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      Aaron D Hoyer Diary

Originally transcribed by Jessie Burkholder Peckenpaugh
preserving the original spellings and punctuation.
Transcribed for the Harrison County Iowa USGenWeb
by his descendant John Burkholder (email napagrappa@yahoo.com).

Further Reference: Aaron Hoyer Biography -- Hoyer family -- Hoyer house

This page covers 1892 -- Index for each Year -- Next Page: 1893

Friday Jan. 1, 1892 � It was cold and windy. We all stayed at home. This evening Harold, Minnie & Lulu Reiff and Amy Burkholder came. The young folks had a nice time.

Saturday Jan. 2 � Louis was to Woodbine today. I cleaned four sacks of wheat for the Mill & I done the chores. Louis & the girls went over to Burkholder's this evening.

Sunday Jan. 3 � John Yount was here to dinner. Louis was down to Tuttles this evening.

Monday Jan. 4 � Louis scattered the dirt that I took out of the clover seed & chored around generally. He set his traps at the Picayune again. I shelled a little corn & cleaned & sorted beans.

Tuesday Jan. 5 � Louis was down to look after his traps but got nothing. I sorted beans. Louis & Ma helped some. It snowed last night some & today.

Wednesday Jan. 6 � I sorted beans. Louis was down to see his traps, he got nothing. We done the chores together. Amy came over and went to town with Louis & Bertha to singing school.

Thursday Jan. 7 � I sorted beans awhile. Geo. Reiff was here this afternoon for a reciept to tan hides with the hair or fur on. Louis was down to see his traps, he got nothing. Amy & Bertha went down with him to the Picayune.

Friday Jan. 8 � Louis & I was to town to bring Millie home. We took a couple of bus. of beans in and sold them at $1.75 per bu. We also got frame & glass for two pastel pictures.

Saturday Jan. 9 � Louis was down to see after his traps. I chored some. It looks as if it would snow.

Sunday Jan. 10 � I snowed last night and near all day today, yet there is not snow on the ground. L. was over to Burkholders today.

Monday Jan. 11 � Louis was down to see after his traps, he got one skunk. I chored around. thermometer 12 below, in town they said it was 24 below.

Tuesday Jan. 12 � Louis was to town & the Mill. It was very cold. I chored around.

Wednesday Jan. 13 � Bettie's leg is getting worse, swelled bad. Louis was down to see after his traps but got nothing. He took Mr. Kirkham's trap home. I cleaned eight bus. of wheat for the Mill.

Thursday Jan. 14 � We dipped blanket in hot water and tied them around Bettie's leg. We can't well poltice it as it is so cold & it makes too much smell in the house.

Friday Jan. 15 � Louis & I was to town and brought Millie home. Mat came this evening. Will stay over night.

Saturday Jan. 16 � Louis cleaned out the stables & hauled it out on fall plowing, 2 loads. We commenced doctoring Bettie's leg with soap & sugar & carbolic acid. It is a very sore leg.

Sunday Jan. 17 � It snowed a very little last night and this morning. I was down to Kirkhams. I was going to visit Tuttle but they were away. Mat went home today.

Monday Jan. 18 � It snowed some last evening so Louis took Millie to town this morning. The thermometer registered 14 below zero.

Tuesday Jan. 19 � It is very cold this morning. Our thermometer regst. 32 below zero. Louis was down to the school house to fix up the lamps for the meeting of Lyceum. C.J. Tuttle was here and assessed us. Kirkham's thermometer was 34 below zero. Wednesday Jan. 20 � It was nice and warm today. Ther. 34 above zero. We chored around some. Louis & Bertha went to town this evening to singing school. Bettie's leg is very bad. It smells horred. We use Cactice Oil and dilited carbolic acid.

Thursday Jan. 21 � Louis was down to the creek to look after his traps. Amy Burk. was here. She brought May's little girl over. Paul Bostwick was here to buy cattle. Louis & Bertha went to the Lyceum.

Friday Jan. 22 � Louis went to town and brought Millie home. I am still kept in the house with LaGripp.

Saturday Jan. 23 � Louis was to town, took six bus. clover seen in for H.C. Harchbeger. Sold at six dollars per bu. He brought four plank for stable.

Sunday Jan. 24 � This was a fine day. We all were at home all day.

Monday Jan. 25 � Louis took Millie to town this morning. This was a fine day.

Tuesday Jan. 26 � Louis chored around and worked on Bertha's rug some. I am getting better.

Wednesday Jan. 27 � Louis chored around & worked some on the rug. This evening Bertha & Louis went to Singing S.

Thursday Jan. 28 � Mat came home with Louis last evening. Louis intended to go out to visit F.M. but did not go. Herb Burk. was here this evening.

Friday Jan. 29 � Louis was over to see Ed Rankin. Herb went with him, they then went to town for Millie. Mat went with them. Herb & Louis went to Rankins again this evening. Louis paid J. Yount for threshing clover, $12.25.

Saturday Jan. 30 � Herb Burk. was here all last night. Louis went over with him. He was up to Lowreys.

Sunday Jan. 31 � We were all home today. The weather is nice and warm but cloudy most of the time. Louis is going to take Millie to town tomorrow morning.

Monday Feb. 1, 1892 � Louis took Millie t town this morning. Bertha went with him. I am still in the house. The weather is damp and cloudy.

Tuesday Feb. 2 � Ma & Bertha went to Davis visiting. Louis was over to Dave Cox's sale. He bought a grinder & power combined for $21.00, 5 per cent off for cash. Louis & Bertha went to town for a concert this eve.

Wednesday Feb. 3 � Louis brought the grinder & him & I set it up and tried it. We shelled a little corn but did not grind any. This evening Louis, Herb and the girls went to singing school.

Thursday Feb. 4 � Louis went away this morning to visit F.M. in Osceola. Neb. Mat did not come so he got Herb Burk. to do the chores. H. & the girls (Amy & Bertha) went to Lyceum this eve.

Friday Feb. 5 � Herbert went to town for Millie, Amy & Bertha went with him. The girls stayed in to go to the ragged concert. Herb came home to do the chores, he then went in to the concert too. It has been cloudy for the last two or three weeks.

Saturday Feb. 6 � Mr. Damery had a cow here this morning.

Saturday Feb. 6 � Mr. Damery had a cow here this morning. Herbert attended to serving her. Herb went to town this afternoon.

Sunday Feb. 7 � Herbert was down to Will Yeagers today. C.J. Tuttle was here today.

Monday Feb. 8 � Herbert & I went down to C.J. Tuttles ad brought the cultivator Louis bought and sold the old mower he gave to me.

Tuesday Feb. 9 � Mr. Kirkham was here visiting with me. Herbert went to town after supper. He thinks Louis might come tonight. Deuel & J. Yount were here.

Friday Feb. 10 � Herbert helped Deuel to hull his clover. He helped for about as long as Deuel helped here. Wm. Burk was here all afternoon. Herbert & the girls went to town to singing school.

Thursday Feb. 11 � Louis came home with Herbert and the girls last night. He had a very good time with Frank. F.M. came as far as Omaha with him. Deuel was here and got the fan mill to clean his clover. Herbert went down to Wm. Yeagers.

Friday Feb. 12 � Louis was to town. Brought Millie home. After supper & after he done the chores he went to town again. The girls went as far as Burks. Amy was not at home, they walked back home.

Saturday Feb. 13 � Louis ground corn for cow feed, he also cleaned out the stables & hauled out two loads of manure. Deuel brought the fan mill home.

Sunday Feb. 14 � Herb & Amy Burk. were here to dinner. They all then went over to Kellogg Sunday School.

Monday Feb. 15 � Louis took Millie to town this morning. He got Dep & Dell shod all around. He shelled and ground corn for cow feed. He then went to town this evening to practice with the coons.

Tuesday Feb. 16 � Louis shelled & ground corn. Louis went to town to practice with the coons. Bertha went with the Burkholders to the Douglas Hill Alliance.

Wednesday Feb. 17 � Louis cleaned out the stables and chored around. I was out awhile this afternoon. Louis & Bertha went to town this evening to attend Singing School.

Thursday Feb. 18 � Louis & Bertha were down to the Lyceum. He hauled out a load of manure.

Friday Feb. 19 � Louis ground and shelled corn for feed. After dinner Louis & Bertha went to town to be early at the Koons show. Herbert Burk. came over to do the chores.

Saturday Feb. 20 � Louis & I shelled some corn for feed. Louis went to town to bring Millie home, as she did not come last evening. Herbert went with L. to town.

Sunday Feb. 21 � It has been cloudy for the last three weeks near all the time, freezing some & thawing some.

Monday Feb. 22 � Louis took Millie to town this morning early. Herbert Burk. was over & helped Louis fix up a hay stack that the top slid off. The calves eat out from under one side, the cause.

Tuesday Feb. 23 � Louis & I were over to Deuels sale. Everything went off well & good prices. It was very cloudy & foggy.

Wednesday Feb. 24 � Louis ground corn and wheat for cow feed. Him & Bertha went to Singing School. Herbert Burk. went with them. I cleaned some wheat. Thursday Feb. 25 � Louis was over to Deuels & over to Burkholders. Herb came over and went with Louis & Bertha and Charley Davis to the Lyceum. Mrs. Davis & boy stayed here until they came back from the Lyceum.

Friday Feb. 26 � Louis was over to Deuels with the team & brought two barrels of potatoes for planting. They are Salt Lake Seedlings & prolific. After dinner he went to town for Millie. herb went along. I gave Kibler Bros. a note for one hundred dollars from one year from Jan. 1st 1892 at 8%.

Saturday Feb. 27 � L.L. Deuel finished moving today. Louis took his wife & small children to town with our buggy. Herb Burk. had one of his sows here and was served. It is raining a little this evening and is very warm.

Sunday Feb. 28 � It snowed last night and some this morning & is much colder. Herb & Jesse Burk. & Harry Yount were here to dinner.

Monday Feb. 29 � Louis started early to town with Millie. He got six Iron stakes made for staking down the grinder. This evening after he got home he ground some corn for feed. I churned and chored around some. The sun shone very little for about six weeks, cloudy near all the time.

Tuesday March 1 � Louis hauled out one load of manure and cleaned out the stables and ground corn.

Wednesday March 2 � Louis hauled out two loads of manure. We then took our cattle over to Deuel and had two dehorned. He cut my hair. Herbert, Amy, bertha & Louis went to town together to singing school.

Thursday March 3 � Wm. and Herb Burk. & Amy came over. Louis & I went with them to Pherguson's sale. Harry Yount came home with us. They all took supper with us.

Friday March 4 � After chores last night Herb came over to go to the Lyceum but it rained so that they stayed here all night. Louis went with Herb to town to bring Millie home. After doing the chores Herb & Amy came over then they, Louis & the girls went over to Walt Kellogg's to a dance. It is cloudy & looks for rain. We turned Nick out today.

Saturday March 5 � Louis cleaned out the cattle shed. Herb had another sow here but she has to be brought back again. L. was over to Burks this afternoon. Herb & Louis went to town this evening to practice for the concert at the Opery House.

Sunday March 6 � Herb. Burk had a sow bred today. Louis was over to Burks today. It snowed a good bit last night & considerable today. a calf mired in the creek last night and died.

Monday March 7 � Louis took Millie to town this morning early. Afternoon he sowed some timothy seed with the hand seeder but had to stop to fix something at the seeder.

Tuesday March 8 � After doing the chores Louis & I went to town, took 14 45/100 bus. wheat, sold at the Mill 75� per bu. The roads are very soft some places, other places the mud is stiff and deep that the horses could hardly pull through. We broke a good double tree in two. Sold the calf skin for 25�.

Wednesday March 9 � We ground and shelled a few bushels of corn then went over to Walt Kellogg's sale. The wind blew very heavy and was cold. His stock horses and implements did not sell very well. Louis & Herb walked to town to Singing School this evening.

Thursday March 10 � Louis brought Tuttles pole & tried to break stalks but it would not go. We shelled a little corn.

Friday March 11 � Louis & Herb Burk. worked at fixing up the hay stacks which the wind blew to pieces. They had to quit as it was too windy. We then went to town for Millie. After supper Louis & Herb went at it again but it was too windy.

Saturday March 12 � Louis & I cleaned out the stables. He ground corn and chored around then was to town. Ma & I was over to Damery's visiting. James Tuttle & family was there too.

Sunday March 13 � Bertha & Amy were up to Younts with the cart. Herb Burk. was here also. I was over to Damerys to borrow a chain.

Monday March 14 � Louis & I was to town. I got a tooth drawn. We took 18 bus. of wheat to the Mill. Sold 15 bus. at 75� per bu. Ma walked up to Reiffs. I fetched her after we came home, it was late.

Tuesday March 15 � We ground & shelled corn until noon. I filled the seed wheat in bags & sheeted the north end of east crib with shiplap. Herb Burk. was here this afternoon. Amy & Bertha went over to I.A. DeCou's with road cart & Amy's horse.

Wednesday March 16 � Louis & Herb Burk. was down to see Mr. Card's horses. They were at Dale's sale. Ma, Bertha & Amy went with them to town. They visited at C.J. Tuttles. I churned, killed & cleaned a couple of roosters & worked outside some. They went to Singing School. Walt Kellogg had a cow served today.

Thursday March 17 � Louis broke some stalks today and hauled out two loads of manure. I did not do anything today. Louis & Bertha went to the Lyceum this evening.

Friday March 18 � Louis hauled out manure. I was to town to bring Millie home. The boys & girls went down to surprise John Yount & his wife.

Saturday March 19 � A man by the name of Herman White stayed over night with us. Louis broke stalks this morning & ground feed. I was over to Burks. to take Herb's blanket over. I stayed a minute at Damerys.

Sunday March 20 � Herb Burk. was here to dinner. Louis was going to take Millie to town this evening but it snowed & blew all evening.

Monday March 21 � It snowed a good bit last night. Bertha was very sick this morning so Millie got late to town this morning on account of helping Ma with Bertha.

Tuesday March 22 � Louis sowed the balance of the timothy seed on the snow. We then shelled & ground a little corn. We tried to enlarge one of the pulleys at shelling but did not succeed.

Wednesday March 23 � Herb Burk. came over to help us shell corn. He brought two sacks of shelled corn which we ground for him. W.H. DeCou was here to dinner. Herb, Louis & Bertha went to town to Singing School. Herb helped us about five hours.

Thursday March 24 � Louis cleaned out the stables and hauled out one load of manure. Too soft to haul more. He worked at the root sellar. About half of everything is frozen. I helped bertha to wash & churned, sorted the potatoes in the sellar. One sow got five pigs today. Amy, Bertha, Herbert & Louis went to town to practice music to play at the concert tomorrow evening.

Friday March 25 � Louis hauled out one load of manure then worked at the frozen potatoes. Louis & Bertha went over to Burks then went to town to go to the concert. They will bring Millie.

Saturday March 26 � It rained and snowed all day today. We had quite a time to fix our hogs half way comfortable. We had to take Dep out of her stall on account of the rain that blew in. Sunday march 27 � Louis was over to Burks, he took his gun along. I was home all day.

Monday March 28 � I took Millie to town. Louis worked at the garden, geting it ready for planting.

Tuesday March 29 � It rained all day. Louis took a load of frozen potatoes out of the pit, hauled them out on the hog pasture. I cleaned oats for seed.

Wednesday March 30 � It was very cloudy all day. Louis staked off the ground for wheat. I cleaned some oats, churned & worked in the house some. Wm. Burk., Herbert & Louis were over to the river guning for ducks. They got none. Bred a sow.

Thursday March 31 � We ground corn & oats for feed & chored around. Cloudy & damp.

Friday April 1, 1892 � It thundered & Lightened & rained last night. I think we will have some chance of sowing wheat. Louis & I were to town for Millie. Herb went with us. It rained & hailed a good bit while we were gone. The roads are very bad. Bred a sow.

Saturday April 2 � Louis & I worked around the garden cleaning up. Herb & Amy were here & took some beets & cabbage home with them. We ground about 14 bus. of corn.

Sunday April 3 � It rained heavy today and the wind blew heavy. This evening I was over to Mortons to get the books he had as Trustee. Dave Peters, the Town Clerk was there so I left him take the books.

Monday April 4 � Louis took Millie to town & I was down to Center School House to Trustee Meeting for equalizing & other business, made ten hours. It rained a good bit today.

Tuesday April 5 � It snowed last night, the ground is white. Louis fixed up the seeder and chored around. I helped to wash and was in the house all day.

Wednesday April 6 � Herb Burk. bought a stack of hay for eleven dollars. Him & his father fetched a load. It was too windy to fetch more so after dinner Louis commenced to sow wheat & Herb harrowed. I chored around. Herb � a day.

Thursday April 7 � Louis finished sowing wheat, he then sowed some clover seed. Herb harrowed all day. I fixed some fence & chored around.

Friday April 8 � Herb harrowed all day. Louis finished sowing clover and took down the fence that we had put through the stalks. I was to town for Millie. I borrowed $100.00 from Kibler Bros. & paid $56.00 Interest & Mrs. Tuttle Millie's board. Herb one day.

Saturday April 9 � Louis finished harrowing the wheat after dinner. This morning everything was froze up so that we could not do nothing at seeding. Mr. Kirkham was here a while. We put up the fence again at the North end of the South clover field & hauled two loads of hulm on the pasture & put the cultivators & rake together and got ready to sow oats.

Sunday April 10 � I rolled up the wire of the fence in the corn stalks this morning as it was frozen again. I was over to Damerys this morning. Herb & Amy was here. They all went boat riding on the River. Louis took Millie to town. Bertha and Herbert & Amy went with them.

Monday April 11 � Louis & Herbert worked all day at sowing & cultivating oats. I got the Harrison Co. History and paid fifteen dollars for it. J. Weiss was here to buy a cow but did not sell him any. I forked the remainder of the clover hulm on a pile so as to be handy to get & not spoil so much clover.

Tuesday April 12 � Herb & Louis cultivated & sowed about three fourths of the day as it rained from 9 � A.M. until noon, it then rained from about 4 until bed time. I cleaned a few bushels of oats to be sure of having enough.

Wednesday April 13 � It rained heavy during last night and snowed and blowed all day a heavy fall of snow on the ground, now it is drifting very bad. Herb went home this afternoon. It thundered three or four times when it snowed fastest.

Thursday April 14 � This was a pretty fine day but the snow is not all gone yet. Louis & I were over at Burks visiting this afternoon. After doing the chores Louis went with Herb & Harry over to the river with their guns.

Friday April 15 � Louis & I were to town to fetch Millie. Harry Yount & Mat rode out with us. It was too wet to work at the oats.

Saturday April 16 � Herbert & Louis worked all afternoon at the oats. Herbert worked with his team & cultivator. This afternoon I was to town to get the shovels of the cultivator that we bought from C.J. Tuttle, fixed. The set screws were rusted fast.

Sunday April 17 � It rained a little this evening. I took Millie to town after dinner. Jane's calf is lost, cannot find it.

Monday April 18 � Herb & Louis worked at the oats all day cultivating & harrowing. J.J. Weiss sent his men for Cherry, the cow we sold him. They also took some from Younts. I chored.

Tuesday April 19 � Herb & Louis harrowed all day on the oats. I chored around some. It was windy & cold all day.

Wednesday April 20 � It rained all last night and all day today. Herb & Louis were over to the river with the guns but they did not get a duck. It snowed rained & hailed. Mr. Kirkham was here today.

Thursday April 21 � It was cloudy & rained some today, could do nothing. Louis was over to Burks today. Harry Yount was here a while today.

Friday April 22 � Frank M. came home this morning. Louis set some fence posts. Ma & I were to town & brought Millie & F.M.'s trunk. This was a fine day. Herb Burk bred his mares to Vernon.

Saturday April 23 � Louis planted trees until noon. I cleaned out the stables & chored around. Afternoon he raked stalks & I burned them. F.M. was over to river with dog & gun.

Sunday April 24 � Herb, Louis & F.M. were over to the river guning. They got fifteen snipe & one duck. Frank DeCou was here to dinner.

Monday April 25 � Louis baited gophers with poison & cleaned his plow. Afternoon he plowed. I took F.M. & Millie to town. F.M. went to Omaha. I got a pair of calf boots (Gilchrists).

Tuesday April 26 � It rained near all forenoon. Louis & I ground corn & oats. Louis plowed in afternoon. I was over to Burks. He was not at home, he went to Onawa.

Wednesday April 27 � Louis plowed until noon. Bertha & I washed. After dinner Louis raked stalks, I burned then, then we wheeled dirt in the cow stable. F.M. came back this evening.

Thursday April 28 � Quite a frost this morning. Louis plowed until noon. Raked stalks in the afternoon, I burned them. Finished at 6 � o'clock. F.M. helped to put away the rake.

Friday April 29 � Louis plowed all day. I sprouted potatoes. After dinner Ma, bertha & I went to town for Millie. Saturday April 30 � Louis burned off the meadow. I took his plow to get sharpened, F.M. went with me. Wm. Burk. rode out with us. I made a porch, front of the house & hauled up two loads of hulm.

Sunday May 1, 1892 � It rained last night and near all day. Frank DeCou was here. F.M. gave him a few lessons in Pastel Painting. Frank DeCou took Millie to town. Harry Yount & Jesse Burk. were here a few minutes.

Monday May 2 � Louis plowed all day. I helped Bertha to wash & chored around some. I was over to Burkholders about the pasture for some of our cattle. We turned Nick, Bettie, Bill & Topsy in the pasture.

Tuesday May 3 � It rained heavy last night. We planted trees in the new grove until noon. Louis plowed in the afternoon. I went to town, F.M. went with me. He went to Omaha. Took butter to Gaylord.

Wednesday May 4 � Louis plowed until Three o'clock when it rained. It rained heavy & the wind blew very heavy, everything is soaked. Bertha & I planted a few trees before it rained. . I mulched some of the berries & dug two small flower pieces in front of the house. Bertha planted them to flowers.

Thursday May 5 � Louis & I set posts around the berry patch to weave a slat fence & drove short posts along the hog pasture between the hog pasture & the grove we planted this spring.

Friday May 6 � Louis plowed all day. I dug a few beds in the berry patch for to plant a little garden sass. I & Bertha were to town & brought Millie home. Frank Knapp was here with his horse.

Saturday May 7 � Louis plowed all day. I ground corn & oats for cow & pig feed in the forenoon, after dinner I did not feel good. I put a mustard plaster on my breast.

Sunday May 8 � It rained all day today. I stayed in the house all day.

Monday May 9 � It rained off & on all day. Louis took Millie to town this afternoon. Geo. Reiff was here & got one bushel of corn for seed, the P. of the N. Mr. Damery was here for our breaking plow. Herb was here.

Tuesday May 10 � Louis took eight head of our cattle (one cow, four two year olds, and three yearlings) to Wm. Burkholder's pasture. Herb & Mr. Burk took seven head, they drove them all over together.

Wednesday May 11 � We cleaned out all the stables, hauled out four loads of manure. After dinner L. plowed. Mr. Kirkham had a cow here but no good. I was to town, took Bertha to stay at Tuttles until Friday.

Thursday May 12 � It rained all day off & on. Louis plowed from 9 � A.M. until 6 P.M. I was over to Mortons to get his fence machien but it is not at home. F.M. came this noon.

Friday May 13 � Louis plowed all day. I was to town for the girls. Bertha has the mumps. It is still cloudy & wet it rains a little every day.

Saturday May 14 � It rained all day. Louis got his seed corn ready & shelled. I helped him some.

Sunday May 15 � Louis was over to Burk's pasture to look after the cattle. I was over to Mortons & brought the fence machien. I took Millie & F.M. to town. F.M. is going to locate himself in Norfolk, Nebr. He bought a firm out there.

Monday May 16 � Louis & I got out the planter & he commenced to plant at 9 o'clock. I winnowed seed and chored. Afternoon I ground corn & oats & wheat for graham. It is raining this evening.

Tuesday May 17 � It rained considerable last night and heavy today. It washed some of our planted corn out. Mr. Damery got a bushel of corn for seed. Mr. Morton was here and picked out two bus. fro seed. He has to plant some the second time. Louis & I started the fence machien & he cut down some trees that were in the way.

Wednesday May 18 � It rained heavy & blew a heavy gale last night & rained until noon & blew heavy all day. I worked at the fence machien. Herb Burk. & Louis planted trees from 11 o'clock until 4 P.M., they then took four hog wires off along the road to put south of the new tree lot. A Mr. Dalton was here. He wanted to buy hay.

Thursday May 19 � Louis plowed the ditches that the heavy rain washed and planted over what we had planted. I made fence until noon. Afternoon I harrowed. Morton got two bushels of corn.

Friday May 20 � We went to planting this morning but after going two rounds it commenced to snow & blow heavy & it snowed & rained & blew all day. It is very cold, thermometer 34.

Saturday May 21 � Louis choped down a couple of trees then went to town but did not fetch Millie as the river is out & water rising. We might not get her back. Rained a little today, cold & damp.

Sunday May 22 � I was not feeling good, staid in the house all day. Louis was over to the river with John Yount & Jesse Burk. Louis went over to John Younts with his guitar this evening. This was a fine day.

Monday May 23 � Louis planted corn all day. I helped to wash & churn butter. Afternoon I harrowed corn. This was a fine but cool day.

Tuesday May 24 � It rained a little today. Louis finished planting the N. piece, about 23 acres. I finished harrowing it about noon. Afternoon Louis disced on the fall plowing. I worked at the garden fence. Chambers had a cow here but would not take.

Wednesday May 25 � Louis finished discing & I finished the garden fence. We were both over to burk's & got a bushel of Herb's corn for seed. Louis & Herb went to town this evening. I done the chores.

Thursday May 26 � Louis planted and I harrowed all day. We finished planting at 7 o'clock this evening.

Friday May 27 � Louis plowed the garden & planted some of it. I fixed up the pasture fence. Ma, Bertha & I was to town and brought Millie home.

Saturday May 28 � We mad the fence between the hog pasture and the new grove. We worked at it all day. Louis planted the sweet potaotes.

Sunday May 29 � Herbert & Amy came over then Mat came. They all, boys & girls went over to the river. I went with Mr. Burk. over to the cattle pasture.

Monday May 30 � Louis & Millie planted in the garden until noon. After dinner Ma, Bertha, Millie & Louis went to town. I stayed at home and chored around.

Tuesday May 31 � Louis & I finished fixing up the hog pasture fence & turned out the hogs. Geo. Reiff and took my application for Insurance in the Harrison Co. Mutual and Iowa State Mutual. It rained all day.

Wednesday June 1, 1892 � We lined up the sheller pully & made it two inches larger. Louis got out a lot of pickets in the grove for colt fence. Louis went over to Burks this evening.

Thursday June 2 � Louis tore apart the south hog shed & started making a picket fence with Morton's machien but it would not work, (it sliped cogs) so we made it by crossing the wires only. I helped to wash.

Friday June 3 � Louis harrowed corn all day. I finished the north part of the stack yard fence. After dinner Ma & went to town & fetched Millie. Wm. Burk had our wagon yesterday to haul corn for J.H. Tuttle.

Saturday June 4 � Louis finished harrowing the north piece if corn. I made a box to ship F.M.'s bango to him. We then ground & shelled some corn. Louis & the girls went over to Burks.

Sunday June 5 � Herb & Amy came over. Harry Yount & Jesse Burk. came so they all, boys & girls went over to the river boat rowing. They went to town this evening. Took Millie in and left F.M.'s Bango at the depot to send to Norfolk.

Monday June 6 � Louis harrowed the south piece of corn. I helped to wash & churn. We trimed Nick & Bettie's feet. They were very bad. Louis & Herb went to town this evening.

Tuesday June 7 � I made a box to put a hen & seven chickens in. Louis planted celery. We then cut potatoes until noon. Afternoon we planted potatoes. Bertha helped us, we finished at 6 o'clock. Geo. Reiff got our disc to disc some sod.

Wednesday June 8 � Louis cultivated the trees, we then planted corn with the planter between the rows. We then shelled some corn.

Thursday June 9 � Louis cleaned up and whitewashed the sellar and wash house. I sprouted the potatoes in the dugout.

Friday June 10 � Louis hauled two loads of corn to I.A. DeCou for Damery. I weighed Damery's corn for I.A. DeCou. Afternoon Louis & I went to town for Millie. L. tried Topsy.

Saturday June 11 � Louis cultivated from 9 until 6, the first corn cultivated this season. I took Topsy to town & bred her to Vernon, Card's horse.

Sunday June 12 � Louis, Herb, Amy Bertha & Millie were over to Burk's grove. They took Millie to town this evening. Mat was here awhile. Mr. Burk. was here near all day.

Monday June 13 � It rained this morning heavy. Louis got Geo. Reiff's windlass and Herb to help clean out the lower well. Ma was very sick. I had to stay with her. Louis went for the Dr. (Dr. Cole). It rained & hailed very heavy this afternoon. We finished cleaning out the well after Louis came with the Dr. Ma is much better this evening.

Tuesday June 14 � Louis worked the garden in forenoon. I made a hammock. Dell foaled at noon. The colt is very weak, especially in the hind legs. We were with her all afternoon. Sold Dalton corn.

Wednesday June 15 � This was a fine day but the corn was beaten & cut so bad with the heavy rain & hail so it cannot be cultivated yet. I took Reiff's windlass home. Mrs. Reiff was here to see Ma.

Thursday June 16 � Louis cultivated all day. He went to town this evening with Herb. Amy staid here. I made a hammock and ground corn, helped to wash.

Friday June 17 � Louis cultivated all day. I fixed the pump in the lower well and shelled some corn this afternoon. Louis & Bertha, Herb & Amy went to town this evening to Commencement of Normal School.

Saturday June 18 � Louis cultivated all day. W.H. DeCou was here for early corn to plant. I went to town with Herb Burk. The school term ended yesterday.

Sunday June 19 � Louis & the girls were to S.S. This evening Louis & Herb hitched Nick to the road cart for the first time. They drove over to Burks. He went pretty good. I rained a little today.

Monday June 20 � Louis cultivated all day. This afternoon I helped him plow the garden. It is raining this evening.

Tuesday June 21 � Louis cultivated all day. It was showery all forenoon. Deacon Chapman was buried today. Mr. Kirkham had a cow bred today. I picked the gooseberries today.

Wednesday June 22 � Louis cultivated all day. I worked in the garden, cut wood & chored in general.

Thursday June 23 � Louis plowed all day which finishes the first time through. I cut wood, churned & chored in general.

Friday June 24 � Louis & I were to town & had Dell bred to Vernon. Louis cultivated all afternoon. I choped wood, made a footstool.

Saturday June 25 � Louis cultivated all day, a couple of hours in the garden. I was to town this afternoon. This morning I hoed in the tree lot.

Sunday June 26 � The girls were to S.S. Louis & Herb brought a lot of nice wild strawberries.

Monday June 27 � Louis cultivated all day. I cultivated about two & a half hours with Bill & Dell. Herb had our wagon to haul corn today.

Tuesday June 28 � Louis cultivated all day. and I about six hours. It was cold this morning.

Wednesday June 29 � Louis cultivated all day. I hoed this forenoon and went to town. Ma went along as far as W.H DeCou's. When I came back we both stayed there to supper. Dep foaled a horse colt at 9 o'clock this evening. It is weak.

Thursday June 30 � The colt is stronger this morning. Both doing pretty well. Louis cultivated all day. I sprouted the potatoes and chored around.

Friday July 1, 1892 � Louis cultivated until noon, it then rained near all afternoon. I cut wood, churned butter, made another layer of wood on the sheller pully.

Saturday July 2 � Louis & I was to town to try Topsy but did not take. I got a loan of sixty dollars from Kibler Bros. & paid Millie's board to Mrs. Tuttle.

Sunday July 3 � I was to town for mail for Millie, did not get any. Louis & the girls were to S.S. Herb came home with them & staid to tea.

Monday July 4 � Herb, Louis, Bertha & Millie went to Logan to celebrate. Millie is going to stay & go to the Institute. Ma & I staid at home. Dep's colt died at 10 o'clock this evening, it got weaker & weaker from first to last. I tried my best to save it. It scoured some in the last couple of hours. It was five days old.

Tuesday July 5 � The cows were not milked last evening as the folks did not get home until two o'clock this morning. Louis cultivated the potatoes. He then mowed about half of the hog pasture & part of the south piece of tame grass. I did not feel well.

Wednesday July 6 � Louis finished mowing the south piece at noon, he then raked the hog pasture. I bunched up the hay on hog pasture & raked the south piece. Louis bunched some.

Thursday July 7 � Louis & Herb hauled up six loads of hay from the south piece. I helped Bertha to wash this forenoon. Afternoon I helped at the hay. Damery had a white cow served this morning. Herb worked a day.

Friday July 8 � Louis & Herb hauled up one load out of the hog pasture. L. cut the clover west of the grove. We ground a few bushels of corn. Card says Dep was bred today.

Saturday July 9 � Louis cultivated some & raked some of the clover, but it is not dry enough. We took Betty & Topsy in to the horse but no go with either.

Sunday July 10 � Louis & the girls were to S.S. Clarence Kellogg was here to see us.

Monday July 11 � Herb & Louis hauled up five loads of hay. I raked & bunched it. The boys hoed in the garden until the due was off the hay, about 9 o'clock.

Tuesday July 12 � Louis cultivated from 9 � until 6 � P.M. It rained some this morning. I cultivated corn this afternoon.

Wednesday July 13 � Louis & I cultivated all day on south piece the third time. Very warm & sultry. Damery had one of our cultivators, he broke his.

Thursday July 14 � Louis & I cultivated all day but did not do much, it was very hot, 110 in the shade. This evening after coming in it blew heavy & rained heavy.

Friday July 15 � Mr. Kirkham had a cow here and served. Louis cultivated the potatoes & hoed sweet potatoes. I was to town. After dinner we both cultivated corn.

Saturday July 16 � Mr. Damery had cow (Lucy) served. Louis & I cultivated until four o'clock when we went to town with Betty (horse). We finished the S. Piece at 11 o'clock.

Sunday July 17 � Louis & the girls were to S.S. Mat & Herb were here to dinner. It looks for rain this evening.

Monday July 18 � Louis & I cultivated all day, finished laying by the corn for this season. Louis mowed some more of the grass in the meadow to put on the clover stack. Austin Lowrey was here for a steer that got in among ours.

Tuesday July 19 � Louis & I hoed weeds after we raked & shocked the hay we cut yesterday. I mowed weeds around the yard. Herb Burk. came over about 6 � P.M. & helped Louis bring up one load of hay, put it on the clover stack. It looks very much for rain this evening.

Wednesday July 20 � Not a drop of rain, it is very hot & dry. Louis hoed in the garden this forenoon. I helped Millie to wash. Bertha does not feel well. We done nothing this afternoon as it is so hot.

Thursday July 21 � Louis hoed among the young trees & I hoed in the garden, both of us hoed all day. It is still very hot.

Friday July 22 � Louis & I hoed near all day. We were to town with �Betty� but no go. Very hot weather.

Saturday July 23 � Louis helped I.A. DeCou all day at haying. I was to town, Topsy & Dep upset the buggy & broke it pretty bad.

Sunday July 24 � The girls were to S.S. I went over and brought Wm. Evans to witch for water for a well. Herb & his father were here.

Monday July 25 � I was down to Wm. Brewster's to get him to dig a well for us, but had to go over to Fred Jordan to see him. He is engaged to Jordan for five weeks so we can not get him.

Tuesday July 26 � Herb Burk., Louis & I worked at a new well, we got to the depth of twenty six feet six inches deep. Herb one day.

Wednesday July 27 � Louis dug in the well all day. Wm. and Herb Burk. helped him. I worked at our broken buggy. The well is 40 ft. deep this evening. Wm. & Herb each a day.

Thursday July 28 � It rained last night & near all day. We done nothing at the well. I worked at the buggy.

Friday July 29 � The thermometer was 48 this morning. we worked at the well until 5 o'clock when we struck joint clay. We then stoped as no water can be found in it. Damery was here this afternoon. Wm. & Herb each a day.

Saturday July 30 � We ground some corn. Afternoon Louis, Ma & I were to town, took Bettie along and bred her to card's horse Vernon.

Sunday July 31 � Louis & the girls went to S.S. but the rain drove them home before they got there. Arthur Deuel was here near all day. Millie went to town to be examined for a Certificate to teach school.

Monday Aug. 1, 1892 � We got out the binder & got ready to cut grain. The due was very heavy & foggy so that we could not cut before dinner. Louis cut, Herb shocked, Sam DeCou rode the lead horse.

Tuesday Aug. 2 � The boys cut & shocked all day, finished the wheat. L. & Herb then went to town to bring Millie home. Bertha went with them.

Wednesday Aug. 3 � The boys commenced at the oats all day. I worked at the oats bin in the barn. Wm. Burk. was here to see if he could get something from our old harvester, he broke his.

Thursday Aug. 4 � The boys cut & shocked all day. I finished the oats bin in the barn & worked at puting floors in the horse mangers. Lula Reiff was here.

Friday Aug. 5 � The boys cut & shocked oats all day which finished our harvest, they also cut & bound a small part of the hog pasture for timothy seed. I paid Sammy. Isaac DeCou was here to buy corn.

Saturday Aug. 6 � Louis cut Damery's oats with Burks & Damery's teams. Ma & the girls & I were to the picnic at Woodbine. Amy & Herbert went with us.

Sunday Aug. 7 � Louis went with Herb to their pasture to see after the cattle. The girls were to S.S. I was to see Kirkham.

Monday Aug. 8 � Herb Burk. hauled out nine loads of manure. Louis fixed up the fence & made a new fence across the hog pasture down at the creek. I helped Herb to load & scraped up the manure.

Tuesday Aug. 9 � Louis & Herb each hauled out four loads of manure until noon when it rained, and rained all afternoon & evening.

Wednesday Aug. 10 � Louis & Herb hauled out fourteen loads of manure. I helped until noon when I went to town.

Thursday Aug. 11 � Louis & Herbert hauled out eight loads of manure. We shelled corn in the afternoon. I took one load over to I.A. DeCou, 49 & 25/ bus.

Friday Aug. 12 � We finished shelling one hundred bus. corn. I took another load, 51 34/ bus. which makes 101 4/ bus. Louis & Herb then hoed weeds in the nut grove. I was over to DeCous for vinegar.

Saturday Aug. 13 � It rained nice this morning until about ten o'clock. Louis, Bertha & I were to town this afternoon. Kirkham came home with us.

Sunday Aug. 14 � Louis & the girls were to S.S. This evening we had music from the boys, Herb, Jesse, Harry, James Honaker & Louis.

Monday Aug. 15 � Louis fixed the fence in hog yard to put cattle in when we thresh. Cleaned out the grainery. I & Ma was to town & the Mill.

Tuesday Aug. 16 � I was to town for meat for the threshers. Louis helped Mr. Kirkham this afternoon with one team.

Wednesday Aug. 17 � Louis & I with a team helped at Kirkhams until noon. We then threshed this afternoon, 119 � bus. of wheat & some oats. Mr. Watkins stays here over night.

Thursday Aug. 18 � We finished threshing at noon, 119 � bus. wheat, 690 bus. oats. Louis & I helped Damery this afternoon.

Friday Aug. 19 � Louis hauled a load of corn to Woodbine from Wm. Yeager's farm for Herbert Burkholder. I was feeling bad, have diarrhea, was in the house all day. Sammy DeCou was here to say his father wants us to bring a load of corn over tomorrow.

Saturday Aug. 20 � We shelled & hauled a load of 47 48/ bus. of corn over to I.A. DeCou. Afternoon Louis picked four bus. of apples in I.A. DeCou's orchard. Bertha & I were to W., on our way home we took the apples along from DeCou's.

Sunday Aug. 21 � Louis left this morning to go to Harlan with 4 � bus. apples, he wants to bring some pure bred Minorca hens from Harlan. The girls were drove home again by the rain on their way to S.S.

Monday Aug. 22 � Herb Burk. done the chores for Louis last night & this morning. Louis came home at eight o'clock this evening. I threshed the timothy that was forgotten when we threshed, it was no good, very little seed & that is not worth much. It rained right smart from 7 o'clock until 12 at noon.

Tuesday Aug. 23 � Louis & I worked on the road at our N.E. corner, each three hours. After the rain this afternoon we shelled 27 30/ bus. corn & hauled to I.A. DeCou.

Wednesday Aug. 24 � We shelled two small loads of corn 35 20/ & 39 52/ respectively, 75 26/ bushels today to I.A. DeCou. The girls were to I.A. DeCou's visiting.

Thursday Aug. 25 � We shelled & hauled three loads of corn, 50 10/, 47 38/ & 48 52/ bus. to I.A. DeCou. Bertha drove the horse for us to shell 145 44/ in all today. Mr. Kirkham was here today.

Friday Aug. 26 � We shelled one load and took it over to DeCou's, 48 32/ bushels. This afternoon we hauled 8 loads of cobs to the cobhouse, then we cleaned out the H. stables and hauled it out on the stubble. Ma was up to Reiff's this afternoon.

Saturday Aug. 27 � Louis worked in the garden. I fixed up Mark's manger & stall, Ma & I were to town.

Sunday Aug. 28 � I was to town early & brought Wm. Tuttle and wife and C.J. Tuttle and wife and took them back to town again this evening. We had a very good visit together.

Monday Aug. 29 � It rained last night and most all day today. Millie & I done the washing. Louis washed the buggy and chored around some.

Tuesday Aug. 30 � Louis hauled out two loads of manure. Lowrey's cattle were in our pasture, Louis & I drove them out. I helped to wash bed blankets. This afternoon Louis mowed grass which is commencing to make hay. I commenced to paint the buggy. I painted the front wheels and toung.

Wednesday Aug. 31 � Louis mowed until noon. I was to town, after dinner I mowed, Herb Burk. raked, Louis shocked until 7 o'clock.

Thursday Sept.1, 1892 � I mowed & raked near all day. Herb & Louis shock the hay & brought up one load, put it in the shed.

Friday Sept. 2 � We hauled up 7 loads before dinner. Wm. Burk. & Mr. Kirkham helped half a day. Herb helped all day, his team half a day. Herb & Louis hauled three loads after noon.

Saturday Sept. 3 � Louis & I went out early and brought up a load to fix the stack but it rained heavy before we got it on, but we fixed it as well as we could. It rained off and on all day. Louis was to town. Herb went with him. Bertha came home with him. He broke six doz. eggs.

Sunday Sept. 4 � Louis & the girls were to S.S. Herb & Louis were fishing this morning but they got none.

Monday Sept. 5 � Louis plowed some this morning, this afternoon Herb & Louis worked at the hay, it was wet, had to be scattered. They hauled up three loads & put it on the long stack.

Tuesday Sept. 6 � Herb & Louis hauled up three loads before dinner, one put on the long stack & two in shed. Louis mowed this afternoon. I was to town. Herb went home. 3 loads in shed 14 in long stack.

Wednesday Sept. 7 � We cut, raked & shocked up hay near all day. The boys hauled up one load, put in shed. It looks as if it would rain tonight.

Thursday Sept. 8 � It rained last night and today. Louis plowed a little today. I was to town to get a plow sharpened. I took 2 � bus. apples, sold them at a dollar a bu.

Friday Sept. 9 � It was too wet to put up hay so Louis plowed all day. This evening we ground a little corn for feed. I churned & chored around some. I was over to Burs for � bus. potatoes.

Saturday Sept. 10 � Herb & Louis hauled up 6 loads of hay, put in the shed. I helped them. After supper we went to town, took some apples to Chas. Reed.

Sunday Sept. 11 � Louis & the girls were to S.S. Lulu Reiff was here to supper and Herb was here awhile this evening.

Monday Sept. 12 � Louis mowed until noon. I was to town, brought a load, 1700 lbs. S. coal. After dinner I raked and Louis shocked. I helped to shock, it was late when we finished shocking.

Tuesday Sept. 13 � Louis mowed clover until noon. I brought a load of coal 1610 lbs., Herb & I hauled up three loads hay, put it in the barn.

Wednesday Sept. 14 � Louis & Herb hauled up four loads of hay, one in barn, one in shed, two in a small stack. I brought a load of S. coal, 1740 lbs. After dinner we shelled a load (3680 lbs-gross, 790 � tare - 2710) 48 22/ bus. I took it over to I.A. DeCou. Heavy frost.

Thursday Sept. 15 � Louis plowed all day and I mowed clover all day.

Friday Sept. 16 � Louis plowed all day. I mowed clover, finished at 3 o'clock. Louis was over to Burks & down to Kirkhams this evening. I hung up some seed corn.

Saturday Sept. 17 � Louis plowed until noon & I chored. Afternoon Louis mowed the weed down at the intended fish pond. I & Ma were to town. I got the well auger we sent to Omaha for.

Sunday Sept. 18 � Louis & the girls were to S.S.

Monday Sept. 19 � Louis cleaned out the stables, hauled out two loads of manure. Plowed this afternoon. I was to town to bring pipe & tools to bore for water. I also brought some timber for the bridge at our N.E. corner. Louis & the girls went down to H. Younts to practice some songs for the picnic.

Tuesday Sept. 20 � Louis worked on the road all day. Ma & I were to town visiting at Wm. Tuttles. Herb Burk. had Dep and our hay rack & wagon. Our road work is finished for this year.

Wednesday Sept. 21 � Louis snaped some corn for the hogs. We then started to bore in the well. Herb Burk. helped us. We bored down 17 (seventeen) ft. I made a wash stand for the girls room.

Thursday Sept. 22 � Louis & Herb worked at the well. I weighed Wm. Probasco corn for I.A. DeCou this afternoon. The boys struck a rock, had to quit.

Friday Sept. 23 � I went over to Wm. Brewster and him to come with his tools. Louis cut up some corn and shocked it up. This afternoon Brewster, Louis & I punched the rock out of the way and then bored about twelve feet. This evening we struck another rock.

Saturday Sept. 24 � Wm. Brewster, Herb Burk. & Louis worked at the well, after boring 88 ft. they struck a stone & broke off the drill so they had to bore a new hole. I was to Woodbine.

Sunday Sept. 25 � Louis & the girls were to S.S. I was over to the pasture to see the cattle. Herb went with me.

Monday Sept. 26 � Louis raked clover until noon after we had ground some corn for the milk cows. I was over to see Dave peters (Town Clerk) this afternoon. I raked clover. Herb & Louis hauled it up & stacked it. They went up to Reiffs to practice.

Tuesday Sept. 27 � Louis & Herb snaped a little corn for feed, they then plowed about three quarters of a day, Louis on the N. clover stubble, herb on the oats stubble. I chored around the yard & barn.

Wednesday Sept. 28 � Brewster did not come yet so Louis, Herb & I went to boring in the well, we worked at it until five o'clock. We had considerable trouble until late in the afternoon, then it went good. Herb, Amy, our girls & Louis went to Wm. Tuttles to visit.

Thursday Sept. 29 � Louis, Herb & I worked at the well. We have now bored to the depth of seventy five (75) feet from the top of the ground to the bottom of the auger hole. Louis & the girls went up to Boyds to practice for the picnic.

Friday Sept. 30 � I was to town and brought 29 feet more pipe. We then made another tripod 24 ft. high to steady the pipe. We then bored some until 6 � o'clock. We did not bore more than a few feet this afternoon.

Saturday Oct. 1, 1892 � We all went to the picnic so there was nothing done to the well.

Sunday Oct. 2 � Louis & I fixed up Nick's stall. He had broke it up pretty much. I was down to have Brewster come tomorrow to help at the well. Ma went with me. Louis & the girls went to town this evening.

Monday Oct. 3 � Wm. Brewster came at half past nine. Him, Herb & Louis worked at the well. I was at the Center School House at a Trustee Meeting to settle with the road supervisors. Probasco was not there, we worked twelve hours. It was after eight when we got home.

Tuesday Oct. 4 � The boys worked at the well until near three o'clock when they struck a rock. We all went to town, got a drill made. I had been in town this morning.

Wednesday Oct. 5 � We worked at the well all day, we punched the stone out of the way, after boring a couple of feet we struck another. We could bore no further so we gave it up. When we quit we were down one hundred and forty eight feet (148). I paid Brewster all but five dollars which I promised to pay in a couple of weeks.

Thursday Oct. 6 � Louis & I snaped a couple of rows of corn. I then went to town with the pipes and tools, and brought a load, 1400 lbs. of coal. Louis pulled beans this afternoon.

Friday Oct. 7 � Louis finished threshing the beans. I brought two loads, 3280 lbs. of coal. Herb & Amy were here this evening with their instruments

Saturday Oct. 8 � Louis plowed all day. I was over to I.A. DeCou & got one hundred and fifty dollars on account of corn. I then went to town. Bertha went with me. Lenny DeCou rode out with us.

Sunday Oct. 9 � The girls were to S.S. Mort Dally and McKnight were here to see about the ground to make an estimate for a windmill tank, watering places & co. I was over to Burks. Louis came over for me as Thomas Canfield was here to look the ground over to make an estimate also.

Monday Oct. 10 � Louis & I with one team helped G.E. Reiff to thresh three quarters of a day.

Tuesday Oct. 11 � Louis & I helped Reiff to finish threshing at half past eleven o'clock. I was to town. Herb went with me. Louis threshed at W.H. DeCou late evening. I snaped two rows of corn. Herb brought our cattle home from their pasture.

Wednesday Oct. 12 � Louis threshed at Frank Knapps all day. I was to Dunlap and ordered a 10 ft. steel Wind Engine and steel tower with Dally & Co., they to put it up in good working order, except the digging of the trench for the pipe for two hundred and twenty dollars finished complete.

Thursday Oct. 13 � Louis was not feeling well this morning but he went over to help finish threshing at F. Knapp's at 11 � o'clock. He then helped I.A. DeCou thresh this afternoon. W.H. DeCou & I were to Logan to attend the Insurance Meeting. They elected me Vice President. I also seen M.L. Dakin and got Millie's Certificate. I also was in Clerk's office about the Mertz estate.

Friday Oct. 14 � Louis helped I.A. DeCou thresh until four o'clock. He then helped me snap two rows of corn. He trimed his team's feet. I gathered pumpkins, I also snaped two rows of corn alone.

Saturday Oct. 15 � Louis plowed all day. I gathered pumpkins & cleaned out the stables. Ma & I was to town, Bertha was with us.

Sunday Oct. 16 � I was to Dunlap to see Dally about the wind engine. I was down to Reiffs & Tuttles. Louis & the girls went to town this evening.

Monday Oct. 17 � Louis & Herb worked all day digging at the ditch to lay the pipe to pump the water up from the lower well. Mr. Damery and Mr. Marshall worked this afternoon at the ditch. Louis, Herb and the girls went to town this evening.

Tuesday Oct. 18 � Herb Burk., Marshall, H. Reiff, Mr. Tuttle, Kirkham, Wm. Burk. helped dig in the ditch all day, each made a day. Louis & I helped too.

Wednesday Oct. 19 � Marshall, Wm. Tuttle, Wm. Burk. worked in the ditch each � a day. Herbert all day. I helped some and done chores in afternoon. Herb, Louis & I were to town for the wind engine but they made a mistake in sending it.

Thursday Oct. 20 � Louis dug in the ditch until noon. I cut stalks, hauled water & chored. After dinner we went to town for the pipe & tower pipe, has not come yet. McKnight ad Agnew came this evening.

Friday Oct. 21 � McKnight & Agnew worked at the tower all day. I was to town for a piece of steel that was left at the depot. Louis snaped a load of corn. We helped to raise the tower.

Saturday Oct. 22 � We all worked at the tower until near noon. Louis cut stalks & plowed. I took Agnew & Mac to Dunlap.

Sunday Oct 23 � I painted the tank & made timbers to put under the tank. Louis & the girls were to S.S.

Monday Oct. 24 � Louis & I was to Woodbine with two teams for the pipe & wind engine & to bring out Frank & his wife. They were married yesterday in Omaha.

Tuesday Oct. 25 � Louis & herb finished digging the ditch at noon. I was to Dunlap for pipe floats & co. After dinner I helped McK. & John at the water works, Louis plowed.

Wednesday Oct 26 � Louis husked corn for feed. I helped McKnight at the water work. After dinner I went to town for some things to the wind engine. Mr. Burkholder. Amy and Herbert were here this evening.

Thursday Oct. 27 � Louis & Herb Burk. commenced filling the ditch this morning with a scraper. I helped McKnight. After dinner I took him home. Frank & his wife & Wm. Burkholder went with me to Dunlap.

Friday Oct. 28 � Louis & Herb filled ditch until noon. We all then went with Frank and his wife to see them to the train, they went home. Herb worked at the ditch alone this afternoon. Herb, Millie Louis went to a dance at Mungen's.

Saturday Oct. 29 � I went to Dunlap early this morning and brought Mr. McKnight to fix something at the Mill & pump. Louis worked around the yard & barn. We also helped McKnight when he finished. I took him back to Dunlap. It was late when I came home.

Sunday Oct. 30 � I filled up the remaining ditch and set posts around the tank to incase it to keep out the frost. Louis & the girls were to S.S. It rained some this evening.

Monday Oct. 31 � It rained all day. I worked at in caseing the tank. Louis cut poles to fence in the straw stack.

Tuesday Nov. 1, 1892 � It rained off & on all day. I worked at the tank and helped Louis at fencing the straw stack. I was to town with Mr. Marshall for nails. Herb & Amy were here to dinner.

Wednesday Nov. 2 � Louis & I graded up around the lower well. I took the scraper up to Younts. Louis finished plowing the clover west of the house. We then snaped a load of corn. Frank Knapp & his father were here to clean some wheat and rye. Louis sowed some rye around the well.

Thursday Nov. 3 � I was to town, got 5 rods of picet fence & 20 cedar posts & one oil barrel. Louis took down some old fence, we then cased the watering places to keep them from freezing. We got 5 rods of fencing that is all broke so we could not use it, must take it back. Ordered mill to Omaha.

Friday Nov. 4 � Louis & I worked all day at the watering places & fence for the colt yard. Louis & the girls went to Watkins to a dance.

Saturday Nov. 5 � Louis worked at a feed rack in the feed yard until noon. After dinner he husked the first load of corn this fall. I packed the hog waters & float barrel with manure. I was down to Center School House, no one was there. I came home again. Went down again after dinner, found the other Trustees & Clerk there. We put up the booths & guard rail & done some of the business which kept us until after night. (ten hours work)

Sunday Nov. 6 � Louis & the girls were to S.S. I chored around some. Louis, the girls & Herb were to town last night to the Dem. rally.

Monday Nov. 7 � I was to town this morning for lumber to cover the tank & I made a gate to the feed yard. Louis husked two loads (12 rows) of corn. We turned the cattle in the feed yard last eve.

Tuesday Nov. 8 � Louis snaped a load of corn then went to vote. Then went to Mill and to town. I was an election judge with E. Dougal and Wm. Probasco. W.R. Kirkham and D.K. Peters were the clerks. S.W. Norton was the constable.

Wednesday Nov. 9 � We worked at the ballots until 8:55 this morning, making twenty four hours. Louis husked two loads of corn.

Thursday Nov. 10 � Louis husked twelve rows, two loads. i made a feed bunk & set posts to fasten down the pump at the mill. Louis, Herb & the girls went to town this evening.

Friday Nov. 11 � Louis husked twelve rows, two loads. I fixed up the fence around the tree lot & filled in around the tank with manure.

Saturday Nov. 12 � Louis husked twelve rows, two loads. I worked at the tank cover until noon. I then went to town to exchange boards for tank cover. Louis & Herb went to town this eve.

Sunday Nov. 13 � Louis & Millie were to S.S. I worked a little at tank cover.

Monday Nov. 14 � Louis husked nine rows and snaped four rows. The Burk. corn is all husked.. I worked at the tank cover and done chores.

Tuesday Nov. 15 � Louis husked twelve rows and I worked at the tank cover and done chores.

Wednesday Nov. 16 � Louis husked eight rows, one load until dinner time. Then Louis, Ma & I went to town. I got a loan of $250.00 for (2) two years at 8% from Kibler Bros.

Thursday Nov. 17 � Louis husked twelve rows. I was to Dunlap and settled with McDally Hardware Co. for water works $212.55 and freight of $6.12.

Friday Nov. 18 � Louis husked fourteen rows. I helped him after dinner. We castrated five pigs at noon. This forenoon I cleaned up around the tank & gathered up the wood, the offalls of the lumber.

Saturday Nov. 19 � Louis husked sixteen rows. I helped him a little this forenoon. This afternoon Bertha, Millie & I were to town.

Sunday Nov. 20 � It was cold & windy. There was none of us to S.S. today.

Monday Nov. 21 � Louis husked twelve rows & snaped four rows. Bertha helped him this afternoon. I was to town for some picket fence & made a little pigpen in the barn.

Tuesday Nov. 22 � Louis husked sixteen rows today. Millie helped him this afternoon. I made the rest of the fence around the colt yard & made a gate at feed yard.

Wednesday Nov. 23 � Louis husked sixteen rows. Bertha helped him this afternoon. I chored around after dinner. I took F.M. box to the depot, expressage was $2.50 which I paid. Louis & the girls went over to Burkholders this evening.

Thursday Nov. 24 � Louis husked sixteen rows. I helped him in the forenoon and Bertha helped him in the afternoon. We then hauled a load of straw to the cattle.

Friday Nov. 25 � It rained last night, sleeted this morning, everything is covered with ice. Louis snaped two rows for cattle feed. After dinner Louis & I went to town. This evening I settled with Herb Burk. and paid him $28.75 in full.

Saturday Nov. 26 � Louis husked sixteen rows & snaped two rows. Bertha helped him. . I made a gate to the colt yard and was to town for mail this afternoon.

Sunday Nov. 27 � Louis & the girls were to S.S. I was over to Burkholders & paid Mr. Burkholder $25.00 in full of all to date. Louis & the girls went to town this evening. This was a fine warm day.

Monday Nov. 28 � Louis husked twenty rows. Bertha & I helped him this afternoon. Louis went to town this eve.

Tuesday Nov. 29 � Louis husked eleven rows and snaped six rows. Millie & Bertha helped him this afternoon. I fixed the fence & two gates at the stack yard and chored. Mrs. Kirkham & Effie were here and also Mrs. Chauncey. Geo. Reiff was here.

Wednesday Nov. 30 � Louis husked eight rows and snaped four rows. Bertha & Millie helped him this afternoon which finishes the husking for this fall. We put the implements away this morning as we did not take time to do it before this. It has been very frosty the last several mornings past.

Thursday Dec. 1, 1892 � Louis & I chored around all day. It was cloudy & damp chillie. A Mr. Glaze stoped here to warm himself. He stayed to dinner. He came from Kansas & is going to the N.E. part of Iowa. Friday Dec. 2 � We cleaned out all the stables. Hauled in the shocks of corn fodder & husked a little sweet corn that was left cut. This evening Louis & the girls went to town to visit C.J. Tuttles.

Saturday Dec. 3 � We chored around after dinner. Ma, Bertha & I went to town. I paid Reed & Cole $18.00 in full to date. Got a clock for Millie. Louis & Herb went to town this evening. The girls went with them as far as W.H. DeCou, visited there until the boys came from town.

Sunday Dec. 4 � Louis took Millie over to the Willow. Her school term commences tomorro. Bertha went with them. Ma was to S.S. We have 25 pigs a day or two old.

Monday Dec. 5 � Louis & Bertha were to town this morning to get some teeth filled. This afternoon we shelled & ground some corn. It is raining this evening.

Tuesday Dec. 6 � Louis husked all day for I.A. DeCou but commenced late. He husked 55 2/5 bus. at 3� per bu. I did the chores all but milking.

Wednesday Dec. 7 � It snowed & blew near all last night and all day today. The wind blew heavy all day but is not very cold. Thermometer is 24. The little pigs nearly all gone, the sows laid on them.

Thursday Dec. 8 � We shoveled snow this morning. Louis went to town this afternoon. I chored some.

Friday Dec. 9 � Louis & I shelled some corn & nailed some clothes around the crib to keep out the snow. Louis went to town this evening.

Saturday Dec. 10 � Louis went over to see Millie. Herb went with him. I cleaned the snow out of the crib and chored around.

Sunday Dec. 11 � This was a fine day. Louis, Bertha & Ma were to S.S.

Monday Dec. 12 � Louis went to town with Herb. I helped Bertha to wash and chored. Herb & Amy were here late last night.

Tuesday Dec. 13 � Louis worked some at the new hen house. We hauled straw to the cattle. I chored some. Louis & Bertha went over to Burks this evening.

Wednesday Dec. 14 � We cleaned out the stables and hauled out the manure. Hauled straw in for the horses. This afternoon Louis & Bertha was to town. I chored some.

Thursday Dec. 15 � We shelled some corn for feed. I was up to see James Tuttle, his team run away last evening & he got hurt pretty bad. This evening we sorted the hens from the roosters, 120 hens, 30 roosters.

Friday Dec. 16 � I chored around some. Louis & Bertha was over to Magnolia township and brought Millie home. Mat McKean came this evening, his mare run away in our yard & broke the harness & cart for Matt and a gate and wagon seat for us.

Saturday Dec. 17 � Matt helped us shell a few bushels of corn. Matt then went over to DeCou's and Louis and Herb went to town. Herb was here to supper.

Sunday Dec. 18 � Louis & Bertha took Millie over to (unreadable) where she boards. W.R. Kirkham had a cow here, served a heifer. It snowed all afternoon, a heavy wet snow.

Monday Dec. 19 � We hauled straw to the fatening cattle & tended the horses & bull. Paul Bostwick was here. He wanted to buy �DeBille� but we will not sell him now. Louis was going to town but came back with Herb & Amy. They are here this evening.

Tuesday Dec. 20 � It snowed near all day. Louis was to town with Herb. I chored around all day. Bertha washed. I helped her some.

Wednesday Dec. 21 � Louis, Bertha & I shelled a load of corn today. Louis & Bertha went to town this evening.

Thursday Dec. 22 � Mark kicked some of the boards off his manger. We had to fix it up again. Louis made some candies for Christmas. Herb was here to dinner.

Friday Dec. 23 � Louis went to town with Herb, who went for Millie. Amy & Bertha went along. I was over to D.K. Peters to a meeting for final settlement with the outgoing Clerk. I received a check to pay Drs. Edwards & Cole, a bill for quarentening contagion diseases in 1890.

Saturday Dec. 24 � Louis went to town with Herb. He took the check along & gave it to Dr. Cole & took a reciet for it which he gave to me. I made a lapboard for a Christmas present for Bertha.

Sunday Dec. 25 � We all spent Christmas at home. Herb was here all day. A calf died today, Louis skined it. We do not know what it died of. Harold Reiff was here for awhile.

Monday Dec. 26 � We done nothing today but the chores. Herb was here this eve. Louis went with him down to John Younts & up to Harrison Yount's.

Tuesday Dec. 27 � We shelled a wagon load of corn for feed. Herb helped us. After dinner I worked at a new sled. The boys went to town. Geo. Reiff and his boys fetched their heifer with the sled.

Wednesday Dec. 28 � Louis was over to Burkholder's to practice music last evening. Louis & I worked some at the new sled. Minnie & Lulu Reiff and Amy Burk. were visiting this evening.

Thursday Dec. 29 � I worked at the new sled near all day. Louis helped me some then him and Herb went out to shoot game. They got two rabbits & two quail.

Friday Dec. 30 � We finished the sled except painting it. We hauled a couple of shocks of corn fodah to the fatening cattle. Cleaned out the stable & hauled manure out. Louis, the girls & Herb went to a party to John Younts.

Saturday Dec. 31 � We hauled straw to feed the cattle. Ma & I went to town, visited & took dinner at C.J. Tuttles. Charley was not at home when we got there. He had to be up at the school house. I paid $8.00 interest on a note at Kiblers.

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