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JONES - Byron L. JONES, a hardware merchant at Little Sioiux, Iowa, who has been a resident of Harrison County for twenty-five years, will be made the subject of the subjoined notice. He was born in Knox County, Ohio, in 1884, and is the son of William and Eliza (MC CURDY) JONES. There were eight children in his father's family, he being the fourth in number, there only being three others living�one in Monona County, one in Jackson Township, Harrison County, and one in Illinois. When our subject was a small boy, his parents removed from the Buckeye State to Hancock County, IL, where they located on a farm. When the dark war cloud of the Rebellion hung heavy over this Union, and President Lincoln was constantly calling for more men, it is found, that on August 15, 1862, our subject enlisted at Fountain Green, IL, as a member of Company A, One Hundred and Eighteenth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and was assigned to the Army of the Mississippi, and participated in the engagements at Arkansas Post, Thompson's Hill and Champion Hill. He was taken prisoner at the last named place, May 16, 1863, but paroled on the ground, and sent to St. Louis; was discharged July 5, 1864, and returned home, but re-enlisted in Company K, One Hundred and Forty Sixth Illinois Infantry, September 13, 1864, and was sent to Camp Butler and did Patrol and guard duty that year. Was discharged July 8, 1865, and in the spring of 1866 came to Iowa and located on a farm in Jackson Township, where he remained until 1885, and then came to Little Sioux and established his present hardware business, the only one of the kind in the village. In 1887, he and his brother, A. M. JONES, bought a lumber yead of B. F. BONNEY, the firm still continuing as JONES BROTHERS, who operate the only lumber yeard at Little Sioux.

Our subject was married March 26, 1868, in Illinois, to Miss Mary A. ALTON, the daughter of David and Susan ALTON. They have no children.

Politically, Mr. JONES is a Republican, and is an honored member of Neitzsch Post, No. 139, G.A.R.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 868
Family Researcher: NA
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WALKER - Orrin B. WALKER, of Missouri Valley, was born in Magnolia Township, Harrison County, Iowa, January 6, 1864. He is the son of Wells F. and Candace E. (HOSPINS) WALKER, who came to the county in the month of May, 1857. The father located on section 16, and coupled farming with carpentering (see complete sketch of our subject's parents elsewhere). Our subject's early education was received in the common shools of Harrison County, and later he attended Pierce's Business College at Keokuk, Iowa, from which school he graduated in September, 1864. During the winter of 1884-85, he taught school in his native township, and the following spring went to Missouri Valley, and entered the employ of the Sioux City & Pacific, and Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley Railroad Companies. He began his duties there as clerk of material accounts, and later on took charge of time departments. In the spring of 1890, he was elected to the office of City Clerk, and re-elected in the spring of 1891. In the fall of 1890 he was a candidate on the Democratic ticket for the office of County Recorder, and was only defeated by sixty-six majority. He is a member of the Knights of Pythias order, Anchor Lodge No. 66, and adheres to the principles of the Democratic party.

Though yet a young man, by strict attention to all business entrusted to his care, he has built up a good reputatiokn and is looked upon as a first-class accurate business man, who counts his friends by the one word�Legion.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 868-869
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LEACH - Abel P. LEACH, who is a native of New York, came to Harrison County in 1867. He was born in Corland County, NY, October 6, 1842. He is a son of Christopher W. and Lusetta (LIVERMORE) LEACH, natives of New York State. Our subject's grandfather and grandmother on the paternal side, were Jonathan and Lydia (PETTINGILL) LEACH, of Massachusetts. The father lives in New York State, but the mother died in June, 1875. Our subject's early life was spent in the Empire State, receiving his education at the common schools. In 1863 he commenced to work for himself. He worked on a farm in Pennsylvania, about six months, then remained at home until 1865, when he went to Ohio, and remained until 1867, then came to Marshalltown, iowa, and from there came to Harrison County, and located in Little Sioux Township, where in 1869 he bought land on section 26, where he owns one hundred and eighty acres, sixty acres of which are under the plow. Upon coming to the county our subject had but little means, and has made what he now possesses through his own efforts.

Florence SEARL became his wife in June 1877. She is the daughter of Constance R., and Cyrena (LANGWORTHY) SEARL, both of whom are living.

In our subject's father's family there were thirteen children, Abel being the fifth child. Eleven of the family are still living.

Our subject and his wife are the parents of three children�Katie G., Emma L., and Louis E., all belong to the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Politically, Mr. LEACH believes in the principles of the Democratic party.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 870-871
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NIECE - George NIECE ranks among the pioneers of Harrison County, coming as he did to these parts in 1857, and locating on section 17, of Calhoun Township, where he erected a log cabin 12x14 feet, in which he lived for about seven years, then erected a larger log house, the same being 26x28 feet. At first he bought forty-nine acres of land, of which one fourth had been broken. To this small tract he kept adding until he possessed four hundred and fifty-three acres, all under a good state of cultivation. In March 1870, he removed to another part of his farm (section 21) where he had built a house the autumn before. Upon coming to the county, Mr. NIECE had about $750 in money, which was more than most of the early settlers brought to the county with them, but was not a large amount, considering the state of finances in our county at that time, and he has seen much of the hardships of an early pioneer. Council Bluffs was their general market place. The Civil War soon came on and prices advanced, and our subject was enabled to make some money, and is now among the properous men of the county.

Mr. NIECE was born in Wallern Hausen, Germany, March 28, 1827, and is a son of Conrad and Catherine (BAUTAI) NIECE. The father was a farmer of the good old German stripe, and was accidently killed in 1842, while quarrying stone; the mother dying after she came to America. George attended school, in his native country, summer and winter for eight years, and remained at home until the spring of 1847, when with several others, he sailed for the American shores, landing at Baltimore, in the vicinty of which city he worked for about six months. Then moved to Lancaster County PA, and there worked aobut ten years receiving from $6.50 to $13 per month.

Catherine HANNEMAN became his wife in the month of October, 1853, in Lancaster County, PA. She was a native of Hessitt, Germany, and was born October 17, 1835, the daughter of Henry and Catherine (GEITH) HANNEMAN, and was the youngest of a family of five children. In March 1852, she waith two sisters and one brother came to America and landed at New York, but now lives in Harrison County, Iowa. Her mother died in the Fatherland when she was but six months old, and her father, when she was thirteen years old.

Mr. And Mrs. NIECE are the parents of seven children, born as follows�Eliza, July 33, 1855; John, April 9, 1859; Henry August 2, 1862, died April 5, 1868; Georgia april 6, 1865; died January 1, 1869; Mary July 18, 1867; Katie, January 22, 1870; and Charlie April 28, 1873.

Politically, Mr. NIECE is in sympathy with the Democratic party, and in religious matters he and his estimable wife are members of the Evangelical church.

None but those who have been bereft of their parents at an early age, can began to appreciate the kind and tender watch-care of a father and mother. As will be seen by the above sketch, our subject and his wife were left fatherless, at an very early age in their old German home, where it was harder for poor people to rise in the scale, but upon coming to this country, they determine to achieve something for themselves, and make the most of life. Hard work with good constitutions and a good degree of native intelligence have brought them from childhood, on down through their married life, until today they may well count the days of their pilgrimage more of a success than that of ordinary mortals.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 871-872
Family Researcher: NA
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WARREN - Alfred N. WARREN, of Harrison Township, will form the subject of this sketch. He is a native of East Hartford, Connecticut, and was born August 8, 1835. He is a son of Nathaniel and Sarah (BIDWELL) WARREN, natives of the same town. The family trace their ancestry back several generations in this country, and find its origin to be in England. Our subject's parents were reared, lived, labored and died in East Hartford, the father passing away when eighty-five years of age, and the mother, who was born in 1800, died in 1885. The father, at an early day, was a shoemaker, but later in life turned his attention to agriculture. The grandfather of our subject was also a shoemaker, as well as a tanner by trade. Alfred N. was reared to farm life until he was sixteen years of age receiving a common school education in the public schools of his native State, and at that age worked one year at painting clock dials in a clock factory. After this he engaged at the carpenter trade, and after having mastered it, spent one year in Connecticut working at this trade, but in the spring of 1857, saw visions of the new West, and came to Harrison County, Iowa, arriving April 28. That was thirty-four years ago, and this has been his home ever since. He at once took up a pre-emption of one hundred and sixty acres on section 14, where he still makes his home. However, he did not locate at once on this land, but hired out to Henry OLMSTED to do carpenter work, or whatever there was to be done about the premises. The never-to-be-forgotten hard times came on and there was not any great amount of work in erecting new buildings, so our subject concluded to open up his farm, so in March, 1858, he erected a house upon his claim, and January 22, of the same year, he was united in marriage with Miss Anna Eliza STOW, this being the first marriage in Harrison Township. She was born in Cheshire, Conn., in 1840, and is the daughter of Alfred and Mary STOW. After their marriage our subject spent two years at farming, and in 1860, his services as a carpenter were in more of a demand, and he has turned his attention in that direction from that time to this. He is a thorough mechanic, ranking among the best in his trade. His farm he has improved with the passing years as he could find opportunity, and has succeeded in making a pleasant and valuable home. Mr. WARREN has always taken an active part in everything that has tended to the upbuilding and general welfare of the county.

Politically he is indentified with the Democratic party, and well remembers when he was the only voter in Harrison Township who voted that ticket. He was the first Township Clerk, and was Trustee of the township for a number of years, as well as member of the School Board for over twenty years, ever manifesting great interest in educational matters.

He belongs to the Masonic fraternity, and is a member of Hospitable Lodge No. 244, A.F.&A.M., Ark Chapter No. 89, and is Past Master.

Mr. And Mrs. WARREN are the parents of twelve children�Charles H., a resident of Pender, NE; Frederick W., died August 19, 1861, his being the first death in the township; Mary e., wife of Lewis KING, a resident of Woodbury County; Ada L., at home; Louis H., a resident of Dunlap; Arthur L., at home; Pearl G., Edward R., Rose L., Gilbert S., Bertha L., and Harriet B. The last six are all living at home, besides the others already named.

Mr. WARREN is a man who has won the admiration of a large circle of friends of his manly, upright and honest course of life.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 886-887
Family Researcher: NA
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BOONE - John T. BOONE, a farmer living on section 34, of Allen Township, accompanied by his parents to Harrison County in the autumn of 1856. They first settled on the Willow, in Boyer Township. His father bought one hundred and twenty acres of wild land, paying the sum of $1.25 per acre. One year after they came his father died and his mother sold the place, and took the family and went back to Indiana, and remained there two years and then returned to Iowa, and settled on the Willow, where they rented land, for almost twn years. When our subject was old to work out and support the family, he did so. A part of the time he worked by the month, and at other times rented land. When twenty years of age, he bougt one hundred and twenty acres of land, paying $6.25 per acres, having to go in debt for a greater portion of it. He built a house 14x16 feet, with an addition 12x14 feet; dug a well, built stables, etc., and here remained about two years, when he sold his farm for $1,200, receiving eighty acres of land near Woodbine as part payment. He sold this place without making any improvements, after which he rented one year, and then bought eighty acres of partly improved land, in Magnolia Township, where he build a small house in addition to the one already on the place. He remained there twelve years, and then sold the place, and bought the place he now lives on, which was partly improved at the time.

He was born in Indiana in 1850, the son of Robert E. and Elizabeth BOONE, natives of Kentucky and Indiana respectively, and they were the parents of eight children, of whom our subject was the seventh�Ann M., deceased; Jane, deceased; Amanda A., Emaline, deceased; Samuel, Nancy, John T., and Laura L.

Our subject was married October 5, 1875, to Luella O'BANION, daughter of James H. and Flora I. O'BANION, who were natives of Missouri, and who reared a family of four children, three of whom are still living�Isabel, James A. and Luella.

Mr. And Mrs. BOONE are the parents of three children born as follows�Myrtle H., deceased, born October 12, 1877; Delpha E., December 16, 1882, and Margaret E., March 20, 1891.

Mr. And Mrs. BOONE and family are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church located on the Willow River.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 887-888
Family Researcher: NA
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BURCH - John T. BURCH, a farmer located on section 24, of Allen Township, came to Harrison County in the spring of 1876, and first located on the Willow, in Lincoln Township. He was a poor man at the time he came to the county, and rented land the first year, and then bought the farm he now occupies, which consisted of two hundred acres of wild land. He subdued this land and made the necessary improvements, including house, barn, granary, stables and outbuildings. Eight-five acres of his land are under the plow, while the remainder is pasture and meadow land. With the exception of one year, he has been quite successful; that being the grasshopper year, when all of his small grain was destroyed.

Our subject was born in Loudoun County, VA, the son of Mr. and Mrs. James BURCH, natives of Virginia and Pennsylvania, who had five children�Emma, John, James, William and Grafton. Three of these children are living; two residing in Iowa. Mr. BURCH lived in Virginia with his parents until seventeen years of age, when they moved to Missouri, where the father leased land, and remained until the breaking out of the Rebellion, when on account of the Bushwhackers, he was compelled to leave Missouri, and went to Nebraska, where he farmed for ten years, and then moved to Harrison County, Iowa.

He was married in November 1869, to Eliza DALE, daughter of John and Cynthis DALE, natives of Missouri, who had six children�William, Eliza, Catherine, John, Elias, Benjamin, Josephine.

Nr. And Mrs. BURCH, are the parents of the following children, born in the order have given�Charles (deceased), October 18, 1870; Barbara, September 4, 1872; John (deceased), February 5, 1874; James (deceased), October 12, 1876; Frederick, September 29, 1879.

In his political belief Mr. BURCH is a Democrat.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 889-890
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ROBERTS - James A. ROBERTS, now a resident of section 32, Lincoln Township, came to Harrison County in the spring of 1872. He commenced farming on the place he now occupies, consisting of three hundred and twenty-seven acres, a part of which was improved. He commenced work there by breaking, building barns, sheds and cribbing, also dug a well and erected a wind engine. He has been successful in his farm labors, and has added to his original tract until he now has five hundred and sixty-seven acres, all under cultivation, and all in one body. But this is not all of his possessions, for he also owns five hundred and seventy acres more on section 16, 20, and 21. This is all enclosed by a good fence, and three hundred acres under the plow, and is all located on the borders of Willow Creek, which affords one of the richest farming sections in all Harrison County. The most of these lands he has acquired through his own good management since come to Harrison County.

He was born in Vermont, and hails from good old English stock which seems to improve by allowing one generation to mature, in the Old Green Mountain State. The date of his birth was March 19, 1831. His parents were Edward and Mary (NEWELL) ROBERTS, natives of England and Vermont respectively. They reared a family of eleven children, our subject being next to the oldest child. His brothers and sisters were as follows�Eliza, Jane, Margaret, Hyrum, John, Henry, Elmer, Ann, Adalaide, and two who died in infancy.

Our subject remained in Vermont until he was thirteen years of age, enjoying the sports of youth, as only a New England lad can. From that time on he 'paddled his own canoe," drifting to New Hampshire, where he worked on a farm, attended school and learned the carpenter trade. He followed this business until 1849, and worked at the same in Boston about seven years, and then came to Burlington, Iowa, having bid farewell to Boston, the day on which President James Buchanan was elected. He still continued to shove the jack plane after coming to the Hawkeye State, contracting and building, until the spring of 1861, when he received a commission from Gov. KIRKWOOD as Second Lieutenant, and assisted in getting up a regiment, but before leaving for the front was stabbed, his lung being penetrated, and his life was despaired of, so he resigned. His regiment was commanded by Col. Fitz Henry WARREN. He received this wound in May 1861, and did not recover until the spring of 1862, when he started for what is now known as Idaho where he remained until 1869, when he came to Council Bluffs, and there lived until 1872, when he came to Harrison County.

Unlike most of the large land owners, of this section of Iowa, this man is a stranger to married life, but is however a highly respected resident of the county. He belongs to the Masonic fraternity, and is a member of the Council Cluffs Lodge No. 75.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 872-873
Family Researcher: NA
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PURCELL - Nephi PURCELL, is entitled to space in this connection, if for no other reason, from the fact of his having come to the county in the spring of 1856. He is now located on section 31, of Lincoln, Township. He came to the county with his parents, being only ten years of age at the time. His father located in Boyer Township on one hundred and sixty acres of wild land, and our subject remained at home until he reached the years of his majority, and like many other boys whose parents emigrated to new countries, his educational advantages were very limited.

Our subject was born in Indiana in August, 1846, and is the son of Benjamin and Ella A. (TYLER) PURCELL, natives of Ohio, who were the parents of twelve children, he being the fifth child. His brothers and sisters were born in the following order�John died in 1878; Marion, Emaline; Sarah J. died in 1888; Nephi, Alma, Nancy A., Matilda, Permilia, David, Josephine and Benjamin. Ten of these children are living in Iowa. Our subject lived in Indiana, until he came to Harrison County, believing as most men do, that man is not completely qualified for the duties and enjoyments of this life, without the companionship of another, one of the gentler sex, so he sought the hand of Isabel JEFFERY, daught of John and Mary JEFFERY, natives of Scotland, and upon March 9, 1868, she became his wife. As the result of this marriage union eight children have come to bless their home�John, born March 12, 1869; Amos, deceased, born November 22, 1870; Orvil A., born June 23, 1872; Orin N., November 30, 1874; Nellie deceased, born April 29, 1877; Mary, born September 29, 1879; Lester, February 1, 1882; and Floyd E., September 13, 1884.

Politically our subject is identified with the Democratic party.

His first purchase of land in the county consisted of eighty acres, the price of which was $5 per acre, one-half of which he paid down, from money he had earned while working out. He went to work to improve this land, built a long house, stable and outbuildings. Subsequently he bought eight acres more and kept on so doing until now owns three hundred and twenty-seven acres, one hundred and sixty-three acres of which are under the plow, thirty acres of timber and the remainder in meadow and pasture land. During the first years of his father's family's residence in this county they saw many hardships. Perhaps the greatest of these was during the great snow winter of 1856-57 when the snow was four feet on the level, and shut them off from the outside world. For about three months during that winter, the family lived on hominy and venison, having to crack their own corn, and draw their wood on a hand sled.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 875-876
Family Researcher: NA
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