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MORROW - Patrick MORROW, a highly-esteemed pioneer of Raglan Township, residing on section 20, came to Harrison County in the spring of 1856. He first located at the point where he now lives, upon a quarter section of land without any improvements. He brought the sum of $6,000 with him, of which amount he deposited a $1,000 check in the bank of Council Bluffs for collection. Of this deposit he lost $200 by the failure of the bank. He paid $1.25 per acre for his land and at once commenced to improve his wild land by breaking and setting posts in the ground to which supports he nailed rough native boards. The lumber not being edged, large cracks were left, which he filled with mud. This pioneer palace was 16x24 feet and its roof was made chiefly from prairie grass. He lived in that one year and then erected a 16x24 foot house, to which was an addition 15x20 feet. He also provided himself with a barn 26x50 feet, also a grainhouse, cribs, etc. He did not forget the thing of beauty and utility, for it is found he planted an orchard and set out many a shade tree, which served as a wind-break against the roaring northern winds in mid-winter and as a cooling shade during the heated months of the year.

As one by one the years have slipped into oblivion, he has added to his original landed estate until he now owns one thousand and twenty acres of choice land.

Mr. MORROW was born in Ireland april 26, 1808. His parents were John and Jane MORROW, also natives of the Emerald Isle. Our subject was their only child.

Mr. MORROW was married April 26, 1834, to Elizabeth HASSON daughter of Hugh and Esther (ARMOR) HASSON, of Ireland, who children were James, William, Hugh, Mary, Elizabeth, and Esther. Our subject and wife are the parents of eleven children�Jane, William, Eliza, Rose Ann, Hugh P., Mary deceased; David, deceased; Joseph deceased; Salathiel and Matilda.

Both Mr. And Mrs. MORROW are believers in the Roman Catholic faith. The famly are highly respected people of the county. One son, William, is one of the present board of County supervisors, a sketch of whom appears elsewhere in this volume.

The man for whom this memoir was written is but one of many examples of what may be accomplished by a foreigner coming to our shores with fair means and determination to work and win. A good share of his land was secured by his digging ditches for the county, to reclaim the swamp lands, he taking his pay in land.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 876-877
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DICK - John F. DICK, a farmer living on section 18, of Allen Township, came to Harrison County in August, 1877, and located on the farm he now occupies in 1878, which consisted of forty acres of wild land, which he broke and erected buildings upon. His house was 14x24 feet, with a wing 12 x 16 feet. He has since added to his estate, until he has one hundred and sixty acres, fifty-five acres of which are under the plow, while the balance is in pasture and meadow land. The whole tract is surrounded by a good fence. With the exception of a year and a half spent in Kansas, our subject has remained on this farm ever since he came to the county.

He was born in Harford County, MD, November 25, 1852. He is the son of James and Mary R. DICK, natives of Maryland, who had a family of nine children as follows: Robert, Mary, James T., Albert, Charles, William, Elizabeth (deceased), John F., Martha. Our subject remained in Maryland with his parents until he was seventeen years of age, and then accompanied them to Washington County, Iowa, where he went to work by the month on a farm and followed it for two years. We next find him in Adair County, where he followed farming and breaking prairie for six year. From there he came to Harrison County.

Our subject was married December 2, 1877, to Clara B. Ertel, the daughter of Phillip and Mary ERTEL, natives of Germany and Pennsylvania, respectively, who were the parents of the following children: Kate, Sally, Christena, Elizabeth, Elvira (deceased), Clara B., wife of our subject, and Charles.

Mr. And Mrs. DICK are the parents of six children, born as follows: Bertha, January 9, 1880; Maude, April 24, 1881; Jessie November 30, 1882; Bessie born August 8, 1884 died January 23, 1889 of diptheria; Charles, born January 11, 1887; and Lewis, September 4, 1890.

Our subject's advantages for obtaining an education were very limited, and what schooling he had, he obtained during a few weeks of each term of winter school

Politically, he is identified with the Republican party, and at present is Township Clerk and School Treasurer of Allen Township. He belongs to Lodge No. 389, I.O.O.F. at Little Sioux.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 879-880
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BROWN - Alva W. BROWN, of Modale, came to Harrison County in the spring of 1866, when he settled on section 29, of Taylor Township, where he purchased a quarter section of wild land. His first residence was built of cottonwood lumber, 12x16 feet, on the ground, and twelve feet high. He erected his house himself, and not making any pretensions toward being a first-class mechanic, he says this structure was "more useful than ornamental". The first year he broke fourteen acres of his land and commenced to farm. The first house referred to served as aresidence for ten years. In 1876 he built a fine two-story house, 16x 26 feet, with an ell 14x16 feet, having a veranda extending around the upright and ell. He has since built a kitchen twelve feet square, under which is a cemented cellar. He has added to his land until he has two hundred and forty acres on his home farm and forty acres on section 31. The home farm has ninety acres under the plwo and the balance in pasture and meadow, and upon this place he has erected a good barn 26x30 feet. His land con section 31 is all under cultivation, and in addition he also has a long house 18x24 feet, and a frame barn 24x30 feet. Both of his farms are provided with good orchards. In 1886 our subjectmoved to town and took charge of the hotel, which he operated until the fall of 1891.

He was born in Stark County, IL, October 29, 1839, and when five years of age, his parents moved to DuPage County, IL, where he remained until he was fourteen, and then went to Leeds County, Canada, and worked ona farm two years and one-half. The next three years he spent on a farm in Kent County, Michigan, after which he returned to Stark County, IL, where he remained until August, 1861, and then enlisted as a member of Company B, Thirty-seventh Illinois Infantry and went to Missouri. He participated in the following engagements: Pea Ridge, Arkansas Post, Duvalls's Bluff, went through the siege of Vicksburng, and was at the battle of Jackson, Mississippi. After the siege of Vicksburg, he went to New Orleans, remained until August , 1864, and was discharged at Chicago, September 25, 1864. He then returned to Stark County, IL, and remained until February, 1865, when he re-enlisted in the First United States Veteran Corps, known as Hancock's Corp. He went to Washington, D.C., and from there to Winchester, VA, and was on the march to Lynchburg, when they received the intelligence of Lee's surrender, upon which they returned to Washington, and he was one of the guards at the prison when the Lincoln conspirators were hung. From Washington they went to Elmira, NY and were there until November of the same year and then went to New Haven, CN, and were discharged at Hartford, February 25, 1866. He at once returned to Stark County, IL, coming to Harrison County, Iowa, however, in a few weeks.

Our subject was married in Stark County, May 14, 1866, to Miss Frances HODGSON, by which marriage union two children have been born�Cora E., born November 27, 1868, died april 22, 1869; Olive P., born July 15, 1878, died October 21, 1891, with the much dreaded disease, diphtheria.

Frances (HODGSON) BROWN was born in Stark County, IL, April 7, 1841. She remained there until the date of her marriage, and died in Harrison County, Iowa, June 23, 1888. She was buried at the Calhoun Cemetery. Mr. BROWN was married March 4, 1890, to Mrs. Lucy HASKIN, whose maiden name was BARNES. She was married to Joseph HASKIN, by whom she had four children�Charles M., Eva (now deceased), Joseph F., and Harry B.

Lucy (BARNES) BROWN was born in Leeds County, Canada, October 6, 1837, and came to Harrison County in the autumn of 1865.

The father of our subject, David W. BROWN, was born in Leeds County, Canada, July 12, 1801, and came to Illinois in 1837, and moved to DuPage County, of that State, remained nine years, and moved to Kent County, Michigan, spent four years, and then moved to Lasing, Michigan from there to Lake St.Clair, where he died in 1862.

Olive (PARISH) BROWN, the mother of our subject, was also a native of Leeds County, Canada, born January 14, 1803, and remained there until she was married. She laid down the burdens of life in DuPage County, IL, in September, 1847. They were the parents of four children�Lucy, born Marach 30, 1830; Benjamin R., July 13, 1834; Sarah S., January 14, 1837; Alva W., October 29, 1839.

Lucy married Robert Nicholson, and lives in Platte County, NE; Benjamin R. is married and lives in Stark County, IL; Sarah S. married Joseph H. WATTS, and lives in Platte County, NE. All of these children were born I Leeds County, Canada, except our subject.

Politically, Mr. BROWN is identified with the Republican party "first, last, and all the time," or as long as the party maintains the principles it now advocates.

Mr. BROWN was one of the three (E. BRANDRIFF, Mathias RAGER and Mr. BROWN), when the Grange was in its palmiest days, appointed as a committee to solicit L. BRUNETT, who was then Superintendent of the Sioux City & Pacific Railway, to put in a side track and plat the town of Martinsville (now Modale), which was granted them, by securing a right-of-way.

Mr. BROWN assessed his township three times and the town of Modale five times. He has held the office of Township Trustee three terms; was road commissioner one term; Justice of the Peace two years, and has been School Treasurer five years for the Independent District of Modale.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 882-883
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TAYLOR - Edgar TAYLOR, an enterprising farmer of section 20, Lincoln Township, has been a resident of the county since the autumn of 1873. He first bought eighty acres of wild land in Clay Township. Here he bought a farm house, 16x24 feet, one story and a half high; built a barn 18x24 feet, dug two wells, set out an orchard and fenced his place with wire. He farmed this place for four years, when he sold it and leased land near Missouri Valley for two years, and then moved to his present home.

He was born in Ashtabula County, Ohio, November 26, 1846, and is the son of John and Elizabeth TAYLOR, natives of Connecticut, who were the parents of three children, he being the youngest. The children were Electa, Mary, (deceased), and Edgar.

Our subject's father and mother died when he was eight years of age, and he lived with an uncle until the breaking out of the Civil War, when he enlisted in Company K, of the Third New York Cavalry, at Poolsville, MD, and served in the Army of the Potomac, taking part in the battles of the Wilderness, Petersburg and Gettysburg. He lost his hearing while in the service of his country, which he served four years and eight months, and received an honorable discharge at Albany, NY. After the war, he moved to Iowa, and was married in June 1866, to Sarah WILLIAMS, native of Kentucky, who were the parents of the following children, five of whom are still living�Rebecca, Catharine, (Deceased), William, Mary, Sarah, and Julia.

Mr. And Mrs. TAYLOR have been blessed with five children�Mary, born April 7, 1867; Belle, March 1, 1869; Hattie, April 15, 1871; Charles, April 29, 1872; Ella, August 20, 1875.

Politically, our subject is identified with the Republican party, and stands high in the community in which he lives, for his many good traits of character.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 883-884
Family Researcher: NA
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BROWNRIGG - John W. BROWNRIGG (deceased) was born in Morgan County, Ohio, February 26, 1825, and was married in Nobel County, Ohio, June 10, 1847, to Miss Sarepta J. MARQUIS, the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (TIMBERLAKE) MARQUIS.

Of this marriage union nine children were born � William J., Mary E., Samuel, Leila A., Henry L., Sarah Leona, Charles E., Francis M., Eleanor, Marion, John and Luellen. The deceased are Mary E., Samuel, Henry L., Francis M. and Eleanor.

The family came to Harrison County in May, 1860, and located near Parrish City, on the river, and Mr. BROWNRIGG kept the ferry which crossed over to DeSoto, Neb. He also took a homestead on the river which, however, all washed away soon after he got his deed. He died in Harrison County, December 28, 1881.

His wife was born in Harrison County, Ohio, February 15, 1832, and remained at home until her marriage. She now makes it her home with her son-in-law, John DICKINSON

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 946-947
Family Researcher: NA
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HOWARD - William HOWARD has been a resident of Jefferson Township since the autumn of 1851. He was born in North Carolina about 1819, and came from there to Illinois, and from there to this county, where he endured the hardships of pioneer days.

His son, William D., was born in Mason County, Ill., January 31, 1849, and was two years old upon coming to Harrison County, and as soon as he was old enough became the mainstay of the family. At the age of seventeen years he commenced working out by the month, following this for two years, when he married Minerva WOOD November 24, 1868, the daughter of Samuel and Mary (MERRILL) WOOD. He lived upon a rented farm two years, and then bought his present place, eight acres of which cost him $2.50 per acres. He built a house from lumber hauled from Council Bluffs, which cost him $30 per thousand feet. He has since added to his farm until it contains two hundred and eighty acres, on half of which is under the plow. The hardest times our subject ever experienced were from 1878 to 1880, during the grasshopper raid.

Mr. and Mrs. HOWARD have a family of eight children � William S., Henry F., George W., Minnie E., David, Fred A., Mary L., and Charles

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 947
Family Researcher: NA
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PLATH - William A. Plathwas born in Cleveland, Ohio, in August, 1860, and remained at home with his mother until he was fifteen years old, and then came to Harrison County, Iowa to his uncle, Charles DAHN, and worked for him and for others until the spring of 1891, when he went to work for himself. Our subject was married in Magnolia Township, in January 1891, to Miss Anna MENSHING, who was born in Minnesota in 1873, and came to Harrison County with her parents in 1877. Mr. and Mrs. Plath are members of the German Lutheran Church.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 947
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SELLECK - Albert E. SELLECK was born in LaSalle County, Ill., June 14, 1851, and he accompanied his parents to Harrison County in 1855. He remained at home until 1872, and then moved to his own place on section 11, Boyer Township, the same having been given him by his father when he became of age. His home place consists of one hundred and twenty acres. After eight years he bought a farm on section 33, of Lincoln Township, consisting of four hundred and five acres. In April, 1889 he moved back to his old place in Boyer Township.

Mr. SELLECK was married to Miss Ella EDGERTON, of Woodbine, Iowa, October 9, 1872, by whom four children were born � Ray M., born July 31, 1873; Carrie E., October 4, 1877; Nellie M., January 25, 1879; and Maude B., October 27, 1882.

Mrs. SELLECK was born in Onondaga County, N.Y., November 14, 1851. She remained with her parents until 1870, when they removed to Woodbine, Iowa.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 947-948
Family Researcher: NA
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