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1905 Residents of
Jackson Township, Harrison County, Iowa

ALTON N. A. farmer RR 1-Orson
ALTON Mrs. N. A.    
ALTON Clarence minor  
ALTON Hayes minor  
ALTON Walter minor  
ALTON Evelyn minor  
ALTON Roy minor  
ALTON Jessie minor  
ALTON Floyd minor  
BABE Thos. farmer RR 1-Little Sioux
BABE Mrs. Thos.    
BABE Frank minor  
BABE Charlie minor  
BABE Robert minor  
BABE Orson minor  
BABE Celestia minor  
BAKER W. A. farmer RR 1-Orson
BAKER Mrs. Alice    
BAKER Leota minor  
BAKER Elton minor  
BEEMAN Fred farmer RR 1-Pisgah
BEEMAN Mrs. Margaret    
BEEMAN Marie minor  
BEEMAN Cecelia minor  
BELL Fred farmer  
BOWIE F. L. merchant Pisgah
BOWIE Mrs. F. L.    
BOWIE Ollie    
BOWIE Harry minor  
BOWIE Ray minor  
BRAINARD F. W. farmer RR 1-Pisgah
BRAINARD Mrs. Sophronia    
BRAINARD Clara minor  
BRAINARD Floyd minor  
BRAINARD Clyde minor  
BRAINARD Effie minor  
BRAINARD Essie minor  
BREELING A. farmer Orson
BREELING Mrs. Ida    
BREELING Lester A. minor  
BREELING Beulah minor  
BRYAN John farmer RR 1-Pisgah
BRYAN Mrs. Fannie    
BRYAN Christa minor  
BRYCESON Edwin farmer  
BRYCESON Mrs. Josephine    
BRYCESON Thomas    
BRYCESON Allen minor  
BRYCESON Wilbur minor  
BRYCESON Myrtle minor  
BRYCESON Theodore minor  
BRYSEN Floyd minor RR 1-Orson
BRYSEN Roy minor  
BUTTS B. M. farmer Pisgah
BUTTS Mrs. B. M.    
BUTTS Lute farmer  
BUTTS Mrs. Lute    
BUTTS Arthur L.    
BUTTS Fred minor  
BUTTS Lucy minor  
BUTTS Ida minor  
BUTTS Polly minor  
BUTTS William    
BUTTS Mrs. William    
CANNON E. G. farmer RR 1-Orson
CANNON Mrs. Ruth    
CARSON James farmer RR 1-Pisgah
CARSON Mrs. Minnie    
CARSON Elmer    
CARSON Velma minor  
CARSON Chase minor  
CARSON Clyde minor  
CHAPMAN Mrs. Marian    
CHASE A. E. farmer RR 1-Orson
CHASE Mrs. Cassie    
CHASE Roy    
CHASE Scott farmer Orson
CHASE Mrs. Lelia    
CHASE Lucille minor  
CLARK Sylvester farmer  
CLARK Mrs. Maggie    
CLOTFELTER Henry farmer RR -Little Sioux
CLOTFELTER Mrs. Henry    
CLOTFELTER Bernard    
COOK Walter physician Pisgah
COOK Mrs. Walter    
CONYERS Aggie minor  
CONYERS Pearl minor  
CONYERS Dean minor  
CONYERS Arthur minor  
CONYERS Commodore    
COUGHLIN Wm. farmer  
COUGHLIN Mrs. Wm.    
COUGHLIN Thomas minor  
COUGHLIN Leo minor  
COUGHLIN Charlie minor  
COUGHLIN Joseph minor  
COUGHLIN Nellie minor  
COUGHLIN Frank minor  
COUGHLIN Edward minor  
COUGHLIN Libbie    
DICK John F. farmer  
DICK Mrs. John F.    
DICK Charlie minor  
DICK Lewis minor  
DICK Jessie    
DICK Maud    
DICK Bertha    
DICK Mildred minor  
DADWELL Mrs. Ada    
DADWELL Flora minor  
DADWELL Florence minor  
EDMONDS Will farmer Orson
EDMONDS Mrs. Molly    
EDMONDS Florence minor  
EDMONDS Roy minor  
EDMONDS G. D. farmer  
EDMONDS C. C. farmer  
EDMONDS Mrs. Pearl    
ELLISON R. C. farmer RR 1-Pisgah
EPPERSON Robert A. farmer Orson
EPPERSON J. A. farmer  
EPPERSON Mrs. Mary    
EPPERSON Myrtle    
EPPERSON Cecil minor  
EPPERSON Roy minor  
EPPERSON Walter minor  
EPPERSON Willie minor  
EVERETT Robt.   RR 1-Pisgah
EVERETT Mrs. Mary    
EVERETT Orville minor  
FARRIS Paul   Pisgah
FARRIS Mrs. Paul    
FISHER George   RR 1-Orson
FISHER Mrs. Julia    
FISHER Earnest minor Pisgah
FISHER David    
FISHER William farmer RR 1-Orson
FISHER Mrs. Lizzie    
FISHER William    
FISHER George    
FISHER David    
FISHER Frank    
FRAZIER John farmer  
FRAZIER Mrs. Della    
GAMET Everett   Pisgah
GAMET Mrs. Everett    
GAMET Kenneth    
HALL Fred   RR 1-Orson
HALL Mrs. Anna    
HALL Edith minor  
HALL Frank minor  
HALL Grace minor  
HALL Mabel minor  
HEDGES S. E. farmer  
HEDGES W. K.    
HEDGES Calvin minor  
HEDGES Dorothy minor  
HEISTAND G. D. farmer  
HEISTAND Mrs. G. D.    
HEISTAND David minor  
HEISTAND Dora minor  
HEISTAND Albert minor  
HEISTAND Bessie minor  
HEISTAND Samuel farmer Orson
HEISTAND Mrs. Susan    
HEISTAND Velma minor  
HEISTAND Jessie minor  
HEISTAND Ida minor  
HEISTAND Roy minor  
HEISTAND Guy minor  
HEISTAND W. A. farmer  
HEISTAND Mrs. Helen    
HEISTAND Ida minor  
HEISTAND Albert minor  
HEISTAND Joseph minor  
HEISTAND Eva minor  
HERVEY William   RR 1-Pisgah
HERVEY Mrs. Mary    
HERVEY Elmer minor  
HESTER William farmer RR 1-Little Sioux
HESTER Mrs. William    
HESTER J. K. farmer RR 1-Pisgah
HESTER Mrs. J. K.    
HESTER Viola minor  
HESTER Evelyn minor  
HESTER Robt. minor  
HESTER Bennett minor  
HESTER Bessie minor  
HESTER Lena minor  
HUGHES George farmer RR 1-Orson
HUGHES Mrs. Eva    
HUGHES Nellie minor  
HUGHES Mirror minor  
HUGHES Clarasia minor  
HUGHES Carrie minor  
HUGHES Mildred minor  
HUPP L. U. barber Pisgah
HUPP Mrs. L. U.    
HUTCHISON Mrs. G. A.    
JOHNSON John laborer  
JOHNSON Mrs. Orson    
JOHNSON Mrs. Anna    
JONES S. W. farmer  
JONES Mrs. S. W.    
JONES Eva    
JONES Fred laborer  
JONES Wallace farmer  
JONES Mrs. Wallace    
JONES Ray minor  
JONES Al farmer  
JONES Mrs. Al    
JONES Jettie    
JONES W. B.    
KING Harvey farmer RR 1-Orson
KING Mrs. Harvey    
KING Charles farmer  
KING Mrs. May    
KING Merle minor  
KING Ruth minor  
KING Frances minor  
KRESS William farmer RR 1-Pisgah
KRESS Mrs. Minnie    
KRESS Bonnie minor  
KRESS Nellie minor  
KRESS Bessie minor  
KRESS Frank farmer  
KRESS Mrs. Edna    
KRESS Bovie minor  
KRESS Bruce minor  
KRESS Willie minor  
KRESS Mary J. minor  
KRESS Robert minor  
LAIDLER John farmer RR 1-Little Sioux
LAIDLER Mrs. John    
LAIDLER George minor  
LAIDLER Katie minor  
LAIDLER Louis minor  
LAIDLER Frank minor  
LAIDLER Harold minor  
LAIDLER Edith minor  
LANE H. G. farmer  
LANE Mrs. H. G.    
LANE I. E. farmer  
LANE Mrs. I. E.    
LANE Margaret minor  
LANE Irvine minor  
LANE J. T. farmer  
LANE Mrs. Emma    
LANE Guy    
LESTER G. E. farmer RR 1-Orson
LESTER Mrs. Kate    
LESTER Thomas D.    
LESTER Mattie A.    
LESTER Wm. M.    
LESTER Floy minor  
MANN Arthur laborer Pisgah
MATHEWS J. H. farmer RR 1-Pisgah
MATHEWS Mrs. J. H.    
MATHEWS Sallie dressmaker Pisgah
MATHEWS Maggie    
MATHEWS Oscar mail carrier  
McCAIN Alvin laborer  
McWILLIAMS Worth farmer RR 1-Orson
McWILLIAMS Mrs. Maggie    
McWILLIAMS Louis    
McWILLIAMS Grant    
McWILLIAMS Eugene minor  
McWILLIAMS Addie minor  
McWILLIAMS Clara minor  
McWILLIAMS Rosa minor  
McWILLIAMS Maud minor  
McWILLIAMS L. A. farmer  
McWILLIAMS Mrs. Carrie    
McWILLIAMS Zella minor  
McWILLIAMS John minor  
McWILLIAMS David farmer RR 1-Pisgah
McWILLIAMS Mrs. Margaret    
McWILLIAMS Howard    
McWILLIAMS Elsie minor  
McWILLIAMS Maurice minor  
McWILLIAMS Kate minor  
McWILLIAMS Thomas farmer  
McWILLIAMS Mrs. Jennie    
McWILLIAMS Sidney farmer  
McWILLIAMS Mrs. Susie    
McWILLIAMS Vera minor  
McWILLIAMS Roy minor  
MEGGER Henry farmer Little Sioux
MEGGER Mrs. Maud    
MEGGER Morrill minor  
MILLER Ezra merchant Pisgah
MILLER Mrs. Ezra    
MILLER Roy laborer  
MORROW Steve E. farmer  
MORROW Mrs. Steve E.    
MORROW Ruth minor  
MORROW Arthur minor  
MORROW Pearl minor  
MORROW Dick minor  
MORROW Vera minor  
MORROW Jack minor  
NAY G. A. laborer  
NUZUM C. M. merchant  
NUZUM Mrs. C. M.    
NUZUM Mabel    
NUZUM C. Raymond laborer  
NUZUM Mrs. C. Raymond    
OLMSTEAD James farmer RR 1-Pisgah
OLMSTEAD Mrs. Ella    
OLMSTEAD Herman    
OLMSTEAD Harvey   Pisgah
OLMSTEAD Mrs. Harvey    
ONSTOTT John merchant Orson
ONSTOTT Mrs. Martha    
ONSTOTT Bertha    
ONSTOTT Raymond    
ONSTOTT Louis minor  
OVIATT Ed farmer RR 1-Orson
OVIATT Mrs. Josie    
OVIATT Essie minor  
OVIATT Roy minor  
OVIATT Floyd minor  
OVIATT Dale minor  
PARKS R. L. farmer  
PARKS Mrs. Anna    
PARKS Jessie minor  
PARKS Nola minor  
PARKS Pearl minor  
PARKS Samuel farmer Pisgah
PARKS Mrs. Samuel    
PAUL E. G. retired  
PECK Craig   RR 1-Pisgah
PECK Mrs. Belle    
PECK Ruth minor  
PECK Minnie minor  
PEYTON Geo. H.   Pisgah
PEYTON Mrs. Geo. H.    
PEYTON Orland minor  
PEYTON Harrison minor  
PEYTON Charlie minor  
RASMUSSEN Chris farmer RR 1-Orson
RASMUSSEN Mrs. Chris    
RAYMOND L. H. real estate Pisgah
RAYMOND Mrs. L. H.    
RAYMOND Edwin minor  
RAYMOND Miles minor  
RAYMOND Ruth minor  
REAVES Frank farmer  
REAVES Mrs. Frank    
REAVES Mary minor  
REAVES Nellie minor  
REILLEY T. C. farmer RR 1-Little Sioux
REILLEY Mrs. T. C.    
REILLEY Joseph minor  
REILLEY Alma minor  
REILLEY Wilburn minor  
REILLEY Blanche minor  
REILLEY Hazel minor  
ROSE W. N. farmer Pisgah
ROSE Mrs. W. N.    
ROSE Herbert laborer  
ROSE Dolly    
ROSS Wm. farmer RR 1-Orson
ROSS E.    
ROSS Mrs. Stella    
ROSS Ira minor  
ROSS Orville minor  
ROSS Nora minor  
SETCHELL Thomas farmer Pisgah
SETCHELL Mrs. Thomas    
SETCHELL Wilma    
SILSBY H. D. banker  
SILSBY Mrs. H. D.    
SILSBY Phil minor  
SILSBY Lucile minor  
SILSBY Frank minor  
SILSBY Ruth minor  
SMITH Alma    
SMITH O. L. farmer  
SMITH Mrs. O. L.    
SMITH Florence minor  
SMITH Gladys minor  
SMITH Grace minor  
SMITH Dwight minor  
SMITH Dewitt minor  
SMITH Frances minor  
STEWART Allen farmer RR 1-Little Sioux
STEWART Mrs. Allen    
STEWART Cora minor  
STEWART Gene minor  
SWAIN J. B. merchant Pisgah
SWAIN Mrs. J. B.    
SWAIN Carl livery  
SWAIN Lloyd livery  
SWAIN Homer    
SWAIN Harry    
SWAIN Edith    
SWAIN Eddie farmer  
SWAIN Mrs. Eddie    
SWARTZ Winnie    
TALBOTT O. W. laborer  
TALBOTT Mrs. O. W.    
TERRELL Arthur farmer  
TERRELL Mrs. Arthur    
THATCHER Mrs. Malinda   Orson
THATCHER A. J. farmer  
TOLLE L. E. farmer Pisgah
TOOMBS Jerome live stock  
TOOMBS Mrs. Jerome    
Van DONGE B. C. farmer RR 1-Orson
Van DONGE Mrs. Alice    
Van DONGE Roy    
Van SICKLE Roy laborer Orson
Van SICKLE Mrs. Helen    
Van SICKLE Edna minor  
VOSS Henry farmer RR 1-Pisgah
VOSS Mrs. Mary    
VOSS Julia    
VOSS August minor  
VOSS Frank minor  
VOSS Mamie minor  
VOSS Albena minor  
VOSS Harry minor  
VOSS Carrie minor  
VOSS Matilda minor  
VREDENBURG Charles farmer  
VREDENBURG Mrs. Angene    
VREDENBURG Evan minor  
VREDENBURG Lois minor  
VREDENBURG J. H. farmer Pisgah
VREDENBURG Roy minor  
VREDENBURG Glen minor  
VREDENBURG Mrs. Anna farmer  
VREDENBURG Jesse farmer  
VREDENBURG Alfred farmer  
VREDENBURG Harvey minor  
VREDENBURG Oscar minor  
VREDENBURG Orvey minor  
WALL Al farmer  
WALL Mrs. Al    
WALL Homer    
WALL Charlie    
WALL Eugene minor  
WALL Grace minor  
WALL Lorenzo minor  
WALL Fred minor  
WALL Floyd minor  
WALL Pearl minor  
WATSON Chas. B. farmer  
WATSON Mrs. Chas. B.    
WATSON Mamie minor  
WATTS Jack farmer  
WATTS Mrs. Jack    
WATTS Oscar minor  
WATTS Hattie minor  
WEBB W. W. railroad agent Orson
WEBB Mrs. Eva    
WEBB Donald minor  
WEED Frank W. farmer Pisgah
WEED Mrs. Frank W.    
WEED Blanche minor  
WEED Leona minor  
WHITNEY John laborer  
WHITNEY Mrs. John    
WHITNEY Alf retired  
WHITNEY Bessie    
WILLAN L. druggist  
WILLAN Mrs. L.    
WILSEY John farmer RR 1-Pisgah
WILSEY Mrs. Jane    
WILSEY Maud minor  
WILSEY Stella minor  
WILSEY Emma minor  
WILSEY Eva minor  
WILSEY Curt    
WORCENCROFT Thos. farmer RR 1-Orson
WORCENCROFT Mrs. Martha    
WORCENCROFT Priscilla    
WYATT Clarence farmer RR 1-Pisgah
WYATT Mrs. Clara    
WYATT Blanche minor  
WYATT Della minor  
WYATT Verda minor  
WYATT Inez minor  
WYATT Amanda minor  
WYATT John retired Pisgah
WYATT Mrs. John    

1905 Directory of Residents transcribed and contributed by Tami Amidon (copyright 2003)

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