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1905 Residents of
Missouri Valley, Harrison County, Iowa

ACKERMAN Jane   411 s 9th st
ACKERMAN Fred minor  
ADAMS Henry retired 814 Erie
ADAMS Mrs. Henry    
ADAMS Agnes    
ADAMS Anderson carpenter 418 Michigan
ADAMS Mrs. Anderson    
ADAMS Alfred minor  
ADAMS Arthur minor  
ADAMS Alta minor  
ADAMS Angie minor  
ADLUM D. J. postmaster 303 2nd
ADLUM Mrs. D. J.    
ADLUM Bruce minor  
AHLSTRAND A. L. section s 8th
AHLSTRAND Mrs. A. L.    
ALEXANDER J. D. real estate 117 9th
ALEXANDER Mrs. J. D.    
ALEXANDER Guy minor  
ALEXANDER John retired 113 1st
ALEXANDER Mrs. John    
ALLEN Milfred laborer 320 w Huron
ALLEN Mrs.    
ALLMON Howard B. farmer 607 3rd
ALLMON Mrs. Howard B.    
ALLMON Earl    
ALLMON Lois minor  
ALLMON Carl minor  
ALLMON Lyle minor  
ALLMON Lela minor  
ALMONDS Jos. H. laborer 307 West
ALMONDS Mrs. Jos. H.    
ALMONDS Bert    
ALMONDS Bessie minor  
ALMONDS Roy minor  
ALTER John laborer 612 Linn
ALTER Mrs. John    
ALTER William    
ALTER Bertha    
AMEN J. J. banker 116 8th
AMEN Mrs. J. J.    
AMEN Edith    
AMEN Harlan    
AMEN Curtis    
AMES Amenzo retired 323 1st
AMES Mrs. Amenzo    
ANDERSON A. J. carpenter 527 8th
ANDERSON Mrs. A. S.    
ANDERSON Moody minor  
ANDERSON Rosa minor  
ANDERSON Ethel minor  
ANDERSON Lenley minor  
ANDERSON Genevieve minor  
ANDERSON Janet minor  
ANDERSON Lyle minor  
ANDERSON John merchant 223 8th
ANDERSON Mrs. John    
ANDERSON Donald minor  
ANDERSON Archie minor  
ANDERSON Florence minor  
ANDERSON Marjorie minor  
ANDERSON Malcolm minor  
ANDERSON Anabel minor  
ANDERSON John carpenter 508 3rd
ANDERSON Walter    
ANDERSON Alfred minor  
ANDERSON James   555 3rd
ARMSTRONG D. E. mail clerk 817 St. Clair
ARMSTRONG Mrs. D. E.    
ARMSTRONG Ruth minor  
ARMSTRONG Richard minor  
ARMSTRONG Jennie   323 West
ARPP G. W. blacksmith 222 Shawmut
ARPP Mrs. G. W.    
ARPP Maud minor  
ARPP George minor  
ARPP Jay minor  
ARPP Edna minor  
ASHTON Lex mail clerk 579 3rd
ASHTON Mrs. Lex    
ASHTON Helen minor  
ATHERTON Henry undertaker 422 4th
ATHERTON Mrs. Henry    
ATHERTON Winifred    
ATHERTON Cecil minor  
ATHERTON Louise minor  
ATHERTON Dudley minor  
ATHERTON Stanley minor  
ATHLERS Chris laborer 306 Erie
ATHLERS Mrs. Chris    
ATHLERS John minor  
ATHLERS Theresa minor  
BABCOCK G. S. elevator 613 Erie
BABCOCK Mrs. G. S.    
BACUS Nay laborer 1203 w St. Clair
BACUS Mrs. Nay    
BACUS George minor  
BAIL W. H. clerk 821 Erie
BAIL Mrs. W. H.    
BAILEY Christine   311 2nd
BAKER William   108 5th
BALDWIN O. R. railroad clerk 815 Michigan
BALDWIN Mrs. O. R.    
BALDWIN W. G. laborer stockyards
BALDWIN Mrs. W. G.    
BALDWIN Mrs. Wm.   202 s 9th
BALDWIN Cassie    
BALL David painter 547 3rd
BALL Mrs. David    
BALL Mrs. Clara minor  
BALL Glen minor  
BALL Lyle minor  
BANDLOW John T. engineer 301 w Erie
BANDLOW Mabel minor  
BANDLOW Esther minor  
BARBER Mrs. Julia   221 6th
BARKER Pearl   218 w Superior
BARNUM Delia   1109 Granite
BARNUM Louise    
BARNUM Dora minor  
BARNUM Earl minor  
BARRETT Jos. banker 505 8th
BARRETT Mrs. Jos.    
BARRETT Kirk    
BARRETT Ruth    
BATCHELDER C. F. salesman 834 Erie
BATCHELDER Grace minor  
BATES Charlie laborer 121 2nd
BATES Elmer    
BATES Maud    
BATES Mary    
BEAGLE George butcher 207 2nd & 567 N. Ferg.
BEAGLE Mrs. George   207 2nd
BEAGLE Lula    
BEAGLE Ada    
BEAGLE Goldie minor  
BEARD Chris laborer 211 West
BEARD Mrs. Chris    
BEAVER John laborer Y st
BECKER Mrs. Fred   432 7th
BECKER Ora    
BECKER Fern    
BECKER Fay    
BECKER Glen    
BECKWITH D. A. baggeman 701 Grove
BECKWITH Mrs. D. A.    
BECKWITH John minor  
BECKWITH Bessie minor  
BECKWITH Hazel minor  
BECKWITH Chauncey minor  
BELL C. H. bakery 517 3rd
BELL Mrs. C. H.    
BELL J. H. music dealer 104 6th
BENDER J. H. restaurant 207 Erie
BENDER Mrs. J. H.    
BENDER Nellie minor  
BENDER William minor  
BENDER John minor  
BENDER Margaret minor  
BENDER Peter section 108 6th
BENDER Mrs. Peter    
BENDER Albert    
BENDER William    
BENDER Mary minor  
BENDER Otto    
BENDER Henry    
BENDER Oeetah    
BENDER Louisa minor  
BENDER Theodore minor  
BENDER Stella minor  
BENNETT Paul laborer 554 3rd
BENNETT Mrs. Paul    
BENNETT Frederick minor  
BENNETT Alice minor  
BERKLEY S. L.   104 6th
BERRY W. M. laborer 329 11th
BERRY Mrs. W. M.    
BERRY Bertha minor  
BERRY W. H. retired 112 9th
BERRY A. B. oil dealer 721 Maple
BERRY Mrs. A. B.    
BERRY Lila minor  
BERTLESON Charlie minor 813 w Huron
BERTLESON James minor  
BEVERIDGE J. H. supt. schools 500 7th
BEVERIDGE Mrs. J. H.    
BEVERIDGE Lenore minor  
BEVERIDGE Wendell minor  
BIGLEE Austin laborer 216 5th
BIGLEE Mrs. Austin    
BIRD Mrs. Elizabeth   223 7th
BISBY D. L. engineer 216 8th
BISBY Mrs. D. L.    
BISBY Bessie minor  
BISBY Donald minor  
BISBY Vera minor  
BISBY Anabel minor  
BLACKBURN Wm. laborer 113 n West
BLACKBURN Mrs. Wm.    
BLACKBURN Wm. J. minor  
BLUNT George laborer 202 s 9th
BLUNT Mrs. George    
BLUNT James mason 811 Walnut
BLUNT Fred    
BLUNT Isaac    
BLUNT Grant    
BLUNT R. M. mason 500 Elm
BLUNT Mrs. R. M.    
BLUNT Edith minor  
BLUNT Ruth minor  
BLUNT John I. mason 305 w Erie
BLUNT Mrs. John    
BLUNT Maud minor  
BLUNT Emaline minor  
BLUNT Minnie minor  
BLUNT Helen minor  
BLY A. H. laborer Snyders add.
BLY Mrs. A. H.    
BLY Bernice    
BLY Vivian minor  
BOEHLER Frank laborer 915 w St Clair
BOEHLER Mrs. Frank    
BOEHLER Albert minor  
BOEHLER Elizabeth minor  
BOEHLER Fern minor  
BOEHLER John minor  
BOEHLER Margaret minor  
BOIES E. A.   113 7th
BOIES Mrs. E. A.    
BOIES Harry    
BOLIN Iver merchant 112 3rd
BOLIN Mrs. Iver    
BOLIN Harry minor  
BOLIN Edwin minor  
BOLIN Verner minor  
BOND Blanche   Maple
BONER Allie   717 Huron
BOOTH Louis   108 5th
BOUGHTON C. W. physician 311 Erie
BOULDER Saml switchman 116 6th
BOULDER Mrs. Saml    
BOULDER Cloie minor  
BOULDER Eddie    
BOULDER Clemiel minor  
BOULDER Sam carpenter 572 3rd
BOULDER Mrs. Sam    
BOULDER William minor  
BOULDER Hazel minor  
BOYD J. B. laborer 210 s 9th
BOYD Mrs. J. B.    
BRADLEY John boiler maker 1007 w Huron
BRADLEY Mrs. John    
BRADLEY Edw. D. clothier 223 3rd
BRADLEY Mrs. Edw.    
BRADLEY W. H. bookkeeper 118 6th
BRADLEY Mrs. W. H.    
BRAMON M. D. conductor 611 6th
BRAMON Mrs. M. D.    
BRAMON Marcus    
BRAMON A. L. brakeman 707 Maple
BRAMON Mrs. A. L.    
BRAMON Edna minor  
BRAMON Cleo minor  
BRANDRIFF C. P. retired 201 Michigan
BRANDRIFF Mrs. C. P.    
BRANDRIFF Mrs. Hattie   3rd
BRANDRIFF Jessie    
BRANSON J. M. carpenter 717 6th
BRANSON Mrs. J. M.    
BRANSON Werle minor  
BRANSON Hazel minor  
BRETZ Bert boilermaker 722 5th
BRETZ Mrs. Bert    
BRETZ Lillian    
BRIDGEMAN John laborer 103 s 6th
BRIDGEMAN Mrs. John    
BRIDGEMAN Willie minor  
BRIGGS Mrs. W. E.   305 10th
BRIGGS Dell livery 112 5th
BRIGGS Ada    
BRIGGS Fred salesman 216 6th
BRIGGS Mrs. Fred    
BRIGGS Sadie minor  
BRIGGS Bessie minor  
BRIGGS Ida minor  
BRIGGS Hazel minor  
BRIGGS Pearl minor  
BRIGGS Freda minor  
BRIGGS Grace minor  
BRIGGS Helen minor  
BRIGGS A. T. clerk 101 Erie
BRIGGS Mrs. A. T.    
BRIGGS Royce minor  
BRIGGS Anita minor  
BRIGGS Margaret minor  
BRIGGS Doris minor  
BRINKER Jennie   301 1st
BRINKER Irene    
BRINKER John police 302 1st
BRINKER Mrs. John    
BRINKER Fred minor  
BRITT Wm. blacksmith 116 6th
BROOKHOUSER C. E. blacksmith 229 s 1st
BROOKHOUSER Howard minor  
BROOKHOUSER H. J. restaurant 220 Erie
BROOKHOUSER Vera minor  
BROWN Fred real estate 113 9th
BROWN Anna    
BROWN S. merchant 913 w Huron
BROWN Mrs. S.    
BROWN Henry minor  
BROWN Mary L.   1121 w Huron
BROWN A. G.   306 2nd
BROWN Mrs. A. G.    
BROWN Lucy minor  
BROWN Stuart minor  
BROWN J. D. druggist 213 3rd
BROWN Mrs. J. D.    
BROWN Leon W.    
BROWN Adin    
BROWN Marcellus attorney 321 4th
BROWN Mrs. Marcellus    
BROWN Vern    
BROWN Ray laborer 209 6th
BROWN Mrs. Ray    
BRUNDRIDGE Ira laborer 302 32nd
BRUNDRIDGE Morton carpenter 615 6th
BRUNDRIDGE Mrs. Morton    
BRUNDRIDGE Rita minor  
BRUNDRIDGE Ray minor  
BRUNER John car inspector 726 5th
BRUNER Mrs. John    
BRUNER Sarah minor  
BUNNELL Eliza   112 s 6th
BUNNELL Rachel    
BURBANK Agnes minor 323 West
BURBANK Geo. W. shop foreman 300 5th
BURBANK Mrs. Geo. W.    
BURBANK Clifford    
BURBANK Winfield    
BURBANK M. C. merchant 602 6th
BURBANK Mrs. M. C.    
BURBANK Manus    
BURKE Mrs. Catharine   112 7th
BURKE Ellen    
BURKE Martin retired 201 1st
BURKE Mrs. Martin    
BURKE William    
BURKE Redmond    
BURKE Mollie    
BURKE Charlie    
BURKE Francis    
BURKE Ambrose attorney 422 3rd
BURKE Mrs. Ambrose    
BURKE Richard minor  
BURKE Cora minor  
BURKE Mildred minor  
BURKE Wm. J. banker 614 Erie
BURKE Mrs. Wm. J.    
BURKETT Claud painter 612 6th
BURKETT Mrs. Claud    
BURKETT Jessie minor  
BURKETT Beulah minor  
BURKETT Clark minor  
BURNETT Mrs. Caroline   104 9th
BUTCHER George police 334 10th
BUTCHER Mrs. Mary    
BUTCHER Lavica minor  
BUTCHER Ella minor  
BUTCHER Bryan minor  
BUTCHER Mabel minor  
BUTCHER Ralph minor  
BUTLER Phrona   407 3rd
BUTLER Henry engineer 816 Erie
BUTLER Mrs. Henry    
BUTLER Margaret    
BUTLER Chester    
BUTLER John minor  
BYERS Jacob retired 123 9th
BYERS Mrs. Jacob    
BYERS Charlie engineer 535 3rd
BYERS Mrs. Charlie    
BYERS Harry minor  
BYERS Margaret minor  
CALEY John retired 500 Erie
CALEY Mrs. John    
CAMPBELL W. H.   219 Erie
CAMPBELL W. H.   210 2nd
CANN Robert laborer 619 Superior
CANN Mrs. Robert    
CANN Clara    
CARLIN Arthur engineer 318 2nd
CARLIN Mrs. Arthur    
CARLIN Dolores minor  
CARLISLE W. M. merchant 111 4th
CARLISLE Mrs. W. H. merchant  
CARLISLE Turner minor  
CARLISLE Louise minor  
CARLISLE Mrs. Elizabeth   407 6th
CARLSON C. H. baggageman 413 3rd
CARLSON Mrs. C. H.    
CARLSON Mabel    
CARLSON Ethan    
CARPENTER Aaron real estate 419 Superior
CARPENTER Mrs. Aaron    
CARPENTER Clark minor  
CARTER Frank laborer 106 3rd av
CARTER Mrs. Frank    
CARTER Inez minor  
CARTER Glen minor  
CARTER Cecil minor  
CARTER Lloyd minor  
CARTER Homer laborer 406 s 1st
CARTER Mrs. Homer    
CARTER Carrie minor  
CARTER Clyde minor  
CARTER Ruth minor  
CARTER Serenas janitor 512 3rd
CARTER Mrs. Serenas    
CARTER Hila    
CARVER Michael boilermaker 409 West
CARVER Mrs. Michael    
CARVER Grace    
CARVER Leo minor  
CARVER Susie minor  
CARVER Joe minor  
CARVER Margaret minor  
CASEY Edward engineer 104 2nd
CASEY Mrs. Edward    
CASEY Margaret    
CASEY Theresa minor  
CASEY Mabel minor  
CASEY Myrtle minor  
CASSIDY Mrs. Asherine   310 w Erie
CASSIDY Robert laborer  
CASSIDY Mrs. Robert    
CASSIDY James    
CASSIDY May minor  
CASSIDY Rena minor  
CASSIDY Edith minor  
CASSIDY Hazel minor  
CASSIDY Jennie minor  
CHADWICK Mrs. Elizabeth   408 3rd
CHALFANT Leonidas   208 West
CHALFANT Mrs. Leonidas    
CHALFANT Fern minor  
CHAMBERS Mrs. Elizabeth   414 4th
CHAMBERS Hugh fireman 707 Huron
CHAMBERS Mrs. Hugh    
CHAPMAN E. J. physician 121 4th
CHAPMAN Mrs. E. J.    
CHAPMAN Herman minor  
CHRISTENSEN A. P. laborer 317 Harrison
CHRISTENSEN Chris minor  
CHRISTENSEN Chris P. laborer 215 West
CHRISTENSEN Mrs. Chris P.    
CHRISTENSEN Emil minor  
CHRISTENSEN Maggie minor  
CHRISTENSEN Myrtle minor  
CHRISTENSEN Olga minor  
CHRISTENSEN Martha minor  
CHRISTENSEN Antone carpenter 222 West
CHRISTENSEN Mrs. Antone    
CHRISTENSEN Peter boilermaker 208 1st
CHRISTENSEN Mrs. Peter    
CHRISTENSEN George minor  
CHRISTENSEN Marie minor  
CHRISTENSEN Anna minor  
CHRISTIE James brakeman 321 6th
CHRISTMAN Geo. mason 717 Maple
CHRISTMAN Mrs. Geo.    
CHRISTMAN Mattie    
CHRISTMAN Gladys    
CHRISTMAN John mason 309 10th
CHRISTMAN Mrs. John    
CHRISTMAN Ruby minor  
CHRISTMAN Fred minor  
CLANCY J. machinist 507 8th
CLANCY Mrs. J.    
CLANCY May    
CLANCY Agnes minor  
CLANCY Edward minor  
CLANCY Mildred minor  
CLAPPER Elmer clerk 506 Superior
CLAPPER Mrs. Elmer    
CLAPPER Donald minor  
CLARK J. W. laborer 501 Portland
CLARK Mrs. J. W.    
CLARK Ada minor  
CLARK Rollin brakeman 113 n West
CLARK Mrs. Rollin    
CLARK Grace minor  
CLARK Mrs. Kate   410 4th
CLARK Athey    
CLARK Mrs. H. J.   200 6th
CLARK Ray laborer  
CLARK Dean    
CLARK Harry    
CLARK Verne minor  
CLATTERBAUGH Chas. blacksmith 122 6th
COCHRAN John T. laborer 409 Harrison
COCHRAN Mrs. John T.    
CODY Wm. D. banker 315 1st
CODY Mrs. Wm. D.    
CODY Nellie minor  
CODY Irene minor  
CODY Edward minor  
CODY Willie minor  
CODY Francis minor  
CODY Alice minor  
CODY Doris minor  
COE H. B. machinist 301 Huron
COE Mrs. H. B.    
COE Frank    
COIT J. W. physician 419 Huron
COIT Mrs. J. W.    
COLE Ethan retired 811 w Huron
COLE Mrs. Ethan    
COLEMAN T. C. sexton 123 Snyder add
COLEMAN Mrs. T. C.    
COLEMAN George    
COLEMAN Lily minor  
COLEMAN Inez minor  
COLEMAN Mattie    
COLENSO John   514 McGavren
COLENSO Mrs. John    
COLVER G. L. carpenter s 1st
COLVER Mrs. G. L.    
COLVER Bessie    
COLVER Clark    
COLVER Harry    
COLVER Mabel minor  
COLVER Francis minor  
COLVER Burl minor  
COLVER Lida minor  
COLVER William minor  
COLVER May minor  
COLVER Luther minor  
CONNERS Geo. engineer 325 Superior
CONNERS Mrs. Geo.    
CONNERS Geo. Jr. minor  
CONNERS Charlie minor  
CONNERS Margaret minor  
CONNERS Patrick retired 621 St Clair
CONNERS Mrs. Patrick    
CONROY Jos. clerk 218 w Erie
CONROY Mrs. Jos.    
COOK Claud C. laborer 417 West
COOK Mrs. Claud    
COOK Mrs. Jennie   319 Superior
COULTHARD David farmer 302 1st
COULTHARD Mrs. David    
COWAN W. H. laborer 599 3rd
COWAN Mrs. W. H.    
COWAN Harrison minor  
COWAN Bernard minor  
COWAN Lena minor  
COWAN Leo minor  
COWAN Warren minor  
COWAN Willie minor  
COWAN Viola minor  
COWAN Donald minor  
COX Ned laborer 307 s 1st
COX Mrs. Nex    
COX John baggageman 103 West
COX Mrs. John    
COX Earl minor  
COX Mabel minor  
COX Raymond minor  
COX Mrs. H. S.   219 4th
CRAFT Mrs.   115 4th
CRAMER H. M. merchant 420 Erie
CRAMER Mrs. H. M.    
CRAMER LaReine minor  
CRAMER Neva minor  
CRAVEN Mrs.   609 Superior
CRAVEN David minor  
CRAVEN Viola minor  
CRESS Herbert laborer Line
CRESS Mrs. Herbert    
CROWDER J. H. retired 112 s 7th
CROWDER Mrs. J. H.    
CROWDER Anna    
CROWDER Eleanor minor  
CROWDER Paul minor  
CROWDER Geo. T. laborer 110 5th
CROWDER Mrs. Geo. T.    
CROWDER Maud    
CROWDER Ernest    
CROWDER Bessie    
CULLIVAN Geo. ice 104 s 7th
CULLIVAN Mrs. Geo.    
CULLIVAN Geo. Jr. minor  
CULLIVAN Harold minor  
CULLIVAN Helen minor  
CULLIVAN John retired 321 Huron
CUMMINS Ed salesman 317 Michigan
CUMMINS Mrs. Ed    
DAHL N. S. jeweler 409 Erie
DAGGETT Ethen carpenter 204 6th
DANIELS Abraham carpenter 615 Michigan
DANIELS Mrs. Abraham    
DANIELS Percy    
DANIELS Theodore    
DANIELS DeWitt    
DARTING H. C. carpenter 717 McGavren
DARTING Mrs. H. C.    
DARTING Beryl    
DARTING Alice   113 2nd
DAUGHERTY Jas. retired 107 s 6th
DAUGHERTY Mrs. Jas.    
DAVIDSON Geo. mail clerk 811 6th
DAVIDSON Mrs. Geo.    
DAVIDSON Dean minor  
DAVIDSON Ruby minor  
DAVIDSON Warren minor  
DAVIS Frank section 206 3rd
DAVIS Mrs. Frank    
DAVIS Leroy insurance 217 5th
DAVIS Mrs. Leroy    
DAYHUFF Isaiah teamster 317 6th
DAYHUFF Mrs. Isaiah    
DAYHUFF William minor  
DAYHUFF Luvenia minor  
DAYHUFF Louis minor  
DAYKINS D. laborer 1023 w Huron
DAYKINS Mrs. D.    
DAYKINS Bessie minor  
DAYNE Chas. laborer 219 w Erie
DAYNE Mrs. Chas.    
DAYNE Harold    
DEAL J. J.   919 Granite
DEAL Mrs. J. J.    
DEAL Eric minor  
DEAL Iveti minor  
DEE Mabel   107 s 6th
DeFORDE Isaac gunsmith 420 Harrison
DeFORDE Mrs. Isaac    
DeFORDE Clara    
DeFORDE Emma    
DeFORDE James minor  
DeFORDE Minnie minor  
DeFORDE June minor  
DEITRICH Frank operator 103 1st
DEITRICH Mrs. Frank    
DEITRICH Robt. minor  
DEMMON Geo. retired 503 Elm
DEMMON Mrs. Geo.    
DEMMON Harwood machinist  
DESERT Mitchell carpenter 303 3rd
DESERT Mrs. Mitchell    
DESERT Elmer    
DESERT Lloyd minor  
DESERT Vainie minor  
DESERT Francis minor  
DESERT Madge minor  
DESERT William minor  
DeSHIRLEY Martin laborer 213 w Erie
DeSHIRLEY Mrs. Martin    
DeSHIRLEY Earl    
DeSHIRLEY Frank    
DEUR Joseph retired 214 3rd
DEUR Mrs. Joseph    
DEUR Charlie bookkeeper  
DEUR Charlie Jr. minor  
DEUR Clement retired 806 Erie
DEUR Mrs. Clement    
DEUR Ren    
DEUR Mary minor  
DEUR Clementine minor  
DEUR Catherine minor  
DEUR Geneviene minor  
DEVORE S. F. physician 206 8th
DEVORE Mrs. S. F.    
DEWELL J. S. attorney 217 8th
DEWELL Mrs. J. S.    
DEWELL Joy minor  
DEZICK Mrs.   104 6th
DICKMAN H. H. salesman St Clair
DICKMAN Mrs. H. H.    
DICKMAN Fred minor  
DICKMAN Floyd minor  
DICKMAN Ruth minor  
DIMMUCK John real estate 518 3rd
DIMMUCK Mrs. John    
DIMMUCK George minor  
DIMMUCK Agnes minor  
DOLAN Felix retired 810 Erie
DOLAN Mrs. Felix    
DOLBY Albert carpenter 123 2nd
DOLBY Mrs. Albert    
DOLBY Lola    
DOLE Albert G. justice of peace 219 2nd
DOLE Mrs. Albert G.    
DOOLEY Mrs. John   609 Ontario
DOUGLAS Fred rest 423 Superior
DOUGLAS Mrs. Fred    
DOUGLAS Estella    
DOUGLAS W. L. real estate 620 6th
DOUGLAS Mrs. W. L.    
DOUGLAS William minor  
DOUGLAS Harry minor  
DOUGLAS Dreuman minor  
DOUGLAS Ruth minor  
DOWNS Aaron laborer 221 w Erie
DOWNS Mrs. Aaron    
DOWNS Pearl minor  
DOYLE John blacksmith 413 West
DOYLE Mrs. John    
DOYLE Mary minor  
DRAIN C. B. machinist 801 Erie
DRAIN Mrs. C. B.    
DRAIN Harry    
DRAIN Lawrence    
DUHIGG Thomas mail carrier 417 McGavern
DUHIGG Mrs. Thomas    
DUHIGG Ada    
DUNGAN I. B. laborer 589 McGavren
DUNGAN Mrs. I. B.    
DUNGAN Miles    
DUNN John laborer 212 w Superior
DUNN Mrs. John    
DUNN Emilla minor  
EARNEST Nettie   395 Erie
EASTON Frank stockyards ?
EBAUGH Nancy   217 s 9th
EBAUGH Cecil minor  
EBAUGH W. H. laborer 221 s 9th
EBAUGH Henry    
EBAUGH Jessie    
EBAUGH George minor  
EBAUGH Albert minor  
EBAUGH Willie minor  
EDGECOMB A. miller Superior
EDGECOMB Mrs. A.    
EDGECOMB Rex minor  
ELLIS A. B. retired 220 8th
ELLIS Mart S. real estate 109 Erie
ELLIS Mrs. Mart S.    
ELLIS Nettie minor  
ELLIS Florence minor  
ELLIS Lois minor  
ELLSWORTH L. N. laborer 312 8th
ELLSWORTH Mrs. L. N.    
EMERY W. H. machinist 314 4th
EMERY Mrs. W. H.    
ENEIX Frank laborer 601 McGavren
ENEIX George minor  
ENNIS L. laborer w St Clair
ENNIS Hiran carpenter 220 2nd
ENNIS Mrs. Hiran    
ENNIS Louis    
ERICKSON Ella   116 7th
ERICKSON Ralph minor  
ERICKSON Robert minor  
ERICKSON Edmond minor  
ERICKSON Allen minor  
ERICKSON Fred minor  
ERICKSON D. E. laborer 301 West
ERICKSON Mrs. D. E.    
ERICKSON Erma minor  
ERICKSON Nera minor  
ERICKSON James T. clerk 215 Harrison
ERICKSON Mrs. James T.    
ERICKSON Mrs. Carrie M.   123 Superior
ERWIN Mrs. Mary   108 7th
ERWIN William    
ESPETH Evan clerk 219 2nd
EVANS Mrs. M. C.   109 s 7th
EVANS Belle    
EVANS Bernard merchant 107 s 7th
EVANS Mrs. Bernard    
EVANS Lillie    
EVANS Margaret    
EVANS Ethelyn R.   407 6th
EVANS J. T. engineer 609 St Clair
EVANS Mrs. J. T.    
FACKLER Bert fireman 219 Erie
FACKLER Mrs. Bert    
FACKLER George W.    
FAGAN Mary E.   607 St Clair
FAGAN Peter J. retired  
FAGAN John   113 w St Clair
FAGAN Mrs. John    
FAGAN Elmer minor  
FAITH T. H. retired 519 McGavren
FAITH C. C. machinist  
FAITH Mrs. C. C.    
FAITH Harvey merchant 901 w Huron
FAITH Mrs. Harvey    
FAITH Harvey minor  
FARNSWORTH O. G. clerk 552 McGavren
FARQUHAR Dave carpenter 220 w Erie
FARQUHAR Mrs. Dave    
FARQUHAR Matie teacher  
FELL Leo cigar maker 105 6th
FENSLER W. H. merchant 110 4th
FENSLER Mrs. W. H.    
FENSLER Ella    
FENSLER Bessie    
FENSLER Fred    
FENSLER Wilson merchant 310 4th
FENSLER Mrs. Wilson    
FENSLER Edw.    
FENSLER Harry minor  
FENSLER Clark minor  
FENSLER Helen minor  
FERRIER Helen dressmaker 308 Erie
FILKINS Charlie laborer 119 1st
FILKINS Mrs. Charlie    
FILKINS Elmer minor  
FILKINS Ethel minor  
FILKINS Eva minor  
FILKINS Inez minor  
FILKINS Marshall machinist  
FILKINS Mrs. Marshall    
FILKINS Thelma minor  
FILKINS Jerome laborer 310 1st
FILKINS Mrs. Jerome    
FILKINS Nettie    
FINLEY Daniel engineer 522 6th
FINLEY Mrs. Daniel    
FINLEY May    
FINLEY Abbie    
FINLEY Tom    
FINLEY Anna    
FINLEY James minor  
FINLEY Ruth minor  
FINLEY Miles minor  
FISHER Henry H. drayman 309 3rd
FISHER Mrs. Henry H.    
FITCH Albert D. barber 551 3rd
FITCH Mrs. Albert D.    
FITCH Frank    
FITCH Harold minor  
FITCH Luree minor  
FITZGIBBONS M. J. saloon 119 8th
FITZGIBBONS Cecil minor  
FITZGIBBONS James saloon 107 Erie
FITZGIBBONS Mrs. James    
FITZGIBBONS Michael bartender 522 4th
FITZGIBBONS Mrs. Michael    
FITZSIMMONS Lucy   518 3rd
FORD Chas. plumber Sunnyside ave
FORD Mrs. Chas.    
FORD Harold minor  
FORD Daniel C. live stock 120 4th
FORD Mrs. Daniel C.    
FOREMAN Lee laborer 217 w Erie
FOREMAN Mrs. Lee    
FOREMAN Thelma minor  
FOREMAN Lydia minor  
FORGES Mrs.   221 1st
FOSS Harvey banker 417 5th
FOSS Mrs. Harvey    
FOSS Thomas merchant 208 2nd
FOSS Mrs. Thomas    
FOUNTAIN A. N. livery 213 2nd
FOUNTAIN Mrs. A. N.    
FOUNTAIN Leonard minor  
FOUTS Mrs. John   531 6th
FOUTS Earl    
FOX B. retired 607 McGavren
FOX Mrs. B.    
FOX Robert laborer 735 5th
FOX Mrs. Robert    
FOX Ura laborer  
FOX Myra    
FOX Myrtle minor  
FOX Harvey    
FRAZIER J. B. laborer Lime
FRAZIER Mrs. J. B.    
FRAZIER Pearl    
FRAZIER J. H. tinner 147 9th
FRAZIER Mrs. J. H.    
FRAZIER Gerald    
FRAZIER Harry carpenter 317 West
FRAZIER Mrs. Harry    
FRAZIER Glendora minor  
FRAZIER Bernard minor  
FRAZIER George W. carpenter 113 2nd
FRAZIER Mrs. George W.    
FRAZIER Alice    
FRAZIER Oscar    
FREDERICKSON M. laborer 721 5th
FRY T. J. laborer 505 w Huron
FRY Mrs. T. J.    
FRY George E.   300 Shawmutt
FRY Mrs. G. E.    
FRY Anna minor  
FRY Vera minor  
FRY Edith minor  
FRY Ward minor  
FRY Velma minor  
FRY Lorenzo laborer 201 Harrison
FRY Mrs. Lorenzo    
FRY Fern minor  
FRY Neta minor  
FRY Vernice minor  
FRY Henry retired 219 Harrison
FRY Mrs. Henry    
FRY J. R. blacksmith 223 Harrison
FRY Mrs. J. R.    
FRY Marion minor  
FRY Carrie   423 Superior
GAMBLE H. W. osteopath 102 7th
GAMBLE Mrs. Gertrude    
GANNON G. T. mail clerk 817 St Clair
GANNON Mrs. G. T.    
GANNON Grace minor  
GANNON Francis minor  
GANNON Harold minor  
GANNON George minor  
GANNON Donald minor  
GANNON Dorothy minor  
GASSON J. H. physician 311 Erie
GASSON Mrs. J. H.    
GAVER G. W. butcher 817 Erie
GAVER Mrs. G. W.    
GAVER William    
GAVER Mrs. Emily   108 5th
GAVER Dessa    
GEIGER James laborer 100 9th
GEIGER Mrs. James    
GEIGER Marie minor  
GEIGER Ruth minor  
GEORGE J. A. real estate 223 4th
GEORGE Mrs. J. A.    
GEORGE Mildred minor  
GEORGE Francis minor  
GEORGE Margaret minor  
GEORGE Donald minor  
GEORGE Harlan minor  
GEPSEN Theresa   219 2nd
GERMAN John carpenter 608 Glen
GERMAN Mrs. John    
GERMAN John Jr. minor  
GIBSON Rose   435 s 9th
GIBSON Cecil minor  
GIBSON Glen minor  
GIBSON John laborer 235 Y st
GIBSON John F. Jr.    
GIDDINGS J. H. barber 123 West
GIDDINGS E. T. dentist 315 4th
GIDDINGS Mrs. Abbie    
GILBERT   laborer 327 9th
GILBERT Myrtle    
GILBERT Lucinda    
GILMORE A. J. retired 532 7th
GILMORE Sadie    
GILMORE Thomas merchant 114 4th
GILMORE Mrs. Thomas    
GIRTON Calvin E. farmer 727 Walnut
GIRTON Mrs. Calvin E.    
GIRTON Samuel laborer  
GIRTON Albert minor  
GIRTON Elsie minor  
GLACIER Mrs. Edna   300 5th
GLACIER Fern minor  
GLACIER Winfield minor  
GODDEN C. W. farmer 816 Linn
GODDEN Mrs. C. W.    
GODDEN Nellie minor  
GODDEN Robert minor  
GODDEN Wm. laborer 206 s 1st
GODDEN Mrs. Wm.    
GODDEN John    
GODDEN Mrs. John    
GOLTRY C. L. boilermaker 590 McGavren
GOLTRY Mrs. C. L.    
GOLTRY Audrey minor  
GONSEMER Nicholas   222 w Erie
GONSEMER Mrs. Nicholas    
GOODNOW Frank carpenter 322 Shawmut
GOODNOW Mrs. Frank    
GOODRICH Lew retired 412 s 9th
GOODRICH Mrs. Lew    
GOODRICH Gid painter 307 9th
GOODRICH Mrs. Gid    
GOODRICH Frank    
GOODRICH Louis    
GORDON U. S. laborer McGavren
GORDON Mrs. U. S.    
GORDON Bennie minor  
GORDON Grace minor  
GORDON Ethel Eva minor  
GORDON Pearl minor  
GOSSARD Prime mail clerk 516 6th
GOSSARD Mrs. Prime    
GOSSARD Paul    
GOSSARD Ruth    
GOSSARD Mildred minor  
GRADY G. W. blacksmith 311 Michigan
GRADY Mrs. May    
GRADY Alice    
GRADY Bernard    
GRADY Helen    
GRAHAM John bartender 509 6th
GRAHAM Mrs. John    
GRAHAM Edith    
GRAHAM Lena minor  
GRAHAM Mark minor  
GRAHAM Floyd minor  
GRAHAM Michael minor  
GRANT Louis   117 9th
GRAVY Claus laborer 207 West
GRAVY Mrs. Claus    
GRAY Frank   302 12th
GRAYBILL G. W. retired 407 6th
GRAYBILL Mrs. G. W.    
GREEN S. S. painter 511 Erie
GREEN Mrs. S. S.    
GREGERSON John laborer 108 West
GREGERSON Mrs. John    
GREGERSON Miss   500 3rd
GREGERSON Nels machinist 223 Superior
GREGERSON Mrs. Nels    
GREGERSON Alma minor  
GREGERSON Edna minor  
GREGERSON Stella minor  
GREGERSON Arthur minor  
GRESS Michael retired 116 6th
GRIGSBY W. E. retired 223 2nd
GROENBECK Hans laborer 321 w Erie
GROENBECK Mrs. Hans    
GROENBECK Mary minor  
GROENBECK Edward minor  
GRUMB George saloon 123 1st
GRUMB Mrs. George    
GRUMB Mabel minor  
GRUMB Vera minor  
GRUMB Doris minor  
GRUMB George Jr. minor  
HAINEY C. H. laborer 1209 w St Clair
HAINEY Mrs. C. H.    
HAINEY Tom    
HAINEY Vina    
HAINEY Stella minor  
HAINEY Paul minor  
HALDEMAN E. S. laborer 707 Elm
HALDEMAN Mrs. E. S.    
HALDEMAN George    
HALDEMAN Ura minor  
HALDEMAN Hazel minor  
HALEY Matthew laborer 593 3rd
HALEY Mrs. Matthew    
HALEY Mary    
HALEY Susie    
HALEY Thomas minor  
HALEY P. retired 409 Michigan
HALEY Mrs. P.    
HALL Edmund section 208 s West
HALL Mrs. Edmund    
HALL Mrs. Ella   513 Erie
HALL Vern    
HALL Wm. mail clerk 533 6th
HALL Mrs. Wm.    
HALL Leo minor  
HALL Grace minor  
HALL Jennie minor  
HAMILTON Anna   111 w Superior
HANFORD Ralph   321 6th
HANSON J. P. blacksmith 1013 w Huron
HANSON Mrs. J. P.    
HANSON Ingra minor  
HANSON Alfred minor  
HANSON Arthur minor  
HANSON Oliver minor  
HANSON Beulah minor  
HANSEN Jorgan contractor 101 s West
HANSEN Mrs. Jorgan    
HANSEN Margaret    
HANSON Mrs. Anna   555 3rd
HANSON Carrie    
HANSON Peter machinist  
HANSON Matie    
HANSON H. P. mail carrier 123 Michigan
HANSEN Mrs. H. P.    
HANSEN Lena minor  
HANSEN Louis minor  
HANSEN Lulu minor  
HANSEN Ruth minor  
HANSON H. P. merchant 510 Erie
HANSON Mrs. H. P.    
HANSON William minor  
HANSON H. M. carpenter 501 Erie
HANSON Mrs. H. M.    
HANSON Eva minor  
HANSON Mary minor  
HANSON Esther minor  
HANSON Daniel minor  
HANSON Arthur minor  
HANSON Ansel minor  
HANSON Glenwood minor  
HARGANS Henry retired 422 Erie
HARGANS Mrs. Henry    
HARLAN S. A. carpenter McGavren
HARLAN Mrs. S. A.    
HARLAN Herman    
HARLAN Sylvia    
HARLOWE Ernest switchman 315 5th
HARLOWE Mrs. Ernest    
HARMAN Wm. pool hall 502 3rd
HARMAN Mrs. Wm.    
HARMAN Frank    
HARMAN Roscoe machinist  
HARMAN Mrs. Roscoe    
HARRIS Louis machinist 216 West
HARRIS Mrs. Louis    
HARRIS Paul minor  
HARRIS Martha minor  
HARRIS D. M. editor 121 3rd
HARRIS John W. printer 206 4th
HARRIS Mrs. John W.    
HARRIS Myrtle    
HARRIS Ray machinist  
HARRIS Robert H. editor  
HARRIS Della    
HARTY Geo. carpenter 803 6th
HARTY Mrs. Geo.    
HARTY Rena    
HARTY Inez minor  
HARVEY Robert druggist 106 7th
HARVEY Mrs. Robert    
HASKINS Levi painter 313 2nd
HASKINS Mrs. Levi    
HASKINS Judd    
HATCHER Reed carpenter 308 Erie
HATCHER Mrs. Reed    
HATCHER Hazel minor  
HATCHER Archie minor  
HATCHER Goldie minor  
HATCHER John W. laborer 238 s 1st
HATCHER Mrs. John W.    
HAUFF John boilermaker 203 2nd
HAUFF Mrs. John    
HAUFF Minnie minor  
HAUFF Mildred minor  
HAUGHTON Wm. machinist 603 St Clair
HAUGHTON Gertrude minor  
HAUGHTON James minor  
HAUGHTON William minor  
HAUGHTON Alice minor  
HAYNES Minnie   609 St Clair
HAZELTON Geo. teamster 919 10th
HEAGNEY Mrs. Hannah   107 s West
HEARN D. G. salesman 808 Elm
HEARN Mrs. D. G.    
HEARN Lawrence minor  
HEARN Donald minor  
HEARN Helen minor  
HEARN Harold minor  
HEARN Morris clerk 508 Superior
HEARN Mrs. Morris    
HEARN Emmett minor  
HEARN Hazel minor  
HEARST John laborer 309 11th
HEARST W. E. laborer 304 10th
HEARST Mrs. W. E.    
HEARST Mildred minor  
HEARST Edgar minor  
HEARST Francis minor  
HEATH A. A. retired 128 9th
HEATH Mabel    
HEATH Alice    
HEATH Fred merchant 117 7th
HEATH Mrs. Fred    
HECKAMAN Clint laborer 507 Erie
HECKEMAN Mrs. Clint    
HECKAMAN Hattie minor  
HECKAMAN Fred minor  
HECKEST H. C. hotel 501 Ontario
HECKEST Mrs. H. C.    
HEMMAN M. machinist 805 Erie
HEMMAN Mrs. M.    
HEMMAN Gus    
HELLER John laborer 545 McGavren
HELLER Mrs. John    
HENDRICKS Chas. laborer 118 s Harrison
HENDRICKS Bert machinist 113 2nd
HENNESSEY Thos. undertaker 521 6th
HENNESSEY Mrs. Thos.    
HENNESSEY Alonzo    
HERRON Wm. carpenter 323 2nd
HERRON Mrs. Wm.    
HERRON Maggie    
HERRON Alice    
HERRON Helen    
HICKS James watchman Harrison
HICKS Mrs. James    
HICKS Orvil minor  
HILLS R. C.   122 7th
HILLS Mrs. R. C.    
HILLYER Mrs. Grace   611 Ontario
HILLYER Stafford    
HILLYER Leo minor  
HINDS B. F. carpenter 535 McGavren
HINDS Mrs. B. F.    
HINDS Edith minor  
HINDS Earl minor  
HINDS Carl minor  
HIRST James   418 7th
HIRST Mrs. Alma    
HIRST Alma    
HIRST Gladys minor  
HOAR C. S. merchant 514 7th
HOAR Mrs. C. S.    
HOAR Grace    
HOAR Carl    
HOGUE C. H. laborer 103 s 8th
HOGUE Mrs. C. H.    
HOGUE Beryl minor  
HOGUE Lalia minor  
HOGUE Verna minor  
HOLBERG John laborer 117 w Superior
HOLBERG Mrs. John    
HOLBERG Selina minor  
HOLBERG Arthur minor  
HOLBERG Fred minor  
HOLBERG Clarence minor  
HOLCOMB C. laborer 109 1st
HOLCOMB Mrs. C.    
HOLCOMB Clifford minor  
HOLCOMB Donald minor  
HOLLAND John attorney 515 6th
HOLLAND Mrs. John    
HOLLAND Marie minor  
HOLLAND Carl minor  
HOLLAND Wesley minor  
HOLLAND Francis minor  
HOLLINGSWORTH E. W. carpenter 323 Snyder
HOLLISTER W. vet. surgeon 607 Erie
HOLMES Mrs. Hulda   116 2nd
HOLMES Samuel water comissioner  
HOPKINS G. T. blacksmith 803 St Clair
HOPKINS Mrs. G. T.    
HOLMES Ruby minor  
HOSBROOK A. B. county super. 107 8th
HOSBROOK Mrs. A. T.    
HOUGH John laborer 421 West
HOUGH Mrs. John    
HOUGH Josie minor  
HOUGH Robert minor  
HOYER F. M. photographer 222 7th
HOYER Mrs. F. M.    
HOYER Herman    
HOYER Wallace    
HUFF H. M.   524 7th
HUFF Mrs. H. M.    
HUFFMAN Mrs.   601 McGavren
HUFFMAN May   508 Superior
HUNSINGER John barber 505 6th
HUNSINGER Mrs. John    
HUNSINGER Francis minor  
HUNT Mrs. Paula   116 6th
HUNT Jefferson    
HUNT Arthur machinist 211 4th
HUNT Mrs. Arthur    
HUNT Wesley minor  
HUNT Kenneth    
HUNTER C. A. machinist Maple
HUNTER Mrs. C. A.    
HUTTON J. P. foreman 417 6th
HUTTON Robert    
HYDE Edward G. machinist 318 2nd
HYDE Mrs. Edward G.    
HYDE Bernice minor  
HYDE Wesley minor  
IRISH Charlie barber 506 3rd
IRISH Mrs. Charlie    
JACOBSON Mrs. Inga   223 w Superior
JAMES E. F. merchant 220 3rd
JAMES Mrs. E. F.    
JAMES Beryl    
JENISON Mrs. Elizabeth   212 1st
JENISON Edward    
JENISON Clara minor  
JENKINS George carpenter 705 5th
JENNINGS Mrs. Anna   520 3rd
JENSEN J. P. boilermaker 9th
JENSEN Mrs. J. P.    
JENSEN Martin car inspector 531 8th
JENSEN Mrs. Martin    
JENSEN Nels    
JENSEN Andrew    
JENSEN Edna minor  
JENSEN L. carpenter 101 s West
JENSEN Nels tailor 501 Linn
JENSEN Mrs. Nelson    
JENSEN May minor  
JENSEN Peter minor  
JENSEN Maggie minor  
JENSEN Lawrence minor  
JEWELL John carpenter 815 6th
JEWELL Mrs. John    
JOHNSON Geo. E. clerk Sunnyside av
JOHNSON Mrs. Geo. E.    
JOHNSON Jose    
JOHNSON Geo. W.    
JOHNSON Chris carpenter 713 Snyders add
JOHNSON Mrs. Chris    
JOHNSON Jennie minor  
JOHNSON Dagmas minor  
JOHNSON Sidney minor  
JOHNSON Thorald minor  
JOHNSON Gladys minor  
JOHNSON Freda minor  
JOHNSON Will livery 120 West
JOHNSON Mrs. Will    
JOHNSON Eric merchant 131 w Michigan
JOHNSON Mrs. Eric    
JOHNSON Florence minor  
JOHNSON Edna minor  
JOHNSON Chris   419 Huron
JOHNSON Mrs. Chris    
JOHNSON Jennie    
JOHNSON Leslie C.   503 3rd
JOHNSTON Nels clerk 305 1st
JOHNSTON Geo. butcher 309 1st
JOHNSTON Mrs. Geo.    
JOHNSTON Mrs. M. S.   213 6th
JOHNSTON Geo.   104 6th
JOHNSTON Geo. W. carpenter 112 6th
JOHNSTON Mrs. Geo. W.    
JOHNSTON Aaron minor  
JOHNSTON Geo. Jr. minor  
JOHNSTON Charlie minor  
JOHNSTON Minnie minor  
JOHNSTON Geo. N. laborer 507 Elm
JOHNSTON Mrs. Geo. N.    
JOHNSTON Pearl minor  
JONES Davis laborer 1009 Granite
JONES Mrs. Davis    
JONES Grace minor  
JONES Anna minor  
JONES Bert   1003 Granite
JONES Mrs. Bert    
JONES Earl minor  
JONES Richard minor  
JONES S. A. butvher 425 s 9th
JONES Mrs. S. A.    
JONES Dallas minor  
JONES Ossie minor  
JONES Harry   312 s 1sr
JONES Mrs. Harry    
JONES Leslie minor  
JONES Harold minor  
JONES Bert M. laborer 209 Harrison
JONES Mrs. Bert M.    
JONES Albert minor  
JONES Fred laborer 205 1st
JONES Mrs. Fred    
JONES Floyd minor  
JONES A. M. machinist 811 Erie
JONES Mrs. A. M.    
JONES Gertrude   210 6th
KAHLER Theodore laborer 211 w Huron
KAHLER Mrs. Theodore    
KANE Mrs. C. E.   800 Erie
KANE Miss K.    
KANE W. J. operator  
KANE Frank    
KELLEY James laborer 233 Y
KELLEY Mrs. James    
KELLEY Mrs. Bridget   208 6th
KELLOGG Geo. banker 102 s 7th
KELLOGG Mrs. Geo.    
KELLOGG C. W. attorney 318 4th
KELLOGG Mrs. C. W.    
KELLOGG Wallace laborer 110 5th
KELSEY Chas. L. operator 610 Superior
KELSEY Mrs. Chas. L.    
KELSEY Miss   810 Superior
KELSEY Mrs. Curtis   420 8th
KELSEY Guy    
KENDALL Ralph postoffice clerk 509 3rd
KENDALL Mrs. Ralph    
KENNEDY Daniel engineer 540 3rd
KENNEDY Mrs. Daniel    
KENNEDY Charlie minor  
KISTLER Rose   400 10th
KILTS F. restaurant 513 7th
KILTS Mrs. F.    
KINDER W. H. laborer 831 w St Clair
KINDER Mrs. W. H.    
KIRCHNER Thos. farmer 736 5th
KIRCHNER Mrs. Thos.    
KIRCHNER Floyd minor  
KIRCHNER Vern minor  
KIRKWOOD A. machinist Sunnyside
KIRKWOOD Mrs. A.    
KIRKWOOD Glen minor  
KIRKWOOD Robert minor  
KIRKWOOD Jean minor  
KIRLEY Peter retired 810 St Clair
KIRLEY Peter    
KIRLEY Mrs. Peter    
KIRLIN Mrs. Anna   413 6th
KIRLIN Dennis   415 6th
KIRLIN Robert engineer 414 5th
KIRLIN Mrs. Robert    
KIRLIN Robt. Jr. minor  
KIRLIN Michael blacksmith 116 6th
KIRLIN Mrs. Michael hotel  
KIRLIN Nellie minor  
KIRLIN Miles minor  
KIRLIN Maurice minor  
KITTRINGHAM John watchman 615 Ontario
KITTRINGHAM Jack minor  
KITTRINGHAM Effie minor  
KITTRINGHAM Mrs. Henry   500 Erie
KLAFFKE Louis brakeman 321 5th
KLAFFKE Mrs. Louis    
KLAUB Mrs.   210 6th
KNIGHT J. W. farmer Sunnyside av
KNIGHT Mrs. J. W.    
KNIGHT Ada    
KNIGHT John minor  
KNIGHT Marion C. fireman 123 West
KNIGHT Mrs. Marion C.    
KNIGHT Irene    
KRAMER Gertrude   522 4th
KRANSCOPF Mrs.   527 McGavren
KRANSCOPF Katherine    
KRANSCOPF Tommie    
KRANSCOPF Mildred    
KRAUSE Theodore boilermaker 205 West
KRAUSE Mrs. Theodore    
LADAU Cyprian shoemaker 312 1st
LADAU Mrs. Cyprian    
LADAU Edward    
LADAU William minor  
LADAU Herman minor  
LADUE A. machinist 531 3rd
LADUE Mrs. A.    
LADUE Joe    
LADUE Louis    
LADUE Charlie minor  
LADUE Frank engineer 111 w Superior
LADUE Mrs. Frank    
LADUE Jennie    
LAHMAN Walter minor 315 Erie
LAHMAN Mrs. C. C.   121 3rd
LAHMAN Rush    
LAKE Cyrus laborer 113 w Erie
LAKE Mrs. Cyrus    
LAKE Claud   123 w Erie
LAKE Mrs. D. B.   w Erie
LAKE I. E. laborer  
LAMAY Wm. laborer 533 McGavren
LAMAY Mrs. Wm.    
LAMAY Lucile minor  
LANGDON Charlie boilermaker 405 West
LANGDON Mrs. Charlie    
LANGDON Clara minor  
LANZ Chas. C. fireman 711 Elm
LANZ Mrs. Chas. C.    
LARSON Hans merchant 112 West
LARSON Mrs. Hans    
LARSON Edna minor  
LARSON Axel minor 131 w Michigan
LARSON Walter minor  
LARSON Paul minor  
LARSON Lee minor  
LARSON Wm. C. laborer 123 w Superior
LARSON Mrs. Wm. C.    
LARSON Nelson    
LARSON Ruby    
LARSON Stella    
LARSON Howard    
LARSON A. B. laborer 310 w Huron
LARSON Mrs. A. B.    
LARSON Marcellus minor  
LARSON H. C. tankman 406 Erie
LARSON Mrs. H. C.    
LAUGHREY W. E.   532 McGavren
LAUGHREY Mrs. W. E.    
LAUGHREY Walker    
LAUGHREY Wilma    
LAUGHREY Mrs. Elizabeth   521 5th
LEE Frank laborer 213 West
LEE Mrs. Frank    
LEESON Mrs. J. H.   1012 Lime
LEESON Richard    
LEESON Susan minor  
LEESON Nathan minor  
LEET Jas. butcher 318 1st
LEET Mrs. Jas.    
LEET Walter minor  
LETT Edson laborer 213 10th
LETT Mrs. Edson    
LETT Jas. minor  
LETT Walter minor  
LEVITT George laborer Superior
LEVITT Mrs. George    
LEVITT Mona minor  
LEVITT Ellen minor  
LEVITT Edward minor  
LEWIS Bert   328 5th
LEWIS Mrs. Bert    
LEWIS Drexel minor  
LEWIS Mrs. J. F.   223 2nd
LEWIS Helen minor  
LEWIS Una minor  
LEWIS Mand minor  
LEWIS Jessie minor  
LIITGE Ernest tailor 313 1st
LIITGE Mrs. Ernest    
LIITGE Dora minor  
LIITGE Matilda minor  
LIITGE Ernest minor  
LILWALL Jemima minor 317 7th
LINDBERG Louis   302 2nd
LINDBERG Mrs. Louis    
LINDBERG Henry    
LINDSLEY R. L. clerk 502 2nd
LINDSLEY Mrs. R. E.    
LINDSLEY Sadie nurse 311 Erie
LINQUIST I.   100 s 9th
LINQUIST Elmer    
LINQUIST Jennie minor  
LINQUIST Hazel minor  
LISTER Miss teacher 102 7th
LITTLE L. A.   611 Erie
LITTLE Mrs. L. A.    
LITTLE Oren    
LITTLE Clarence    
LITTLER I. R. elevator 9th
LITTLER Mrs. I. R.    
LITTLER Keith    
LIVINGSTONE A. H. painter 723 Erie
LIVINGSTON Evangel   722 Erie
LLOYD W. J. restaurant 511 Ontario
LOCKWOOD Mrs. H. L.   123 7th
LOGAN J. F. laborer 222 s 1st
LOGAN Mrs. J. F.    
LOGAN Ruth minor  
LOGAN Pearl minor  
LOGAN Lena minor  
LONGMAN Lou druggist 222 6th
LOVELAND Chas. baker w Erie
LOVELAND Mrs. Chas.    
LOVELAND Margaret minor  
LOVELAND Harry minor  
LOVELAND Vera minor  
LOVELAND Dewey minor  
LOVELAND Mrs. B. C.    
LOURY G. C. machinist 803 Maple
LOURY Mrs. G. C.    
LUCY Michael switchman 408 4th
LUCY Mrs. Michael    
LUCY Hazel minor  
LUCY Charlie minor  
LUCY Helen minor  
LUCY Margaret minor  
LUTES Luther   313 s 4th
LYON J. B. merchant 307 8th
LYON Mrs. J. B.    
LYON Russell    
LYON Marjorie minor  
MacALLISTER Rev. John   210 4th
MacALLISTER Mrs. John    
MacALLISTER Nellie    
MacALLISTER Maud    
MacALLISTER Donald minor  
MACE Clara minor 435 9th
MADSEN Ed   314 6th
MADSEN Mrs. Ed    
MADSEN Katherine minor  
MAHONEY Jas. machinist 211 6th
MAHONEY Mrs. James    
MAHONEY Guy machinist  
MAHONEY Archie minor  
MAHONEY Gordon minor  
MAHONEY Helen minor  
MAHONEY Jennie minor  
MALSI George fireman 113 3rd
MALSI Mrs. George    
MANDELKO Chas. carpenter 560 McGavren
MANDELKO Mrs. Chas.    
MANDELKO Harry    
MANDELKO Clara minor  
MANDELKO Helen minor  
MANDELKO Hazel minor  
MANDERVILLE Byron laborer 115 2nd
MANN Paul laborer 509 Portland
MANN Mrs. Paul    
MANN Oscar    
MANN Daisy minor  
MANN Layman    
MANN Roy minor  
MANN Henry    
MANN Halmer minor  
MANN Grace minor  
MANN Thomas minor  
MANN Ira   409 w Erie
MANN Mrs. Ira    
MARSH W. H. laborer 807 Linn
MARSH Mrs. W. H.    
MARSH John carpenter 412 3rd
MARSH Mrs. John    
MARSH Charlie    
MARSH Edith minor  
MARSH Marie minor  
MARSH Nita minor  
MARSH Nita    
MARSHALL S. W. laborer 1317 w Huron
MARSHALL Mrs. S. W.    
MARSHALL John minor  
MARSHALL Hattie minor  
MARSHALL Tom laborer 306 s 9th
MARSHALL George    
MARSHALL Nancy    
MARTIN J. P. real estate 103 9th
MARTIN Mrs. J. P.    
MARTIN Arthur minor  
MARTIN Rex minor  
MARTIN Harold minor  
MARTIN J. P. Jr. minor  
MARTIN Jas. C. carpenter 111 5th
MARTIN Mrs. Jas. C.    
MARTIN Chris D.    
MARTIN Dennis C.    
MARTIN Maggie    
MARTIN Grace minor  
MARTIN Louisa   611 St Clair
MATTHEWS E. F. retired 537 McGavern
MATTHEWS Mrs. E. F.    
MATTHEWS Dean machinist  
MATTHEWS Wallace switchman 120 4th
MATTHEWS Wm. minor 111 6th
MATTHEWS Stanley agent 707 Huron
MATTHEWS Mrs. Stanley    
McCARTHY Tom   421 s 9th
McCARTHY Mrs. Tom    
McCARTHY Burnadette minor  
McCARTHY   minor  
McCARTHY Leo minor  
McCARTHY John minor  
McCARTHY Nora   114 1st
McCARTHY John E. fireman  
McCARTHY Delia    
McCARTHY James F.    
McCLURE John E. electrician 417 4th
McCLURE Mrs. John E.    
McCLURE Edith    
McCLURE Gladys minor  
McCOID Mrs. Dora   111 6th
McCULLOUGH Wm. E. machinist 205 Harrison
McCULLOUGH Mrs. Wm. E.    
McCULLOUGH Ruth minor  
McCULLOUGH Francis minor  
McCULLOUGH Ellen minor  
McCULLOUGH Mrs. Fred   320 1st
McCULLOUGH Ed machinist  
McCULLOUGH Charlie    
McCULLOUGH J. R. laborer 929 McGavern
McCULLOUGH Mrs. J. R.    
McCULLOUGH Ernest minor  
McCUNE Jas. engineer 111 1st
McCLUNE Mrs. Jas.    
McCLUNE Glen minor  
McCLUNE Opal minor  
McCLUNE Clyde minor  
McCLUNE Bernedine minor  
McCUNE Mrs. Ellen   511 Ontario
McCUNE Harvey    
McCUNE Paul    
McCUNE Geraldine    
McELROY Mrs. Amanda   117 3rd
McEVOY R. D. dentist 418 4th
McEVOY Mrs. R. D.    
McEVOY Dorothy minor  
McEVOY Leonard minor  
McGAVREN J. R. merchant 817 Michigan
McGAVREN Mrs. J. R.    
McGAVREN Myrtle    
McGAVREN Leo minor  
McGAVREN John S. banker 219 7th
McGAVREN Mrs. John S.    
McGAVREN Ward minor  
McGAVREN Ruth minor  
McGAVREN Stough minor  
McGAVREN Ernest minor  
McGAVREN Herbert minor  
McGAVREN Stanton minor  
McGAVREN Charlie physician 617 Erie
McGAVREN Mrs. Charlie    
McGRAW Robert carpenter 652 4th
McGRAW Mrs. Robert    
McGRAW Vernie minor  
McKAIN Bertha   114 6th
McKAIN Fale    
McKINNEY Cora minor 435 9th
McKOWN M. C.   207 s 9th
McKOWN Mrs. M. C.    
McKOWN Hannah minor  
McKOWN Eva minor  
McLAUGHLIN Pat retired 113 s 8th
McLAUGHLIN Mrs. Pat    
McLAUGHLIN J. R. mail clerk 314 3rd
McLAUGHLIN Mrs. J. R.    
McLAUGHLIN Blanche    
McLENON John druggist 321 Huron
McLEOD Neil car inspector 905 St Clair
McLEOD Mrs. Neil    
McLEOD Grant    
McLEOD Bonnie minor  
MESSER Melvin blacksmith 510 McGavern
MESSER Mrs. Melvin    
MESSER Ella minor  
MESSER Otto minor  
MESSER Jesse   221 West
MESSER Mrs. Jesse    
MESSER Barney minor  
MESTMACHER Mrs. Mary   206 Erie
MESTMACHER H. carpenter 583 McGavren
MESTMACHER August minor  
MESTMACHER Amie minor  
MESTMACHER Lena minor  
METCALF Geo. boilermaker 530 McGavren
METCALF Mrs. Geo.    
MEYER G. farmer 800 8th
MEYER Mrs. G.    
MIDDLETON Angie teacher 122 7th
HILES Frank machinist  
MILLER Wm. yard foreman 310 West
MILLER Albert minor  
MILLER Charlie minor  
MILLER Margaret minor  
MILLER Ethel minor  
MILLER Geneva minor  
MILLER F. H. clerk 515 Erie
MILLER Mrs. F. H.    
MILLER Clarence clerk 113 2nd
MILLER John machinist 314 2nd
MILLER Mrs. John    
MILLER Pearl minor  
MILLER Anna minor  
MILLIMAN Mrs. Helen   634 4th
MILLIMAN Ira farmer  
MILLIMAN Walter clerk 421 5th
MILLIMAN Mrs. Walter    
MILLIMAN Russel minor  
MILLIMAN George minor  
MILLS F. H. retired 823 Erie
MILLS Earl    
MILLS Mabel    
MINNEY Wilbert boilermaker 308 Erie
MINNEY Mrs. Wilbert    
MOHLER W. S. mail clerk 704 Maple
MOHLER Mrs. W. S.    
MOHLER Mark minor  
MOHLER Margaret minor  
MOHLER Daniel minor  
MOORE R. M.   400 10th
MOORE Mrs. H. A.   596 McGavren
MOORE George laborer 306 1st
MOORE Mrs. George    
MOORE Mrs. Sarah   218 2nd
MOORE B. J. salesman 503 5th
MOORE Mrs. B. J.    
MOORE David    
MOREHOUSE Belle   605 Superior
MORGAN S. H. farmer Sunnyside ave
MORGAN Mrs. S. H.    
MORGAN Mattie    
MORGAN Francis    
MORGAN Chas. laborer 111 West
MORGAN Mrs. Chas.    
MORLAN J. R. laborer 301 s 1st
MORLAN Mrs. J. R.    
MORLAN Miles minor  
MORRITY Kate   827 Erie
MORRITY Jas. machinist  
MORRITY Chas.    
MOSIER Raymond minor 301 Superior
MOSIER Robert minor  
MOSS C. M. section 233 s 1st
MOSS Mrs. C. M.    
MOSS Maud minor  
MOSS Rose minor  
MOSS Clark minor  
MOTT G. L. laborer 5th
MOTT Mrs. G. L.    
MOTT Rilla minor  
MOTT Guy minor  
MOTT Lenora minor  
MOTT Trecie minor  
MOTT Glen minor  
MOTT Ruby minor  
MULLEN Rev. T. J.   617 Huron
MULLER W. J. gunsmith 603 Superior
MULLER Mrs. W. J.    
MULLER Julius minor  
MULLER Anna minor  
MULLER Irena minor  
MULLER Maud minor  
MULLER Margaret minor  
MULLER Glen minor  
MURPHY Mrs. Mary hotel 105 s 6th
MURPHY Mary    
MURPHY Anna    
MURPHY Grace minor  
MURPHY John minor  
MURPHY Anna T.   113 7th
MYERS Charlie laborer 223 West
MYERS Mrs. Charlie    
MYERS Emma    
MYERS Manuel real estate 101 1st
MYERS Mrs. Manuel    
MYERS Fannie    
MYERS Thomas    
MYERS Wm. J. boilermaker 220 1st
MYERS Mrs. Wm. J.    
MYERS Lloyd minor  
MYERS Floyd minor  
MYERS Theodore tailor 112 1st
MYERS Mrs. Theodore    
MYERS Jessie minor  
MYERS Frelinghuysen retired 301 Superior
MYERS Mrs. Frelinghuysen    
MYERS Stephen minor  
MYERS F. E. real estate 206 6th
MYERS Mrs. F. E.    
MYERS Pearl minor  
MYERS Delbert minor  
MYERS Ruth minor  
MYERS Edgar minor  
MYERS August carpenter 211 w Superior
MYERS Mrs. August    
MYERS Harold    
MYERS Henry boilermaker 322 w Huron
MYERS Mrs. Henry    
MYERS Edith minor  
MYERS Francis minor  
NIEDERMEYER Wm.   222 w Erie
NIEDERMEYER Willie minor  
NIEDERMEYER Ella minor  
NEITZSCH Chas. clerk 307 6th
NEITZSCH Mrs. Chas.    
NEITZSCH Fred minor  
NELSON Sam section 312 s 9th
NELSON Irene    
NELSON Nels minor  
NELSON Jacob car inspector 212 8th
NELSON Mrs. Jacob    
NELSON Mabel minor  
NELSON Frank minor  
NELSON Clementine minor  
NELSON Peter laborer 114 s Harrison
NELSON Mrs. Peter    
NELSON Hans laborer 108 West
NELSON Dora minor 222 West
NELSON Alfred   555 3rd
NELSON Millie   121 4th
NELSON Larn   Grove
NELSON Mrs. Larn    
NELSON Jay minor  
NELSON Ray minor  
NELSON Vera minor  
NELSON C. C. car inspector 222 w Huron
NELSON Mrs. C. C.    
NELSON Edward minor  
NELSON Oscar minor  
NELSON John minor  
NELSON Arthur minor  
NEWELL C. E. merchant 406 Erie
NEWELL Mrs. C. E.    
NEUFIND Chas.   314 w Huron
NEUFIND Mrs. Chas.    
NEUFIND Nellie    
NEUFIND Fern    
NEUFIND Oscar boilermaker 318 w Huron
NEUFIND Mrs. Oscar    
NEUFIND Wm. merchant 121 w Erie
NEUFIND Mrs. Wm.    
NEUFIND Claud    
NEUFIND Chester    
NEUFIND Carl    
NEUFIND Ray minor  
NEUFIND Fay minor  
NEWTON W. G. machinist 129 9th
NEWTON Mrs. W. G.    
NEWTON Mrs. Ed   114 7th
NEWTON Harry merchant 108 2nd
NEWTON Mrs. Harry    
NEWTON Edward minor  
NEWTON Louise minor  
NEWTON Reuben merchant 113 3rd
NEWTON Mrs. Reuben    
NICHOLSON Wm. fireman 319 w Erie
NICHOLSON Mrs. Wm.    
NICHOLSON Gretchen minor  
NICHOLSON Edgar minor  
NIMS Melvin machinist 218 w Erie
NORBERG V. A. tailor 415 7th
NORBERG Mrs. V. A.    
NORBERG Anna minor  
NORBERG Ray minor  
NORBERG Florence    
NORDEEN A. P. retired 3rd av
NORDEEN Mrs. A. P.    
NORDEEN August    
NORDEEN Edward    
NORDEEN Hugo    
NORDEEN W. carpenter 400 s 1st
NORDEEN Mrs. W.    
NORDEEN Cora minor  
NORDEEN Axel minor  
NORDEEN Jules minor  
NORDEEN Edna minor  
NORDEEN Henning minor  
NORDEEN Agnes minor  
NORRIS C. C. switchman 502 3rd
NORRIS Mrs. C. C.    
NORTON Myron laborer 135 9th
NORTON Mrs. Myron    
NOXON A. W. laborer 330 s 9th
NOXON Mrs. A. W.    
NOXON Archer minor  
NOXON Bentley minor  
NOXON Mervin minor  
NOXON Elnora minor  
NOYES S. T. retired Erie
NOYES Mrs. S. T.    
NOYES Helen    
NOYES J. F. laborer 642 4th
NOYES Mrs. J. F.    
NOYES Peter    
NOYES Eva minor  
NOYES Margaret minor  
O'BANION Bert   739 5th
O'BANION Mrs. Bert    
O'BANION Howard minor  
O'BANION Calvin laborer 731 5th
O'BANION Mrs. Calvin    
O'BANION Claude minor  
O'BANION Herchel minor  
O'BRIEN J. O.   507 McGavren
O'BRIEN Mrs. J. F.    
O'BRIEN Nick minor  
O'BRIEN Marie minor  
O'CONNOR Michael boilermaker 219 3rd
O'CONNOR Mrs. Michael    
O'CONNOR Elizabeth    
O'CONNOR Arthur minor  
O'CONNOR Tim merchant 323 3rd
O'CONNOR John    
O'CONNOR Ella    
O'CONNOR Stacia    
ODEN Chas. S. laborer 109 3rd
ODEN Mrs. Chas. S.    
O'GORMAN John laborer 541 3rd
O'GORMAN Mrs. John    
OLESON Nels laborer 116 6th
OLIVER J. W. laborer 545 McGavren
OLIVER Mrs. J. W.    
OLIVER Jessie    
OLIVER Opal minor  
OLMSTEAD Mrs. Frances   307 Huron
O'NEIL W. R. conductor 201 3rd
O'NEIL Mrs. W. R.    
ORR C. W. teamster Elm
ORR Mrs. C. W.    
ORR Harry switchman  
ORR Fred switchman 307 2nd
ORR Mrs. Fred    
ORRIS Miss Isabel teacher 119 7th
OSBORNE G. S. druggist 315 Superior
OSBORNE Mrs. G. S.    
OSBORNE Florence minor  
OSBORNE Robert minor  
O'SHEA Morton switchman 109 s 6th
O'SHEA Mrs. Morton    
O'SHEA Helen minor  
OVIATT Frank drayman 504 5th
OVIATT Mrs. Frank    
OVIATT Percy    
OVIATT Florence    
OWEN Jas. laborer 817 Maple
OWEN Mrs. Jas.    
OWENS Jas. retired McGavren
OWENS Mrs. Jas.    
OWENS John W. carpenter 565 3rd
OWENS Mrs. John W.    
OWENS Glenna minor  
OWENS Ray minor  
OWENS Fern minor  
OWENS Grace minor  
PADELL Kate   Maple
PADELL Gene minor  
PADELL Orrin minor  
PALMER George laborer 234 s 1st
PALMER Mrs. George    
PALMER Myrle minor  
PALMER Benjamin minor  
PALMER B. F. laborer 313 s 1st
PALMER Mrs. B. F.    
PALMER Mrs.   317 3rd
PANGLE H. E. retired 110 8th
PANGLE Mrs. Leilia    
PANGLE Mrs. M. J.    
PARKER H. G.   1013 Granite
PARKER Ella minor  
PARKER T. H. laborer 220 10th
PARKER Mrs. T. H.    
PARKER A. L.   700 McGavren
PARKER Mrs. A. L.    
PARKER Lulu    
PARKHURST Roland carpenter 3rd
PARKHURST Mrs. Roland    
PAULSON Tilda   723 Huron
PEAKE W. H. real estate Sunnyside ave
PEAKE Mrs. W. H.    
PEAKE Warren    
PEAKE Stewart    
PEAKE Henrietta minor  
PENNINGTON Joseph laborer 231 Y
PEPPER John laborer 538 McGavren
PETERSON Nels carpenter 803 Snyders add
PETERSON Mrs. Nels    
PETERSON Marie minor  
PETERSON Lydia minor  
PETERSON Sarah minor  
PETERSON Nellie minor  
PETERSON Esther minor  
PETERSON Mary   413 West
PETERSON Chris merchant 150 4th
PETERSON Andrew P. painter 628 4th
PETERSON Mrs. Andrew P.    
PETERSON Carl minor  
PETTIT Wm. laborer 329 s 9th
PETTIT Mrs. Wm.    
PETTIT Charlie minor  
PHILLIPS Walter A. real estate 612 4th
PHILLIPS Mrs. Walter    
PHILLIPS Frederick minor  
PHILLIPS Louis minor  
PHILLIPS Shirley minor  
PHILLIPS Walter minor  
PIKE L. R. ticket agent 548 3rd
PIKE Mrs. L. R.    
PIKE Harlan minor  
PIKE Dorothy minor  
PIKE Adaline minor  
PIKE Mildred minor  
PITT J. L. restaurant 619 Ontario
PITT Mrs. J. L.    
PITT Lola    
PITT James minor  
PITT George minor  
PITT Mrs. Harriet    
PODENDORF Otto carpenter 114 West
PODENDORF Mrs. Otto    
PODENDORF Luella minor  
PODENDORF Clarence minor  
POINTS Fred laborer 209 1st
POINTS Mrs. Fred    
POINTS Ethel minor  
POOR     901 w Superior
POORE Ray minor 407 w Erie
POORE Kate minor  
PORTER Frank pool room 300 2nd
PORTER Mrs. Frank    
PORTER Albert minor  
PORTER Lauren minor  
PORTER Paul minor  
POUNDS James laborer 623 6th
POUNDS Mrs. James    
POUNDS Samuel    
POUNDS Etta    
POUNDS Myrtle    
POUNDS Minnie minor  
POUNDS Amos laborer 204 Erie
POUNDS Mrs. Amos    
POUNDS Charles    
POUNDS Benjamin minor  
PRATHER J. C. well digger 322 4th
PRATHER Mrs. J. C.    
PRATHER Thomas minor  
PRATT E. W. mechanic 723 Huron
PRATT Mrs. E. W.    
PRATT Verona    
PRICE J. H. music dealer 104
PROSS Mrs. nurse 214 3rd
PRUESS   exp. messenger 116 6th
PRYOR Miss   617 Huron
PUDDY C. A. laundry 115 6th
PUDDY Mrs. C. A.    
PUDDY Etta minor  
PUDDY Bertha minor  
PUDDY Mabel minor  
PUDDY Ray minor  
PURCELL B. C. miller 909 w Superior
PURCELL Mrs. B. C.    
PURCELL Emmet minor  
PURCELL Orris minor  
PURCELL William minor  
PURCELL Bennie minor  
PURCELL Daniel boilermaker 101 West
PURCELL Mrs. Daniel    
PURCELL Frank plumber 611 Erie
PURCELL Mrs. Frank    
PURCELL Elmer minor  
PURCELL Floyd minor  
PURCELL Roscoe minor  
QUIRST Ellen teacher 407 7th
QUIRST Grace minor  
QUIRST Sherman minor  
RAGAN A. N. merchant 307 w Erie
RAGAN Mrs. A. N.    
RAINBOW Henry J. engineer 313 3rd
RAINBOW Mrs. Henry J.    
RAINBOW Charlie    
RAINS Nathan minor 652 4th
RAMSEYER Mrs. A. M.   213 w Huron
RAMSEYER Arthur machinist  
RANDALL Joe operator 834 Huron
RAYMOND Margaret   321 Huron
RAYMOND Anna    
RAYMOND Mildred    
RAYMOND Mrs. Sarah E.   707 Huron
REDDING Mrs. Jane   609 Ontario
REDMAN Edith teacher 120 4th
REDMAN Daniel engineer 619 6th
REDMAN Mrs. Daniel    
REDMAN Catharine    
REED W. O. photographer 301 Superior
REED Mrs. W. O.    
REED Mrs. F. M.   307 Superior
REED E. M. telephone  
REED Mildred    
REEDER A. P. carpenter 119 2nd
REEDER Mrs. A. P.    
REEDER Fred    
REEL W. D. bartender 216 s 1st
REEL Mrs. W. D.    
REEL Jesse minor  
REEL Muriel minor  
REEL Vera minor  
REEL John A. retired 215 s 1st
REEL Mrs. John A.    
REEL H. C. merchant 717 w Huron
REEL Mrs. H. C.    
REEL Mark minor  
REEL Newell minor  
REEL Estel minor  
REEL W. M. merchant 315 Erie
REEL Mrs. W. M.    
REILLY B. F. fireman 421 7th
REILLY Mrs. B. F.    
REILLY Helen minor  
RHODABECK E. M. news agent 817 Michigan
RHODABECK Mrs. E. M.    
RHODABECK Mary J.   711 Erie
RICH John L. machinist 598 3rd
RICH Mrs. John L.    
RICH Devere minor  
RICH Louis minor  
RICHARDSON John laborer 207 10th
RICHARDSON Mrs. John    
RICHARDSON Fern minor  
RICHARDSON Fannie minor  
RICHARDSON Zella   119 8th
RIDER Mrs. Martha   212 6th
RIDER Charliss    
RIDER Frank    
RIDER Edith minor  
RIDER Clark minor  
RIDER Ruth minor  
RIDER Pauline minor  
RIDER Harriet minor  
RIGGINS Mrs. J.   312 8th
RILEY B. F. drayman 624 4th
RILEY Mrs. B. F.    
RILEY Bernard J.    
RILEY James E.    
RILEY Mary    
RILEY George minor  
RILEY Francis minor  
RILEY Christopher minor  
RILEY Anna minor  
RILEY Catherine minor  
RILEY Hector minor  
RILEY Bergetta minor  
RITCHIE Robert retired 512 6th
RITCHIE Mrs. Robert    
RITCHIE Jessie teacher  
ROBERTS J. H. druggist 321 Huron
ROBERTS A. W. janitor 221 6th
ROBERTS Mrs. A. W.    
ROBERTS Harry minor  
ROBERTS Ray minor  
ROBINSON R. ticket agent 122 8th
ROBINSON Mrs. R.    
ROBINSON Charlie    
ROBINSON Charlie tinner 208 1st
ROBINSON Mrs. Charlie    
ROBINSON Philip livery 717 Huron
ROBINSON Mrs. Philip    
ROBINSON Fred minor  
ROCHE Chas. engineer 111 s West
ROCHE Mrs. Chas.    
ROCHE Robert minor  
ROCKWELL A. H. mason 601 Elm
ROCKWELL Mrs. A. H.    
ROHNER Jacob laborer 513 Shawmut
ROSENBAUM J. E. merchant 1101 w Huron
ROSENBAUM Mrs. J. E.    
ROSENBAUM Mabel minor  
ROSENBAUM Ralph minor  
ROSENBAUM Elmer minor  
ROSENBAUM Howard minor  
ROURKE Nellie   214 3rd
ROWE Grant   701 5th
ROWE Herschel    
RUSSELL Mrs. Emma   121 3rd
RUSSELL Wm. carpenter 116 s 6th
SALES T. W. laborer 306 12th
SALES Mrs. T. W.    
SALES Orville    
SANDEEN Fred   106 1st
SANDEEN Mrs. Fred    
SANDEEN Albert minor  
SANDEEN Inez minor  
SANE H. W. machinist 506 McGavren
SANE Mrs. H. W.    
SANE Howard minor  
SANE Vern minor  
SANE Ray minor  
SANE Harlan minor  
SANE Lewis minor  
SARGENT Charlie postal clerk 210 2nd
SARGENT Mrs. Charlie    
SARVEY Mrs. M. J.   822 Michigan
SCHLAGENHAUFF Geo. carpenter 213 Superior
SCHOLLERT Rev.   313 West
SCHOLLERT Myrtle    
SCHOLLERT Bertha    
SCHOLLERT Frances    
SCHULMEISTER John cigar maker 703 Huron
SCHULMEISTER Florence minor  
SCHULMEISTER Arthur minor  
SCHULMEISTER Gertrude minor  
SCHULTZ Lydia   526 4th
SCHWERTLEY Mrs. S.   Huron
SCOFIELD Oren laborer 111 s 9th
SCOFIELD Mrs. Oren    
SCOFIELD Agnes minor  
SCOFIELD Opal minor  
SCOFIELD Nettie minor  
SCOTT Charles carpenter 411 Linn
SCOTT Mrs. Charles    
SCOTT Oscar    
SCOTT Wm. tinner 319 5th
SCOTT Mrs. Wm.    
SCOTT Eva minor  
SCOTT Ruth minor  
SEAHOLM Alfred watchman 302 9th
SEAHOLM Mrs. Alfred    
SEAHOLM Sylva    
SEAHOLM Nora    
SEAHOLM Tilda minor  
SEAHOLM Ethel minor  
SEAHOLM Fred minor  
SEARS A. janitor 210 1st
SEARS Mrs. A.    
SEATON Mrs. E. A.    
SENKER Wm. marble cutter 222 1st
SENKER Mrs. Wm.    
SENKER Ray minor  
SENKER Mary minor  
SHAEFER Elbert druggist 703 Huron
SHAW Hiram laborer 211 w St Clair
SHAW Mrs. Hiram    
SHAW Lena    
SHERWIN Cullen farmer 211 2nd
SHERWIN Mrs. Cullen    
SHILEY Geo. druggist 315 6th
SHILEY Mrs. Geo.    
SHILEY Anna    
SHILEY Joseph    
SHORT G. W. laborer 1009 Granite
SHORT Mrs. G. W.    
SHORT Della    
SHORT Grace    
SHULHEIMER Mrs.   208 s West
SHURTZ Laura   117 7th
SHUTES J. W.   s 8th
SHUTES Mrs. J. W.    
SIEGFRIED Albert boilermaker 105 Erie
SIEGFRIED Mrs. Albert    
SIMMS Fred retired 519 Huron
SIMMS Mrs. Fred    
SIMMS Armstead laborer s Harrison
SIMMS Mrs. Armstead    
SIMMS Nettie minor  
SIMMS Sadie minor  
SKELTON P. A. laborer 204 s West
SKELTON Mrs. P. A.    
SKELTON Perry    
SKELTON Oscar machinist 414 Harrison
SKELTON Mrs. Oscar    
SKELTON Roy minor  
SKELTON May minor  
SKELTON Fay minor  
SKELTON Sylvia minor  
SKELTON Orville minor  
SKELTON Dallas harness 546 3rd
SKELTON Mrs. Dallas    
SKELTON Cecil minor  
SKELTON Howard minor  
SKELTON Joyce minor  
SKELTON Wayne minor  
SKELTON John blacksmith 222 6th
SKELTON Mrs. Lova    
SKELTON Floyd minor  
SKELTON Jessie laborer 313 Michigan
SKELTON Mrs. Jessie    
SKELTON Vernon minor  
SKELTON Marvin minor  
SKELTON Louis laborer w St Clair
SKELTON Mrs. Louis    
SKELTON Harold minor  
SKELTON Ruby minor  
SKELTON Mary minor  
SKELTON Floyd minor  
SKELTON Vera minor  
SKELTON Helen minor  
SKELTON Arthur J. clerk 400 Erie
SKELTON Mrs. Arthur    
SLOCUM Mrs. Hulda   218 w Superior
SLOCUM Robert minor  
SMITH Tom laborer 410 s 1st
SMITH Mrs. Tom    
SMITH Harvey minor  
SMITH Mrs. Harvey    
SMITH G. M. carpenter 571 McGavren
SMITH G. M.    
SMITH Carl minor  
SMITH Chas. brick manufacturer McGavren
SMITH Mrs. Chas.    
SMITH Roy    
SMITH Fannie minor  
SMITH Charlie minor  
SMITH Chas. F. laborer 516 McGavren
SMITH Mrs. Chas. F.    
SMITH Alexander well digger 410 Harrison
SMITH Mrs. Alexander    
SMITH Willie minor  
SMITH Millie minor  
SMITH Robert minor  
SMITH Lloyd minor  
SMITH Edith minor  
SMITH Frank minor  
SMITH Abraham laborer 107 s West
SMITH Mrs. Abraham    
SMITH Guy R. salesman 534 3rd
SMITH Mrs. Guy R.    
SMITH Nadja minor  
SMITH W. E. opera house 108 s 5th
SMITH Mrs. W. E.    
SMITH Sibyl    
SMITH Vivian minor  
SMITH Joe teamster 317 Summitt
SMITH Mrs. Joe    
SMITH Ernest bartender 511 8th
SMITH Mrs. Ernest    
SMITH Leonard minor  
SMITH Josephine minor  
SMITH Minnie minor  
SMITH Goldie minor  
SMITH Ralph minor  
SMOTHERS George carpenter 218 1st
SMOTHERS Mrs. George    
SNIFF A. H. editor 523 4th
SNIFF Mrs. A. H.    
SNYDER Mrs. J. S.   219 Erie
SOUCK E. laborer Linn
SOUCK Mrs. E.    
SOUCK Buell minor  
SOUCK Roy minor  
SOUTH J. H. merchant 305 Erie
SOUTH Mrs. J. H.    
SOUTH Christy    
SOUTH Nellie    
SPOFARD N. B.   405 Erie
SPOFARD Mrs. F. B.    
SPANIOL John barber 203 St Clair
SPANIOL Mrs. John    
SPANIOL William    
SPANIOL Frank    
SPENCER N. M. laborer 313 s 9th
SPENCER Mrs. N. M.    
SPENCER Myrtle    
SPENCER Millie minor  
SPENCER E. E. laborer 338 s 9th
SPENCER Mrs. E. E.    
SPENCER Lola minor  
SPENCER Ora minor  
SPENCER Archie minor  
SPENCER Ollie minor  
SPENCER Abbie minor  
SPENCER Mercedes    
SPENCER Frank minor  
STARLIN Bruce marble cutter 525 3rd
STARLIN Mrs. Bruce    
STARLIN Terry minor  
STEBBINS L. P. laundry 113 6th
STEBBINS Mrs. L. P.    
STEBBINS Galen    
STEBBINS Ethel minor  
STEBBINS Carl minor  
STEEN J. W. mgr. hotel 501 Ontario
STEINART Frank carpenter 117 1st
STEINART Frank    
STEINART Grace minor  
STEINART Ward minor  
STEINART Lucy minor  
STEINART Esther minor  
STERNS Florence   596 Superior
STETZEL August merchant 206 Erie
STETZEL Mrs. August    
STEVENS E. W. engineer Portland av
STEVENS Mrs. E. W.    
STEVENS Mabel    
STEVENS Loren minor  
STEVENS Dorothy minor  
STEVENS Clarence merchant 117 3rd
STEVENS Mrs. Clarence    
STEWART M. E. bartender McGavren
STEWART Mrs. M. E.    
STEWART Pearl minor  
STEWART Floyd minor  
STEWART Paul minor  
STEWART W. A. constable 119 6th
STEWART Leona    
STEWART Harry    
STEWART Wilhelmina minor  
STIDFOLE August laborer 1119 Granite
STIDFOLE Mrs. August    
STIDFOLE August minor  
STODDARD F. L. merchant 423 Erie
STODDARD Mrs. F. L.    
STOWE Frank jeweler 603 Michigan
STOWE Mrs. Frank    
STOWE Rufus    
STOWE Walter minor  
STRANGE Arthur blacksmith 209 6th
STRANGE Mrs. Arthur    
STRANGE Helen minor  
STRANGE Claude minor  
STRANGE Robert minor  
STROBEGHN Mrs. Christina   303 6th
STROBEGHN Wm. clerk  
STUART Elijah A. laborer 323 Harrison
STUART Mrs. Elijah A.    
STUART Clarence minor  
STUART John C. painter 415 5th
STUART Mrs. John C.    
SUDDITH W. H. express agent 503 3rd
SUDDITH Mrs. W. H.    
SUDDITH Charlie minor  
SUDDITH Luella minor  
SUDDITH Clarence minor  
SUDDITH Hazel minor  
SUDDITH Hazel farmer  
SUDDITH Galen minor  
SULLIVAN John merchant 421 Erie
SULLIVAN Mrs. John J.    
SULLIVAN John Jr. merchant  
SULLIVAN John section 122 w Erie
SULLIVAN Mrs. John    
SULLIVAN John Jr.    
SULLIVAN Maggie minor  
SULLIVAN Stacia minor  
SULLIVAN Mary minor  
SULLIVAN Catherine minor  
SWAN C. E. farmer 212 2nd
SWAN Mrs. C. E.    
SWAN Hattie    
TAMISIEA T. I. merchant 214 7th
TAMISIEA Mrs. V. I.    
TAMISIEA Earl minor  
TAMISIEA Loraine minor  
TAMISIEA Margaret minor  
TAMISIEA J. N. miller 218 7th
TAMISIEA Mrs. J. N.    
TAMISIEA Maria minor  
TAMISIEA Loretta minor  
TAMISIEA Genevieve minor  
TAMISIEA Hugh physician 109 West
TAMISIEA Mrs. Hugh    
TAMISIEA Hattie    
TAMISIEA Jos. D. merchant 321 6th
TAMISIEA Mrs. Jos. D.    
TAMISIEA Jos. H.    
TAMISIEA A. L. hotel 104 6th
TAMISIEA Mrs. A. L.    
TAMISIEA Theresa    
TAMISIEA Florence    
TAMISIEA Cecelia    
TAMISIEA James    
TAMISIEA Victor retired 615 St Clair
TAMISIEA Lizzie    
TAMISIEA Jeanette    
TAMISIEA Arthur minor  
TAMISIEA John L. physician 423 Michigan
TAMISIEA Mrs. John L.    
TAMISIEA Paul minor  
TAMISIEA Frank attorney 415 Michigan
TAMISIEA Mrs. Frank    
TAMISIEA Andrew merchant 325 Michigan
TAMISIEA Mrs. Andrew    
TAYLOR Zach painter 117 s West
TAYLOR Mrs. Zach    
TAYLOR Bessie minor  
TAYLOR Della minor  
TAYLOR Luella minor  
TAYLOR Lester minor  
TAYLOR Helen minor  
TEIGELER Frank B. barber 607 Erie
TEIGELER Mrs. Frank B.    
TEIGELER Cornelia    
TEIGELER Edna minor  
TEIGELER Henry minor  
TEIGELER Lenora minor  
TEMPLE Chas. laborer 606 St Clair
TEMPLE Mrs. Chas.    
TEMPLE Frank    
TEMPLE Claud minor  
TEMPLE Clifford minor  
TENNANT R. J.   132 9th
TENNANT Mrs. R. J.    
TENNANT Ethel minor  
TENNANT Carrie minor  
TENSMEYER C. laborer 595 McGavren
TENSMEYER John minor  
TENSMEYER Huldah minor  
TENSMEYER Benjamin minor  
THOMAS Mrs. Maggie   214 Huron
THOMAS Theresa    
THOMAS Thomas    
THOMPSON Margaret   211 2nd
THOMPSON Mrs. Martha   213 s 9th
THOMPSON Milton    
THOMPSON Mamie minor  
THOMPSON Marion minor  
THOMPSON Gilbert minor  
THOMPSON Arthur minor  
THOMSEN Jeppe engineer 511 Erie
THOMSEN C. H. laborer  
THOMSEN Nels    
THOMSEN Anna    
THOMSEN Mary minor  
THOMSEN Martin minor  
THORNBURG W. F. shoemaker 408 1/2 Erie
THORNBURG Mrs. W. F.    
THURBER H. A. carpenter 118 9th
THURBER Mrs. H. A.    
THURBER Howard minor  
THURBER Bruce minor  
TOLLOFSON T. laborer 324 9th
TOLLOFSON Ivan minor  
TOLLOFSON Elmer minor  
TOLLOFSON Lily minor  
TOLLOFSON Ralph minor  
TOLLOFSON Agnes minor  
TOLLOFSON Fern minor  
TORNEY Mrs. Ida   513 Erie
TORNEY Thomas    
TRACY Thomas plumber 120 s 6th
TRACY Mrs. Thomas hotel  
TRACY Esther minor  
TRACY Truman L. carpenter 122 6th
TRACY Mrs. Truman L.    
TRACY Harry    
TRACY Harlan minor  
TRAVERS Mrs. Anna   619 Glen
TRAVERS Mary    
TREDWAY M.   218 7th
TRUE Otto   213 1st
TRUE Mrs. Otto    
TRUE George minor  
TUBBS Geo. W. fireman 513 5th
TUBBS Mrs. Geo. W.    
TUBBS Lemoyne    
TUBBS Geo. Jr.    
TUCKER James laborer 3rd
TURNER Fred laborer 310 West
TURNER Mrs. Fred    
TURNER Stella   111 4th
TURNER S. T.   213 5th
TURNER Mrs. S. T.    
TURNER Marjorie minor  
TURNER Harold minor  
UNMACK Wm. carpenter 106 West
UNMACK Mrs. Wm.    
UNMACK Emil    
UNMACK Amelia    
VAN HANSEN E. W. mail clerk 526 4th
VAN HANSEN Mrs. E. W.    
VAN HANSEN Mabel minor  
VAN HANSEN Edgar laborer 413 Linn
VAN HANSEN Mrs. Edgar    
VAN HANSEN Gladys    
VAN HANSEN Chester minor  
VAN HANSEN Eugene minor  
VAN HANSEN Theodore minor  
VAN HANSEN William minor  
VAN PATTEN S.   619 McGavren
VAN PATTEN Mrs. S.    
VARNES Ada   308 Erie
VICKERY W. N. carpenter 244 s 1st
VICKERY Mrs. W. N.    
VOSS Fred   607 Superior
VOSS Mrs. Fred    
VOSS Mabel minor  
WAGGONER J. W. laborer 1101 Granite
WAGGONER Mrs. J. W.    
WAGGONER Bessie    
WAGGONER Della minor  
WAGGONER Delbert minor  
WAKEFIELD Florence   421 5th
WALKER W. K. yardmaster 813 Erie
WALKER Mrs. W. K.    
WALKER Edward    
WALKER Harold    
WALKER Frank machinist 404 3rd
WALKER Mrs. Frank    
WALKER Marie minor  
WALKER Chauncey retired 219 4th
WALKER Mrs. Chauncey    
WALKER Worcester minor  
WALKER Louis M.   612 St Clair
WALKER Mrs. Louis M.    
WALTERS Miss teacher 117 7th
WALTERS Peter   580 McGavren
WALTERS Mrs. Peter    
WALTERS Clara minor  
WALTERS Beulah minor  
WALTERS Louis tinner 204 West
WALTERS Mrs. Louis    
WALTERS Nervesta   589 McGavren
WALTERS Hazel    
WALTERS Henry    
WALTON Ole carpenter 212 West
WALTON Mrs. Ole    
WALTON John    
WALTON Harry minor  
WALTON Ray minor  
WALTON August painter 306 w Huron
WALTON Mrs. August    
WALTON Mildred minor  
WARD Jerry painter 6th
WARD Mrs. Jerry    
WARD Joseph minor  
WARREN Mrs. F. E.   104 9th
WARREN Fred minor  
WARREN Bernard minor  
WARREN Charles clerk 502 Superior
WARREN Mrs. Charles    
WARREN Harriet minor  
WARREN Kenneth minor  
WARREN Mrs. Emily    
WARWICK Chas. machinist 316 1st
WARWICK Mrs. Chas.    
WARWICK Robert    
WARWICK Carl    
WARWICK Bernice minor  
WARWICK Leland minor  
WARREN Horace dentist 401 Huron
WARREN Mrs. Horace    
WARREN Worcester    
WATKINS Eli   108 9th
WATKINS Mrs. Eli    
WATKINS Elmer    
WATHLES J. S. surveyor 321 Huron
WATTS J. W. switchman 111 6th
WATTS Mrs. J. W.    
WATTS Dorothy minor  
WAY J. V. salesman 520 3rd
WAY Mrs. J. V.    
WAYNE Gabriel porter 416 Erie
WEATHERLY S. F. laborer 319 10th
WEATHERLY Mrs. S. F.    
WEATHERLY Thomas minor  
WEATHERLY Leonard minor  
WEATHERLY Lester minor  
WEHRLI John jeweler 928 Snyder add
WEHRLI Mrs. John    
WEHRLI Fred    
WEHRLI Carl blacksmith 219 w Superior
WEHRLI Mrs. Carl    
WEIR Orin W. fireman 213 6th
WEIR Mrs. Orin W.    
WELCH Kate dressmaker 323 Erie
WELCH W. H. laborer 413 6th
WELCH Mrs. W. H.    
WELCH Nellie minor  
WELCH Anna minor  
WELCH Willie minor  
WELCH Catherine minor  
WEST G. M. laborer 205 9th
WEST Mrs. G. M.    
WEST G. W. laborer 533 7th
WEST Mrs. G. W.    
WEST S. retired 831 Huron
WEST Mrs. S.    
WEST Mrs. L.   422 Shawmut
WEST Harmon    
WEST Frank    
WEST Cornelia minor  
WESTON M. G. merchant 518 7th
WESTON Mrs. M. G.    
WHEELAN Geo. section 629 4th
WHEELAN Mrs. Geo.    
WHEELAN Docela minor  
WHEELAN Edward minor  
WHEELAN Agnes minor  
WHEELER Andrew switchman 413 Michigan
WHEELER Mrs. Andrew    
WHEELER Gladys minor  
WHEELER Doris minor  
WHITE D. carpenter 416 McGavren
WHITE Mrs. D.    
WHITE Clarence minor  
WHITE Harvey minor  
WHITE Myrtle minor  
WHITE Ralph minor  
WHITE May minor  
WIELENGA Mrs. J. lunch room 119 s 5th
WILDER Mrs.   123 7th
WILDING Thos. retired 112 2nd
WILDING Mrs. Lucinda   605 Superior
WILKESON John railroad foreman 135 Michigan
WILKESON Mrs. John    
WILKESON Fannie    
WILKESON John Jr. minor  
WILKINS Mrs. A. T.   213 Erie
WILKINS Charles    
WILKINS Glen minor  
WILKINS Ralph minor  
WILLERT Fred laborer 210 West
WILLIAMS L. R. laborer 528 McGavren
WILLIAMS Mrs. L. R.    
WILLIAMS B. O. yardmaster 711 Ontario
WILLIAMS Mrs. B. O.    
WILLIAMS Beulah minor  
WILLIAMS Hazel minor  
WILLIAMS Montgomery minor  
WILLIAMS John retired 306 1st
WILLIAMS Mrs. John    
WILLIAMS William   115 6th
WILLIAMS Mrs. William    
WILLIAMS Etta minor  
WILLIAMS Rev. J. M.   306 Superior
WILLIAMS Mrs. J. M.    
WILLIAMS S. R. boilermaker 419 Michigan
WILLIAMS Mrs. S. R.    
WILLIAMS Glen minor  
WILLIAMS Donald minor  
WILLIAMS Daniel   512 Erie
WILLIAMS Chas. butcher 502 Erie
WILLIAMS Mrs. Chas.    
WILLIAMS Louisa    
WILLIAMS Grace    
WILLIAMS Ruth minor  
WILLIAMS Esther minor  
WILLIAMS Geo. tailor 828 Erie
WILLIAMS Mrs. Geo.    
WILLIAMS Evan fireman 822 Erie
WILLIAMS Mrs. Evan    
WILLIS Mrs. S. J.   1101 Granite
WILLIS J. H. carpenter 740 5th
WILLIS Mrs. J. H.    
WILLIS Ethel    
WILLIS Eva    
WILLIS Florence minor  
WILLIS Regnal laborer 736 5th
WILLIS Mrs. Regnal    
WILLIS Homer minor  
WILLIS Ed   107 s 6th
WILSON Ed laborer 316 11th
WILSON Mrs. Ed    
WILSON Pete    
WILSON Walter    
WILSON Maggie    
WILSON Thos. retired 818 St Clair
WILSON Mrs. Thos.    
WILSON H. L. teacher 210 7th
WILSON Mrs. H. L.    
WILSON Newell minor  
WING H. B. tinner 205 Erie
WISECUP Harry drayman 122 s Harrison
WISECUP Mrs. Harry    
WISLER W. E. retired 123 8th
WISLER Mrs. W. E.    
WITHROW W. H. abstracts 109 9th
WITHROW Mrs. Ella    
WITHROW Ella    
WITHROW Francis minor  
WITHROW Willie minor  
WITHROW Harry switchman 204 2nd
WITHROW Mrs. Harry    
WITHROW Clarence minor  
WITHROW Marie minor  
WITHROW Doris minor  
WITTE Josephine   244 s 1st
WITTE Mrs. Margaret   239 s 1st
WITTE Theodore minor  
WITTE Willie minor  
WITTE Chester minor  
WITTE Hans boilermaker 217 1st
WITTE Julia    
WITTE Anna minor  
WITTE Henry minor  
WITTE Roy minor  
WITTE Clara minor  
WITTE Ollie minor  
WITTE Herman fireman 403 w Erie
WITTE Mrs. Herman    
WITTE Mabel minor  
WITTE Harry minor  
WITTE Doris minor  
WOLF Mrs. Luella   323 Snyder add
WOLF Charlie minor  
WOLF Ruth minor  
WOLF Donald minor  
WOLF Dewey minor  
WOOD E. G.   w St Clair
WOOD Mrs. E. G.    
WOOD Nora    
WOOD Hazel    
WOODWARD Daniel blacksmith 905 w Michigan
WOODWARD Mrs. Daniel    
WOODWARD Daniel Jr. minor  
WRIGHT Eugene   107 s 6th
WYANT Arthur laborer 224 w Superior
WYANT Mrs. Arthur    
WYANT Harold minor  
WYMORE J. W. laborer 402 Shawmut
WYMORE Mrs. J. W.    
WYMORE Carl laborer 322 Shawmut
YORK Beto lineman 210 1st
YORK Mrs. Beto   408 Michigan
YORK Fern    
YORK Peter    
YORK Doris    
YORK Frank tuner 215 s West
YORK Mrs. Frank    
YOULL Wm. A. machinist 319 1st
YOULL Mrs. Wm. A.    
YOULL Harry minor  
YOUNG Herman painter 114 6th
YOUNG Mrs. Herman    
YOUNG John B. farmer 530 6th
YOUNG Mrs. John B.    
YOUNG Agnes    
YOUNG Rollo minor  
YULE Mrs.   332 9th
ZUVER Iva minor 107 Erie
ZUVER Joseph minor  

1905 Directory of Residents transcribed and contributed by Tami Amidon (copyright 2003)

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