millie & Bertha went to town. It snowed a little today, but not enough to make the ground white.

Tues. Jan. 17 � Louis helped the girls to wash & made a couple of Developer trays & choped down five small cottonwood trees for fire wood.

Wed. Jan. 18 � Herb came back from Chicago this afternoon. It did not suit him there. Louis made a picture of Harold then went over to Kigers and took one of their baby. It is cold again for a couple of days past.

Thurs. Jan. 19 � The boys ground corn & oats. After dinner Herb, Bertha & Millie went to town Louis choped some trees down for wood. I helped him a little & took care of Harold.

Fri. Jan. 20 � Louis & Herb carried a lot of potatoes out of the cave that were frozen. After dinner Louis, herb & Bertha went down to Pages. Millie went as far a Reiffs where she stoped with Minnie until the others came back from pages. This was a very warm day.

Sat. Jan. 21 � There were tow tree agents here all forenoon, good talkers, working for Kennedy Bros of Montrose, Iowa. The boys were to town this afternoon. The roan cow droped a bull calf, the first from Trustie. The young folks went over to Damerys to a birthday party this evening.

Sun. Jan 22 � Jesse was here to dinner. Millie & he went to S.S. Frank Haas was here visiting with Louis & Herb all afternoon. This was a warm day.

Mon. Jan. 23 � We tried to deliver a calf from Mott. Mr. Dunlap & Jack Meadows help us. We worked at her about two hours, then Louis went over to Straights & phoned to Dunlap for Dr. Manchester. He came at half past two o'clock. it was near five o'clock when we got the calf from her, he had to take it from her in pieces. The cow is pretty sick.

Tues. Jan. 24 � Louis trimed the trees up around the house and was over to Damerys & Dunlaps. Herb, Bertha and Millie were to town. Louis went over to Damery's to practice for the last day of school this term.

Wed. Jan. 25 � Louis & Herb choped down trees and trimed up some. Louis went to town after dinner. I choped a little wood. Weather warm & cloudy. It rained a little this evening.

Thurs. Jan. 26 � It snowed a little last night with a heavy wind. Thermometer four above zero this morning. The boys helped to wash.

Fri. Jan. 27 � The boys went to town today. It was cold & windy.

Sat. Jan. 28 � It snowed some last night and was very windy all day & cold. The boys were to town this afternoon. Therm. below zero.

Sunday Jan. 29 � It was cold today. No one was to S.S. from here. Therm 10 degrees below zero. Jesse came this evening. Herb is sick.

Mon. Jan. 30 � It was cold today. Therm. this morning at sunrise was 14 below zero. Louis was to town for Medicine for Mott & was over to Dunlap's this evening.

Tues. Jan. 31 � Louis printed a few pictures, chored around & attended to Mott. he gave her medicine at intervals during last night & today, but says he can't see that she is getting any better. Herb & I have taken a very cold so that neither of us can go out. The therm at sunrise was eight below zero.

Wed. Feb. 1, 1899 � It is still cold. Louis ground a little before dinner. he then went to town & got four bus. of Timothy seed from Frank Porter at $1.30 per bus. Bertha was up to the Missionary Meeting at Reiffs. Herb & I are still on the sick list.

Thurs. Feb. 2 � The boys helped to wash this forenoon & this afternoon Louis made pictures. I sawed a little wood. it is still cold. 2 below. Mott is geting better, eats a little.

Fri. Feb. 3 � Louis mounted some pictures, then the boys & Bertha went to town. I churned & took care of the baby. It is still very cold.

Sat. Feb 4 � Louis & Herb cut down Cottonwood trees until noon. Then Louis went to town. Herb staid in the house as he did not feel well. He has a very bad cold for about a week past. I choped a little wood. Louis went up to Reiffs this evening. It was pretty cold today, 4 below zero.

Sun. Feb. 5 � Jesse came in time for dinner. Louis, Jesse & Millie were to S.S. Ten degrees below zero this morning at sunrise.

Mon. Feb. 6 � Louis took Millie to town this morning. She is going to visit with Mr. Wm. Tuttle until tomorrow. We shelled a load of corn & ground feed this afternoon. This was a pleasant day. It was even zero this morning. Louis & Herb went over to Dunlaps to practice for the entertainment.

Tues. Feb. 7 � It is cold again, 6 below zero. Louis went to town to order seed to make a pasture next spring. Herb was down to the school house this afternoon. Millie came home with Louis this evening.

Wed. Feb. 8 � Therm. was 20 below zero this morning. The boys were down to the school to help them with their dialog for the exercises next week. The boys went over to Dunlaps this evening to practice.

Thurs. Feb. 9 � It is very cold, Therm. 24 below zero. The boys went down to the School house this afternoon. I sawed & split some wood today. The boys staid at home this eve. Therm was 32 below in Woodbine this morning.

Fri. Feb. 10 � Therm. was 6 below this morning and snowed quite a bit. Louis took another picture of the farm building. He also cut down a couple of cottonwood trees. I churned. Herb is not geting any better of his cold. He took a good sweat today. Louis was down to Meadows this evening.

Sat. Feb. 11 � Therm. 32 below zero in town, 24 below at our therm. Too cold to be out long at a time. Louis went to town with Tom Kiger who stoped here on his way to town.

Sun. Feb. 12 � Therm 26 below zero, very cold. Jesse, Millie & Louis were to S.S. Mott died this morning early. We draged her out in the north hog yard.

Mon. Feb. 13 � It was windy & cold today. Louis went to town this afternoon. 2 below zero. Louis took the wash down to Meadows. Herb is geting better but done nothing today. I done nothing today.

Tues. Feb. 14 � Louis was down to Reiffs & Wm. Yeagers to invite them to the weding. Herb cut down some trees. After Louis came home they ground some corn & oats for feed.

Wed. Feb. 15 � Louis & Herb were to town. O.J. Hooks was here and assessed us. I churned, swept rooms. This was a fine day. Frank Teal was here to get Louis to haul corn for him.

Thurs. Feb. 16 � The boys were down to the school this forenoon. I helped around the house. Jesse & Millie were married this evening at five o'clock. Mr. & Mrs. Reiff, Mr. Yount, Harry, Amy & children, Wm. Yeager & family, Mr. Burkholder. Mr. Lillie from Woodbine performed the ceremony.

Fri. Feb. 17 � Millie & Jesse went down to Yeagers. Bertha & Herb were visiting up to Harrison Younts. Mrs. Yount is better today. Louis welded a broken iron box iron and rivited it on. Charlie Damery & Fred Reiff were here to have their pictures taken. Mr. Dunlap had a cow served today.

Sat. Feb. 18 � Louis made a tripod for his Kodak. Herb choped a little wood. I worked in the house. Millie & Jesse came home in time for dinner. Herb & louis were to town this afternoon. Carrie, Annie & baby Damery were here & had the baby's picture taken. Louis, Herb, Jesse & Millie went up to Younts this evening.

Sun. Feb. 19 � Jesse, Millie & Louis were to S.S. Frank & Grace Teal were here this afternoon.

Mon. Feb. 20 � Jesse was to town this morning. Louis hauled a load of corn up to Gilchrists for Frank Teal this morning. this afternoon Jesse, Herb, Louis & I sawed & split wood. Millie & Jesse went up to Younts this evening.

Tues. Feb. 21 � The boys got up the wood from the grove to split into stove wood. They ground some. Bertha & the boys were over to the School house & over to Burks. They brought an old mower that Herb gave us. Millie, Jesse, herb, Bertha & Louis were in town to the Farmers Institute Meeting which commenced this evening.

Wed. Feb. 22 � Ma, Louis & I were to town to the Farmers Institute. Herb was over to H. DeCou's farm to help Jesse to split wood to stove size. Bertha & Millie staid at home. It snowed & blowed all evening.

Thurs. Feb. 23 � It stormed during the night & blew a regular blizzard. Louis had ugly weather to go home last evening. Ma & I staid at I.A. DeCous last night & took our meals with them. We came home this evening. The weather is nice but cold. Therm. 6 below zero. Mr. DeCou and I were to a Minstrel Show in the Opera House last evening.

Fri. Feb. 24 � Herb & Louis split wood. Jesse, Millie & Ma were to Dunlap to buy some household goods to start house keeping. I worked in the house. This evening we were down to an entertainment in the Schoolhouse by the school children. It was fine. It was eleven o'clock when they got through their exercizes.

Sat. Feb. 25 � Louis, Herb, Jesse & Millie were to town. They bought dishes and kitchen ware. It commenced to snow about four o'clock and is still snowing at nine o'clock P.M. Harold & Paul Reiff were here for the sheller but they did not take it, as it needs repairs.

Sun. Feb. 26 � It snowed considerable during the night and is still very cloudy as if there was more snow to fall. Mr. Samuel DeCou was buried today, he was ninety years old. Jesse, Millie went up to Younts to stay over night. Therm. zero this morning.

Mon. Feb. 27 � Jesse & Millie were up to Younts all day. Jesse helped Harry to haul up his wood from the creek. The boys did not do much. Louis printed a lot of pictures. Therm. 6 below.

Tues. Feb. 28 � Jesse, Herb & Louis were to town & the Mill. They brought Jess's stoves out & put them up & started fire in them, they do first rate. Charly Damery, Annie & Jesse were here for their pictures but they are not finished yet.

Wed. March 1, 1899 � Mr. Burkholder came over with his wagon & took a load of goods over for Jesse. Louis took three hogs to town, 810 lbs. sold for $3.30. Louis brought a load of furniture out for Jesse. Bertha & Herb were over to help them.

Thurs. Mar. 2 � Herb went over to haul up wood for Jesse. Louis ground some feed then went to Geo. Benedict's sale. He thought he would get a couple of red poles but the brought more than he was willing to give.

Fri. Mar. 3 � Herb did not come home last night. Louis got some potatoes out of the cave, cleaned out the hen house, choped down some trees. Herb & Millie were here awhile this evening. They came over for some more things.

Sat. Mar. 4 � Herb is still helping Jesse at H. DeCou's farm. Louis was to town. He took six roosters to sell, he brought three back, sold three. The snow is going away slow.

Sun. Mar. 5 � This was a cold day. Two tramps were here to dinner. Jesse & Millie were here awhile this evening.

Mon. Mar. 6 � Herb was to town. Louis choped down a row of cottonwoods in the grove. Annie Damery was here this afternoon. Louis, Herb & I were down to the School house to help elect a Sub Director. Mr. Dunlap was elected. I sawed some wood today. It was pretty cold today. Two degrees above zero this morning.

Tues. Mar. 7 � Herb & Louis was to town this morning. Louis choped down some trees. Herb helped some this afternoon. Ma, Louis & I were over to Dunlaps to a birthday party. Mrs. Dunlap is thirty eight years old today. Bought a calf from George Duvol & brought coal.

Wed. Mar. 8 � The boys ground some feed & sawed some wood. Herb & Bertha were to town, Bertha to have a tooth drawn. Ma & Harold stayed at Millies until Herb & Bertha came back. Louis drilled holes in the ld mower wheels to bolt them together. This was a fine day.

Thurs. Mar. 9 � Louis went to Mo Valley to a meeting of the directors of the Harrison County Fair Association of which Louis is a director. Herb split some wood. We then all went over to Damery's to a surprise party. Mrs. Damery's forty-ninth Birthday is today.

Fri. Mar. 10 � Louis & Herb were to town & got the buggy fixed at Evens Blacksmith. I took an old mower apart. Jesse & Millie were here this evening. We all went to the Chicken Pie Supper at the School House.

Sat. Mar. 11 � The boys sawed wood awhile this morning but it snowed and was so wet they quit. It snowed all day & blew a regular blizzard, but not cold. Louis made a developing tray. I cleaned the weed seeds out of a bushel of clover seed we had left last spring.

Sun. Mar. 12 � Louis & Bertha were to S.S. Herb, Ma & I stayed at home.

Mon. Mar. 13 � Yellow Smoke an Omaha Indian Chief was here today. He was here several times before but not for a long time. Louis took a snap shot of him but did not get a picture of him. He would not sit for his picture.

Tues. Mar. 14 � It snowed and sleeted today, was very bad until noon. Harold got very sick. We sent for the Doctor. He staid here quite awhile. Jesse & Millie & Maud came over to see how Harold is. We were all scared, we thought he would die, he was so sick this afternoon.

Wed. Mar. 15 � Maud staid all night to assist us. The boys were to town. Harold was better this morning but this evening we had to send again for the Doctor. Harold is worse this evening. Maud is still with us, baby is no better.

Thurs. Mar. 16 � Herb went over to fone to the Doctor about the baby. We cannot do much of anything on account of Harold, he is a very sick child. Mrs. Meadows was here this morning & Mrs. Dunlap was here this eve. Louis & Maud went over to Millies to a party. Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Reiff was here to inquire about the baby.

Fri. Mar. 17 � Louis was over and foned for the Doctor. He came about nine o'clock & was still here until eleven. Amy & Mr. & Mrs. Ed Page were here today. it is still cold & a good bit of snow on the ground. Baby is very sick.

Sat. Mar. 18 � Louis ground some, then he went to town. Jesse & Annie Damery were here, had their picture taken. Charley Reiff & Verl Dunlap were here to see how Harold is. Harold Reiff was here quite awhile this evening.

Sun. Mar. 19 � There was no one here today except Millie & Jesse. Harold is better today and we think if he does not get a back set he will improve right along.

Mon. Mar. 20 � Bessie Damery, Jesse & Annie were here. Louis took Annie & Jesse's picture again as the other one was not good. The boys sawed some of the trees they cut down. Louis was to see Mr. Yount about geting them to shell for us.

Tues. Mar. 21 � Herb was to town this morning to the Doctor & get some things & mail. Louis got things ready to shell corn. They came & commenced to shell at four o'clock, stoped at six-fifteen. Shelled 325 bushels at one cent a bu. They were here to supper. Harold is improving slowly.

Wed. Mar. 22 � The boys cleaned up where they shelled yesterday. Ground some feed, hauled up some wood from the grove & brought an old gear from Damery's.

Thurs. Mar. 23 � The boys had the hogs out awhile this morning to eat up the scatered corn where they shelled. Louis was to town to get a little more coal & see the Doctor. He brought the old mower wheels & axles to make a low wagon. Herb split a little wood. Jesse & Millie were here this evening. Millie made some mittens.

Fri. Mar. 24 � Louis hauled 143 22/56 bus. of shelled corn to I.A. DeCou at 28� per bu. & he printed a lot of pictures. Herb split some wood. I ranked it up. It is cold damp weather. Harold is geting along fine.

Sat. Mar. 25 � Herb & Louis sawed wood in the grove a while. They then went to town. I piled & cut some light wood.

Sun. Mar. 26 � Louis was to S.S. Jesse & Millie were here awhile this evening. It is cold yet. A great deal of frost on the ground yet.

Mon. Mar. 27 � Louis, Dunlap & Jack went after some wild geese in Jack's corn field but they got none. Herbert ground some for feed. Louis worked some on the low down wagon.

Tues. Mar. 28 � Louis & Herb worked on the low down wagon. I helped some. Jack Meadows was here awhile. It is still cold. Ground frozen hard & deep.

Wed. Mar. 29 � The boys sawed trees until noon. Charles Damery was here. Herb cut his hair. After dinner the boys went to town. Ma went over to Millie with them. Jack Meadows was here to get Louis to look at a sick calf of his, it has a swelled head. it is still cold.

Thurs. Mar. 30 � The boys hauled up the wood they sawed. Tom Kiger, wife & ward were here visiting today. It is still cold.

Fri. Mar. 31 � It snowed some last night. Therm was 15 degrees above this morning. The boys split wood & went to town after dinner. Louis bought a heiffer from Dell straight. Still cold.

Sat. April 1, 1899 � The boys brought a heiffer calf that will be a year old May next. He gave $16.00 for her, paid one dollar down. They weighed her on DeCou's scale, wt. 510 lbs. The boys were to town this afternoon.

Sun. April 2 � It snowed some last night. Jesse & Millie and Harold & Paul Reiff were here to dinner. It is still cold. Part of our wood pile fell over today.

Mon. April 3 � It snowed a little again last night and is still cold, thaws very little out of the wind on the south side of buildings. No sign of farming weather yet. Louis was to town & Mill. Herb was over to the river to see if he could shoot a duck or two. Louis was over to see Austin about an old wagon bolster or old irons for a bolster. Paul Reiff was here to see how we cleaned the dirt out of our clover seed. He says theirs has a good bit of oats in it which they can't get out.

Tues. April 4 � Louis was over to Lowrey's to try to get a pair of old irons for the bolster for the low down wagon. Herb, Ma & I went over to Millie. Ma stayed until this evening. Louis went for her.

Wed. April 5 � Herb hauled out two loads of manure. Louis welded a ring in the harrow evener. After dinner they went out to try to harrow down stalks. Then Louis went to town. It is raining a little this evening.

Thurs. Apr. 6 � It rained last night until we went to bed at 10 � o'clock. This morning when we got up we found it had snowed a good bit. The country all around is very white with snow. Mr. & Mrs. Dunlap & Mrs. Damery and baby were here visiting and this evening Jesse & Millie were here. The boys ground feed this morning.

Fri. Apr. 7 � It is still cold & frozen so we cannot go to work in the field. Louis, Herb & Bertha were to town. We lost a litter of eight pigs this morning.

Sat. Apr. 8 � Herb harrowed down stalks this afternoon. Louis went to town. I worked at the low wagon. it is geting warmer but the frost is only out a few inches on top.

Sun. Apr. 9 � Louis & herb were to S.S. Jesse 7 Millie were here awhile this afternoon. Set three hens.

Mon. Apr. 10 � Louis set the Incubator today. Herb dragged down stalks awhile. They then worked a good while at the old Emmet seeder as we have to wait too long for Reiffs. They did not get started to seed. A fine day.

Tues. Apr. 11 � The boys got ready to seed with our old Emmet seeder then Jack came in the yard & said he was done with Harry's seeder so Herb went down & asked Harry for it. They then sowed the wheat with Harry's seeder. Herb then at four P.M. started to disc & Louis sowed clover with the fiddle bow seeder. I worked some on the low wagon. This was a fine calm warm day, first rate to sow grass seed.

Wed, Apr. 12 � Herb disced on the wheat all day. It was very windy, it blew a gale so Louis raked stalks & hauled a couple loads of manure & tried sowing clover seed toward evening but very windy.

Thurs. Apr. 13 � Herb disced on wheat all day. Finished except the last two rows which he will finish with two horses in the morning. Louis mixed the grass seeds all together and sowed some but it is too windy. it blew a regular gale. I finished making a bolster for the low wagon. Jesse & Millie were here this evening.

Fri. Apr. 14 � Today was fine but cold. Louis finished sowing the grass seed. Herb harrowed all day. Bertha, Ma & I were to dinner at Millie's. We then went to town. Millie went with us. We had Harold at the Doctor's office, he says he is doing very well.

Sat. Apr. 15 � Herb harrowed all day which finishes the wheat & grass seed. He harrowed it three times after the disc. Louis hauled out two loads of clover hulm & plowed and worked in the garden. I was to town.

Sun. Apr. 16 � Herb & Louis were to S.S. Jesse & Millie were here a good while.

Mon. Apr. 17 � We cleaned the seed oats. Louis sowed them. Herb disced them. Louis came in early and went to town to see the Doctor as Harold is sick again.

Tues. Apr. 18 � Louis went to town again this morning to order Timothy seed from the Iowa Seed Co. Herbert finished discing the oats then went to harrowing them. At noon Harold got a spasm. Herb went right for the Doctor. He had a spasm while the Dr. was here, there was nothing done outside this afternoon, except Louis planted some onions. Mrs. Damery & Mrs. Dunlap were here after supper. Herb � day off.

Wed. Apr. 19 � Herb was to town, came home at noon. Louis harrowed this forenoon. Herb harrowed this afternoon. Louis cut and planted a bushel of potatoes this afternoon. The brood sows were all out when Louis came in. I helped him put them in. It looks very much for rain this evening. I was over to Dunlap.

Thurs. Apr. 20 � Herbert hauled out manure and Louis worked in the garden then he hauled out manure too. Mrs. Dunlap was here all last night to help take care of Harold. Jack Meadows was here to ask after Harold. It is still cold.

Fri. Apr. 21 � Herb hauled manure until noon then harrowed down stalks. Louis cleaned out the calf stable and hauled manure then raked & burned stalks. Mr. Burkholder was here to see Harold. I was to town to see the Doctor about Harold.

Sat. Apr. 22 � Herb harrowed stalks some. Louis raked some. It rained a little at noon, they hurried out & burned what was raked. Louis worked some in the garden. I was to town this afternoon. It rained some this evening. Doc. Manchester was here & castrated the colt Hans. Mrs. Damery & Bessie were here to see Harold this evening..

Sun. Apr. 23 � Ma, Louis & I were visiting with Millie today. There was none in S.S. today.

Mon. Apr. 24 � Herb hauled dirt in the stable and filled up the holes, hauled manure. Louis raked stalks, they burned them as fast as they raked as it looks as if it would rain. I made a tongue for the low wagon & churned butter.

Tues. Apr. 25 � Herb began to plow. Louis raked & burned stalks. At four o'clock Herb & I went to town to see the Doctor & to the Express office about Timothy seed.

Wed. Apr. 26 � It rained a little this morning. The boys went out late. Mr. Burkholder & May Yeager & Edna were here this morning. Herb plowed until noon. It rained a little at noon. The boys extracted six gallons of honey. Herb went to town to see the Dr. but did not see him. The seeds have not come yet. It rained a good bit this evening.

Thurs. Apr. 27 � Our Sulky plow is all rusty under the paint so Louis borrowed Dunlap's plow & it would not scour. It rained this afternoon. There was nothing done. It rained this evening.

Fri. Apr. 28 � Herb plowed all day. Louis was to town this morning & got a new plow. Dr. Manchester was here & got a setting of W.P.R. eggs for castrating Hans. Louis had a good bit of trouble with his new plow but he thinks it will scour soon. Lowreys were husking yet today.

Sat. Apr. 29 � Louis raked & burned the rest of the stalks & plowed this afternoon. Herb plowed all day. He was over to his fathers this evening & brought some more of his things. I was to town this afternoon. The Jessie colt got caught in the wire fence.

Sun. Apr. 30 � Jesse & Millie were here all afternoon, staid to supper. Mr. & Mrs. Reiff were here this afternoon visiting. It rained this morning a nice easy rain. The wind blew a gale today & this evening. The air seemed too thick with dust or smoke.

Mon. May 1, 1899 � Herb plowed all day. Louis plowed this forenoon & took Dunlap's plow home, he had it borrowed. He sowed Timothy seed this forenoon.

Tues. May 2 � It was too windy to sow Timothy so we hauled out manure this afternoon and fixed up some coops & worked with the chickens this forenoon. We have now seventy-six little chicks, now we put them all with hens. We got 50 chicks out of 129 in the Incubator this time.

Wed. May 3 � Younts shelled 300 bus. of corn for us this morning. Louis hauled away the cobs & Herb ground feed until noon. Herb plowed this afternoon. Louis sowed grass seed this afternoon.

Thurs. May 4 � Herb plowed all day. Louis finished sowing the grass seed & set the Incubator again. Took the new plow to town this afternoon to have it sharpened. It does not suit him but it was the only one he could get in town.

Fri. May 5 � The boys both plowed all day. I churned & cleaned up the sheller scaterings & carried it to the cattle. Jesse & Millie were here this evening.

Sat. May 6 � The boys both plowed all day. I was to town and stoped awhile with Millie.

Sun. May 7 � It rained all day today and a good steady nice rain. No one here all day.

Mon. May 8 � It was still very cloudy this morning. The boys both plowed until noon. Louis went to town this afternoon to take the plow back. Herb went to harrowing after dinner.

Tues. May 9 � Herb harrowed, finished after dinner. Louis got seed corn ready. Herb helped Louis to stretch the check wire, then Louis went to planting awhile this evening & Herb ground feed.

Wed. May 10 � Louis planted all day. Herb fixed the harrow to use two horses, he then harrowed the early potatoes & hoed the garden until noon, he then harrowed after the planter. I was to town this afternoon. I took a seting of eggs to Louis Haas.

Thurs. May 11 � Louis planted all day. Herb worked in the garden helped Bertha put down carpet on 3rd floor & this afternoon he harrowed. I was to town & got some sulphur & flour for Mrs. Damery & flour & meat for Millie.

Fri. May 12 � Louis finished planting the south piece at noon. He went to town this afternoon to get DeCous lister sharpened, he wants to list a piece this time as it is too late for plowing it. Herb harrowed all day. I churned & took care of Harold today.

Sat. May 13 � We hauled in three loads of hogs to DeCou Bros., 16 head at $3.40, 4250 lbs. $144.50. Herb harrowed the corn crosswise this afternoon. I was to town with Louis this afternoon.

Sun. May 14 � It rained all day a nice steady rain. Millie was here all day while Jesse was driving around the country looking for a girl to work in the house. He came late but got a girl that will work for a week.

Mon. May 15 � The boys went out to list in the clover stubble. The holes were too small to drop our corn. They listed six rows before they found out that it was not droping so Louis went over & got I.A. DeCous drill so Herb lists & Louis is going to drill it. The lister does not do well because it does not scour well. He did not do much today. Mrs. Dunlap washed for us the first time today.

Tues. May 16 � Herb listed all day. Louis worked in the garden & chored around. Ma & I were to town & stoped awhile at Millies.

Wed. May 17 � Herb listed all day. Louis went out at 11 o'clock as it rained a good bit last night & was too wet to drill corn. He drilled all afternoon. Jesse came for the lister this evening, he wants to list a piece tomorro. Louis worked in the garden this morning.

Thurs. May 18 � Louis drilled corn all day. Herb ground feed until noon. He helped Bertha put down carpet & plowed the upper garden. I was to town & stoped awhile with Millie. She thinks she is a little better. As Jesse finished his planting I brought the lister along with me so the boys can plant tomorro if it does not rain.

Fri. May 19 � It rained all day so the boys done nothing all day.

Sat. May 20 � It was too wet to do anything so the boys went to town this afternoon. I settled with Herb & paid him $74.50 dollars in full to date except his wages for this springs work up to this time. I got my spectacles from Omaha today.

Sun. May 21 � It is still cloudy & a little rain. Louis & Ma were over to Millie's as she is alone & not well. Jesse is out scouring the country to get a girl to work in the house. Ma did not come home with Louis this evening. The roanish heiffer from Knapp's bull droped a calf this evening.

Mon. May 22 � I fetched Ma from Millies this morning. Louis worked in the garden this forenoon & drilled corn this afternoon. Herb listed all day. It is very cloudy damp & cool.

Tues. May 23 � Herb finished listing at noon. Louis finished drilling at three o'clock. Herb took the lister home. They then cut potatoes to plant. I was to town & Mill for bran. Mr. Burkholder got Geo. Hamilton's daughter to work for Millie in the house.

Wed. May 24 � The boys cut & planted potatoes. Herb was over to Jesse & got their float to float the listed corn. Louis worked in the garden awhile. Mrs. Dunlap was here & helped clean house.

Thurs. May 25 � Herb floated the listed corn all day. Louis hauled out manure & planted sweet corn & beans & chored around. Ma & I were up to Reiffs this afternoon. It rained a little after we got home.

Fri. May 26 � It rained a little this morning. Herb finished floating the listed corn. He hauled out manure the rest of the day. Louis fixed a place in the wash house for the brooder, he cleaned it and took 71 chicks out of the Incubator & put them in the brooder. He tamped the sawdust in the Ice house & put the rest of the sawdust on the ice. Herb went to town to see the doctor for Harold. It hailed heavy this morning. Pretty large hailstones.

Sat. May 27 � It is still very cloudy with a little rain. The boys cut & planted potatoes. Ma & I was town this afternoon. We brought a can, 50 lbs. lard from J.J. Weiss.

Sun. May 28 � Bertha, Herb, Ma, baby & I were over visiting with Millie & Jesse. I.A. DeCou & wife, Mr. Porter & Mrs. Carrie DeCou were here while we were away. We were sorry we did not know they were coming, we would have staid at home. It rained this morning early & hailed a little.

Mon. May 29 � It rained again last night quite a good bit. Louis fixed the ridges to get ready to plant S. potatoes. Herb cut up some trees that fell across the fence west of the grave & fixed the fence & harrowed. he planted corn this afternoon. Bertha brought 1,000 S. potatoe plants. We stoped at Millies awhile.

Tues. May 30 � Louis planted sweet potato plants all day & did not finish. Herb cultivated the early potatoes & harrowed on the planted corn until noon. He was to town to the Decoration this afternoon. Herb � day off.

Wed. May 31 � Herb harrowed until three o'clock, he then hauled dirt to the horse & cow stables. Louis chored around among the bees & little chickens. I was to town & Mill but did not get any flour. They can't grind as the river is too high. Mr. Burkholder went to town with me.

Thurs. June 1, 1899 � Herb planted pumpkin & squash seed. Mr. Burkholder & I were down south to see them try a new stile grader this forenoon. After dinner they brought it down in the East side of our district. Herb & Mr. Burkholder were over to see them work it. Louis tried to make a king bolt for low wagon & chored around. Herb � day off.

Fri. June 2 � It rained this forenoon. John Mefferd was here to buy hay. It was not fine enough for him. The boys planted sweet potatoes this afternoon, about 1100 plants. Millie & Jesse were here this evening late.

Sat. June 3 � It rained until near noon. Boys both went to town this afternoon. They drove Bettie & Gypsy together.

Sun. June 4 � Today was a nice day but somewhat cloudy. Jesse & Millie were here to dinner. Herb, Bertha & Louis were to S.S.

Mon. June 5 � Herb cultivated on the planted corn. He got out late. Louis went out with Bettie & Gypsy and did not bet one round before they broke off the tongue with their dancing & jumping so we put in another tongue & at about five o'clock he went out with the old horses and cultivated four rows which makes six rows all day.

Tues. June 6 � They boys cultivated until noon. It rained heavy all afternoon and this evening so nothing was done. The wind blew a hurricane.

Wed. June 7 � It rained some during the night so it was too wet to cultivate. The listed corn had to be set up and fixed where it was washed out the worst. Louis worked until noon then went out & helped Herb at the corn. Ma, Bertha & baby were at Ellises to the Missionary Meeting. I took them down & went from there to town. The wind done a good bit of damage to the Mill property.

Thurs. June 8 � Lee Quimby got a ton of hay yesterday at six dollars. The boys cultivated until four o'clock when they had to come in as it rained heavy for an hour and a half.

Fri. June 9 � The boys ground their cultivator shovels on the emery stone, then Herb went to cultivating the rest of the day. Louis planted S. corn & beans & worked in the garden until three o'clock. He cultivated until evening. I took Ma to Reiffs & Bertha up to Younts. They all went over to Walter Kelloggs to Missionary Meeting. I was up to both places & brought them home. I churned.

Sat. June 10 � Herb finished the planted corn the first time over. Louis fixed fence down at the alfalfa patch & packed the W. Mill pump. They then planted some more late potatoes. Ma & I were to town. We stoped awhile at Millies. Millie was here for awhile with Bertha while we were away. Paul Reiff was here this evening. Herb cut his hair & shaved him.

Sun. June 11 � This was a nice day but cloudy. We all staid home except Louis. He was to S.S. and over to Millies.

Mon. June 12 � Herb was over to Jesse for the lister cultivator. Deb was sick until near noon, when she died. They pulled her out & Louis dug a hole & buried her and Herb cultivated listed corn. It rained heavy this evening.

Tues. June 13 � It rained heavy during the night & was very wet so the boys sprouted & sorted the potatoes and planted some more tomatoes, cabbage, ground cherries etc. It also rained a little today.

Wed. June 14 � The boys chored around & worked some in the garden. It rained & blew very heavy last night which raised the river and creeks so that it done a great deal of damage. Bert Prior's barn, grainery, corn crib and a lot of hogs were washed away. Mr. Nelson's barn & two horses gone. Mr. Lyman lost over a hundred hogs & pigs in the Piccaune east of us. All the bridges on the Piccaune (ten) were washed out. We can't get to town in no direction.

Thurs. June 15 � Herb cultivated on the listed corn Louis worked in the garden, hived a swarm of bees. Yesterday Herb planted some Pride of the North corn where it was washed out. I was over to visit Millie awhile. I stoped awhile with Mr. Dunlap, Mr. Burkholder & Jack Meadows. They are rebuilding the bridge that went out between here & W.H. DeCou's place. It is raining again this evening.

Fri. June 16 � Herb was out cultivating the listed corn but was drove in about 10 � o'clock when it rained heavy. The boys then this afternoon planted about four hundred celery plants. They finished our bridge but the water is too high to go to Woodbine. Herb & Bertha were over to Millie's this evening.

Sat. June 17 � Louis worked in the garden until noon. Afternoon he & Bertha went to town. Ma & Harold stoped at Millie's until they came back from town. Herb cultivated the potatoes & go deviled the listed corn.

Sun. June 18 � Louis was visiting Frank Haas and Millie & Jesse were here. Jesse was down and got Viola Hamilton to work in the house. Mr. Dunlap and family were here to eat Ice cream and were caught in the rain going home. Fred Reiff brought the bee hat etc. home. It rained a good shower this evening.

Mon. June 19 � Herb finished the listed corn first time, he then harrowed the late potatoes & cultivated the sweet corn. Louis worked in the garden & cleaned out the hen house & disinfected it.

Tues. June 20 � Herb cultivated the planted corn the second time all day. Louis worked on the road over at Priors all day. Lee Quimby was here to supper. I took the dinner for Lee & Louis over to their work.

Wed. June 21 � Herb cultivated. Louis worked on the road until noon, he then ground some feed & then cultivated until about four o'clock when the rain drove them in. Ma & Bertha were over visiting at Dunlaps.

Thurs. June 22 � It rained steady until near noon. The boys weeded the sweet potatoes & the garden. I cut up the leib cherry tree & apple tree that the wind blew over.

Fri. June 23 � Herb cultivated all day. Louis had a good bit of trouble with his team, he broke the single trees. We fixed up some others & ground some feed. He then went out awhile this evening. I put a yoke iron on the low wagon tongue.

Sat. June 24 � The boys both cultivated all day. Louis ground feed for awhile to settle down his team before going to cultivate. I was to town.

Sun. June 25 � We were all visiting over with Jesse & Millie. Wm. Yeager & Family & Grandpa Burkholder was there too. We men were down to the river. Some of the boys went in the water bathing.

Mon. June 26 � The boys cultivated until about four o'clock when the rain drove them in. It rained all evening steady, pretty heavy some times. Jack Meadows was here and got his hair trimmed.

Tues. June 27 � It was too wet to go to the field this morning so Louis fixed up the barrel & set vinegar going. Herb pickled cherries & raspberries. After dinner they both went to cultivating but it is pretty wet. They made Ice cream this evening. Harold's first birthday.

Wed. June 28 � The boys cultivated on listed corn all day. I was to town. Herb & Bertha & Harold went to town this evening. Damery cow bred.

Thurs. June 29 � The boys cultivated all day. I was to town & bought me a pair of shoes. Ma went along as far as Millie's, staid until I came back from town.

Fri. June 30 � Herb finished cultivating the second time through at noon. They then worked in the garden. Ma, Bertha, Harold & I were up to Reiffs this afternoon. We staid to supper. Corn is small for this time of year.

Sat. July 1, 1899 � The boys worked around at the bees, vinegar, garden etc. Ma & I were to town. Bertha went as far as John Younts where she was until we came back. Jim Tuttle was here this evening & got two bus. potatoes.

Sun. July 2 � It rained again this afternoon & all evening. Jesse & Millie were here. No one was to S.S.

Mon. July 3 � The boys made a new gate that goes out to the pasture, cleaned the sweet potatoe patch & celery & cleaned out the tank.

Tues. July 4 � We celebrated over at Millie's. Wm. Yeager & Family, Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Burkholder from town, H.E. Yount & Family, & Mr. W.H. Burkholder were there. We had a fine time.

Wed. July 5 � The boys got out late but they cultivated until six o'clock. I was over to Wm. H. Burkholder. It commenced to rain before we went to bed.

Thurs. July 6 � Louis cultivated all day. Herb cultivated until noon. He does not feel well. Herb, Bertha, baby, Ma & I were to town this afternoon. Herb � day off.

Fri. July 7 � The boys cultivated all day. I was to town. Bertha & Harold went with me as far as to visit with Millie until I came back from town. Rev. Mr. Kunz, wife & child was here to supper. Mrs. Dunlap went to visit her Mother so I paid Maud for washing.

Sat. July 8 � The boys cultivated all day. I was to town and brought a sack of Oil Cake.

Sun. July 9 � Jesse Birthday tomorro so we all went over and surprised him today. Harry, Amy & the children, Wm. Yeager & family, and W.H. Burkholder were there. It was a nice day.

Mon. July 10 � The boys cultivated all day. I mowed some weeds on the road this morning early and was over to Millie's this evening. Carrie Damery was here and washed for us today. Mrs. Dunlap has gone away on a visit.

Tues. July 11 � The boys finished cultivating early this evening. Louis then ground a little corn & oats. I was to town. It was very hot today & yesterday.

Wed. July 12 � The boys worked in the garden & at the Sweet Potatoes. We had a god Missionary Meeting here this afternoon. I had a good visit from Mr. Teal. There was twelve small children and babies here and a large number of ladies. Mr. Reiff came in time for supper and Mr. & Mrs. Teal were here to tea.

Thurs. July 13 � Herb mowed weeds in the pasture until eleven o'clock when the mower broke, so I went to town to get an extra. Herb went to town with me. Louis worked in the garden & chored around. Herb � day off.

Fri. July 14 � Louis hauled two loads of hogs, eight head, wt. 4250 lbs. sold to DeCou Bros. at $3.75. Herb does not feel well so he laid off. Mat McKean came to visit this afternoon. Ma was over to Millie with Topsy & the cart. It is very warm.

Sat. July 15 � Louis ground feed and sacked up the balance of our wheat & fixed up to get ready to shell our corn. Herb, Bertha, Harold & I were to town this afternoon. It rained a little this afternoon. Mat went away this morning. Herb a day off.

Sun. July 16 � Millie came over alone. She was here to dinner. Herb & Bertha were to S.S. I was over to Wm. Burkholder. He was not at home so I stoped & visited with Mr. Dunlap. Bertha, Baby & I were up to Younts & Straights.

Mon. July 17 � Louis & Herb were to town. They took Bettie & Gypsy along & sold them for $125.00, also 15 bus. wheat, sold to Mill. Carrie Damery washed for us today. Bertha helped her. I cut weeds out in the grove.

Tues. July 18 � Louis mowed weeds awhile & broke the sicle head. He took 30 30/56 bus. S. corn over to I.R. DeCou, sold at 30� per bu. Herbert & Bertha, baby & Ma went up to Younts.

Wed. July 19 � Louis fixed mower tongue. it was also broke yesterday. Tom Kiger was here for sections & foundation. I went with him to town. Louis fixed up the wagons & cob house to shell tomorro. Herb went to town. Bertha, baby & Ma went up to Younts.

Thurs. July 20 � Younts came & shelled about 470 bus. corn. They finished at 10 � o'clock. They tore up and got ready to leave. They stayed to dinner. Louis took two loads over to I.A. DeCou making six loads in all. Sold in all to DeCou Bros. 264 36/56 bus. at 30� per bu. Herb & Bertha & baby & Ma went up to Younts.

Fri. July 21 � Louis chored around until noon. He went to town. Ma went too. Millie went to town with them. I am covered with poison, eyes are near swelled shut.

Sat. July 22 � Herb & Bertha came home this morning. Louis chored around until noon. He took a hog to town this afternoon. Herb went to town with Jesse's buggy. He took the butler in. The boys stayed to supper at Millies.

Sun. July 23 � Jesse & Millie were here near all day. Millie & Bertha were to S.S. We all eat Ice cream & cake this evening. Mr. Burkholder was here this afternoon & evening.

Mon. July 24 � The boys ground feed & got the Binder out before dinner. They went out about two o'clock & cut oats until six. Herb done the shocking. Geo. Reiff was here to see about geting the power & jack to rig up for pumping with horses for his cattle. Brought in a hen's egg, measured 7 � �by 8 7/8 �.

Tues. July 25 � Louis finished cuting the oats at 11 o'clock. Herb had to shock a little after dinner. They were all except me in town this afternoon.

Wed. July 26 � Louis went over to Jesse to cut W.H. DeCou's wheat at about 10 o'clock. Herb hoed the sweet potatoes and the garden near all day. I was over visiting with Mr. Burkholder this afternoon.

Thurs. July 27 � It rained during the night and until near noon. I was over to Mr. Burkholders this afternoon. Herb was fishing & got a nice mess of fish. Louis came home this afternoon as they could not cut grain. It is still cloudy & wet.

Fri. July 28 � Louis cut grain all day over at Jesse's for W.H. DeCou. I took Herb to town. He is going to work in a barber shop. Louis came home to do the chores.

Sat. July 29 � Louis finished cuting DeCou's wheat at about 3 o'clock. He commenced on ours at 5 o'clock. I was to town.

Sun. July 30 � Louis commenced to cut at 8 o'clock. Jesse & Sam Earlewine came at 9 o'clock & shocked the wheat. Millie came over with them. They worked until seven o'clock. Louis paid them.

Mon. July 31 � It rained a good bit last night. Louis was around among the neighbors to get help to shock wheat, he cut this afternoon. Finished at 6 � o'clock. I shocked about one row of shocks then I had to quit it. I mended cart harness.

Tues. Aug. 1, 1899 � It rained again last night and yesterdays cuting not shocked. Louis finished shocking about 6 � o'clock. I was to town to pay the interest on the Binder note but they knew nothing of the note at the bank so I could not pay the interest. I stoped at Millie's going and coming. The note is payable at Coe Bank.

Wed. Aug. 2 � Louis worked at the bees & went around & set up the shocks that had blown down as it blew very heavy last night. I took Bertha, Harold & Ma over to Dunlaps to the Missionary Meeting then I went over to Mr. Burkholders but he was not at home so I sit under the trees & read until the women were to go home.

Thurs. Aug. 3 � It was very hot today 92 in the shade. Louis ground some and fixed fence to shut up some pigs and chored around. We got a Telegram this evening that Grandmother Bauman died this morning at 3:20. I was up to tell Reiffs & Louis went over to Jesse to phone in about a ticket for Ma to go back. I am not able to go, not well enough.

Fri. Aug. 4 � It rained all day pretty steady. Louis was to town this morning. Bertha & Millie went with him & Herb came home with them. This morning they took Ma in to the train to go to Reading, Pa. to attend the funeral of her Mother.

Sat. Aug. 5 � It is cloudy & very wet. Louis chored around & went to town this afternoon. A Mr. Grosbeck was here over night last night & left this morning. He said he was a solicitor for a Mutual Hail Insurance Co. of Iowa. He has a one horse rig.

Sun. Aug. 6 � Herb came home at noon. They all (except me) went to S.S.

Mon. Aug. 7 � It rained all day. Herb did not go to town today. It was too wet for him. Fred Reiff was here this afternoon & got the loan of a bee hat.

Tues. Aug. 8 � Herb went to town this morning with Mr. Dunlap. Louis went to town & down to Nelson Donaldson & brought his Extractor & honey knives. It was late when he got home.

Wed. Aug. 9 � Louis chored around. Him & I put the Binder away. After dinner he mowed weeds awhile. He had a tooth ache so bad he went to town to have it pulled. It is very hot & sultry for several days past.

Thurs. Aug. 10 � The cattle were in the corn, he fixed fence. Louis did not have the tooth pulled. He could not sleep last night for pain. He went in to the dentist again today. He hauled out one load Manure.

Fri. Aug 11 � Louis cleaned out the stables and hauled the manure & chored. I was to town this afternoon.

Sat. Aug. 12 � Louis hauled out some manure, picked some apples & chored around. I was to town. It commenced to rain after I left town. I stoped at Jesse's awhile but it rained all the way home.

Sun. Aug. 13 � It rained a good bit last night. Jesse & Millie were her awhile after dinner. Mr. & Mrs. Reiff were here visiting.

Mon. Aug. 14 � Louis ground corn & hauled manure, chored around and was down to Chauncy's to see the threshers.

Tues. Aug. 15 � Louis was to town to get a hay rack & a vinegar barrel. After he came back we picked out all the Whitney apples. Verl Dunlap came over this evening for Maud. They thresh tomorrow.

Wed. Aug. 16 � Louis helped Mr. Dunlap to thresh all day. I took butter to town.

Thurs. Aug. 17 � Louis helped finish threshing at Dunlap's at about 10 o'clock, they then went to Meadows. Louis helped him & he did not get home until after nine o'clock. I set twelve posts in the pasture fence. The cattle were in our corn.

Fri. Aug. 18 � Louis fixed the low wagon and loaded about twenty-five bus. Whitney Apples. After dinner we took them over to DeCou's cider press and made cider out of them for vinegar. We got back at 6 P.M.

Sat. Aug. 19 � Louis mowed weeds on the road, attended to apple pumice for the vinegar & chored around. Bertha, Harold & I were to town. I got a letter from Ma and also a Deed (to sign & send back) to the Buttonwood Street house.

Sun. Aug. 20 � It blew heavy during the night and rained. We were over to Jesse's visiting today. Millie & Bertha were to S.S. Louis is running around this evening to get threshing help. Herb sent over to get Wm. Brewster & Mr. Boyer.

Mon. Aug. 21 � Herb went to town for Fred Carrier and for James Shields to help us thresh. They commenced at eight and finished the wheat at four and finished the oats at six and a half this evening. I was to town this morning and signed & acknowledged Aunt Anna's deed & put it in the Post Office. Mrs. Dunlap helped in the house today. We had help, two from Reiff (team), Jack Meadows, (team) one from W.H. DeCou, (team), one from Dunlap, man & team, Quimby, Chauncy, B. Pryor, team, Teel & team, Boyer, Brewster, Carrier, Shields. Wheat 310 Bus. � Oats 200 bus.

Tues. Aug. 22 � Louis helped Geo. Reiff thresh all day, they finished the 60 but it was very late. It was half past nine when he came home this evening. I fixed the fence they took down to thresh.

Wed. Aug. 23 � The boys did not thresh today to give the boys a chance to go to the D. Picnic. Louis worked around the yard, gethered apples and extracted honey this afternoon. It rained a little today.

Thurs. Aug. 24 �Louis helped thresh at Reiffs all day. I reset ten fence posts in the fence west from the wind Mill & I done some chores this evening. Two of boils are open & runing but the other one is very large & very sore.

Fri. Aug. 25 � Louis pened up the pigs & fixed the fence & attended to the vinegar this afternoon. This morning he helped Reiff to finish threshing. Bertha & I were to town this afternoon.

Sat. Aug. 26 � Louis ground some feed & chored around. After dinner he loaded up a load of wheat & took it to DeCou Bros., sold at 53�, 48 20/60 bu.

Sun. Aug. 27 � Bertha, Harold & I were to town. I was to Dr. Cole, he cleaned out the carbuncles. We visited Burkholders. Were there to dinner.

Mon. Aug. 28 � Herb worked out his road tax with Mark & Del today. Louis extracted honey today. We were al over to Dunlaps to the surprise.

Tues. Aug. 29 � I took Herb to town this morning. Dr. Cole pulled the cores out of the carbuncles for me again. Louis took two loads, 98 20/ bus. wheat to DeCou Bros. Sold at 53� a bu. F. Carrier had the rake today.

Wed. Aug. 30 � Louis took another load of wheat to town this morning, 50 bus. He stoped & helped to put up the Merry-go-round on the Picnic ground.

Thurs. Aug. 31 � I was to town this morning to get my ticket to Reading, Pa. They had not got them yet so I had to go in again this evening. We all were at the Picnic down by the School house. We had quite a nice time.

Fri. Sept. 1, 1899 � (Louis) � Herb, Bertha, Harold and I (Louis) took Father to the train to go to Reading, Pa. He weighed 120# today. The train was about an hour late. This afternoon I dug sweet and Irish potatoes, weighed some honey to take to town tomorrow and brought in 19 watermelons and 31 muskmelons. J. Meadows was here with a cow (Pet) this evening.

Sat. Sept. 2 � (Louis) � This morning I ground feed, snapped corn, dug more sweet potatoes and got them ready for town. This afternoon I took S. Potatoes, Honey and butter to town. I hired Bill Patrick until corn husking at $20.00 per month. Jesse & Millie came over this morning. Herb came this evening late.

Sun. Sept. 3 � (Louis) � I went over to Jesse this morning and to S.School. Herb went to S.S. Bill Patrick came this evening.

Mon. Sept. 4 � (Louis) � Bill Patrick commenced work. Bill snapped corn and cut some fodder this morning and hauled 4 loads of manure this afternoon. I churned and went to W. this afternoon.

Tues. Sept. 5 � (Louis) � I mowed this morning, Bill picked apples and raked and shocked hay. I worked at a hay rack this afternoon. Carrie Damery came this morning.

Wed. Sept. 6 � (Louis) � I mowed this morning. Bill chored around and raked hay. This afternoon we worked at the hay rack and shocked hay.

Thurs. Sept. 7 � (Louis) � It rained today so we could not work at the hay. We brought up some hay for feed and got three calves from Jack Meadows. We ground feed this afternoon.

Fri. Sept. 8 � (Louis) � We cleaned up the stack yard, hauled up a load of hay which we put in the mow and hauled out two loads of manure. Too wet to work at hay.

Sat. Sept. 9 � (Louis) � This morning we hauled out two loads of manure and worked at the hay shocks so they would dry out. Henry Zargus was here and bought a � blood Red Poll bull calf for $20.00. I went to town this afternoon. Bill raked and shocked hay and hauled one load into hay shed.

Sun. Sept. 10 � (Louis) � Bill and I went fishing, caught 16 catfish. Herb came this morning. Herb & Bertha went to S.S. and preaching. Jesse & Millie were here this evening.

Mon. Sept. 11 � (Louis) - Bill & I went over to Damerys for two calves that I bought for $30.00. We then hauled two loads of hay in shed.

Tues. Sept. 12 � (Louis) � I mowed this morning. Bill picked the Long field Apples. This afternoon we raked and shocked.

Wed. Sept. 13 � (Louis) � I mowed & raked hay all day. Jack Meadows, Mr. Jones & Bill hauled four loads into the shed and put five loads in a stack. Mower broke this afternoon. I borrowed one from W.H. DeCou. Meadows & Jones one day with team.

Thurs. Sept. 14 � (Louis) � I mowed & raked all day. Meadows, Jones and Bill hauled four loads into hay mow and four loads into hay shed. The six foot McCormick mower I borrowed of DeCou does quick work. Herb came home this evening. Meadows and Jones each one day with team.

Fri. Sept. 15 � (Louis) � I mowed and raked this morning. Meadows, Jones, Herb and Bill stacked hay on the meadow this morning. This afternoon Bill snapped corn and shocked hay. Herb, Bertha, Carrie and I went over to Dunlaps to attend his sale. Herb & I went to town this evening. Meadows, Jones & Herb each � day.

Sat. Sept. 16 � (Louis) � This morning we worked at hay, dug some sweet potatoes and snapped some corn. This afternoon we went to town. Bill quit work at noon.

Sun. Sept. 17 � (Louis) � W. McKnight & wife, Kiger & wife, Jesse, Millie and Herb were here today.

Mon. Sept. 18 � (Louis) � I finished mowing this morning, raked and shocked hay this afternoon. Bertha & Carrie went to town this afternoon. Jesse was here this evening and got some ice as his is all gone and paid $10.00. I went over to Damerys this morn.

Tues. Sept. 19 � (Louis) � I shocked hay this morning. I ground feed and chored this afternoon. Bertha went over to Millies this morning.

Wed. Sept. 20 � (Louis) � J. Meadows and I hauled up six loads of hay into a stack today. Mrs. Damery was here today. Finished haying.

Thurs. Sept. 21 � (Louis) � I fixed fence and picked apples. Dr. Clay was here this afternoon to see our cattle. I dug some sweet potatoes.

Fri. Sept. 22 � (Louis) � I dug some irish and sweet potatoes this morning. This afternoon I went to town to meet Harry Wingert who came to visit us.

Sat. Sept. 23 � (Louis) � Harry Wingert went out and snapped a load of corn. This afternoon we went to town.

Sun. Sept. 24 � (Louis) � We went to see Jesse and Millie and stayed to dinner. This afternoon we went down to Woodbine to L.D.S. Camp Meeting. Herb came out with us.

Mon. Sept. 25 � (Louis) � This morning I chored. This afternoon I took Harry and Herb to town. Harry went to West Point, Nebr. today. I got a tank of M. & K., 2 � X 6 ft. cost $8.50.

Tues. Sept.26 � (Louis) � I helped Quimby to thresh until 3:30. I then took DeCou's mower home.

Wed. Sept.27 � (Louis) � I dug irish and sweet potatoes and brought in some garden truck. Snapped a load of corn today.

Thurs. Sept. 28 � (Louis) � I fixed fence and shut up pigs. This afternoon I dug sweet potatoes. Millie was here. Meadows was here for sweet potatoes & honey. Settled with Meadows.

Fri. Sept. 29 � (Louis) � I shut up some pigs that I shut up yesterday and finished digging sweet potatoes.

Sat. Sept. 30 � (Louis) � I snapped a load of corn this morning and went to town this afternoon. Paul, Fred, Lottie and Grace Reiff were here this evening.

Sun. Oct. 1, 1899 � (Louis) � Herb came last night. We all went to S.S.

Mon. Oct. 2 � I chored around this morning. Del Straight was here with a cow which we bred. I then dug Irish potatoes (Louis). Louis came to town & brought Ma & I from the Depot. Millie, bertha, Herb & Harold were at the Depot to meet us.

Tues. Oct. 3 � Louis dug the early Ohio potatoes & chored around & fixed some fence. I did nothing.

Wed. Oct. 4 � Louis snaped a load of corn, then we cleaned out the stables & measure out and marked out where we want to build a cave. Jesse was here for Louis to thresh tomorro.

Thurs. Oct. 5 � Louis hauled two loads of wheat to town from the thresher for W.H. DeCou. Bertha was over to help Millie and Ma & I were to town. We bought a buggy from the DeCou Bros. but did not bring it home.

Fri. Oct. 6 � Louis hauled one load of wheat to town for W.H. DeCou, exchange work. I was to town. Louis & I looked around and bought a new buggy from DeCou Bros. for $72.00 and a harness from S.L. Jefferson for $9.50 & paid Kibler Bros. for note for calves $105.74. Wm. Burk was here toward evening.

Sat. Oct. 7 � Louis took Jack's wagon home. He had it borrowed to haul wheat. He took a lot of honey from the hives and snaped a load of corn. I was to town. Bertha & Harold went with me. The weather is fine. I paid for the tank.

Sun. Oct. 8 � Jesse & Millie were here to dinner, Herb came home this morning. Bertha, Harold & I were to Sunday School. Mr. & Mrs. Reiff, Minnie & Lottie were here.

Mon. Oct. 9 � We put a new covering on the old potatoe cave. We was going to build a new cave but could get no one to do the brick work. Louis dug potatoes this afternoon. I made a door for the cave & chored around. Herb walked to town this morning.

Tues. Oct. 10 � Louis dug potatoes. I took care of Harold. Bertha washed. Bertha & I were to town this afternoon.

Wed. Oct. 11 � Geo. Reiff's cattle were in our corn, so Louis had to go up & fix the fence where they came over. Louis dug potatoes. This afternoon Ma & I were to town. We stoped at Millies awhile.

Thurs. Oct. 12 � Louis dug potatoes. I took Bertha to the train. She went to the Omaha Exposition. I then drove down to Logan to the Insurance Meeting. H.C. Harshbarger went down with me. I paid my assesment to C.N. Cadwell the Secretary.

Fri. Oct. 13 � Louis dug potatoes. Ma & I were to town to bring Bertha home. They did not get to Woodbine until five o'clock this morning. We stoped at Millie's coming home.

Sat. Oct. 14 � Louis finished diging potatoes and he snaped a load of corn. I raked up the loose hay scatered around the yard. I was to town this afternoon.

Sun. Oct. 15 � Louis, bertha & I were to S.S. and preaching in the School house. Herb came home this morning.

Mon. Oct. 16 � Louis worked on the road all day which finishes the road work for this fall. Ma & Bertha were to town. They took Herb in. Ma & I were up to Reiffs this afternoon.

Tues. Oct. 17 � Louis fetched up the Early Rose potatoes & snaped a load of corn. I went with W.H. Burkholder over to see John Smith. He was hurt very bad in a runaway but he is geting better.

Wed. Oct. 18 � Louis put the balance of the potatoes in the cave. He husked a load of corn. I cleaned out the east crib & fixed some fence & cleaned out the hen house & put in a lot of leaves.

Thurs. Oct. 19 � Louis snaped a load of corn, cleaned out the stables & chored around. I set four posts & fixed the fence, south side of the Catalpa Grove & I washed the buggy. Louis was up to Reiffs to practice music.

Fri. Oct. 20 � Louis covered the potatoe cave with manure & hauled out one load & fixed some fence & changed some pigs around. I was to town & brought the wash.

Sat. Oct. 21 � Louis & I cleaned wheat to take to the Mill for flour. We went to town, left the wheat at the Mill and got flour & bran for it. We got two sacks before which we paid for with wheat and makes us even with Rollings to date.

Sun. Oct. 22 � Jesse & Millie were here to dinner. Herb came home this morning. There was no one to S.S. today. Mr. Morton was here to see our calves but did not buy one.

Mon. Oct. 23 � I was to town to take Herb in and get Kerosene & take the wash in to Legans to get washed. Louis put vinegar in the seller and snaped a load of corn. I was up to Younts & paid him for threshing and shelling. I was also up at Reiffs this evening. Jake Probasco was here to see the calves.

Tues. Oct. 24 � It rained quite a little today again. Louis took three hogs to town, sold to DeCou Bros., wt. 785 lbs, $29.00. It was very late when Louis came home.

Wed. Oct. 25 � Louis & I were to town & got four bridge R.R. ties for the tank foundation. Mr. Lowrey was here and got seven pigs that strayed here.

Thurs. Oct. 26 � missing from transcript

Fri. Oct. 27 � Louis worked at diging up the pipe to set the tank. I churned this morning & was to town this afternoon to get a thread cut on a pipe to put in the new tank. Bertha, Harold & Ma went with me over to Millies until I came back.

Sat. Oct. 28 � Louis & I set the new water tank for the cattle. I went to town at three o'clock and Louis worked at the filling.

Sun. Oct. 29 � We were all to S.S. and to preaching in the School house. Mr. Lillie preached and a Mr. Fisher came with Mr. Lillie. He is a very good singer.

Mon. Oct. 30 � Louis snaped a load of corn. He broke the low wagon. He had to come in and fetch another wagon. Herb, Bertha & Ma were over to Millies. Herb & Bertha were in town to see about specticles. I worked in the house & helped Louis some.

Tues. Oct. 31 � Louis husked a load of corn today. Herb & I were to town this afternoon. Herb & I worked at the platform at the tank this forenoon. I was to see Mr. Brown about geting another pair of specticles. Amy & the children were here this afternoon.

Wed. Nov. 1, 1899 � Louis husked a load of corn. I was to town. Herb quit the barber business on account of his eyesight which is failing. Bertha & Ma were down to Bert Pryor's at the Missionary Meeting. Herb went to town. I fetched Minnie Reiff to sew for us.

Thurs. Nov. 2 � Louis & Herb husked twenty rows of corn but Herb got sick toward evening and had to quit. Herb went to town.

Fri. Nov. 3 � Louis brought up a load of hay that was left, then he went to husk but broke the wagon tongue. I filled up the ditch at the cistern and went to town. Herb came home with me. Laura Hunter is here today to work.

Sat. Nov. 4 � Louis was to town to get a wagon tongue made. Herb & I went to town this afternoon. Herb stayed in town.

Sun. Nov. 5 � Herb came home at noon. Louis & I were to Mrs. Wm. Brewster's funeral to town in church. There was no S.S. today.

Mon. Nov. 6 � Herb & Louis husked corn all day. I was to town. Millies baby was born this morning at one fifteen. It is a baby girl. Ma was over all day & will stay tonight.

Tues. Nov. 7 � Louis & Herb husked until noon, they then went over to vote and I was over to see how Millie and the baby are getting along. I was down to the election all afternoon. Herb went to town this evening. Ma was over with Millie since yesterday morning taking care of the baby & Millie. This was a fine day and the election went off quietly and a great many cigars were handed around. Mr. Burk brought my glasses out.

Wed. Nov. 8 � Louis & Herb husked all day. Fred Reiff husked 14 bus. before dinner & 20 bus. after dinner. I was to town. Bertha went along as far as Millie & stayed until I came back.

Thurs. Nov. 9 � Louis & Herb husked all day. Fred Reiff husked 22 bus. before dinner and 22 bus. after dinner. I set a corner post at the gate to the pasture. Ma & I were over to Millies this evening. Jesse came late for our bed pan. Jim Love was here to see Herb.

Fri. Nov. 10 � Louis & Herb husked all day. Fred Reiff husked 21 bus. before dinner & 22 after dinner. I finished the tank cover & was to town this afternoon. I stoped to see how Millie is.

Sat. Nov. 11 � Louis & Herb husked until noon. Fred Reiff husked 42 bus. today. The boys snaped a little to feed over Sunday. They then went to town. Louis brought a ton of soft coal from Quinn & Co. I was to town. Ma was over to Millies. Herb said he would stay in town tonight. I paid Fred $4.89 for husking, in full.

Sun. Nov. 12 � Louis, Ma & I were over to Millie's to dinner. We were all to the school house. Mr. Lillie preached & a quartet was out from town that sang very well. Bertha & Herb & Harold were over to Millies after preaching.

Mon. Nov. 13 � The boys husked all day & I cleaned out the stables and put it on the cistern to keep it from freezing. It rained a little this evening.

Tues. Nov. 14 � The boys husked all day. Ma & I were to town this afternoon. I set posts at the feed rack this morning. Ma & I were to supper at Millies this evening.

Wed. Nov 15 � Herb husked until noon. Jim Love was here & took Herb away with him after he took dinner with us. Louis fixed up the east crib & cleaned it out and after dinner he snaped a load of corn. Ma, Bertha, Herb & I were at Reiffs to supper. Herb was to town. Herb came home with us. Charlie Damery husked 53 bus.

Thurs. Nov. 16 � It rained some this morning. I took Herb to town. He bought out Mr. Groats interest in the new Hardware store. Charley husked 15 bus. before dinner & 18 bus. afternoon. Louis husked all day. I washed the buggy this afternoon.

Fri. Nov. 17 � Louis husked all day. I was to town. Bertha, Ma & Harold was over to Millies. I stoped at the Mill, got a little corn meal & paid for the bran. Charlie husked until noon, 25 bus.

Sat. Nov. 18 � Louis husked all day. Paul Reiff husked today at $1.50 a day & Charley Damery husked until noon, 25 bus.

Sun. Nov. 19 � Herb came home late last night. We were all over to Millie's and all except Ma were to S.S. Ma staid at Millie's and after S.S. Herb & Bertha drove over for Ma. This was another very fine day. This was so far a very fine fall.

Mon. Nov. 20 � Paul husked all day & Louis as usual gets out very late on account of the chores. I took Herb & the clothes to town & stoped at Millie's on the way home.

Tues. Nov. 21 � It rained last evening and a good bit during the night, no husking today. Louis took the tank heater in to get a new draft pipe put in.

Wed. Nov. 22 � Paul Reiff husked until noon. Louis husked all day. It was very wet & muddy. I staid in doors.

Thurs. Nov. 23 � Louis finished husking, he then husked the sweet corn and brought in nine shocks. I fixed up a cover for Topsy out of gunny sacks.

Fri. Nov. 24 � Louis stapled up the fence all around & turned the cattle in the stalks, also the colts. I cleaned out the stables & Louis hauled it out on the south field.

Sat. Nov. 25 � Louis chored around & set some fence posts. I was to town and Ma was to Millie's until I came back from town. I took a letter to E.J. Meadows for C.J. Tuttle. The folks except me were up to Reiffs & spent the evening.

Sun. Nov. 26 � We were all to S.S. and to preaching in the School-house. Herb came home last night with the folks from Reiff. Bertha, Ma & I were over to Millies after S.S.

Mon. Nov. 27 � Louis took a load of household goods to town for Herb & Mr. Burkholder took a load also. Herb moved to town today. I was over to try to get one of Isam's girls for Jesse but did not get one. Ma was at Millie's today.

Tues. Nov. 28 � I was up near Dunlap for a girl but got none. Ma & I were to town this afternoon, stoped at Millie's on our way home. Louis worked at a hog pen to pen up a couple of sows with little pigs, but did not get it finished. We were at Bertha's awhile this afternoon.

Wed. Nov. 29 � We finished the hog shed & put a load of course hay that we hauled up from the meadow. I was in the windrow & was a little wet.

Thurs. Nov. 30 � We intended to go over to Jesse's to spend the day. Ma roasted two roosters with the trimings & cranberry sause which we intended to take over with us. I was to go to town and bring Bertha, Harold & Herb to the dinner at Millie's but as I came out at five o'clock this morning, it thundered and lightened & rained heavy and then near noon it snowed heavy. The ground was white all over, but by three o'clock the snow was all gone. We had to eat our Thanksgiving dinner at our house by ourselves. This was a very disagreeable day.

Fri. Dec. 1, 1899 � I was to town this morning. Louis & Ma went to town this afternoon. We all took dinner with Jesse & Millie. Carrie D. is there helping Millie.

Sat. Dec. 2 � It snowed near all day but melted as fast as it fell. I was to town and brought Bertha & Harold home with me. Louis did nothing except clean up a little in the sellar.

Sun. Dec. 3 � This was a very disagreeable day. I took Bertha & Harold home. Awhile after we started it commenced to snow & turned into a regular but not very cold but snowed and blowed fearfully. There were ten or twelve teams with wheel scrapers, fixing & widening the approches to the I.C. railroad which was considered very dangerous to the public in crossing the railroad. We had quite a time catching our poultry to put them in the hen-house as it is geting colder & fear they will freeze tonight roosting in the trees.

Mon. Dec. 4 � Louis & I were to town. I was to see Kibler bros. about renewing our Mortgage which is due tomorrow. Louis was to see F.M. Smith about going to learn the Jewelery business with him. We took our sewing machine to Bertha to use as we can do without it at present.

Tues. Dec. 5 � Ma & I were in town today and signed a new note and Mortgage bond for fifteen hundred ($1500.00) dollars in favor of Kibler Bros., due in five years at six per cent interest, payable annually. We stoped with Bertha & also with Millie on our way home. This was a fine day.

Wed. Dec. 6 � I was to town. Ma went as far as John Younts to the Missionary Meeting there. I talked to Mr. Grimes about selling our farm but did not give it to them to sell today, but got their terms for selling farms. I broke off one of the buggy thills at John Younts fence.

Thurs. Dec. 7 � Louis went to town to see F.M. Smith about learning the Jewelry business. Ma & I and Mrs. Damery were up to J.H. Tuttles visiting today. One of our cows got out in the road. Louis had to go back to put her in the field.

Fri. Dec. 8 � Ma & I were down to Pages this afternoon. Lulu has a fine baby. We stoped awhile at Kinne's on our homeward road. We met Mrs. Reiff walking down to Page's. Louis was over to Tom Kigers this afternoon. It rained all evening pretty hard. We put the chickens in out of the trees again this evening in the rain.

Sat. Dec. 9 � It rained all night and all day. Louis put the pole in the buggy & went to town in the rain. It rained all day & was raining when I went to bed.

Sun. Dec. 10 � It rained all day off & on. We all staid at home.

Mon. Dec. 11 � It blew up cold last evening and snowed a good bit last night. Louis was to town. He took the wash in and set a day with Mr. Tupper for our sale on 22nd of Dec.

Tues. Dec. 12 � The ground is covered with a light snow. Louis was to town again today to see what he can get for wheat & corn and roosters. Louis was up to see Geo. Reiff this evening.

Wed. Dec. 13 � Louis was to town to get the team shod & get the Sale bills printed. He got 250 Bills, 50 on card board, the balance on thin paper.

Thurs. Dec. 14 � Louis was to Dunlap to put an advertizement in the Dunlap paper & put up some sale bills around north & east of us. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Teal were here this evening. Fred Carrier was here today.

Fri. Dec. 15 � Louis took 23 sacks of wheat to town. Sold to DeCou Bros. at 50� per bus. Cloudy & just cold enough to be freezing a little.

Sat. Dec. 16 � Louis took 20 sacks of wheat to town again to DeCou Bros. The two loads making 76 50/60 bus., $38.40 of which Louis got $8.40.

Sun. Dec. 17 � Millie & Jesse were here this afternoon. Louis was down to get Bert Prior and Fred Carrier to haul corn but could get neither of them, so after doing the chores he is going to try to get Shields and Chauncey & Paul Reiff.

Mon. Dec. 18 � Yount Bros. shelled 1292 bus. of corn for us today. Chauncy, Jones, Page, Meadows, Reiff, Tuttle hauled it. Sold to I.A. DeCou at 25� per bu. There was 1127 � bus. hauled over to DeCou today, the rest was put in our grainery for feed until after the sale.

Tues. Dec. 19 � Louis cleaned up around to get ready for the sale. E.J. Meadows helped him this afternoon. They also ground some oats & corn. Ma & I were to town. I settled with DeCou for the corn. Mr. Grimes had a Mr. Pomeroy to look at the farm. J.H. Tuttle hauled a load of cobs to town for H.A. Burkholder. Jim Tuttle hauling cobs, 75�.

Wed. Dec. 20 � Louis & Meadows built a lot of little pens to separate the shoats into small lots for the sale. They also set up some of the machinery & got things together in general so as to be handy for the sale. Jim Tuttle took another load of cobs to town.

Thurs. Dec. 21 � J.H. Tuttle took a load of cobs to Sam Berkley. Louis & Jack worked all day greasing harness, triming colts feet, separating the hogs into small pens and geting things ready in general. Louis went to town for the lunch and I was in this afternoon to bring Bertha & Harold out. Tuttle a load of cobs.

Fri. Dec. 22 � This was a very busy day, a very fine day for our sale which went off good. Cattle & Hogs went off good, other things averaged up pretty fair. We fed more people today than we ever did before as there was a very large turnout. There was quite a number of our neighbors women here.

Sat. Dec. 23 � I went to town this morning before daylight to see Mr. Haas. Louis was home all day. Near all the men that brought stuff yesterday took their purchases away today. There is only a cow and some sundry articles here yet which will be taken away after Christmas. Ma & I were in town this afternoon.

Sun. Dec. 24 � Mr. Jones fetched the cow he bought at the sale. Louis, Ma & I were over to Millie's to visit today. We were also to Meeting at the School house. This was a cloudy & raw day. It snowed a very little today. The Sunday School members gave a Christmas present of a rocking chair to J.H. Tuttle.

Mon. Dec. 25 � Louis, Ma & I were up to Reiffs to spend Christmas with them. We came home about 10 o'clock this evening. Herb & family, Jesse & family, Wm. Yeager & family and HarryYount & family were at W.H. Burkholders to spend the Christmas with their father. It was cold, 2 above zero this morning at 7 o'clock.

Tues. Dec. 26 � There was several men here for hay that they bought at the sale. I was to town today. Mr. Ellis brought a Mr. J.D. Watson to look at the farm as he wants to buy one. Jack was up today to get the loan of our crow bar. Jim Tuttle took a load of cobs to H.A. Burk.

Wed. Dec. 27 � Louis was to town. He took honey & sold it to different families. Ma & I were down to Meadows visiting. Fred Carrier & I assisted him to set up his sheller & grinder he bought at our sale. Jim Tuttle took another load of cobs away today. He took these to H.A. Burkholder.

Thurs. Dec. 28 � Louis was up to Younts Turkey Shoot. I was to town. J.H. Tuttle took a load of old Iron in to Jackson & Burkholder, 1480 lbs. at $2.06 per hundred. Half of it was given to J.H. Tuttle for hauling it to town. Some rods was given to Evans the blacksmith for $1.50.

Fri. Dec. 29 � Louis was to town today. C. Davis and Wm. Cromie left their team in our stable while they were guning. Jesse & Millie & the baby and Geo. Reiff and his family were here visiting this evening. It was midnight when they left.

Sat. Dec. 30 � Louis, Ma & I were to town today. Ma, Bertha & I looked at a house for sale. Think we will buy it if everything is right.

Sun. Dec. 31 � Louis & I went to S.S. but there was no one there but Carrie, Jesse & Annie, Mrs. Meadows & Alice. As there was no S.S. we went over to Millie's. Ma has a very bad cold so staid at home. I also have a cold but am geting better.

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