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      Aaron D Hoyer Diary

Originally transcribed by Jessie Burkholder Peckenpaugh
preserving the original spellings and punctuation.
Transcribed for the Harrison County Iowa USGenWeb
by his descendant John Burkholder (email napagrappa@yahoo.com).

Further Reference: Aaron Hoyer Biography -- Hoyer family -- Hoyer house

This page covers 1886 -- Index for each Year -- Next Page: 1887

Friday Jan. 1, 1886 � Louis & I worked awhile at the machine & we brought in straw. I was over at the school house this evening. Frank came home this afternoon. The boys went to the Lyceum.

Saturday Jan. 2 � It snowed & blowed all day 7 drifted a good bit. Frank & Louis were to Woodbine this afternoon for the mail.

Sunday Jan. 3 � It snowed & blowed all day. We all staid in the house all day.

Monday Jan. 4 � It snowed & blowed all day. We had an old fashioned Iowa blizzard for the for the last three days but the sun set clear this evening. We all staid indoors all day.

Tuesday Jan. 5 � Frank went to Dunlap again. The day was fine but the roads are very badly drifted. I churned.

Wednesday Jan. 6 � Louis & I helped to shovel snow over along H. DeCous hedge. We then went to Mill & town.

Thursday Jan. 7 � It snowed & blowed all day. It is very cold. The cows could not be found. 8 below � 16 below

Friday Jan. 8 � Louis found the cows this morning in the south east corner of the farm. It is a wonder they did not freeze, it was so cold & windy all day, drifting very much. 26 below � 28 below

Saturday Jan. 9 � It is still very cold but not so windy as it was & clear. The sun was out all day. 30 below � 20 below

Sunday Jan. 10 � Calm today but very cold. F.M. is still in Dunlap. Churned. 26 below � 14 below

Monday Jan. 11 � This was a fine day but cold. Louis & I went to Woodbine & brought 910 lbs. s. coal, $2.28. 26 below � 12 below

Tuesday Jan. 12 � This was a fine day, the sun shone bright. C.J. Tuttle was here this evening. He wanted to borrow a butcher knife, he is going to butcher tomorrow. 20 below � 10 above

Wednesday Jan. 13 � Louis & I were in town & brought 1070 lbs. of soft coal, $2.69. This was a fine day. C.J. Tuttle was here this evening & brought our butcher knife home. 2 above � 20 above

Thursday Jan. 14 � Louis was to Dunlap today. It snowed all afternoon. I gathered up all the cobs back of the house & put them in boxes. 8 above � 28 above

Friday Jan. 15 � Louis & I was to Woodbine & stoped at Henry DeCous to see a boar pig. 28 above � 8 above

Saturday Jan. 16 � Louis & I were to town but the stove did not come yet. I subscribed for the Farm & Garden. 6 below � 2 below

Sunday Jan. 17 � This was a dull 7 gloomy day, snowing off & on near all day. Louis shot at two wolves that lay in the snow over on Don Howarth's pasture. He then followed them crippled as they were, over to Roches & there lost them & was near night so he came home. 8 below � 2 below

Monday Jan. 18 � Louis & I was in town. It snowed near all day but is calm & not very cold. 2 below � 8 below

Tuesday Jan. 19 � Louis & I was to town this morning. We cleaned out the stables. We had to chop out the manure with the axe. We shelled corn for meal. 18 below � 8 below Wednesday Jan. 20 � Louis & I was to town & brought a cola burning stove, $16.00. John Yount & Herbert Burk., Minnie & Lula Reiff were here. The girls are going to stay over night. 2 below � Zero

Thursday Jan. 21 � We tried our new stove but will have to take it back as it smokes & throws out sulphor so we cannot be in the room. I washed a little today. 8 below � 4 below

Friday Jan. 22 � Herbert Burk. & John Yount went with Louis to the Lyceum last night. The early evening was pleasant but the wind changed & blew so cold that the boys near froze coming home. Frank came with them. Herb & John stayed all night & went home about noon. The girls did not go to school. 22 below � 18 below

Saturday Jan. 23 � Frank & Louis were to town. Louis sold a hog that died to Hupp at 75c. per cwt. $1.65. Herbert Burk. was here this evening. 14 below � 8 below

Sunday Jan. 24 � Frank went over east, the rest of us staid at home, as it is very cold & windy. 2 below � 14 above

Monday Jan. 25 � This was a warm & cloudy day. Louis & I brought in a load of straw for bedding for horses & hogs. Mr. L. Kellogg was here this afternoon. 14 above � 24 above

Tuesday Jan. 26 � It snowed all day but it is warm. Louis & I worked at the camera for awhile. 14 above � 16 above

Wednesday Jan. 27 � Louis was to town today. I wrote letters to J. Wingert & Ferd Krieg. It was warm & cloudy today. 2 above � 14 above

Thursday Jan. 28 � Louis & I took 5 head of hogs, 1300 lbs., $3.25 per hundred. Frank came home this evening. John Yount was here this evening. 14 above � 8 above

Friday Jan. 29 � Louis & I took 1100 lbs. of hogs, 5 head, to Woodbine, sold to J. Burk. at $3.25 per cwt. The snow was so much that we had hard work to get them to town. We brought 1100 lbs. of soft coal at $5.00 per ton. F. is still home, he has a bad cold, does not feel well. 14 above

Saturday Jan. 30 � Louis & I cleaned out the chimneys which were clogged up with sut. I churned. Frank painted a picture. Bertha was sick all day. 10 above � 14 above

Sunday Jan. 31 � It snowed all day but is not cold. Louis & I were to town to see Dr. Edwards. Bertha is no better this evening so Louis & Frank went into tell the Doctor to come out 7 P.M. The Doctor came at 11 P.M. 8 above

Monday Feb. 1, 1886 � The Doctor staid until after breakfast. Bertha is very sick. Louis took a chill last evening & is sick today & Millie took cold somehow & is complaining too. We put a mustard plaster on both Louis & Millie. C.J. Tuttle was here to get us to help shovel snow. 4 above

Tuesday Feb. 2 � Bertha is very sick, Louis is about the same & Millie seems to be much better. The Doctor came at 3 P.M. He thinks that Louis will be about again in a day or two. C.J. Tuttle came up & milked this evening. 20 below � 12 below

Wednesday Feb. 3 � Bertha seems to be a bit better. Louis is a good bit better. The Doctor came at 11 A.M. C.J. Tuttle milked this evening. Wm. Burk. was here this eve. 12 below � 14 below

Thursday Feb. 4 � Bertha rested pretty well last night & Louis is getting better. Doctor came at 4 P.M. Geo. Reiff, Minnie & Arthur Deuel were here this evening. C.J. milked again this eve. It is very cold. 28 below � 2 below

Friday Feb. 5 � Bertha is about the same. Louis is improving. Frank was to town & brought 1400 lbs. of coal. I washed a little this afternoon. 4 below

Saturday Feb. 6 � Bertha is about the same, improving a little. Frank was to Dunlap. The Doctor came at 4 P.M. G. Yeisley came with him. Frank went down to Collins this eve. This was a very fine day. 28 above � 32 above

Sunday Feb. 7 � Bertha rested well last night & Louis was outdoors a little. Geo. Reiff & wife, Wm. Burk & wife & Mrs. Kirkham were here to see Bertha. Frank went away with the team this morning to look for a girl to work for us & has not returned yet, 8 P.M. 34 above � 36 above

Monday Feb. 8 � Bertha is not so well today. The Doctor came at 9 � A.M. He had to use an instrument. Frank came home at 10 P.M. last night & brought Belle Boustead to help us. F. was to Mill & Woodbine. Today was very warm. Louis done chores today. Minnie Reiff was here. 36 above

Tuesday Feb. 9 � Bertha did not rest so well last night. Is troubled a great deal with the water & has a good bit of pain. The Dr. came at 10 � A.M., used the catherter again. The boys brought a boar pig from Wm. DeCou. Mr. Colwell was here awhile. 28 above � 34 above

Wednesday Feb. 10 � Bertha rested a little better last night. It rained & snowed a little last night. Doctor came at 11 A.M. Frank went to Dunlap to stay the week out. Mr. Lowrey was here & Mr. Deuel was here. It was cloudy today. 20 above � 16 above

Thursday Feb. 11 � Bertha seems to be improving slowly. This was a fine day. The Doctor came at 4 P.M. He says Bertha is much better. Mr. L. Kellogg was here but I did not get to see him. 6 above � 20 above

Friday Feb. 12 � Bertha rested well last night, sleeping near all night. Louis went to W. for Coal (870 lbs. coal). Mr. Deuel was here this morning. Louis wrote to J. Mag. About some trees, evergreens. Wm. Burk., his sister & May were here. Mrs. Tuttle was here. 6 above � 34 above

Saturday Feb. 13 � Bertha is improving. Louis helped Deuel to fill his barn with hay. Deuel then came over to help Louis with our hay but it was too windy. Dr. Edwards came at noon. The day was very fine. Frank came home this evening. Dr. 10 times. 36 above � 20 above

Sunday Feb. 14 � Bertha is getting better. Frank took Belle to Donaldson's to fetch her trunk. Louis was away with Herbert Burk. Mr. Kirkham was here quite awhile. 16 above � 14 above

Monday Feb. 15 � Frank went away again this morning to Dunlap. Bertha is improving slowly. Millie went to school, she had not been to school since Bertha got sick. 2 above

Tuesday Feb. 16 � Bertha is still improving. Mr. Deuel helped fill the barn with hay. Mr. Kellogg was here and assessed my personel. Louis & I went to W. for groceries & mail & to see the Doctor. John Hooks went with us & came back with us. 4 above � 32 above

Wednesday Feb. 17 � Bertha is improving, she can get out & in bed without any help. I worked at a toung for the bob sled. It was cloudy all day. 28 above � 38 above

Thursday Feb. 18 � Bertha is improving slowly. Herbert Burk., Arthur Deuel, Belle & Louis went to the Lyceum. This was a fine day and is a fine evening. Louis was to Tuttles, Burks & Deuels today. 28 above

Friday Feb. 19 � Bertha is improving. She sit up in the rocking chair awhile today. Louis was to Dunlap & Frank came home with him. This was a fine day. I was sick all day with a headache. 6 above � 12 above

Saturday Feb. 20 � Louis & Frank went to W. I was down to Tuttles for milk. Bertha is still improving. 24 above � 40 above

Sunday Feb. 21 � Bertha did not feel so well today but is cheerful. I hope it indicates nothing. Mr. Deuel & Herbert Burk. were here. Frank went to Dunlap with Geo. Rankin. 28 above

Monday Feb. 22 � Louis & I was to town. We took Smoose along. Geo. Kibler bought him. Mr. Deuel came home with us, him & Louis made slugs for the rifle. They speak of going to a shooting match tomorro.

Tuesday Feb. 23 � I polticed �Dext� all day. Cleaned out the stables, worked at the sheller. Louis Deuel & H. Burk went to the shooting match. Louis got two ducks & one turkey, Deuel got two. This was a fine day.

Wednesday Feb. 24 � Bertha is still improving. Dexter's throat opened this morning & a good bit of pus came out. I was down to Tuttles for milk. Louis was over to Deuels. Louis & I cleaned out the cistern.

Thursday Feb. 25 � Bertha is still improving but Millie is not well, she complains of being so cold. Louis & H. Burk. went over to the Lyceum. 4 above

Friday Feb. 26 � Bertha has not been so well today. Louis & I was to town to see the Doctor & we brought 720 lbs. of S. coal. Louis & Belle went over to Jim Bowes to a party. Louis & I cleaned the chimneys this morning. 12 above

Saturday Feb. 27 � It snowed last night & until noon today. Frank came home this evening. May Roche came this afternoon.

Sunday Feb. 28 � Bertha rested easier. Mr. Kirkham got the drawing knife. Mr. Deuel, C. Kellogg & May Roche were here today. Louis took May's horse home.

Monday Mar. 1, 1886 � Louis & I was down at J.W. Hupp's sale & bought a white cow for $28.00. I was over to the school meeting. L.L. Deuel was re-elected School Director. Frank is still home with a severe cold. May is still here.

Tuesday Mar. 2 � Louis was down to Hupps & brought the white cow home. He gave the money to W.H. DeCou to pay for the cow as the man was not there & Louis wanted to go home. Topsy has a bunch under her jaw so I polticed it all day.

Wednesday Mar. 3 � Louis was to town, too back the foot rest to stove. Louis got a suit of clothes. W.H. DeCou paid for the cow I bought at Hupp's sale. He gave Louis the change today. I am still polticing Topsy.

Thursday Mar. 4 � Bertha was up a good bit today & the horses are doing as well as can be expected. Frank was over to Deuels. It snowed last night & all day today.

Friday Mar. 5 � Bertha is getting along fine. I have a soreness in my ear, I am afraid it is going to be a boil or something of that sort. It is sore now three days. It snowed last night & until noon today. I was not out of doors today. Louis attended to the sick horses today. Bell went home this evening to attend a birthday party.

Saturday Mar. 6 � Louis, Frank & I was to town, Belle came home with us. Louis bought a gobler from S. Holms for $1.05. Mike McMillen & his sister Mary are here visiting. I was to see Dr. Edwards about my ear trouble. He gave me medicine to drop in the ear.

Sunday Mar. 7 � Bertha was up all day. Mike McMillen & Mary went home this evening. Frank took May Roche home this evening. Topsy & Dexter are both got a running sore under the jaw, it seems George is sick now.

Monday Mar. 8 � This was a fine day. Bertha was up near all day. My ear feels better today. Louis took Frank up to Dunlap. The roads are very muddy on top but froze under, which makes it slippery for bare footed horses.

Tuesday Mar. 9 � Bertha is not well today. She took cold some how. My ear seems about the same. Louis brought some straw for bedding. 2 below

Wednesday Mar. 10 � Louis& I went to Woodbine & Mill. Louis exchanged drakes with Nelson Donaldson. Fine day but a little cold. Dr. examined my ear.

Thursday Mar. 11 � It snowed all day and is still snowing, 8 P.M. I was in the house all day. Bertha was in bed all day.

Friday Mar. 12 � Frank came home at noon, he went east this evening. Louis & Bell went to a party over at Bronsons. Bertha was worse today, she has a great deal of pain. My ear feels better. Louis & I put a new tounge in the bob sled.

Saturday Mar. 13 � Louis & I went to town & brought 940 lbs. coal. Frank was up to Dunlap today, he came home with Mr. Damery. I got some medicine for reumatism.

Sunday Mar. 14 � It was warm & cloudy all day. Geo. Reiff, Lula & Harold were here to see Bertha.

Monday Mar. 15 � This was a fine day overhead. Frank & Nettie went to Woodbine this evening.

Tuesday Mar. 16 � This was a fine day. Frank took Nettie home, the roads are very muddy. Mrs. Yount & John were here this afternoon & to supper. Belle went home today.

Wednesday Mar. 17 - The boys & I were to Woodbine. Frank went to Dunlap. Belle did not come home yet. Mrs. Burk. & Herbert were here today.

Thursday Mar. 18 � Louis & I went to town. Dr. gave some capsules to take. I was to Logan & paid one half of my taxes, $22.16 & I got $3.80 fees on McMillen road suit. Frank came home today.

Friday Mar. 19 � This was a cloudy misty day. Bertha is still in bed but is getting along fine but Millie spilled hot coffee over her hand and we are afraid it is scalded pretty bad. We can tell better tomorro. This was the last day of school for this spring term. Louis & Frank was guning & got three ducks.

Saturday Mar. 20 � Belle did not come yet. The boys were to town afoot for the mail. It snowed near all day. Clarence Kellogg as here to supper.

Sunday Mar. 21 � Millies hand is scalded severely. Frank went over to Roches. Herbert Burk. was here to supper. Him & Louis were up to Lowreys. Bertha sits up during the day.

Monday Mar. 22 � This was a fine day. The boys were guning. Belle came home last night after dark, Jack Hall brought her.

Tuesday Mar. 23 � I was down to Tuttles, C.J., and paid him $1.00 for milk we had got from him. Clarence Kellogg was here. The day was fine.

Wednesday Mar. 24 � Millies hand is very sore. Bertha sits up in the rocking chair all day. I put a mustard plaster on back of my ear again today. The boys brought in a load of straw for bedding.

Thursday Mar. 25 � Frank & I was to town. Dr. Edwards examined my ear, says it's doing nicely. We fetched frank's tent along. Amy Burk. was here. Kirkham brought home the draw shave & Merit cards for the girls.

Friday Mar. 26 � The boys were to Woodbine & brought 1070 lbs. coal & some groceries. I cut stalks with the hoe about two hours. Frank went east this evening.

Saturday Mar. 27 � It snowed near all day. Louis was down to Younts & brought 4 lbs. butter, 70c. Minnie Reiff is here visiting, will stay all night.

Sunday Mar. 28 � It snowed until noon. Louis took Minnie Reiff home. J. Hall came this evening. H. Burk. was here until late this evening.

Monday Mar. 29 � We have a heavy fall of snow & drifted very much. Walter Kellogg was here today to buy oats for seed. Frank was with him to Dunlap.

Tuesday Mar. 30 � It was cloudy near all day. The boys was to town for the mail. Frank went east again this evening.

Wednesday Mar. 31 � This was a fine day. Frank was over to Deuels. I worked at frames for a dark room for Frank this afternoon. Louis went over to Burks. this evening.

Thursday April 1, 1886 � Frank & I worked until noon on his dark room, he then went to town. Louis went with him as far as N. Donaldsons.

Friday April 2 � Frank & I worked at his dark room. Louis worked at his camera. Bertha is getting along first rate, but does not go out yet.

Saturday April 3 � Frank & I went to town & brought 4 � bus. Timothy seed at $2.25 per bu. The boys went over to the river guning this evening. Belle has a very sore finger.

Sunday April 4 � Frank went over east. J. hall is here again. Louis went over to Deuels & Burks. The rest of us were home all day.

Monday April 5 � There is lots of snow on the fields yet. The boys were out to cut some stalks with hoes but did not cut all where we want to put wheat. I worked at a partition & door to the east room on the third story. Louis was to town and brought 22 bus. wheat from W.H. DeCou for seed, for which I am to pay 40c. per bu. Frank was guning over to the river. He got a M. rat which makes them four.

Tuesday April 6 � This was a very fine day. The snow went fast but is not all gone yet. I worked at the door upstairs & finished it. The boys filled a couple of bed ticks, they then went over to the river guning & did not come home yet 8 � P.M.

Wednesday April 7 � The boys filled up the barn with hay, Louis hauled out three loads of manure. I fixed up a stall for mare to foal in. Frank went over to Roche's.

Thursday April 8 � We commenced to sow wheat about 9 A.M. Frank seeded & Louis run the disc. I painted the door & wall upstairs. Walter Kellogg got fifty bushels oats at 25c. per bu., but did not pay for them. A Mr. Allen was here trying to sell us a sewing machine.

Friday April 9 � Frank finished seeding the wheat at 9 A.M. Louis disced until ten, then it rained, so it stoped him, he then went at it again 2 � P.M. & Frank went to town & brought coal & timothy seed.

Saturday April 10 � Louis disced all afternoon. It was too wet this morning. I put a latch on the new door upstairs. Frank done nothing all day.

Sunday April 11 � Louis went with Deuel to Kelloggs for horse service. They went fishing but got nothing. Frank went over east. Mr. Hall was here with Belle.

Monday April 12 � Louis disced about 7 hours on the wheat. It rained some 3 hours. Frank & I was to Dunlap & brought a wire tooth rake for which I gave my note for $22.00, due on or before October first 1886 at 8 per cent interest.

Tuesday April 13 � It rained until near noon. At 2 P.M. Louis went to work & finished discing the wheat. Frank & Belle went to Woodbine. F. got a king bolt & one other bolt put in the buggy. I was over to see Charley sowing oats by hand It is pretty windy. He was cultivating this afternoon.

Wednesday April 14 � Frank sowed with the seeder, the timothy seed & Louis harrowed the ground ahead of the seeder. Just before finishing there came a hail & rain storm at 4 P.M. The most of the hail stones were as large as black walnuts.

Thursday April 15 � Topsy droped a mare colt last night at 9 o'clock & I think it is a good one. The boys commenced on the oats at about 10 A.M. The quit a little early & after supper the boys & Belle went over to Mr. Campbells to a party. Walt Kellogg was here today, thinks we have a fine colt.

Friday April 16 � It rained heavy until noon, we done nothing all day. It was too wet. The boys were out with their guns but got nothing. Louis went away this evening but I do not know where to.

Saturday April 17 � The boys worked at the oats all day. Frank seeded & harrowed & Louis disced. I walked to town & came home with C.J. Tuttle. J. Sneaths was here to loan the buggy to take his (sick) wife over to Panama. Frank went away this eve.

Sunday April 18 � Frank went to Dunlap for plow shoes. I was over to Deuels & then rode over to Kelloggs. I met Walter & his brother-in-law on the way, we went to Sales to see a colt sired by Kellogg's horse. It is a good one. H. Burk & Amy were here to dinner. Louis & Millie went to S.S. with them.

Monday April 19 � Louis disced all day. Frank harrowed until noon & from 2 � P.M. until 5 � P.M. he cut stalks. I set a post at the S.W. corner of the farm & sprouted potatoes.

Tuesday April 20 � Louis finished harrowing the oats at 2 � o'clock. Frank raked the stalks he cut yesterday & this morning Louis burned them & I cut stalks. I was up to Younts this morning. Louis was over to Deuels this evening.

Wednesday April 21 � We cut & raked stalks. Frank plowed some & I sprouted potatoes & fixed the pasture fence & I put new iron pins in the rake clearer. W. Kellogg was here with his horse & bred Topsy.

Thursday April 22 � Frank plowed until 11 � A.M. Louis cut stalks until 4 P.M. I then cut until five & Louis burned what was raked, at 5 it rained smart, I got wet, so did Frank. We quit a little after 5. It did not rain much, hailed a little.

Friday April 23 � Louis finished cutting stalks at 3 � P.M. Frank plowed until 11 �, this afternoon F. raked & burned stalks & then F. & I brought 10 bus. potatoes from Deuel. Louis plowed until 6 P.M.

Saturday April 24 � Louis plowed all day. Frank rubed & scoured at his plow until noon & I was to town this forenoon. I was up to Lowreys & Reiffs this afternoon. Frank went over east this eve.

Sunday April 25 � Frank printed some pictures this morning. This afternoon he went over east. Miss Kate Collins & H. Burk. were here to dinner. It rained heavy this evening. Belle went with Miss Collins. Louis & Herbert were over to Deuels. Ed Deuel is home on a visit.

Monday April 26 � It rained all day & the wind was pretty high. Frank printed a lot of pictures. Belle did not come home yet, 8 � P.M. It cleared off nice this eve.

Tuesday April 27 � The boys plowed all day. Frank with three horses. Topsy hitched up the first since she foaled. Mr. Deuel brought Frank's tray that he made for him. Belle came home at 6 o'clock this evening. I was over to Deuels.

Wednesday April 28 � The boys plowed two rounds then it commenced to rain & rained all day. A cold wet disagreeable day. It hailed a little.

Thursday April 29 � It rained all day & hailed some. Very cold for this time of year.

Friday April 30 � The boys plowed all day. G.L. Chapman was here to dinner. Jack Hall came for belle this evening to go to a party.

Saturday May 1, 1886 � I helped the boys to plant potatoes until 9 � o'clock. Marm, I & Bertha went to town. The boys finished planting potatoes at 3 o'clock, then Frank went to Dunlap & Louis made a little garden. He then went fishing.

Sunday May 2 � Millie was to S.S. The boys were fishing & Louis brought home a nice mess of fish & a large turtle. C. Kellogg was here to supper. S. Burkholder was here to see Belle. It rained some today.

Monday May 3 � The boys plowed all day. It rained a little at noon. I finished an addition to the hen house to set hens in. Frank & Belle went to Woodbine this evening. Belle went to see the doctor as she is not feeling well.

Tuesday May 4 � Louis plowed all day. Frank until noon. Frank harrowed this afternoon. I was to town this morning. Louis went over to Deuels for a couple settings of eggs. It was very cool.

Wednesday May 5 � Louis plowed until noon & then he harrowed. Frank harrowed until noon, then he marked until 5 � P.M. when he broke the marker. I took Marm down to Younts & fetched her from Tuttles this evening.

Thursday May 6 � Louis harrowed & Frank marked all day. I was up at Younts all night last night & was up to the funeral as one of the Pallbearers. They took Mrs. Stewart to Jefferson County for burial.

Friday May 7 � Frank finished marking at noon, Louis plowed until noon. They commenced planting at 3 P.M. At 4 � P.M. it rained & drove the boys home.

Saturday May 8 � It rained & hailed this morning. The boys was out & planted all day. I was to town for the mail & got a bottle of gargling oil. Bertha went up to Reiffs & will stay all night.

Sunday May 9 � It rained some last night but this morning it rained very heavy, so I am afraid it washed out a good deal of the corn we planted. I did not go out to see, Frank went east, Louis went over to Burks & Belle went to Collins.

Monday May 10 � It was too wet to plant so the boys plowed until noon & planted this afternoon. I finished the plowing & fixed the hog pasture fence. It looks for rain this evening.

Tuesday May 11 � The boys planted corn all day which finished the south piece, about 40 acres. I was to town & the Mill.

Wednesday May 12 � The boys harrowed all day. I picked corn out of the crib for seed.

Thursday May 13 � Frank marked all day. Louis harrowed until 4 P.M. He then helped F. to mark, they finished a little after six o'clock. I got seed corn ready & chored. Louis went up to Lowreys this eve.

Friday May 14 � It rained last night & this morning. Frank made some pictures & at 3 � P.M. they went to planting. I am troubled with my ear again.

Saturday May 15 � The boys planted all day. I was to Woodbine for the mail & to see to Doctor. He examined my ear again with the speculum. He advised me to go to Dr. Mc Leed in the Bluffs. I got some medicine for my system (a tonic).

Sunday May 16 � This was a fine day. Frank made some pictures this morning. Nettie & May Roche were here, Frank took them home this evening. The girls were to S.S. Frank DeCou came home with them & staid the evening.

Monday May 17 � The boys finished planting at noon. Frank took me to the R.R. I was going to C. Bluffs but there was no train this morning, so I came home with Mr. Damery. S.L. Winter & E. Vining were here this afternoon. The boys harrowed this forenoon.

Tuesday May 18 � The boys harrowed. Louis took me to the train. I went to Co. Bluffs to Dr. McCrae. Dr. McLeed went to Chicago. Frank & the girls came in for me.

Wednesday May 19 � This was a hot day, the boys went to town & took about 30 bus. of wheat to the Mill this evening late. We done nothing all day.

Thursday May 20 � Frank put poisoned corn in squirrel holes. Louis cleaned out the stables & mulched the fruit trees. Frank went to Dunlap after dinner.

Friday May 21 � The boys planted corn with the hoe where the heavy rain washed it out. Louis then hauled a load of manure on the pasture. Frank worked at his pictures & I painted the lower entry & staircase. This was a very hot day with a warm wind stiring near all day.

Saturday May 22 � Frank & I were to town this afternoon. Frank took a picture each of L.C. Luce's two stallions. I got $14.85 from Dally for 29 40/ bus. wheat through the hand of F.A. Futz.

Sunday May 23 � The boys were down to John halls. Belle was very sick last night but is better today. She went out buggy riding this evening with Sherman Burkholder. Mr. Sylvester Kibler & family were here this evening. It rained a little last night.

Monday May 24 � Frank & Belle went to town, B. wanted to see the doctor & Frank got some paint. I gave the ceiling of the east room one coat of paint. Louis sprouted the potatoes and Frank took 6 bus. in the Kibler Bros., 25c. a bu.

Tuesday May 25 � The boys cultivated a little today. It was showery so they could not do much. I gave the east room, sides & ceilings a coat of paint.

Wednesday May 26 � The boys cultivated all day. I was to town for white lead. I gave the ceilings of B & W rooms each a coat of paint.

Thursday May 27 � The boys cultivated all day. I painted until 4 P.M. I then went with Deuel to town for l. oil, soap & medicine. Deuel brought the disc home.

Friday May 28 � The boys cultivated all day & finished the south piece the first time. I finished painting the west room. It looks for rain this evening.

Saturday May 29 � The boys & Belle went to the Decoration. Belle went home from there. I was sick in bed all day with a very bad cold which made my ear worse. We picked the first dish of strawberries today.

Sunday May 30 � Frank was over east last night. Louis was over to Kelloggs last night. The girls did not go to S.S. today. Clarence Kellogg was here to dinner today.

Monday May 31 � The boys planted some sweet corn & pumpkins. Frank & I were to town, I to see the Dr. Marm went with us as far as Reiffs where she visited until we returned. I paid Sam Holm's bill in full, $5.49.

Tuesday June 1, 1886 � Frank went to Dunlap, Marm with him to Gilchrists & visited there until he returned. Louis cultivated the potatoes & S. corn.

Wednesday June 2 � The boys cultivated all day at the piece South W. of the house. Bertha was with Millie to school to visit. I am still very much under the weather. Commenced the second field. (piece)

Thursday June 3 � The boys cultivated until 5 P.M. when the finished the S.W. piece the first time through.

Friday June 4 � Frank, Belle, Bertha & I were to W. this afternoon. I paid belle $5.00 in cash & $5.95 in goods at Kiblers Bros. L. stayed home & picked strawberries for us all.

Saturday June 5 � Frank painted a border on the west room but did not finish. Louis helped C.J. Tuttle this afternoon at diging a well. Frank printed pictures this afternoon. Nettie Roche is here visiting.

Sunday June 6 � The girls & boys all went with Nettie home in the buggy. Frank DeCou was here late this eve.

Monday June 7 � Frank DeCou staid all night as it rained so he could not go home. Frank brought a load of cobs from town. This afternoon the boys both cultivated, started the second time through. I was down to C.J. Tuttles this forenoon to see how they are getting along with the well diging. They were 51 feet seep at noon.

Tuesday June 8 � The boys cultivated all day. I took a pail of strawberries up to Mrs. Reiff. I gave the ceiling another coat of paint. F.M. went to town.

Wednesday June 9 � The boys cultivated all day. I painted some & then went over to Burks. I was there near all afternoon.

Thursday June 10 � The boys cultivated all day. I painted a little. Amy Burk. was here to supper.

Friday June 11 � I finished painting the east room. Have now the kitchen, & two rooms & the stairways above painted. Louis & I were to Woodbine. I will probably paint borders on each.

Saturday June 12 � The boys went to W. this afternoon. I fixed Franks cultivator. J. Yount was here this afternoon.

Sunday June 13 � Belle, Bertha & the boys drove down to McMillens this morning & did not come back yet 10 P.M. Sherman Burkholder was here this evening.

Monday June 14 � The boys commenced on the north piece, the 2nd time, & cultivated all day. Fan droped a heifer calf. It rained and blew pretty sharp this evening.

Tuesday June 15 � It rained a good bit last night. Too wet to cultivate today. Frank went to W. twice today. Louis done nothing.

Wednesday June 16 � The boys cultivated all day. A sow came in with a litter of ten pigs. 3 died.

Thursday June 17 � The boys finished the second time through on the north piece at 12 noon. Frank & I were to town this evening.

Friday June 18 � The boys hoed some. I fixed fence & after dinner Marm, bertha, Frank & I were to town. It rained some so we left bertha in at S. Kiblers.

Saturday June 19 � Frank, Millie & Belle were to town. Belle stayed & Bertha came home with Frank & Millie. Louis & H. Burk. went fishing & got nothing. I painted borders in two rooms & both stairways & entrys.

Sunday June 20 � Frank went to bring Belle home. Louis & the girls were to S.S. John Yount & Herbert Burk. were here this eve.

Monday June 21 � It rained heavy last night, to wet to cultivate. The boys washed the Dunlap wagon. I then Painted at it until it commenced to rain, I then quit painting. The boys cultivated this afternoon.

Tuesday June 22 � The boys cultivated all day. I painted the running gear of one of the wagons a coat of paint. Frank went to tow this evening.

Wednesday June 23 � The boys cultivated all day. I was over to Burk. 's this forenoon. I painted at the wagons this afternoon.

Thursday June 24 � The boys finished cultivating the south piece at noon ( laid by). G.L. Chapman & family were visiting. They were here to dinner & supper. Frank & I was to town tonight, came home at eleven P.M. Left home at half past six. Louis cultivated potatoes for the third & last time.

Friday June 25 � Louis was to town & to the Mill. He took in the cutter bar & sickel of the mower to have fixed. Frank was working at his new Photo Goods all day.

Saturday June 26 � Frank was to town this forenoon. I painted striped at the wagon. It rained heavy this afternoon.

Sunday June 27 � It was showery today. Towards evening Henry DeCou & wife came for us to go over to their house to eat ice cream. We were all over & came home at dusk. Sow piged, 7 pigs good, 1 died.

Monday June 28 � The boys cultivated all day except 1 � hours that they lost on account of rain. I striped at the wagon & chored.

Tuesday June 29 � The boys plowed all day which finishes it & is laid by. Frank had Herbert Burk to cultivate today for him. So Frank walked to Woodbine & then went to Dunlap with the train & came home at 4 P.M. Louis & the girls went over to Burks to sing. Nellie DeCou was here to supper.

Wednesday June 30 � Louis helped W.H. DeCou at his clover & timothy hay & Frank, Bertha, Belle & I went to Woodbine. I paid Frank in full of all demands to date.

Thursday July 1, 1886 � Louis worked at H. DeCou's all day. Frank worked at his �traps� to get ready for the 4th of July. I made a kit for frank& looked after the sows, we got 4 litters of pigs today which gives us 47 good pigs to date. Heifer �Lotty� droped a calf.

Friday July 2 � Frank worked until noon geting ready and loading the wagon. We went with him to town to bring the team home. Marm went as far as the picnic (at school house) & Frank & I stoped at picnic to dinner then to W. There was a nice school picnic & I think they all enjoyed it.

Saturday July 3 � Frank put up his tent at Woodbine yesterday to take pictures today. Some roughs threw his tent down & spoiled some of his chemicals & dark room. Louis & the girls were in to the celebration. They all came home at 9 P.M. & Frank & Louis & Belle went in town again at 10 P.M.

Sunday July 4 � The boys & Belle came home at 2 A.M. this morning. Louis was to S.S., the girls were not. Frank went away at 4 this eve. (E)

Monday July 5 � Louis helped H. DeCou all day. Frank went to town this morning. I chored around near all day. Belle is sick since yesterday.

Tuesday July 6 � I took Belle in to the Doctor & brought F.M. home. Louis worked on the road this forenoon for Frk. and this afternoon worked on the road for himself. I helped a little this afternoon on road.

Wednesday July 7 � Frank worked near all day at pictures. Louis hoed the beans. I mowed weeds & chored. (52 pigs to date) Frank went east this evening. Belle is no better.

Thursday July 8 � We tried open bridles on the sorrel horses & they run away straddle of the fence, front of the house & done but little damage. Frank & I was to town & got the tires reset on the R.F. wagon. I paid DeCou for the seed wheat, $8.80. He paid me balance due for Louis working at haying.

Friday July 9 � Louis & I trimed the B.E. trees around the road. This evening F. & I was to Dunlap & exchanged harvester slats.

Saturday July 10 � I washed some this morning & mowed weeds. Frank was over & took a view of Campbells buildings. W. Burk. & Herbert was here, they wanted to get some old potatoes. Belle is getting better.

Sunday July 11 � The girls & Louis were to S.S. Frank was to Woodbine & to Wm. Evans to take a picture of his farm buildings. Belle is better, she done nothing since July Fourth. Louis was over to J. Smiths, came home late.

Monday July 12 � Louis & I was to Dunlap for twine & oil, we also went over to Dunham farm with J.A. Moore to see a couple of bulls of his & engaged one at $75.00, payable Jan. 1st, 1888. Frank brought a load of cobs from Woodbine. We commenced to cut our wheat at 3 � P.M. It is pretty green yet but the bugs are taking it.

Tuesday July 13 � We used only three horses last evening. Today we had on four & was hard work at that as the ground is the roughest on the farm. Jesse Burkholder rode the lead horse & Louis run the binder. We finished at 7 � P.M. I had to ride the grain wheel side a good bit, the timothy & clover we sowed with the wheat is dead, it was dry so long & no rain yet.

Wednesday July 14 � The boys hauled two loads of corn to W. for Wm. Burkholder. I helped Bell to wash & after dinner I shocked up the wheat around outside row & then went over to Burks to see the new sheller.

Thursday July 15 � We commenced to cut our oats. Louis run the binder. Arthur Deuel rode the lead horse & Frank shocked. I helped him some.

Friday July 16 � We cut oats all day. A. Deuel rode again & Frank & I shocked as before.

Saturday July 17 � We finished out oats at 10 A.M. Louis took 14 bus. wheat to Mill, got 40c. bu. for it. I was to Dunlap, Mr. Damery went along. Belle went to W. & stayed but promises to come back.

Sunday July 18 � Louis & girls were to S.S. I was down to visit at C.J. Tuttles, took dinner with them.

Monday July 19 � Was to town to get buggy tires set but could not. Paid I.A. DeCou interest on note of $200, 10 per cent, $20.00. Frank went to town & stayed. Louis hauled out manure. I helped load & put in a fork handle.

Tuesday July 20 � Nelson Donaldson & Louis brought a bull from Taylor Dunham's that I bought from A.J. Moore, gave my note drawing 10 per cent interest due Jan. 1st 1888. I got tires set on the buggy but did not pay for doing it. John Fox met me on the road & paid me for three bus. of seed corn he got for planting.

Wednesday July 21 � Louis shock oats all day for H. DeCou. Frank went to town & brought 600 ft. of stock boards. I was over to Deuels this evening, brought twine.

Thursday July 22 � Louis shock for H. DeCou until 4 P.M. Frank & I were over to Edsons to see the threshers. Misses Burkholder & Martin were here visiting this evening. Miss B. staid & will stay over night.

Friday July 23 � The boys went to Kirkham to thresh, they commenced at about 9 A.M. Miss Burkholder left at 11 A.M. It rained smart at 3 P.M. The boys came home at 4 as it was too wet to thresh. L.L. & Ed Deuel were here to supper. They & the boys had a couple of games of croquet.

Saturday July 24 � Frank went to town this morning. Louis & I went after dinner. F. came home with us this evening. Louis & I made a wire gate at lane.

Sunday July 25 � The boys & girls were to S.S. but the rain drove them all home, some of them got pretty wet.

Monday July 26 � The boys helped Kirkham finish threshing & then both helped C.J. Tuttle & then Louis came home & helped me to tear down the cow shed. Frank helped Deuel to thresh.

Tuesday July 27 � Louis & I got ready to thresh. They came & commenced to thresh at 3:15 P.M. & threshed out 530 bus. oats. We have five teams to haul the grain in. Bens ?, Kellogg & F. Rogers are the threshers.

Wednesday July 28 � We finished threshing at 10:15 A.M. & have 608 bus. oats & 104 bus. wheat. The boys with two teams helped Wm. Burkholder to thresh, they came home at 4 P.M.

Thursday July 29 � Frank was to Denison to see a game of base ball. Louis & I made a fence around the cow yard, we had tore it away to thresh in the yard.

Friday July 30 � Frank & Belle went to a picnic down in 12 mile grove. Louis & I made the fence through the slough north of the hog pasture.

Saturday July 31 � It rained smart this morning. Louis & Frank went to W. this evening. I laid down all day, piles are bad. Lottie heifer served.

Sunday Aug. 1, 1886 � Ned Bousted & Miss K. Hooks were here visiting until late this evening. Sherman Burk. is here this evening. The boys & girls & visitors were to S.S. Dot heifer served by bull.

Monday Aug. 2 � Flora droped a mare colt this morning but it was so weak & it's legs were so crooked that it could not get up. It died this evening & I buried it in the pasture. The boys & Bell went over to Wm. Burkholders this evening. Louis brought a load of cobs from Burks & hauled manure.

Tuesday Aug. 3 � Louis hauled manure until it rained a good bit today. This evening Louis & I fetched our bull up at Lowrey's. He broke down our fence. We put the one horn red heifer. It is raining now, 9 � P.M. �Shy� droped a steer calf.

Wednesday Aug. 4 � It rained smart this morning. Louis fixed the fence the bull broke down.

Thursday Aug. 5 � Louis & I was to town & brought lumber for hay shed. We set some posts this evening for the hay shed. Frank was away with the team.

Friday Aug. 6 � Louis hauled out two loads of manure. I got things ready for hay barn. We then both worked at the H. barn until supper time. F. was away with the team.

Saturday Aug. 7 � The boys were to Woodbine to see the B.B. match between the Denison 9 & Woodbine 9. The Denison 9 beat the W. 11 to 14. This evening Louis & I worked at the hay shed. F. took Kate Bousted home.

Sunday Aug. 8 � Amy & Lewis Burkholder were here to dinner. Louis was to both S. Schools.

Monday Aug. 9 � It rained a good bit last night & until noon. Louis & I worked at the hay barn awhile this evening.

Tuesday Aug. 10 � Louis & I worked at the barn all day. Frank was to Woodbine.

Wednesday Aug. 11 � The boys both hauled corn for C.J. Tuttle, each two loads. I worked some at the barn.

Thursday Aug. 12 � Louis & I each hauled two loads of corn for L.L. Deuel. Frank was in town all day.

Friday Aug. 13 � I worked at the hay barn half a day. Louis helped to finish it, we then chored around. It rained quite a bit today. Frank was to town, had team.

Saturday Aug. 14 � Louis, Belle & I went to town this forenoon. Belle went home from town to see her folks. Frank came home with us.

Sunday Aug. 15 � Frank DeCou and H. Burk. was here to dinner & Mr. Damery was here to dinner. I was around to get teams to haul corn. D. Furgeson & I was over to Steve Smith. Frank brought Belle home this eve.

Monday Aug. 16 � We commenced to shell corn at 2 � P.M., shelled 10 wagon loads until 4 � P.M. Frank & Louis each took a load & each hauled a load for Damery.

Tuesday Aug. 17 � Louis & Frank hauled corn (2) two loads apiece. It rained near all afternoon, but very slow. We finished shelling at 3 � P.M. We shelled 1871 & 19/ bus., sold at 29c. per bu.

Wednesday Aug. 18 - Louis & I cleaned up the chaff & scattered corn. Louis plowed this afternoon & I was in town & settled with L. L. Winter for 1871 & 19/56 bus. of corn at 29c. per bu., $542.70. Frank printed, pictures & went guning this eve.

Thursday Aug. 19 - It rained pretty smart until noon. Louis went to plow at 2 � P.M. I was down to Tuttles & Younts. I was down to Younts this evening for butter. Frank was guning this afternoon.

Friday Aug. 20 - Louis plowed all day. Marm the girls & I were to Dunlap visiting at Chapmans. Herb Burk. was here this evening.

Saturday Aug. 21 - Louis & I done the chores early & started for Logan to sec the B. B. match. We got as far as Mr. Coe's when Dexter got sick so we had to come back. I staid in W. with the horses & Louis took the freight train & went to Logan.

Sunday Aug. 22 - The girls were to S. S. Louis was over to H. DeCou with H. Burkholder. C. J. Tuttle was here.

Monday Aug. 23 � Dave Harris & Lou Rogers came before breakfast to go guning with Frank. They took breakfast with us & then they went out. Louis plowed until noon then he helped me to move the calf shed & went to plow again at 4 P.M. I worked all day at the calf shed. Louis was down to Tuttles & brought a basket full of tomatoes

Tuesday Aug. 24 - Louis plowed until noon. It is too hot so he did not go out this afternoon. I was to town & Mill. Deuel was with me. Louis plowed again at 4 P.M. until 6 P.M.

Wednesday Aug. 25 - Louis plowed all day. I finished the calf shed, & chored around the yard.

Thursday Aug. 26 - Louis plowed all day. I hung the doors at hay barn. This afternoon Belle, the girls, Marm & I were to town. F. M. came home with us. H. Burk. was here this eve.

Friday Aug. 27 - Frank, Louis, Belle & Bertha were down to 12 Mile Grove to a picnic. I scoured the sulky plow with emery & put the mower together. Jesse Burk milked for Louis.

Saturday Aug. 28 - Louis & I each hauled a load of corn to W. for Mr. Lowrey, 90 40/56 bushels. It rained heavy all evening. Frank walked to town & came home at 5 � P.M.

Sunday Aug. 29 - It was cloudy & damp all day but no rain. Bertha & Millie were to S. S. Frank & BeIIe were to W. this evening.

Monday Aug. 30 - Louis & I each hauled two loads of corn to W. for Mr. Lowrey. We hauled in all for Lowrey 284 16/56 bushels. Frank was home printing pictures all day. Lowrey hauled for me 270 16/56.

Tuesday Aug. 31 - Frank went to town this morning. He took Marm as far as Geo. Reiffs where she visited all day. Frank mowed from 2 o'clock until near four when he broke the pitman. I then went to town & got it mended. Louis plowed all day with the sulky plow. I brought Marm home.

Wednesday Sept. 1, 1886 - It rained last night & today until noon. Frank was to W, this evening & brought Timothy seed. Louis plowed this afternoon. It looks very much for rain this evening.

Thursday Sept. 2 - Frank seeded Timothy with the seeder & Louis harrowed. They finished, Frank at 4 P.M., Louis at 5 � P.M. I dug a ditch east side of hay shed. Bunched 24 bunches of hay & helped in general.

Friday Sept. 3 - Louis plowed until noon then him & I hauled up two small loads hay. Frank was to town all day with the sorrels. I was down to Lee Kirkham & stoped with C. J. Tuttle awhile this eve.

Saturday Sept. 4 - Louis plowed until noon. He & I gathered a row of corn from which we picked about 2 � bus. of seed corn. Frank was to town.

Sunday Sept. 5 - Mr. Deuel & Ed were here. Louis was over east to S. S. & also to our S. S.

Monday Sept. 6 - Frank mowed until 9 1/2 A.M Mower would not work so F. M. & I went to Dunlap. Brought a Wood mower, $55.00, on one year time. Louis plowed until noon then raked & cocked up hay.

Tuesday Sept. 7 - Frank mowed, until noon. Louis plowed & this afternoon they hauled up three loads of hay that makes 5 loads in the new shed & one in the mow. I was to W. this evening.

Wednesday Sept. 8 - It rained last night & all day today & is raining this evening. We have three or four loads in the rain.

Thursday Sept. 9 - It rained until 11 A.M. then it cleared up. The boys went to W. I was over to Deuels & Damerys this afternoon. Louis came home alone at 7 P.M.

Friday Sept. 10 - This was a fine day. Ed Deuel helped us all day. He plowed awhile this forenoon. Louis mowed until dinner time. Ed raked an hour before noon, afternoon I mowed until 4 P.M. then I raked all the hay that was cut. Ed & Louis cocked it up then we took two loads home with us, 6 loads in new shed, one in barn.

Saturday Sept. 11 - We hauled up 10 loads of hay. Ed Deuel helped us all day. We put 7 loads in new shed, 2 in the barn. We stacked one outside. We snaped a load of corn. 15 loads in shed & three in the barn. We put Fan's calf in shed to wean with Lottie's calf.

Sunday Sept. 12 - The boys Belle & Bertha were down to John Halls visiting. I was over to Kelloggs & paid Clarence for my threshing, $16.30.

Monday Sept. 13 - It rained last night & today until noon. Frank cut out grubs about one hour & Louis plowed about as long. This afternoon I plowed a couple hours. L. & I picked & hung up seed corn.

Tuesday Sept. 14 - Frank cut grass from 9 � A.M until 4 P.M. We cocked it all up & brought up two loads. Put both in the new shed. 15 loads in new shed & 3 loads in barn, one outside. Louis finished plowing this afternoon.

Wednesday Sept. 15 - We hauled up seven loads of hay, 4 in the new shed, 3 in barn. Ed Deuel helped us all day. He helped to castrate pigs & one calf before supper. I paid Ed Deuel three dollars in full for helping at haying. We have 19 loads in new shed, 6 in barn & one outside, making 26 loads in all. Finished.

Thursday Sept. 16 - It rained until noon. Louis & I was to town this afternoon. Frank & Belle went to town with the sorrels & Louis went in with Bill. They went to a ball.

Friday Sept. 17 - I was over to Burks & Deuels early this morning. Took breakfast at Deuels. I sold Deuel some grass lumped for two dollars & him & Arthur are to burn off the meadow next spring. Louis & I picked seed corn until noon, then we brought up a load of hay. Louis helped Deuel from three until six P.M. Had the team until eight P.M.

Saturday Sept. 18 - Louis & I went to town each with & team. I with a load of wheat, Louis with a tuning gear. We each brought a load of lumber for a cob house. The heifer (Jane) droped a bull calf today.

Sunday Sept. 19 - Louis was for hazelnuts & got a few. Frank & Belle were down to Belle's home. Marm & I were to Reiffs, staid to supper. Frank stoped for us on his way home.

Monday Sept. 20 - I worked on the cob house awhile. This afternoon Louis & I picked some white corn & took it to Daly & got 25c. a bu. for 14 5/56 bu.

Tuesday Sept 21 � The boys & girls were for walnuts & hazelnuts today & I worked at the cob house & chored. Frank & Belle went to town this evening.

Wednesday Sept 22 � Frank, Marm & I went to Dunlap. I paid the rake note, $22.00 & gave one for the Mower, $55.00 at 6 per cent interest, due Oct. 1st 1887. Louis chored around the yard.

Thursday Sept. 23 � I worked at the cob house all day. Louis helped a little. He was to town for lumber & paint. Franks was to town all day. He had sorrel.

Friday Sept. 24 � Louis & I worked at the cob house until near five o'clock when it rained and we had to quit & do the chores. Frank walked to town this morning. Cherry served.

Saturday Sept. 25 � It rained last night & until near noon. Louis & I worked at the cob house some. He snaped two rows of corn for feed. We are short two boards for the roof so we could not finish the roof. Frank was to town a horse back. He brought me a quarters worth of nails.

Sunday Sept. 26 � It rained a good bit off & on today. Marm, the girls & Louis were to S.S. Belle was at Collins.

Monday Sept. 27 � I worked at the cob house & helped to chore. Louis snaped a couple of rows of corn. He was to town this evening. Frank was to Dunlap & Woodbine today.

Tuesday Sept. 28 � The boys left early this morning with W.H. DeCou & others on a guning & fishing tour over on the Sioux River. I.A. DeCou & I was to Logan to the Convention. I paid $21.90 in Commercial Bank for my 2nd payment of taxes.

Wednesday Sept. 29 � I worked at the cob house & I painted three sides of it & chored. This was a very fine day.

Thursday Sept. 30 � Marm, the girls & I were to Dunlap, took dinner at Deacon Chapmans.

Friday Oct. 1, 1886 � The boys came home last night. They brought 22 ducks & 10 large fish. Louis & I hauled six loads of cobs in the cob house today I I made a new gate in place of the one the cow broke in the cow yard.

Saturday Oct. 2 � Louis & I hauled sixteen loads of cobs in the cob house today. Frank & Belle were to a picnic. W.H. DeCou was here to get Louis to help him thresh on Tuesday.

Sunday Oct. 3 � Louis & the girls were to S.S. Frank & Belle were to Woodbine & over to Crows.

Monday Oct. 4 � Louis & I picked a load of corn for feed & put two loads of cobs in the cob house. Gathered two loads (250) pumpkins. C.J. Tuttle brought the saddle home. He was gathering potatoes today. His father helped him.

Tuesday Oct. 5 � Louis helped W.H. DeCou thresh � of a day. I was to Woodbine. Frank was to Dunlap.

Wednesday Oct. 6 � Louis & I hauled 10 loads of cobs in the cob house which makes thirty four loads in it & it is not full yet. We brought up two loads of hay. Put it in the hog pen for winter shelter.

Thursday Oct. 7 � We brought up a load of hay, we then went at the potatoes this afternoon. The girls picked potatoes & I sorted them & put them in the cellar.

Friday Oct. 8 � It rained last night & this morning so I planed off some battens to put on the roof of the cob house. After dinner we all (Louis, Bertha, Millie & I) worked at the potatoes. We put 40 bushels in the cellar. Up in the corn crib we have about 20 bushels. It looks for rain this evening. Frank went to Dunlap yesterday to work for Waitly.

Saturday Oct. 9 � Louis & I picked two rows of corn for feed for over Sunday & then we went to the potatoes. Bertha & Millie helped. We finished at noon. Afternoon Louis, Belle, Bertha & Millie went to Dunlap & I was to Woodbine for the mail & sold potatoes to F. Fultz at 40c.

Sunday Oct. 10 � Louis, Bertha & Millie were to S.S. Frank & Belle were to Bousteads with the sorrels. C.J. Tuttle brought the wagon home & got the trowel.

Monday Oct. 11 � Louis & I fixed up the fences around the hog lots & pasture to pen in the shoats. I took a load (37 bus.) potatoes in to F. Fultz, 40c. a bu. cash. F.M. was to Dunlap.

Tuesday Oct. 12 � F.M. husked 18 bus. corn Louis gathered three bus. beans. F.M. & I was to W. & brought 1410 lbs. coal & a 2 x 6 for a ladder. We also took wheat to Mill for flour.

Wednesday Oct. 13 � Louis husked until noon. F.M. was to Dunlap. It rained all afternoon & is still raining, 7 � P.M. Cherry was served this evening.

Thursday Oct. 14 � Louis & I were over to Wm. Burkholder. I settled with him and got a binding pole for 25c. Louis was over to I.A. DeCou & got plank to haul dirt in around the house. This evening the boys & girls went to Woodbine to a Festival.

Friday Oct. 15 � Frank came home last evening and went away this morning before breakfast. Louis & I hauled ground in all day. Finished & took DeCou's plank home. Yount was here to tell Louis to come thresh at Nichols tomorrow.

Saturday Oct. 16 � Louis threshed at Chas. Nichols all day. Belle, Bertha & I were to W. Frank came home with us. DeJean's barn & hay burned up today. Tom Butler & W. Lacy were this evening making music.

Sunday Oct. 17 � Louis, Bertha, Millie & Marm were to S.S. Frank & Belle were to Dunlap. Louis went to W. to Meeting this evening after supper.

Monday Oct. 18 � The boys husked all day. Frank & Belle was to town & came home late. I painted & put the battens on the roof of the cob house.

Tuesday Oct. 19 � The boys husked all day. I made a screen for the stove upstairs & hulled hazelnuts.

Wednesday Oct. 20 � Louis husked all day. Ed Deued husked all day for Frank & F. worked at his pictures. I planed & painted the edges of battens for the cob house.

Thursday Oct. 21 � Louis & Ed husked all day. Frank & I husked half a day & this evening Bertha, Belle, Frank & I went to town. I ordered a sewing machine from Kibler Bros.

Friday Oct. 22 � Louis & Ed husked until 9 � A.M. when it commenced to rain & rained all day & is still raining, 9 � P.M. Frank went to town this morning. Castrated a calf.

Saturday Oct. 23 � Louis & Ed each made a short day as it was wet this morning, they went out late. I chopped some wood & hulled some walnuts. Jane was served.

Sunday Oct. 24 � Frank & Belle was down to Bousteads. Louis and the girls went to town to Meeting. Ed & L.L. Deuel were here this evening.

Monday Oct. 25 � Frank & Louis each husked a load of corn. It rained near all day. I.A. DeCou was here & I sold him two steers, one two year & the other a yearling, for fifty-two dollars. Louis & Belle were to town this evening & Sylvester Kibler was here. He brought us a new sewing machine which I bought for forty-five dollars on time. Commenced to use hay from barn.

Tuesday Oct. 26 � Frank & Louis husked all day. I put a new window in south end of shop. I.A. DeCou & his men came & fetched the steers I sold him yesterday. I went with them with two of our cows.

Wednesday Oct. 27 � Louis husked all day, Frank � a day. The girls, Marm & I were to town. I gave a note for $45.00 for the sewing machine, one year at 8 per cent interest.

Thursday Oct. 28 � Louis & Frank husked all day. I husked this afternoon & painted the battens on the cob house.

Friday Oct. 29 � Louis & Ed Deuel husked all day. I sold a hog (456 lbs.) at $3.40 a cwt. F.M. came home this evening.

Saturday Oct. 30 � Louis & Ed husked three quarters of a day. Louis & I was to W. & brought 4 barrels of apples. F.M. went this morning & came home this evening.

Sunday Oct. 31 � The girls were to S.S. H. Burkholder, J. Yount, C.J. Tuttle were here today. I had a headache all day.

Monday Nov. 1, 1886 � Louis & Ed husked all day. F.M. husked this afternoon. I helped in the house & put battens on the calf shed. Deuels boys husked a load of corn to pay for hauling hay.

Tuesday Nov. 2 � Louis husked all day. F.M. went to Woodbine & Ed went to the Polls. F.M. came home to supper then they all went to Woodbine to hear a Darky sing.

Wednesday Nov. 3 � Louis helped Younts to thresh all day. Ed husked all day. Millie, Marm & I were to W. F.M. came home with us.

Thursday Nov. 4 � Louis finished at Younts about 10 A.M., he then husked two rows until noon. Then he helped Wm. Burkholder thresh all afternoon with a team. Ed husked all day. Belle rode Dexter home this evening and came home early. F.M. came home this evening again. He went to W. early this morning.

Friday Nov. 5 � Louis & Ed husked all day. It was cold & cloudy. Good day for husking.

Saturday Nov. 6 � Louis husked all day, quit early & went to town. Ed did not husk. F.M. & Belle came home just as we finished supper. Frank & Arthur DeCou & John Yount were here last evening. I got an attack of Plurisy, was sick all day but I am better now.

Sunday Nov. 7 � Louis & H. Burkholder were over to N. Donaldson. The girls were to S.S. F.M. made pictures near all day.

Monday Nov. 8 � F.M. & Louis husked each two loads. F.M. was in with his load 3:45 P.M. I paid Charlie Tuttle for the wagon spring I got from him some time ago. Frank & Belle went to town this evening.

Tuesday Nov. 9 � Louis & Frank husked all day, each two loads. I am better & chored today.

Wednesday Nov. 10 � Louis & Frank husked all day. This was the biggest day husking this fall. I nailed battens on the cow shed. The boys went up to Younts to bring Belle & Bertha home.

Thursday Nov. 11 � Louis & Frank husked all day. I was to town & traded horses with Dr. L. Edwards, gave Dexter & a note for $25.00 for a mare said to be seven years old.

Friday Nov. 12 � Louis & I each with a team was up to Geo. Reiffs to haul corn. The machine broke, I stoped to fix it so we got our loads near three o'clock P.M. Some went home with their teams. I cut my finger so bad that I can hardly write F.M. came home with us from town.

Saturday Nov. 13 � Louis & I each hauled a load of corn to W. for Geo. Reiff. Louis went to husking at 2 � P.M. He husked four rows. F.M. came home.

Sunday Nov. 14 � Louis, F.M. & the girls were all in S.S. A fine day.

Monday Nov. 15 � The boys L. & F. each husked two big loads, 26 rows between them, 80 rods long. This evening is cold & windy with heavy clouds.

Tuesday Nov. 16 � It snowed & blowed heavy during the night & still blowing & snowing, 8 � P.M. This is the first snow this fall and very severe.

Wednesday Nov. 17 � It snowed & blowed all last night & all day today and is still snowing & blowing, 8 � P.M. The thermometer 26 above.

Thursday Nov. 18 � This was a fine day. F.M. shoveled a path to the barn & watered the horses. Louis & I shoveled snow near all day to make cows, hogs & calfs comfortable. C.J. Tuttle was here to ask us to help shovel snow on the road.

Friday Nov. 19 � Louis, F.M. & I were to town. We were near all day getting to town. We shoveled snow until near three P.M. We got iron shoes put on our sled runners. It is not cold today.

Saturday Nov. 20 � F.M. was to town with the new mare. She did not want to go at first. He came home after dark. Louis made a pair of snow shoes. I mended a big lot of tin things.

Sunday Nov. 21 � Louis, the girls & H. Burkholder were to S.S. They drove over twice, the first time there was no one there. F.M. was guning but got nothing. Dep, the colt, was kicked very bad by Topsy. Her mother's leg is swelled bad.

Monday Nov. 22 � This is a fine day, the snow went very fast. I made a small gate for the front yard at road. F.M. went to W. horse back, from W. to Dunlap by train. Came home 7 P.M. Roads bad to get along.

Tuesday Nov. 23 � The boys were over to N. Donaldsons shooting match for turkeys. They got five. Came home after night. I worked at a shelter for the cattle & done chores.

Wednesday Nov. 24 � Louis helped me until 2 P.M. He then went in to W. to a shooting M. with glass balls. Frank went in the morning. They came home long after night. I chored.

Thursday Nov. 25 � This was a fine day. Frank DeCou was here to have the boys come over to shoot glass balls & have a Thanksgiving dinner with them. I was not feeling well. The boys & Belle went down to Collins this evening.

Friday Nov. 26 � Frank went to W. afoot early this morning. Louis & I today husked eight rows of white corn in the snow.

Saturday Nov. 27 � Louis & I husked fourteen rows of white corn which finishes the white corn. Frank did not come home last night. This was a nice warm day.

Sunday Nov. 28 � Louis was the only one to S.S. Frank DeCou came home with him & after choring they went over to Burkholders. John Yount was here today. He brought our lantern home.

Monday Nov. 29 � It snowed all day but did not drift much. Frank went to Logan this morning & did not get back this evening. Louis sorted beans quite awhile today. I attended to Dep, changed poultices often She has a very sore leg. I commenced to poultice yesterday. Until then I used Common Sense Ointment.

Tuesday Nov. 30 � It snowed a good bit last night & today. No more husking for a long time. I just put a fresh poultice on Dep's leg. It is getting better. Swelling is going down but it is a very sore leg. F.M. went to town this morning & is not back yet 10 P.M.

Wednesday Dec. 1, 1886 � Today was cold & clear. Ther. 10 below. Louis was to town & brought 808 lbs. of S. coal. Belle was with him. F.M. came home with them. J. Yount was here this evening.

Thursday Dec. 2 � Louis was to W. & brought 1060 lbs. of coal from O.D. Smith at $4.80 per cwt. F.M. was home all day making pictures. John Yount came for Louis this evening. They went over to H. DeCous.

Friday Dec. 3 � Frank & Belle were to W. today with George & Kit. They had a runaway but no one was hurt & not much damage. Louis & I fixed the east crib tight to house the calfs. We put in two this evening.

Saturday Dec. 4 � F.M. went to town early with the sorrels. Louis & I fixed up the small bobs. He went over to H. DeCous & brought two gal. vinegar, 20c. a gal. Louis & some of the neighbor boys went down to L. Clarks to a Lyceum this evening.

Sunday Dec. 5 � Louis was to S.S. H. Burkholder was here & helped to do the chores then Louis went with him over to the Center school house to a Prayer meeting.

Monday Dec. 6 � This was the first day of the winter term of school. Louis took the girls to school with the sleigh. We cleaned out the horse stable, calf & hog pens. I made & put in a sash with eight window lights, in the stable door in south side. F.M. made pictures.

Tuesday Dec. 7 - Louis & I husked 12 rows of corn. After choring this evening L. & I went over to N, Donaldson for his turkeys. Frank & Belle went to town this afternoon & are not home yet, 10 � P.M.

Wednesday Dec. 8 - It was very thick & heavy frost this morning. Louis sorted beans until noon. after dinner Louis & Frank with one team husked eleven rows of corn until 4:15. I made& put in a window in the east side of the barn north end. Chas. Davis was here this afternoon.

Thursday Dec. 9 - Louis & Lew Edson husked 23 rows today. F.M. was to town. I chored and attended Dep. Her leg is worse again. This was a fine day.

Friday Dec. 10 - Louis & Lew Edson husked all day, 24 rows. F.M. was to town a horse back. I poulticed Dep's leg today. Louis & the girls went with J. Yount to Burkholders to a surprise party.

Saturday Dec. 11 - It rained near all day & is still raining 9 P.M., still the boys & Lew Edson husked all day. It was late when they went out this morning & early when they came in this evening. F. M. & Belle were to town today. Dep is improving very slow. I gave Dep's leg a good washing today & still poulticing.

Sunday Dec. 12 - It snowed some today. Louie was to S. S. The rest of us staid home I am still poulticing Dep's leg. Lew Edson came this evening.

Monday Dec. 13 - Louis & Lew Edson finished our husking at half past two o'clock P.M. Louis paid Lew 75c. for husking today. F.M. went away this morning and does not expect get back before Friday.

Tuesday Dec. 14 - It rained some this morning. The girls did not go to school, it then cleared off and got cold. Belle went away this evening. F.M. was here this afternoon awhile then he went to town again.

Wednesday Dec. 15 - Louis & I were to town today with Kit & George. The roads are very rough. Austin Lowrey was here this evening to get Louis to husk for them but Louis has a bad cold & better take care of himself.

Thursday Dec. 16 - Louis & I took 3 hogs, 1190 lbs. at $3.65, $43.43. J. R. Burkholder got them. I paid F.M. Hoyer in full to date, 2 � cents a bu. for husking corn. Frank DeCou & H. Farlow, the teacher, were here this evening.

Friday Dec. 17 - Louis got medicine from Dr. Edwards. He has a bad cold. We worked at fixing up around & attended Dep.

Saturday Dec. 18 - Louis & I sorted our apples as some were roting & pared & boild the specked ones. Dep's leg opened at another place. It is a month since she was kicked.

Sunday Dec. 19 - Louis & Millie were to S. S. F.M. came home last evening. He took a ride down to Bousteads. Chas. Nichols was here to get us to haul corn for him tomorrow, C. J. Tuttle was here a while today & H. Burkholder is here this evening & Nellie DeCou. Louis & Herbert went skating down on our pond this evening.

Monday Dec. 20 - Louis hauled a load (44 bus.) of corn for Nichols to Dunlap. We still owe him another load to haul. F.M. made pictures all day. I chored and attended to Dep the colt.

Tuesday Dec. 21 � Louis husked corn for Mr. Damery all day. Frank was to town and brought Belle along home with him. I churned butter & chored. and attended Dep. Wednesday Dec. 22 - Louis husked corn all day for Mr. Damery. I chored & attended to Dep. She is getting better.

Thursday Dec. 23 - Louis husked until noon for Mr. Damery. I chored. Frank was to town every day except Mon., but came home evenings. Frank DeCou is here this evening.

Friday Dec. 24 - Louis was to town today. F.M. cam home late a foot, Louis came home too early for him.

Saturday Dec. 25 � It snowed a good bit last night. Geo. Reiff & his family came in the sleigh. Frank DeCou & sister came. All staid to dinner. Burkholder children came in the evening. They & the DeCous staid later. The day was fine.

Sunday Dec. 26 - It snowed near all day. There was no S.S. Geo. Reiff was here to fetch Minnie who stayed last night. I did not poultice Dep this evening as it was too cold, 16 below.

Monday Dec. 27 - Frank & Louis were to town. Dep is geting better. I chored. J. Yount &. Lew Edson were here this evening, Frank got a banjo, $22.00.

Tuesday Dec. 28 -Frank & Louis were down in the timber guning. Belle was with them and visited at home while they were hunting. They got two rabbits. Louis was over to Burkholders this evening & came home late.

Wednesday Dec. 29 - Frank was to town & Louis was over to school house to see Frank DeCou. I was down to Tuttles & Kirkhams.

Thursday Dec. 30 - Frank was guning this morning & got two rabbits. This afternoon he & Belle was to town. Louis & I carried straw to the hogs & to the horses & calfs & cleaned out the stables. This evening Louis & the girls & Herbert .Burkholder & Lew DeJean went down to the Lyceum at our school house.

Friday Dec. 31 - This was a cold windy day. Our straw stack blew over while Louis was milking this morning & covered three cows. He had to dig two out. Louis & Frank went to town this afternoon. I left the cloth from off Dep's leg today for the first time since she was kicked. I hope she will get all right again.

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