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1905 Residents of
Lincoln Township, Harrison County, Iowa

ANDERSON Henry farmer RR 4-Dunlap
ANDERSON Mrs. Dora    
ANDERSON Clara    
ANDERSON Henry    
ANDERSON J. F. laborer RR 1-Woodbine
ANDERSON Mrs. Sadie    
ARNOLD Albert farmer RR 4-Woodbine
ARNOLD Mrs. Lucy    
ARNOLD Edith    
ARNOLD Bertha    
ARNOLD Marion    
ASHCRAFT Ida M.   RR 4-Dunlap
ATHERTON E. A. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
ATHERTON Mrs. Louisa M.    
ATHERTON Edward Jr.    
AUSTIN R. L. farmer  
AUSTIN Mrs. Mary A.    
AUSTIN Wm. C. minor  
AUSTIN Julian N. minor  
AUSTIN Thomas B. minor  
AXTELL Walter G. farmer  
AXTELL Mrs. Marian    
AXTELL Genevieve H.    
BAKER Mrs. Minnie   RR 4-Woodbine
BAKER Wm. F. farmer  
BAKER Mrs. Carrie    
BALLARD A. farmer  
BALLARD Mrs. Lucy J.    
BAMFORD Wm. E.    
BAMFORD Mrs. Almeda    
BAMFORD Bertha M.    
BAMFORD Sarah E.    
BAMFORD Nettie F. G.    
BAMFORD Wm. E.    
BAMFORD Robert G.    
BARNES T. W. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
BARNES Mrs. Matilda    
BARNES Millard S.    
BARNES Elmer C.    
BARNES Gladys    
BARNES Katy E.    
BARNES Luther T.    
BARNES David farmer RR 4-Woodbine
BARNES Mrs. Maude N.    
BARSBY W. H. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
BARSBY Mrs. Fannie S.    
BARSBY Ray R. minor  
BARSBY Warren minor  
BARSBY Ethel E. minor  
BARSBY Otto minor  
BENEDICKT Karl farmer RR 4-Woodbine
BENEDICKT Mrs. Josepha    
BOUSTEAD Robert   RR 1-Woodbine
BOUSTEAD Mrs. Mary    
BOUSTEAD Geo. R. farmer  
BOUSTEAD Chas. B.    
BOUSTEAD Harry J.    
BROWNING Thos. farmer  
BROWNING Mrs. Martha    
BROWNING Richard    
BROWNING Albert    
BRUMMER Henry farmer RR 4-Dunlap
BRUMMER Mrs. Minnie    
BRUMMER John H. minor  
BRUMMER Mary minor  
BRUMMER Theodore    
BRUMMER Adaline minor  
BRUMMER Gerard minor  
BRUMMER Minnie minor  
BRUMMER Joseph minor  
BURRESS R. H. farmer  
BURRESS Mrs. Florence    
BURRESS Gertrude G.    
CARRIER Albert S.    
CARRIER Mrs. Phoebe E.    
CARRIER Maude    
CARRIER Alva    
CARRIGAN Jas. L. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
CARRIGAN Mrs. Vida L.    
CARRIGAN Almer    
CHICESTER Geo. farmer  
CHICESTER Mrs. Mollie A.    
CHICESTER James F.    
CLEMENT Mrs. Millicent    
CLEVELAND C. H. farmer  
CLEVELAND Mrs. May B.    
CLEVELAND Granville H. minor  
CLEVELAND Wm. E. minor  
CLEVELAND Charles minor  
CLEVELAND Mrs. Mary A.    
CLIFTON L. F. farmer RR 4-Woodbine
CLIFTON Mrs. Nettie    
CLIFTON Francis P.    
CLIFTON Hazel F.    
COE Sidney farmer  
COE Mrs. Mary    
COE Frank J. farmer  
COE Glenn    
COE Carl S.    
COE Eillie M.    
COE Fred D. farmer  
COE Mrs. Estella    
COE Violet G.    
COFFMAN Frank M.    
COFFMAN Mrs. Mattie M.    
COFFMAN Rev. Thomas    
CORFMAN L. M. farmer  
CORFMAN Mrs. Eva    
CORFMAN Cliford L.    
CREWS Wm. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
CREWS Mrs. Nellie    
DICK Wm. M. farmer RR 4-Dunlap
DICK Mrs. Anna M.    
DICK Albert    
DEVYER C. S.   RR 1-Woodbine
DEVYER Mrs. Lydia M.    
DEVYER George E.    
EHLERS Herman farmer RR 4-Dunlap
EHLERS Mrs. Mary    
EHLERS Ivy M.    
ELY Maude A.   RR 1-Woodbine
EMGE John farmer  
EMGE Mrs. Sarah J.    
EMGE Jane E.    
EMGE Lola    
EMGE Clarence    
EMGE Mrs. Flora    
EMGE Guy    
EMGE Jane C.    
ERLEWINE J. W. farmer RR 4-Woodbine
ERLEWINE Mrs. Lizzie    
ERLEWINE John A. minor  
ERLEWINE Jessie M.    
ERLEWINE Nellie minor  
EVANS Mrs. Amanda   RR 4-Dunlap
EVANS Wm. J. farmer  
EVANS Harry    
EVANS Effie    
EVANS Freeland farmer  
EVANS Fred    
FESSLER Mrs. Mary P.   Woodbine
FLAHERTY P. J. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
FLAHERTY Mrs. Rosa A.    
FLAHERTY Mamie A.    
FLAHERTY Elizabeth L.    
FLAHERTY Loretta S.    
FLAHERTY Edward L.    
FOX Mrs. Alice L.    
FOX Chas. E. minor  
FOX James R. minor  
FOX Ulysses H. minor  
FOX Elmer R. minor  
FOX Pearl F. minor  
FOX Clara E. minor  
FOX Blanche I. minor  
GATROST Ira farmer RR 4-Woodbine
GATROST Mrs. Daisy    
GLOVER George C. farmer  
GLOVER Mrs. Bertha    
GOETSCH Henry farmer  
GOETSCH Mrs. Sarah    
GOETSCH John minor  
GOETSCH Glen    
GOETSCH August    
GOETSCH Elmer    
GOODRICH Mary A.   RR 4-Dunlap
GOODRICH Alice    
HANKE Robert farmer  
HANKE Mrs. Mary    
HANKE Herman minor  
HANKE Emma minor  
HANKE Rose minor  
HANKE John minor  
HANKE Henry minor  
HANKE Pearl minor  
HANKE Mary minor  
HANSON Wm. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
HANSON Mrs. Dora T.    
HANSON Anna    
HANSON Frederick farmer  
HANSON Henry minor  
HARRIS Richard A. farmer  
HARRIS Mrs. Alice    
HARRIS B. minor  
HARRIS Raymond    
HATTERMAN Fred farmer  
HATTERMAN Mrs. Emma    
HATTERMAN Fred Jr.    
HATTERMAN Arthur    
HATTERMAN Mrs. Lizzie    
HATTERMAN Geo. farmer  
HATTERMAN Mrs. Anna    
HATTERMAN John A. minor  
HATTERMAN Henry minor  
HATTERMAN August minor  
HATTERMAN Aniel minor  
HATTERMAN Matilda minor  
HENDERSON E. A. farmer RR 4-Dunlap
HENDERSON Mrs. Nellie    
HENDERSON Frank E.    
HENDERSON R. B. farmer  
HENDERSON Mrs. Retta    
HENDERSON John farmer  
HENDERSON Mrs. Alvira    
HITCHCOCK Nellie   RR 4-Woodbine
HOAGLAND Mrs. Grace   RR 1-Woodbine
HOAGLAND Marion E.    
HOEFERT Mrs. C.    
HOEFERT Anton minor  
HOLBEN Geo. farmer  
HOLBEN Mrs. Mary    
HOLBEN Larue    
HOLBEN Loretta    
HOLBEN Helen    
HOLBEN Opal    
HOLBEN Velma    
HOLBEN Wallis    
HOLMES Wm. farmer RR 4-Dunlap
HOLMES Mrs. Theresa A.    
HOLMES Oscar A.    
HOLMES Jennie A.    
HOLMES John A.    
HOPKINS Peter W. farmer  
HOPKINS Mrs. Etta    
HOPKINS Sidney    
HOPKINS Effie    
HOPKINS Harry    
HORN Wm. farmer RR 4-Woodbine
HORN Mrs. Amelia M.    
HORN Frederick F.    
HORN Ralph L.    
HOWELL Mrs. Emma   RR 1-Woodbine
HOWELL Wm. H. minor  
HOWELL Alfred W. minor  
HOWELL John E. salesman  
HOWELL Mrs. Daisy B.    
HOWELL Otts    
HOWELL Fena M.    
HOWELL Bernard I.    
HUBBARD Lester farmer  
HUBBARD Mrs. Rose    
HUBBARD Hazel    
HUBBARD Marie    
HUNTER John laborer Woodbine
ISOM H. V. farmer RR 4-Dunlap
ISOM Mrs. Josephine    
ISOM Clara O.    
ISOM John W.    
ISOM Roley    
ISOM Dalbert L.    
JAMES Wm. farmer  
JAMES Mrs. Mary    
JAMES Andrew    
JAMES Marie    
JAMES Paul    
JAMES Velere    
JONES Elmer farmer RR 1-Woodbine
JONES Mrs. Eva    
JONES Ralph    
JONES Opal    
JONES S. T. farmer RR 4-Dunlap
JONES Mrs. Anna L.    
JONES John R. minor  
KAY James farmer RR 1-Woodbine
KAY Lee M.    
LACKMAN Herman farmer  
LANCE H. M. farmer Dunlap
LANCE Mertie    
LINDBERG Clarence farmer RR 1-Woodbine
LINDBERG Mrs. Maud    
LINK W. G. farmer RR 4-Woodbine
LINK Mrs. J. N.    
LINK W. E.    
LINK H. A.    
LINK G. C.    
LINK A. W.    
LINK M. A.    
LINk G. E.    
LIPERT Joseph farmer RR 4-Dunlap
LIPERT Mrs. Henrietta    
MACKEBON Fred   RR 1-Woodbine
MADISON Chas. farmer RR 4-Dunlap
MADISON Nellie M.    
MADISON Ollie E.    
MADISON Harry farmer  
MANN Thomas farmer RR 1-Woodbine
MANN J. E. farmer RR 4-Woodbine
MANN Mrs. Aggie E.    
MANN Helen E.    
MANN Wallace C.    
MANN Miles M.    
McCANN Frank farmer RR 4-Dunlap
McCANN Mrs. Edith    
McCANN Ellen    
McCANN Irene    
McCANN Leslie    
McCANN Frank    
McCANN Robert    
McCRACKEN Wm. J. farmer RR 4-Woodbine
McCRACKEN Mrs. Bertha    
McCRACKEN Theodore R.    
McCRACKEN Wilbur C.    
McCRACKEN Ruth V.    
McCRACKEN John W.    
McKINNEY J. N. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
McKINNEY Mrs. Eva    
McKINNEY Gladys    
McKINNEY Helen    
McKINNEY Alice    
McMILLEN C. M. farmer RR 4-Woodbine
McMILLEN Mrs. Lillie    
McWILLIAMS Roy farmer RR 1-Woodbine
McWILLIAMS H. D. farmer  
McWILLIAMS Mrs. Gertrude    
McWILLIAMS Hugh retired  
McWILLIAMS Mrs. Jane    
McWILLIAMS Edith    
McWILLIAMS W. C. farmer  
McWILLIAMS Mrs. Nellie    
McWILLIAMS Carroll    
MENDENHALL Clay farmer  
MENDENHALL Mrs. Maude    
MENDENHALL Dallas C.    
MENDENHALL Marshall    
MIKESELL W. F. farmer RR 4-Dunlap
MILLARD Mrs. Lena    
MILLARD Henry W. farmer  
MILLARD Douglas    
MILLARD Minnie A.    
MILLARD Mida R.    
MILLARD Ruby P.    
MILLARD Lillian V.    
MILLARD Florence H.    
MILLARD Edmond farmer RR 1-Woodbine
MILLARD Mrs. Ruby M.    
MILLARD Glenn H.    
MILLER C. M. farmer RR 4-Woodbine
MILLER Mrs. Mary A.    
MILLER Ethel M.    
MILLER Florence M.    
MILLER Floyd H.    
MOSS W. E. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
MOSS Mrs. Bertha D.    
MOSS Harry S.    
MOSS Flora B.    
MOSS Frank S.    
MOSS Charles P. farmer  
MOSS Mrs. Emma A.    
MOSS Frederick minor  
MOSS Earl minor  
MOSS Edgar minor  
MOSS Verna minor  
MOSS Vada minor  
MOSS Vida minor  
MOSS Alma minor  
MOSS Noah minor  
MOSS Nora minor  
MUNGAN Patrick farmer Woodbine
MUNGAN Mrs. Margaret    
MUNGAN Frank S. farmer  
MUNGAN Katie A.    
MUNGAN James R.    
MUNGAN Alma L.    
MUNGAN Lena M.    
MUNGAN Leo J.    
NICHOLSON Ralph farmer RR 1-Woodbine
NICHOLSON Mrs. Ralph    
NICHOLSON Arthur    
NICHOLSON Minnie    
NICHOLSON R. M. farmer  
NICHOLSON Mrs. Sarah L.    
NICHOLSON Willard A. minor  
NICHOLSON Arthur L. minor  
NICHOLSON Francis M.    
NICHOLSON Ruth E. minor  
NICHOLSON Minnie E. minor  
NICHOLSON Harvey A.    
NUZUM F. M. farmer Woodbine
NUZUM Mrs. Sarah    
NUZUM Frank minor  
NUZUM Wm. minor  
O'BANION F. B. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
O'BANION Mrs. Hettie    
O'BANION Myrtle B.    
O'BANION Fred E. minor  
O'BANION Jennie minor  
O'BANION Herald minor  
O'BANION Marie minor  
O'BANION Harvey minor  
O'BANION Flora minor  
PIERCE James farmer RR 4-Dunlap
PIERCE Mrs. Nellie    
PIERCE Amy    
PIERCE Myrtle    
POE Z. W. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
POE Mrs. Rose    
POE Glenn    
POE Floyd    
POE Stephen farmer RR 4-Woodbine
POE Mrs. Lorinda    
POE Samuel O. farmer  
POE Minnie A.    
POE William minor  
POE Arthur minor  
POE Robert minor  
POE Roy minor  
POWER G. C. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
POWER Mrs. Christina    
POWER Geo. H.    
POWER Fred W.    
POWER Margaret    
POWER Mary    
POWER Ruth    
POWER Katharine    
RAPEN Herman laborer Dunlap
REED G. A. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
REED Mrs. Alma    
REED Clifford    
REED Louis    
REED Alice    
REES C. W. farmer  
REES Mrs. Mary E.    
REES Ross minor  
REES Irene minor  
REES Elwin minor  
REES Ruth minor  
REES Chauncey    
REES Franklin    
REES Leslie    
ROBBINS Mrs. Ella   Dunlap
ROBBINS Rolla minor  
ROYER Mrs. Maggie   RR 1-Woodbine
ROYER Howard minor  
ROYER Clarence minor  
ROYER Fannie minor  
ROYER Susan minor  
ROYER Ralph minor  
ROYER Glenn W. minor  
RANDOLPH August F.    
RANDOLPH Mrs. Julia    
SCHNEIDER John   RR 4-Woodbine
SCHNEIDER Mrs. Kate    
SCOFIELD C. W. farmer  
SCOFIELD Mrs. Myrtle M.    
SCOFIELD Ival F.    
SCOFIELD Percy    
SELLECK Ray farmer  
SHEPHERD E. N. farmer  
SHEPHERD Mrs. Anna    
SMITH Ira M. farmer  
SMITH Hattie A.    
SMITH Minnie M.    
SMITH J. T. farmer Rr 1-Woodbine
SMITH Mrs. Belle H.    
SMITH John B. farmer  
SMITH Harry R. farmer  
SMITH Wm. F.    
SMITH Minnie    
SMITH Gertrude    
SMITH Gladys    
SMITH Mrs. Sarah J.   RR 4-Dunlap
SMITH A. D. farmer  
SMITH Nellie L.    
SMITH W. A. farmer Woodbine
SMITH Mrs. Laura M.    
SMITH Wilma A.    
SMITH Mabel E.    
SMITH Orvil J. farmer RR 4-Woodbine
SMITH Mrs. Kate E.    
SMITH Opal E.    
SMITH Roy M.    
SMITH Alta M.    
SMITH Beryl O.    
SPEAKE J. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
SPEAKE Mrs. Nancy teacher  
SPEAKE Retta L. teacher  
SPEAKE J. M. minor  
STAGLEMAN Wm. farmer RR 4-Woodbine
STRAIGHT D. M. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
STRAIGHT Mrs. Cora E.    
TOBIN A. L. farmer  
TOBIN Mrs. Abbie A.    
TOMCZAK Joseph   RR 4-Woodbine
TOMCZAK Mrs. Josie    
TOMCZAK Mike    
TOMCZAK John    
TOMCZAK Kate    
TOMCZAK Rosa    
TOMCZAK Mary    
TOWNSEND T. G. farmer Dunlap
TOWNSEND Mrs. Emily    
TOWNSEND Willard O.    
TOWNSEND Averna farmer RR 1-Woodbine
TOWNSEND Mrs. Harriet    
TRIPLETT J. L. farmer RR 4-Woodbine
TRIPLETT Mrs. Mary A.    
TRIPLETT Stella    
TRIPLETT Orland G. minor  
TRIPLETT Roy V. minor  
TRIPLETT Hettie minor  
TRIPLETT Emma L. minor  
TRIPLETT Mildred    
TRIPLETT Herman I. minor  
TRIPLETT Arthur W. minor  
TRIPLETT Lorin O. minor  
TRIPLETT Ernest J. minor  
TURTON H. H. farmer  
TURTON Mrs. Clemmie    
TURTON Oscar A.    
ULMER Mrs. C. L.   RR 4-Dunlap
ULMER Jacob farmer  
ULMER Albert    
ULMER Albert farmer  
ULMER Emma    
VINING Emmet farmer RR 1-Woodbine
VINING Mrs. Celia M.    
VINING George M.    
VINING Charles M.    
WADERICH August farmer RR 4-Woodbine
WADERICH Mrs. Mary A.    
WADERICH Elsie    
WADERICH Walter    
WADERICH Wilhelm    
WADERICH Josie    
WADERICH Henrich    
WAITE W. A. farmer  
WAITE Mrs. Louisa    
WAITE Anna L.    
WAITE Herman W.    
WAITE Arthur A.    
WAITE Edward R.    
WAITE Clara M.    
WAITE Wm. F.    
WAITE Geo. T.    
WALTERS Lewis farmer RR 1-Woodbine
WALTERS Mrs. Anna    
WALTERS Amelia    
WALTERS Nellie    
WALTERS Lewis    
WALTERS Fred    
WARD Jas.   RR 4-Dunlap
WHALEY Eli farmer  
WHALEY Mrs. Viola B.    
WHALEY Adolphus farmer  
WHALEY Inez    
WHALEY Jessie    
WHALEY Eva    
WHITE W. E. farmer  
WHITE Mrs. Laura    
WHITE Donald L.    
WAITE Ivy P.    
WAITE Elmer L.    
WAITE Inez E.    
WAITE Bessie L.    
WILLIS Lorenzo D. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
WILLIS Mrs. Althea    
WILLIS Chas. H.    
WOOD Rev. Leroy G.    
WOOD Mrs. Julia F.    
WOOD Zenas L.    
WOOD Nite C.    

1905 Directory of Residents transcribed and contributed by Tami Amidon (copyright 2003)

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