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KIBLER - Sylvester B. KIBLER, of the firm KIBLER Bros., proprietors of the most extensive general merchandising house at Woodbine, and who has been closely identified with the pubic welfare of Harrison County for many years, is another sturdy son of the old Buckeye state, who came West to grow up with the country, as the common phrase would have it.

He was born in Portage County, Ohio, July 22, 1846, and remained in that county until 1854, when his parents became pioneers to Harrison County, settling at Six-Mile Grove, Cass Township. Sylvester remained at home and worked for the general interest of the family, and then purchased a farm adjoining his father's land, consisting of one hundred and thirty acres, on section 21, of Cass Township. This he improved and lived upon until the spring of 1873, when he removed to Woodbine, engaging in the mercantile business, in company with his brother George.

A new era marked this worthy gentleman's life January 28, 1868, upon which day he was united in marriage to Miss Caroline ELLISSON, with whom he has shared the realities of life ever since. Their home has been blessed by the birth of four intelligent children, Irvine E., born February 28, 1871; Maggie P., October 5, 1873; Lyda V., September 23, 1876 and L. W., July 14, 1878. Irvine E. died September 5, 1872.

Mrs. KIBLER, wife of our subject, a daughter of the Prairie State, was born in Pike County, Ill., September 6, 1844, and at the age of five years, emigrated with her parents to a point near Council Bluffs, Iowa, where they remained one year, and then removed to Harrison County, settling in Six-Mile Grove, Cass Township, where Mrs. KIBLER remained until hr marriage union. She united with the Latter Day Saint Church in 1861, and is still a consistent member of the same. Her husband after an investigation, covering a period of nearly a score of years, finally united with this church, together with his children, on October 8, 1886.

Politically, Mr. KIBLER is a stanch supporter of the Republican party, always taking an active part in the upbuilding of Harrison County's institutions, including her public schools. In his business relations there is no better type found within the county. Commencing with a small stock of goods, the firm to which he belongs has gradually grown in popular favor until it now has assumed large proportions.

In 1877, their present large and substantial brick business house, one of the best in the county, was erected. It is a double store room, divided in departments, in which is carried a large line of fancy as well as staple goods. By their fair dealing and good judgment their trade has constantly increased, and is second to none in the county.

Whether one meets this gentleman in his counting-room or in his warehouse midst boxes and barrels, or at his beautiful home, surrounded by his interesting family, he is impressed with this plain practical business man, who friends in Harrison County may be called Legion.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 546, 547
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BROWN - J. D. BROWN, present Postmaster at Missouri Valley, was born in Uxbridge, Worcester County, Mass., October 14, 1842. He is a son of Pemberton and Paulina (WHITMORE) BROWN. The father was a blacksmith by trade, and also conducted a hotel; he was quite a prominent State militia man in Massachusetts, was Captain of the Uxbridge Grenadier for some years. There were four children by his first marriage and the same number by his second marriage, our subject being the third child of the last marriage. Henry H., a Unitarian minister, is in Salem, Oregon, and Pemberton W., is purchasing agent for the D. S. S. & A. Railroad Co., and located at Marquette, Mich., the other being deceased. The father died March 30, 1870, and is buried at Uxbridge, Mass., but died at new Boston, Conn. His wife, the other mother of our subject, died at Missouri Valley, Iowa, February 24, 1874, her remains being taken to Uxbridge, Mass., and laid away to rest by the side of her husband.

Our subject's early education was received in Massachusetts, but later in Connecticut. He learned the machinist's trade at Holyoke, Mass., and followed this until the war broke out. August 8, 1862, he enlisted in Company D, Eighteenth Connecticut Infantry, and was on detached duty, guarding railroads, etc., until the summer of 1863, when his regiment joined the army in the Shenandoah Valley, under General MILROY. The battle of Winchester, in the Shenandoah Valley, June 14 and 15, 186, was the first engagement his company was in. He was mustered into service March 15, 1864, as Captain of the Forty-third United States (colored) Regiment, and was with them until October 10, 1865, but disbanded in November of that year. He took part in the battle of the Wilderness, the sieges of Petersburg and Richmond, and was afterwards stationed on the Rio Grande. He was mustered out at Brownsville, Tex. At the siege of Petersburg, when the attempt was made to blow up the Rebel fortifications, July 30, 1864, sixteen men from his company were missing, either taken prisoners or lost their lives, and the Captain received a wound in the breast and foot. After the close of the war he returned to Massachusetts, attended Commercial College, and worked for a time in a straw factory in Malden, Mass., and in June 1867, came West, and was first located at Dakota City, Neb., and in October of that year, came to Missouri Valley, where he entered the employ of the Sioux City and Pacific Railroad Company, and held the following positions: Superintendent's clerk, store keeper, paymaster, freight and ticket agent. In August, 1885, he took charge of the Consolidated freight offices of the Sioux City & Pacific and Chicago & Northwestern railroads, at Missouri Valley, and for three years acted as joint agent for both roads, making twenty-one years of railroad service. At the time of entering the employ of the Sioux City & Pacific Railroad, he was made agent for the sale of town lots and lands belonging to the Blair Town Lot and Land Company, as well as for lands belonging to the Iowa Railroad Land Company; also the Missouri Valley Land Company. Mr. BROWN remained agent for the above companies until March 12, 1889, when the Missouri Valley Real Estate and Improvement Company (of which Mr. BROWN is the Secretary and one of the original organizers) purchased the lots and lands in Missouri Valley and adjacent territory. December 21, 1889, our subject was appointed Postmaster at Missouri Valley, taking possession January 25, 1890, and is the present incumbent. He has held many local offices, including the presidency of Rose Hill Cemetery Association; also, of the School Board, at the time the High School was erected.

He belongs to Missouri Valley Post, (Belden Post No. 59), of the G. A. R., in which he has held several offices, including Commander of Post, and politically, is a stanch supporter of the Republican party, and always has been.

Mr. BROWN was united in marriage September 18, 1869, at Worcester, Mass., to Miss Fannie C. NOYES, whose parents are both deceased. They are from the old Granite State--New Hampshire.

Mr. and Mrs. BROWN are the parents of four children, two of whom died in infancy. Those living are: Leon W., born August 24, 1872, and Adin NOYES, born June 23, 1880.

Both, our subject and his wife, come from good old New England stock, and have been active factors in every community in which they have lived. Mr. BROWN's grandfather, Elihu BROWN, entered the federal army when fifteen years old, and fought during the Revolutionary struggle, while our subject himself took the part of a brave soldier during the late war for the union.

Whether one views Mr. BROWN from a business or social position, or as connected with the enterprise of his community, he is the same prudent, accurate and methodical gentleman.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 543, 544, 545
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STOKER - Orson H. STOKER, a farmer and stockraiser of section 32, Washington Township, came to Harrison County in the spring of 1863. He came in with William SPEARS, from Pottawattamie County, Messrs. STOKER, SPEARS, William A., and A. J. GRAYBILL, had bought three hundred and twenty acres of land in a body in company. Mr. STOKER and Mr. SPEARS came up and broke sixty-five acres of this land in 1864. Mr. STOKER remaining until the autumn of 1865, and then returned to Pottawattamie County, remained until 1868, then came to Washington Township, locating on the farm he now occupies, which comprises three hundred and sixty-two acres, but in all, he is the owner of six hundred and eighty-two acres within Harrison County. His first improvement was the erection of a house 16 feet square which he erected in the autumn of 1867, and in which he lived until 1879, when he built a frame house 16x36 feet, two stories in height, together with an addition 14x21 feet. In 1875 he built a barn 24x30 feet, and in 1883 another 32x34 feet together with machinery sheds. This provided him with sufficient barn room until 1889, when he erected a barn 30x50 feet, with an annex 20x28 feet. He also has a hog house, built in 1887, in which he has an engine and boiler costing $1,000. He is engaged in breeding, making a specialty of Poland-China hogs and Short-horn cattle; and is quite an extensive feeder throughout the year. He generally feeds about fifty head of cattle, and from one to two hundred head of hogs. Of the three hundred sixty-acre home farm two hundred acres are under cultivation, eighteen in timber land and the balance in pasture and meadow. Of the three hundred and twenty acres he owns in Union Township, two hundred and forty are in pasture, and the remainder under the plow.

Our subject was united in marriage, in Pottawattamie County, Iowa, January 8, 1868, to Miss Elizabeth OMEN, the daughter of Perry and Hannah OMEN, who were the parents of two children. Mrs. STOKER was born November 12, 1847, and when a child, removed to Pottawattamie County with her mother, with who she lived until the time she was married. By this marriage ten children have been born: Jessie F., born November 8, 1868; Margaret H., February 8, 1869; Emily C., April 27, 1871; Nettie, May 26, 1874; Kate A., April 12, 1879; Bettie A., December 6, 1881; Mary L., March 15, 1883; Ettie L., November 2, 1885; Floyd H., November 5, 1888; and Julia, August 9, 1890. Margaret H., died March 28, 1875, and Mary L., December 29, 1889.

Our subject was born in Hancock County, Ill., January 25, 1843, and came with his parents to Pottawattamie County, where he remained until 1863. His father was Eller STOKER, and was born in Ohio about 1815, and died in Pottawattamie County, in July, 1855; she was one of the pioneers of that county, coming there as he did, in 1846, when Iowa first became a State. His wife, the mother of our subject, was Margaret (JUDD) STOKER, and was a native of North Carolina, born in June, 1822, and is still residing in Pottawattamie County, Iowa.

When Mr. STOKER came to this county in 1868, there were but four families in his neighborhood, in Washington County. Politically our subject exercises his right of franchise by voting with the Republican party. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, and belongs to Agate Lodge, No. 423, at Neola, Iowa.

Mr. STOKER is in possession of a most excellent stock farm, which is provided with an abundance of good water, numerous barns and outbuildings well arranged for the keeping of lie stock, which he breeds and handles in a general way with much success.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 542, 543
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FOUTS - George B. FOUTS, artistic barber and hair-dresser, of Dunlap, has been a resident of the place since the autumn of 1888. He is a native of Hawkeye, and was born November 1, 1865, in Shelby County, Iowa. He is the son of Noel and Martha (SIMPSON) FOUTS. He was reared to farm life, and educated in the public schools. When about twenty years of age he started for himself and followed farming for three year, after which he engaged in the barber business, which he has since followed. He was united in marriage September 30, 1885, in Shelby County, Iowa to Inez MILLER, who is the daughter of David and Jane (KUYKENDALL) MILLER. Our subject's wife was born in Sarpy County, Neb., July 31, 1865. Mr. and Mrs. FOUTS are the parents of two children--Vernie M. and Fred S. Politically, Mr. FOUTS is a Democrat, but casts his vote for the man he considers best qualified to fill the office. His tonsorial parlors are fitted up in the best possible style, and he keeps none but the best of assistants around him.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 542
Family Researcher: NA
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HOLMAN - William G. HOLMAN, a farmer located on section 8, of Allen Township, came to Harrison County in the spring of 1871, and located in Washington Township, near Persia. He rented land one year, then went to Nebraska and worked on the railroad at grading for one year, after which he went to Shelby County, Iowa, and worked partly by the month and also leased land there. After three years he moved to Pottawattamie County, where he bought a farm and remained three years, at the end of which time he engaged in the ditching business in Mills County. After one season he went to work on the Rock Island Railroad near Carson, but after two months he went to Nebraska and remained a short time, he returned to Carroll, Iowa, where he worked for the railroad again and followed railroading for three years at Des Moines and other points. He returned to Harrison County in 1882. He went to buying stock at Persia, for Mr. COLLINS, and the following spring rented land near Persia, for three years, then leased land of the Milwaukee Town Site Company, at Yorkshire, and remained in that vicinity about two years. We next find him on FRANKLIN's farm where he remained two years, leased land of another party for one year and then bought the place he now occupies, which consists of one hundred and sixty acres of partly improved land, to which he has added many substantial improvements.

He was born July 17, 1839, in Missouri. He is the son of Joseph and Mary HOLMAN. The father was a native of Kentucky and the mother of Maryland. They reared a family of fourteen children--William Granville, Martha J., Rebecca, (deceased), George M., (deceased), Amelia, (deceased), Amanda, Sarah, James C., John W., Henrietta, (deceased), Charles M., (deceased), McKendry J., (deceased), Mary E., (deceased), Emma, (deceased).

Our subject was united in marriage, September 24, 1869, to Almedia GRAYBILL, the daughter of David and Mahala GRAYBILL, natives of North Carolina and Ohio, respectively. The children of her father's family--Almedia, Meredith, Mary Ann, (deceased), William D., (deceased), David M., Amanda, (deceased). The three children who still survive live in Harrison County.

Our subject and his wife are the parents of eight children, born and named as follows: Alvin E. and Granville E., (twins) July 17, 1870; George E., January 13, 1872; Howard, February 28, 1873; Lorena, May 25, 1874; Mary, October 15, 1877; Amanda, December 17, 1878; and Bertha, May 6, 1879.

Our subject is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and in his political choice he votes with the Democratic party.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 540, 541
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SMITH - James M. SMITH, an early settler, now residing in St. John's Township, has been associated with the interests of Harrison County since 1855. He first located on section 27. He took a swamp land claim of one hundred and sixty acres, together with eighty-seven acres of timber, in Pottawattamie County. He built a log cabin in 1856, and broke ten acres that season. As the years have gone by, he has added to his land, until he now owns five hundred and thirty acres, all enclosed and either under the plow or in pasture land. In the winter of 1855 and 1856, he lived on the farm now owned by Addison MCINTOSH, the family suffering much from the extreme cold weather. When he came to the county, his family consisted of his wife and one child.

Mr. SMITH is a native of Tennessee, born November 11, 1827. He traces his ancestry back to James SMITH, of Irish descent, who married Mary SHANNON, a native of Tennessee, by whom eight children were born: Andrew, (deceased; William, who emigrated to Georgia; James, (deceased); Charles, living in Tennessee; Reube, (deceased); Rebecca, Mrs. TARPIN, living in Tennessee; Mary Ann, Mrs. BRYANT, living in Tennessee, and Charity, living in Tennessee.

Andrew SMITH, the father of our subject, lived in Tennessee; was a farmer by occupation, and married Miss Lucinda WALKER, daughter of James and Sarah (WHITE) WALKER, who were from South Carolina. Andrew SMITH died January 17, 1882. In 1850, our subject removed from Tennessee, to Putnam County, Ind., where he worked on a farm, at $10 per month. He afterwards bought a piece of land there, which he cultivated for four years, and in the autumn of 1855, came to Harrison County, Iowa. He drove a team through, making the trip in twenty-one days, arriving in September, thirty-six years ago. He was the third family to move out on the Bottoms.

Our subject was united in marriage in Putnam County, In., June 8, 1851, to Miss Sarah HATCHER, the daughter of James and Rebecca (FRAZIER) HATCHER, natives of Tennessee. Her father's ancestors were John and Sarah (MYERS) HATCHER, and on the mother's side her grandfather and grandmother were John and Eva (SHADDOCK) FRAZIER. Her mother came from Ireland. She ran away from home, and had to work out in order to obtain money to pay her passage to America.

Nine children have been born to our subject and his wife, six of who still survive: John Robert, died in infancy in 1850; Samuel H., born October 31, 1852, now living in St. John's township; Mary, Mrs. COFFMAN, October 25, 1856, now a resident of St. John's township; William, April 21, 1859; Robert, February 6, 1861; Joseph, May 29, 1863, at home; Rebecca Clementine, August 8, 1865, died February 21, 1889; Alexander, January 17, 1868; Luvicia J., October 2, 1874.

In 1868, our subject moved to his present residence, on section 33, his home farm containing eighty acres. Politically, Mr. SMITH affiliates with the Democratic party. Mrs. SMITH is a member of the Baptist church.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 539. 540
Family Researcher: NA
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