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KIRKHAM - William R. KIRKHAM, a farmer of section 5, in Douglas Township, came to Harrison County during the month of March, 1876, and stopped at Reeder's Mills for three months teaching school.

By reading this sketch it will be observed that our subject has followed the profession of a teacher for many years, his ability in this direction causing him to be engaged to teach in Mills, Pottawattamie and Harrison Counties for many terms in succession. After completing his school at Reeder's Mills, and in the month of September, the same year, he was engaged to teach a seven months' school near Missouri Valley, and the following spring taught a three months' term in St. John's Township, as well as a winter school. Seeming satisfied with school teaching , and having many applications, he was again engaged to teach a three months' term in the spring of 1878. Being very scucessful at teaching the young ideas how to shoot, he was engaged in September to teach a nine months' term in the same township. In 1879 and 1880, as well as in 1881, he taught in St. John's Township and Missouri Valley. Seven months of the years 1882 and 1883 he taught in the same place, after which he went into the railroad office at Missouri Valley, and there remained a year and a half, at the expiration of which time he was engaged to teach a three months' term in Pottawattimie County, Iowa, which ended on February, 1885, and the following month he purchased the farm upon which he now lives. During the winters of 1885-86 he was employed to teach in his home district, which was the last term of school he taught. He commenced as a teach in 1872, in Mills County, Iowa, and in all had taught ninety-two months. He was born in Hancock County, Ohio, August 9, 1848, and in 1852 removed with his parents to Johnson County, Iowa, and four months later to Iowa County, where they remained four years, and then returned to Johnson County, and then in the spring of 1858 they moved to Ringgold County, Iowa, where he remained until the fall of 1869, then went to Missouri where he engaged at farm labor, and took the census of two townships in Buchanan County, of that State, for the 1870 United States census. In 1871 he came to Tabor, Fremont County, Iowa, where he attended college, after which he went to teaching. In 1873 he made a trip to Colorado, being gone about seven months, having intended to teach in that section of the country, but finding his profession overdone, he returned and began teaching in Pottawattamie County, after having worked on a ranch for several months.

He was united in marriage June 27, 1878, at Missouri Valley, with Miss Virginia WADE, by whom one child was born�Effie M., born May 21, 1880.

In the fall of 1887 they took a boy to raise; he was from the Orphans' Home at Council Bluffs�William E., born December 16, 1882.

Concerning our subject's father and mother, it may be said that the father was born in Genesee County, New York. He practiced medicine for aobut twenty years, and left the empire State, coming to Ohio, where he remained until he came to Iowa. He was married to Catharine B. MOORE in Pittsburg, PA, about 1828. They were the parents of thirteen children, our subject being the tenth child. Twelve of the family grew to manhood and womanhood.

The mother was born in Springifeld, Mass., in 1811, and in1816 her parents removed to Pittsburg, PA, where she remained until the date of her marriage. Her father was engaged at the armory at Springfield, MA, Pittsburg, PA, and then at Harper's Ferry, being in command of the armory. The mother died in Ringgold County, in December, 1885, and the father in the summer of 1880.

Virginia (WADE) KIRKHAM, wife of our subject, was born in Wood County, Ohio, October 4, 1856, and when two years old her parents removed to Allen County, where they remained until April, 1875, when they came to Harrison County, Iowa, locating near Missouri Valley, at which place they now live.

Politically, our subject votes with the Republican party, and in religious matters is a Methodist.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 849-850
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MILLER - Albert J. MILLER, with STERN & MILLIMAN, Logan, Iowa, has been a resident of Harrison County since April, 1876. Upon coming to the county he engaged in teaching district school, which he followed three years, then taught one year at Missouri Valley and one year and a half at Logan, after which he was Deputy County Clerk, serving from 1879 to 1881, and in the fall of the last named year, was elected to the office of County Superintendent of Schools, which office he held with credit to himself and his constituents. After retiring from that office he was in the employ of HARVEY & FORD, bankers, also connected with the Logan postoffice for a time, and during the month of September, 1887, entered the employ of STERN & MILLIMAN, real-estate and loan agents.

He was born in Winnebago County, WI, January 5, 1853, and is the son of George and Mary (ESTEY) MILLER. His father was of Scotch decent and followed farming for a livelihood. Our subject attended the district schools in the Badger State, where he obtained a good education. When fifteen years of age he entered Ripon College, where he remained until he graduated in June, 1875, after which he came West and taught one term of school in Monona County, Iowa, and from there came to Harrison County, as above related.

He was united in marriage January 27, 1882, with Clara HEDGES, a native of Illinois, by whom one child, Clara, was born March 16, 1885. Mrs. MILLER died February 6, 1886, and October 15, 1890, Mr. MILLER was married to Clara B. CADWELL, daughter of G.B. and Clara CADWELL, of Logan, Iowa.

Mr. MILLER and his wife are members of the Presbyterian Church and he belongs to Logan Lodge, No. 355, I.O.O.F. also to Boyer Valley Lodge, No.149, A.O.U.W.., at Logan.

Politically, our subject is identified with the Republican party, believing this political organization best subserves the interests of the masses.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 848
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HUNT - Livy M. HUNT, a respected citizen, and a native of Harrison County, now residing on section 36, of Douglas Township, forms the subject of the subjoined sketch. He was born at Six-Mile Grove in 1852, and remained with his parents until he was twenty-five years of age, attending school winters, and working on the farm summers. His father gave him one hundred and twenty acres of wild land, which he improved by building a house 16x20 foot, a story and a half high, to which he has since added; he dug a well, erected a windmill, and provided good outbuildings, and has since added sixty acres to his farm, making one hundred and eighty in all.

Our subject is a son of Jasen and Mary HUNT, natives of the Empire State, who had a family of six children, five of whom are now living�Camilla, Livy, Harriet, Orville (died at five years of age) Ellen and Cahrles.

Alice BILLITER, daughter of William BILLITER, a native of Indiana, became our subject's wife April 11, 1877. She was the second of a family of seven children, and she died childless in December, 1879. Mr. HUNT was again married, November 4, 1881, to Ida, daughter of John and Hannah DAVIE. The father was a native of England, and the mother of New York State. They had eight children, of whom our subject's wife was the fifth. Their names are�William, Belle, Emma, Ida, Stella, Nettie, Frank and Minnie.

Our subject and his wife are the parents of three children�Nettie A., born November 5, 1885; Jasen T., August 1, 1887; and John, December 29, 1889.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 848-849
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DAKAN - Marquis Lafayette DAKAN, Superintendent of Public Schools for Harrison County, residing at Logan, has been a resident of the county since August 4, 1868, at which time he settled in Unioin Township and will form the subject of this biographical notice.

He was born in Morrow County, Ohio, October 5, 1846. His parents were Ebenezer and Charity (WAGSTAFF) DAKAN, natives of Pennsylvania, and of English descent. His father was twice married. By his first marriage he had four children, and by the second marriage three, our subject being one of that number. The parents both died in Pennsylvania. The father was a farmer by occupation and our subject passed his early life in the Buckeye State, being educated at the common and High Schools of that State, attending the latter at Williamsport, where he graduated in 1867. Having fitted himself for a teacher in 1867. Having fitted himself for a teacher he commenced in 1866 and has followed it in conjunction with farming and attending to the official duties as County School Superintendent ever since. He taught seven terms of school in Ohio, before coming to Iowa, and has taught forty-four terms in Iowa�an average of eleven terms in a place. The least number of terms in any one place has been four and the greatest twenty-three. This indeed speaks well for his qualifications as an instructor.

Polictically, Mr. DAKAN is stanch supporter of the Democratic party. He served as Assessor of Union Township for eight years, and was elected superintendent of Schools in 1889, and was the second person elected to this office, on the Democratic ticket in Harrison County, and had sixty majority. He was re-elected in 1891 with a majority of nine hundred and forty-seven. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and belong to Odd Fellows Lodge No. 355, at Logan.

Mr. DAKAN was married April 1, 1869, in Ohio, to Miss Nancy E. KELLEY, the daughter of Caleb and Lenora (CHAMBERLAIN) KELLEY, who were natives of Ohio, but whose ancestors came from Maryland at an early day. Mr. And Mrs. DAKAN are the parents of five daughters: Mattie, Della, Cora, and Ella and Elsie (twins).

Our subject is pre-eminently fitted for the position he now holds, being a thorough going and practical educator.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 841
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WAITLEY - Edwin B. WAITLEY, photographer, at Dunlap, established his business at that point in 1882, and being a representative business man of that portion of the county, the following bigraphical notice of him will be given in this connection.

He is a native of Mt. Vernon, Knox County, Ohio, born December 12, 1859. When an infant, his parents removed to LaGrange County, IN, in which section he spent his early life and received his education in the common schools. From the time he was ten years of age he assisted his father, who was foreman in a sawmill, and when he was only fourteen years old he took full charge of the mill at such times as his father was absent, and at the age of sixteen commenced to learn the printer's trade, which he followed two years and then came to Iowa, locating at Dunlap. The way he came to locate at this point was on account of his having the "Indiana ager," and upon going to Chicago from his home he purchased a railroad ticket to Council Bluffs and expected to go farther on West, but when the train stopped at Dunlap for dinner he crawled off the train in order to try and eat something, and the surroundings of the place caught his eye; everything looked so cool and inviting that he determined to stop over, which he did, and as a result he located at this point. He engaged with a man to help him husk his corn, with the understanding that if his services were worth anything he should receive it; so for six weeks he husked corn and fought ague every other day; at the end of which time he came out conqueror. He then engaged at his trade in Dunlap. He followed painting for two years, part of the time for the Northwestern Railroad Company, and early in the '80s he concluded to engage in the photograph business. He commenced to learn the business of H. L. HOFF, with whom he was associated twenty-one months, after which he spent one winter in Gallatin, MO, and then returned to Dunlap and bought out his former employer. Upon coming to the county the first time he had only enough to barely get him here from Indiana, but by close application to his buiness and the practice of economy, he has come into the possession of a handsome property, including a quarter-section farm in Crawford County, three miles north of Dunlap, which he keeps well stocked with cattle, handling about fifty head each year. In 1890 he and William COOK purchased the Van Scoy brickyears, which they operated one year.

Politically, our subject is a Republican, believing this to come the nearest his ideas of a political organization. He is a member of Golden Rule Lodge, No. 178, I.O.O.F., and is at present Vice-Grand. He is also leader of the Dunlap Cornet Band.

Miss Vina ROBERTS became his wife December 12, 1882. She is the daughter of Moses and Matilda (DAVIS) ROBERTS, and was born in Clinton County, Iowa, May 10, 1863. They have a familyof two children�Ward, born May 2, 1886, and Neal, February 14, 1890. Mrs. WAITLEY is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

The parents of our subject, Cordan and Rosella (MC KINZIE) WAITLEY, who were natives of New York and Ohio, respectively, came to Iowa the same fall our subject did, and have since resided in Crawford County. They had a family of five children�Flora, wife of W. HOFF, a resident of Carroll, Iowa; Eva, wife of L. Q. SPALDING, M.D., residing at Battle Creek, Iowa; Charles, an attorney, resident of Logan; Ida, residing at home; Edwin B., Our subject, who is the second child in the famly. The family are among the most highly respected people in the community in which they live, and our subject is one of the live energetic business men of Dunlap. His life is a good example of what a man can accomplish who has the pluck and ambition to push to the front. He is a thorough master of his art, and does fine work in photography, crayon, and india ink work.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 850-51
Family Researcher: NA
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SHIELD - Samuel B. SHIELD, a merchant doing business at Missouri Valley, came to the place twenty-one years ago, and began clerking for S.B. JACKSON, then with E.W. MEECH, and later with Charles CONNOLLY, all of whom were engaged in the grocery business. He spent three years with these three firms. In 1873 he was engaged with the Northern Pacific Railroad in the work of construction. After this he returned to Missouri Valley, and formed a partnership with E.W. MEECH in the grocery business, the firm being SHIELDS & MEECH. They continued in business until 1876, at which time our subject bought his partner out and one year later formed a partnership with C.A. WALKER, which existed four years, when he bought WALKER out, and one year afterward formed a partnership with L.E. MASSIE, the firm being SHIELDS & MASSIE, which was finally changed to S.B. SHIELDS & Co., and so remains to this time.

Mr. SHIELDS was born at Washington, Warren County, New Jersey, March 4, 1840. He is a son of Samuel and Elizabeth (EMERY) SHIELDS. The SHIELDS were of Irish descent. The grandmother's name on the SHIELDS' side, was COLEMAN. Our subject was the seventh of a family of five sons and three daughters. Seven of the children are still living. Mrs. ARNDT, of Missouri Valley, is one of the sisters; one brother lives in South Amboy, NJ; one in Belvidere, NJ; one in Wilkesbarre, PA, and one sister at Dover, NJ, and another in Washington, NJ.

The father was a farmer, and died several years ago, aged sixty-seven years. His wife died at the age of fifty-four. Our subject's brother David died at the age of twenty-nine years at Scranton, PA.

Our subject obtained his education at common schools, after which he remained one year on his father's farm, and then began business for himself at Hyde Park, PA. From there he went to Pittston, PA, and from there to Binghampton, NY. He then returned to Washington, NJ, and from there came to Missouri Valley, Iowa.

He was married January 29, 1850, to Linda B. YARD, who was a native of the same county in which our subject was born. Two of Mr. SHIELDS' brothers married sisters of his wife. Mrs. SHIELDS' parents are both deceased. Mr. And Mrs. SHIELDS are the parents of three children�Whitfield, died in infancy; Ebner E. Ellsworth at the age of eight months; Lela A. was born October 23, 1868, at Washington, NJ, and is still at home.

Politically, our subject is a Democrat. He belongs to Valley Lodge, No. 232, A.F.& A.M.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 851-52
Family Researcher: NA
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HERRING - David HERRING, a son of the Keystone State, who came to Iowa twenty-five years ago, and is now a respected citizen of Little Sioux Township, was born in Adams County, PA, Decembere 25, 1843. He is the son of Michael and Mary (RIFE) HERRING, both of whom are deceased, and who were natives of Pennsylvania. This worthy couple reared a family of nine children, our subject being the seventh child. His early life was spent in Pennsylvania, and his education received there in the common schools. The HERRING Family are of German dscent.

Our subject began working on a farm at his majority, and in February, 1864, at Chambersburg, PA, enlisted in Company B, Twenty-first Pennsylvania Cavalry, and took part in the Civil War. His company was sent to Washington, D.C., where they were dismounted and at once entered into active service. They took part in the battles of Cold Harbor, battle of the Wilderness, the siege and battle of Petersburg, and later on were mounted as cavalrymen and joined SHERIDAN's Cavalry Corps. After which they fought at Boynton's Plank Road, Stony Creek, Bellefield Raid, Hatchies Run, Davidson Courthouse, Amelia Springs, and Flat Creek, as well as Farmvale and wound up by helping capture Gen. Robert E. LEE, the leader of the Southern Confederacy, at Appomattox. Mr. HERRING was taken prisoner at Amelia Springs, April 5, 1865, and was with the Confederate army until LEE surrendered. He was discharged July 17, 1865, and returned home, where he remained a short time, spent two months in Clearfield County, PA, then returned home and remained until April, 1866, when he came to Harrison County, Iowa, and worked one year for H. HERRING, and then bought forty acres of timberland on section 3, of Little Sioux Township. He purchased his present farm in 1867, and now has one hundred and twenty acres of land, one-half of which is under cultivation.

He was married February 9, 1879, at Little Sioux, to Sarena RIFE, the daughter of David and Harriet (WOLFE) RIFE. In April, 1885, Mr. And Mrs. HERRING adopted a niece and nephew of Mrs. HERRING, their names being Bert and Kittie KELLEY, aged respectively twelve and nine years. They came from Harrisburg, PA.

Politically Mrr. HERING is identified with the Republican party, as are a great majority of the soldiers who fought in the Civil War.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 852-853
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HOPE - William H. HOPE. The subject of this sketch is a native of New York State and came to Harrison County in 1870. He was born in Greene County, NY, September 26, 1841, and is a son of William and Elizabeth (SWINDELS) HOPE, native of England. The paternal grand parents were William and Ann, the grandfather on the mother's side being John SWINDELS, also of England. Our subject's early life was spent in New York, and in 1850 the family came to McHenry County, IL. The father was a cabinet maker, and came to Iowa and engaged in the cabinet business. William H. HOPE came to Iowa and engaged in a general store, in company with his brother, now living in Sioux City. He started a drug store at Little Sioux in 1879, and was burned out in 1890, but rebuilt the same year.

Mr. HOPE was united in marriage, in December 1875, to Miss Belle ELLIS, a daughter of Hiram ELLIS. She died in 1876, and three years later he married Luella ELLIS, a sister of his first wife, by whom six children were born�Eva, Leona, and Ervin living, and three dead.

Politically, Mr. HOPE is a Republican, and in his religious views a Methodist.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 853
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MINTUN - A. W. MINTUN, Auditor of Harrison County, accompanied his father's family to these parts in the autumn of 1879. His father located near Modale, where he still lives. Our subject was born in Brighton, Washington County, Iowa, December 21, 1859. His father, Daniel P. MINTUN, is a native of Indiana, and his mother, Mary J. (DONOVAN) MINTUN, is a native of Ohio.

Our subject received his education at the Brighton High School, and after coming to Harrison County, taught for several years, afterward engaged in railroading, and was appointed agent, at Salix, Woodbury County, in the fall of 1881. After three years he resigned and taught the winter term of school, at River Sioux. In April, 1885 He removed to his farm near Modale, but the following November received the appointment of Postmaster at Little Sioux, which place he filled until April, 1889, and the following autumn was elected Auditor of Harrison County, which position he still holds.

December 14, 1881 he was married to Winnefred A. BONNEY, a native of Iowa. This marriage was blessed with two children: Ardivan R., born in July, 1883; and Benjamin B., in June, 1887.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 854
Family Researcher: NA
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