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1915 Harrison County Iowa Biographies
Page Twenty Eight

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Edgar T. GIDDINGS, D.D.S. - A residence in Harrison county, Iowa, of forty-five years, gives Edgar T. Giddings, D.D.S., the right to be classed among the pioneers of the county. He has been following his profession of dentistry for more than a quarter of a century in the county and is now its oldest graduate of a dental school. In addition to being connected with the dental profession, for so many years, he has also taken no small part in the life of his community, and has had a prominent part in the general welfare of Harrison county.

Edgar T. Giddings, D.D.S., the son of Dr. Josiah and Sarah (GIDDINGS) Giddings, was born in Hebron, McHenry county, Illinois, February 13, 1861. A native of Franklin county, Vermont, as was his mother, his father was born on August 10, 1832, and removed from Vermont to Illinois in 1856. He had previously taught school in New York state, just across the line from Vermont. At the opening of the Civil War he was commissioned and joined the Ninety-fifth Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and served as a surgeon with this regiment. After the close of the war, he returned to McHenry county, where he resided until 1866. In that year he moved to Council Bluffs, Iowa, where he engaged in the drug business, and followed this line of activity during the remainder of his days. He lived in Council Bluffs about one year and then located in Magnolia, Harrison county, Iowa, where he continued to follow the drug business for some time. He then bought a farm in Magnolia township, which he owned for seventeen years, but did not live on it all of the time. He practiced medicine in Magnolia for about a year and at Logan for about three years. After selling his farm he removed to Woodbine, in 1887, where he was a partner in a drug store. He continued to practice medicine, in addition to his interests in the drug business, until his death, February 28, 1906. Josiah Giddings, D.D.S., was a prominent man in school affairs in the early days in Magnolia. He was a Republican, and, though frequently importuned to aspire for office, he would never consent to become a candidate, with the exception of some minor positions, which he held. He was mayor of Woodbine for eight or nine years. Sarah Giddings, the wife of Doctor Josiah, was born on October 16, 1842, in Franklin county, Vermont, and was married to Josiah Giddings on October 17, 1858. Nine children were born to this union, only two of whom are living, Dr. Edgar T. and Mrs. Jennie A. McKinney, who live near Woodbine, Iowa. The wife of Josiah Giddings, D.D.S., died on March 25, 1894, and he later married, a second time, September 19, 1896, Jane Giddings, a sister of his first wife. The second wife is now living with Edgar T. Giddings.

Edgar T. Giddings, D.D.S., was educated in the public schools, completing his course in the Magnolia and Logan high schools. He was a student of J. D. Hornby at Magnolia, one of the best instructors who ever taught in that place. As a young man, Doctor Giddings followed various occupations and worked in his father's drug store for five or six years. He entered the Iowa State University in 1885 and graduated from the department of dentistry in 1887. He at once began the practice of his profession, at Logan, and in November of the following year, moved to Missouri Valley, where he has since resided. He has devoted his life, since his graduation from the university, to the practice of dentistry, with the exception of two years, which he spent in the mountains, on account of ill health. He is the oldest graduate of his profession in the county, and is not only a skillful dentist, but a man who is highly esteemed for his many excellent qualities.

Doctor Giddings was married on February 26, 1891, to Abbie S. WHITE, the daughter of Dr. A. White, of Missouri Valley. Doctor White and his wife are now living with his son, Edgar.

Doctor Giddings is a member of the Knights of Pythias and the Brotherhood of American Yeoman. He gives his hearty support to the Republican party, but has never cared to take an active part in political matters. He has two or three farms in the county, in which he takes an active interest and gives them his personal supervision.

Source: 1915 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 895, 896
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Thomas M. GILMORE - For the past twenty years Thomas M. Gilmore has been engaged in the grocery business in Missouri Valley, Iowa. Previous to locating in that city he was engaged in the restaurant business for several years; fired a locomotive for awhile and also was a traveling salesman for a grocery firm for a year or two. Since locating in Missouri Valley Mr. Gilmore has been very successful in business and now not only has one of the best-paying grocery stores in the city, but also owns one of the best brick business blocks in the city. He has been an active participant in the life of his home city and has served with credit on the city council for several years. In all respects Mr. Gilmore has been an excellent citizen and has directed his energies in such a manner as to merit the high esteem in which he is universally held.

Thomas M. Gilmore, the son of A. J. and Sarah (MCKENNA) Gilmore, was born in Jackson county, Iowa, ten miles south of Dubuque, on a farm, August 15, 1864. His father was born in County Tyrone, Ireland, and his mother in Quebec, Canada. A. J. Gilmore came to America with his parents, John and Katherine Gilmore, when he was only one year old, and settled in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. In 1849 the Gilmore family removed to Dubuque, Iowa, and in that city A. J. Gilmore engaged in the grain business until 1870, in which year he moved to LaGrange township, Harrison county, Iowa, and farmed until 1892, when he moved to Missouri Valley. He was on the county board of supervisors for many years and died in Missouri Valley May 23, 1913, at the age of seventy-eight years and seven months. His wife died in LaGrange township, this county, July 10, 1890. Nine children were born to A. J. Gilmore and wife, twins, who died in infancy; John, who is in Alaska; Arthur, deceased; Thomas M., of Missouri Valley; Mary, the wife of J. N. Tamisiea, of Missouri Valley; Katherine, the wife of Joseph O'Connor, a farmer of Taylor township; Sarah, the wife of F. W. Schwertley, a farmer of Taylor township, and James, of Wyoming.

Thomas M. Gilmore was reared on his father's farm and in Missouri Valley. He completed his elementary education in the schools of Missouri Valley, took his higher education in Ames Agricultural College and Bayless Business College at Dubuque, Iowa. After leaving college he went to Waterloo, Iowa, and operated a railroad eating house under the firm name of Mulgrew & Gilmore. He remained at Waterloo for six years and then retired from the firm and engaged in the restaurant business in that city alone for two years and a half. The next two years he spent as a locomotive fireman on the Illinois Central Railroad, after which he acted as a traveling salesman for two and a half years, selling groceries. On November 12, 1895, Mr. Gilmore arrived in Missouri Valley, and opened a grocery store and has since been engaged in this line of business in that city. He has built up a large trade and each year has found him more prosperous.

Mr. Gilmore was married November 16, 1887, to Theresa CASGROVE, of Davenport, Iowa.

Mr. Gilmore is a Democrat and has served on the city council for about seven years. He is a member of the Knights and Ladies of Security and the Knights of Columbus. Mr. Gilmore is a quiet and unassuming man and by correct ideals of life he has so conducted himself as to win a large circle of friends and acquaintances throughout the county.

Source: 1915 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 777, 778
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Milton H. GREENFIELD - In 1858 this pioneer made his settlement in section 3, of Jefferson township, Harrison county, Iowa. The first year he was employed by Judge Stephen King on the latter's farm. In 1859, during the gold mining excitement, he went with hundreds of others to Pike's Peak; at least he started, but upon reaching Fremont, Nebraska, he retraced his steps and engaged in brick making near the old town site of Jeddo, in Harrison county. Two hundred thousand brick were burned the first season and found ready sale at ten dollars per thousand. In 1860 he bought land in section 13 of Jefferson township, where his brick kiln was located. That year he burned two kilns of red brick, in company with Jason Z. Hunt, carrying on his farming operations at the same time. In 1862 he hired others to attend to his farm duties and enlisted in Company C, Twenty-ninth Regiment, Iowa Volunteer Infantry, wearing the loyal blue until April, 1863. Mr. Greenfield was a native of New York, born in 1836, and died at Grand Junction, Colorado, in January, 1913. He was a Republican and was affiliated with the Free-Will Baptist church. He was one of the sturdy, reliable men who helped to build up this county.

Source: 1915 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 671, 672
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Amos J. GRIFFITH - One of the youngest and at the same time most progressive farmers of Allen township, Harrison county, Iowa, is Amos J. Griffith, who has spent his entire life thus far within the limits of this county, where his parents located in 1867, and where they have been prominent in the affairs of the community in which they lived since that time. Starting in as a renter, Mr. Griffith saved his money and was soon able to purchase a farm of his own, and now has one of the best improved farms of Allen township. He is a large stock raiser and ranks high among the best of his township. In the civic life of his community he has taken a commendable part and the offices which he has held demonstrate that he is a man of ability and energy.

Amos J. Griffith, the son of William and Dorthula (COFFMAN) Griffith, was born on October 21, 1883, near Mondamin, Morgan township, Harrison county, Iowa. His parents were natives of Pennsylvania and Iowa, respectively. His father came to Harrison county about 1868, William Griffith is a son of Amos and Elizabeth Griffith, both natives of Pennsylvania. Amos Griffith, Sr., was a soldier in the Civil War. When Dorthula Coffman was still a small girl her family emigrated to Utah, and later returned to Harrison county, about 1867. The wife of William Griffith died on April 19, 1891. He has since remarried and now makes his home in Pisgah.

Amos J. Griffith received a good common and high school education, graduating from the Little Sioux high school. He lived at home until he reached his majority and by this time was thoroughly acquainted with all the various phases of farming, so that he was able to manage a farm by himself. Upon reaching the age of twenty-one, he rented land for six years, although during this time he bought his present farm of one hundred and twenty acres, in section 21, of Allen township. He continued to rent his farm out to other parties, however, until his marriage, since which time tills not only his own farm, but rents one hundred and twenty acres more, and is one of the large farmers in Allen township. He now feeds about fifty head of cattle and one hundred and fifty head of hogs for the market each year and finds that his greatest returns are from the sale of live stock.

Mr. Griffith was married on February 27, 1906, to Nellie A. ROGERS. She was born near Woodbine, in this county, and is a daughter of Adolphus and Margaret G. (SHIELDS) Rogers, both natives of Iowa, her father being born in Harrison county. Mr. and Mrs. Griffith have one daughter, Marie Lucile, who was born on November 6, 1908.

Mr. Griffith is a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, at Little Sioux. Although not a member of any church, Mr. Griffith and his family give their hearty support to the Methodist Episcopal church. He has been active in the welfare of the Democratic party, and has been one of its leaders in local affairs for many years. He has been clerk of Allen township for six years, assessor for four years and secretary of the school board for three years. In the fall of 1914 he was the candidate of his party for clerk of the district court of Harrison county. Mr. Griffith is a stockholder in the Hafer Lumber Company, of Council Bluffs.

Source: 1915 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 927, 928
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Gus GUSTAFSON - Many nations of Europe have contributed to the cosmopolitan population of Harrison county, Iowa. The little kingdom of Sweden has furnished some of the best citizens of the county, and among these Gus Gustafson occupies a prominent place. Born and reared in Sweden he came to this country when he was nineteen years of age and at once located in Harrison county, where he has since resided. He worked out by the month for a few years and then bought a quarter section of land in Clay township, where he has since made his home.

Gus Gustafson, the son of C. A. and Lena (STRON) Gustafson, was born on September 17, 1868, in Sweden. His father was a farmer in that country and his parents lived there all of their days.

Gus Gustafson was one of the two sons born to his parents, the other son being Axel. He received a good education in the schools of his native land and early in life decided to come to America, where he felt that better opportunities could be found. His mother died when he was twelve years of age. In the fall of 1887 he and his brother, Axel, came to the United States and located in Clay township. He worked out by the month until the spring of 1907, when he bought one hundred and sixty acres in section 4 of Clay township. Since buying this farm he has built a new barn and made many other improvements. He engages in general farming and stock raising, giving most of his attention to the raising of corn and hogs. He annually feeds about forty head of hogs for the market.

Mr. Gustafson was married to May WATTS, who was born in Clinton county, Missouri, a daughter of Frank and Mary Ann (GROOMS) Watts, and to this union one daughter, Anna, has been born.

Mr. Gustafson is a Republican, but has never taken an active part in the political life of his community. He has devoted all of his time and attention to agricultural pursuits and ranks high among the progressive and enterprising farmers of the locality in which he has chosen to make his permanent home.

Source: 1915 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 783, 784
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Eduard HARTER - Few farmers in Harrison county have met with more pronounced success in their agricultural operations than A. Eduard Harter. He started in to work as a farm hand in this county, and later rented land for a few years before eventually buying. That he has labored to a definite end is shown by the fact that he is now the owner of two hundred and forty acres of well-improved land in Jackson and Raglan townships. There is not a modern convenience the farmer needs that is not found on the well-improved farm of Mr. Harter, and consequently he gets the maximum returns from his effort.

A. Eduard Harter, the son of Peter N. and Ellinor (SWAN) Harter, was born on October 5, 1865, in New York. Her parents, who were of English descent, were both born in that state.

A. Eduard Harter was one of four children born to his parents and lived at home until he was sixteen years of age. He received a good common school education in his native state, and when he left there at the age of sixteen, he came to Iowa and located in Harrison county with his uncle, Clark Swan. He worked for his uncle until he was twenty-one, then rented a farm and began working for himself. He saved his money and, in 1902, was able to buy one hundred and twenty acres of land, eighty acres in Raglan township and forty in Jackson township. Since that time he has doubled his acreage and now owns two hundred and forty acres. When he bought this farm there was not even a fence on it and no buildings whatever. He now has a beautiful country home and one of the largest barns in the county. He uses a gas engine for pumping and grinding his feed, and in his implement shed may be seen every modern farming implement a farmer could possibly use. While he raises a great deal of grain each year, he gives the most of his attention to stock raising and feeds a large number of cattle and hogs for the market. All his stock is full-blooded, but he has never taken the trouble to have it registered. He feeds about two hundred head of cattle and four hundred hogs each year and derives the greater portion of his income from the sale of stock. He also has twenty-eight head of horses on his farm.

Mr. Harter was married on August 25, 1904, to Minnie PARKS, who was born in Harrison county, and is a daughter of William and Mary (FOLLETT) Parks, early settlers of Harrison county. Her mother was born in this state and her father in Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Harter are the parents of five children, Clark, Ethel, Gladys, Guy and Glen.

The family are loyal suporters of the Methodist Episcopal church. Mr. Harter gives his allegiance to the Republican party, but has never been an aspirant for public office. His agricultural and stock-raising interests are so extensive that he devotes all of his time to them, leaving the cares of political life to others. The success which has come to Mr. Harter is well deserved and his present prosperity has been the result of his own initiative. He takes an active part in the civic life of his community and is always ready to lend his hearty approval to all public-spirited measures.

Source: 1915 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 946, 947
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Addison L. HARVEY - He who was so familiarly known as A. L. Harvey, of Magnolia and later of Logan, bore well his part as a pioneer citizen and county builder. He came to Harrison county in 1857. He was a native of New York State and died at his home in Logan May 3, 1902. His father, Nathan Harvey, was born in 1802 in Vermont. In 1856 the son, Addison L., came as far west as Newton, Jasper county, Iowa, where he remained about a year, then came on to St. John, this county, and ever afterward resided in Harrison county. His early life was spent on the farm, at teaching school and clerking in the railroad offices of the New York & Erie Railroad. After a time he engaged in merchandising and finally cast his lot with the good pioneer band at Magnolia, the seat of justice of Harrison county, Iowa. He was an excellent penman and soon received the appointment to transcribe the county records and was finally appointed treasurer and recorder, serving two terms. He then opened a realty office in Magnolia. It was he who, in company with Capt. J. C. Milliman, established the Harrison County Bank at Logan, where he had moved when the county seat was moved to Logan, which they operated until April 1, 1879, when the firm became known as Harvey & Ford.

Mr. Harvey cast his first vote for Gen. John C. Fremont and always stood firmly by the Republican party, through thick and thin. He was an excellent campaigner and entered many a heated campaign in Harrison county. He was connected with the earliest Masonic lodge of the county and was also a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. He married and reared a family to bring additional honors to his name. Three of his sons still reside in Harrison county and are in business.

A firmer historical work contained a sketch of Mr. Harvey in which occurs this paragraph: �It matters not when one meets Mr. Harvey, whether it be in his business relations, by the side of his desk, in a public convention, when political favors are asked, midst the turmoil of business life, or within his home circle, in which he takes great delight, he always impresses one with the thought of one characteristic, that of a natural-born, true gentleman.�

Source: 1915 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 755, 756
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Robert W. HARVEY - The Harvey family has been prominently identified with the history of Harrison county, Iowa, since 1854, when Addison L. Harvey, the father of Robert W. Harvey, located at St. Johns. For half a century the elder Harvey was a prominent man in the history of the county, during which time he held various county offices and took a leading part in the financial history of the county. Robert W. Harvey was graduated from the pharmacy department of the State University of Iowa in 1897, and has since been engaged in the drug business. He was in business in Missouri Valley with a partner for a few years, but for more than ten years, has been conducting his own store.

Robert W. Harvey, the son of Addison L. and Margaret (MILLER) Harvey, was born at Magnolia, Harrison county, Iowa, February 10, 1875. His parents were both born in the state of New York and married in that state.

About 1854 Addison L. Harvey and his family came to Harrison county, Iowa, and located at the old town of St. Johns, where they resided for some years. Mr. Harvey was a lawyer and banker and for twenty-six years was engaged in the banking business in the county. He was one of the first county officers and held the office of treasurer and clerk, these two departments of the county administration being then united in one office. In 1877 Addison L. Harvey moved to Logan and died in the county seat about 1903, his wife passing away the same year. Seven children were born to Addison L. Harvey and wife, six of whom are living, Mrs. Sears McHenry, of Dennison, Iowa; Charles A., of Logan, Iowa; George H., of Logan; Harry L., of Dallas, South Dakota; Frank, of Juneau, Alaska, and Robert W., of Missouri Valley.

Robert W. Harvey was graduated from the Logan high school in 1893, and then went to work in a drug store in Logan and spent two years there before deciding to make the drug business his life work. He then became a student in the pharmacy department of Iowa State University at Iowa City and was graduated with the class of 1897. During the winter of 1898-99 he worked in a pharmacy at Omaha, and in May, 1899, moved to Missouri Valley and engaged in the drug business with S. S. Elliott. This firm continued together for five years, at the end of which time Mr. Harvey assumed full control of the business and has since been conducting it alone. He has a modern drug store and carries a complete line of drugs and druggists' sundries, and such has been the management of the store that he has built up a large and lucrative trade in the city and throughout the surrounding community. In addition to his drug store he owns eighty acres of land north of the city, to which he gives his personal attention.

On June 7, 1905, Robert W. Harvey was united in marriage with Vera A. FOSS, the daughter of T. Foss, of Missouri Valley, and to this union one son, George Edward, has been born.

Mr. Harvey is a member of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons and has attained to the chapter degree. He is also a member of the Knights of Pythias and the Modern Woodmen of America. In politics he gives his support to the Republican party, but has never been inclined to be active in its councils. He is a man of fine address and reflects honor upon a name which is one of the best known in Harrison county.

Source: 1915 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 756, 757
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Harry Z. HATHEWAY - One of the most highly esteemed, progressive and enterprising citizens of Harrison county, Iowa, is Harry Z. Hatheway, postmaster and business man of River Sioux. Practically all of Mr. Hatheway's life has been passed in this county where he is well and widely known and where through his various business ventures he has done much to enhance the material welfare of the community. He is a man of sterling principles who has exerted a strong influence for good on the entire community and has in every particular borne his full share in the upbuilding and development of this section.

Harry Z. Hatheway is a native of Illinois, born in Cook county near Chicago on August 6, 1873, being a son of Martin V. and Genevria (HAWLEY) Hatheway. The mother was born and reared in Massachusetts and the father was a native of New York state. He was a veteran of the Civil War, having been a member of Battery C, Second Regiment Light Artillery. He gave his service during the latter part of the war, and after being mustered out returned to his former home in Cook county, Illinois, where he remained until the year 1879. In that year he came westward and settled in River Sioux, this county, where he engaged in the stock and grain commission business. He was the first man to engage in this line of business in River Sioux and continued therein until the time of his death. Through his efforts and ability, much of the produce of this section was marketed to advantage, which would otherwise have been of little advantage to the farmer, and in this way he was largely instrumental in developing the live stock and grain production of this section.

The elder Hatheway was a most enthusiastic member of the ancient order of Free and Accepted Masons and was active in the work of that order in the local lodge at River Sioux.

Harry Z. Hatheway is one of a family of two children, the other being his brother Alfred M., both of whom received their education in the schools of Harrison county. In 1893 the two brothers engaged in a general merchandise business at River Sioux, succeeding E. M. Kallif, and in this connection they remained for ten years, dissolving their partnership in 1903. Harry Z. then opened up a staple grocery and hardware business, to which he has since given his attention. In 1908 he purchased the undertaking establishment of B. S. Long and has since been managing that business in connection with his other lines. In addition to his interests above enumerated, he also owns an excellent farm of one hundred and sixty acres, located about two miles north of River Sioux. However, he does not have this farm under his management, renting outright. In 1903 he received from President Roosevelt his appointment as postmaster of River Sioux, which office he has since filled most efficiently and to the satisfaction of all.

Mr. Hatheway remained in the home of his parents until the time of his marriage on October 21, 1903, when he was united in marriage with Hortense VAUGNIAUX, of Council Bluffs, this state. Her parents were natives of Switzerland, although in all respects essentially French, speaking that language and following the customs of that nation. She taught school for a number of years before her marriage, four years being spent in that work in River Sioux, where she and Mr. Hatheway became acquainted. Their marriage is without issue. Mrs. Hatheway is an active member of the Methodist Episcopal church and a charming woman, possessing many admirable traits of mind and heart. She is sincerely interested in the welfare of her townspeople and is in full sympathy with her husband in all that pertains to the public good. In politics, Mr. Hatheway is a Republican, taking a keen interest in all that relates to the welfare of that party. He is a notary public and because of his interest in educational matters he has at different times served as school treasurer and secretary. His fraternal affiliation is with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, in the work of which lodge he takes an active part. Mr. Hatheway is a man of large views and broad sympathies and no movement for the advancement of his community has ever solicited his aid in vain, for he believes in progress all along the line of material effort and his ideas are always in harmony with the highest and best interests of his fellow citizens. Genial and unassuming in manner, he has a large and loyal circle of friends throughout Harrison county who esteem him highly because of his genuine worth and fine personal character. In all of this his worthy helpmate shares with him, for in the circles in which she moves she is held in high regard because of her many charming qualities.

Source: 1915 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 542, 543, 544
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