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      Aaron D Hoyer Diary

Originally transcribed by Jessie Burkholder Peckenpaugh
preserving the original spellings and punctuation.
Transcribed for the Harrison County Iowa USGenWeb
by his descendant John Burkholder (email napagrappa@yahoo.com).

Further Reference: Aaron Hoyer Biography -- Hoyer family -- Hoyer house

This page covers 1881 -- Index for each Year -- Next Page: 1882

Saturday Jan. 1, 1881 - I went to W. to see Dr. Lieber but he did not come to Mr. Damery & I went with me to W. I got the horses sharpened & bought a log chain. Louis & Frank went guning & shot five rabbits. Mr. Deuel & Geo. Towne were with them. They got four rabbits making nine in all between them. The boys went over to Deuels to spend the evening. Geo. Towne is staying there tonight.

Sunday Jan. 2 - I was up to thee Deacons, Eccleston & wife & Giles & wife were there. I & Marm was at Hooks for supper. Ross Hooks, Geo. Umphabaugh & their wives were there also.

Monday Jan. 3 - Frank took a load of corn, 25 bus. to town (W.). Mr. McCoubrey loaned our wood-rack. I was sick all day & last night with sick: headache.

Tuesday Jan. 4 - Frank hauled two loads of corn to Woodbine. I loaded the wagons.

Wednesday Jan. 5 - I went to Woodbine to see Dr. Lieber and paid him forty dollars which is in full to date. It rained a little last night & today it snowed all day and is drifting very much so we can not haul corn for some time. J. Hooks went with me as far as Spencers. Mr. Spencer brought the Doctor to his house to see Mrs. Hooks.

Thursday Jan. 6 - I washed today & made three hog scrapers

Friday Jan. 7 - Frank & I went to W. Mr .Deuel went with us. We took nine bus. wheat to the Mill (Dally's) , but could not get any flour so took the wheat to town & sold it at 73c. per bu., $6.81. I bought one hundred lbs. of flour .for $2.90.

Saturday Jan. 8 - It snowed last night again. I went up to Geo. DeJeans. Him & Dan went to Dunlap with a load of corn. I stopped at Giles & the Deacons. Giles was gone to Kellog's daughter's funeral.

Sunday Jan. 9 - It snowed again last night. I went down to Coltons & spent the afternoon & took supper with them. It is very cold this evening.

Monday Jan. 10 - I sit at home all day. Frank went out guning & got three rabbits.

Tuesday Jan. 11 - I sit at home all day. It is too cold to go any where.

Wednesday Jan. 12 - Marm & I went to W., saw the Doctor, got Marm' s note. He gave Marm a bottle of medicine and I a bottle of whiskey.

Thursday Jan. 13 - It is still very cold. I mended & faced with leather, a pair of mittens. Giles was here all afternoon.

Friday Jan. 14 - It is still very cold. Frank & I went up to Deacon Chapmans and bought a boar for seven dollars. The deacon gave us an old sled that lay in his yard. Frank & I took supper there.

Saturday Jan. 15 - The boys & I went down to the Deacons & brought the boar & sled but did not pay for him. The boys then went guning and brought home two chickens & one rabbit. I worked awhile on sled.

Sunday Jan. 16 - I was over to Deuels & Damerys this afternoon & this evening Mr. Deuel was over to see us and stayed late.

Monday Jan. 17 - We cleaned out the chimney stove pipe and the stove which was closed up so that the fire would not burn. This afternoon Mr. Deuel & I went down to Collins and brought two saplings to fix up the sled we got from the Deacon.

Tuesday Jan. 18 - I washed until noon, then went over to Deuels & worked on the sled. Geo. Towne was here to supper & overnight.

Wednesday Jan. 19 - Geo. Towne & I went over to Deuels & worked on the sled awhile, then Towne, Deuel & I went to Woodbine. We saw the Doctor. Deuel traded his watch for a Double barrel shotgun to Dr. Hall.

Thursday Jan. 20 - Mr. Deuel & I finished the sled but one of the runners is very bad, so much that I do not think it will do at all. I am afraid it will break the first time we hitch the horses to it.

Friday Jan. 21 - I went with Henry & Geo. Reiff to Dunlap. I loaned $57.00 from Mr. Deuel & paid for a draft at the Dunlap bank to be sent to N. Y. for interest on mortgage, due Feb. 1st ' 81, $50.30 costs & interest.

Saturday Jan. 22 - Deuel & I went to Woodbine with the sled. Then Deuel took a livery team & drove to Dunlap and brought the Doctor to his house & then to Woodbine & I waited for him, then we drove home in the evening. I had my team in T. McAdams stable all day & fed at noon for 25c.

Sunday Jan. 23 - I was down to see John Hooks poles he brought to make a sled. Mr. Deuel had Bill & Flora & the Sled to take hi girl to Woodbine. It was snowing a good bit today again and is drifting very bad.

Monday Jan. 24 - Frank & I went down in Mr. Farnsworth timber & got eight small hickory poles to make a sled for which he charged us nothing. He was very kind in making us a present of them. We had quite a time geting them home as the snow was drifted very much. We had to shovel a road at places.

Tuesday Jan. 25 - I was over at Deuels near all day, working on our new sled as he has the tools, he was working on a sled for John Hooks all day and did not get it done.

Wednesday Jan. 26 - I was over at Deuels again but did not do much. Deuel worked awhile at J. Hooks sled. Mr. & Mrs. Lowery visited and took supper but I was not at home.

Thursday Jan. 27 - I was over at Deuels but did not do much as Deuel wants to finish J. Hooks sled before does any thing on mine. I have the runners, raves & pins worked out on mine.

Friday Jan. 28 - I was over to Deuels & done considerable work on the sled. J. Hooks is done, all but the pole.

Saturday Jan. 29 - I was over to Deuels working on the sled. We finished J. Hooks. Mine needs the shoes & tongue or pole .The boys were guning, got a rabbit & two quail. The girls were up at H. Reiffs this afternoon.

Sunday Jan. 30 - I went up to DeJeans, got $4.00 from Dan on plow & $5.00 he paid to Geo. bal. on Harvester. I then stopped at the Deacons & paid him $7.00 for the boar I got from him. I stopped at J. Hooks. He gave me 4 small bolts for sled.

Monday Jan. 31 - I went over to Deuels. I took over some rabbit & quail end stewed apples for Mrs. Deuel. .One of D's cows got twin calves last night. Both froze so bad that they died. We both worked on the sled. It is done now all except the pole. The sorrel horse has a swelled sheath. I do not know what to do for him.

Tuesday Feb. 1, 1881 - I went over to Deuels, we finished the sled this morning & brought it home. The two Bill horses are still swelled in the sheath. Frank was up to H.J. Reiffs and brought some sourkraut.

Wednesday Feb. 2 - Miss Pace, Frank, Deuel & I went to W. Marm went along as far as G. E. Reiffs. We saw the Dr. I got some tea for Marm from the Dr. Paid 30c. for it.

Thursday Feb. 3 - Frank & I went to Woodbine with a load of corn. We got braces put on the sled, which cost $1.00. We then went to the timber & brought home 1/2 a cord of oakwood from Farnsworth.

Friday Feb. 4 - I took a load of corn to Woodbine & then went to Farnsworth timber and brought a half cord of wood. Frank stayed at home to help Marm to do the house work. The wind blew fearful and drifted the snow very bad.

Saturday Feb. 5 - This was the worst day we experienced since we were in Iowa, as it rained, snowed & hailed alternately the whole day & the wind blew a regular hurricane since yesterday morning.

Sunday Feb. 6 - This was another stormy day and last night it stormed, snowed, rained hailed all night and all day today. It froze to every thing, thick and heavy so that it bent our trees over so that the tops lie on the snow & ice and froze fast. I do not think they will ever straighten up again. Frank & I were over to Deuels. His trees are the same as ours.

Monday Feb. 7 - It rained last night & today until noon. It then snowed & got colder & this evening it is pretty cold. The snow thawed on the stable roof and ran into the stable. The horses stood over their hoofs in the water. We ha o bail it out with the scoop shovel. Giles was here this afternoon.

Tuesday Feb. 8 - We washed today. I washed sorrel Bill this afternoon. Frank & I went to Hooks. He was not at home. We then went down to Giles. Was there until near 10.. o ' clock.

Wednesday Feb. 9 - Marm & I went down to G. Chapmans. Deacon & wife was there. They tried the Parkhurst Sweepstake washing machine. It does work good. We had dinner and a good visit.

Thursday Feb. 10 - Today "e cleaned the cellar and two rooms. The weather is moderate & cloudy.

Friday Feb. 11 - Giles C. came up to help us butcher but it snowed & stormed so that we did not butcher. After dinner I went with Giles, & helped him, to put shoes on his sled. I stoped at Hooks & got 1 14/16 lbs. butter at 18c. per Ib., 33c.

Saturday Feb. 12 - This was a very storm day, the snow drifting very much. It blew the chicken roost full up to the roof & drifted piles along the side of the hay stacks as high as the stacks & it is drifted so much that we can not get into the stable. It covered our chickens with 4 ft. of snow & is still drifting & blowing, 9 1/2 P.M.

Sunday Feb. 13 - This was a fine day. Frank & I were over to Deuels. Frank, Louis & Mr. Deuel were guning this afternoon. The boys brought two rabbits & two quail. J. Hooks was here this evening.

Monday Feb. 14 - Mr. Deuel & I went to W. with J. Hooks. We wrote to Wingert, sister Emma & home. It snowed & stormed all day.

Tuesday Feb. 15 - Frank, Deuel & Hooks were guning today. Frank shot two rabbits. I was home all day.

Wednesday Feb. 16 - I took a load of corn to town. The road is not very good. Frank was at home cuting wood and doing chores.

Thursday Feb. 17 - I took a load of corn to W. Frank was guning. He got a chicken. It is very cloudy & warm this evening. I think we will get rain or snow,

Friday Feb. 18 - I took two loads of corn to W. J. Hooks took a load to town for me today. Lowerys & Reiffs were here today for supper as this was the last day of school for this term.

Saturday Feb. 19 - I took two loads of corn to W. today. Miss Pace went with me to town. The roads are in very bad condition on account of much snow.

Sunday Feb. 20 - l was home all day. Today was fine.

Monday Feb. 21 - Frank & I went to W. with a load of corn, then went to timber & brought a half cord of wood, then we loaded the sled with corn. Louis went guning with G. Towne. Louis shot two rabbits. Geo. shot two also.

Tuesday Feb.22 Frank & I went to W. with a load of corn which finished our contract of 400 bus. at 25c. per bu. We then went to the timber and brought � cord of wood from J. Farnsworth timber.

Wednesday Feb. 23 - I went to W. for groceries & flour. I bought some wire cloth for the bread safe.

Thursday Feb. 24 - Frank helped Deuel to chop wood down on the Picceyunne today. Colton & John Hooks with his team helped too. I would have helped too but I was sick & could not.

Friday Feb. 25 - Frank helped Deuel to cut wood today. Louis & I cut out the ice & manure in the cow shed (but we did not finish it) to drain off the water when we get a thaw as there is great quantities of snow & ice all around the stable.

Saturday Feb. 26 - I went to W. with J. Hooks. Deuel went along. I bought a pair of gum boots for myself for $2.75. The boys went hunting for rabbits and brought home two coons.

Sunday Feb. 27 - We were all home all day. H. J. Reiff & family were here & stayed to supper.

Monday Feb. 28 - We washed a large wash today and fixed a shed to put Beauty in when she calfs. Mr. Campbell, Deuel and Geo. Towne were here today. Mr. Campbell paid me $17.00 for 20 bushels of seed wheat which he will take away as soon as the roads get better to haul it.

Tuesday Mar. 1, 1881 - Frank & Louis brought � a cord of wood from Farnsworth timber. Marm & the girls & I was visiting at Coltons. Willis Towne came to Coltons to see me. He ordered eight bushels of wheat at 75c. a bu.

Wednesday Mar. 2 - Frank & I brought a load of wood from a pile that J. Williams says has three & a half cords in. I said I would take the pile. It stormed and drifted furiously.

Thursday Mar. 3 - We started for the timber this morning, did not get farther than Deuels, came home again. After dinner we left again to go to town but did not get farther than Kinney's corner, the snow was drifted as high as the fence. We then took the Bay team and went to DeJeans for some butter.

Friday Mar. 4 - This morning was very fine so Giles C. came up & helped us to butcher hogs & the weather blew up & got very stormy so we did not kill the other two hogs that we attended to kill. Mrs. C. was here too all day. I took them home with the sleigh.

Saturday Mar. 5 - Frank & I went to W. for groceries & got B. Bill shod. Mr. Deuel and Geo. Towne came home with us. They were guning but got nothing. I got a collar for B.B. from Lathrop on credit, which I can return if it does not suit.

Sunday Mar. 6 - Marm, the girls & I went visiting to Geo. DeJeans & stayed to supper.

Monday Mar. 7 - I hauled two loads of corn to W. for J. Hooks. One load I owed him for hauling one load for me. It snowed & blew hard all day.

Tuesday Mar. 8 - I & J. Hooks brought each a load of wood from Farnsworth timber. John brought a load for me in exchange for the load of corn I hauled for him. This was a very fine day.

Wednesday Mar. 9 - John Hooks & I each brought a load of wood for me & each a load of wood for him, which makes us even in exchange work.

Thursday Mar. 10 - I was going to the timber with J. Hooks to bring a load of wood for him but his sled had to be ironed so we did not go. We then started to visit Lowreys but it stormed so bad that we turned back again & stayed at home all day.

Friday March 11 - It stormed all day, raining & blowing. I did not feel well so stayed in the house all day. We pickled our hams.

Saturday Mar. 12 - It snowed & blowed all night. Frank went to W. for the mail. J. Davis bought & paid for 10 bus. of wheat, $8.50.

Sunday Mar. 13 - Beauty droped a calf: today at noon & it seemed pretty lively this eve.

Monday Mar. 14 - I washed today but could not dry the clothes as it snowed & blowed, hard all day. Geo. Towne was here this afternoon. Took dinner here.

Tuesday Mar. 15 - Frank & I with a team helped J. Hooks to move. I brought the team home and Frank stayed & helped John to fix up around he house. It snowed very fast this evening & is still snowing, 10 P. M. Mr. Rankin fetched two loads of straw today. They loaded about noon.

Wednesday Mar. 16 - Frank & I went to Woodbine, the Dr. gave me more medicine for Marm for which I Paid $3.00. Geo. Towne's mare got sick on the way to town, so he got a horse from Geo. Pugsley to take hogs he had on the sleigh to town. We brought Pugsley's horse back with us & Geo. Towne stayed in town with his sick horse.

Thursday Mar. 17 - I run the sewing machine. The boys cleaned out the stable and brought straw.

Friday Mar. 18 - I made a couple of harness hooks out of natural crooks of oak. The boys set the traps for the first time. The last three or four days, the weather was very fine. The snow is going away gradually.

Saturday Mar. 19 - Frank & I went to W. We brought a 2 x 6 to make a ladder. Frank did not get rubber boots yet. I bought Spencer's old wash machine for $1.00, but the box & the wringer is wore out. It is cold again.

Sunday Mar. 20 - This was a fine day. J. Hooks was here to dinner. He came for a load of straw.

Monday Mar. 21 - I bought an old wash machine (or rather the castings as the box was worn out) from Mr. Spencer last week. Today I made a box and fastened our wringer on it, so I think we can wash with it. Geo. Towne was here and paid for 10 bus. of wheat for Willis , his brother.

Tuesday Mar. 22 - I finished the wash machine at noon. After dinner we washed & brought a load of straw. Mr. Damery brought a load of straw.

Wednesday Mar. 23 - Frank sorted potatoes today & Louis took the fat from three skunks that Frank caught, in the traps. I fixed up the fence around the stable and cut ice.

Thursday Mar. 24 - Frank finished sorting the potatoes. There were a great many frozen. I cut ice & fixed fences around the hog yard and back of the house, where it is very muddy. The weather is warm & the snow is going fast. I churned butter.

Friday Mar. 25 - This morning it snowed fast for quite a while & then cleared off warm. I ripped a 2 x 6 piece of scantling to make a ladder.

Saturday Mar. 26 - Frank & I went to W. We got two stirring plows sharpened & Frank got a pair of rubber boots. This was a fine day. The snow is going fast.

Sunday Mar. 27 - Frank & I was over at Deuels this afternoon. Mr. Deuel was here awhile this evening.

Monday Mar. 28 - I made a ladder today. The boys choped wood. We intended to wash but it looked for rain & did sprinkle a little. The waster is rising fast from the melting snow.

Tuesday Mar. 29 - We washed a large wash today, the regular wash, two quilts & two counter- panes. I painted the ladder. Fine day. The water is very high in the valley.

Wednesday Mar. 30 - Frank & I measured off the land we intend to put into wheat. I worked at a corn marker this afternoon. Fine day. Boyer River is out of its banks. The bottoms are all under water.

Thursday Mar. 31 - Today it was very cold. Done nothing all day. This evening the thermometer was down to zero. That is very cold for this time of year. The water is very high. It took the bridge off at Dally's Mill across the race, so we can not go to Woodbine. The weather is fine but there is e great deal of snow on the fields and a great deal of corn in the fields to be husked yet. It will be very late to put in crops this spring. I do not know how we ""ill get rid of the corn stalks this spring as the stalk cutters are scarce. Every farmer seems to want to loan a stalk cutter. It is a good thing that the snow goes slow by degrees, other wise it would take away all the bridges and other property.

Friday Apr. 1, 1881 - This was a pretty fine day. Not so cold but thawed a little. H. J. Reiff was here to dinner. Mr. Damery was here this afternoon, J. Hooks brought a load of straw today.

Saturday Apr. 2 - Mr. Damery, Geo. Towne & I went to Dunlap & ordered a Moline stalk cutter, price $40.00, credit to Feb. 1st, 1882, 10% interest. Frank was to W. for the mail.

Sunday Apr. 3 - I was down to see how J. Hooks is. He fell off the wagon & hurt his hip, but is much better. I stopped at Deuels & Damerys

Monday Apr. 4 - I worked at a chicken house today but did not finish it as the lumber is very scarce. John Hooks got a load of straw today. Frank picked out some seed corn. Louis & Marm cleaned house.

Tuesday Apr. 5 - I finished the henhouse, Marm & Louis cleaned house. Frank choped wood. Deuel & Towne were here this evening.

Wednesday Apr. 6 - Marm & the girls & I visited at Lowerys. We got one doz. hens for which we paid $2.50. We brought them home this evening.

Thursday Apr. 7 - This has been e disagreeable day, raining & freezing all day. The trees are all bent over, down on the ground, on account of the ice on them. Made butter today.

Friday Apr. 8 - It snowed a good deal last night and snowed all forenoon. This was another disagreeable day. The whole country is white again. We baked today. Frank was over to Deuels this evening.

Saturday Apr. 9 - Frank & Louis went to Woodbine today. They had to go down around Jake Kiefers. There is a good deal of snow on the ground yet.

Sunday Apr. 10 - It snowed again today near all day, which makes it very disagreeable. John Hooks was here today.

Monday Apr. 11 - It snowed all day & is still snowing, 9 P.M. We all sit in the house all day reading.

Tuesday Apr. 12 - It snowed last night and until noon today. C. Morris & Dan DeJean were here and stayed to dinner.

Wednesday Apr. 13 -Today was a fine day. I changed the wringer at the wash machine. J. Hooks brought two loads of straw ( small loads ) .

Thursday Apr. 14 - This is a fine day. .The snow is melting fast. Geo. & Willis Towne were here. Willis come and got ten bushels of wheat that he bought some time ago. There is still a good deal of snow on the ground. The sleighs still run like mid-winter.

Friday Apr. 15 - Frank, Mr. Damery & I went to the Mill & from there we walked to W. Got some groceries, brought flour, bran & cornmeal. The road is very bad.

Saturday Apr. 16 . - I mixed paint & painted part of one end of the granary. The Deacon & his wife were here all day. The boys were duck hunting & brought home six ducks. The water is very high. The boys had to wade in water up to their middle down at the Piccayunne bridge in the valley.

Sunday Apr. 17 - It is cloudy for rain I think. Our calf died today at noon. Was sick only a little while. John Hooks was here to dinner, he brought our paper. I was over to Deuels awhile.

Monday Apr. 18 - We washed today. It was cloudy all day but did not rain.. Mr. Deuel & Geo. Towne was here this evening. Lowery commenced to sow wheat today.

Tuesday Apr. 19 - This was a fine day. Frank harrowed a couple of hours this afternoon. It is pretty soft yet but we must try and get our wheat in as soon as we can. Frank has taken cold of wading in the water last Sat. He has a sore throat. I put the seeder partly together. Louis helped in the house & brought some straw .

Wednesday Apr. 20 -Frank & Louis harrowed all day on the breaking for wheat but i t is very wet. I finished putting the seeder together & put up two harness hooks in the stable & helped in the house. It is cloudy.

Thursday Apr. 21 - It rained a little last night. I commenced to seed wheat at 10 A.M. Frank harrowed. I sowed 7 acres today. Chas. Morris cave Frank a rooster today. The cow could not be found this evening.

Friday Apr. 22 - I seeded all day today, 71/2 acres. Frank harrowed all day. Louis helped in the house and after dinner he burned weeds.

Saturday Apr. 23 - I seeded until 4 P.M., 7 acres, when I finished all that was plowed last fall. Frank harrowed all day. Louis helped Marm until 3 1/2 P.M., then he came and took my team & harrowed until 6 1/2 P.M.

Sunday Apr. 24 - I walked up to Lowerys, from there to H.J. Reiffs then to Tuttles, then to Deuels. I paid Lowery the 25c. I owed him.

Monday Apr. 25 - I washed. Frank & Louis planted some potatoes. After dinner Frank plowed for more wheat ground and Louis harrowed wheat in & I worked around the house & stable. I also burnt a few weeds.

Tuesday Apr. 26 - Frank plowed for wheat all day. Louis plowed 1/2 day and harrowed 1/2 day. I helped around the house & fixed a place to put the sows as they come in. I was over to see Mr. Lowery where he was at work. It looks to rain this evening. Kinney, Reiffs, & Hooks are not done picking corn yet.

Wednesday Apr. 27 - I seeded wheat all day, about 9 1/2 acres, which finishes our wheat sowing for this spring. Frank harrowed & Louis helped at the house & burned weeds in the afternoon. G.E. Reiff got our seeded this evening.

Thursday Apr. 28 - Frank & Louis dragged the wheat again south of the stable. It rained last night. Fran then commenced to plow corn on the stubble. Louis & I burned weeds after trying to rake them with the stalk rake.

Friday Apr. 29 - Frank & Louis plowed all day except for awhile in the afternoon when it rained. Peter Campbell got his seed wheat, 20 bus. It was quite cool today.

Saturday Apr. 30 - Frank & Louis plowed all day for corn. I went to Dunlap with J. Hooks, Mrs. McCoubrey & daughter went with us. I saw Dr. Howorth. He wanted to buy 80 acres of raw prairie from me, but we did not agree on the price.

Sunday May 1, 1881 - I went up to G.E. Reiff to see him about the seeder. He finished sowing his wheat last evening. He was off to bring a cow. It was showery all day but did not rain much.

Monday May 2 - I went down to Mr. Collins & brought twenty bus. of oats & seeded 18 of them on 5 acres. Frank cultivated them in between the c. rows. Louis harrowed them in. Today was very cool.

Tuesday May 3 - Frank & Louis finished the oats at 8 o'clock A.M., then went to plowing & I washed the meat & put fresh pickle on it. The boys plowed all day. It was very cool all day. School commenced today.

Wednesday May 4 - It rained last night and this morning. The boys were over to the river & shot two ducks & brought a lot of Box Elder trees. The boys plowed from 3 o'clock til 6 P.M. & I planted sixty small Box Elder trees. This evening we set two hens with 30 eggs.

Thursday May 5 - The boys plowed all day. I fixed a place to smoke meat & smoked all afternoon. We penned up two sows this evening. Geo. Reiff brought the seeder & had one of the beams of the cultivator broke at it. He owes $3.25 for the use of it. It cleared off this afternoon. Very warm.

Friday May 6 - The boys plowed until 5 1/2 P.M. when it rained. I was up to G.E. Reiffs, also at Hooks and Deuels. I washed this morning.

Saturday May 7 - Frank plowed all day. Louis until 10 A.M. I then cut stalks until 5 1/2 P.M. It then rained.

Sunday May 8 - I put a new key in the stalk cutter. Frank & I went over to Deuels this evening. Stayed until near 11 o'clock. We had a very heavy rain last night.

Monday May 9 - Fran & Louis plowed until noon. I cut stalks this afternoon. I bought a heifer from Mr. Deuel for $18.00 Paid him $15.00 on acct. We brought her home this evening.

Tuesday May 10 - Frank & Louis plowed until noon, we then planted potatoes in the afternoon. Mr. Deuel had the Bay team & cultivator in the afternoon. It rained very heavy this evening.

Wednesday May 11 - We finished planting our (one acre) potatoes at 11 o ' clock. The boys then went to plowing the rest of the day. I set a hen this noon with 15 eggs & put the planter together.

Thursday May 12 - Frank plowed all day & I cut stalks until 7: P.M. They cut bad as it rained heavy lest night. I cut 66 rows, 80 rods long from 1 o'clock til 7 1/2 P.M. J. Hooks got I 1/2 bus. of seed potatoes.

Friday May 13 - It rained hard all this forenoon & this afternoon the boys plowed. I went down to Geo. DeJeans but it was to wet to plant corn.

Saturday May 14 - Frank went to Geo. DeJeans & droped corn for him all day. Louis plowed. I was sick with a headache. At 6 P.M. I went to cutting stalks & finished at 8 o'clock.

Sunday May 15 - This was a fine day. Mr. Damery got 4 baskets full of seed corn out of our crib & took the sheller with him. D. brought back the sheller & took the planter.

Monday May 16 - Frank & Louis plowed til 4 P.M. Louis then harrowed the potatoes & Frank went to marking the corn ground. This was a fine day.

Tuesday May 17 - It rained heavy until noon. Frank & I marked this afternoon with two teams & too markers. Mr. Damery had the planter 1 1/4 days. H.J. Reiff brought it at 4 P.M.

Wednesday May 18 - It rained last night & all day today so we did nothing. G. Towne was here to dinner. He got (4) bus. seed corn at 25c. a bu. He did not pay for it. . Geo. DeJean was here all afternoon. It is still raining this evening. DeJean thinks the corn that is planted will rot in the ground.

Thursday May 19 - We done nothing until noon. This afternoon we finished marking 43 acres corn land. I was up to DeJeans this evening.

Friday May 20 - Frank plowed all day. I & Geo. DeJean went up to Jas. O'Banion & brought seed corn for which we paid 50c. per bu. It is two years old.

Saturday May 21 - Frank & I planted corn all cay, about 16 acres. Louis helped at the house and also helped us a little. Geo. Towne loaned our saddle for tomorrow.

Sunday May 22 - I was up to see Geo. Reiff this afternoon.

Monday May 23 - We planted corn all day. Louis helped Marm at the house & brought us corn when we wanted it to plant .

Tuesday May 24 - Frank & I finished planting corn on the 43 acres. Louis draged about 9 acres of the planted corn ground. The heifer, Fan, droped a calf today and died shortly after it droped. We also made some garden today.

Wednesday May 25 - Frank & Louis pIowed all day an I went with Deuel to Woodbine. Dr. Lieber was in town. I hoed Morning Glories this evening. Must hoe some more as they are thick and plenty.

Thursday May 26 - The boys plowed all day except about 1 1/2 hours that it rained. I droped corn for Deuel this afternoon about 4 hours. Chas. Morris was here for me to plant for him.

Friday May 27 - The boys plowed until 5 P.M. & I planted corn for Deuel all day & as long as we could see this evening except about 2 hours that it rained.

Saturday May 28 - I droped corn for Geo. Towne all day & Frank harrowed & plowed a half a day for him. Star droped a calf & a sow got six pigs. Louis plowed and harrowed our corn ground.

Sunday May 29 - It rained sharp last night & washed a good bit. Star has a caked udder.

Monday May 30 - It rained near all day so we could do nothing.

Tuesday May 31 - It was too wet to plant or drag until noon, when we went to planting & planted about 10 acres, droped it one way. Louis dragged a few hours then he went home to help Marm. Deuel & H. J. Reiff were here last evening. I was over to Deuels this evening. I bought Geo. Towne's share in the stalk cutter for $10.00.

Wednesday June 1, 1881 - Frank harrowed Mr. Deuel' s potatoes. Louis harrowed our corn on the breaking & I went to Woodbine with Deuel & Hooks.

Thursday June 2 - I droped corn for Mr. Damery. Frank plowed this afternoon for Mr. Deuel. Louis hoed Morning Glories all day.

Friday June 3 - Frank worked for Mr. Deuel with two teams. I helped Mr. Damery finish plant his corn at one o'clock.

Saturday June 4 - I went to Logan & paid taxes, $46.00. Frank hauled two small loads of wheat to Woodbine. I missed the train, then I walked to Logan.

Sunday June 5 - The boys went fishing, got a small mess. I stayed at home & done work in the house near all day. Churned.

Monday June 6 - Frank worked on the road with team. Louis worked in the garden & I washed . It rained heavy last night & also a little this morning.

Tuesday June 7 - Frank & Louis cultivated corn ground all day. I droped corn for J. Hooks this afternoon. It rained a little this morning. Sorrel horse has a very sore neck.

Wednesday June 8 - I droped corn until one o'clock for J. Hooks. Frank harrowed all day for Mr. Deuel. Louis helped at the house.

Thursday June 9 - I took two loads of wheat to Woodbine. Frank hoed weeds. Louis helped in the house.

Friday June 10 - I hauled two loads of corn to W. Frank. hoed weeds. Louis helped in the house.

Saturday June 11 - It rained near until noon. Frank walked to W. to get his cultivator fixed . I helped in the house & Louis planted beans & tomato plants. Mr. Deuel & I settled up today. Kinney did not quite finish planting corn.

Sunday June 12 - It rained today heavy. The boys were down to Morris to dinner. I put the riding cultivator together. Mr. Damery was here and got some tomato plants.

Monday June 13 - Frank & I cultivated 94 rows of corn & Louis smoked bacon & hoed weeds. We commenced to cultivate corn today for the first time this spring. Marm visited Mrs. Damery this afternoon. was there for supper.

Tuesday June 14 - Frank & cultivated 106 rows of corn, the rows are 80 rods long. Louis helped Marm in the house.

Wednesday June 15 - Frank cultivated all day & I and Marm went to Woodbine. I took 23 bus. of wheat to town which finished Laird I s 200 bus. & 9 40/60 bus. over.

Thursday June 16 - Frank cultivated all day. I brought two small loads of corn at Deuels that I bought from Geo. Towne for hog feed. It is damaged corn. I helped Frank to cultivate until I broke my cultivator. I must go to town to get it fixed.

Friday June 17 - I went to W. & got some iron to fix the riding cultivator. Frank plowed corn all day & I cultivated this afternoon which finished the 43 acres for the first time.

Saturday June 18 - Frank cultivated DeueI's potatoes this forenoon. He worked in the garden this afternoon. Marm & I went to Dunlap. I took 22 & 10/60 bus. of wheat and sold it at 82c per bu.

Sunday June 19 - This was a warm day. Frank & I went up to G. DeJeans. It rained smart so we had to wait until it was over. It was late when we got home.

Monday June 20 - Frank cultivated all day. Started in this morning for the second plowing. I worked on the road all day which finished my road work for this year. I got receipt for my road tax. I traded our sulky attachment to G. DeJean for two calves & $5.00, which he can not pay just now. Louis & I brought the calves home this evening.

Tuesday June 21 - Frank & I plowed corn all day. I commenced for the first time on the breaking. It is soddy & I can not do extra good work. I sold the heifer Nell to the butcher for $20.00

Wednesday June 22 - I cultivated all day on the sod corn G: Frank plowed on the yellow corn until noon & then he plowed the potatoes & helped Me, we then finished the white corn the first time through.

Thursday June 23 - Frank & I plowed on the yellow corn field all day.

Friday June 24 - It rained last night very heavy so we could not plow corn. I went to Woodbine & Frank plowed corn this afternoon. I brought a keg of beer along for Mr. Deuel.

Saturday June 25 - Frank & I plowed all day which finished the yellow corn for the second time. Louis & the girls went to a picnic up at the DeJean grove.

Sunday June 26 - It rained a little this morning. John Hushaw & family, Geo. DeJean & family & Dan DeJean were here all day & Mr. Deuel was here awhile & this evening I went over to Deuel & him & I went up to Geo. Reiffs. Deuel got his (R's) team to use tomorrow.

Monday June 27 - Frank & Louis poisoned the potato bugs & I went to W. to get Frank's shovels sharpened. I brought a load of cobs along.

Tuesday June 28 - Frank & I cultivated the white corn all day & did not quite finish. John Hooks got a pound of Paris Green here.

Wednesday June 29 - It rained last night & is cloudy all day. We went to cultivating late. I finished the white corn for the second time. We then both started to lay by the yellow corn at 10 o'clock. It is raining this evening.

Thursday June 30 - Frank & I plowed all day on the yellow corn patch.

Friday July 1, 1881 - Frank & I cultivated on the yellow corn all day.

Saturday July 2 - I cultivated until noon. I then went to Woodbine. Frank cultivated all day which finished the yellow corn (43 acres) the third time.

Sunday July 3 - Willis Towne was here near all day. Mr. Deuel was here quite awhile. I have a pain in my back all day.

Monday July 4 - The boys were down to Woodbine at the celebration. The girls went over to McMillens last evening to go with them to the celebration. School House No. 4 burned down this evening.

Tuesday July 5 - Frank & I took two loads of wheat (67 bus.) to R. L. Laird at Woodbine, at 86 1/2c. per bu., $57.95.

Wednesday July 6 - I am still lame in the back. We done nothing. The boys took the cow Star over to Morton's Bull.

Thursday July 7 - Frank went to cultivate the white corn for the third & last time. I mowed weeds around the house.

Friday July 8 - Frank finished the white corn for the third & last time. I went over to Pat Whites for school books for the girls. Five books cost $1.53.

Saturday July 9 - I went to Dunlap with C Morris & Dan DeJean. I paid Jones for wire I got some time back. I also paid interest on Mortgage, $50.00, for six months ending 1st of Aug. '81. C. Morris & I were over on the 80 to look at the grass. I think he will cut some and make hay for the 1/2 delivered in our yard.

Sunday July 10 - It rained considerable yesterday and today it rained heavy.

Monday July 11 - Frank & I went over to John Peters to see about a casting for the harvester. We stoped at Pitts on our return, quite awhile. It rained heavy last night.

Tuesday July 12 - Frank & I went to Woodbine to get a pulley made. This afternoon we got a load of cobs from Gilchrists.

Wednesday July 13 - I went to Woodbine with 18 lbs. of butter & bought 664 ft. fencing at $20.00 per M, $13.28.

Thursday July 14 - Frank & I went to Farnsworth timber, brought 33 fence posts at 10c. a piece.

Friday July 15 - Frank & I brought 17 posts from Mr. Farnsworth timber. Frank & I set posts around for hot lot this evening. Frank got a mess of peas & beans at Dan DeJeans today.

Saturday July 16 - I went to Dunlap. Hooks , Dan DeJean & C. Morris went with me. Frank went to Woodbine for the mail.

Sunday July 17 - Mr. & Mrs. Evans were here all day & took dinner with us. I went up to DeJeans to get him tomorrow to help me put the Harvester together.

Monday July 18 - Geo. DeJean & I worked at the Harvester until 3 P.M. Then Frank & I worked at the hog lot fence.

Tuesday July 19 - I started to Dunlap at 5 A.M. for small nails & tire for Harvester. We finished the new hog lot. Geo. DeJean helped this afternoon on the Harvester & took supper with us.

Wednesday July 20 - I went over to P. Whites for school books & paid for all the books I got, $1.48. I went to Woodbine with C. Morris this evening for sections for the Harvester & oil for machine.

Thursday July 21 - I was sick with Pleurisy. Frank went to Woodbine.

Friday July 22 - Frank & Hooks & Dan DeJean went to cut oats but had to quit as they were too green yet.

Saturday July 23 - Frank & I went to W., took 23 bus. wheat to Dally; got 90c. per bu. For it.

Sunday July 24 - We had a heavy rain this forenoon. This evening Geo. Reiff & family were here.

Monday July 25 - We cut the oats. Hooks c Dan DeJean bound them. We finished at 6:00 P.M. then cut around the wheat once. It is not ripe enough. Daniel Howorth was here to dinner. He wants the 80. He offered $8.50 per acre. I wanted $10.00.

Tuesday July 26 - It rained last night. Hooks, DeJean & I cut wheat for G.E. Reiff. I paid C. Norris for the sections.

Wednesday July 27 - I cut wheat all day for Geo. Reiff. Hooks & DeJean bound it & Frank schocked all day.

Thursday July 28 - We cut wheat of ours all day. Hooks & DeJean bound and Frank schocked. Louis went to W. for machine oil.

Friday July 29 - We cut wheat all day. Frank schocked all day. Hooks & DeJean bound it.

Saturday July 30 - I went to Woodbine early for a pulley for the Harvester. It cost $1.08. We cut wheat from 9 A.M. to 6 � P.M. I also cut some grass this evening.

Sunday July 31 - I was to supper at Tuttles. Geo. Reiff & I measured the ground I cut wheat. It is 9 1/2 acres at 85c per acre.

Monday Aug 1, 1881 - We cut wheat all day. Hooks and Dan DeJean bound until noon. Afternoon I cut and Frank laid it off in windrows. Mrs. Damery was here visiting this afternoon.

Tuesday Aug. 2 - Frank & I finished cutting our wheat at 11 o'clock. Louis took Daisy over to Morton's bull. I was to Campbells, to see Willis Towne to stack our grain. Frank & I went to Woodbine.

Wednesday Aug.3 - I brought a load of cobs from Campbells & after dinner I brought a load of cobs from Willis Townes. We mowed the weeds in front of the house. This evening we brought J. Hooks hay rack.

Thursday Aug. 4 - I went to Woodbine for some meat. We commenced to stack at noon. Willis Towne & Geo. DeJean helped.

Friday Aug. 5 - Geo. & Dan DeJean pitched & Willis Towne stacked . This evening it rained

Saturday Aug. 6 - We stacked all day. Geo. & Dan DeJean pitched & Willis Towne stacked. We finished at 6 P.M.

Sunday Aug. 7 - I was home all day. Mr. Deuel & I was up to Geo. Reiffs, his youngest boy was very sick. I got home at 12 midnight. Blacky pigged.

Monday Aug. 8 - I cut about two acres of grass for hay this morning. I then went to Woodbine with 27 bus. of corn. I got 32c. a bu., $8.64. The boys raked up the hay.

Tuesday Aug. 9 - I went to W. early this morning with three hogs, wt. 640 lbs., at $5.30 per 100 wt., $34.00. I also got medicine for Sweeney. I fixed up the hay-rack & put the harvester in the shed. It was very hot today. Thermometer was 120 in the sun.

Wednesday Aug. 10 - Frank & I hauled up three loads of hay & stacked it. We then put all the implements in the tool house. I was down to pay Dan DeJean but he was not at home. I was at McCoubreys awhile.

Thursday Aug. 11 - Frank & I with one team hauled out 13 loads of manure. Louis helped Marm.

Friday Aug. 12 - I went to W., got the casting to mower. I also bought an anvil & vise combined for $6.00 & paid A. P. Lathrop $6.55. I brought the stalk cutter home from Deuels. Hooks brought his pup.

Saturday Aug. 13 - Frank, J. Hooks & I went to Dunlap with Mr. Damery. I took and left a watch & clock to get fixed .

Sunday Aug. 14 - I was up to Reiffs & Tuttles. Geo. Reiff paid me for cuting his wheat, $12.00. I paid him $1.00 for making me a roller for the Harvester. I paid DeJean $13.00 for labor.

Monday Aug. 15 - Frank & Louis went guning & brought home two old & four young chickens. I sewed on the machine & cut weeds & put a new casting on the mower. Mr. Morton's short tailed bull was in our yard this evening.

Tuesday Aug. 16 - Frank hauled manure all day. I went to Dunlap for my watch, the clock is not done yet. I brought a Gilpin sulky plow home to try before buying it. It is to cost $45.00 cash or $50.00 credit.

Wednesday Aug. 17 - I took 11 & 10/60 bus. wheat to Dally at Mill for which I got a dollar a bu. I put the sulky plow together. Frank sold 10 bus. corn to Geo. Harmer at 35c. per bu., $3.50.

Thursday Aug. 18 - I sewed on the machine for Marm & I was over to see how Mr. Lowrey's sulky plow works. It runs easy.

Friday Aug. 19 - Mr. Jones came & we tried the sulky plow first, It drawed at an average of 400 Ibs. & the walking (14 in.) plow drawed at all average of 500 lbs. I am satisfied that a 16 in. walking plow will pull as hard as a 16 in. sulky plow.

Saturday Aug. 20 - I went to Dunlap for the clock. I got the sulky plow for $45.00, payable on or before Jan. 1st, 1882. Frank, Hushaw & Riggs were guning.

Sunday Aug. 21 - I went to Rocks with Deuel, from there we went to Pages. I stoped at Geo. Reiffs awhile. Marm was at DeJeans. I took Marm & the little girls out riding. Louis took Daisy to Davis bull.

Monday Aug. 22 - We done nothing all day. I went to W. this evening for the mail but got none.

Tuesday Aug. 23 - The boys went for grapes but got none. Frank went to Lowreys to help thresh but the threshers did not come. I hewed a stick of Ash for seeder.

Wednesday Aug. 24 - Frank helped Mr. Lowrey thresh all day. I went to W., got some medicine for Mrs. Deuel from Dr. Lieber.

Thursday Aug. 25 - Frank helped Mr. Lowrey thresh all day. I fixed up the stalls & mangers in the stable.

Friday Aug. 26 - Frank helped Mr. Lowrey thresh until 3 P.M. I piled up the wood. Marm went to McCoubreys & to school as this was the last day for this term.

Saturday Aug. 27 - Marm, the girls & I went to Dunlap. We stopped at Chapmans. The boys went guning. We all came home late.

Sunday Aug. 28 - Frank & I went with the sorrel team to help Mr. Deuel take his colts over to Rocks pasture. On coming back the team ran away, down at the Love farm. Frank was hurt but to what extent we cannot say yet. The wagon is broke considerable

Monday Aug. 29 - I went to help G. E. Reiff to thresh. We commenced 9:45 A. M., Quit 7:15 P. M. Threshed 179 bus. of Sea Island wheat. Frank is very lame in the shoulder, he can do nothing.

Tuesday Aug. 30 - It rained all night and this forenoon. We plowed one round with the sully plow then Geo. Reiff came for us to thresh so we threshed 4-9 bus. wheat & 99 bus. of oats.

Wednesday Aug. 31 - I went to Reiffs & threshed until 2 1/2 P.M. The machine then broke. I & J. Hooks then went to Woodbine.

Thursday Sept. 1, 1881 - I brought tomatoes from H. J. Reiff, we then started the sulky plow & plowed until sunset. Frank is improving.

Friday Sept. 2 - Louis plowed with the sulky all day. I puttered around the house & stable.

Saturday Sept. 3 - I went to Dunlap with Dan DeJean & bought a wagon tongue $4.50 & boards for a bottom in wagon box. Louis plowed all day.

Sunday Sept. 4 - I went over to McMillens to get their boy to help hay but they are too busy. I then went to W. for the mail but could not get in the Post Office.

Monday Sept. 5 - I dug a few potatoes but they are not very plenty. I then went & got Hooks horse & drove to Dunlap to exchange the wagon tongue as it did not fit. Louis plowed all day with the sulky.

Tuesday Sept. 6 - Louis plowed until noon. It rained hard all afternoon. I cut some hay this morning. It is all down in the rain.

Wednesday Sept. 7 - It rained all day. I went to W. to get bolts for the mower. J. Hooks went with me. Mr. Deuel came home with us. Louis & I snaped corn for feed for hogs.

Thursday Sept. 8 - Louis plowed all day & I plowed until noon. I cut hay near all afternoon & raked some and bunched what I raked.

Friday Sept. 9 - Frank plowed until noon & I plowed all afternoon. Louis & Frank hauled up 4 jags of hay.

Saturday Sept. 10 - It rained heavy last night & this morning. I plowed with the sulky & Louis plowed with two horses from 10 A.M. until 6 P. M.

Sunday Sept. 11 - The girls went to Sunday School. The boys brought Hazelnuts & Marm and the girls wet with Mrs, Reiff up to their house. I brought them with a team.

Monday Sept. 12 - I cut hay all day. Frank & William Morris hauled up 8 loads & stacked it. Louis raked & bunched. Mr. McCoubrey came up to help us but we did not need him.

Tuesday Sept. 13 - Frank & Wm. Norris hauled up 7 loads of hay. After I went to Dunlap to get a double-tree made to sulky plow.

Wednesday Sept. 14 - Frank Louis & I hauled up 4 loads of hay. It is very windy. I then plowed in afternoon.

Thursday Sept 15 - Louis plowed until 5 P.M. I went to W., got the sulky sharpened. I then plowed until 5 P. M., when it commenced to rain & is still raining, 9 P.M.

Friday Sept. 16 - It rained all day so we could do nothing.

Saturday Sept. 17 - It is still raining a little. Frank & I went to Dunlap. Howorth & I talked about the land again but he will not give more than $700.00 for it. Mr. Damery was here last evening about the grass he wants me to cut for him.

Sunday Sept. 18 - Marm & I went to visit C. Norris. We were there to dinner. Mr. Howorth was here. Norris & I then went to Sunday School. Marm and the girls were to Sunday School. There was a good gathering there.

Monday Sept. 19 - Louis plowed with the sulky. Marm & I went to Dunlap. Deeded 80 acres of land to Dan Howorth for $700.

Tuesday Sept. 20 - Frank plowed half a day. Louis plowed all day with the sulky. I repaired the wagon that was broke in the run away.

Wednesday Sept. 21 - Frank & I helped C. Morris to thresh. Louis plowed a half a day.

Thursday Sept. 22 - I helped Frank Lyman to thresh � a day. Frank & I helped Geo. DeJean half a day to thresh. Louis plowed half a day.

Friday Sept. 23 - We threshed our wheat today (219 bushels). F. Kreig came this morning on a very short visit.

Saturday Sept. 24 - We finished threshing at 10 P.M. , got 171 bus. of oats. Our help in threshing was, C. Norris's two men, W. Towne, Lowrey's man, Geo. Reiff's man, Geo. DeJean & Mr. McCoubrey. We went to W. with Ford Krieg to depot.

Sunday Sept. 21 - Millie & I were too sick to go to Sunday School. Louis went with Deuel for nuts.

Monday Sent. 26 - Frank cut hay for Deuel from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. Louis plowed all day with the walking plow.

Tuesday Sept. 27 - Frank cut hay for Deuel & Louis raked it. Cut from 8 1/2 A. M. I wheeled dirt from the road around the house to keep out the frost. We brought melons down from the garden.

Wednesday Sept. 28 - Frank & I went for railroad ties but did not get any. Louis plowed until noon with two horses & in afternoon he plowed with sulky. Frank & I banked up around the house.

Thursday Sept. 29 - It is raining this morning and rained all day. The boys done nothing. Marm & I worked in the house and boiled the tomato jelly all over again so that it will not spoil.

Friday Sept 30 - Louis plowed all day with the sulky. I went to Farnsworth, from there to Woodbine. Paid Mathews $73.40 for lumber.

Saturday Oct. 1, 1881 - Louis plowed until noon with sulky. I took 31 & 50/6.0 bus. wheat to Dally at $1.10 per bu. The boys husked a load of corn in afternoon for feed. The boys husked 3 rows to make a road for Deuel to haul his hay home.

Sunday Oct. 2 - Marm & I went to visit at James Tuttles & then the boys, Bertie (my grandmother Bertha) & I went down to Sunday School. Mr. Deuel was here to supper.

Monday Oct. 3 - Louis & Frank plowed all day with two walking plows. They finished our fall plowing today.

Tuesday Oct.4 - It rained this morning. Louis & I went to Woodbine after dinner. Frank went gunning & brought home six wild ducks. Tamie pigged, got six pigs.

Wednesday Oct. 5 - Frank & I went to the timber & cut 21 poles & brought home 11. It rained this afternoon or would have cut them all.

Thursday Oct. 6 - It rained this morning. The boys went guning with Davis boys & got nothing. I made two trestles & cut the bark of the stable poles & set one of them.

Friday Oct. 7 - Frank & I went to the timber and brought 26 poles with two teams. I paid Farnsworth $5.00 for them. I set two poles this afternoon. The boys picked corn.

Saturday Oct. 8 - We fixed up the hay stacks, then Frank & I with two teams, brought from Woodbine, lumber for the stable & set two posts. Mr. Lowrey paid Frank $1.50, the difference in the threshing.

Sunday Oct. 9 - I was up to Geo. DeJeans & stopped at C. Morris on my way home & paid him for threshing & 10 lbs. bacon, $17.75 in all.

Monday Oct. 10 - Frank husked corn for Geo. DeJean until 3 P. M. G. DeJean helped me work on the barn. Louis brought lumber, nails & beef from Woodbine & he plowed around the potatoes so we can burn the weeds off.

Tuesday Oct. 11 - It rained all day. We did not do much of anything.

Wednesday Oct. 12 - It was very cloudy all day and rained a little. I set 8 posts & hewed l3. The boys husked for feed.

Thursday Oct. 13 - Frank & Louis brought 12 poles. Afternoon they brought two loads of lumber. Geo. DeJean worked half a day at the barn this afternoon.

Friday Oct. 14 - It was wet & damp all day. I worked at the barn. The boys were guning until noon. Afternoon they washed.

Saturday Oct. 15 - Frank & I went to Woodbine for two loads of lumber & some groceries. Brought small loads as it was so slippery on the hills. Mr. Hannah bought Bufort plow for $10.00. Is to husk corn for pay.

Sunday Oct. 16 - It rained all day and is very disagreeable weather and is still raining, 7 P.M.

Monday Oct. 17 - Very cloudy all day but did not rain. The boys husked a load of corn & worked at barn. I got 1/2 a bushel beans from DeJean.

Tuesday Oct. 18 - I worked all day at the barn. The boys brought two loads of lumber and this afternoon they picked a very large load of corn.

Wednesday Oct. 19 - Marm & I cleaned up the cellar. The boys & I then plowed & picked about 65 bus. of potatoes. Arthur Deuel helped us.

Thursday Oct. 20 - I worked at the barn all day, the boys harrowed & picked potatoes all day & got about 10 bus.

Friday Oct. 21 - It rained near all forenoon & we had two heavy showers this afternoon. I worked some at the barn and made a feed trough for the cows. The boys picked the rest of' the potatoes.

Saturday Oct. 22 - It rained all day & is still raining at 8 o'clock. P.M. I run the sewing machine today awhile. Frank shot a prairie chicken today.

Sunday Oct. 23 - This was a wet day again. C. Norris & wife & two of his children were here on a visit. It is still raining 8 P.M.

Monday Oct. 24 - This is a fine day. I worked all day at the barn. Louis helped Marm to wash & Frank sorted potatoes, brought up the rake from the meadow a helped me some.

Tuesday Oct. 25 - I worked at the barn until noon. Then I took 20 & 15/60 bus. potatoes, sold to Kibler at $l.00 per bu. Frank. & Louis husked 4 loads of corn.

Wednesday Oct. 26 - Frank husked 10 rows & Louis husked 8 rows & I worked at the barn & chored around. I gave Arthur (35c) & Herbert (15c) Deuel (5oc) for picking potatoes.

Thursday Oct. 27 - The boys each husked a little more than one load then it rained until night. 10 rows were husked.

Friday Oct. 28 - It rained all day. We could nothing but the boys went guning for ducks in all the rain & only got two.

Saturday Oct. 29 - I worked at the barn all day. Louis helped me some. Frank went to Woodbine and brought a cwt. of flour at the Mill for 3 bus. wheat.

Sunday Oct. 30 - We were all at Sunday School. Geo. Reiff & family stopped here awhile after S. School. This was a fine day.

Monday Oct. 31 - Frank husked 10 rows & Louis 8 rows, 4 loads in all. I washed today & worked at barn. Today was fine

Tuesday Nov. 1, 1881 - Frank husked 6 rows & Louis 4 rows, 2 1/2 loads, then it rained until night. Louis helped me put up rafters on barn this afternoon until the rain stopped us.

Wednesday Nov. 2 - Frank husked two loads, 8 rows. Louis helped me until noon, then he husked a load of corn, 4 rows. Two of our hogs were killed last night by wolves or dogs, the same as they were killed about a year ago. Today is cold.

Thursday Nov. 3 - It snowed a little last night & this morning it was ugly to husk so Frank went to Woodbine for lumber & groceries. Louis helped me at we barn. This afternoon the boys each husked a load of corn, 8 rows. I worked at barn. I was at Deuels & Damerys this evening. Frank went with me.

Friday Nov. 4 - Frank husked 10 rows, 2 � loads & Louis husked 8 rows, 2 loads. I worked some at the barn & helped Marm clean house.

Saturday Nov. 5 - Frank husked 2 large loads, 9 rows & Louis husked 4 rows, one load. I worked at the barn. I went to W. this evening for nails, blankets & beef.

Sunday Nov. 6 - I was up at Tuttles & both Reiffs then went to S. S. The boys were over at McMillens. They too were at S. S. I was down to D. DeJeans this evening.

Monday Nov. 7 - Frank husked a load, 4 rows. Louis husked 1/2 a load, 2 rows. I washed. It rained from 9 A. M. & is still raining, 8 P.M. Mr. Deuel was here & got a bu. of oats. He paid 35c.

Tuesday Nov. 8 - Frank husked two loads, 4 rows, Louis husked 2 loads, 4 rows. I worked at the barn & helped Marm. Paid Dr. Coyl's pills & got a dollars worth more.

Wednesday Nov. 9 - Frank husked 2 loads, 8 rows, Lotus one load, 4 rows. I then with team went to W. for lumber & nails. I worked at barn.

Thursday Nov. 10 - Frank husked 8 rows, 2 loads, Louis 8 rows, 2 loads & J. Hannah 6 rows 1 1/2 loads, 30 bus. I worked at the barn & made a hog pen & hay manger for the cows in the yard.

Thursday Nov. 11 - It snowed all last night about 3 or 4 inches deep & it rained all day today but the snow still covers the ground a couple of inches. I made 11- trap. doors for the new cribs today. I worked in the granary so I was out of the rain.

Saturday Nov. 12 - Frank husked 2 loads, 8 rows. J. Hannah, 2 loads, 8 rows, Louis 2 loads, 8 rows. I helped to get done early so Jim & Frank went to Woodbine. I worked a little at the barn.

Sunday Nov. 13 - It snowed again lest night. Marm & the children went to S. S. in the wagon as it is very muddy. James was home today & came back at noon.

Monday Nov. 14 - Frank husked 8 rows, 2 loads, Louis 8 rows, 2 loads & James H.. 8 rows, 2 loads. I helped Louis in with his last load so they all got in early. I finished sheeting the barn roof today.

Tuesday Nov. 15 - Frank husked 2 small loads, 8 rows, J. Hannah 2 loads, 8 rows & Louis one large load, 7 rows. I finished the trap doors on the cribs & helped Louis out this evening.

Wednesday Nov. 16 - Frank husked 8 rows, 2 small rows, Hannah 2 loads, 9 rows & Louis 2 small loads, 8 rows. Frank brought a load of cobs and nails.

Thursday Nov. 17 - Frank husked 8 rows, 2 small loads, J. Hannah 9 rows, 2 loads, & Louis one load, 4 rows. I worked some one the barn.

Friday Nov. 18 - Frank husked 2 loads, 9 rows, J. Hannah 9 rows, 2 loads & Louis 2 loads, 8 rows. I put shingles on the east crib.

Saturday Nov. 19 - Frank husked 2 loads, 10 rows, J. Hannah 2 loads, 10 rows & Louis 2 loads , 8 rows. I chored around & shingled awhile. The roof on the east crib is now on.

Sunday Nov. 20 - The boys & girls went to S. S. I was over to Deuels. Frank Smith came this evening to help husk corn tomorrow.

Monday Nov. 21 - Frank husked a load of corn on the 12 acre piece, he then went to W. & brought 5000 shingles a wire stretcher called the Little Giant. J. Hannah husked 2 loads & Louis & F. Smith husked 2 1/2 loads & I killed a pig & then shingled the rest of the day. Giles Chapman & wife & baby were here to dinner. He helped me awhile on the roof.

Tuesday Nov. 22 - Frank husked 2 loads, 15 rows, J. Hannah 2 loads, 15 rows & Louis 1 1/2 loads 10 rows. Mr. Deuel & I shingled on the barn. It was very windy & cold today.

Wednesday Nov. 23 - Frank husked 2 loads, 12 rows, J. Hannah one load, 7 rows & Louis one load , 6 rows. I helped Marm & chored around. It was very cold & windy all day.

Thursday Nov. 24 - Frank husked 2 loads, 10 rows, J. Hannah 1 1/2 loads, 11 rows. Louis 1 1/2 load, 8 rows. Mr. Deuel & I shingled from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. The boys & girls went to a concert down in the School House.

Friday Nov. 25 - Frank husked 1 1/2 loads 10 rows, J. Hannah 1 1/2 loads, 10 rows. Louis one load, 8 rows. This finished our husking. Mr. Deuel helped to shingle. We finished the roof about 4 P.M. The Boar got out & I think Blackie has taken.

Saturday Nov. 26 - Frank, Louis & I went to Woodbine, took 19 & 20/75 bus. at 35c per bu., $6.73 Brought lumber & cobs.

Sunday Nov. 27 - We all went to S.S. I then went to Farnsworth. Paid $1.20 for poles. Deuel was here this evening.

Monday Nov. 28 - Frank husked for Mr. Deuel at $1.50 per day. Deuel husked with our Bay team. Louis & I worked at the barn and helped Marm.

Tuesday & Wed. Nov. 29 & 30 - It snowed & sleeted last night. I got an application for $1850.00 Insurance &aid $5.00 on account, gave my note for $23.12 to become due Oct. 1st, 1882 without interest. I worked at the barn this afternoon. Frank went guning & got nothing.

Thursday Dec. 1, 1881 - Frank helped me a little at the barn, The mangers & feed boxes. C. T. Norris was here to see the barn.

Friday Dec. 2 - Frank husked for Mr. Deuel. I worked at the barn. Mr. Deuel brought the Bay team home as he finished husking. He had the team 5 days.

Sat. Dec. 3 - Frank & I went to Woodbine and took 2 1/2 M. shingles back & brought 100 ft. boards. Deuel went to town with us.

Sunday Dec. 4 - McMillen & I went over to P. Whites for books, $1.60. All were to S. S. except me. The girls, Marm & I were at G. E. Reiffs for supper. The girls stayed for the night.

Monday Dec. 5 - I finished the barn & Frank hauled corn to J. Collins for Mr. Deuel. Mr. Deuel had our Bay team, also. Louis goes to school regular. The day was fine & warn but windy.

Tuesday Dec. 6 - Frank hauled corn for Deuel until noon then went to W. Got the Bays shod in front, $1.00 cost. I made a fur cap out of a coon skin I tanned & dressed.

Wednesday Dec. 7 � Frank took a load of potatoes to Dunlap for Mr. Deuel. Marm & I went up to Lowreys to see how Leon is. He is poorly & not expected to live long. I also went to Tuttles & Reiffs.

Thursday Dec. 8 - Frank & I put loads of hay in the barn, and put in the horses for the first time & I put hooks on the doors to fasten them which finishes the barn.

Friday Dec. 9 - Frank & Louis went to the timber & brought 1/2 a cord hickory wood. I churned & helped Marm. There was no school today.

Saturday Dec. 10 - Louis & I went to W. Marm & the girls were going but Mrs. DeJean came to visit so Marm & the girls stayed home. I paid the hardware bill and Jennings for shoeing the Bays, $1.00.

Sunday Dec. 11 - It snowed a good bit last night. I have been in bed all day with a heavy cold & headache. Frank: shot a rabbit, squirrel & chicken. Louis & the girls were to S. S.

Monday Dec. 12 - This was a warm day & very muddy. We done nothing all day. I am still sick with a heavy cold.

Tuesday Dec. 13 � Frank & I worked in the cow stable to put up some stantions to stantion the cows.

Wednesday Dec. 14 - Frank & I went to Dunlap. Received $500.00, balance of money for land sold to D. Howorth in Sept. last. Left $300.00 in bank. Paid $45.00 for sulky plow & $4.50 for wagon tongue. Mrs. Dea. Chapman fell last Monday & broke her arm & hip.

Thursday Dec. 15 - I worked in the hovel. I then went to G. DeJeans & settled paid $1.50 which pays all in full to date. Frank brought 1/2 cord of oak wood. De.Jeans little girl is very sick.

Friday Dec. 16 - I went to Woodbine and paid the lumber bill on barn & cribs, $140.00. Frank Helped Marm at home.

Saturday Dec. 17 - Frank brought 1/2 cord wood. Louis & I finished the cow stantions. Then Louis & I went over to Mortons to see his young bull he wants to sell. Louie DeJean is not any better yet.

Sunday Dec. 18 - D. DeJean, two of McMillens boys & Will Norris were here to dinner. We all except Marm went to S. S.

Monday Dec. 19 - I finished another fur cap out of the remaining coon skin. We put cows in the stantions this evening for the first time. Mr. Lathrop was here this evening enlisting subscriptions to the Masonic feast. I gave him $1.00.

Tuesday Dec. 20 - C. T. Norris was here to dinner. Frank & I went to Woodbine. It is stormy this evening, rain & snow mixed. Corn is 40c per bu. Took 3 bus. wheat to Mill for flour that I owed.

Wednesday Dec.21 - This was an ugly day. It rained part of the time and snowed part of the time.

Thursday Dec. 22 - We cleaned house today. It was cloudy all day.

Friday Dec. 23 - I went to Woodbine and exchanged 3 bus. wheat for one cwt. flour. I brought a plow-beam for the breaker.

Saturday Dec.24 - I helped Marm to clean up and cleaned two turkeys & getting ready for Christmas. The boys went to Woodbine this afternoon.

Sunday Dec. 25 - Mr. Evans & wife, Mr. Deuel & family & Dan DeJean & his mother were here all day & we had a happy Christmas together. Leon Lowrey died this morning at 10 o'clock.

Monday Dec. 26 -Leon Lowrey was buried today at Dunlap. Louis & I were up to the house during the funeral services but we did not go along to Dunlap on account of one of our horses being lame and the road is very rough.

Tuesday Dec. 27 - Frank & I went with Dan DeJean to Dunlap. I got a pair of single-trees from Wettengil for $1.50 on cr. Mr. Chapman is better today. Mr. & Mrs. Egleston are here again from the East.

Wednesday Dec. 28 - I had headache again and took pills. Frank went out guning & got two rabbits & one chicken. Deputy Sheriff was here and notified me to appear at court as a Grand Juror on the 3rd Jan. 1882.

Thursday Dec. 29 - It was very windy & cold all day. We done nothing at all. Friday Dec. 30 - Mr. Deuel was here to dinner, also an Insurance Agt. (a Mr. Shelly). It was cold today. We done nothing.

Saturday Dec. 31 - The boys went over to McMillens. Frank went with Mike to Woodbine for mail. I was home & helped Marm all day. We put down new carpet & fixed up the old one for the kitchen.

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