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      Aaron D Hoyer Diary

Originally transcribed by Jessie Burkholder Peckenpaugh
preserving the original spellings and punctuation.
Transcribed for the Harrison County Iowa USGenWeb
by his descendant John Burkholder (email napagrappa@yahoo.com).

Further Reference: Aaron Hoyer Biography -- Hoyer family -- Hoyer house

This page covers 1894 -- Index for each Year -- Next Page: 1895

Monday, Jan. 1, 1894 � Louis cleaned out the stables and put straw in the hog pens. I have been in the house all day.

Tuesday, Jan. 2 � Louis was to town to take the buggy in to get fixed. Herb went along to help him. I must still keep in the house. I think I have LaGrippe. Louis & Herb went to the Lyceum. Amy, Bertha and Millie have the cold so bad they can not go to the Lyceum.

Wednesday, Jan. 3 � Louis was to Dunlap to get a joint for the wind mill pump which was busted, the joint cost $1.00. Louis did not pay for it. He fixed it after he came home.

Thursday, Jan. 4 � Louis finished fixing the pump at W. Mill and took Herbs buggy home & was to see John Tracy.

Friday, Jan. 5 � Louis was to town and brought the buggy home. It was late before they got it finished so it was very late when he finished his chores. It was snowing fast this evening. Wm Burk. was here visiting with me this afternoon.

Saturday, Jan. 6 � Louis was to town today. Millie was not well enough to go. I must have taken cold as I am worse again. Millie & Bertha both have bad colds for a week past.

Sunday, Jan. 7 � Louis was to S.S. as he is the only one that can run around.

Monday, Jan. 8 � Louis cleaned out the hen houses and stables and put straw in them. Herb got one of our wagons to haul corn over to W.H. DeCou, he sold ay 24 cents. His father brought the wagon home this evening.

Tuesday, Jan. 9 � Louis fixed up the roosts & nest boxes & chored around in general. Ma put Millie & Bertha to bed and sweat both of them. I hope they will get good on it. I am getting better slowly.

Wednesday, Jan. 10 � Louis was to town today for the mail. We got a letter from sister Emma. The girls are some better and so am I.

Thursday, Jan. 11 � Louis was over to Burks. They are all sick. Herb was here & got our gluepot to glue the bridge on his guitar. Louis had a cow up to Reiffs to breed.

Friday, Jan. 12 � I.A. DeCou was here to buy shoats. we sold him eight pigs 855 lbs. at $5.15 - $44.08. Isaac gave us an offer on 8 head of cattle. Louis was over to see F.T. Jordan about selling them to him but he did not make an offer.

Saturday, Jan. 13 � Louis took the eight pigs over to I.A. DeCou this morning. After dinner he went to town.

Sunday, Jan. 14 � There were none of us to S.S. Louis was over to see how Burks are they are better.

Monday, Jan. 15 � Louis cleaned out the stables. Mrs. Reiff was here visiting. Herb was here, I sent him over to John Flynn with a letter. Trustee work 3 hours.

Tuesday, Jan 16 � Louis work at the fish ditch. I was out a little for the first time since New Years Day. Wm Burk. was here this afternoon. Louis, Herb went to the Lyceum.

Wednesday, Jan. 17 � Louis & Herb worked at the ditch. I was in the house all day. I am not feeling so well as yesterday.

Thursday, Jan. 18 � It snowed all night. Louis could not work at the ditch. He chored around.

Friday, Jan. 19 � Louis took the old calf pen and brought the boards up in the yard to build a chicken pen. A. Vining came over this evening and ground some corn on our grinder.

Saturday, Jan. 20 � Louis and Millie were to town. A man looking for work (Max Buandow) came here at noon. He is going to stay until tomorrow.

Sunday, Jan. 21 � Louis & the girls were to S.S. Herb was here to supper and stayed during the evening. We had some fine music.

Monday, Jan. 22 � It is pretty cold. Max Buandow is still here. They ground a lot of corn, oats and wheat. Wm Davis and Art Jordan, were here this evening until late. We had some fine music and a good visit. Louis & Max were up to Younts.

Tuesday, Jan. 23 � Louis chored around some. Max helped him. John Flynn was here, there was to be a meeting but none of the other Trustees came so he called a meeting on Monday, next. This was a very cold day. 20 below 0.

Wednesday, Jan. 24 � Louis was to town. Max is still here. It is very cold. A. Vining was here this evening.

Thursday, Jan. 25 � Louis and Max was choring some today. A sow got five pigs today. Three are alive yet, they catch pigs. Herb & Amy came over this evening.

Friday, Jan. 26 � Louis & Max got material together to build a hen house & yard & to make a cave to put the incubator in. A. Vinning ground four sacks f corn today. Another sow got 5 pigs, 3 are still alive.

Saturday, Jan. 27 � There was no S.S. and the girls were up to Reiffs and stopped at Burkholders.

Sunday, Jan. 28 � The girls & Louis were to town. Max chopped wood. I was out awhile today.

Monday, Jan. 29 � Max Buandow left this morning. Louis was to town. Trustees meeting to grant relief to J. Graves & wife. Two hours (3 hrs. Trustees meeting 5 hrs)

Tuesday, Jan. 30 � Ma & I was visiting at H. Younts. Louis, Herb, Amy & our girls went to the Lyceum.

Wednesday, Jan. 31 � Louis worked at making a hen house. I choped a little wood. Herb and Amy were here this evening.

Thursday, Feb. 1 1894 � Louis worked some at the hen house. I churned and helped a little at the hen house. Mr. Lowreys tenants house took fire this morning & burned some but not much damage. He was here to see me about the damage. I told him to write to the secretary.

Friday, Feb. 2 � Louis, Millie, Herb & Amy were to the mosh ball last night. The girls were up to Reiffs today. Louis worked at the hen house awhile.

Saturday, Feb. 3 � Louis and Millie were to town. I took cold and am worse again. The weather is cold and cloudy.

Sunday, Feb. 4 � Louis and Millie were to S.S. and meeting. I stayed in bed & took a sweat. I got up about ten o'clock and feel better. Louis & Millie went over to Burkholders this evening.

Monday, Feb. 5 � Louis & I went to town. Ma was up to Reiffs. H.C. Harshbarger and I was at Lowreys and adjusted his claim for damages for loss by fire. We settled for eight dollars.

Tuesday, Feb. 6 � Louis cleaned out the stables. I helped him scatter it, he got three loads. I raked up the hay that the colts scattered around the yard. Louis, Herb & the girls went to the Lyceum. William Burk. stayed with me until the young folks came home. Geo. Reiff was here awhile this afternoon.

Wednesday, Feb. 7 � Louis chored around. I was in the house all day, did not feel well. Louis went to town this evening.

Thursday, Feb. 8 � Louis chored around. I am worse again caughing and sneezing. Louis & the girls went up to Reiff's.

Friday, Feb. 9 � Louis chored around all day. Mr. Jordan was here to see our cattle again but he did not buy them.

Saturday, Feb. 10 � Louis & Millie were to town. He took one hundred pounds of clover seed for A. Poly, but did not see him so he brought it home again.

Sunday, Feb. 11 � No one was to S.S. Herb was here this afternoon.

Monday, Feb. 12 � Louis took six two year olds and two yearling steer over to I.A. DeCou sold for $3.25 per hundred $222.62. Louis was to town this afternoon, he got a white P. Rock Cockerl $2.70 a freight.

Tuesday, Feb. 13 � Louis chored around. Louis & the girls, Herb, Amy & their father &Sammy DeCou went to the Lyceum. Mr. & Mrs. I.A. DeCou stayed here until they came back. We had a good visit.

Wednesday, Feb. 14 � Louis chored around. Dave K. Peters was here & assesed us. It is cloudy & cold. I am not much better today.

Thursday, Feb. 15 � Louis chored around. The young folks were up to Lowreys to surprise Austin last night. Mr. Vining was here last night.

Friday, Feb. 16 � Louis chored around all day. Mr. Hupp was here & got a minorca cockerl. Louis & Herb went down to the Meadow brook Lyceum, this evening.

Saturday, Feb. 17 � Louis was to town this afternoon. I am bett but can't go out yet.

Sunday, Feb. 18 � Louis & the girls were to Sunday School. Herb was here to dinner.

Monday, Feb. 19 � Louis chored around & worked at his new hen house. Herb, Amy and their father were here this evening.

Tuesday, Feb. 20 � It snowed a good bit last night. Louis was to town for roofing paper and stripes for hen house. Louis, the girls and all of Burkholder's went to the Lyceum.

Wednesday, Feb. 21 � Louis chored around and worked some at the new hen house. Herb and Austin Lowrey were here this evening.

Thursday, Feb. 22 � Louis started early this morning to go to Logan to the farmers institute. Herb is going to do the chores until Louis comes back.

Friday, Feb. 23 � Herb done the chores yesterday & today. Louis came home this afternoon. The boys & girls went to the Lyceum at Mefferds S.H. this evening.

Saturday, Feb. 24 � Louis & the girls were in town today.

Sunday, Feb. 25 � Louis & the girls were to S.S. Herb was here this evening.

Monday, Feb. 26 � Louis was to town this morning. This afternoon he worked at the hen house. Herb helped him.

Tuesday, Feb. 27 � Louis worked at the hen house. I helped him some. He chored a good bit today so he did not get much done. Louis, Herb & the girls went over to the Lyceum this evening.

Wednesday, Feb. 28 � Louis & the girls were visiting down at John Younts. I worked at a new rug all day. It was cloudy all day.

Thursday, Mar. 1, 1894 � Louis worked at another hen house for a scratching place. He was also up to Reiffs for a pattern for Bertha. Mat came this afternoon to visit.

Friday, Mar. 2 � Herbert Burkholder came today to commence to work for Louis. He works this month of March for fifteen dollars. Then he is to have twenty dollars per month until the corn is husked. Mat went home this morning. Louis & Herb went down to visit Harry Yount. Louis paid Mr. Yount for hauling seven 1/8 bus. clover seed $7.15. The boys were to town today, they took Mark along.

Saturday, Mar. 3 � The boys chored around until noon, they then went to town they took Mark along again to give him exercise. Louis took some chickens along to sell.

Sunday, Mar. 4 � The boys & girls were to S.S. It rained some today.

Monday, Mar. 5 � Louis trimmed the berry vines & Herb wheeled manure in the berry patch they also drove Mark.

Tuesday, Mar. 6 � Louis was to town, he got a lanshan rooster. Herb gathered manure in the cattle yard.

Wednesday, Mar. 7 � Louis & Herb worked at making an outside sellor for the incubator. I cleaned twenty two bus. of wheat for seed and got the mill ready for cleaning oats for seed.

Thursday, Mar. 8 � Louis & Herb worked at the incubator cave and drove Mark, Ma & I were down to visit at Kirkhams but Mr. Kirkham was not at home. So I came home again and left Ma there to visit with Mrs. Kirkham. The boys & girls went to the show in Woodbine this evening.

Friday, Mar. 9 - The boys finished the incubator cave. Herb hauled out loads of manure. Louis set posts for a chicken fence & helped to load the manure.

Saturday, Mar. 10 - Louis & Herb were to town, they took Bettie & Mark along and got a set of new harness of S. Jefferson for $32.00. He sold 40 lbs. clover seed to Kiefer & 30 lbs. to Hall.

Sunday, Mar. 11 - We were all to S.S. I was over to Burkholders on one at home so I stopped at Damery's.

Monday, Mar. 12 - The boys sowed wheat & clover today. I helped a little. Louis was to town this evening to take in a setting of eggs to J.A. Boise & bring some grocies.

Tuesday, Mar. 13 - The boys worked at the wheat ground all day. I fixed up the stable that the horse made pieces of last night.

Wednesday, Mar. 14 - The boys worked at the wheat all day. I chored around a little.

Thursday, Mar. 15 - The boys finished harrowing at the wheat at noon. They then drove the colts. I was to town, Ma went along to Davis. She visited there until I came back.

Friday, Mar. 16 - The boys put up some chickens fence & drove the colts. I cut stalks about six hours the piece west of the meadow. Amy was here this afternoon.

Saturday, Mar. 17 - Herb cut stalks awhile this morning then Damery sent & got the cutter. The boys then drove Mark out until noon. After dinner all except Millie went to town. We sold one bus. & 10 lbs. clover seed & a langsham rooster to S. Jefferson applied to Acct. on harness $1.00.

Sunday, Mar. 18 - I rained last night and part of today, cloudy & damp all day. The boys & girls were over to Burks.

Monday, Mar. 19 - The boys picked out seed corn & hauled out a couple of loads of manure & some clover hulin.

Tuesday, Mar. 20 - The boys picked out seed corn, Louis was to town this afternoon. Herb chored around.

Wednesday, Mar. 21 - The boys heated roofing pitch to paint the hen house roof but it would not work, too cold. They picked out seed corn. I was over to Burkholder's visiting, Amy was here this afternoon.

Thursday, Mar. 22 - The boys picked seed corn until noon. After dinner they drove Mark to town. It was cold today it snowed a little and is very windy, cloudy all day. Louis shipped 3 bus. seed corn to Nebraska.

Friday, Mar. 23 - The boys picked seed corn until noon. They then put three loads (& a piece) of hay in the hay shed. I churned & helped them some.

Saturday, Mar. 24 - The boys shelled some seed corn and ground corn & oats for feed. After dinner they drove Mark & Dex to town with 15 bus. of seed corn.

Sunday, Mar. 25 - There was no one from here to S.S. It is very cold today.

Monday, Mar. 26 - The boys shelled & sacked six bus. seed corn to send to Byron Ash, Chrisman Ill. Louis & Herb drove Mark to town to ship the S. corn to Ill.

Tuesday, Mar. 27 - The boys picked out seed corn & chored around. Put away the hay rack & the sleds it snowed a little last night.

Wednesday, Mar. 28 - It was most too cold today to do anything. The boys picked out some seed corn & shelled some of it. I fixed up the single buggy harness.

Thursday, Mar. 29 - The boys picked seed corn until noon. They then hauled out 5 loads of manure with Dex & Bettie. Mr. Gray, agent for the Western road grader, was here. Ma & I were in town this afternoon.

Friday, Mar. 30 - The boys hauled out manure. I was to town this afternoon. I shelled seed corn this morning. Mr. Burk, & Amy stopped here awhile this evening.

Saturday, Mar. 31 � The boys ground oats & corn for pig feed. After dinner they went to town. I cut stalks all day. Louis sold a bushel of seed corn to A.H. Fletcher of Ill.

Sunday, Apr. 1 - The boys & girls were to S.S. I was down to Kirkhams but there was no one at home. I then stayed quite awhile at John Younts.

Monday, Apr. 2 - Herb cut stalks all day. Louis worked in the garden and chored around. I was over to the Center School House to Trustees Meeting, 8 hours.

Tuesday, Apr. 3 - The boys commenced to put in oats. Louis sowed Herb run the disc with four horses. The wind, the wind blew so we had to stop sowing in the afternoon.

Wednesday, Apr. 4 - The boys worked at the oats all day. Finished sowing and discing at six o'clock. Louis was to town this evening.

Thursday, Apr. 5 - The boys harrowed until noon. I was to town. After dinner I finished the harrowing, & the boys started to plowing on the S. clover patch. Ma, Bertha & I was over to Watkins this afternoon.

Friday, Apr. 6 - Herb hauled out & scattered the clover hulin. Louis plowed all day & Herb plowed half a day. I throwed the manure out of the cattle shed.

Saturday, Apr. 7 - Herb plowed all day. Louis plowed until noon. After dinner Ma, the girls, Louis & I went to town. Amy went with us.

Sunday, Apr. 8 - It rained near all day, very heavy for some time.

Monday, Apr. 9 - The boys plowed all day. I shelled seed corn this afternoon. The boys went to town this evening.

Tuesday, Apr. 10 - The boys picked seed corn all day. I was over to see Jim Monroe about some young black locust trees that he promised to Louis.

Wednesday, Apr. 11 - The boys plowed until noon. They then finished the hen house roofs with hot pitch. The girls Ma, & I were to town, Amy went with us. Heifer drop a bull calf last night.

Thursday, Apr. 12 - The boys plowed all day. I was to town this afternoon. Amy and Bertha went down to Yeagers.

Friday, Apr. 13 - It rained & drisled near all day. Louis was to town. Herb dug a little garden and he shelled corn. Mr. Burk. & Amy were here this afternoon. They brought Bertha home. Louis got an order for two bus. corn from Pousoron?

Saturday, Apr. 14 - It rained near all day. The boys were to town.

Sunday, Apr. 15 - The girls, Herb & I were over to Burks. May Yeager & Amy was here awhile. Louis stayed at home to look after the little chickens. The hatch is about coming off incubator.

Monday, Apr. 16 - The boys planted early potatoes until noon. Herb plowed and Louis set the incubator & two hens. I took Louis plow to get sharpened & shipped seed corn to Ill. & Iowa. Burk. was here to grind some corn. Bertha was along.

Tuesday, Apr. 17 - The boys plowed all day. Louis plowed the garden. I ground corn & oats until noon when we got a fine shower while we were eating dinner. I hauled out three loads of manure this afternoon.

Wednesday, Apr. 18 - It rained very heavy all last night. The Picyune is over flowed, the bottoms are all under water. Herb plowed near all day. I & Louis were to Mill and town. Got a plow sharpened.

Thursday, Apr. 19 - It was showery all day, the boys planted trees. I cleaned the manure out of the lining of the tank.

Friday, Apr. 20 - It snowed last night, everything white this morning. Cold & damp. The boys planted trees all day. I put manure along both sides of the hedge, front of the house.

Saturday, Apr. 21 - They plowed all day. I wheeled old hay & mulched the mulberry hedge in front of the house. Millie & I was to town. I paid I.A. DeCou the interest, $56.00.

Sunday, Apr. 22 - Ma & I was to S.S. The boys & girls were down to Yeagers & Greenfields. This was a fine day.

Monday, Apr. 23 - The boys plowed all day except Louis worked in the garden for awhile this morning I ground corn & oats near all day. The boys wanted to burn the meadow but it would not burn.

Tuesday, Apr. 24 - The boys hauled 17 loads of manure out of the cattle yard today. I helped a little this morning but had to stop it, I got very lame.

Wednesday, Apr. 25 - The boys hauled out 11 loads manure all day. Louis had to spend some time to the chickens. I was with Wm H. Burkholder down to see L. Hunt about a line fence between Burk. & Mrs. Elizabeth Martin, then we went to Collings & to Woodbine to see Martin, when they agreed to build the fence this week so that ended our business with it. Abner Martin paid me two dollars.

Thursday, Apr. 26 - The boys hauled manure all day, 16 loads. I was to town this afternoon. I fixed up Marks stall with brick bats and soil. R. Jefferson was here & brought a set No. 1 M. eggs.

Friday, Apr. 27 - Herb hauled out 5 loads manure. Louis & I cut potatoes, after dinner they planted potatoes. Estella Watkins was here visiting, her & the girls were up to Reiffs. The boys hitched up and took Stella home, the girls went with them.

Saturday, Apr. 28 - Herbert plowed all day & Louis plowed until noon. Geo. Howley came & castrated our yearling. Herb went over to help him castrate his colt. Louis & I was to town.

Sunday, Apr. 29 - The boys & girls were to S.S. We took the clamps off both Herbs & our colts It was a little showery today but not much rain.

Monday, Apr. 30 - The boys plowed all day & I harrowed the south piece and the potatoes & ground a little.

Tuesday, May 1, 1894 - Louis planted the south piece. I took four bushels of seed corn in the canfield. Herb plowed and harrowed the garden.

Wednesday, May 2 - Herb disced on the clover piece with four horses. Louis shelled corn. I harrowed the south piece again then ground feed, Louis helped. It rained a little this eve

Thursday, May 3 - Herb finished discing on the clover piece this evening. I wheeled dirt in the stable and fixed up the stalls. I was to town this afternoon.

Friday, May 4 - Herb plowed all day & Louis planted. I ground feed and harrowed all afternoon. Mr. McAvoy & his grandson are here for the night.

Saturday, May 5 - Louis planted all day & Herb plowed until noon, then harrowed. I was over to the center school house to a Trustees meeting where we met the agents of the Western Austin Champion road grader Co. We ordered a Western Grader to be delivered to Woodbine next Saturday the 12th of May.

Sunday, May 6 - We were all to S.S. except Ma. I was over to Burkholders and down to Chambers where I took dinner. The boys were down to Copelouds.

Monday, May 7 - Louis & I took a heiffer to Reiffs, she was served. We had a good bit of trouble with her. Herb plowed all day. Louis planted & I harrowed from eleven to six o'clock. I made a hog trough.

Tuesday, May 8 - Louis went out late this morning, he finished planting the south piece at eleven o'clock. I harrowed until noon and finished the south piece. Herb plowed all day. I was to town. We left Dell stand this afternoon.

Wednesday, May 9 - The boys plowed & finished the north piece, they both then went to harrowing. I ground feed until the rain drove us all in. It was showery all afternoon this evening we had a fine rain.

Thursday, May 10 - The boys finished harrowing at four o'clock. Louis stretched out his wire & planted two rounds. Herb harrowed the potatoes. I was over to Knapps & Donaldson, for eggs to set.

Friday, May 11 - Louis planted all day, Herb harrowed. I ground feed. Bertha & I was to town this evening. The grader has not come yet.

Saturday, May 12 - Louis planted & Herb harrowed until five o'clock. After they done the chores they went to town. Mrs. Kirkham and Effie, were here this afternoon.

Sunday, May 13 - The boys & girls were to S.S.

Monday, May 14 - Louis finished planting at noon & Herb finished harrowing this evening. We cleaned out the hog waters. I was to town this evening.

Tuesday, May 15 - I took two hogs wt. 630 at $4.55, $28.65, brought back boards & posts. Herb fixed up fence and harrowed on N. piece.

Wednesday, May 16 - Herb harrowed all day. Louis cleaned the trash from the wash down in the meadow & disced it well then I helped him to plant corn in it. He harrowed it so I think if it does not rain very heavy we will get some corn there.

Thursday, May 17 - The boys worked at the dam & ditch. A. Vining & I went to Defiance for potatoes to plant. He was told he could get them there for 30� but he had to pay 8� per bushel. We stopped at Earling on our way back. There are a great many germans in Earling. I rained some today and cold.

Friday, May 18 - We shelled & ground feed until noon. The boys then worked at the ditch & dam I was over to Burks & down to Chambers to get them to work the grader tomorrow.

Saturday, May 19 - Louis started early to town for the grader. Herb, Bertha & I shelled & ground corn for feed. When Louis got back with the grader we went on the road to try the new grader. L. M. Hunt, Jim Collins, H. Yount, J. Chambers, W.H. Grey the agent A. Shin the livery man, all were here to dinner. We bought the grader paid $100-cash & a note to be on or before two years with six per cents interest. The boys & girls went to town this evening. Trustee work 5 hours. A heavy frost this morning, killed everything.

Sunday, May 20 - We were all to S.S. Mr. Jonston, a missionary, preached.

Monday, May 21 - The boys hoed until noon, they then worked at filling the ditch to the fish pond. I was down to Collins, Livy Hunt and over to J. Flynn about dividing road graders between road districts. 7 � to 1 � - six hours.

Tuesday, May 22 - Herb hauled out seven loads of manure. Louis finished the ditch to the pond. After dinner I went to town. The boys finished planting the garden. This eve. we planted sweet potatoes. Herb went to the lodge. Mr. R. Jefferson was here for eggs.

Wednesday, May 23 - The boys worked in the garden, planted pumpkins and chored around. I was to town. Wm Burk, went with me. The boys were down to the creek fishing awhile this evening.

Thursday, May 24 - The boys ground feed.& chored around. Louis finished the box at entrance to pond from ditch.

Friday, May 25 - The boys planted pumpkins, beans, melons, & examined the frosted corn. It seems to be in bad shape as it is so very dry. Ma, girls and I were up to visit C.L. Chapmans.

Saturday, May 26 - The boys cultivated the tree lot. Afternoon they fixed up the fence between our pasture & Lowrey. I & Bertha was to town this evening. The boys & girls went to town.

Sunday, May 27 - We all went to S.S. but Herb & Lou had to go home with the team, Mark got sick, troubled with his water. Louis went to meeting down to our school house with Harold Reiff this evening. Mr. Burk. and Amy were here awhile this evening.

Monday, May 28 - We boiled the cultivator wheels in oil until dinner time. Herb cultivated on the south piece this afternoon. Louis set a few posts P& fixed fence. Wm Burk. & Amy were here.

Tuesday, May 29 - Louis hoed glories all day, Herb cultivated all day. I was to town & to see Jim Tuttle & Gene Kinny about getting some corn to feed but can get none.

Wednesday, May 30 - The boys cultivated until noon. After dinner they and the girls went to town to the decoration. Ma & I stayed home.

Thursday, May 31 - Dell foaled a male colt this morning early. The boys cultivated all day but got out late this morning. I was down to see James Collins to buy some corn. Ma & I visited with Mr. Burk & Amy took supper with them.

Friday, June 1 - Louis & I went to town with a six week old calf sold to J.J. Weiss for four dollars, three cts. per pound, we then loaded up 48.42 bus. shelled corn bought of Yeisley & son at 27� per bus. Herb cultivated all day & Louis from 2 � P.M., until 6.

Saturday, June 2 � The boys cultivated all day. I sprinkled the potatoes with paris green. I was to town with Wm. Burk. The boys & girls went to town this evening.

Sunday, June 3 � The girls were to S.S. Louis cleaned out the hog water barrels & forgot to adjust the float, the cause of which emptied the tank.

Monday, June 4 � There was no wind since Louis made the mistake yesterday so they have to take the horses to the mill pump to water and they turned the cattle out on the pasture, so they can get water at the creek. They have not been out to pasture this spring yet. The boys cultivated until five o'clock p.m. when the rain stopped them.

Tuesday, June 5 � Louis ground feed until nine o'clock, I helped. I trimmed up some trees and cut some wood. The girls went to town with Amy. Wm Burk. came over this evening they took supper & stayed the evening.

Wednesday, June 6 � The boys cultivated all day. Louis cultivated the potatoes today for the first time.

Thursday, June 7 � The boys cultivated all day. I was to town with Albert Vining. Very warm & dry. The nights cool.

Friday, June 8 � Herb cultivated all day. Louis ground feed all day. Mr. Kirkham was here quite awhile visiting with us. I sprouted the potatoes in the cane. This evening we all except Ma, was up watering the garden. The boys hauled the water & the girls & I watered the plants.

Saturday, June 9 � The boys cultivated until noon. They worked in the garden this afternoon. Mr. Burkholder came over & hitched to our buggy and the girls & I went to town with them. The boys went to town this evening.

Sunday, June 10 � The boys and girls were to town to the Odd Fellows meeting.

Monday, June 11 � Herb cultivated some until the rain drove him in. Herb cultivated afternoon & Louis brought two loads of corn from James Collins.

Tuesday, June 12 � Louis brought another load of corn making 74.20 bus. in all. He then ground some white corn for bread. Herb cultivated all day & Louis this afternoon. I made a hog shute.

Wednesday, June 13 � The boys cultivated all day. I was to town & settled with J. Collins for the corn. E. Heflin was here with a lady to see Louis about getting Minorcas.

Thursday, June 14 � Bettie foaled a mare colt last night. The boys cultivated. Louis greened the potatoes again this forenoon. Jess Williams was here to see the cow, did not sell. Charley Reiff, was here.

Friday, June 15 � The boys cultivated all day. I dug up some of the seedling trees among the fruit trees in front of the house. Betties colt died this evening at 5 o'clock.

Saturday, June 16 � The boys did not cultivate today as it rained until near noon. They hauled away brush out of the yard. I was to town & paid Yiesley for the corn I got the first of the month.

Sunday, June 17 � The boys & girls were to S.S. Louis went up to Reiffs this evening.

Monday, June 18 � The boys cultivated all day except an hour while raining this morning. They finished the second time through the corn & potatoes.

Tuesday, June 19 � Louis, Ma & I were up to Dunlap, visited & took dinner with Mrs. McKnight. Will was not in town. Herb worked in the garden. It rained a good bit today. The boys & girls went up to Boyd's, this evening.

Wednesday, June 20 � Louis, started to go to Dunlap, & met McKnight on the way so he came back. Herb & I trimmed up the trees in front of the house & dug up some f the small trees in the grove and Louis & Herb worked some in the garden. It blew a hurricane just before sun set this evening.

Thursday, June 21 � It rained a good bit during the night and until near noon today. The boys sprouted the potatoes. Then we run 85 bus. oats through the fanning mill.

Friday, June 22 � Herb cultivated all day. Louis dug after a wolf, did not get him. He ground corn. I fixed fence, trimmed trees. Louis was over to Jordans School, house for his lamps. He cultivated some. They finished the S. piece the third time.

Saturday, June 23 � Herb cultivated all day. Louis was to Dunlap to get the pipe and fixings to change the incubator to a lamp heating arrangement. The girls & I were to town with Amy & her father. It rained heavy after we came home.

Sunday, June 24 � We all except Louis were to S.S. Jess Burkholder was here & got the ice-cream, freezer.

Monday, June 25 � The boys with hoes were out streighting up the corn. The heavy rain Sat. night washed a good bit. Bertha and I was in town and met Chine, at the depot and brought her home with us.

Tuesday, June 26 � Herb cultivated all day. Louis was hoeing down in the corn in the meadow. The girls, Ma, & I were to town. I saw the hog buyers, they offered 4.40 per hun., think we will take a load in tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 27 � I took 6 head of pigs to town to DeCou, at 4.50 wt. 1015 lbs. The boys cultivated all day. Amy came over this evening.

Thursday, June 28 � The boys cultivated all day. Chine, Ma and I were to town. We took tea with Mrs. I.A. DeCou. Isaac was out at the farm.

Friday, June 29 � I bought 25 bus. E. Corn from James Collins at 30� per bus. The boys cultivated all day. Herb finished laying by the piece south of the pasture at noon. He then commenced the south piece. Nellie DeCou, and Alice Ford were here visiting today. I was to the mill & got two sacks of flour.

Saturday, June 30 � Herb cultivated all day. Louis took a cow in to J.J. Weiss, 940 lbs. at 2 � � - 23.50, Louis cultivated this afternoon. We shelled & ground a little corn for over Sunday.

(Copied sheet with July 1 � July 11 missing � JAB)

Thursday, July 12 � Louis cut wheat all day, He finished (12 acres) at 6 � p.m. Herb mowed on the road along our fences all day with the sythe. A. Vining finished cultivating his corn today.

Friday, July 13 � We fixed some fence and hauled up a small load of wheat, thought we would stack it but it is in very poor shape to stack. This afternoon the boys hauled dirt from the road in the well we dug two years ago. We must fill it up. I was to town. The wheat is very short and not bound so we do not know what to do with it. We cannot stack it so that it will not spoil.

Saturday, July 14 � The boys finished filling up the well and separated some hogs. Ma, Millie & I was to town. The boys went to town this evening.

Sunday, July 15 � Millie & the boys were to S.S. and over to Burkholders.

Monday, July 16 � Louis cut oats all day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Herb shocked until afternoon, the binder then give out, herb had to go around with the binder to throw out the bundles. I was to town. Ma, went with us as far as Donaldsons. I was down to Sam Mefferd, & got a load of 24 bus. of corn at 29�.

Tuesday, July 17 � Louis cut oats until about 3 o'clock when he broke the head of the sickle. Herb shocked, Louis went to town but could get none there. So he went and borrowed Lowreys, sickel. If it works he will finish in a short time. I was to town this afternoon.

Wednesday, July 18 � The boys finished cutting & shocking the oats. We then shelled & ground corn, then hauled out five loads of manure. It is still very dry & hot. Ma, was up to Reiffs visiting.

Thursday, July 19 � The boys and Millie were up to Reiffs, to a party last night. There were a number from town there. We hauled up wheat & stacked. After dinner it rained so we had to stop. Jim Tuttle, and wife, and Mrs. Damery, were here visiting.

Friday, July 20 � The boys fixed up the fence between Lowreys, and us and hauled out three loads of manure. I was down to Tracy's, to see if I could get some corn feed. John was not at home. After dinner we hauled up the rest of the wheat and stacked it. The boys went to Woodbine, this evening to the Indian Show. It was very warm and dry again.

Saturday, July 21 � I hauled two loads of corn from John Tracy. The boys each hauled one load. The four loads made bushels bought at 30� per bus. They hauled water on the garden this evening. I paid 15.00 on act. of corn to John Tracy. I brought buggy home.

Sunday, July 22 � The boys and girls were over east to S.S., they drove around by Reiff's took Lula along.

Monday, July 23 � We hauled up and stacked the oats. Shelled a load of corn. I was over to see when the threshers will come and I was to town.

Tuesday, July 24 � We commenced to thresh at 9 o'clock finished at 12. They then went to Burks for Tuttle. Then to Reiff finished us all today. But it was near ten o'clock when the boys came home. I cleaned up and fixed up the yards again. Threshed 64 bus. wheat 132 oats.

Wednesday, July 25 � We fenced in the stack. Louis fetched Reiff's well windlass to fix up the well at the house, to see if we cannot get more water it is very scarce. I was to town for coupling & nipple. There was a very hot wind blowing all day. 103 degree in the shade.

Thursday, July 26 � We lengthened the pipe in the well at the house & lowered the screen which reaches the water that is in the well. The boys fixed something at the wind mill pump and took out a dead squirll. Herb and I went to town after dinner. Herb did not feel well so he got Charlie Reed, to make him some bitters. The boys and girls went down to R. Jefferson, to a sociable this evening. There was another hot wind today. 109 in the shade, looks as if corn was going to be a failure.

Friday, July 27 � Louis hauled off three loads of hogs twenty one head wt. 3540 lbs. sold to J.R. Burkholder at $4.50. Herb hoed in the young tree lot. I paid Yiesley, Mathew & Kling, Reed & Cole, S.L. Jefferson, and Walter Kellogg, and L. P. Kellogg, all in full to date.

Saturday, July 28 � The boys picked out corn for seed next spring as the prospects is very poor for corn. I was to town. Mrs. May Yeager, and Amy, were here this evening.

Sunday, July 29 � Herb & the girls were down to Wm Yeager's, Louis, Ma & I were to S.S. Mrs. Chambers, Albert Arnold, and his wife, James Boyd, were baptized.

Monday, July 30 - Herb worked on the road all day with a team. I was to town to see about wheels for the cart, the old ones are bad. Louis washed the buggy. We then painted it, it looks first rate since we fixed it up. I got the house insured by H.C. Harshbarger, Mutual.

Tuesday, July 31 � Herb worked all day on the road with team. Louis ground feed and chored around. I was to town and got two new wheels put on the road cart. They used our boxes & tires. Cost 5.25 they were second hand wheels but like new. It rained last night hard & long, fine rain.

Wednesday, Aug. 1 � Herb commenced to plow at 10 o'clock. I worked at making a grinder frame and box as the old one is all rotted out. Louis, cleaned out the hen houses & helped me some.

Thursday, Aug. 2 � Herb plowed all day. Louis & I fixed some fence. He then went over and helped Vining, to stack his oats. Made three quarters of a day. I finished painting the buggy.

Friday, Aug. 3 � Herb plowed all day. Louis picked the Whitney apples. I was to town & Mill. Ma, was visiting Chambers. I finished & set up the grinder. Louis helped.

Saturday, Aug. 4 � Herb plowed all day. Louis ground feed. I was to town.

Sunday, Aug. 5 � The boys & Bertha, were to S.S. Millie & Amy were here this eve. Louis went as far a Reiff's with them.

Monday, Aug. 6 � Herb plowed all day. Louis & I worked at the new wagon box for the Dunlap wagon. This evening at 4 o'clock MA, Bertha & I and Louis, were up to Reiff's, we wanted to see his corn cutter work.

Tuesday, Aug. 7 � Louis & I took a heiffer to Reiff's, & bred her to his bull. Herb plowed all day. I worked at the wagon box and Louis hauled out manure.

Wednesday, Aug. 8 � Herb plowed all day, Louis hauled out manure until noon. He then hoed in the tree lot. I was to town and worked at the wagon box. Herb went to town this evening.

Thursday, Aug. 9 � Louis, Herb, Bertha, Minnie, and Lula were down on the pigeon visiting Yeager's. I painted the road cart. Willie Tuttles, team run away again. they came up in our stubble field, broke the wagon badly.

Friday, Aug. 10 � Herb Plowed all day. Louis chored around & hoed in the tree lot. Louis & I was to town. He shipped a W.P. Rock Cockerl, to Crescent.

Saturday, Aug. 11 � Herb Plowed all day. He laid off Mark, today the first he lost this summer, that his mate worked. Louis was over to help put up hitching posts at the school house, I was to town.

Sunday, Aug. 12 � The boys & girls were to S.S. Arthor Deuel, was here late this evening visiting. It rained some last night.

Monday, Aug. 13 � Louis & Herb shelled & ground corn until noon. I was to town to get plow sharpened. herb plowed this afternoon. Louis & I worked at a corn cutting wagon. It rained some this evening also a little last night.

Tuesday, Aug. 14 � It rained heavy during last night. The wind blew hard for awhile. Herb plowed until four o'clock when he finished the piece he was at. Louis chored around and he helped me a little at the fodder cutting machine.

Wednesday, Aug. 15 � Herb & Louis trimmed trees along the road fence. Ma, & I were to town. I got knives made out of plow lays. This afternoon we finished the corn fodder wagon or cutting machine.

Thursday, Aug. 16 � The boys & girls were to the S.S. picnic all day. I was down in the afternoon. It was held in Mathew Hall, grove. I paid Chambers, cash road tax.

Friday Aug. 17 � The boys trimmed trees along the road. I helped them some this afternoon. I was to town & mill this morning. Jack Meadows, was here this afternoon.

Saturday, Aug. 18 � The boys trimmed trees all day. I and the girls were to town. The boys went to town this evening. Mat was here to dinner.

Sunday, Aug 19 � We were all in town visiting with Wm. Tuttle, & family. Louis went to town this evening.

Monday, Aug. 20 � We finished trimming trees along the road & hauled up three big loads of wood it made. Owen Mahoney, and Wm Wright, were here to see our corn machine.

Tuesday, Aug. 21 � We shelled and ground corn until noon. After noon Louis went to Dunlap to see about a piece belonging to the wind mill that is broke. Ma, went with him to Boyds, & stayed there until he came back. Herb cut wood this afternoon. Herb and I tried the tricycle this evening. Can't say much about it yet as the knives need grinding.

Wednesday, Aug. 22 � Herb picked plums and chopped wood. Louis worked at the incubator, it leaked somewhere. I changed the tricycle some and cut some wood. Herb went to town this evening. May and Amy were here, Millie, went with them home.

Thursday, Aug. 23 � The boys cut stalks with the machine and by hand this afternoon. Ma, & I were to the mill, we also took a half a bus. plums to Jack Meadows, we visited at Jim Tuttles, & took supper there.

Friday, Aug. 24 � The boys cut fodder by hand this morning. After dinner we went out with the machine cut across the field & back. 4 rows 14 shocks, they then cut 17 rows by hand.

Saturday, Aug. 25 � The boys cut fodder all day 0 50 shocks. Bertha & I were to town this afternoon. A.W. Linn, stayed here over night last night. He is from Arizona.

Sunday, Aug. 26 � Louis, Millie, Ma & I were to S.S. Herb and Bertha, were down to Yeager's visiting. Carrie, went with them and stayed home.

Monday, Aug. 27 � The boys cut 14 shocks of 10 hills and 56 shocks of 8 hills to the shock. I was to town and got some Dunlap wagon tires, set six new spokes 2 spindle set and new bolster plates.

Tuesday, Aug. 28 � The boys cut up 85 shocks 8 hills square. I was to town took plums to Wm Tuttles. Ma, was down to Kirkhams, visiting. Geo. Reiff, wife, Harold and Paul were here this evening.

Wednesday, Aug. 29 � The boys cut up 79 shocks of corn. I ground the oil cake.

Thursday, Aug. 30 � Herb, and the girls went to the reunion at Logan. Louis ground corn, I painted the Dunlap wagon, and was to town.

Friday, Aug. 31 � The boys cut up 55 shocks of corn. I was to town.

Saturday, Sept. 1 � The boys cut up 55 shocks. I was up at Reiff's, to dinner. I went to town with George. Millie, and Bertha, was to town this afternoon. It rained a little this evening.

Sunday, Sept. 2 � The boys & girls were to S.S. I was over to see Burkholder but he was not at home. I then visited with Mr. Damery all afternoon.

Monday, Sept. 3 � Herb cut up corn, Louis commenced to mow in the meadow. After dinner they both work at the hay until evening. I left for Des Moines this evening.

Tuesday, Sept. 4 � Louis mowed until noon, he broke the pitman, he took it to town. Got it fixed & tried it works alright. Herb raked & bunched hay and shocked three shocks of corn. He raked & bunched hay all afternoon. Ma and Bertha, went to W. this morning to take in some plums. This afternoon Mrs. Reiff, came down & went with Ma, to see Mrs. John Yount. This evening quite a party of young folks were here.

Wednesday, Sept. 5 � Louis mowed Herb cut thirteen shocks of corn this afternoon. Louis mowed and Herb raked & bunched hay.

Thursday, Sept. 6 � Louis mowed until near noon, when he finished. Herb raked & bunch. This afternoon they hauled up two loads & commenced to stack. I came home at noon. I took plums in to Blackman, this afternoon.

Friday, Sept. 7 � It rained last night. The boys snaped pride of the north corn & picked out seed. Geo. Reiff & I went to see Younts old thresher. Geo. & I went to town. Boys hauled up two loads hay.

Saturday, Sept. 8 � The boys hauled up five loads of hay. I was sick did not get up until noon. We cut up fodder for the stock every morning or evening and feed it to cattle, horses, & hogs. 9 loads of hay in all � two stacks.

Sunday, Sept. 9 � We had a very nice rain. it rained near all day.

Monday, Sept. 10 � Louis dug potatoes. Herbert snapped P. of N. corn & picked out seed, Louis & I helped. They cut & shocked 38 shocks this afternoon. Ma, & I were up to Younts. Ma went with Mrs. Kirkham, & Mrs. Yount, around to see about the chicken pie sociable.

Tuesday, Sept. 11 � The boys cut up 73 shocks of corn. Ma and I was to town, took dinner at .J. Tuttles, we then went down on the island where Geo. J.B. Weaver made a speech as candidate for congress.

Wednesday, Sept. 12 � The boys cut 76 shocks of corn. I helped a little. We were to a sociable at the school house. We had a nice time, chicken pie supper and many other edibles and coffee.

Thursday, Sept. 13 � Louis & I were to town with a load, six head of hogs wt. 980 lbs. at $5.60 $54.90. Ma, was up to Reiff's. Herb shocked 34 shocks of corn. Louis helped some after we came from town. We got 1770 lbs. Coal at Mathews & Kling.

Friday, Sept. 14 � Louis & I took a heiffer up to G. Reiff's bred her. Herb cut and shocked 5 shocks. It rained near all the rest of the day. We unloaded the coal into the cob house. The boys worked at the incubator.

Saturday, Sept. 15 � Everything is wet this morning with a heavy dew. Herb filled up the holes in the stable. Louis worked at the incubator. Ma & I were to town. Afternoon the boys & I picked seed corn out. I paid F.M.'s interest on $150.

Sunday, Sept. 16 � I went to town and brought out Mr. & Mrs. Wm Tuttle, for a visit. The boys and girls were to S.S. As it looked for rain Louis took the Tuttles, to town early.

Monday, Sept. 17 � Louis & I was in town with two hogs 435 lbs. at $5.50 $23.92, DeCou. We brought 2220 lbs. coal home from M. & K. The boys cut and shocked 37 shocks this afternoon.

Tuesday, Sept. 18 � The boys castrated the big boar. They cut & shocked 57 shocks. I was to town, got a sack of bran at the mill.

Wednesday, Sept. 19 � The boys cut & shocked 57 shocks of corn. I was up to see Geo. Reiff about a husker.

Thursday, Sept. 20 � The boys cut 35 shocks of corn, they finished the lower piece, about 28 acres. Topsy is sick this evening. It rained very heavy this eve.

Friday, Sept. 21 � It rained very heavy during the night. Herb chored around. Louis & I were to town. Mr. Cadwell, paid me $2.00 for adjusting the Lowrey, claim for damages from fire in his tenant house.

Saturday, Sept. 22 � The boys snapped part of a load from the seven acres piece and picked out some seed, and cut 22 shocks. I was to town & ordered a E.W. Ross, husker for eighty eight dollars, with both carriers complete. And a jack for $8.50 G.E. Reiff, ordered one too.

Sunday, Sept. 23 � The boys and girls were to S.S. Jesse Burkholder, Harry Yount, & Amy Burkholder, were here visiting this evening.

Monday, Sept. 24 � The boys put up 79 with the horse, I drove them. We quit early to go to town. Minnie, and Lula Reiff, are here this evening. Amy, is still here her father is away.

Tuesday, Sept. 25 � The boys put up 55 shocks until noon with the horse. The wind blew too hard so after they got those tied that they put up this morning they dug potatoes. Herb & I were to town last night. Louis & the girls were to a meeting east.

Wednesday, Sept. 26 � Herb & I cut the balance of the pride of the north fodder. Louis worked at the incubator. This afternoon Herb, cut 15 shocks in the meadow. Louis was to town & I took Amy, down to Yeager's, girls went along.

Thursday, Sept. 27 � Herb worked on the road until noon, he cut 14 shocks this afternoon. Louis cleaned out the hen house, he used considerable kerosene emulsion. The girls were to town.

Friday, Sept. 28 � The boys husked 54 rows up on the seven acre piece. Harold was here, he hurt his hand so he can do nothing. The boys and girls went down to Yeager's this evening.

Saturday, Sept. 29 � It rained slowly all day. We shelled what little corn we had. Put the cobs in one end of the crib, and put the hay that was in the hay shed, up in the mow over the horses. The boys then went to town this afternoon.

Sunday, Sept. 30 � We were all to S.S. except Ma. Louis went to town this evening.

Monday, Oct.1 � It rained all day heavy. I was down to center S.S. Trustees Meeting, to settle with the road supervisors. J. Deal, no. 6 did not come so we adjourned until next Saturday at 9 a.m. to settle with no. 6. Mr. I.A. DeCou was here to see me, to talk up fodder cutters as he would like to get one and has not made up his mind what kind of one he wants. I made ten hours at the settlement meeting.

Tuesday, Oct. 2 � Louis & I were to town and Ma, was visiting at Harrison Younts. Herb husked corn for feed and cut fodder for feed.

Wednesday, Oct. 3 � The boys husked the balance out of the seven acre piece. Cut fodder for feed and dug the sweet potatoes. I was down to see old Mrs. Bolter, who had applied for relief from the county. She was not at home but I saw her son's wife.

Thursday, Oct. 4 � The boys hauled a load of straw in the barn. Herb then plowed until noon. We then went to town and brought two loads of coal 3580 lbs. It was late when we got home. We stayed to see the ross husker work. Herb thinks it is a dandy.

Friday, Oct. 5 � Louis & I each brought a load of coal 3600 lbs. Herb dug up the posts south of the pasture. Millie, Ma, & I, were to town this afternoon. Herb plowed some this afternoon.

Saturday, Oct. 6 � I was down to center S.H., to an adjoined meeting to settle with J. Deal supervisor no. 6. Louis threshed the beans but there were very few beans. After dinner Louis, & I went to town. Herb plowed all day with the walking plow. We got the sulky sharp.

Sunday, Oct. 7 � The young folks were to S.S. Mr. & Mrs. Damery, and Mrs. Evans, were here visiting.

Monday, Oct. 8 � Herb, plowed until 5 o'clock, he went to town this evening. Louis & I husked three rows of corn and cut the fodder on the three rows & put around two of the hen houses & ground some corn & wheat. Louis & the girls went down to the S.H. to a meeting.

No entry in copy for Oct. 9

Wednesday, Oct. 10 � Herb hauled out manure. Louis was to Dunlap, Ma, & I went with him as far a Peter Campbells. We took dinner and went with them over to Jordan's, where the society of the farmers wife's met, the boys and girls went east to the C.E. Meeting.

Thursday, Oct. 11 � The boys dug a few potatoes & quit as they are not ripe enough. They hauled out 5 loads of manure. I was to Logan, to the annual insurance meeting. Louis took me in & brought me out.

Friday, Oct. 12 � Herb, hauled some dirt around the tank and took up the garden truck & buried some of it in the garden at the house. Louis & I was to town and brought the husker home, Justin Rigg, came with us. After dinner we put it together. Justin, then went up to Reiff's to put up his husker. We tried ours a little by hand power.

Saturday, Oct. 13 � Herb, cleaned up the cattle yards & stables and worked in the garden. Louis worked at his hen houses. Put fodder around them to keep them warm.

Sunday, Oct. 14 � The boys & Bertha went over to the spring brook, S.S. Millie & I went to P.V. S.S. John Yount was up this morning to see the R. Husker. I was over to jack Meadows to see a couple of four horse powers belonging to I.A. DeCou.

Monday, Oct. 15 � We worked at our grinder power until near noon, until we got it changed for two sweeps & set up to try the R. Husker. Louis & I were to town. Herb, brought in a load of fodder & cleaned up the stalks in barn.

Tuesday, Oct. 16 � We cut & husked corn with the husker, it does not work well as we have not got speed enough. I was to town this eve. Herb commenced to plow the garden & stubble on both ends of the garden. Louis worked with chickens.

Wednesday, Oct. 17 � Herb plowed all day. Louis cleaned out the hen houses & fixed the fence to seperate his young fowls. I fixed up the horse mangers tight to hold, fine cut fodder. Ma, went up to Reiff's. Mrs. Reiff went with her to visit with Mrs. A.P DeCou. I went up to see Reiffs husker work. Louis & Mr. Burkholder was there too. I stayed & came home with ma. The boys & girls went east this evening.

Thursday, Oct. 18 � Herb plowed all day. Louis sorted apples, put the best in the cob house. Louis & I were to town this afternoon, the jack has not come yet.

Friday, Oct. 19 � The boys dug potatoes all day only got six bushels of good ones. I made a cover on the husker carrier, and helped to pick potatoes this afternoon. Mr. Ward, came in the potatoe patch and visited with us quite awhile. He is a very pleasant visitor.

Saturday, Oct. 20 � We finished digging the potatoes. We got about twenty one bus. in all nineteen in the cave. The girls and I went to town. Soon after we got to town it rained very heavy. The boys just got the potatoes in the cave before the rain.

Sunday, Oct. 21 � I was visiting with Wm H. Burkholder, all day. Louis & the girls were to S.S. Herb did not go. Louis & Millie, went to town this evening.

Monday, Oct. 22 � Herb tried the new plow lay but could not get it to shed. So he took the old plow to work. Louis & I brought in two loads (53 shocks). It took us four and a half hours to cut twenty two shocks.

Tuesday, Oct. 23 � We cut 31 shocks in three hours this morning, Millie, drove. Herb plowed all day. Louis & I were in town to get the new lay fixed so that the plow would run.

Wednesday, Oct. 24 � Herb plowed awhile this morning, then he & Louis husked until noon. Herb husked & Louis & I brought in 22 shocks & cut a little of it. Husked in all today thirteen rows. Jesse Burk., Marion, and Annie Gilchrist, came this evening.

Thursday, Oct. 25 � Herb husked all day, 12 rows. Louis & I cut a load of fodder. Millie, & I were to town to see Dr. Cole. She had a toothache. He said she should have it filled. He gave her some powders to take if she had too much pain in it. He charged her nothing. It rained a little today.

Friday, Oct. 26 � Herb husked 12 rows, Louis and I hauled in two loads, 48 shocks, and cut 22 of them. The girls drove. Millie, in the forenoon & Bertha, in the afternoon. Mr. Wm Burkholder, and Amy, were here awhile this afternoon.

Saturday, Oct. 27 � We cut fodder for awhile but the wind blew so hard we had to quit, it blew the fodder all away. So Louis, went & helped Herb, husk until noon then Louis & I went to town. Herb husked 12 rows. I sent a letter to stop the K.L. & F.M. 4 � lbs. butter J. Riggs.

Sunday, Oct. 28 � It misted or driseled all day. Paul, & Harold Reiff, were here to dinner. We all were at home all day.

Monday, Oct. 29 � It snowed all day and is very disagreeable out of doors. Louis and Millie went to town to get a tooth filled but it was too sore to have anything done to it.

Tuesday, Oct. 30 � The weather is still damp and disagreeable, but no rain or snow. We worked all day at making a jack to get more speed in cutting corn fodder. Louis brought a large wooden pully and a mower shaft. But it is a big piece of work to make it with the tools we have.

Wednesday, Oct. 31 � We worked at the jack until noon. Accomplished nothing. We then took the shaft and collar to town. Got the collar bored out. Herb husked this afternoon. Mrs. Reiff, and Mrs. Chambers, were here visiting.

Thursday, Nov. 1 � Herb husked 12 rows of corn. Louis and I were over to Poley's, to see an expert that was there to look after Poley's husker. It did not work right. C.E. Reiff, went with us. We were in town. Herb went over home this evening.

Friday, Nov. 2 � Herb husked until noon. Louis worked among his chickens. I finished the jack at noon. Herb, Louis & I cut a load of fodder this afternoon. Louis was down to Younts, and borrowed a short piece of tumbling rod and two knuckles. The jack I made gives us speed enough for our power but if we had a stouter power I would make the pulley six inches larger (husked 6 rows)

Saturday, Nov. 3 � Herb husked 18 rows. Louis helped some this afternoon. I was over to the center S.H. to help put up the booths for election & granted $1.50 per wk. to Mrs. Celia Bolter, temporary aid. Ma & I were to town this afternoon. Trustee work 6 hours.

Sunday, Nov. 4 � Louis, Herb Bertha & I were to S.S. It rained a little this afternoon.

Monday, Nov. 5 � Louis & I was over to I.A. DeCou's, to get his four horse power but it is too slow motioned for the husker. Herb husked all day. Louis helped him this afternoon. Bertha, Millie & I were to town to get Millies tooth filled. They husked 18 loads. Harold Reiff, was here this eve. He drove our cattle out of their field.

Tuesday, Nov. 6 � The boys husked 12 rows which finished the standing corn. They then went to vote and then they set some fence posts around the fence. I w3as one of the election board at the polls. The board were Hunt, Probasco, Hoyer.

Wednesday, Nov. 7 � I was at the polls all night. I took the poll books to Logan. The boys set some posts. Louis took David, to town, sold him to DeCou, for $4.75 wt. 385 80 lbs. off $12.65. It rained some today.

Thursday, Nov. 8 � The boys were over to Conleys, to buy a power but he would not sell it. They were at two other places but they would not sell. We then cut a load of fodder this afternoon. Mrs. Reiff, and Ma was over at Wm Chauncey visiting today.

Friday, Nov. 9 � The boys & I brought up 12 shocks and cut them. The husk carrier pulled apart. I went to town and got it fixed. We had to put a piece in. Geo. Reiff was in he got his springs O w?

Saturday, Nov. 10 � We cut up a small load of fodder, the boys set posts and I went to town. Exchanged the alarm clock at Smith's. There will be a political Jubalu, in Woodbine, this evening.

Sunday, Nov. 11 � Louis & the girls were to s.s. I was visiting near all day with Mr. Kirkham. Louis, went to town meeting this evening.

Monday, Nov. 12 � We cut fodder until noon. Louis and the girls were to town. Millie, got a tooth filled. Herb, & I packed cattle tank with manure to keep from freezing.

Tuesday, Nov. 13 � We cut fodder near all day. The boys ground the knives of the husker. I put a floor in the cattle feed manger & fixed it so that we can feed fine cut fodder. Millie went over to Amy Burk., is going to stay over night.

Wednesday, Nov. 14 � We cut fodder until noon. The wind blew it all over the yard so we quit cutting. Herb hauled dirt in the cattle yard to fill up in front of the feed manger. Louis is working at making exhibition coops. I fixed the mangers in the cow stables to feed cut fodder.

Thursday, Nov. 15 � We cut fodder all day but the husker did not work well at all. We were bothered a great deal of the time. George Reiff, was here to supper.

Friday, Nov. 16 � Louis, Herb, George Reiff, and I were over at Abel Powley's, all day to see a no. 8 keystone husker work but they broke it yesterday & mounted it on trucks today so it was late when they started it, after running it for a few minutes empty they broke the power, then got one from a neighbor but run only a couple of arm fulls through. It was late when we got home & did not see it work.

Saturday, Nov. 17 � Austin Lowrey, Harold, Minnie, & Lulu Reiff, were here last night. We cut half a load of fodder. The husker & cutter worked very bad. Geo. Reiff, & I were in the see J. Rigg. We went up to Powley's to see his new husker work. Herb brought up wood & posts. Louis worked at his exhibition coops. Took 2 lbs. butter to Justin Rigg.

Sunday, Nov. 18 � We were all up to Harrison Younts, visiting. Herb and the girls were to Sunday School.

Monday, Nov. 19 � The boys disconnected the husking rolls & put in the board so they cut two small loads of fodder. I was to town with the girls to have Bertha's, teeth attended to.

Tuesday, Nov. 20 � We cut fodder until noon but the cutter worked very poor. We had hard work to feed it as the fodder was very dry. We had the light spring in it and the husker chain removed. Louis & I worked at the exhibition coops. Louis & Herb went to town this evening.

Wednesday, Nov. 21 � Herb took the Ross husker, to town. Willis & Rigg shipped them all back to the Bluffs, Geo. Reiff & I were up to Geo. Kinney & Bert Smith to see a sheller & power which we bought. Then we went to town and ordered a Keystone Husker through Willis, & Rigg, price $189. � Power & sheller $55.

Thursday, Nov 22 � Geo. Reiff, Harold, Herb and I were over to Geo. Mc Kinney and brought the sheller & power. Took it to Reiffs then George took the sheller trucks and the power wheels in the Willis & Rigg, to have the tires set.

Friday, Nov. 23 � The boys took a heiffer, up to Reiff's & bred her. I went up to Reiffs, after killing & dressing a beef. Geo. & I went to town, Rigg, told us they will not sell any more unmounted huskers. Ma, was up to Chambers to a birthday party.

Saturday, Nov. 24 � The boys shelled and ground corn for feed. Louis & I went to town. I paid twenty five dollars, my half of power and sheller. Geo. Reiff, and I bought from Geo. McKinney, and Bert Smith, for fifty dollars. Louis bought a pullet from J.A. Boise, one of Louis breed of black minorcas, for fifty cents. Herb quit work today until the husker is here.

Sunday, Nov. 25 � All were to s.s. except Louis & B. Louis went to town to meeting. Jesse Burkholder, came after L., had gone Millie, went with Jesse.

Monday, Nov. 26 � Louis worked with his chickens that he is going to exhibit and finished the coops. Herb and Bertha, and Ma, were to town to get Bertha's tooth filled. I was up to Reiffs to see our old sheller work. The boys & girls went over to start the Lyceum.

Tuesday, Nov. 27 � Louis & I was to town this morning. Took four coops of chickens to depot. Shipped them to Ms. Valley, to exhibit at the show. After dinner the boys went over to Donaldsons, to shoot for turkeys. Herb got two Louis got none. I went to town this afternoon to see if the husker had come. But it did not. I bargained with C. Reed for a haworth planter complete, near new for thirty dollars, to either be paid in cash or give note for one year at 8% interest on the first of May 1895.

Wednesday, Nov. 28 � Louis went to Mo. Valley, to the pet stock show, Herb & I went to town & brought the planter I bought from Charley Reed, the husker did not come.

Thursday, Nov. 29 � The husker came yesterday in a later train. Geo. Reiff, was in and brought it out late last evening. This morning Louis, & I went up to Reiffs, & helped to put up the husker & tried it for awhile. Justin Rigg, was there and helped. Then George, and his family and Wm Burkholder, came to spend Thanksgiving with us. We had a good time.

Friday, Nov. 30 � Herb, Louis, & I were up to Geo. Reiffs, husking & shreding fodder all day. The machine done pretty well for the first day. Justin Rigg, was with us this afternoon. He thinks we ought to have little more speed. Thinks the horses have to walk too fast and the machines would work better. We paid the freight on the machine from factory. We got a horse from Kirkham, for the power.

Saturday, Dec. 1 � Louis, Herb, & I worked at Reiffs all day. Louis had A. Vinning, in his place this afternoon, so he went to Woodbine, for his show chickens. The machine done pretty well but the fodder was tough, shredded 4 loads.

Sunday, Dec. 2 � The boys & girls were to s.s. Mr. Kirkham was here visiting near all day.

Monday, Dec. 3 � We husked & shredded at Reiff's all day. We shredded 4 � loads and reset at the barn. The boys & girls went to the Lyceum this evening.

Tuesday, Dec. 4 � We husked & shredded at Reiff's all day. We shredded 5 � loads 45 shocks to each load. It was a little late when we quit this evening.

Wednesday, Dec. 5 � George Reiff, & I was to town. We paid for the keystone husker, and shredder. I got one thousand dollars from Kibler Brothers. I also paid note of I.A. DeCou, of seven hundred dollars & interest. We shredded & husked eight loads of fodder, we shredded only this afternoon.

Thursday, Dec. 6 � We shredded fodder until 11 o'clock when it rained so much we had to stop. Geo. Reiff, Wm Burkholder, Louis & I were in town this afternoon.

Friday, Dec. 7 � It was too wet to shred fodder. Louis cleaned out and fixed the fence around the stack pen. Herb & I worked at making a jack to hold up the tumbling rod at machine. After dinner Ma, Herb, & I went to town. Ma & I signed the papers for the loan I got from Kibler Brothers. Geo. Reiff, was in town. We were to see the football game, the first I ever saw. We brought out a jack to increase the speed of the machine.

Saturday, Dec. 8 � We shredded fodder all day but it was damp this morning. It did not work very well but this afternoon it worked fine. We shreded about 11 loads. The boys were not sure of the exact number of loads nor the number of shocks. I worked in the barn putting the fodder back & tramping it.

Sunday, Dec. 9 � Herb & the girls were to s.s. Derry, of LDS preached in our S.H. Louis was to town for the Mail. He was up to Reiff's this evening.

Monday, Dec. 10 - It snowed a good bit today so we could not work at the fodder. Geo. Reiff was here for awhile. He brought a knuckel. The boys & girls were to town this afternoon.

Tuesday, Dec. 11 - Reiffs, came late this morning to shred. I went over for Burk, we changed the gearing & put in the new jack but it worked so hard that we broke a knuckel. The fodder was too wet. Then we broke the cogs and bed plate of the power. We didn't put any fodder through the machine.

Wednesday Dec. 12 - Louis, worked some fixing up the stack rack to put in fodder. We were to town this afternoon. Ma, was over to see Mrs. Meadows. Louis got his watch, Smith, cleaned it. It is still very damp.

Thursday, Dec. 13 - Louis, worked down one of the tumbling rod ends for an inch knuckle. This afternoon, we shredded a couple of hours. We then broke pinion & bed plate of power. Reiff, is going to the Bluffs for them.

Friday Dec. 14 - The boys ground corn for feed and bread and wheat for graham. I cut up a little wood. Dave Cox, was here to see Louis, chickens, he wants to get some minoricas. The boys and I were up to H. Younts, to see how their thresher works threshing corn. The boys then went over to Donaldson's, to Powely's, husker work. The fodder is rather damp to do well.

Saturday, Dec.15 - Geo. Reiff, brought the extras about 8 o'clock. We worked until near noon putting it together, when it rained pretty fast. We did not get the power set before the rain. After dinner Louis, went to town. I went with Wm Burkholder, in his top buggy as it rained all afternoon. We set back the pack they had sent us. Reiff, got a jack pulley & belt from the company gratis when he was to the Bluffs.

Sunday, Dec. 16 - Herb, & the girls were to S.S.

Monday, Dec. 7 - It was too damp to shred today so Louis, & Herb, went to town to try to sell some cockrels. They all went to the Lyceum, this evening.

Tuesday, Dec. 18 - We shredded all day but commenced late. Kirkham, helped in Burks. stead. We put 10 loads through. Fodder was very damp especially so in the morning.

Wednesday, Dec. 19 - We went to work at 9 o'clock, shredded 9 loads. Put 3 in the crib. Kirkham went home while we were resetting at the crib. Yount, Watkins, & Harry, were here to see our machine work.

Thursday, Dec. 20 - We shredded all day, 13 loads. We had a good run today. Kirkham, came late, Burk, did not come until 9 o'clock. We have 16 loads in the crib. The boys went to town this evening for oil. Al Vining, came to help 9 � o'clock. Kirkham, and I tramped in crib.

Friday, Dec. 21 - We finished shredding our fodder at 10 o'clock, four loads. Put in stack rack. We then went to Reiffs, set up before dinner then shredded near 5 loads.

Saturday, Dec. 22 - We shredded all day at Reiffs, had a good run Shred 9 loads. We were there before they had their breakfast. Got an early start and work late to get an empty wagon to take along home with us.

Monday, Dec. 24 - We shredded until, four o'clock when we had to reset. It got late so we did not run anymore today. Herb, & I gathered a load of scattered fodder at the crib and put it in the feed pen in the cattle yard. We are going to try the pulley and jack to see how it will work.

Tuesday. Dec. 25 - We were all up to Reiffs, to spend Christmas, we stayed late. It is near midnight we had a very nice time.

Wednesday, Dec. 26 - We shredded at Reiffs, all day but did not do much as the track was frozed hard and was slippery. After dinner the wind blew terrible and snowed and was very cold. We used the belt and jack they worked first rate. George, says they do not give us speed enough now I think they do. We put about 4 loads through and a small load which he will whole as it is.

Thursday, Dec. 27 - Today was very cold. Louis, Herb, and I were to town this afternoon. I took Kirkham's, horse home this morning. We had him since the 30th, of Nov. and worked him 13 days.

Friday, Dec. 28 - Yesterday was very cold 14 degrees below zero. Louis was up to Mr. Reiff, and brought the husker down and put it in our wagon shed. Herb was down to H. Younts. I felt bad all day so I stayed in the house. The boys and girls went down to P.V. School, house to a spelling Lee. Today was very much warmer.

Saturday, Dec. 29 - I was over to Flynn's, where the board of Trustees met to settle with the out going

Township Clerk. James Collins, was absent, Herb, and Louis, was to town. Harold Reiff, brought the elevator of the Husker, and our wagon here this evening. We put them in the wagon shed with the husker.

Sunday, Dec. 30 - Herb, and I were down to see how Wm Yeager, is getting along. He has been very sick, but is getting better. He set up for awhile today. Harry Yount, & his wife, Jesse Burkholder, and Henry Russau, were there while we were there.

Monday, Dec. 31 - I was down to Logan, and got my money due me for Trustee, and election board work and returning poll books. Louis and Herb were to town and brought a boar bought from Dave Cox, for 15 dollars. The boys and girls went over to A.C. Priors, to a sociable. Louis, subscribed for the Homestead, I paid Herb $161.50 in full for his years work., and I paid Reed, and Cole, drugists, in Full to date $17.45.

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