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Harrison County Iowa Genealogy

The following list is of people collecting Civil War and War of 1812 pensions.
If they are a veteran or widow of 1812 it is noted. In some cases there are
dates as to when they first received their pension.

Also listed is the town the check was mailed to.

**Widow of War 1812
***Dependant Mother or Father
****Survivor of War of 1812

NAME OF PENSIONER POST OFFICE ADDRESS DATE OF ORIGINAL PENSION Alexander, Charles Missouri Valley Allton, John W. Little Sioux Bacon, Geo. S. Magnolia Bates, Charles Missouri Valley Apr 1881 Baughman, Wm. W. Dunlap Becker, Frank Dunlap Benden, Demetrius A. Persia Oct 1877 Benjamin, John Allen Dunlap Mar 1882 Berry, Wm. H. Missouri Valley Apr 1880 Betchel, David W. Dunlap Bird, James Missouri Valley Blake, Robert W. Dunlap Blakeman, Absalom Missouri Valley Boyd, Richard G. Missouri Valley Brace, James H. Dunlap Bryan, Wm. C. Dunlap Buckingham, Zachius Missouri Valley May 1878 Chase, Geo. W. Little Sioux Oct 1882 Chidestor, John W. Missouri Valley Sep 1880 Christy, Geo. B. Dunlap Clark, Albert H. Woodbine Cole, Norman L. Woodbine Cole, Daniel Woodbine Jun 1882 *Coleman, Margaret Missouri Valley Jan 1867 Cook, Joseph Logan Cowhick, Nancy Little Sioux Crawford, Logan Missouri Valley Croasdale, Benj. F. Little Sioux Aug 1880 *Crombie, Margaret Logan Crouch, Levi Modale Cusler, Albert I. Magnolia Danielson, John A. Missouri Valley Debolt, Amos Woodbine Mar 1881 Denice, Benj. H. Missouri Valley *Downey, Catherine Missouri Valley Jan 1867 Edwards, Joseph H. M. Logan Apr 1880 Ellis, Alexander B. Missouri Valley Jun 1882 Eroin, Edwin E. Logan Apr 1881 Evans, William Woodbine May 1881 Fallon, Hammond Logan Farlow, Alfred Woodbine Frazier, Wm. D. Logan Oct 1880 Goodrich, Lewis N. Missouri Valley ***Goodrich, Kezia Missouri Valley Apr 1880 Gray, Samuel H. Logan Guilford, Geo. W. Logan *Gutcher, Mary A. Woodbine *Harding, Matilda Modale Jan 1868 ***Hawley, Josephus Dunlap Feb 1881 Hill, Wm. L. Missouri Valley Holcomb, Oliver H. Dunlap Holden, Henry W. Magnolia Jun 1880 ***Holdzkom, Mary A. Calif. Junction Honeywell, John Unionburgh Nov 1876 Howard, John Missouri Valley *Jeffers, Eliz. Logan Jennings, Frederick A. Dunlap *Kendall, Martha Modale Jan 1869 Kidder, Edward Little Sioux Knauss, David Reeder’s Mills *Knight, Mary H. Magnolia Mar 1868 Latta, James M. Logan *Legan, Maria J. Missouri Valley Feb 1864 Lewis, Isaac J. Woodbine Loss, Benj. B. Logan Aug 1881 Lowery, Wilson Logan Aug 1881 Magden, William M. Woodbine Manning, Augustus L. Dunlap Margarledge, Richard Mondamin Mar 1881 Marksburn, Richard Missouri Valley Marksbury, Samuel Missouri Valley Maynard, Samuel M. Dunlap McDonald, David P. Modale Apr 1882 McLaughlin, Neil Mondamin May 1882 McManimie, James N. Calif. Junction McWilliams, Lewis A. Little Sioux Aug 1879 McWilliams, Leonidas H. Little Sioux Oct 1880 *Mickey, Eummarencia Mondamin Miller, Richard J. Reeder’s Mills Jun 1881 Milliman, James C. Logan Mitchell, James Logan Norman, Alfred J. Logan Noyes, William Mondamin Mar 1881 O’Day, Thos Dunlap Mar 1876 *O’Linn, Fannie M. Magnolia Jan 1882 Owens, James Missouri Valley ***Pace, Sarah A. Woodbine Page, Scott River Sioux *Palmer, Harriet E. Logan ***Peters, Lydia Ann Little Sioux Phelps, Lemuel A. River Sioux Pierson, Wm. E. Calif. Junction May 1882 ***Protzman, Lavina Woodbine Purcell, Samuel Woodbine Ray, George Little Sioux Rees, Wm. R. Dunlap Oct 1881 Reilly, Joseph W. Little Sioux Jun 1882 Robertson, Allen Modale Dec 1882 Rose, Amox N. Little Sioux ***Roseberry, Sarah M. Dunlap Sample, Elon A. Modale Scofield, Eugene R. Little Sioux Jan 1881 Scofield, Chas. G. Logan Feb 1880 Shaffer, Urias Modale Oct 1880 Skelton, Jeremiah Missouri Valley Jan 1882 Smith, Joseph H. Logan Nov 1880 Smith, George River Sioux Smith, Samuel Reeder’s Mills Jun 1880 Spencer, Jay-aka Frank Stout Woodbine Jul 1866 Spencer, Wm. W. Missouri Valley Stephens, Miriam Calif. Junction Stewart, Daniel Logan Oct 1880 Stout, Frank-aka Jay Spencer Woodbine Jul 1866 Strait, William Logan Mar 1865 ***Streator, Rhoda Dunlap Dec 1865 Suthers, John M. Woodbine Jun 1875 Swan, Clarks Beebeetown Taylor, Charles Dunlap Jun 1881 Thompson, John Missouri Valley Jun 1881 Topping, Albert Logan Nov 1880 **Uhl, Jane A. Missouri Valley Feb 1880 Ward, John Dunlap Weed, John Dunlap Jun 1882 Weldon, John H. Mondamin Wheeler, John R. Dunlap White, Warren Logan Wilson, Scott W. Persia Nov 1880 Wing, Abraham H. Missouri Valley Wood, John G. Dunlap **Wright, Sarah Beebeetown ****Yeisley, Jacob Woodbine Jan 1872

Called for by Senate Resolution of December 8, 1882.

 Special thanks to Darleen Berens for contributing this material.

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