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DEAL - Joseph A. DEAL, a representative farmer of St. John's Township, came to Harrison County before its organization. He accokmpanied his father's family from Putnam County, IN, in 1862. They came overland, the trip consuming twenty three days' time. The train consited of three wagons. The father leased land on section 35, until he bought a claim held by a Mormon family. Our subject was a man nearly grown when he came to Harrison County, and in 1861 he purchased forty acres of land on section 26, known as County Swamp Land, upon which he built a small frame house. His place now consists of two hundred and forty-four acres, one hundred and sixty being under the plow, while the remainder is in meadow and pasture land. During the winter of 1856-57, the family were living on the old homestead, and were snowed in (that being the hard winter allover Iowa). They had very little flour and meal, and their nearest mill was where Logan now stands. About two weeks after the snow came he started to mill with an ox-team, which trip required four days' time.

Mr. DEAL traces his ancestry back to William DEAL, the grandfather, German by descent, but a native of North Carolin. He was married and had five children�John, the father of our subject; Joseph, Levi, Mar, (Mrs. ZAHNER); and Eliza, (Mrs. GROVEN). John DEAL, the father of our subject was born in North Carolina in 1800, and in 1822, accompanied his parents to Putman County, IN. His father was a blacksmith and also followed farming. John worked with him in his blacksmith shop and when he grew to manhood married Sarah BARNETT, the daughter of James and Betsy BARNETT. They were the parents of eleven children, eight of whom still survive. The children were as follows�William, deceased; Mary Ann, (Mrs. COX) now living in Allen Township; James, of St. John's Township; Peter, deceased; Barbara, (Mrs. A. R. COX), of St. John's Township; Rachel, (Mrs. KIRKLAND), of St. John's Township; Sarah, (Mrs. Barnett), of Missouri, Eliza, (Mrs. CASE), of this county; Joseph; our subject; John, who lives with our subject and Eli, deceased.

Joseph, our subject, was born June 11, 1836, in Putnam County, IN, where he spent his early life and attended the district schools of that county, coming to Harrison County, in 1852. In 1859, he was united in marriage to Miss Mary SMITH, the daughter of Andrew and Lucinda (WALKER) SMITH. The paternal grandfather, James SMITH, married Mary SCARBURY, of Tennessee, who was of Scotch descent. She came to Harrison County in 1857. On the mother's side, James and Sarah (WHITE) WALKER were her grandparents. Eight children have been born to our subject and his wife, seven of whom are still living�James, now of Harrison County, born May 10, 1860; Sarah, (Mrs. JONES), of this county, born November, 17, 1861; Jane (Mrs. MULLNIX), of this county, born March 12, 1863; Martha, (Mrs. HARDER), born April 19, 1865, residing in St. John's Township; Elizabeth born April 15, 1867, died April 14, 1868; Lida, at home; born July 71, 1871; Nettie, (Mrs. VARNS), of this county, born October 4, 1873; and William at home, born May 14, 1875. Politically, Mr. DEAL affiliates with the Democratic party. He is a member of the School Board, to which he has belonged for several years.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 857-858
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SCHULTZ - John SCHULTZ, (deceased), came to Harrison County in 1855, and the date of his demise was April 26, 1888, in the sixty-fourth year of his age. He was born in Germany, March 22, 1824, and when but a young man, bid farewell to the scenes of his Fatherland, and sailed for America in 1852. After three years of wandering, he settled in Harriosn County, Iowa, where he remained until the date of his death. He first engaged in business at the old village of Calhoun, which he followed for several yers, and also followed farming at the same time. In 1869 he removed to Missouri Valley, where he continued in the mercantile business as well as farming in connection. He was an honored member of the Masonic fraternity.

Politicallly Mr. SCHULTZ was ever an ardent Republican. His life was marked by a quiet demeanor, retired dispositon and a general respect for his neighbors, that made him the friend of all. He was a strict business man, honest in all his dealings, and by his uniform kindness and uprightness of character, he succeeded in surrounding himself with an army of friends whose name was legion. Through his business enterprises, he succeeded in accumulating considerable personal property and real-estate. Like most of his fellow-countrymen, he loved the word home, and knew well how to provide for a household, consequently on april 29, 1860, he was united in marriage to Miss Anna JESME, a native of Norway (Portrait of Anna). They are affectionately remembered by the oldest inhabitants of this county, for they were merchants at Old Calhoun, in war times, and their life's record has been one of honor and usefulness. Kind and charitable to all, they became leaders in the great moral world around them.

Regarding our subject's wife and her own personal history, it may be said that more than a passing notice is due to her. She was born in the month of December 30, 1843, in the North of Europe, and in that romantic country known as Norway, where the landscape is ever a feast to the eye. Her parents were, Jeus O. and Carrie (VANGUM) JESME, the mother died in her native land, and the father in North Dakota, November 15, 1886.

When eleven years of age, Mrs. SCHULTZ came to this country with relatives. She now has a brother living in South Dakota, near Brookings. She was the leading spirit in establishing the Library Association at Missouri Valley, as well as the organizing of the Great Templars of that place, and as an evidence of her valuable services rendered to the last-named order, it only needs to be said that during 1890, she was appointed as a delegate from Iowa to represent the World's Lodge for 1891, of the Independent order of Good Templars, which convened in the city of Edinburg, Scotland, and during her sojourn in Europe, visited ten different countries, including the land of her nativity.

That woman has been a potent factor to the cause of temperance reformation in this country, goes without saying, when one reflects for a moment on the rapid advancement made in the last quarter of a century, even in our own Hawkeye State, through such brilliant, brainy and devoted Christian ladies as are found amoung the charter members of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, including Mrs. J. Ellen FOSTER, Mrs. J. M. ALDRICH, of Cedar Rapids; Mrs. Mattie BAILEY, of Shenandoah, and a score of others, including our subject, who have made a brave, Christian warfare against the rum power, and in favor and defense of their own home firesides, and the general moral and religious standard of a Republican form of Government. While woman is denied the right of suffrage, yet their noble work in an "irrepressible conflict" has given many a strong temperance plank to the various political platforms, and to them is due in a great measure the fact that Iowa, Kansas and other States, are as near saloonless as they are. And in the sphere in which our subject has operated both in the temperance and educational cause, no one has accomplished more lasting good than she has. Let this personal notice go down as a memento and record of the good work she was wrought.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 861-862
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ELLIS - Samuel ELLIS, a highly respected citizen of Little Sioux township, came to Harrison County with the vanguard of civilization in 1854, and hence very naturally finds a place in this connection. He was born in Brown County, Ohio, and is the son of John and Hannah (MARTIN) ELLIS, natives of Ohio and Kentucky, respectively. The father's father was Hezekiah ELLIS, and the mother's parents were Elijah and Rebecca BOGGS, of Virginia. Our subject is of a family of thirteen children�Elijah, living at Omaha; Samuel; Ephraim J., Hirma, and Sylvanus, deceased; Alexander, living at Missouri Valley; Silas, deceased; John H., Andrew M., Clark, and Eliza Cooper, living at Little Sioux; Hannah (Mrs. BONNEY), deceased; and Luella, (Mrs. MURRAY).

Mr. ELLIS passed his early years in Brown County, Ohio, the date of his birth being June 3, 1826. He was educated at the district schools of his native county, passing his youthful days on his father's farm and in the mill. Later on he leased the mill of his father and operated it a while, the same being sold to other parties in 1854. His father died in June, 1849, during the Asiatic cholera epidemic.

In November, 1853, our subject came to Council Bluffs and remained there until the following March, and then came to what is now Jackson Township, Harrison County, and cultivated the old MARTIN farm, now occupied by Mr. ROBERTS. He came to his present farm in 1857; the same is one hundred and sixty acres situated on section 1, one half of which is under cultivation.

Our subject was united in marriage February 10, 1853, at Eagle Creek, Ohio, to Sarah E. BAILEY, the daughter of James M. and Cassandra BAILEY. Mr. And Mrs. ELLIS are the parents of seven children, five of whom are still living; Clark B., Charles E., Dickson, Josephine, Mrs. HUFF; and Carrie. Frank R. and William W. are deceased. The greatest affliction of our subject's life was the death of his wife, which occurred April 10, 1868.

Politically, our subject has always been identified with the Republican party.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 862-863
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SMITH - G. B. SMITH, a successful dry goods merchant, doing buiness at Missouri Valley, and whose mercantile life there is almost as old as the town itself, coming as he did, in August, 1869. Mr. SMITH was born at Syracuse, NY, March 17, 1840. He is a son of Thomas S. and Mary (CALDWELL) SMITH, the father a native of Ireland, and the mother born on the Mohawk River, in New York. The father came to America, when about seventeen years of age, and in 1852, the father and his family came to Rochelle, IL, and in 1865, to Iowa, locating in Cass County. There the father embarked in the mercan- tile business, at Lewis, and in 1867 came to Missouri Valley, where he built the first store building in the place, the same standing a little east of Sixth Street, the ground now being used by the railroad company for switch yards. Our subject's father also built the first store building in Storm Lake, Iowa, where he erected what was known as the City Hotel. He died at Storm Lake, in June, 1885. His wife now resides in Chicago, with her daughter. They reared a family of nine children, seven of whom still survive, our subject being the fourth child of the famly. He obtained his education in New York and Illinois, and attended the high School at Albion, NY, and also an academy at Mr. Morris, IL.

Our subject first engaged in mercantile business at Rochelle, IL, where he remained aobut seven years, and in 1868 formed a partnership with W. P. BUMP, in Missouri Valley, under the firm name of BUMP & SMITH; this continued until May 1, 1885, at which time Mr. SMITH purchased his partner's interest, and is now the sole proprietor. In 1875 he built the brick block, located on the corner of Fifth and Erie Streets. Prior to that time he had been on Sixth Street, and later on Erie, between Fifth and Sixth.

Politically, our subject votes the Democratic ticket. He has served both on the Town Council and School Board several terms. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, belonging to Valley Lodge, No. 232, A.F.&A.M.

Mr. SMITH was married December 31, 1868, to Katie L. BUMP, the daughter of W.P.BUMP, who was our subject's partner for so many years. They were married at Rochelle, IL, and are now the parents of six children�Leon B., Louis, deceased at the age of eight years; Hervey, deceased at the age of seven years. These two children died the same day and were laid away in the same grave in Rose Hill Cemetery. The next child born to our subject and his wife, was Ray, who died when eighteen months old. The next were Earl and Pearl, twins. Leon, is at present in his father's store.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 863-864
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WARNER - Henry C. WARNER, real-estate, loan and insurance agent at Missouri Valley, has been a resident of this place since 1867. He came there soon after the town was platted during the month of February, and opened the first general store in the place the same being located on the corner of Sixth and Ontario Streets. It was a building 25X50 feet, and was used for the above purpose for four years, since which time our subject has been engaged in various callings. In April, 1890, he formed a partnership with C. C. DORR, in the real-estate, loan and insurance business, such partnership existing until March 1891, when he bought his partner's interest, and has since conducted it in is own name. He represents twelve leading insurance companies.

Mr. WARNER was born at Towanda, Bradford County, PA, March 4, 1845. He is the son of William and Martha (SCRANTON) WARNER. The father was born inGermany, in1796, and in company with two of his brothers came to America, first locating in Schenectady, NY, where he followed the trade of a miller, and there remained until about 1840. In the family there were eight children, six of whom were born in the empire Stae. Of the eight children, only two sisters and our subject are still living. One sister married J. D. SPAULDING, of Sioux City, and the othere is the widow of Allen HENRY, and resides in Bradford County, PA. The father of our subject died in 1865, aged sixty-nine years, and was buried at Towanda, PA. His good wife, the mother of our subject, survived until 1884, and was buried at the same place at the age of seventy-eight years.

Mr. WARNER was united in marriage May 6, 1868, at Council Bluffs, and Emma BAUGHN, who is of German descent, but was born near Fairfield, Ohio. She is the daughter of Charles BAUGHN, of Council Bluffs. Mr. and Mrs. WARNER are the parents of two children�Harry C., born March 15, 1869, and died September 1, 1887, and was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery; Charles B., born September 21, 1870.

Mrs. WARNER is a member of the Presbyterian Church at Missouri Valley. In his political belief our subject has always been identified with the Democratic party. In 1890 he was elected Mayor of Missouri Valley, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Hon. D. M. HARRIS. He was also Assessor of Missouri Valley for several years.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 864
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WILSON - Elmer F. WILSON, former editor of the Eye, a local paper at Missouri Valley, was born near Reeder's Mills, Jefferson Township, September 19, 1866, and has spent the greater part of his life in this county. He attended school at Logan, graduating from the High School at that place in 1880. He then began his apprenticeship to the printer's trade, and was employed from time to time in the Courier, Observer, Democrat and Nucleus, at Logan, and the Twiner and Courier at Woodbine.

Mr. WILSON's first business venture was in the newspaper line, when he took editorial charge of the Eye, in January, 1891, to succeed R. J. MILLER, who bought the same of M. B. COX, of Woodbine. This journal is independent in politics.

Mr. WILSON is a son of Levi H. WILSON, now living at Logan, who married Nancy M. BEACH, the daughter of Asher and Rebecca BEACH. His ancestors were of old Revolutionary stock, coming from Vermont and New York. Our subject was married May 20, 1890, to Miss Anna M. MICKISH, daughter of Charles and Anna MICKISH, of Woodbine. Mr. And Mrs. WILSON are the parents of one child�Jesse F., born April 10, 1891.

Politically our subject is identified with the Republican party. He belongs to the Omaha Typographical Union. His wife is a member of the Roman Catholic Church. Mr. WILSON exhibits skill and ability both in the editorial and mechanical make-up of his newspaper, which enjoys a good circulation.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 864-865
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ROYER - Joseph H. ROYER, a well-to-do farmer of Lincoln Township, and a resident of section 5, came to the county in the spring of 1882, and purchased a quarter section of wild land upon which he now lives. Here he made necessary improvements, such as breaking up the virgin sod; erecting a house and barn, together with granary and other out-buildings. His present farm consists of three hundred and sixty acres, one third of which is under the plow. He has a fine bearing apple orchard of seventy trees, with many sbade and ornamental trees, which lend beauty to the premises. He was a soldier in the Forty-fourth Iowa Infantry, enlisting January 11, 1864.

Our subject was born in Blair County, PA, August 10, 1847. He is a son of Jacob and Eliza (ZIMMERMAN) ROYER, who were natives of the Keystone State and the parents of six children, of whom our subject was the fifth. The children were in the following order--Mary, Samuel,Daniel, Susan, Joseph and Franklin, all of whom are living. When our subject was six years old, his parents emigrates to Scott County, Iowa, believing that the growing Hawkeye State afforded better advantages for one disposed to work, tban did the rock-robbed territory of the Eastern States. When twenty-one years of age, our subject left home, which marks an important era in any young man's life. For one year he worked out by the month the next three years he broke prairie, with ox teans, in Powesheik County. From there he went to Minnesota, worked through the summer, and retraced his steps into Iowa, as far as Blackbawk County, attending school there that winter. After working in the harvest field the following summer, he went to Colorado, where he worked on a railroad, and also oil irrigation ditches. After one season he returned to Iowa, worked through harvest and canvassed for books through the winter, and then went to Blackbawk County again, where he worked in the summer, and attended the district school through the winter. Having a thirst for mor knkowledge, he attended the Seminary at Waterlo and Taught an occasional term of school, while finishing his education, after which he followed teaching in Scott County for three years, receiving $50 per month, but on account of poor health he abandoned teaching, and bought eighty acres of land in Monona County, which he farmed for three years, prior to his coming to Harrison County.

Among the more important events of this man's life, and one intended to mark his future pathway, along the line of more ocmplete happiness, was that of his marriage, which occurred in March, 1886. He chose for a life companion, Maggie CARRIGAN, the daughter of James and Amanda CARRIGAN, who had five children, our subject's wife being the oldest. The father was born in Ireland, and the mother in Virginia. Their family were Maggie, Ella, Katie, James and Harry.

Mr. And Mrs. ROYER have had their marriage union blessed by the birth of three children�Howard J., born April 11, 1887; Clarence D., October 7, 1888; and Fannie, April 7, 1800.

Politically, our subject isidentified with the Republican party, while he and his good wife are believers in Christianity.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 865-866
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GRIFFITH - William GRIFFITH, a farmer of section 8, Allen Township, has been a resident of Harrison County for a third of a century, coming as he did to those parts in the spring in 1868, when all was yet new and wild and the signs of civilized life were few and far between. He came to the county with his parents, being only sixteen years of age at the time. He remained at home until he had reached the years of his majority. He then worked out by the month and learned the carpenter's trade, which business he followed for seven years, and then bought the place he now occupies, consisting of one hundred and twenty acres. This was wild land, and he set about breaking it up, and erected a house, 16x24 feet, with a wing; he also set out an orchard, provided shade trees, and now has all enclosed within a fence and seventy five acres under the plow, while the balnce is pasture and meadow land.

Our subject was born in Pennsylvania, in October, 1853. He is the son of Amos and Elizabeth GRIFFITH, both natives of Pennsylvania. They had a family of eight children, and our subject was the sixth in the family. The children were named as follows: Thomas (deceased), Mary, Emma, Martha (deceased), Leonard, William, Frannie (deceased) and Isabel.

Our subject remained in the Keystone State until fifteen years of age; when he came to Iowa. He obtained an ordinary common school education, but commenced life with no other capital than a sound mind and a strong constitution. His father enlisted when he was a small boy, and while his father served his country in the civil War, his family saw many hardships in consequence of his absence. About 1870, before our subject bought a farm in Iowa, he spent aobut eight months in Texas and then spent a year in Illinois.

He was united in marriage October 5, 1880, to Dorthula J. COFFMAN, the daughter of Pleassant and Margaret COFFMAN, natives of Iowa and Virginia respectively, who reared a family of seven children�George, James, Dorthula (deceased), William, Dora, Alice, and Wallace (deceased).

Our subject's wife died april 19, 1891, leaving a family of four children�Amos J., born October 24, 1882; Marion R., October 21, 1884; Jacob B., Marach 5, 1886; and Nora, January 4, 1890.

Mrs. Dorthula J. GRIFFITH (wife of our subject), was born in Apanoose County, Iowa, December 15, 1862, and while yet very small emigrated with her parents to Utah, where they all remained several years, returning to Iowa in 1867 and settling in Harrison County, where they have since remained. The deceased received a good common-school education and was an honored member of society.

Politically, our subject is in sympathy with the Farmers' Alliance movement. He belongs to Mondamin Lodge, NO. 392, I.O.O.F.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 867-868
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