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      Aaron D Hoyer Diary

Originally transcribed by Jessie Burkholder Peckenpaugh
preserving the original spellings and punctuation.
Transcribed for the Harrison County Iowa USGenWeb
by his descendant John Burkholder (email napagrappa@yahoo.com).

Further Reference: Aaron Hoyer Biography -- Hoyer family -- Hoyer house

This page covers 1882 -- Index for each Year -- Next Page: 1883

Sunday Jan. 1, 1882 - We all except Marm went to S. S. The boys & I were at Dan DeJeans.

Monday Jan. 2 - Frank went to Dunlap to see a shooting match. I went to Woodbine & sold 200 bus. of corn to Frank Butler at 43c per bu. I got the Bay horses shod behind.

Tuesday Jan. 3 - Frank took me to W. & then hauled two loads of corn to Woodbine to F. Butler. I went to Logan as a Grand Juror.

Wednesday Jan. 4 - Frank took one load & Louis took two loads of corn to F. Butler.

Thursday Jan. 5 - Frank took two loads of corn to Butler. The last of the 200 bus. sold to him. Louis went to school. Deuel was here this evening.

Friday Jan. 6 - Frank went guning & got five rabbits & helped Marm.

Saturday Jan. 7 - Frank chored around and in the evening went to Woodbine & brought me home from the train. It was very muddy & dark this evening.

Sunday Jan. 8 - All but Marm went to S. S. I stopped in at Dan DeJeans awhile. Mr. Pitts & family were there, also Linna, Dan's sister.

Monday Jan. 9 - Frank & I hauled hay in the stable & then went to Woodbine & settled with F. Butler and he paid me $87.75 for 201 & 55/ bus. corn. I then paid KibIer & Co. sixty, dollars on acct. I got my watch for which I paid $1.65. I bought a saw handle.

Tuesday Jan. 10 - It snowed last night & all day & is still snowing, 8 o'clock, P.M. Chas. Norris was here near all day & took dinner with us. The boys went to Norris's this evening.

Wednesday Jan. 11 - Frank Lyman, his wife, C. T. Norris & I went to Harlan with Lyman's team & Norris & I put up at the City Hotel, charges $2.00 a day.

Thursday Jan. 12 -We left Harlan at one o'clock P.M. Come by the Colony Westphalia. I arrived home 7 P.M. I bought a pair of shoes for Marm. It is snowing now 9 P.M. Star aborted.

Friday Jan. 13 - I went to Dunlap with C. T. Norris. I paid Wettengil $2.90 of single-trees & drawing knife. I also paid $50.25 for a draft to be sent East for the interest on Mortgage.

Saturday Jan. 14 - Louis & I went to Woodbine. I paid Kibler & Winter in full to date. Louis got a pair of boots at $4.50.

Sunday Jan. 15 - Bill Norris was here this morning. We all went to S. S. except Marm. I was over to Deuels to supper this evening. -

Monday Jan. 16 - Frank & I went to Woodbine. I sent a P. 0. order for $2.00 for Iowa Homestead & Dorrs Premium seed package and Manual for 1882.

Tuesday Jan. 17 - It was very cold today. We done nothing. I was over to Deuels & brought 2 doz. eggs.

Wednesday Jan. 18 - Frank & I helped Norris kill 3 hogs & I helped to make a lot of sausage, we also helped Frank Lyman kill a cow. It is 10 o'clock when I get home.

Thursday Jan. 19 - We killed 3 hogs. Mr. Norris & Will helped us. I paid Lyman $8.50 for a - of beef. We made sausage.

Friday Jan. 20 - We rendered lard and made head cheese. We all worked all day until 10 - P.M. The boys went skating this evening. Mr. McCoubrey was here this evening until after 10 P.M.

Saturday Jan. 21 - I went to Woodbine this morning with J. Norris. This evening I salted our pork and some pieces of beef for smoking.

Sunday Jan. 22 - Bertie, Frank & I were in S. S. Louis was over to Mortons to see him about a young thoroughbred bull.

Monday Jan. 23 - Frank brought 1/2 cord oak wood. I helped Marm cut the tallow, render it & churned butter.

Tuesday Jan. 24 - Frank brought 1/2 cord oak wood. I was down to Norris to dinner. C. Norris cut our pigs, 8. We stayed to supper. Will came up after supper. we then played Ucher til 10 P.M.

Wednesday Jan. 25 - Frank brought 1/2 cord hicory wood. I took some meat & sausage up to G. E. Reiff. I helped Marm & cut wood this evening.

Thursday Jan. 26 - It rained this morning then snowed. We done nothing. Deuel & Hooks were here this evening.

Friday Jan. 27 - Frank & I went to Woodbine. This was a fine day.

Saturday Jan. 28 - It was very cold today. Louis & I went over to Mortons to see if we could buy a bull but Morton was not home.

Sunday Jan. 29 - The girls & I were in S. S. C. T. Norris & Will was here late.

Monday Jan. 30 - Frank & Will Norris each hauled two loads of wheat, 121 & 30/60 bus. to Dally's Mill, I sold at $1.25 per bu., $151.37. I pickled the meat today

Tuesday Jan. 31 - Frank brought 1/2 cord hicory wood & got horses sharpened. Louis & I brought Bull from Mortons. We gave $40.00 for him. Bull was calved Feb. 25th 1881. Thoroughbred.

Wednesday Feb. 1, 1882 - Frank brought 1/2 cord hicory wood. I helped Marm wash & pickled the rest of the beef. Deuel & Will Norris was here this evening.

Thursday Feb. 2 - Frank & Will Norris each brought two - cords of oak wood. I rode Flora to Woodbine & got $91.37 out of the bank on Dall's check for wheat.

Friday Feb. 3 - I bought Deuel's colt Topsy for $130.00. Mr. & Mrs. spent the day with us. Today was very fine.

Saturday Feb. 4 - Frank & I went to Woodbine. Marm & I signed a new Deed for Mr. J. B. Lowrey as the first one was not properly acknowledged. It was for the W. 1/2 of N.W. 1/4 of Sec. 9, which we sold him in 1878.

Sunday Feb. 5 - The girls & I went to S. School, we stopped at D. DeJeans after S. S. This evening Mr. Norris & family & Mrs. Frank Lyman & baby were here and visited until late. Deuel & Hooks came home late last night from Defiance.

Monday Feb. 6 - I went with Mr. Lowrey to Logan & paid my taxes $31.30. Louis & Austin came to W. with Lowery's team for us. Frank took a wagon to Norris & helped load it with furniture.

Tuesday Feb. 7 - Frank left this morning at 4 o'clock to take a load of furniture to Soldier in Monona County for C.T. Norris. I helped Marm & made a work bench.

Wednesday Feb. 8 - Frank did not get back tonight. I made a bench for the kitchen. I also made a work bench & sewed on the machine for Marm.

Thursday Feb. 9 - Marm & I washed today. Frank came home at 5 P.M. I was down at DeJesns & McCoubreys & loaned a bar of soap of the latter.

Friday Feb. 10 - Marm & I quilted a quilt & I churned butter, choped wood & chored around. We got a letter from Cousin Ferd. Marm's share $500.00 - $175.46. Children's share $400.00 - $140.37.

Saturday Feb. 11 - Marm, the girls & I were up to Dunlap to get information in regard to the guardian for the children for their legacy. Frank went to Woodbine. Mrs. Dea. Chapman is getting along well.

Sunday Feb. 12 - Marm , the girls & I went to visit Damerys & took dinner there. I and the girls went to S. S.

Monday Feb. 13 - I went to Dunlap early this morning for to get a bond & petition to send to court at Logan to have me appointed Guardian for the children's legacy of J. Mertz's estate. J. A. Nay is surety. I & Frank then went to Woodbine. Deuel went along.

Tuesday Feb. 14 - Mr. Deuel & I went to Defiance with our Bay team & Simpson buggy. Frank chopped wood.

Wednesday Feb. 15 - We left Defiance 3 P. M., arrived at Dunlap at dark. I received & fixed up the papers for the legacys with Mr. Phillips. Came home 10 o' clock P.M. Frank cut wood. Mr. Damery was here today.

Thursday Feb. 16 - Mr. Deuel & Frank hooked up Topsy & took the buggy home. I wrote to Ferd Krieg & went to Woodbine to mail the papers. Frank cut wood.

Friday Feb. 17 - Frank & I cut wood and put hay in the barn. I was over at Deuels & Damerys. I churned.

Saturday Feb. 18 - I went to Woodbine. Marm bought a cow from Mr. Deuel for $36.00. It rained today and thundered this afternoon.

Sunday Feb. 19 - The girls & I were in S. S. I was over to Deuels to supper & he came over with me. It is very cold tonight & cloudy.

Monday Feb. 20 - It snowed all day & is still snowing 3 P. M. I quilted a quilt on the machine today.

Tuesday Feb. 21 - It is very cold with a good bi t of snow on the ground. We sewed calico together for another quilt & got it ready to quilt. Eugene Pitts & Dan DeJean was here today and stayed to dinner.

Wednesday Feb. 22 - This was a pretty fair day. We finished another quilt today. This makes two this week. Frank cut a little wood today.

Thursday Feb. 23 - Frank & I went to Woodbine. I subscribed for the I. S. Register for G. E. Reiff, L. L. Deuel & myself & I sifted 11 bus. seed wheat.

Friday Feb. 24 - I sifted seed wheat. Frank cut a little wood. Frank & I hitched up Topsy & drove up to Geo. De. Jeans.

Saturday Feb. 25 - Will Norris stayed with us overnight & this morning & his father came from Frank Lyman, where he stayed all night. They came after their seed wheat & potatoes. Frank & I went to W. but I went back again this evening to exchange a pair of rubber boots that were to large for Louis.

Sunday Feb. 26 - This was a fine day but very muddy. None of us went to S. S. today. Marm wrote a letter to Susan Balthasar.

Monday Feb. 27 - I went to Woodbine and received a draft for $203.85 from Wanner & Zieber, being the childrens & Marms share of John Mertz's Estate. Frank cut wood today. Deuel was here this -evening & wants to buy his cow back again.

Tuesday Feb. 28 - Frank & I cut wood. In the evening I went down to see G. L. Chapman. He Moved back on his farm. I then stopped at Dan DeJeans on my way home. I sold the cow back again to Deuel at the same price.

Wednesday Mar. 1, 1882 - Frank cut wood & I fixed a box to smoke our meat. I then went over to Nortons to pay for seed wheat but he can not let me have any. I stopped at Geo. De Jeans on my way home. Frank went to Deuels this evening.

Thursday Mar. 2 - I went to Woodbine & paid Farnsworth $15.00, Lathrop & Co. $8.60, Musgrave $1.00. Frank smoked beef. I subscribed for the Demorest Fashion Paper.

Friday Mar. 3 - Mr. Deuel & I went to Dunlap. I ordered a planter seat & a pair of scrapers & axel for R. Cuthwater. Frank smoked beef. Deuel & J. Donaldson were here this evening.

Saturday Mar. 4 - Frank went to W. for the mail. Louis piled wood. I put the seeder together. After dinner we all three piled up wood .

Sunday Mar. 5 - The boys, girls & I were down to S. S. We all stayed home the rest of the day.

Monday Mar. 6 - We churned butter, then I and Frank went to Woodbine & exchanged 15 bus. of our wheat for 15 bus. Sea Island wheat with Mathews & Kling. I went to the school meeting this evening. We elected J. S. McCoubrey School Director for this sub-district.

Tuesday Mar. 7 - I went to Mathew Hall's sale, everything sold very high, especially horses & cattle. Frank helped Marm to wash and he smoked the beef. The Reiffs, Deuel, Hooks, Chapman & others were at the sale. Horses brought from $82.00 to $182.00, a prize thoroughbred bull, $195.00.

Wednesday Mar. 8 - Frank & I hitched Topsy and drove to Geo. DeJeans to get the harness that I bought from Eugene Pitts but we did not get them. We then filled the barn with hay. I sieved some seed wheat. We smoked beef.

Thursday Mar. 9 - I went up to see H. Reiff's calf. Him & I then went with Geo. over to D. Simpsons sale. I bought nothing.

Friday Mar. 10 - Frank & I went to the timber & brought 40 posts. I was up to G. DeJeans, got my saws, paid 75c & paid Mrs. E. Pitts $2.00 for a horse collar. Topsy kicked three pales or pickets off from the Deacon's fence.

Saturday Mar. 11 - Frank, Louis & I went to the timber with two of our teams but we got only 20 posts, so Frank went to Woodbine with one team. I sieved seed wheat.

Sunday Mar. 12 - The girls & I were to S. S. Louis was over to McMillens & I was down to Giles & at the Deacons. This was a fine day.

Monday Mar. 13 - Frank hauled manure on the garden. I fixed the granary where Frank broke it. This afternoon he & I hauled hay off from the meadow that was spoiled in the cock last fall. Giles C. was here this evening. Frank was to W. this evening.

Tuesday Mar. 14 - Frank & Louis brought two loads of posts (70) from Farnsworth timber. I exchanged wagons with G. Reiff to haul corn tomorrow for G. Chapman. I finished sieving seed wheat.

Wednesday Mar. 15 - Frank & I took a load of corn (96 bus.) to Dunlap for G. Chapman. I staid to supper. Frank went home at 5 P.M.

Thursday Mar. 16 - Frank & I each took a load of corn (92 bus.) to Dunlap for G. Chapman. Mr. Waitly was here from Dunlap & took dinner with us. I then took Reiff's wagon home & brought ours home. Frank & Louis were out guning for ducks or geese but got nothing.

Friday Mar. 17 - I fixed the fence that Topsy kicked the pickets off, we then sowed 8 acres to wheat. Frank was to Woodbine in the forenoon. 8 acres 1 3/4 bus. per A. Sea Island wheat sown.

Saturday Mar. 18 - We sowed 14 acres of wheat which finished our wheat sowing for this spring. We have to harrow it once more. I made a block for the stalk cutter. We hung up our pork to dry off for smoking. 14 acres 1 1/2 bus. per A., Osaka wheat sown, 22 acres in all.

Sunday Mar. 19 - We all staid at home today. It rained some this afternoon & evening. Chas. Tuttle was here awhile this evening.

Monday Mar.20 - It rained a little today & then got cold and very windy. Mr. Eccleston helped us castrate our large boar.

Tuesday Mar. 21 - It is cold & very windy today, could not harrow. I made two blocks for the stalk cutter. I was up to J. Tuttles awhile today.

Wednesday Mar. 22 - Frank &: Louis brought each a load of posts (72) from Farnsworth timber. I went to Woodbine with C. Tuttle and this evening Frank & I drove Topsy over to Mortons. I was over to Deuels tonight.

Thursday Mar. 23 - The boys harrowed the wheat. I went to Woodbine a horseback on Topsy. Mr. J. R. Burkholder was here to see a cow I want to sell. Beauty dropped a steer calf, roan.

Friday Mar. 24 - Mr. Damery was here to dinner, then Frank the girls & I went to Woodbine. I was down to McCoubreys, he was not at home.

Saturday Mar. 25 - Frank & I went to Woodbine & brought plank to make hog trough & horse trough. I cut two acres of stalks.

Sunday Mar. 26 - It rained near all day so we all stayed at home.

Monday Mar. 27 - The boys hauled manure out. Mr. Deuel was here & insured our house, horses, cattle & Granary against wind storm, tornadoes & cyclones. I was down at Evans this evening.

Tuesday Mar. 28 - The boys hauled out manure & I cut stalks. This was a fine day.

Wednesday Mar. 29 - I made two troughs out of two inch planks, then took our meat to Evans to smoke. Went to Mill & Woodbine. The boys shot two Mallet ducks.

Thursday Mar. 30 - r cut stalks all day. The boys washed. We cut stalks 1 1/2 hours with Topsy. Frank & I brought Deuel's calf this evening.

Friday Mar. 31 - Frank cut stalks until noon. Louis cut all afternoon. I made a quilt and churned butter. This evening Frank & I took the wagon down to the Deacon to load it with corn.

Saturday April 1, 1882 - The boys plowed all day with the walking plow. I took 47 & 10 / bus. corn to Dunlap for Deacon Chapman at 3c per bu. ($1.41). I ordered 1000 Cottonwood trees to plant this spring, through Dr. Satterlee of Dunlap. Mr. Deuel went along with me to Dunlap.

Sunday April 2 - I was over to Damerys. Went to S. S. with Frank & the girls. Frank & I drove Topsy down to Evans but they were not at home.

Monday April 3 - It rained some but the boys plowed some & cut a few rounds of stalks. I set posts to divide the hog yard to keep the hogs separate. The wind blew very hard all day.

Tuesday April 4 - Marm & I went to Council Bluffs to Dr. Lieber. Marm stayed. Louis plowed all day. Frank went to Woodbine twice.

Wednesday April 5 - I came & stayed in Woodbine last night. It rained all this afternoon. Frank & Louis plowed until noon with two teams.

Thursday April 6 - Frank & I brought some Plum trees & Cottonwood cuttings. I planted 15 plum trees & 22 Cottonwood cuttings. Frank & Louis both plowed, each with a team all afternoon. It cleared off nice this afternoon. Lowery's bull is here this evening & he was with our cows all day.

Friday April 7 - .Frank & I sowed oats and harrowed them in, sowed about five acres .Louis worked at the house. Lowrey brought his bull this morning.

Saturday April 8 - It rained heavy last night. Frank took me to Woodbine. I went to Council Bluffs. Dr. Lieber got a paralytic stroke on Friday morning.

Sunday April 9 - I stayed at the Doctors with Marm. Dave Cox was there also.

Monday April 10 - Cox & I left C. Bluffs this morning. Frank plowed all day with the sulky plow. Louis baked bread & worked in the house all day.

Tuesday April 11 - Frank & I brought some Box Elder & Silver Maple trees & this afternoon I set them all out around the house. Louis plowed & Frank cut stalks this afternoon. It was cold all day. We had a heavy frost this morning & I think tomorrow will be another.

Wednesday April 12 - Frank cut stalks, Louis plowed and I walked to W. for the mail.

Thursday April 13 - Frank cut stalks, Louis plowed and & made a fence & gate in the hog lot. I went to Woodbine with C. Tuttle. I paid Farnsworth $18.00 for fence posts.

Friday April 14 - Frank cut stalks & Louis plowed with the sulky. I measured off the land to break the line straight on the east side of the meadow. Mr. Damery & J. Reiff were here this evening.

Saturday April 15 - I cut stalks until noon and Frank plowed til 2 P.M. We then went to W. I went to the Bluffs.

Sunday April 16 - I came home at 9 P. M. The girls were in S. S. Marm is improving.

Monday April 17 - I & Mr. Lowrey burned our meadows In the afternoon I sprouted potatoes. The boys both plowed .

Tuesday April 18 - I sprouted potatoes until noon, the boys plowed. I took 8 bus. potatoes to W. Sold them at $1.50 per bu. Frank sprouted potatoes & Louis plowed in the afternoon. I received seven dollars on acct., of potatoes, which leaves five dollars to be paid by Mr. Belden, the butcher.

Wednesday April 19 - It rained this morning. The Deacon was here to dinner. Frank plowed this afternoon. Louis washed and sprouted potatoes. Deuel & his hired man were here last evening.

Thursday April 20 - Louis baked this morning. Frank plowed all day and Louis plowed this afternoon. I sprouted potatoes and this evening I helped Deuel to clean out his well.

Friday April 21 - Frank finished cutting stalks after dinner. Louis plowed until noon. I took the sulky plow to Jones & exchanged it for another as the first would not scour. I bought a three section reversible harrow from Jones for $17.00. Frank plowed with the walking plow this afternoon. It rained this evening after I got home.

Saturday April 22 - It rained near all day today. I planted four Box Elder trees that took up where I want to make a stack yard.

Sunday April 23 - I swept the rooms this morning. I went to S.S. and meeting. Geo. Chauncy was here to supper.

Monday April 24 - Louis baked and brought Marm & Lucy from the train at W. I then went to Dunlap for 1000 cottonwood trees I ordered from Dr. Saterlee. I had the loan of the Deacons buggy.

Tuesday April 25 - Frank & Louis plowed all day and I and the little girls planted Cottonwood trees and helped to wash. Mr. Deuel brought two loads (41 bus.) of corn at 55c per bu., $22.55. He had no money to pay for it just now. It is raining this evening.

Wednesday April 26 - Frank plowed until dinner and Louis plowed all day. Ferd & family came this evening. I brought them from the depot. Mr. Damery's mare is very sick.

Thursday April 27 - Frank & Louis plowed all day. Ferdinand & I staked off the line for the pasture fence & we cut potatoes for planting.

Friday April 28 - Louis plowed until noon which finished the plowing. Frank, Ferd & the boys & I planted an acre of potatoes. We all then went to Woodbine& stopped at Evans on our way home and brought our meat home.

Saturday April 29 - The boys all went down to the river fishing and caught a fine mess of fish. Ferd & I was up to see Geo. Reiff & to Mr. Tuttles for butter. Mr. Damery had a horse from us today. One of his was very sick but is better again.

Sunday April 30 - Ferd, Frank, the girls & I went to S.S. G.E. Reiff spent part of the evening with us. We drank two bottles of very good champagne that Ferd brought with them. H.J. Reiff came this evening to ask for the loan of the stalk cutter.

Monday May 1, 1882 - Marm & I went with Ferd & family. Marm went to the doctor & I went with them to Omaha & helped them in the cars & went to the Bluffs. The Doctor & I went out to get a glass of beer.

Tuesday May 2 - I said last night with Marm at the Doctors, came home about two o'clock P.M. I cleaned house some & got supper & done some of the chores. I am tired.

Wednesday May 3 - Frank & Louis harrowed corn ground until 5 P.M. I went to Mill & Town. Took 4 bus. potatoes. Got $5.00 for them. Spotty dropped calf last night, May 2nd.

Thursday May 4 - Frank & I marked with two teams. It rained at 5 P.M. pretty hard so we quit early. A sow got a litter of pigs this evening. C. Tuttle finished planting.

Friday May 5 - Frank & I finished marking between the rain showers as it rained off & on all day. C. Tuttle was here a while this evening.

Saturday May 6 - Frank & Louis commenced 10 A.M to plant corn. Frank driving, Louis dropped. I was too sick to do much of anything.

Sunday May 7 - I laid up in bed near all day, too sick to be up. It was a dreary day. Showery off & on all day.

Monday May 8 - I am still unable to do much. The boys went to planting at 8 o'clock, a little late to start but they planted all day. It rained a little today. I was up to J. Tuttles, took his jar home. I stopped on the way home to see G. Reiff's check rower work.

Tuesday May 9 - The boys planted corn all day. I drove a stake for each post hole around the pasture. James Hannah promised to come this morning to dig post holes but he did not come. Mr. Damery was here this evening. He asked for a horse & planter. He wants one of us to drop for him.

Wednesday May 10 - The boys planted corn all day. I dug 50 post holes today in five hours. Mr. Damery had our sheller today to shell his seed corn. I sold - bu. potatoes to Mr. Sales for 75c.

Thursday May 11 - The boys finished planting corn at 10 A.M. Frank & I then put in three posts & fixed the fence at the hog lot. Frank & I finished digging post holes for the pasture, 132 post holes. Mr. Damery got our planter.

Friday May 12 - It rained this morning. I & Frank hauled out the posts. This evening I went to W. & brought 377 lbs. wire at 9 - c. Louis baked bread.

Saturday May 13 - Frank & I set the rest of the posts, then J. Hannah came to set posts for us, so he stayed and helped Frank& I put on the wire. We finished the new fence at 6 P.M., then Frank cooked supper & I made a gate to the cows in & out of the pasture. Louis harrowed about - of a day. J. Hannah is going to stay all night.

Sunday May 14 - The boys went fishing, got 3 doz. good fish. Mr. Sales got another - bu. potatoes, got 50c. Mr. Damery's mare is sick again. J. Hannah went home this evening.

Monday May 15 - Frank harrowed all day. Louis & I fixed the north fence & put another wire on the east fence. Mr. Damery brought the horse & planter home, he had the planter & horse for three days.

Tuesday May 16 - Frank worked on the road with sorrel team. Louis harrowed all day. I made bird boxes and chored around.

Wednesday May 17 - Louis harrowed until 5 P.M., which finished harrowing. Frank tried the breaking plow but it would not work. I went to W. with C. Tuttle & got a road petition and got a number of Woodbine merchants to sign it but some of the neighbors did not sign it.

Thursday May 18 - It rained all day so we could do nothing. Mr. G.L. Chapman, Mr. C. Tuttle, McCoubrey, W. Sales & Geo. Chauncy were here. We all talked about the road a good deal & finally Mr. McCoubrey agreed to sign a consent Petition for the road if we would give him a hundred dollars & help to build his fence & Mr. Deuel promised to give him the right of way to the creek to water stock.

Friday May 19 - Frank & I each took a load (13 head) of hogs, 2750 lbs., at $6.70 per cwt., $184.25, then Frank took the breaker in to get fixed but had to come home without it.

Saturday May 20 - I sprouted potatoes. Frank & I plowed between the trees. Louis looked for the lost heifer but did not find her. I went to Council Bluffs to see Marm. We got the breaker sharpened & fixed.

Sunday May 21 - Mr. Deuel was here. Marm is getting better. I came home at 8 - P.M.

Monday May 22 - Frank done some breaking. I went to see Mr. McCoubrey with a consent petition. He wanted us to give him the money & the right of way to water before he would sign the petition. Deuel & I offered to sign a paper agreeing not to use the petition if he did not get the right to water. He would not do it so we came away. We put a stack of hay in the barn. Louis churned butter & washed.

Tuesday May 23 - Frank broke prairie all day. Louis ironed and hunted squirrels. I fixed a fence wire that was broke. I & C. Tuttle was over to I. DeCou.

Wednesday May 24 - It rained until afternoon. Frank & I went to W., got a lay sharpened. C. Tuttle was over to see the Deacon. He would not sign the petition.

Thursday May 25 - I was over to see Morton this morning. Frank broke until noon. Him & I went to W. to get a new lay for the breaker. Sold a load of corn to Dally at the Mill, 21 & 40/ bus. at 60c per bu., $12.95. This was a fine day.

Friday May 26 - I.A. DeCou & I went to Logan with a petition for a road between here & His house, him & I sign a bond to secure the payment of the costs. Frank took the breaker & got a new lay made for it. It rained near all day.

Saturday May 27 - Frank broke from 10 - A.M. to 7 P.M. It rained this morning. Louis churned butter & worked around the house. I chored & worked around the barn. Frost this morning.

Sunday May 28 - I went to the Bluffs to see how Marm is. I walked to Woodbine. Frank & Deuel came to the depot for me. M. is improving.

Monday May 29 - Louis broke all day. Frank plowed & him & I planted beans & sweet corn. Deuel was here this morning & Harris Eccleston was here this evening.

Tuesday May 30 - Frank Broke all day. Louis baked bread & worked around the house. I was over to see r. Deuel & looked through our corn which is a very thin stand. Harris Eccleston was here this evening.

Wednesday May 31 - Frank broke all day. Louis planted popcorn. I did not do much.

Thursday June 1, 1882 - Frank finished breaking at 10 - A.M. After dinner he went fishing. Louis & I washed & L. planted some corn over. I cleaned house. It is raining this evening. Frost this morning.

Friday June 2 - It rained all day and it rained very heavy last evening so that it washed out a good bit of corn.

Saturday June 3 - Frank & Louis planted corn over with hoes. Mr. Eccleston was here & cut a calf for us. I cleaned the house and washed some towels & stockings. We went to the Mill. I paid with corn for the meal (45 lbs.), I got a few weeks ago. Also got flour for wheat.

Sunday June 4 - I went to the Bluffs last evening, came home this evening. Marm is getting along fine & improving. The Doctor went up to Dakota to look after his lands.

Monday June 5 - Frank commenced to cultivate corn but it is very small yet. Louis planted with the hoe. I worked in the house.

Tuesday June 6 - Frank cultivated all day. Louis baked bread & rode Topsy to hunt for our lost heifer but did not find her. I planted beans. I was to C. Tuttles this evening. Eccleston brought a cow over for servicing. Fan & Beauty same.

Wednesday June 7 - It was pretty cool this morning, I think there was a little frost. Louis cultivated with the walking c. & Frank went to W. to get an eye made that fastens the shovel to the riding cultivator. Both boys cultivated this afternoon.

Thursday June 8 - Frank & Louis both cultivated all day. I cleaned out the stable & fixed the north window in the barn, churned butter.

Friday June 9 - Boys cultivated all day. I went to W. with Damery & Deuel to see about the road. I received a letter & service for the land holder adjoining proposed new road.

Saturday June 10 - It rained all day so the boys did not cultivate today. I went to W. with Chas. Tuttle & sent the notice back signed by all requested to sign.

Sunday June 11 - I stayed home all day. Louis was over to McMillens.

Monday June 12 - The boys cultivated all day. I made a door in the south end of the barn & shelled corn, cleaned out the stable.

Tuesday June 13 - The boys cultivated all day, finished the first time through. It was showery all day but not as to stop work.

Wednesday June 14 - Louis & Frank worked in the garden & planted beans over, that washed out. Louis baked bread.

Thursday June 15 - Frank & I went to W. & got the cultivators sharpened. I bought a 260 lb, sow & (13) thirteen pigs, the whole weight being 480 lbs., paid $54.60, $15.60 for sow, $39.00 for 13 pigs, from Wm. Mathis. I got an organ box in the bargain. Sent a letter to Castle Garden N.Y. for a girl.

Friday June 16 - Frank was out hunting for the heifer that is lost but did not see or hear anything of her, guess she is gone for good. I made a hog shade, Louis washed & tried to churn butter but got none.

Saturday June 17 - G.E. Reiff had a cow here & was served by our bull. Frank & I went to W. today but Marm did not come from Council Bluffs as we expected today. Frank cultivated the young trees.

Sunday June 18 - Mr. Deuel & G. Chauncy were here to dinner. The little girls were in S.S.

Monday June 19 - Frank commenced cultivating this morning for the second time through. Louis broke his cultivator so he had to go to Woodbine. He commenced at noon. I worked in the house & chored around. I think there was a frost in the bottoms this morning as it was real cold.

Tuesday June 20 - It rained until near noon. The boys & G. Chauncey went after our lost calf down to John halls but they could not get her. Hall thought they better bring a wagon.

Wednesday June 21 - I churned butter this morning, I then went to the train for Marm & brought her home. Frank cultivated all day. Louis broke his cultivator so he had to go to W. again to get it fixed. Marm came home, we saw Chas. Haughawait at the Woodbine depot.

Thursday June 22 - It rained this morning. The boys cultivated all afternoon.

Friday June 23 - The boys cultivated until 9 - A.M. when it rained fearful. They tried to cultivate but it was too wet. James Monroe was here to buy 100 bus. corn.

Saturday June 24 - The boys cultivated all day. I worked around the house all day & in the evening I went to Woodbine for the mail. Today was very warm.

Sunday June 25 - The girls & I went to S.S. I paid 25 c. towards S.S. journals.

Monday June 26 - The boys cultivated all day. I churned butter, then went to W. & also down to L. Jefferson's to see about a girl. Frank sold 8 bus. corn at 60c., $4.80.

Tuesday June 27 - Frank & Louis cultivated until 11 A.M., which finished for the second time. I baked bread.

Wednesday June 28 - It rained very heavy during the night & washed a good bit all around. I mowed weeds around the house.

Thursday June 29 - It rained this morning again, so we cannot cultivate. I washed & Frank worked in the garden.

Friday June 30 - I cleaned house & shaked the carpet. The boys plowed corn this afternoon. Commenced to lay it by. C. Tuttle brought a letter from Wm. Bridegam, Reading.

Saturday July 1 - The boys cultivated all day. I worked in the house at the sewing machine.

Sunday July 2 - I & Millie went to S.S. In the evening I went up to see Geo. DeJean. He was not at home. I then went to see Geo. Reiff & stopped there until 9 P.M.

Monday July 3 - The boys cultivated until 4 P.M., then the boys & I went to W.

Tuesday July 4 - Frank & Louis went to Woodbine to the celebration, horseback. The rest of us staid home. It was very cool all day. Got the first letter from Ferd in Oregon.

Wednesday July 5 - Frank & Louis cultivated corn all day. I fixed up the horse stalls with clay. I was up to Geo. DeJean to get him to help fix up the harvester.

Thursday July 6 - The boys cultivated about 1 - hours then it rained so they had to stop, they then cultivated about 4 hours in the evening.

Friday July 7 - The boys cultivated all day & finished laying by. I swept the house & chored around, then rode Topsy to Woodbine.

Saturday July 8 - We took two loads (14) hogs, 2525 lbs. at $7.25 per cwt., $184.06.Sent Bridegam 50c. for the stove plate. I was up at Geo. DeJeans.

Sunday July 9 - It rained this morning until near noon. I was at home all day. This evening I went up to Geo. DeJean again. Mr. Deuel was here today.

Monday July 10 - Frank cultivated beans & trees. I went to Dunlap with Geo. DeJean & came home with G.L. Chapman. Louis washed & churned butter. I sent draft to N.Y. for the interest $50.00.

Tuesday July 11 - Frank worked on the road 6 hours. It rained a couple of hours today. C Sales fetched 50 bus. of Dan Howorth's corn. I sawed out strips doe H. reel. G.L. Chapman got 13 lbs. bacon at 17c. per lb.

Wednesday July 12 - It rained a little last night. Our bull got over in Lowrey's pasture last night. Frank & I worked on the road until noon. Frank worked 2 hours in afternoon. Louis ironed the wash.

Thursday July 13 - Geo. DeJean helped to put the Harvester together but he did not make the reel. It was very cool today & it rained a little today. I made a gate.

Friday July 14 - I & Frank mowed around the house. This afternoon I went to Dunlap with G. DeJean.

Saturday July 15 - It rained last night and considerable today. I got an attack of the plurisy but am better this evening.

Sunday July 16 - I & Geo. DeJean was to see Mr. Colton & got a reel pole & a pully & 6 sickle knives for the harvester. We stopped at John Halls & staid to dinner. We eat plenty of cherries & raspberries & currants.

Monday July 17 - It rained all forenoon. I worked at the reel of harvester. I sold 6 bus of corn at 65c. a bu. Chas. Sales brought the balance of Howorths corn, 25 bus. Louis churned butter. It cleared off nice this afternoon.

Tuesday July 18 - I finished the Harvester. Louis washed. I rode over to Hunts & to Taylors to see about getting a girl, could get none. I was to Woodbine.

Wednesday July 19 - We mowed weeds around the house & at the edge of the wheat. Frank & I put the machinery away in the shed. Louis & Marm did the ironing this afternoon.

Thursday July 20 - Frank & I went to Woodbine. I made an awning for the Harvester.

Friday July 21 - I cleaned in the house and cut grass & weeds. I was up to Reiffs. Mrs. Reiff is better but Geo. is sick with bilious fever. Mrs. C. Tuttle was here.

Saturday July 22 - I went East to see after a girl. Stopped at Mortons, did not go further. I churned butter this morning.

Sunday July 23 - The boys & girls went to Campbells grove to a S.S. Convention. I staid with Marm. I trimmed or pruned the trees around the house today.

Monday July 24 - I fixed the wash board & made a cloth for the Harvester. Wm. Burkholder got 5 bus. corn at 65c per bu. We cut around our Sea Island wheat but it is too green.

Tuesday July 25 - Frank, C. Tuttle & I went to Woodbine. We also went over to L. Whites to see some heifers (Grades), some of them are nice ones. Sorrel Bill caught his foot in the wire fence & cut it very bad. The girls were over at Wm. Burkholders.

Wednesday July 26 - We cut our Sea Island wheat today, about 8 acres. Geo. Chauncy & Chas. Tuttle bound it & Frank shocked. Louis worked in the house.

Thursday July 27 - It rained near all forenoon. I made a doubletree, then I went to town & bought a 5/8 bit. Damery was here to get me to cut his wheat but I cannot do it. Mr. Malone asked me to cut his wheat. He said he would give me $2.00 an acre to cut & bind it.

Friday July 28 - I fixed the Harvester. I then went to W. & bought a suit at Kiblers, $14.00, coat, vest & pants, $12.00, hat, $2.00. It rained a little this morning.

Saturday July 29 - Marm & I were going to C. Bluffs but it rained a little all day. Frank & I went to town. I got a suit, hat & suspenders. $10.00. I took the other suit back.

Sunday July 30 - The boys, Bertie & I went to S.S., the the boys went over to tell Geo. Chauncy to come to bind for us.

Monday July 31 - We cut wheat all day. C. Tuttle & Geo. Chauncy bound & Frank shocked & Louis helped in the house. We sold 14 bus. corn at 65c. per bu., $9.10.

Tuesday Aug. 1, 1882 - We finished cutting wheat at noon, then broke the Harvester. We fixed it and started cutting oats at 3 - P.M. This was a fine day.

Wednesday Aug. 2 - We finished cutting oats at noon. We worked 3 - days at our harvest this season. I & Frank went to W. and got a cwt. of flour. G. Chauncy went to town too.

Thursday Aug. 3 - Marm & I went to Council Bluffs to Dr. Lieber. I went out to a B. Ball game between U.P & C.B.

Friday Aug. 4 - It rained today but we came home this evening. Dr. Lieber presented me with a nice snuff box.

Saturday Aug. 5 - It rained a little again today. We put the Harvester away. I sold Dan Howorth 15 bus. of corn at 65c. per bu. Chas. Sales brought it and said he would pay for it next Sat. Frank looked for a stacker but did not get one.

Sunday Aug. 6 - All but Marm went to S.S. I was up to see Geo. Reiff He is getting much better. He paid me for the corn. Giles & wife & Mrs. Burkholder & Mr. Damery were here this evening.

Monday Aug. 7 - We washed today. Frank & I went to town. We went to see C. Tuttle & were caught in the rain. It rained very hard. Stopped at Tuttles until it stopped. I paid C. Tuttle $2.00 on acct. of binding.

Tuesday Aug. 8 - I mended harness and this afternoon I worked at the wagon. Frank had to go to town for two boards as I did not have enough.

Wednesday Aug. 9 - I went to see about a thresher. I then finished the wagon box. I was down to Tuttles & G.L. Chapman.

Thursday Aug. 10 - We commenced stacking this morning. Wm. Burkholder stacked, Sam Nash & Chas. Tuttle pitched. Frank loaded. They made 5 stacks. I mowed the weeds front of the house.

Friday Aug. 11 - We finished stacking our grain this evening at 7 o'clock. G. DeJean was here to get one of us to help to thresh for him tomorrow.

Saturday Aug. 12 - Frank went to help G. DeJean thresh, but the threshers did not come so Frank came home. Geo. Reiff got 23 bus. corn at 65c. per bu. Frank, Wm. Burkholder & I went to W. I paid Burkholder $4.00 for two days stacking & S. Nash $2.00 for pitching to stack.

Sunday Aug. 13 - We all except Marm went to S.S. Chas. Sales was here and paid $9.75 for 15 bus. corn for D. Howorth.

Monday Aug. 14 - We threshed 157 bus. wheat this afternoon. Ben Percell threshed. G. Reiff, Wm. Burkholder & others helped. May Burkholder came this morning to work for us at $2.00 per week.

Tuesday Aug. 15 - We finished threshing at 3 - PM., 267 bus. wheat and 207 bus. oats. Paid $19.50 for threshing & $5.75for hired help.I went to W. this evening, Can sell wheat at 75c. per bu. now.

Wednesday Aug. 16 - Frank & I each took a load of wheat to Dally Mill, Frank & Louis helped Burkholder to thresh and I took another load of wheat this afternoon.

Thursday Aug. 17 - We too three more load of wheat, 203 - bus, at 75c per bu, $152.65. I then paid my bill at Kiblers & Co. $103.79, in full to date.

Friday Aug. 18 - The boys hauled manure out. This evening they went gunning with Harris Eccleston.

Saturday Aug. 19 - Missing

Sunday Aug. 20 - Bertie & Louis were to S.S. Frank was over to Davis boys. I was over to Deuels. Jim Hannah was here to dinner.

Monday Aug.21 - I cut grass all day. The boys raked & bunched some of it this evening. Mr. Eccleston was here to see if he could get about 8 loads of hay. It looked for rain this evening. May went to Woodbine this evening.

Tuesday Aug. 22 - I cut grass all day. The boys, Mr. Eccleston & Harris with two teams hauled up twelve loads.

Wednesday Aug. 23 - I cut grass all day. Some was too green to haul up so they had to wait until near noon, then they hauled up 11 loads, then raked & bunched up a lot. Mr. McGavern & Mr. Stoker, Board of Supervisors are here to supper & overnight. It rained quite smart this evening after we came from work.

Thursday Aug. 24 - It rained some last night so we could do nothing this forenoon. Mr. Eccleston & the boys with two teams hauled up hay & finished a stack. I sold Wm. Burkholder 5 bus. wheat at 75c. per bu. & he took 3 bus. along to the mill for me. I raked this evening all I had mowed, the boys bunched it.

Friday Aug. 25 - Mr. Eccleston, Harris, Frank & Louis hauled up a stack of hay. I mowed until 11 A.M., then raked & bunched this afternoon. Wm. Burkholder brought our flour & bran.

Saturday Aug. 26 - Mr. Eccleston, Harris & the boys put another stack, making 45 small loads on the four stacks. I went to Woodbine this evening and brought a new saddle.

Sunday Aug. 27 - I was over to Deuels. L.L. Deuels father came last Fri. He is a pleasant old gentleman. The girls, Louis & I were down to S.S. It was very warm last three days, 99 in the shade.

Monday Aug. 28 - We finished haying this 5 P.M. Hauled up 48 small loads or jags of hay.

Tuesday Aug. 29 - I went to Logan. Frank took me to the depot. Louis was guning this afternoon. The boys hauled hay for Mr. Eccleston with our team.

Wednesday Aug. 30 - Louis began to fall plow 10 A.M. Frank was to see J. Tuttle & got the loan of his plow. He plowed a little this evening.

Thursday Aug. 31 - The boys went to town & took A.P. Lathrop nine bus. corn at 65c. & got plows sharpened.

Friday Sept. 1, 1882 - The boys plowed all day. I came home from Lathrop at 9 P.M., rode out as far as Collins with Walter Collins & walked home from there. Frank brought a saddle home he bought from Lathrop for eleven & a half dollars, $11.50.

Saturday Sept. 2 - Louis plowed all day & Frank plowed until noon & then went to town. The girls went with him. It rained a little this evening.

Sunday Sept. 3 - We were all down to S.S. We stopped at C. Tuttles with G. Reiff & family. I was also at Deuels.

Monday Sept. 4 - Frank took me to Woodbine. I rode to Logan with H. DeCou in his buggy. Louis plowed all day & Frank - a day.

Tuesday Sept. 5 - The boys pulled beans & went for plums & grapes, then went up to Dunlap to a game of baseball. Came home at 6 - P.M.

Wednesday Sept 6 - The boys plowed until noon. Frank pulled bean & Louis plowed in the afternoon. The Board of Supervisors put off their decision on the Hoyer Road to tomorrow.

Thursday Sept. 7 - Louis plowed all day and Frank plowed until noon & pulled beans in the afternoon. The road damages was raised from $250.00 to $300.00.

Friday Sept. 8 - I came home this morning. Walked from W. where I stayed overnight at Hotel. Louis plowed until 4 P.M. Frank plowed until noon then pulled the rest of the beans. . The boys went with Sam Nash gunning, they shot nothing.

Saturday Sept. 9 - The boys gathered beans & I went to Dunlap. I rode as far as Gilchrist in his buggy.

Sunday Sept. 10 - The girls were in S.S. The boys went for plums but got none. I was over to Damerys & Deuels.

Monday Sept. 11 - The boys threshed beans. I looked after the road business. I eat supper at Bert DeCous. He gave me two heads of cabbage & two melons.

Tuesday Sept. 12 - I went down to John Hall to see Mr. Deuel about the road business. The boys went to Woodbine. Got a barrel of salt & some groceries.

Wednesday Sept. 13 - The boys threshed out the rest of the beans. They then went gunning. I went to Woodbine & Geo. Kibler & I went around to the business men & got a subscription of about ninety dollars toward paying the damages on the Hoyer road.

Thursday Sept. 14 - I went over to se O.A. DeCou, then I went to Woodbine & collected all the money we wanted & went to Logan & paid the Damages & costs amounting to $317.80. Frank took me in and brought me back. Mr. McCoubrey has 20 days from the action of the board to appeal from their decision on the Hoyer Road.

Friday Sept. 15 - We dug a hole & moved the privy on it which makes a good one. The boys went gunning this evening. I settled our hay work with Mr. Eccleston. He owes me $2.00 on the settlement.

Saturday Sept. 16 - We done nothing today. Frank & I went to Woodbine on horseback. Settled with Wm. Burkholder, we called it even on the threshing work.

Sunday Sept. 17 - The girls were to S.S. I visited near all day ay Wm. Burkholders. Frank took a ride with Topsy.

Monday Sept. 18 - Frank worked for A. DeCou at haying. Louis & I brought grapes from the Piccayune and then we fixed the gate in front of Deuels & snapped a row of corn to make a rode out to Deuels.

Tuesday Sept. 19 - We helped to boil jelly this forenoon & this afternoon we, Marm, Millie & I went to Woodbine. Marm got a pair of shoes & a new hat.

Wednesday Sept 20 - Louis helped to wash and he churned butter. Frank & I set posts to make a fence around the trees I planted last spring. Mr. Wailley was here this evening to sell a self heating flat iron.

Thursday Sept. 21 - We put some of the wire on but did not have enough wire so Frank & I went to W. but we could not get any wire. Mr. Deuel went to town with us. Charlie Tuttle dug a well for Mr. Damery today & struck water at 8 ft. deep & they think they have plenty of water.

Friday Sept. 22 - Mr. Graves & Mr. Chapen, a nursery man, was here. I ordered Catalpas, apples & cherries to amt. to $15.00. We went to town, got 400 Ft. boards & then we went to Deuels to a birthday party.

Saturday Sept. 23 - The boys & I commenced to build a cow stable. This afternoon Frank went to Woodbine & brought a load of boards & then snapped a row of corn for feed.

Sunday Sept. 24 - Marm, the girls & I made a visit to G.L. Chapmans. The girls were in S.S. The boys were at home.

Monday Sept. 25 - The boys & I worked at the cow shed all day. Mr. Deuel was here awhile. We ate together two melons.

Tuesday Sept. 26 - We finished the cow shed at noon. The boys & I went to Woodbine to see the Base Ball match between the Logan & Woodbine Clubs. I wrote to Ferd about the note of Mertz estate.

Wednesday Sept. 27 - We gathered potatoes today but did not quite plow them all out, have three rows yet. It is raining this evening. S. Nash is here this evening.

Thursday Sept. 28 - We finished picking our potatoes I went to Woodbine & sent a P.O. Money Order of $23.12 to Hawkeye Ins. Co., premium on policy.

Friday Sept. 29 - Frank & Louis each brought - cord of wood from Farnsworth timber. I went to Dunlap.

Saturday Sept. 30 - Frank & I went to Woodbine & brought 43 Cedar posts & then the boys went to the timber & got a small sack full of Hazelnuts.

Sunday Oct. 1 1882 - Mr. Deuel & Sam Nash were here last evening. Louis & I went over to see a boar pig at Mortons. We stopped at Geo. DeJeans and saw a couple of nice ones there. I paid George my road tax. May Burkholder went home to go to school.

Monday Oct. 2 - I was over to Deuels and got a basket full of green tomatoes. The boys brought two sacks of Hazelnuts. I put on some fence wire.

Tuesday Oct. 3 - Louis & I washed this forenoon & Louis plowed this afternoon. Frank helped Mr. Deuel gather potatoes. I cleaned out the stables. Wednesday Oct. 4 - Louis plowed all day. I shelled all the white corn. Frank worked with the team for Mr. Deuel hauling potatoes, they finished today.

Thursday Oct. 5 - It rained heavy this morning so the boys did not go to the M. Valley Fair. Frank & I went to Woodbine. Louis plowed from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. Got board for cow shed roof.

Friday Oct. 6 - The boys went to the Mo. Valley Fair. I took a load (24 45/60 bus.) potatoes at 20c. per bu., to Lew Bond at Woodbine. I stopped until the train come, for the boys. It rained heavy on the way home.

Saturday Oct. 7 - Frank plowed all day & Louis helped in the house. I went to L. Whites sale of grade heifers. There were only three sold & some calves.

Sunday Oct. 8 - Marm & I staid at home all day. The boys & girls went to S.S.

Monday Oct. 9 - The boys plowed with two teams. I churned butter & washed. I went to see Geo. DeJean about our new road.

Tuesday Oct. 10 - The boys plowed all day & I boiled jelly & worked at the house. Deuel, Burkholder & G. Reiff were here this evening.

Wednesday Oct. 11 - Frank & I each took a load of potatoes to Woodbine, 47 Bus at 20c per bu. Louis plowed a couple of hours this afternoon. I went over to Isaac DeCou & stopped at the Deacons & Giles Chapman, also at McCoubrey & Chas. Tuttles to get them to sign a petition for a bridge across the crick on the Hoyer Road. McCoubrey did not sign it.

Thursday Oct. 12 - It rained last night& some this morning. This afternoon the boys went up to Geo. Reiffs to thresh but it was too wet, so Louis plowed and Frank & I finished the cow shed roof. I gave one of the calves some burned bone dust for the scours.

Friday Oct. 13 - The boys helped, with a team, Geo. Reiff to thresh. I commenced at a calf pen & Marm went visiting to Tuttles. Geo. DeJean was here this evening.

Saturday Oct. 14 - The boys helped G. Reiff finish threshing. I worked at the calf shed until noon. I then took potatoes to town and brought 163 ft. lumber ($7.26) for calf shed.

Sunday Oct. 15 - Frank & the girls went to S.S. I went over to Deuels & got my hair cut. It rained all day at intervals.

Monday Oct.16 - Louis finished plowing. I worked at calf shed & went to town for nails. This afternoon the boys husked popcorn.

Tuesday Oct. 17 - The boys husked a load of corn for feed & some popcorn. I finished the calf shed & then Marm & I went up to Geo. Reiffs. Him, his man & I staked off the line between our farms to put up a line fence.

Wednesday Oct. 18 - The boys & I made a fence around the hay stacks & a yard with the shed in it for the cattle. We then at noon went up and set posts to make a fence between Geo. Reiffs & our farm. Mr. & Mrs. Lowery saw two deer in their corn, they run east over the plowing.

Thursday Oct. 19 - The boys & I finished setting posts for the Division fence between Reiff & us. Mr. Lowrey & family & a Miss Dewey were here visiting this evening.

Friday Oct. 20 - We washed this morning & this afternoon Frank & I went to Woodbine & sold our corn at 50c. a bushel, so & had to run all the neighborhood for help to shell tomorrow. Isaac DeCou was here last evening.

Saturday Oct. 21 - We commenced to shell our corn at 9 A.M. and finished at 5 P.M. Geo. Chapman, Wm. Burkholder, C. Tuttle, L. Eccleston, Lowrey & Damery hauled corn to town. The Fergesson Bros. shelled it. May Burkholder helped in the kitchen.

Sunday Oct. 22 - Marm, Louis & the girls were to S.S. Mr. Geo. Mathews was here. I went over to see if Mr. Damery would haul a load of corn tomorrow. I staid at Deuels to supper.

Monday Oct. 23 - Mr. Damery, Geo. Reiff & Frank each took a load of corn, the last which makes 97.9 bus. at 50c. per bu. I went around and settled with the men that hauled & shelled our corn.

Tuesday Oct. 24 - Louis & I went to see come cows down near Logan but they did not suit us, so we came home without them. Frank did nothing all day.

Wednesday Oct. 25 - The boys & I went to Dunlap for the trees I ordered from W.E. Chapin of Des Moines.

Thursday Oct. 26 - Frank husked all day & I & Louis fixed up the old corn crib, fixed the horse stalls & put dirt around the house.

Friday Oct. 27 - Frank husked all day. Louis & I fixed up the other two cribs & done chores this evening. Mrs. C. Tuttle was here sewing.

Saturday Oct. 28 - The boys husked a load of corn. They then went off to W. Marm & the girls went along. I went to Dunlap for a book for Bertie. I bought 12 heads of cabbage 3c. Louis shot a coon.

Sunday Oct 29 - Louis & the girls were to S.S. Frank was over to Deuels. I staid at home with Marm.

Monday Oct. 30 - The boys husked all day. I worked at the hog yard fence & helped in the house. I washed a small wash. I am making a new fence on the west side of the hog lot. Commenced to crib corn today.

Tuesday Oct. 31 - The boys husked all day. I worked at the hog lot fence & chored around. Marm was down to Chas Tuttles this afternoon. The weather is very fine now.

Wednesday Nov. 1, 1882 - The boys husked all day. I finished the fence on the west side of the hog lot. I was going to town but when I got as far as Kinneys I saw that the mare, Topsy, was sick so I came home. Wm. Burkholder gave her some medicine. She seems to be all right this evening.

Thursday Nov. 2 - The boys husked all day. I went to W., brought some beef & fixed a gate at the hog lot fence. I sold the cow Star to Zephich, one of the butchers at Woodbine, for $40.00. I received five dollars on acct. & Mon. when he takes her away, I am to have the rest $35.00. Mrs. Tuttle was here sewing for Marm. Topsy is all right again. I rode her to town.

Friday Nov. 3 - The boys husked all day. I helped them three hours & helped Marm in the house& done the chores.

Saturday Nov. 4 - The boys each husked part of a load, then it rained until night. I went to W. for the mail. The boys went gunning & shot one duck. I was down to Tuttles for Millie's coat, Bertie's was done yesterday.

Sunday Nov. 5 - The girls were up to G.E. Reiffs & P. Markham was here to dinner. None of the family were to S.S.

Monday Nov 6 - The boys husked all day. I went over to W. on horseback for Coal Oil. Mr. Zephich took the cow Star away today & paid the bal. on her.

Tuesday Nov. 7 - The boys husked all day. I went over to vote & done chores.

Wednesday Nov. 8 - The boys husked all day. The day was very fine.

Thursday Nov. 9 - The boys husked all day and Marm went over to C. Tuttles to fit her coat.

Friday Nov. 10 - The boys tried husking this morning but it was too wet. It cleared off nice & the boys husked all afternoon. I went up to see Geo. Reiff about a boar he wants to trade on ours. I swept every room in the house. I churned butter.

Saturday Nov. 11 - It rained near all day so no husking was done. Geo. Reiff & I traded boars. I gave him two dollars to boot.

Sunday Nov. 12 - The girls were to S.S. Frank was over to Deuels. It snowed a good bit today. It is cold.

Monday Nov 13 - The boys husked all day. I went to Logan to see the Board of supervisors about a bridge across the Picayunne on the Hoyer Road.

Tuesday Nov. 14 - Louis husked al day. Frank husked until noon. His wrists was so lame he could not husk. We killed a pig this afternoon.

Wednesday Nov. 15 - The boys husked all day. I husked about four hours today. Marm was down to see Mrs. Tuttle. A fine day.

Thursday Nov. 16 - The boys husked all day. I washed, churned butter and done chores. Fine day.

Friday Nov. 17 - The boys husked all day. Marm & I went to W. this afternoon with the Bay team. I bought a suit and overcoat & two barrels of apples. It snowed a little all day & damp.

Saturday Nov. 18 - The boys husked all day & I went to Dunlap for Gin for medicine for Marm. The bridge in P. Valley is unsafe& cannot be used. Fine day. E. Farnsworth brought A.P. Lathrop's cow here as I spoke to L. about buying her.

Sunday Nov. 19 - The girls were to S.S. Marm & I were over to Deuels visiting. C. Sales was here to buy a fat hog & A.P. Lathrop was here to see after his cow, but we could not agree as to the price, so he will send for her tomorrow or the day after. He wanted $38.00 for her and I would not give more than $35.00 for her & the calf.

Monday Nov. 20 - The boys husked all day. I helped Louis this afternoon to get out early. We then cleaned out the stove pipe & chimney.

Tuesday Nov. 21 - The boys husked all day. I helped Louis a couple of hours. I then went to town and told Lathrop to take his cow away as she is very breachy, cannot keep her without tieing her up.

Wednesday Nov. 22 - The boys husked all day. I helped Louis a couple of hours. I.A. DeCou was here and bought our two year old steer for $35.00. Mr. Deuel was here for some camphor & whiskey for Burkholder as Mrs. B. is very sick. Mrs. Burkholder took sick very sudent with flooding.

Thursday Nov. 23 - The boys husked all day. I helped a couple of hours. Mrs. Tuttle was here this afternoon but Charley brought her soon. Isaac DeCou bought and fetched a two year old steer for $35.00.

Friday Nov. 24 - (missing)

Saturday Nov. 25 - Louis husked all day. Frank & I husked until three o'clock then went to W. and brought lumber, $4.82 worth. Harris Eccleston was here this evening.

Sunday Nov. 26 - The girls were to S.S. I was to see Mr. Eccleston, he is near blind, he suffers a great deal of pain in his eyes. Frank was down to see him.

Monday Nov. 27 - The boys husked all day. It snowed a good bit this afternoon.

Tuesday Nov. 28 - The boys husked all day. It snowed all day. Was ugly to husk. Mr. Deuel bought a ton of hay from me today and took a little along for present feed. Dr. Coyles was here today. I paid him in full.

Wednesday Nov. 29 - The boys husked all day. I went to town, took pants back that did not fit.

Thursday Nov. 30 - The boys husked all day. Flora got sick. F. brought her home. Burkholder & C. Tuttle was here. She soon got better but this evening she was cut bad in the foreleg.

Friday Dec. 1, 1882 - The boys husked all day. I helped frank - day to break in Topsy. Flora seems to be getting better. We were afraid she would bleed to death as I think a vein was cut off. Marm was down to Tuttles this afternoon. Bertie came home from school with a severe headache.

Saturday Dec. 2 - The boys husked all day. I fixed a place to put corn on the ground. Flora seems to be getting better, but she seems to have great pain. All the cribs are full now.

Sunday Dec. 3 - Millie went to S.S. Bertie did not feel well. Louis & I went to W. for gargling oil for Flora. I left my pocketbook lay in the Drug Store.

Monday Dec. 4 - I went to W. this morning early, a foot, to look after my money. Dr. Wood picked it up and gave it to me in Lathrop's harness shop. I wanted to give him something but he would have nothing. The boys husked all day. I sent Ferd $1.50 Post Office money order for $150.00.

Tuesday Dec. 5 - The boys husked all day. I helped a few hours. Gem, our bull, went away this afternoon or evening. We do not know where he went to. Flora is getting better. It was cloudy all day & cold. It looks for snow.

Wednesday Dec. 6 - The boys husked about two hours this morning which finished our corn for this year. It snowed & blowed all day. I made a pair of chore mittens. Gem was up at Lowreys. Mr. Deuel & his brother was here today & stayed to dinner.

Thursday Dec. 7 - I went to W. with Geo. Reiff to get wire for our division fence. I came home with Deuel. J. Monroe was here today. The boys were down to see Mr. Eccleston. They shot a rabbit. The thermometer stood at 19 below zero this morning.

Friday Dec. 8 - The boys, Geo. Reiff & I put up the wire on the fence between Reiffs & our farm. I churned butter this evening. It was clear & cold. Geo. Reiff has about 12 acres to husk yet. Queen took the B. today.

Saturday Dec. 9 - Frank & I went to Dunlap & on our way home G.L. Chapman called on us, he got his knee out of joint. Frank tied off the horses to the fence & while we were with Giles the horses broke loose& trotted off, they did not go far before the sorrel broke his left hind leg so we had to kill him. It snowed fast all afternoon.

Sunday Dec. 10 - I went down to see Giles. His leg is very painful. I staid there to supper. After supper Sam Nash & I with Giles grey team dragged our dead horse out in G. Chapman's field east of Mt. Pisca.

Monday Dec. 11 - The boys filled the barn with hay. I washed, then Frank & I went to Woodbine. I paid Mathews & Kling's bill in full.

Tuesday Dec. 12 - Louis & I tightened the cow yard fence. Killed & skinned the pups. I taned them. I hung the weather door today. Frank husked 50 bus. corn for Mr. Deuel.

Wednesday Dec. 13 - The boys were gunning & got 7 rabbits & a chicken. I went to W. for Frank's rubber boots.

Thursday Dec. 14 - Frank husked 50 bus. corn for Mr. Deuel. I made a box to carry cobs in the house & helped Marm. Louis was guning & done the chores.

Friday Dec. 15 - Frank & Louis went guning until noon& then they husked 25 bus. corn for Mr. Deuel. I made a pair of chore mittens.

Saturday Dec. 16 - Frank & Louis went to Woodbine. I sit around the house & helped to do the housework & I churned butter.

Sunday Dec. 17 - Frank & Bertie were to S.S. I staid at home all day.

Monday Dec. 18 - Frank & Louis husked 100 bus. corn for Mr. Deuel. I was over to Burkholders & got 2 doz. Eggs.

Tuesday Dec. 19 - Frank & Louis husked 50 bus. corn for Mr. Deuel. It was soft, damp & foggy today.

Wednesday Dec. 20 - It snowed last night & is snowing yet, 8 P.M. I was down to C.J. Tuttles this afternoon.

Thursday Dec. 21 - It snowed a little today. I was over to Damerys & Deuels, C. Tuttles & Chapmans. C. Tuttle got some straw. I helped him to get it. Giles is getting better.

Friday Dec. 22 - I went to W. with C. Tuttle & came home with Frank. He came in with the sled. Deuel & his brother went to Logan.

Saturday Dec. 23 - Frank & I took 4 hogs, wt. 1590 lbs., at 5 -, $83.47. I was down to C.J. Tuttles this evening. Frank got two rabbits. I left $100.00 at Kiblers on deposit. Payable on demand.

Sunday Dec. 24 - Frank & the girls were down to S.S. Frank & I were down to Giles this evening. Snowed all day.

Monday Dec. 25 - The boys were guning this forenoon. The boys & I were over to Deuels this evening. A hog was smothered to death today.

Tuesday Dec.26 - The boys were guning, got nothing. I was down to C.J. Tuttles.

Wednesday Dec. 27 - Frank, Deuel, Eddie, Damery & I were to W. I bought lumber for a closet & I paid Lathrop & Co. in full to date.

Thursday Dec. 28 - Last evening we all went up to Ecclestons to a surprise party. We came home this morning at 2 - o'clock. L.L. Deuel & Ed Deuel & our boys went guning, they got 7 rabbits. Our boys got four. I went with I.A. DeCou & Geo. DeJean to M. Kinney to sign DeJeans bond as Road Supervisor. The bond being for two hundred dollars, signed by I.A. DeCou & A.D. Hoyer as sureties.

Friday Dec. 29 - Frank was home all day. Louis & I went to W. Marm was over to see how Mrs. Burkholder is geting. I got $50.00 of the money I left on deposit Dec. 23, 1882 from S. Winter at Kiblers

Saturday Dec. 30 - Frank & I went to Dunlap. Ed Deuel went with us. I paid in the Dunlap bank $50.35, to send a draft to Seneca Falls for the Interest (on Bond), due Feb. 1, 1883. I got some pieces of plank from A.D. Jones for to make a sled. We brought a couple of barrels & some salt for G.L. Chapman.

Sunday Dec. 31 - The boys & Bertha were to S.S. I was over to Deuels this evening. He paid me $37.55 in full to date.

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