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HUFF - Hiram M. HUFF, of Missouri Valley, has been a resident of Harrison County for thirty-six years. He came June 8, 1855, and located in what was then Little Sioux Township, but is now described as section 22, Jackson Township. He came to the country with a family named MARTIN. In 1856, Mr. HUFF went to section 4; remained a few months, went to Raglan Township and lived one year. In the spring of 1858 he purchased a quarter-section of land on section 2, Little Sioux Township, and there located.

He was born in Fleming County, Ky., in 1832. He is a son of Samuel and Hester (BLAIR) HUFF, both of Pennsylvania. Mr. HUFF's father was in the War of 1812, serving in an Ohio regiment. He and his wife are the parents of twelve children, seven sons and five daughters. Eleven of the children grew to maturity, and our subject was the eleventh child, and there are four in all still living. William, Benjamin and Thomas, brothers of our subject, are living in Nichols and Mason Counties. William is seventy-five years old, and retired from active life; Benjamin is a carpenter; and Thomas, the youngest brother, is a farmer. The father was a farmer, and also a wagon-maker, and passed from earth August 22, 1877,in Kentucky. The mother died in June 1857.

Our subject's early education was received in Fleming County, Ky., which locality he left when he was twenty-three years of age, and went by rail to Louisville, and by boat to St. Joseph, Mo., and from that point came to this county by wagon.

Politically Mr. HUFF belongs to the Republican party, and has served in the capacity of a local officer in various ways, including the office of Justice of the Peace of Little Sioux Township, which he held for many years, and was also Township Trustee. He served the county as Drainage Commissioner at an early day, and has also been Justice of the Peace since residing in St. John Township. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, belonging to Valley Lodge, No. 232, and was a charter member of the Magnolia Lodge, No. 126; also of Frontier Lodge, No. 382, at Little Sioux. He was made a Mason in Millersburg, Bourbon County, Ky., in January, 1855, and was the first Worshipful Master in Harrison County. He also conducted the first Masonic funeral in the county, taking charge of the last sad rites connected with the burial of Isaac Parish, of Calhoun, August 17, 1860.

Our subject was married January 24, 1856, in Harrison County, Jackson Township, to Lucinda MCGAHAN, a native of Illinois. Her father was of Irish ancestry, while her mother was a native of Tennessee. By this marriage six children were born, three sons and three daughters: John W., a practicing physician at Onawa, Iowa; Lenora, deceased at the age of eleven years, and buried in Jackson Township; Clara M., wife of M. T. WESTON, of Missouri Valley; Hattie B., deceased in infancy, and buried in Jackson Township; Benjamin F., a registered pharmacist employed by SHILEY Bros.; Thomas C., also a registered pharmacist, now in the employ of GOODWIN & MUNGER, in the drug business.

At the age of thirteen our subject left home and began battling in life for himself. Has seen many hardships, but may well count his life thus far a success, rearing as he has a family of intelligent children, who will be fitted to take up the work where he laid it down.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 575, 576
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COLEMAN - Henry R. COLEMAN, a resident of LaGrange Township, is a native of Harrison County, born June 10, 1860. His parents moved to Cincinnati Township when he was fourteen years of age, and he remained there until 1883, when he came to LaGrange Township and purchased the farm he now lives upon, forty acres of which was improved, and forty acres wild land. Our subject commenced to work for himself when he was eighteen years old, working by the month on a farm, then renting land, afterward taking charge of his mother's she living with him.

Our subject was married in Harrison County, Iowa, March 5, 1889, to Miss Belle MCELDERRY, who lived in Pottawattamie County. Mr. and Mrs. COLEMAN are the parents of two children--an infant, deceased, and John A.

Mrs. Belle (MCELDERRY) COLEMAN was born in Jefferson County, Iowa, in 1862, and when twenty years old came to Harrison County, stopping in LaGrange Township two years, and then moved to Pottawattamie County, where she remained until the date of her marriage.

His father, Erastus COLEMAN, was born in Ohio, and remained there until the autumn of 1862, when he came to Harrison County, Iowa, with his family, consisting of his wife, one child, his mother and stepfather. He rented land of his stepfather until the Civil War broke out, when he enlisted in Company H, Fifteenth Iowa Infantry, and was shot and killed at the battle of Atlanta. His wife the mother of our subject, Margaret (WOLF) COLEMAN, was born in Pennsylvania February 29, 1832, her parents removing to Ohio where she was yet a small girl, and remained three until the date of her marriage. They were the parents of five children, our subject being the third. Both our subject and his wife, as well as his father's people, were all identified with the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 577
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PEASE - H. E. PEASE, a pioneer liveryman of Dunlap, established himself in his business and let the first livery horse in Dunlap, on June 20, 1868, when he erected his present barn, a portion of which was 25x60 feet, two stories high. He started in with six horses and four buggies, but now keeps on hand twenty head of good livery horses, with a corresponding number of vehicles. He established the first public scales, January 1, 1882, and named them the city scales and on March 1, 1887, he embarked in the undertaking business and now caries one of the largest stocks of fine caskets and burials goods in this part of the state and also keeps a fine gold trimmed hearse. The first telephone in Dunlap was hung in his office on February 15, 1884, and his office is till used for the central.

Mr. PEASE is a native of the Wolverine State, having been born in Lenawee County, Mich., October 29, 1845. He is the son of Henry C. and Louisa PEASE. He was reared and educated in his native State, to the time he was fourteen years of age, at which time he went to Chicago, and for two years served in the role of a newsboy, running out from Chicago. In 1861 he entered the employment of the United Stats Government, and worked on the United States military railroads, as brakeman for two years, spending his time at various points in the South. He was on the second train that entered Atlanta after the bombardment, and was the last to leave on the evacuation of the place. His run extended from Nashville to Atlanta through the hottest of the fight. He relates that while working on that run, just one trip over the road, he counted seventeen locomotives "ditched," which was but a sample of the dangers he was daily exposed to. The last year of his stay, and until the close of the war, he was conductor on the train between Chattanooga and Atlanta. He speaks of a little experience he had one night when their train was ditched when going around a curve in a thickly timbered district, which was filled with "Johnnies" (Rebels) and knowing that another train was just in the rear, he felt it his duty to go back and signal the coming train. The bullets were flying like falling hail all around the ditched train, but never flinching, he caught up two lanterns and started back on a run. The enemy seeing the lights, poured a volley after him, which, perhaps, hastened his speed somewhat. He could hear the bullets humming past his head and ears like a swarm of bees. But he hastened on until he met the coming train, some three hundred yards, which he signaled, but none too quick to save an awful collision and a train of five hundred human beings from the enemy's trap.

After the close of the war, he came to Jefferson, Iowa, and as soon as the railroad reached that point started a dray, which he operated for two years, and then opened a livery stable and ran a "bus line" for three hotels, and also carried the mails and express for two companies. He remained in this business until the year he located in Dunlap, which was in 1868, since which time he has been an active business man, possessed of total abstinence habits, never having used tobacco in any form, or drank intoxicating liquors, even to a glass of beer.

Politically he is a Republican, and has held the office of constable for twenty successive years, and was Deputy Sheriff two terms, as well as Marshall of the city of Dunlap.

He is an honored member of Hospitable Lodge No. 244 of A. F. & a. M., of which he was Secretary for five years.

New Year's day, 1871, marked a new era in this gentleman's life, for it was upon that day that he was united in marriage to Julia A. FORD, a native of Palatine, Ill., the daughter of Alexander and Helen FORD.

Mr. and Mrs. PEASE are the parents of one child--Irvin Ca Verne.

Our subject has had a very eventful career thus far in his life, including the hair breadth escapes he had during the days of Rebellion. His moral qualities, and public spirit have made him a valuable factor in the community in which he has lived.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 577, 578, 579
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STOTT - Rev. Arthur STOTT, Pastor of the Baptist Church at Logan, is a native of England, and came to Harrison County in 1888. He was born near Manchester, England, in 1829, and is the son of John and Jane (O'NEIL) STOTT, both of whom are deceased. They were the parents of four children, of whom our subject was the second child. His early life was spent in England, and he received his early education in a Government school, endowed by an old resident, and known as "Oldham Blue Coat School," graduating from the same in 1844. He came to the United States in 1854, locating at Jacksonville, Ill., where he worked at the tailor's trade, and began preaching in 1859, at Winchester, Scott County, Ill., having preached one year, at Tremont, Ill. During the Civil War he enlisted in the First Nebraska Cavalry, at a point twelve miles east of Little Rock, Ark., was taken prisoner, August 24, 1864, and was taken to Benton Barracks. He was mustered out of service, June 15, 1866, and went to Centerville, Iowa, as a minister, and lived in Washington, Washington County, at Columbus City, Erie, Ill., and went from there to Atlantic, Iowa, and also lived at Ft. Madison; lived eight years at Denmark, Iowa, then removed to Taylor County, and from there to Riceville, and in February, 1888, came to Logan. Politically Mr. STOTT is a hearty supporter of Republican party, and belongs to the Grand Army Post at Logan. He was married in 1849, in England, to Mary WALKER, daughter of James and Alice WALKER. Mrs. STOTT died January 15, 1861, leaving three children--John, Lucy and William, all living. In March, 1875, our subject married Rebecca J. WARD, at Pella, Iowa. She was the daughter of Eben and Mary (ARMSTRONG) WARD, both of whom are deceased. Mr. and Mrs. STOTT are the parents of three children--Royal, Nellie and Mary. Since Mr. STOTT has been connected with the ministry, he has officiated at the marriage ceremony of one hundred and twenty couples, attended one hundred and twenty-nine funerals, and administered the ordinance of baptism to one hundred and sixty-six persons; built a church edifice at Atlantic, Iowa, and improved church property at various places.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 579
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SQUIRE - William H. SQUIRE, real-estate and loan-agent at Dunlap, has been a resident of the place since August, 1883, since which time he has transacted a large amount of business in his line, handling as high as $200,000 worth of business in one year. He also represents some of the leading fire insurance companies, including one of Burlington, Iowa, Rockford, Ill., and Knoxville, Tenn. He is a Notary Public, and has been Justice of the Peace for six years, and was Mayor of Dunlap in 1887. It may be said that he is one of the enterprising business lights of his town.

Politically, Mr. SQUIRE is ever ready to explain why he is a supporter of the Republican party. He is a member of the following civic societies: Hospitable Lodge, No. 244; Ark Chapter, No. 89, of the Masonic fraternity; Shields Post, No. 83, G. A. R., of which he is Past Commander; Knights of Pythias Lodge, No. 284, and Past Council of Acorn Camp, No. 325, of the Modern Woodmen of America.

Mr. SQUIRE is a native of Long Island, N. Y., born November 13, 1844. He is the son of Daniel and Mary (KEELING) SQUIRE, of English and Scotch extraction. He is one of a family of seven children. The mother and one sister reside at Ottumwa, Iowa; one sister at Burlington, Iowa; one brother in Wisconsin; a brother and sister in Council Bluffs, and one brother in the South. The father died at Ottumwa in November, 1889.

When our subject was three years old the family removed to Chicago, and after two years removed to Rockford, Ill., where he was reared and educated. He enlisted as a member of Company K, Seventeenth Illinois Cavalry, and was honorably discharged December 22, 1865. He was in several hot engagements, and received a flesh wound in the calf of his leg. After coming out of the army, he followed photography for seventeen years, at McGregor, Rockford and Ottawa, Ill., and Omaha, Neb. He has been engaged in his present business ten years, two years at Council Bluffs and eight at Dunlap.

In 1878 he was married at Ottawa, Ill., to Miss L. E. PIERCE, daughter of J. F. and Mary (ROE) PIERCE, who was born in New York State July 23, 1848. Mr. and Mrs. SQUIRE are the parents of five daughters, ranging from two to twelve years of age: Edith, Minnie, Maude, Gertrude, and Ethel. Mrs. SQUIRE is a member of the Episcopal Church.

Our subject is in the true sense of the word a self-made business man, and one who possesses every characteristic of a true citizen, while he and his estimable family are an ornament to the society in which they move.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 580, 583
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NEWTON - Reuben NEWTON (Portrait), a lumber dealer at Missouri Valley, has been identified with the interests of Harrison County, since August, 1868. He was born in Cattaraugus County, N. Y. Our subject's father and mother reared a family of seven children, he being the sixth. There were five sons and two daughters, all living. The father died in 1849 and the mother still resides in Salamanca, N. Y. Our subject received his education in the district schools of his native county, and when twelve years of age worked on a farm at $7 per month, and in 1860, when he was fourteen years of age, he moved to Sycamore, Ill., and remained two year, after which he located at Boone, Iowa, where he remained until 1867, and came from there to Missouri Valley. He was the first watchman for the Sioux City & Pacific Railroad, and remained at Missouri Valley about two months, and then went to River Sioux, remaining with the company for fourteen years. He began studying telegraphy at Boone, and completed his course at River Sioux, at which place he handled lumber in connection with his railroad work. In 1883 he moved to Missouri Valley, where he established his present lumber business. Politically our subject is a radical Republican. While at Little Sioux he was School Treasurer for that township for several years. He is a member of the Masonic order, was the first Master Mason in the Little Sioux Lodge, and belongs to Valley Chapter of that order.

Our subject was united in marriage July 6, 1868, to Sarah L. DAVIS, born in Little Valley, N. Y. She was the daughter of E. J. DAVIS, and Fannie (SHANNON) DAVIS, who moved to Harrison County in 1870. The father died in 1876 and the mother is now living at River Sioux. Mr. and Mrs. NEWTON are the parents of two sons--Jesse D., born May 5, 1872, and Harry R., December 15, 1880.

Mrs. NEWTON is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Missouri Valley. During the residence of Mr. NEWTON in Harrison County, he has made many friends, who value him in a business point of view, as well as socially, because of his uprightness and fair dealing. A portrait of this man very appropriately finds a place in this volume.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 583, 584
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EVERETT - Robert H. EVERETT, a farmer residing on section 26, Jackson Township, came to Harrison County, in the spring of 1867, in company with his parents, who first located in this township and the next spring went to Preparation, Monona County, where they remained long enough to harvest one crop, and then moved back to the William ARTHUR place, and wintered in an old log cabin. Our subject bought his present farm in 1868, or rather forty acres of it which was then partly improved and for which he paid $20 per acre. Upon the place was an old house, built from native lumber. He has since built a new house, a barn, granary and cribs, put in stock scales, and provided his place with wind-power. His farm now consists of two hundred and thirty acres, fifty acres of which are under the plow. In 1886 our subject left his farm and went to draying in Sioux City, which, however, did not prove successful, so he returned to his farm. He was in the country through the grasshopper years, and saw some of the hard times told about by pioneers.

He was born March 7, 1856, in Boston, Mass. He is a son of Harrison and Elizabeth EVERETT, native of New Hampshire and Vermont, respectively, who were the parents of three children: Julia F., Robert H., Milton M., all living in Iowa. Our subject lived in Massachusetts until two years of age, when his father removed to Chicago and from there to Harrison County, Iowa. He received only a common-school education and was in Chicago during the Civil War, and remembers well the day that they were to liberate the rebel prisoners from Camp Douglas.

He was united in marriage December 5, 1875, to Mary C. BOOTH, the daughter of William and Eliza BOOTH, natives of Kentucky and Ohio, who were the parents of five children: Mary C., Thomas William, Elizabeth, Charles C., Ander A., all living in Harrison County, Iowa.

Mrs. EVERETT's father died and her mother married James COOPER, of Little Sioux. Our subject and his wife are the parents of four children: Bessie M., Sarah E., Robert William, (deceased); and Lillian A.

Both he and his wife are acceptable members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He belongs to the Farmers' Alliance and Industrial Union.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 584, 585
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