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1905 Residents of
Boyer Township, Harrison County, Iowa

AARON Mrs.   Woodbine
AARON Nellie    
ABRAMS C. M. drayman  
ABRAMS Jeanette    
ABRAMS Oscar    
ABRAMS Arthur    
ADAMS J. E. real estate  
ADAMS Mrs. L. M.    
ADAMS G. W. minor  
ADAMS A. W. minor  
ADAMS R. E. minor  
ADAMS C. W. minor  
ADAMS J. B. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
ADAMS Jeannette    
ADAMS Ray    
ADAMS Carl    
ADAMS Shirley    
ADAMS Glen    
ADAMS Harry    
ALLEN Mrs. Annie    
ALLEN Mrs. Susan   Woodbine
ANDERSON Hazel    
ANDERSON A. M. farmer RR 2-Woodbine
ANDERSON A. retired  
ARNOLD A. F. lumber Woodbine
ARNOLD Mrs. Nellie    
ARNOLD Lola B.    
ARNOLD Lou F.    
ARNOLD James clerk  
ATHERTON James farmer RR 5-Woodbine
ATHERTON Hattie    
ATHERTON B. R. minor  
ATHERTON J. B. minor  
ATHERTON Ida minor  
ATHERTON Verna minor  
ATHEY James miller Woodbine
ATHEY Mrs. Carrie    
ATHEY Mabel    
AUGHEY J. R. tailor  
AUGHEY Mrs. Eva E.    
AUGHEY Charlotte minor  
AUGHEY Jerome minor  
AUGHEY Cecil minor  
BAKER Ed laborer  
BAKER E. mason  
BAKER Mrs. Nettie    
BAKER Orma    
BAKER Pearl minor  
BAKER Eva minor  
BAKER Margaret minor  
BAKER Ethel minor  
BAKER David minor  
BALLINGER G. W. laborer Woodbine
BALLINGER J. E. laborer  
BARNHART Mrs. A. E.    
BARNHART Susie    
BARNHART E. E. farmer  
BARNHART Mrs. M. E.    
BARNHART V. L. minor  
BARNHART M. G. minor  
BARNUM A. E. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
BARNUM S. A.    
BARNUM Ella minor  
BARNUM Ethel minor  
BARNUM M. Eugene minor  
BARNUM Henry minor  
BARNUM George brick maker  
BARNUM Mrs. George    
BARNUM William teamster Woodbine
BARNUM Mrs. Mabel    
BARNUM Vida minor  
BARNUM Floyd minor  
BARNUM Mary minor  
BARRETT Geo. teamster  
BARRETT Mrs. Geo.    
BARTHOLOMEW S. C. retired  
BARTHOLOMEW Christina    
BAUERLE G. A. farmer  
BAUERLE Mrs. Ida B.    
BAUERLE Donald    
BAUERLE John retired  
BAUERLE Mrs. E. L.    
BAUERLE Homer minor  
BAUERLE Jessie    
BAUERLE Venus    
BAYS G. W. engineer  
BAYS Mrs. Theda    
BAYS Paul    
BEAN Matie   RR 5-Woodbine
BECK John    
BEEBE Carrie teacher RR 4-Woodbine
BELDEN A. W. trapper Woodbine
BELDEN Mrs. Helen    
BELDEN Mabel minor  
BENNETT F. B. livery  
BENNETT Came minor  
BENNETT Zelda minor  
BENNETT Lela minor  
BENNETT Merrill    
BENNETT W. D. clerk  
BENNETT Mrs. Erma    
BENNETT Dewitt    
BENNETT Roscoe    
BENNETT Bernice    
BENNETT D. W. livery  
BENNETT Mrs. Arilla    
BENNETT Pearl    
BENNETT Charles    
BENNETT Arnold merchant  
BENNETT Mrs. Rachel    
BENEDICT G. H.   Woodbine
BENEDICT Mrs. Susan    
BENEDICT Chas. E.    
BENEDICT Abbie    
BENEDICT Myrtle    
BERKLEY S. L. insurance  
BERKLEY Mrs. Ruby    
BERKLEY Hugh minor  
BERKLEY Laurence minor  
BERKLEY Robert minor  
BEVERNESS W. J. baker  
BEVERNESS Mrs. Minnie    
BINALL T. M. farmer  
BINALL Mrs. Rose    
BINALL Charles minor  
BINALL Lee minor  
BINALL Margaret minor  
BIRCHARD B. L. mail clerk  
BIRCHARD Mrs. Libbie E.    
BIRCHARD Frederick minor  
BIRCHARD Ray minor  
BIRKS C. A. farmer RR 2-Woodbine
BIRKS Mrs. Eva    
BIRKS Loy minor  
BIRKS Willie minor  
BIRKS Ruby minor  
BLACKMAN S. M. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
BLACKMAN Frank    
BLACKMAN Bessie minor  
BLACKMAN Mercedes minor Woodbine
BLACKMAN Harriett    
BLEVENS Mrs. Rose    
BLEVENS Lester minor  
BLEVENS N. E. farmer RR 2-Woodbine
BOEKHOFF Nettie   Woodbine
BOEKHOFF William minor  
BOISE John plumber  
BOISE Mrs. John    
BOISE Mrs. E. J.    
BOISE James plumber  
BOISE Charles minor  
BOISE Louis minor  
BOISE Fred minor  
BOLENDER John teacher  
BONAR W. A. clerk  
BONAR Mrs. Lena    
BONAR Raymond minor  
BONAR Ernest minor  
BONNEY W. E. operator  
BONNEY Mrs. W. E.    
BONSALL Mrs. F. A.    
BOOG John laborer RR 5-Woodbine
BOONE John   RR 4-Woodbine
BOONE Ella    
BOONE Margaret    
BOONE Samuel Sr. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
BOONE Mrs. Margaret    
BOONE Samuel Jr.    
BOONE Emmet farmer  
BOONE Mrs. Kate    
BOONE George    
BOONE D. H.    
BOONE Daniel O.    
BOONE Mrs. Emily    
BOSTWICK Paul farmer  
BOSTWICK Mrs. Ella    
BOSTWICK Glen minor  
BOSTWICK Mary minor  
BOSTWICK Marjorie minor  
BOSTWICK H. M. bank examiner Woodbine
BOSTWICK Mrs. H. M.    
BOSTWICK Currency minor  
BONSTEAD J. H. L. farmer RR 2-Woodbine
BONSTEAD Frances    
BONSTEAD John W.    
BOWERMAN Perry teamster  
BOYD Clarence clerk Woodbine
BOYD Mrs. Fern    
BOYD Velma minor  
BOYD Mildred minor  
BOYLE Laura clerk  
BREWSTER Bert farmer  
BREWSTER Mrs. Lizzie    
BREWSTER Louis laborer  
BRIGGS W. E.    
BRIGGS Mrs. Ella    
BRIGGS Harriett    
BRIGGS Helen    
BRIGGS Mrs. N. E.   RR 2-Woodbine
BRIGGS Carrie minor  
BRIGGS Ed minor  
BRIGGS John minor  
BRIGGS Dora minor  
BRILES Jas. laborer Woodbine
BRILES Isaac laborer  
BROMMELL William section ?  
BROWN E. J. retired  
BROWN Mrs. Rachel A.    
BROWNING J. W. carpenter  
BROWNING Mrs. N. E.    
BROWNING T. M. dressmaker  
BROWNING I. P. painter  
BROWNING Mrs. Ada M.    
BROWNING Herbert minor  
BROWNING Edith minor  
BROWNING Robert minor  
BROWNING Elmer minor  
BURKHOLDER J. R. live stock  
BURKHOLDER Jessie clerk  
BURKHOLDER H. A. barber  
BURKHOLDER Herald J. minor  
BURKHOLDER S. R. farmer RR 3-Woodbine
BURRESS H. retired  
BURRESS Mrs. Matilda    
BURRESS Dora    
BURRESS Edna    
BURRESS Eva minor  
BURRESS Grace minor  
BURRESS Willard minor  
BUTLER L. D. baker Woodbine
BUTLER Mrs. Ida milliner  
BUTLER Joy minor  
BUTLER F. A. cigarmaker  
BUTLER Mrs. Ann    
BRYAN J. G. painter  
BRYAN Mrs. R. E.    
CADWALLADER Mrs. Grace    
CADWALLADER Milton minor  
CADWALLADER Pearl minor  
CADWALLADER Vern minor  
CADWALLADER Ruth minor  
CADWALLADER Paul minor  
CALLENDAR Mrs. Jane    
CALLENDAR S. farmer RR 2-Woodbine
CALLENDAR Mrs. Bertha    
CALLENDAR Sherman minor  
CALLENDAR Lee minor  
CALLENDAR Lucile minor  
CAMPBELL F. M. farmer Woodbine
CAMPBELL Mrs. F. M.    
CAMPBELL Edith    
CAMPBELL Morton    
CAMPBELL Howard    
CAMPBELL Emerson    
CAMPBELL Merrill    
CAMPBELL Helen    
CAMPBELL Stewart    
CANFIELD T. L. carpenter  
CANFIELD Mrs. Mary    
CANFIELD Herman minor  
CANFIELD Florence minor  
CARR Mildred minor RR 5-Woodbine
CARR Anna minor  
CARRIER B. C. farmer Woodbine
CARRIER Mrs. Phoebe E.    
CARRIER Maud    
CARRIER Alveda minor  
CARRIER E. C. farmer  
CARRIER Mary    
CARROLL John S.    
CARROLL Mrs. Mary    
CARROLL Emmett minor  
CARROLL Raymond minor  
CARROLL Clifford minor  
CARTER Martha   RR 5-Woodbine
CARTER Claude clerk  
CHATBURN John retired Woodbine
CHATBURN Mrs. Elizabeth    
CHATBURN Lottie F.    
CHERRY S. C. laborer  
CHERRY Mrs. Nellie    
CHERRY Archie    
CHERRY Edabelle    
CLARK Will L. penman  
CLARK Mrs. Mary M.    
CLARK Uriah retired  
CLARK Mrs. Sarah E.    
CLARK Bertha teacher  
CLAYTON C. L. painter  
CLAYTON Mrs. Lydia    
CLAYTON Leo minor  
CLAYTON Elmo minor  
COE G. W. banker Woodbine
COE Mrs. Blanche    
COE Josiah banker  
COE Mrs. Jessie    
COE Mrs. Jennie    
COE A. J. real estate  
COLE E. E. druggist  
COLE Mrs. Bessie    
COLE E. J. physician  
COLE Mrs. Maud    
COLE Clement    
COLE Bernice    
COLE Anita    
COLE Helen    
COLLINS T. E. blacksmith  
COLLINS Flora    
COLLINS James retired  
COLLINS Mrs. Nancy    
CONRAD Mrs. Mary C.   Woodbine
CONRAD Ellen    
CONRAD Kate    
COOPER Mrs. S. E.    
COOPER Floyd    
COOPER Hattie minor  
COPELAND W. E. cigarmaker  
COPELAND Mrs. Etta    
COPELAND Willie minor  
COREY W. H. laborer  
COREY Mrs. A. E.    
CORMANY H. M. bank examiner  
CORMANY Mrs. Minnie    
CORMANY J. M. merchant  
CORMANY Mrs. Ida    
CORRIGAN H. C. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
CORRIGAN Alice M.    
CORRIGAN Edna minor  
CORRIGAN Harold minor  
CORWIN O. E. laborer Woodbine
CORWIN Mrs. Maud    
CORWIN Harold minor  
CORWIN Verie minor  
COWAN C. P. butcher  
COX J. T. mason  
COX Mrs. Nora    
COX D. A.    
COX Mrs. Mary    
COX George laborer  
COX Luella minor  
COX Mrs. Mary    
COX Harvey    
COX M. B. printer  
COX Mrs. M. B.    
COX Edna minor  
COX Fred minor  
COX Ruby minor  
COX Timothy minor  
COX Neta minor  
CRAMER Peter blacksmith  
CRANE L. farmer RR 2-Woodbine
CRANE Mrs. C. P.    
CREWDSON G. W. horses Woodbine
CREWDSON Mrs. B. A.    
CREWDSON Ray plumber  
CREWDSON Archie minor  
CREWDSON Essie minor  
CREWDSON Ira minor  
CRAGAN Mrs.    
CRAGAN Lydia    
CRAGAN Jessie    
CRAGAN Mary    
CRAGAN Edith    
CRAGAN Katie    
CROMIE W. D. merchant  
CROMIE Mrs. Florence    
CROMIE Fred F. dentist  
CROMIE Frank clerk  
CROMIE Lee E. clerk  
CROMIE Bernard minor  
CROMIE James C. minor  
CROMIE J. T. brick maker Woodbine
CROMIE Mrs. Susie    
CROMIE Mary teacher  
CROMIE Bessie minor  
CROMIE Howard minor  
CROMIE Loretta minor  
CROMIE John minor  
CROMIE Jessie minor  
CROMIE Helen minor  
CROSSAN Mrs. L. G.   RR 2-Woodbine
CROSSAN Homer    
CROW Elmer laborer Woodbine
DANKS Mrs. Belle    
DAVIS W. E. laborer  
DAVIS Mrs. Anna    
DAVIS Earl minor  
DAVIS John farmer RR 4-Woodbine
DAVIS Mrs. C. R.    
DAVIS Hattie minor  
DAVIS Etta minor  
DAVIS Amy minor  
DAVIS Clare    
DAVIS Edith minor  
DAVIS C. P. farmer RR 3-Woodbine
DAVIS Mrs. Veola    
DAVIS Ralph minor  
DAVIS Harold minor  
DAVIS Robert minor  
DAVIS Frank minor  
DAVIS Leslie minor  
DAVIS Hugh minor  
DEAL J. H. farmer RR 4-Woodbine
DEAL Mrs. J. H.    
DEAL Oscar    
DEAL Ora    
DeCOU I. A. merchant Woodbine
DeCOU Mrs. Sarah E.    
DeCOU S. R.    
DeCOU Emily A.    
DeCOU A. E. clerk  
DeCOU Mrs. Grace K.    
DeCOU Carrie minor  
DeCOU W. H. merchant  
DeCOU Mrs. Georgiana    
DeLANCE C. T. carpenter  
DENNIS Chas. railroad clerk  
DEPUTY F. A. agent  
DEPUTY Mrs. F. A.    
DEPUTY Earl minor  
DEPUTY John minor  
DEPUTY Solomon retired  
DERRY Chas.    
DERRY Mrs. Eliza H.    
DERRY Alice    
DERRY G. N. painter Woodbine
DERRY Mrs. Anni E.    
DERRY George A. painter  
DERRY Mrs. Lula    
DERRY Mildred minor  
DERRY DeWitt minor  
DERRY Winifred minor  
DERRY John minor  
DEWELL Wells dentist  
DEWELL Mrs. Pearl    
DEWEY C. L.    
DIXON J. J. retired  
DIXON Mrs. Gertrude    
DIXON Rose minor  
DIXON Anthony retired  
DALLEN J. W. retired  
DONALDSON J. A. farmer  
DONALDSON Mrs. Ida E.    
DONALDSON James minor  
DONALDSON John minor  
DONALDSON William minor  
DONALDSON M. W. teamster  
DONALDSON Mrs. Jane    
DONN Wm. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
DONN Mrs. Mareda    
DONN Herbert engineer  
DONN Blanche    
DONN Nellie minor  
DOWNS Colby   Woodbine
DOWNS Mrs. Phoebe    
DREWS Fred laborer  
DREWS Mrs. Mary    
DREWS Annie    
DREWS Mary    
DREWS Willie    
DUELL H. S. painter  
DUELL Mrs. Emma    
DUELL Hazel minor  
DUELL Mrs. N. A.    
DUELL Fred laborer  
DUELL Bertha    
DUESLER M. laborer  
DUESLER Mrs. C. E.    
DUESLER Maria C.    
DUGAN John railroad clerk  
DUGAN Mrs. Agnes    
DUGAN Marie minor  
DUMOND Mrs. E.    
DUMOND Bertha minor  
DUMOND Roy minor  
DUMOND Clare minor  
DUMOND Grace clerk  
DUNGAN L. M. laborer Woodbine
DUNGAN Mrs. M. M.    
DUNGAN Matilda minor  
DUNGAN Joseph minor  
DUNGAN Freda minor  
DUNKLE Lem laborer  
DUNLAP L. S. mason  
DUNLAP Mrs. S. J.    
DUNLAP M. I. laborer  
DUNLAP Mrs. Mabel    
DUNLAP Mildred minor  
DUNLAP Elizabeth    
DUNLAP Marvin farmer RR 4-Woodbine
DUNLAP Mrs. Etta    
DUNLAP S. S. farmer Woodbine
DUNLAP Mrs. Sarah    
DUNLAP J. W. teacher  
DUNLAP Ernest laborer  
DUPREE A. C. merchant  
DUPREE Mrs. Augusta    
DUPREE Ethel minor  
DUPREE Louis minor  
DURKEE John blacksmith  
DURKEE Mrs. Sadie    
DURKEE Charles minor  
DURKEE Chauncey minor  
DURKEE John Sr. blacksmith  
DURKEE Mrs. Adaline    
DUVALL G. C. clerk  
DUVALL Mrs. Dessa    
DUVALL Donald minor  
DUVALL Dorothy I. minor  
EARLYWINE Blanche minor  
EDGERTON Mrs. L. A.    
EDWARDS R. E. laborer  
EDWARDS Myrtle    
ELBERT W. E. farmer RR 3-Woodbine
ELBERT Mrs. Elizabeth    
ELBERT Cliff minor  
ELBERT Bernice minor  
ELBERT Paul minor  
ELBERT Maud minor  
ELBERT Alice minor  
ELLIS C. H. farmer RR 4-Woodbine
ELLIS Mrs. Dora    
ELLIS Neva    
ELLIS Floy    
ELLIS Ethel    
ELLIS Emil    
ELLISON H. farmer RR 2-Woodbine
ELLISON Mrs. H.    
ELLISON Calvin    
ELLISON Dean    
ELLISON Baby minor  
EMILTON C. N. janitor Woodbine
ESHELMAN S. C. real estate  
ESHELMAN Mrs. Clara    
ESHELMAN Dale minor  
ESHELMAN Minnie minor  
EVANS C. T. laborer  
EVANS Mrs. Mary L.    
EVANS Opal minor  
EVANS Louis minor  
EVANS M. A. undertaker  
EVANS Mrs. Frances    
EVANS Edna    
EVANS Bessie    
EVANS Howard    
EVANS Lucy    
EVANS Frances    
EVANS Mrs. Elizabeth    
EVANS Mrs. Olive    
EVANS Mrs. J. P.    
EVANS Mrs. Hester    
EWING Mrs. Jane    
FAGANS James live stock Woodbine
FAGANS Mrs. Louisa    
FAGANS Geo. C. post office clerk  
FAGANS Fred minor  
FARNSWORTH C. V. painter  
FARNSWORTH Mrs. Nellie    
FARNSWORTH Baby minor  
FIFIELD Mrs. Ellen C.    
FIFIELD Floyd    
FIFIELD Earl    
FIFIELD Florence    
FIFIELD Stephen    
FISHER H. B. carpenter  
FISHER Mrs. Etta    
FISHER Nora N. minor  
FISHER Clara minor  
FISHER Clarence minor  
FISHER Edith M. minor  
FORD H. C. publisher  
FORD Mrs. C. J.    
FORNIA C. P. farmer RR 3-Woodbine
FORNIA Mrs. Mary    
FORNIA Carl minor  
FORNIA Samuel minor  
FOX O. S. farmer Woodbine
FOX Mrs. Rachel    
FOX Ethel    
FOX George    
FRANCIS F. F. carpenter  
FRANCIS Mrs. Emma J.    
FRANCIS Joseph    
FRASIER George   RR 5-Woodbine
FRY Fred farmer RR 2-Logan
FRY Mrs. Eva M.    
FRY Opal minor  
FRY Gladys minor  
FRY Julia minor  
FRY Frank minor  
FRY A.    
FRY Mrs. Mary A.    
FRY W. H. laborer  
FRY H. F. farmer  
FRY Mrs. Susan    
FRY J. A.    
FRY Mrs. Lesie    
FRY G. P. minor  
FRY Earl minor  
FRY Harvey minor  
FRY Alice minor  
FRY E. C. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
FRY Mrs. Marion L.    
FRY Bert E. farmer  
FRY Mrs. Grace B.    
FRY Baby minor  
GABLE L. L. music dealer Woodbine
GABLE Mrs. Pearl    
GARD B. T. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
GARD Mrs. E. F.    
GARD W. F. farmer  
GARNER Margaret   Woodbine
GARNER John blacksmith  
GARRISON A. W. boardinghouse  
GARRISON Mrs. Eleanor    
GATES Lewis R. retired  
GATES Mrs. Cordelia    
GIBSON Lillian    
GIBSON Newt ice  
GIBSON Mrs. Newt    
GIBSON Floyd minor  
GIBSON Lula minor  
GIBSON E. W. hotel  
GIBSON Mrs. Sarah    
GIBSON Ward minor  
GIBSON Corimer    
GIBSON Clifford minor  
GIBSON Chester minor  
GIBSON Corliss minor  
GIDDINGS Mrs. Emma   Woodbine
GIDDINGS E. J. retired  
GIDDINGS Mrs. Jane    
GILBERT Mrs. Mary A.    
GILCHRIST Mrs. Lola    
GILCHRIST Frazier    
GILCHRIST Andrew    
GLADSON C. R.   RR 4-Woodbine
GODDARD W. A. clerk Woodbine
GODDARD Mrs. Jennie C.    
GODDARD Grosvenor minor  
GODDARD Paul minor  
GODDARD Stanley minor  
GODDARD Theodosia minor  
GRAHAM B. F. farmer  
GRAHAM Alice    
GRAHAM Blanche    
GRANT C. W. cook  
GRANT Mrs. C. W.    
GRANT Cessa minor  
GRANT F. M. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
GRANT Mrs. Jane    
GREENFIELD A. K. farmer RR 4-Woodbine
GREENFIELD Mrs. Emma    
GREENFIELD Clarence    
GRIEDER Emil wagonmaker Woodbine
GRIEDER Mrs. Lulu    
GRIEDER Samuel minor  
GRIEDER Lulu minor  
GRIEDER Barbara minor  
GRIEDER Mary minor  
GRIEDER Jacob minor  
GRIEDER Nellie minor  
GRIEDER James minor RR 5-Woodbine
GRIFFITH Louis farmer  
GRIFFITH Mrs. Rachel    
GRIFFITH Frank    
GRIFFITH Elsie    
GRIFFITH Elvira    
GRIFFITH Mahlon retired Woodbine
GRIFFITH Mrs. Elvira    
GRIMES J. W. real estate  
GRIMES Donovan merchant  
GRINNELL Harry farmer  
GRINNELL Mrs. Harry    
GRINNELL W. M. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
GRINNELL Mrs. Samantha    
GRINNELL Lottie minor  
GRINNELL Jamie    
GRINNELL Bessie    
GRINNELL Bennie    
GUYETT John farmer RR 4-Woodbine
GUYETT Mrs. Daisy    
GUYETT Merritt    
GUYETT Maud    
GUYETT Lloyd minor  
GUYETT Paul minor  
GUYETT Harvey minor  
GUYETT Jessie minor  
GUYETT Daisy M. minor  
HAAS Louis banker Woodbine
HAAS Mrs. Ida M.    
HAAS Bessie M. bookkeeper  
HAGAR Grant farmer RR 4-Woodbine
HAGAR Eva    
HAGELAND Mrs. May   Woodbine
HAGELAND Morrison minor  
HALL Eleanor    
HALL J. S. supervisor  
HALL Mrs. Camelia    
HALL L. T. clerk  
HALL Rev. B. F.    
HALL Mrs. B. F.    
HAMILTON Mrs. Nancy    
HAMMACK Calloway farmer  
HAMMACK Mrs. T. A.    
HAMMACK L. R.   RR 1-Woodbine
HAMMACK Mrs. Louie    
HAMMACK Inez    
HAMMACK Cellie    
HAMMACK Ralph    
HANEGAN Anna   Woodbine
HANFORD Mrs. Eleanor    
HANFORD Ada E.    
HANFORD Lula M.    
HANSEN Chas. merchant  
HANSEN Ida    
HANSEN Donald    
HARPER John farmer RR 2-Logan
HARPER Mrs. Eliza    
HARPER A. F. farmer  
HARPER Inez minor  
HARPER Chloe minor  
HARPER Hester minor  
HARPER Marion minor  
HARPER FRances minor  
HARRIS Mrs. L. D.    
HARRIS M. P. laborer  
HARRIS Mrs. Pearl    
HARRIS Victor minor  
HARRIS Mamie minor  
HARRIS Rose minor  
HARRIS Alice minor  
HARRISON R. E. merchant  
HARRISON Mrs. Nellie M.    
HALTON D. B.   RR 4-Woodbine
HALTON Mrs. D. B.    
HATTON Alton minor  
HATTON Lola minor  
HATTON Marie minor  
HAWK J. R. farmer  
HAWK Mrs. J. R. farmer  
HAWK Lester    
HAWKINS H. S. teamster Woodbine
HAWKINS Emery    
HAWKINS Lydia    
HAWKINS Kate minor  
HAWKINS Geneva minor  
HAWKINS Estella minor  
HAWLEY Gid retired  
HAWLEY Mrs. Mary C.    
HAWLEY Adella    
HAWLEY Chloe    
HAWLEY Willard    
HAWLEY Anna M.    
HAYS Rebecca   RR 5-Woodbine
HEDGECOCK A. farmer RR 2-Woodbine
HEFLIN Ed J. banker Woodbine
HEFLIN Mrs. Edith    
HELSEL Elmer laborer  
HELSEL Mrs. Pauline    
HELSEL Elsie minor  
HELSEL Gladys minor  
HELSEL Minnie minor  
HELSEL Mamie minor  
HELSEL Clara farmer RR 5-Woodbine
HERRICK T. W. mail carrier RR 2-Woodbine
HERRICK Mrs. Mary F.    
HERRICK John S.    
HERRICK C. B. minor  
HERRICK Marion H. minor  
HERRICK M. Ellen minor  
HEWITT Geo. E. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
HEWITT G. B. farmer  
HEWITT Mrs. Anna    
HEWITT Fred    
HEWITT Harry    
HIBER John jeweler Woodbine
HILLIS Paulina    
HILLIS Ada    
HINKLE Joseph retired  
HINKLE Mrs. Mary    
HINKLE Pearl    
HINKLE Earl    
HINKLE P. B.    
HOFFMAN P. B. hotel  
HOFFMAN Mrs. Jennie    
HOFFMAN Lulu milliner  
HOLETON Jacob retired  
HOLETON Mrs. E. J.    
HOLETON Alpha well digger  
HOLETON Mrs. Olive    
HOLETON Elsie minor  
HOLETON Geneva    
HOLETON J. E. well digger  
HOLETON Mrs. Bell    
HOLETON Floyd minor  
HOLETON Bernice minor  
HOLETON J. R. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
HOLETON Leona    
HOLETON Jonathan farmer  
HOLETON Isabel    
HOLETON Hannah    
HOLETON Harry    
HOLETON Hazel    
HOLETON C. W. farmer  
HOLETON Hattie    
HOLETON F. H. farmer  
HOLETON Jennie    
HOLETON Mrs. Sarah    
HOLWELL B. M. student RR 1-Woodbine
HONAKER Ernest butcher Woodbine
HONAKER Mable clerk  
HONAKER Mrs. M. E.    
HONAKER Kenneth laborer  
HONAKER D. E. laborer  
HONAKER Alfred    
HONAKER Minnie    
HONAKER Edith    
HOSBROOK Mrs. Etta    
HOSBROOK Harry J.    
HOSBROOK Albert    
HOUGH J. M. station agent  
HOUGHTON E. retired  
HOUGHTON Mrs. Mary    
HOWARD Sarah   RR 5-Woodbine
HOWARD W. D. clerk Woodbine
HOWARD H. E. clerk  
HOWARD Wayne D. minor  
HOWARD Ruth minor  
HOWARD E. farmer  
HOWARD Mrs. B. C.    
HOWARD C. E.    
HOWARD L. O.    
HOWARD S. V.    
HOWARD F. M.    
HOWE F. J. teacher  
HOWE Mrs. F. J.    
HOYER A. D.    
HOYER Mrs. Ella    
HUFF Wm. laborer RR 5-Woodbine
HUFF Mrs. Rose    
HUFF Anna    
HUFF Reuben    
HUFF Charles    
HULBERD Mrs. Gertrude   Woodbine
HULBERD Edith teacher  
HULBERD William    
HULL I. D. live stock  
HULL Mrs. A. A.    
HULL Ethel    
HULL I. L. clerk  
HULL Vera    
HULL Oilo minor  
HULL Edna L. minor  
HUMPHREY H. A. laundry  
HUMPHREY Mrs. W. A.    
HUMPHREY C. J. student  
HUNT A. C. teamster  
HUNT Mrs. M. E.    
HUNT A. C. minor  
HUNT I. F. minor  
HUNT Ida Bell minor  
HUNT Ora minor  
HUNT Nile minor  
HUNT Lyle minor  
HUNT Mrs. W. A.    
HUNT Angie    
HUNT H. W. laborer Woodbine
HUNT Mrs. D. M.    
HUNT S. W. minor  
HUNT Maud P. minor  
HUNT Edgar C. minor  
HUNT C. L. minor  
HUNT B. F. minor  
HUNT T. M. minor  
HUNTER Isabell    
HUNTER N. B. laborer  
HUNTER Wm. farmer RR 2-Woodbine
HUNTER Mrs. Carrie C.    
HUNTER Clarence    
HUPP L. U. barber Woodbine
HUPP Mrs. Jennie    
HUPP Nettie minor  
HUPP Mrs. M. A.    
HUPP F. L. merchant  
HUPP Gladys minor  
HURLEY B. mason  
HURLEY Mrs. Maud    
HUSBAND H. P. miller  
HUSBAND Mrs. Helen    
HUSBAND Dixie    
HUSBAND Bessie    
HUSBAND Jack laborer  
HUSHAW F. M. carpenter  
HUSHAW Harry    
HUSHAW Fred clerk  
ISOM Wm. farmer  
ISOM Ray minor  
JACKSON G. W. salesman Woodbine
JACKSON Mrs. Anna C.    
JACKSON Larena M.    
JACKSON B. A. carpenter  
JACKSON Mrs. Came    
JACKSON Floyd minor  
JACKSON Harold minor  
JACKSON Leroy minor  
JACKSON Bernice minor  
JAMES E. W. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
JEFFERSON S. L. harness Woodbine
JEFFERSON Mrs. Ida C.    
JEFFERSON Cyril minor  
JEFFERSON Darrell A. minor  
JEFFERSON T. F. farmer RR 2-Woodbine
JEFFERSON Mrs. Minnie    
JEFFERSON Gladys minor  
JEFFERSON Frank minor  
JEFFERSON Cecil minor  
JEFFERSON Clifford minor  
JEFFERSON J. W. farmer  
JEFFERSON Mrs. Lydia    
JEFFERSON Myrtle    
JEFFERSON Mary minor  
JEFFERSON Mabel minor  
JEFFERSON Edith minor  
JEFFERSON Laura minor  
JEFFERSON William minor  
JEFFERSON Luke minor  
JEFFERSON Etta minor  
JENKINS Esther operator Woodbine
JOHNS H. F. attorney  
JOHNS Mrs. Grace    
JOHNS Eva minor  
JOHNS Carrall minor  
JOHNS Lois minor  
JOHNSON J. E. clerk  
JOHNSON Mrs. Abbie A.    
JOHNSON June    
JOHNSON Newell    
JOHNSON Kenneth    
JOHNSON O. D. agent  
JOHNSON Mrs. Margaret J.    
JOHNSON Florence E. clerk  
JOHNSON Laura B. clerk  
JOHNSON Geo. C.    
JOHNSON Sim insurance  
KAUTENBERGER Peter farmer RR 1-Woodbine
KEARNS John farmer RR 5-Woodbine
KEARNS Mrs. Zerella    
KEARNS Ora    
KEARNS Mary    
KEENEY Dexter farmer RR 2-Woodbine
KEENEY Mrs. Ruth    
KEENEY Ralph    
KEENEY Hattie    
KEENEY George minor  
KEIFER Jacob farmer  
KEIFER Mrs. Mary    
KEIFER C. A. farmer  
KEIFER Rose teacher  
KEIFER George clerk Woodbine
KEIFER Ada    
KEIFER Ione    
KELLER Saphronia   RR 5-Woodbine
KELLOGG Irene   Woodbine
KELLOGG Mrs. P. D.    
KEMMISH Susan    
KEMMISH George    
KEMMISH Dan gardener RR 4-Woodbine
KEMMISH Minnie    
KIBLER Mrs. Margaret J.   Woodbine
KIBLER S. B. merchant  
KIBLER Mrs. Carrie I.    
KIBLER L. W. merchant  
KIBLER Mrs. Maud    
KIBLER Leona minor  
KIBLER Margaret minor  
KIBLER G. H. retired  
KIBLER Mrs. Lucelia    
KIBLER Harry F. bank clerk  
KIBLER Mildred    
KIGER T. A. farmer RR 2-Woodbine
KIGER Mrs. Hattie    
KIGER Ward    
KIGER Glen    
KIGER W. C. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
KIGER Mrs. Mettie    
KIGER Paul minor  
KIMPEL Bertha teacher Woodbine
KINNER Mrs. Emma    
KINNEY H. A. teacher  
KINNEY Mrs. H. A.    
KINNEY Harnsey S.    
KINNIS D. M. retired  
KINYON B. D. clerk  
KLING H. B. representative  
KLING Mrs. Flora    
KLING Herbert    
KLING Mrs. Emily    
KNAPP J. S. retired  
KNAPP Mrs. Carrie    
KOHLE Chris laborer RR 5-Woodbine
KOHLE G. R. farmer  
KOHLE Mrs. Mary   Woodbine
KOHLE Anna    
KOHLE Thomas    
KOHLE James    
LACY J. W.    
LACY Mrs. Maggie    
LACY Eva    
LACY Jordan    
LACY Charles    
LAIRDSON L. B. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
LAIRDSON Mrs. L. B.    
LAIRDSON Saphroma minor  
LAIRDSON Edith minor  
LAIRDSON Hans minor  
LAIRDSON Mary minor  
LAIRDSON Emma minor  
LAIRDSON James minor  
LANDEE Mrs. Francis C.   Woodbine
LANDEE Guy A.    
LANDEE Frank R.    
LANDINGHAM T. H. teamster  
LANDINGHAM W. F. carpenter  
LANDINGHAM Mrs. Emma    
LaSOURD G. M. sand dealer  
LaSOURD Mrs. S. F.    
LaSOURD Maud    
LaSOURD Frank    
LaSOURD Glen    
LAUKE Harry clerk  
LEMON W. V. painter  
LENOX J. A. merchant  
LENOX Mrs. Fannie    
LENOX Hazel minor  
LEWIS G. W. farmer  
LEWIS Mrs. Anna    
LEWIS Nellie    
LEWIS Wallace minor  
LEWIS Eugene minor  
LEWIS Pearl minor  
LEWIS T. G. painter  
LEWIS Khods   RR 5-Woodbine
LEWIS Herman farmer Woodbine
LEWIS Mrs. Herman    
LEWIS Alta   RR 2-Woodbine
LEWIS P. W. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
LEWIS Mrs. Laura D.    
LEWIS Lettie    
LEWIS Alva    
LEWIS Clyde    
LEWIS Winnie    
LEWIS Glen    
LEWIS Ray    
LEWIS P. L.    
LILLIE R. P.   RR 4-Woodbine
LILLIE Lizzie    
LILLIE Pearl    
LILLIE Mary minor  
LOGAN E. J. farmer RR 2-Woodbine
LOGAN Mrs. J. E.    
LONG Walton   Woodbine
LOSS A. L. barber  
LOSS Mrs. Bertha    
LOSS Lucretia B.    
LOVE J. L. real estate  
LOVE Mrs. M. R.    
LOVE Leonard    
LOVE Elva    
LOWERY J. B. farmer  
LOWERY Mrs. Helen M.    
LUNDLEY Chas. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
LUNDLEY Bertha    
LUNDLEY Andrew    
LYON John S. carpenter Woodbine
LYON Mrs. John    
LYON Nellie    
LYON D. T. carpenter  
LYON Mrs. D. T.    
LYON Bessie    
LYON Lillian    
LYON C. L. barber  
LYON Mrs. May    
LYON D. D. agent  
LYON Mrs. Mary A.    
LYON John H. laborer  
LYON Harry A. minor  
MADISON H. L. farmer Woodbine
MADISON Mrs. Sarah    
MADISON Bertha    
MADISON Arthur    
MAHONEY Cecil trader  
MAHONEY Mrs. Mamie    
MAHONEY Mary minor  
MAJOR Edgar laborer  
MAJOR Mrs. Iva    
MAJOR D. K. laborer  
MAJOR Mrs. Emma    
MAJOR Everett minor  
MAJOR Maud minor  
MAJOR Winn minor  
MAJOR Jessie minor  
MALLORY J. V. collector  
MALLORY Mrs. J. E.    
MALLORY Francis    
MALONE Rev.    
MARKET Joe laborer RR 5-Woodbine
MARKHAM Minnie dressmaker Woodbine
MARMONY Mary    
MARSHALL J. M. teamster  
MARSHALL Mrs. Fannie    
MARTIN Mrs. C.    
MARTIN Lula    
MARTIN Chas.    
MARTIN Mrs. Nellie    
MARTIN Ruth    
MARTIN Chloe    
MARTIN Corinne    
MATHEWS G. A. merchant  
MATHEWS Mrs. Mary E.    
MATHEWS G. C. clerk  
MATHEWS Grace    
MATTHEWS Lynn D. dentist  
MATTER Lloyd farmer Woodbine
MATTER Mrs. Nora    
MAXWELL Meda clerk  
MAYNARD S. M. horse trainer  
MAYNARD Mrs. R. T.    
MAYNARD Editha    
MAYNARD Maggie    
McDANIELS Elmira F.    
McDANIELS Mary C. phone operator  
McDANIELS Kate    
McDANIELS Herman   RR 1-Woodbine
McDONALD C. W.    
McDONALD Mrs. Rose    
McDONALD Fred    
McEWEN W. retired Woodbine
McEWEN Mrs. Sarah    
McEWEN F. G.    
McEWEN Mrs. C. R.    
McGAVREY Wm. T. farmer  
McGAVREY Mrs. C. A.    
McGAVREY Flora    
McHENRY L. V.    
McHENRY F. D. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
McHENRY Mrs. May    
McHENRY Florence    
McHENRY Charles    
McHENRY Ruth    
McHENRY Grace    
McKENZIE Alex laborer Woodbine
McKENZIE Mrs. Catharine    
McKENZIE Margaret    
McKENZIE Gordon teacher  
McKENZIE John    
McKENZIE William minor  
McKENZIE Bessie minor  
McKINNEY J. W. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
McKINNEY Mrs. Cora    
McKINNEY Gladys    
McKINNEY Helen    
McKINNEY Alice    
McKINNEY F. W. farmer Woodbine
McKINNEY Mrs. Jennie    
McKINNEY Sadie    
McKINNEY Bessie    
McKINNEY Roy    
McLAUGHLIN Peter laborer  
McLAUGHLIN Mrs. Elizabeth    
McLAUGHLIN Peter Jr.    
McLAUGHLIN Addie    
McMAINS Harry farmer RR 5-Woodbine
McMAINS Mrs. Harry    
McMAINS Odessa    
McMAINS Sadie minor  
McMAINS Chloe minor  
McMAINS Charles laborer  
MEFFERD C.   Woodbine
MEFFERD Mrs. Libbie V.    
MEFFERD Olive    
MEFFERD Ray phone operator  
MEFFERD W. G. farmer  
MEFFERD Mrs. Caroline    
MEFFERD J. M. teamster  
MEFFERD Mrs. Lucinda    
MEFFERD Walter    
MENDENHALL C. W. retired  
MENDENHALL Mrs. Cora A.    
MENDENHALL Harriet E. nurse  
MENOLD C. A. restaurant  
MENOLD Mrs. D. J.    
MENOLD Mason    
MESSENGER W. D. minor  
MICHAEL George laborer RR 2-Logan
MICHAEL J. W. laborer  
MICHAEL Mrs. Teriba    
MICHAEL Isaac laborer  
MICHAEL Mrs. Edith    
MICHAEL Baby minor  
MICKEL I. M. plumber Woodbine
MICKEL O. L. merchant  
MICKEL Edith    
MICKEL Mary    
MICKEL Flo    
MIKESELL Flora   RR 2-Woodbine
MIKESELL J. Lloyd farmer  
MITTER Chas.   Woodbine
MITTER Cora A. teacher  
MITTER C. William farmer RR 5-Woodbine
MITTER Maggie    
MITTER L. Y. farmer  
MITTER Julia    
MITTER Julian    
MITTER Lee    
MILLS R. P. real estate  
MILLS Mrs. Armeta    
MILLS Armi   Woodbine
MILLS Helen    
MINCEY J. W. carpenter  
MINCEY Elmer minor  
MINCEY Violet minor  
MINCEY Thelma minor  
MINCEY Hazel minor  
MINCEY Walter minor  
MINERT Harry harness  
MINERT Mrs. Ella    
MINERT Alice    
MINTUN J. L.   Woodbine
MINTUN Mrs. Mary C.    
MINTUN Ruth minor  
MINTUN Alice minor  
MINTUN Guy minor  
MONROE James retired  
MOORE Thos. printer  
MORGAN M. C.    
MORGAN E. O. retired  
MORGAN Mrs. S. J.    
MORGAN C. E.    
MORLAN Catharine   RR 5-Woodbine
MORRELL Wm. blacksmith  
MORRELL Mrs. Loretta    
MORRELL Austin    
MORRELL Lillie    
MORRELL Sherman    
MORRELL Estella    
MORRELL Esther    
MORRISON J. E.   Woodbine
MORROW T. W.   RR 2-Woodbine
MORROW Mrs. N.    
MORROW Wade R.    
MORROW Carl    
MORROW Lloyd    
MORROW Glen    
MOISE Henry   Woodbine
MOISE Mrs. Anna    
MOISE Fred    
MOISE Grace    
MOISE Mrs. E. J.    
MOISE Ed operator  
MOISE Mrs. Margaret    
MOISE R. J. operator  
MOISE Mrs. Nellie    
MOISE T. J. section  
MOISE Mrs. A. M.    
MOISE Hazel    
MOISE Harold    
MOISE Max    
MOISE Dermont    
MULNIX Isaac merchant RR 4-Woodbine
MULNIX C. A. farmer  
MULNIX Mrs. Anna    
MULNIX Wm. farmer  
MULNIX Mrs. Jane    
MULNIX Ida    
MULNIX James    
MULVERHILL Patrick retired Woodbine
MURPHY Howard farmer RR 5-Woodbine
MURPHY Mrs. Mary    
MURPHY Jean    
MURPHY Maurice    
MUSGRAVE M. V.   Woodbine
MUSTOE C. E. druggist  
MUSTOE Mrs. Belle    
MUSTOE Ralph    
NELSON J. G. farmer  
NELSON Mrs. Onilla    
NELSON Ray student  
NELSON Floyd student  
NELSON C. E. laborer  
NELSON Mrs. Lottie    
NELSON J. W. section  
NELSON Mrs. Charlotte    
NELSON S. E.    
NELSON Alta G.    
NEWLAND Fred    
NEWLAND Chas. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
NEWLAND Jessie    
NICELY A.   Woodbine
NICELY Mrs. Nancy    
NICELY Della    
NICELY Bert    
NICELY Charles minor  
NICELY Dallas minor  
NICHOLS Mabel    
NICHOLS Pearl    
NOEL Chester printer  
NORTON D. A. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
NORTON Mrs. Olive    
NORTON Chester minor  
NUTTER J. D. laborer RR 2-Woodbine
NUTTER Mrs. Mary    
NUTTER Edward laborer  
O'CONNOR W. C. physician Woodbine
OLIVER Clarence carpenter  
OLIVER Mrs. M.    
OLIVER Rex minor  
OLIVER Nellie minor  
OLIVER Essie minor  
OLIVER Ethel minor  
OLIVER Pearl minor  
OLIVER Jennie    
OLIVER R. L. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
OLIVER Mrs. Minnie    
OLIVER Jennie    
OLIVER Mollie    
OLIVER Samuel    
OLIVER Blanche    
OLIVER Leslie farmer  
OLIVER Mrs. Kate    
OSBORN M. L. merchant Woodbine
OSBORN Mrs. Sarah    
OSBORN Wilbert    
OSBORN Oscar minor  
OSBORN Frederick minor  
OSBORN Howard minor  
OSBORN May minor  
OSBORN Blanche minor  
OSBORN Olie minor  
OSBORN John insurance  
OSBORN Mrs. Harriet    
OSBORN Lester M.    
OSLER C. J. dray  
OSLER Mrs. Minnie    
OSLER Lou    
OSLER Ada    
OSLER Ward    
OVIATT F. C. real estate  
OVIATT Mrs. Harriet    
OVIATT Frederick minor  
PACE J. E. trapper Woodbine
PACE Mrs. M. A.    
PACE J. E.    
PACE Archie    
PACE Harroff    
PACE Ed house mover  
PACE Mrs. Mahala    
PACE J. W. house mover  
PACE Orville minor  
PACE Viola minor  
PACE Olive minor  
PACE E. A. janitor  
PACE Mrs. Clara    
PACE Mary minor  
PACE Ethel minor  
PACE Alvador minor  
PACE Roy minor  
PAGE James paper hanger Woodbine
PAGE Mrs. Nellie    
PAGE Violet    
PALEN E. retired  
PALEN Mrs. Ellen    
PALMER Susie    
PARDEE George farmer  
PARDEE Mrs. Mary    
PARDEE Mary    
PARDEE Nancy    
PARDEE Clara    
PARDEE Georgia    
PARDEE Ida    
PARK S. R. farmer RR 3-Woodbine
PARK Mrs. C. C.    
PARKER H.   Woodbine
PARKER Mrs. Lottie    
PATTON C. M. retired RR 5-Woodbine
PATTON Ralph minor Woodbine
PATTON Mrs. Anna    
PECKHAM Sarah    
PECKHAM Ella    
PECKENPAUGH G. L. teacher  
PECKENPAUGH Mrs. Mabel    
PECKENPAUGH Joseph minor  
PECKENPAUGH Fred teacher  
PECKENPAUGH Eunice minor  
PECKENPAUGH Catharine minor  
PELTON M. H. carpenter  
PELTON Mrs. Emma    
PELTON Frank minor  
PELTON Clarence minor  
PELTON Rudolph minor  
PELTON Grace minor  
PETERS John M. farmer Woodbine
PETERS Mrs. Julia E.    
PETERS Maud    
PETERS Howard    
PHILLIPPS Geo. farmer  
PHILLIPPS Mrs. Mary    
PHILLIPPS Carrie minor  
PHILLIPPS John minor  
PHILLIPPS Ida minor  
PHILLIPPS Gladys minor  
PHILLIPPS Bernice minor  
PHILLIPS Margaret    
PICKARD Frank engineer  
PICKARD Mrs. Laura    
PICKARD Earl cigar maker  
PIERCE G.   RR 4-Woodbine
PIERCE A. W. farmer Woodbine
POE C. H. laborer  
POE Herbert    
POE R. J. laborer  
POE Mrs. Millie    
POE J. C. farmer RR 2-Woodbine
POE Mrs. Helen    
POE Amos    
POE Lee minor  
POE Ruby minor  
POE Minnie   Woodbine
POE D. T.    
POE Henrietta    
POE Laura E.    
POE Florence E. minor  
POE Eva E. minor  
POE Elnoretta minor  
POE Pearl minor  
PORTER F. J. retired  
PORTER Mrs. Lucy F.    
PORTER Addie    
PORTER Harold minor  
POTHE Elizabeth    
POTHE Verva minor  
POTHE Guy minor  
POWELL T. J. carpenter  
POWELL Della    
POWELL Harry laborer  
POWLEY G. B. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
POWLEY Mrs. Lucy    
POWLEY Carl    
POWLEY Fred minor  
POWLEY Hazel minor  
POWLEY Harold minor  
PRATER E. B. dray Woodbine
PRATER Mrs. Blanche    
PRITCHARD Joseph gardener  
PRITCHARD Mrs. Belle    
PROSE Mrs. Mary    
PROSE Margaret    
PROSE Ruth teacher  
PROSE Anna teacher  
PROSE Richard plumber  
PROSE Miller minor  
PUCKETT Wm. dray  
PUCKETT Mrs. Hattie    
PUCKETT Ruth    
PUCKETT Mary    
PUGSLEY Mrs. G. W.    
PUGSLEY Frances    
PUGSLEY M. fruit grower RR 4-Woodbine
PUGSLEY Mrs. Nettie    
PUGSLEY George W.    
PUGSLEY Agnes    
PUGSLEY Frances    
PUGSLEY Mary I.    
PUGSLEY Hattie    
PUGSLEY George farmer RR 1-Woodbine
PUGSLEY Mrs. Ida    
PUGSLEY C. W. student  
PUGSLEY Sadie    
PURALL J. J. wagon maker Woodbine
PURALL Mrs. Ella    
PURALL Helsee minor  
PURALL Mrs. S. C.    
PURALL Ruby    
PURALL H. C.    
PURALL Mrs. Sadie    
PURALL Edna    
PURRALL Opal    
PURRALL Margaret   RR 2-Logan
PURRALL C. N. farmer  
PURALL Dean farmer RR 5-Woodbine
PURALL Mrs. Nellie    
PURALL W. H. laborer RR 2-Logan
RAGAN Mrs. Olive   Woodbine
RAGAN Darold    
RAGAN Lester    
RAGAN Ross    
RATHDRUM Mrs. H. H.    
REED M. A. teacher  
REED Mrs. Olive M.    
REED Della minor  
REED Harold minor  
REED C. W.    
REED Mrs. Susan    
REED R. J. retired  
REED James retired RR 1-Woodbine
REED Mrs. Catharine    
REEL Mrs. Nancy   Woodbine
REYNOLDS Martha   RR 4-Woodbine
REYNOLDS B. E. farmer  
REYNOLDS Mrs. Marie    
REYNOLDS B. farmer  
REYNOLDS Mrs. Ella    
REYNOLDS Hattie    
REYNOLDS Arthur farmer  
REYNOLDS Howard    
REYNOLDS Hazel    
REYNOLDS Mrs. Malinda    
REYNOLDS Maggie    
RICHARDS W. F. blacksmith Woodbine
RICHARDS Mrs. Sadie    
RIGG G. B. teacher  
RIGG Mrs. B.    
RIGG Margaret B.    
RIGG G. F. retired  
RIGG Mrs. M. E.    
RINSEN M. A. laborer  
RINSEN Mrs. Daisy    
RINSEN Ruby minor  
RISCE A. S. mail carrier RR 5-Woodbine
RISCE Mrs. Mabel B.    
RISCE C. A.    
RISCE Eva M.    
RISCE Clifford S.    
ROBBINS F. farmer Woodbine
ROBBINS Mrs. Dora    
ROBBINS Bessie    
ROBBINS Cleo    
ROBBINS Ralph    
ROBBINS Robert    
ROGERS E. L. poultry  
ROGERS Mrs. Elizabeth    
ROGERS Lula    
ROGERS Homer barber  
ROGERS Mrs. Laura    
ROGERS Bernard farmer  
ROGERS M. A. laborer  
ROGERS Mrs. Elizabeth    
ROGERS W. R. engineer  
ROGERS F. A. plumber  
ROGERS Rowena    
ROGERS O. W. farmer Woodbine
ROGERS Mrs. Phoebe A.    
ROGERS Ada E.    
ROGERS Olive    
ROGERS Grace    
ROGERS Ethel    
ROGERS D. R. retired  
ROGERS Mrs. Henretta    
ROGERS Robert    
ROOK A. laborer  
ROSENBERGER E. A. barber  
ROUNDY J. E. livery Woodbine
ROUNDY Mrs. Tenie    
ROUNDY Fern    
ROUNDY Lenore    
ROUNDY Pearl    
RUGG M. F. carpenter  
RUGG Mrs. T. L.    
RUGG Mabel teacher  
RUGG Cyrus minor  
RUGG F. B. minor  
RUSSELL T. J. farmer RR 3-Woodbine
RUSSELL Mrs. Mary    
RUSSELL Joseph    
RUSSELL Harry    
RUSSELL Lola M.    
SAID Ed farmer RR 5-Woodbine
SAID Mrs. Bertha    
SAID Ketty minor  
SAID Pearl minor  
SAID James laborer  
SAID Mrs. Jennie    
SAID Harry minor  
SAMPLE W. T. farmer RR 2-Logan
SAMPLE Mrs. W. T.    
SAMPLE Julia minor  
SAMPLE Hazel minor  
SAMPLE Ellsworth minor  
SAMPLE L. L. insurance Woodbine
SAMPLE Mrs. Rose J.    
SAMPLE Lawrence    
SAMPLE Leona    
SAVAGE M. F. brick maker  
SAVAGE Mrs. Hattie    
SAVAGE Mary minor  
SAVAGE Laura minor  
SAVAGE Elmer minor  
SAVERY Chas. farmer RR 2-Woodbine
SAVERY Mrs. J. C.    
SAVERY Mary minor  
SAVERY Geo. farmer Woodbine
SAVERY Emma    
SAVERY Myrtle    
SAVERY Cora minor  
SAVERY Pearl minor  
SCHIBE Ed cigar maker  
SCHIBE Mrs. Olive    
SCHULER Albert laborer  
SCOFIELD Bert carpenter  
SCOFIELD Mrs. Maude    
SEELEY F. M. painter  
SEELEY Julia    
SEELEY Scott laborer  
SEELEY Mrs. Mabel    
SEIGLER Mary   RR 5-Woodbine
SELLECK Wm. mail carrier Woodbine
SELLECK Mrs. Maria    
SELLECK Abbie M.    
SELLECK A. C. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
SELLECK Mrs. Amanda    
SELLECK Harry    
SELLECK Mamie    
SELLECK Arthur    
SELLECK A. E. farmer  
SELLECK Mrs. Ella    
SELLECK Nellie   RR 3-Woodbine
SELLECK G. W. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
SELLECK Mary A.    
SELLECK Edna M. minor  
SELLECK Lee W. minor  
SELLECK Abbie J. minor  
SELLECK Claude C. minor  
SEPPCH H. butcher Woodbine
SEPPCH John    
SEPPCH Minnie    
SEPPCH Charles    
SHAFF Caroline    
SHAHAN R. J. merchant  
SHANE John    
SHANE Mrs. Lois    
SHAPARD Mrs. Austenia    
SHEPARD F. A. clerk  
SHEPARD Mrs. Mary    
SHEPARD Marion    
SHEPARD Gerald    
SHERWOOD Mrs. R.    
SHERWOOD Frank minor  
SHERWOOD Kenneth minor  
SHERWOOD John minor  
SHERWOOD May minor  
SHIELDS J. B. farmer Woodbine
SHIELDS Nellie    
SHIELDS Bettie minor  
SHIELDS Edward minor  
SHIELDS Grace minor  
SHIELDS Thomas minor  
SHIELDS Mary minor  
SHINN M. F. minor  
SHINN Zelma    
SHINN Ora minor  
SHINN Ruth minor  
SHINN Cliff minor  
SHINN A. T. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
SHINN Mrs. Hattie    
SHINN Otis    
SHINN Carrie    
SHINN George    
SHINN Hazel    
SHINN Gladys    
SHORETT Joseph retired RR 4-Woodbine
SHORETT C. J. farmer  
SHORETT Mrs. Barbara    
SHORETT Earl    
SHORETT Ethel    
SHREEVES Pearl   Woodbine
SHUNDLEMIER W. T. farmer RR 2-Logan
SIEBELS A. merchant Woodbine
SIEBELS Hazel    
SIEBELS Jerome    
SIEBELS Harold    
SLUSSER Mrs. M. J.    
SMILEY Amy    
SMITH F. M. jeweler  
SMITH Mrs. Belle    
SMITH Floyd    
SMITH Harold minor  
SMITH H. C. retired  
SMITH Mrs. S. E.    
SMITH Geo. B. student  
SMITH D. W. retired  
SMITH Mrs. Permilia N.    
SMITH John laborer  
SMITH T. L. clerk  
SMITH Mrs. Eva    
SMITH Joe minor  
SMITH Marie minor  
SMITH Anita minor  
SMITH Clyde minor  
SNYDER Mrs. Diana C.   Woodbine
SNYDER J. J. farmer  
SNYDER Mrs. Effie C.    
SNYDER Clyde A.    
SNYDER LeRoy    
SNYDER Louis retired  
SPARROW Mrs. Elizabeth    
SPARROW Pearl minor  
SPARROW Clara minor  
SPEAKE C. farmer  
SPEAKE Mrs. Mary    
SPEAKE Elsie minor  
STALEY John farmer RR 5-Woodbine
STALEY Laura    
STALEY Flora    
STALEY Sadie    
STALEY W. H.    
STALEY Glen    
STALEY Lennie    
STALEY Ellen    
STEEL J. R. cigar maker Woodbine
STERNBERG Fred Sr. farmer RR 4-Woodbine
STERNBERG Fred Jr.    
STEWART Everet pub Woodbine
STIEHL Wm. laborer  
STIEHL Mrs. Mary    
STIEHL Otto laborer  
STIEHL Edith    
STIEHL Lena    
STIEHL Rineheart    
STILLWELL W. A. laborer  
STILLWELL Mrs. Mary    
STILLWELL Mrs. Gertrude    
STITT W. W. barber  
STITT Mrs. Ada M.    
STITT Donna minor  
STOBERT Gina   Woodbine
STOCKMAN J. W. physician  
STOCKMAN Adelaide    
STOCKMAN Marcella    
STOUT C. R. real estate  
STOUT Mrs. Gertrude    
STOUT Lawrence minor  
STOUT Harry minor  
STOUT Edward    
STOUT Eva    
STRONG Charles laborer  
STRONG Mrs. Anna    
STRONG Rose    
SURBER J. A. farmer RR 4-Woodbine
SURBER Mrs. Jennie    
SURBER Sylvia    
SURBER Willard    
SURBER Gilbert    
SUTHERS J. R. farmer Woodbine
SUTHERS Mrs. Clarinda    
SUTHERS J. W. minor  
SUTHERS E. A. minor  
SUTHERS E. D. minor  
SWAIN H. D. mason  
SWAIN Mrs. J. A.    
SWEET E. S. dentist  
SWEET Lydia    
SWEET Chauncey student  
SWEET Nellie    
SWEET W. H. farmer  
SWEET Mrs. Cora    
SWEET Leonard minor  
SWEET Florence minor  
SWEET Bernice minor  
SWINGHER John butcher  
TABER H. B. real estate Woodbine
TACY John E. laborer  
TACY Mrs. Etta    
TACY Thomas junk dealer  
TACY Mrs. Melvina    
TACY T. O.    
TACY Esther minor  
TACY Mary minor  
TACY Lulu minor  
TACY Gladys minor  
TACY Verna minor  
TACY Opal minor  
TAYLOR Warren butvher  
TAYLOR Mrs. Della    
TAYLOR Evelyn    
TEITSORT A. farmer RR 4-Woodbine
TEITSORT Mrs. Abbie    
TEITSORT Edith    
TEMPLIN J. L. laborer Woodbine
TEMPLIN Mrs. E. B.    
THOMAS John farmer RR 2-Woodbine
THOMAS Mrs. Mary    
THOMAS Charles    
THOMAS Esther    
THOMPSON G. W. butcher Woodbine
THOMPSON Mrs. Gertrude    
THOMPSON Courtney minor  
THOMPSON Georgia minor  
THOMPSON O. W. clerk  
THOMPSON Maurice minor  
THOMPSON J. E. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
THOMPSON Minnie    
THOMPSON Earl J.    
THOMPSON Eugenia    
THOMPSON Clifford    
THOMPSON Thomas Sr. retired  
THOMPSON Mrs. Agnes    
THOMPSON Thomas Jr. farmer  
THOMPSON Mrs. Eva    
THOMPSON Tom minor  
THOMPSON Mary minor  
THOMPSON Bessie minor  
THOMPSON Aggie minor  
THOMPSON Jennie minor  
THOMPSON George minor  
THOMPSON Wm. farmer  
THOMPSON Mrs. Delpha    
THORN John    
THORN Mrs. Ann    
THORP Mrs. E. C.   RR 2-Woodbine
TORREY Lee clerk  
TORREY A. C. carpenter Woodbine
TORREY Opal    
TRUE Mrs. B. A.    
TRUE Roy    
TRIEN Rev. Clint J. W.    
TRIEN Mrs. Addie    
TRIEN Gerie    
TRIEN James minor  
TRIEN John minor  
TUCK Mrs. Sarah    
TUCKER Mrs. S. M.    
TUCKER Florence    
TUCKER Lydia    
TUCKER George    
TUNELD Roe farmer RR 2-Logan
TUNELD Mrs. Letta    
TUNELD Clara minor  
TUNELD Gladys minor  
TUNELD Floyd minor  
TUPPER J. E. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
TUPPER Mrs. Hattie    
TUPPER Mattie minor  
TUPPER Laura minor  
TUPPER Lee minor  
TUPPER Bernice minor  
TUPPER Helen minor  
TUPPER J. R. auctioneer Woodbine
TUPPER Mrs. Hattie    
TUPPER Pearl minor  
TUPPER Mrs. Emeline    
TUPPER Joe    
TUPPER Ella minor  
TUPPER W. L. clerk  
TUPPER Mrs. B. N.    
TUPPER B. S. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
TUPPER Mrs. Anna    
TUPPER Harry minor  
TUPPER Charlie minor  
TUPPER Edith minor  
TUTTLE W. H. painter Woodbine
TUTTLE Mrs. Mary    
TUTTLE C. J. foreman  
TUTTLE Mrs. Alice M.    
TUTTLE Wm. farmer RR 2-Woodbine
TUTTLE Mrs. Maggie    
TUTTLE Jessie minor  
VALE C. W. farmer  
VALE Mrs. Lulu    
VALE Ernest minor  
VAN SCOY J. S. harness Woodbine
VAN SCOY Mrs. Lenora    
VAN SCOY Maud    
VAN SCOY Clara    
VAN SCOY C. A. post master  
VAN SCOY Mrs. Blanche M.    
VINING M. M. marshal  
VINING Mrs. Ada    
VINING Vera    
VINING Percival    
VINING Harriet    
VINING Robert carpet weaver  
VINING W. H.   RR 3-Woodbine
VINING Mrs. Louise    
VINING R. retired  
VINING Mrs. Emily    
VINING Ida    
VINT Olive A.   Woodbine
VITALE Irving laborer  
VITALE Ida    
WACKER Henry farmer RR 5-Woodbine
WACKER Mrs. Emelia    
WACKER Harry    
WACKER Fred    
WACKER Esther    
WACKER George    
WAITE W. E. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
WAITE Mrs. Lucinda    
WAITE J. F.    
WARMAN M. W. farmer RR 4-Woodbine
WARMAN Mrs. Anna    
WARMAN Gladys    
WARREN T. L. well digger Woodbine
WARREN Mrs. Lena    
WARREN Lola    
WATKINS J. H. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
WATKINS Mrs. Jennie    
WATKINS Ralph    
WATKINS Rodney minor  
WATKINS Kenneth minor  
WATKINS Gwendolen minor  
WATKINS T. J. farmer Woodbine
WATKINS Mrs. E. B.    
WATKINS Clemmie    
WATKINS Mary    
WEBSTER Dora    
WEISS P. J. news agent RR 4-Woodbine
WEISS Mrs. Emma    
WEISS Forest    
WEISS Inez    
WEISS J. J. meat market Woodbine
WEISS Mrs. Sophia K.    
WEISS Max    
WEISS Jacob    
WEISS Rudolph minor  
WEISS Anna minor  
WEISS Frances minor  
WEISS Louis minor  
WEISS Retta minor  
WELCH Michael laborer  
WELCH Mrs. Anna    
WELCH R. J. mason  
WELLS D. W. farmer RR 2-Woodbine
WELLS Mrs. Gertrude    
WELLS Nellie    
WELLS Edward    
WESCOTT Wm. S. farmer Woodbine
WESCOTT Mrs. Serena E.    
WESTON James J. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
WESTON Mrs. Emma    
WHARTON Bessie    
WHARTON C. A. dray Woodbine
WHARTON Mrs. Florence    
WHARTON Mrs. Lydia   RR 5-Woodbine
WHARTON Mrs. Mary    
WHARTON Frank    
WHARTON Elmer    
WHEELER Anna merchant Woodbine
WHITE Mrs. J. R.    
WHITE L. W. publisher  
WHITE Mrs. L. W.    
WHITE John student  
WHITE Anna minor  
WHITE Edna minor  
WICKS Mrs. Henrietta    
WICKS Waldo minor  
WICKS Wm. minor  
WILDER C. M. musician RR 2-Woodbine
WILDER Isabel    
WILEY Thos. farmer  
WILEY Kasie minor  
WILEY Nettie minor  
WILEY Edna minor  
WILEY O. W. farmer  
WILEY Mrs. Millie    
WILEY John minor  
WILEY Rosa minor  
WILEY Eugene minor  
WILEY Clara minor  
WILEY Ernest minor  
WILKINS Rev. J. E.   Woodbine
WILKINS Mrs. Alice A.    
WILKINS W. C. farmer RR 3-Woodbine
WILKINS Mrs. Anna    
WILKINS Ethel    
WILKINS Blanche    
WILKINS Jessie    
WILKINS Grace    
WILLETT L. D. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
WILLETT Frances E.    
WILLETT Pansy M.    
WILLIAMS C. R. farmer Woodbine
WILLIAMS Mrs. Amelia    
WILLIAMS Maude minor  
WILLIAMS D. farmer RR 1-Woodbine
WILLIAMS Ella M.    
WILLIAMS Mabel    
WILLIAMS Ethel    
WILLIAMSON A. P. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
WILLIS J. W. carpenter Woodbine
WILLIS Mrs. S. J.    
WILLIS Henry restaurant  
WILLIS Mrs. Emma H.    
WILLIS Emma E.    
WILLIAMS Ada A. bookkeeper  
WILLIAMS C. H. student  
WILLIS Mrs. C.    
WILLIS H. G.    
WILSEY W. H. harness  
WILSEY Mrs. W. H.    
WILSEY Chas.    
WILSON G. H. blacksmith  
WILSON Mrs. Edith    
WILSON Grace minor  
WILSON Doris minor  
WILSON John retired  
WILSON Mrs. John    
WILSON Mae    
WILSON J. R. insurance Woodbine
WILSON Mrs. Myrtie    
WILSON Edgar minor  
WILSON Hazel minor  
WILSON Evan minor  
WILSON Paul minor  
WILSON Pearl minor  
WILSON T. W. blacksmith  
WILSON Mrs. Margaret    
WILSON John    
WILSON James    
WILSON Jessie    
WILSON Frank    
WIMBERLY Rev. Wm.    
WIMBERLY Mrs. B.    
WIMBERLY Vivian    
WIMBERLY Lowry    
WIMBERLY DeBoise minor  
WIMBERLY Louise minor  
WIMBERLY Hal minor  
WIMBERLY Merritt minor  
WIMBERLY Ware minor  
WIMBERLY E. minor  
WITT Geo. laborer Woodbine
WITT Mrs. Myrtle    
WITT Katheryn minor  
WITTER Mrs. Hattie    
WITTER Emily teacher  
WOLF H. laborer  
WOMER G. B. janitor  
WOMER Mrs. R.    
WOODWORTH S. M. salesman  
WOODWORTH Mrs. A. O.    
WOOD Ray farmer  
WOOD Mrs. I.    
WOOD Zenus minor  
WOOD Nile minor  
WRIGHT Geo. merchant  
WRIGHT Mrs. Zoa    
YAGER Fred farmer Woodbine
YAGER Mrs. Delia    
YAGER Edgar farmer  
YAGER Mrs. Rose    
YAGER Floyd minor  
YAGER Earl minor  
YAGER Henry minor  
YAGER Ben farmer  
YAGER Mrs. Gussie    
YAGER Olive    
YAGER Herman    
YAGER Glen minor  
YAGER Harley minor  
YAGER Lloyd minor  
YAGER Herman retired  
YAGER Mrs. Elizabeth    
YAGER David    
YAGER Mrs. Lydia    
YAGER J. R. teamster  
YAGER Mrs. Hattie    
YAGER Ray    
YOUNG F. A. station agent Woodbine
YOUNG Louisa    
YOUNG Archie    
YOUNG G. N. merchant  
YOUNG Mrs. Mary    
YOUNG Fred    
YOUNG Belle teacher  
YOUNG Cora dress maker  
YOUNG S. R. farmer RR 5-Woodbine
YOUNG Mrs. Agnes    
YOUNG Thomas    
YOUNG Leroy    
YOUNG Iona    
YOUNG Bessie minor  
YOUNG George farmer  
YOUNG Mrs. Mary    
YOUNG Edna B.    
YOUNG Irene    
ZIMMER E. florist Woodbine
ZIMMER Mrs. E. H.    
ZIMMER M. K. florist  
ZIMMER B. M. laborer  
ZIMMER C. C. laborer  
ZIMMER A. J. weaver  
ZIMMER Mrs. E. M.    

1905 Directory of Residents transcribed and contributed by Tami Amidon (copyright 2003)

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