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FARQUHAR - David FARQUHAR, a farmer residing on section 13, of Cincinnati Township, came to Harrison County in February, 1876, and worked as a farm hand for Mr. COULTHARD for five years. In the spring of 1881, having saved his earnings, he bought a farm of sixty acres on section 1, Cincinnati Township, removed to the same and remained there until the spring of 1884, when he sold out and rented a farm in Cincinnati Township, and in 1887 removed on the farm he now occupies, which he rented until the spring of 1890, then he is partnership with a brother-in-law, Robert RICHARDSON, bought a half interest in the place, which contains five hundred acres, George RICHARDSON owning a one-half interest. Just one half of this land is under cultivation, and all well stocked.

Our subject was born in Middlesex County, Canada, April 9, 1856, and is a son of John and Mary A. (FARRIS) FARQUHAR, both of whom were born in Scotland, and came to Canada when quite small. Our subject remained at home with his parents until the spring of 1876, when he came to this county. He was married in Harrison County, December 22, 1880, to Miss Nettie RICHARDSON, the daughter of George and Ann (COULTHARD) RICHARDSON.

Our subject and his wife are the parents of four children: Laura M., born June 18, 1881; George L., September 21, 1883; Mary A., February 10, 1885; baby boy, March 28, 1888, died in infancy. Laura M., died April 28, 1884, and George L., May 7, 1884.

Nettie (RICHARDSON) FARQUHAR, was born in Harrison County, Iowa, November 1, 1861, and remained at home with her parents until married. Both our subject and his wife received their education at the common schools.

Politically, Mr. FARQUHA is a Republican. Of his father and mother is may be said that they are still living in Canada, and are the parents of six sons and seven daughters, our subject being the sixth child.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp.772-773
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RITCHISON - Abraham RITCHISON, who resides on section 13, of Clay Township, came to Harrison county in the autumn of 1855, and rented land two years in Clay Township, and then entered the land he now occupies. He secured eighty acres of prairie on section 13, and eighty of timber land on section 26. He first built a slab shanty, 12x14 feet, in which he lived two years and then built a log house 18x24 feet, which served as a residence until 1873, when he built his present frame house, the main part of which is 18x36 feet, with an ell eighteen feet square. His present farm consists of two hundred and ninety acres, on hundred and sixty of which are in Taylor Township, and the remainder in Clay. Upon coming to the country, our subject drove an ox-team from Indiana to Council Bluffs, arriving in October 1855, when there were but a few houses at the Bluffs, these being of logs. At first he saw very hard times, and was compelled to live on corn bread, but fortunately venison was very plentiful. His wife would make pumpkin pies, and in the absence of flour used corn meal, which "filled the inner man," and was perhaps more healthful than much of the modern-day superfine flour. We will now ask the reader to go with us to Hardy County, Va., for it was there that our subject was born, February 24, 1823, and when ten years of age his father moved to Ohio, remained ten years and moved to Indiana; in 1855 came to this county.

Our subject was married in Indiana, March 13, 1850, to Sarah GILMOE, by whom ten children have been born--- James, and John, deceased; Fernando, George, Jane; Walter and Abraham, deceased; Rebecca and Anna, (twins), (deceased); and Arthur.

Sarah (GILMORE) RITCHISON, was a native of Ohio, and died July 31, 1878, and March 13, 1879, our subject was united to Miss Amelia LAWSON, the daughter of Alexander and Jane (BARR) LAWSON. Our subject and his present wife have two children, May and Harriett. Mrs. RITCHISON is a member of the Woman's Relief Corps, at Modale. She is an old school teacher, having taught forty terms of school.

Politically, Mr. RITCHISON believes in the general principles of the Republican party, and has held numerous local offices, including Township Trustee, and is at present one of the Road Commissioners.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp.776-777
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CASE - Alexander B. CASE, of Cass Township, came to Harrison County in may, 1865, in company with his parents, and assisted them on the farm until he was of age. He then worked for his father two years, receiving a team, harness and wagon for the same. After this he rented land for two years, when he bought his present place, which had twenty-six acres of breaking, and a small house upon it, to which he has made several additions. He paid $10 per acre for the land, and was obliged to go in debt for a portion of it.

Our subject's father, Nelson CASE, was born in Delaware County, Ohio, in 1818, and remained there until eighteen years of age, and then came to Knox County, Ill., where he followed farming, boating and general employment. In the fall of 1847 he started for Iowa, and settled in Warren County, but after eighteen months removed to Lucas County, being the first settler in Otter Creek Township in that county. He remained there until the spring of 1865, and then moved to Harrison County. He had a family of six children, of whom our subject was the fourth. The children were as follows: John W., Isaac M., born March 4, 1851, Phoebe C., November 25, 1852; Alexander B., February 26, 1854; Thomas L., June 17, 1856; Albert M., October 20, 1858.

Our subject was married May 23, 1874, to Susan CHAPPELL, daughter of Thomas and Mary E. CHAPPELL, who was born in Utah. Her mother went with her first husband from Arkansas to Utah, and he started for California and was not heard of after the Mountain Meadow Massacre, at which place it is supposed he was slaughtered. After this occurred his wife married Mr. CHAPPELL and lived in Utah for ten years, but then drifted back to Iowa.

Mr. and Mrs. CASE are the parents of six children�Thomas N, born December 2, 1877; Effie E., August 30, 1878; Ethel E., April 7, 1880; James L., May 28, 1883; Charles A., December 28, 1885, and Herbert A., October 29, 1887.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp.778
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ELLIOTT - William ELLIOTT, has been a resident of Harrison County since 1871, and is now a farmer located on section 24, Lincoln Township. He was born in Ireland in April, 1845 and remained in that country until he was about twenty years of age. His parents were James and Mary ELLIOTT, who were natives of the Emerald Isle. They were the parents of seven children, our subject being the sixth child. They were as follows, Elizabeth, John, Matilda, Sarah, James, William and Ann. Of the five living three are in America. When twenty years of age our subject sailed for the New World and landed in Quebec, Canada, where he lived three years and then went to Omaha, Neb., where he remained one year and then went back to Canada, remained one winter and then came to Dunlap, Iowa, bringing $300 with him.

Our subject was united in marriage with Mary L. BROWN in August, 1877. She was the daughter of Guernsey and Mary L. BROWN, natives of New York, who were the parents of four children�Fannie, Lillie, Barnard and Mary L., who was the wife of our subject and died in 1887. In the autumn of 1888 he married Livonia WILLIAMS, daughter of Ebenezer and Maryetta WILLIAMS, who had four children---Maryetta, Electa, Martha, and Livonia. The parents were natives of Massachusetts and Vermont and are both deceased.

By his first marriage Mr. ELLIOTT had three children: William A., born July 27, 1877; Adeline A., November 28, 1879; Hersilia M., October 9, 1880.

Our subject makes no religious profession but his wife belongs to the Desciples Church.

Upon coming to Harrison County our subject went to work for Thomas McDONALD, and after leaving him went to Council Bluffs, near which place he worked on a farm for ten months then came back to Harrison and Crawford Counties and worked at chopping, farming and cattle herding for five years, at the end of which time he purchased sixty acres of land on section 19, of Union Township where he built a house. He paid $8 per acre for some of his farm and $10 for the balance, and added to his land from time to time until he had two hundred and two acres. He lived there for two years then sold his farm and bought where he now lives. His present farm, consisting of one hundred and fifty-five acres, was mostly wild land which he improved, building the house, sheds and outbuildings, and has lived on this place ever since with the exception of one year spent in Ohio.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp.771
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HAUSE - James HAUSE, (deceased), was born near Deerfield, N. Y., February 6, 1804, and remained in that locality until he grew to manhood, and then removed to Middlesex County, Canada, where he remained until 1855, and then sold his farm and came to Harrison County. He came as far as Iowa City, which was the end of the railroad at that time, and there bought a team and came overland the remainder of the way. He entered a quarter-section of land, as did also each one of his sons-�Allen and William. The father's land was on section 11, of Cincinnati Township There were but few settlers in the Missouri Bottoms at that time. Mr. HAUSE built a log house and commenced to improve his land and remained there until 1885, when he sold and went to Wayne County, Neb., and spent the remainder of his days with his son William; he died in May, 1887, and was buried at the old St. John's Cemetery. His wife, Jenet (EDDIE) HAUSE, was born in Scotland about 1811, and when a young girl accompanied her parents to New York, where she was married. She died in Harrison County, in August 1882. Both she and her husband were members of the Presbyterian Church, and their remains lie side by side in St. John's Cemetery. They were parents of nine children: William, Allen, Hugh, Eliza, Jane, Alexander, Robert, Charles and Jenette.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp.775
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HAUSE - Charles HAUSE, a farmer, living on section 2, of Cincinnati Township, was born in Canada, January 17, 1848, and when eight years of age and in the spring of 1856, accompanied his parent to Harrison County, and there settled on section 11, of Cincinnati Township, his father being one of the first to effect a settlement in the township. He entered quite a large tract of land. Our subject remained at home until the autumn of 1870, when he moved to the farm on which he now lives, having purchased it some time before and made improvements upon it. He built a small frame house, 16x20 feet, to which he has made additions. He first bought one hundred and twenty acres of land, but as he has been prospered, bought more until he now owns five hundred and eighty-two acres. In 1876, he erected a good barn, and generally keeps his farm well supplied with live stock, averaging about one hundred head of cattle.

Our subject was married in Harrison County, Iowa, February 20, 1869, to Miss Susan EDDIE, and they are the parents of eight children: John, William, baby boy, deceased, Albert, Minnie, Frank, Lillie and Ida.

Susan(EDDIE) HAUSE, daughter of John and Jane (SEATON) EDDIE, was born in Canada, July 20, 1850, and when quite a small child her parents move to Minnesota, remained several years and then came to Harrison County, where she remained with them until the date of her marriage. Both of her parents died in this county.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp.778-779
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RICE - John H. RICE, M. D. may well be counted among the pioneers of Harrison County, as he has lived at Magnolia since 1854. He being a representative man, both in his profession as well as in his community, the history of his county will not be complete without a personal notice concerning him. The Doctor is a native of the Green Mountain State; was born in Enosburg, Vt., February 28, 1827, and remained on his father's farm until he was nineteen years of age and then taught school four years, after which he commenced the study of medicine under Dr. EATON, in the town of Enosburg, with whom he remained three years, excepting two courses of lectures at Castleton Medical College of Vermont, graduating from that College in 1852. In 1853 he came to Wapello County, Iowa, where he practiced his chosen profession one year and then came to Harrison County, where he resumed the practice of medicine, remaining at Magnolia until the spring of 1870, when he moved to his farm on section 10, of Magnolia Township, the same consisting of a quarter section of wild land, which he had purchased two years previous. To this farm he has added until he now has two hundred and eighty acres all well improved. In Jackson Township he owns four hundred and forty acres which is used as a pasture.

He was the first regular practicing physician in Harrison County, and thousands upon thousands of sick beds has he visited in the last third of a century, during which time Harrison County has undergone great changes.

Miss Harriet N. TAYLOR, of Lee County, Iowa, became his wife May 9, 1855. By this union eight sons and daughters were born---Homer E., Myra G., Ada, Newton J., Waldo G., William, Mattie E. and Stella. Of these Ada, William, Mattie, and Stella are deceased.

Harriet N. (TAYLOR) RICE, wife of our subject was born in Enosburg, Vt., May 25, 1833. Her parents both died before she was ten years of age; after which she went to live with her uncle, Reuben TAYLOR, at New Ipswich, N. H., and remained there until about eighteen years of age, when she came to Lee County, Iowa, where her brother was living. She attended school at Denmark Academy, of that county, for one year, and then taught school at Denmark and other places until about the time she was married.

Waldo G. RICE, son of our subject, was born at Magnolia, Harrison County, Iowa, February 25, 1862, and has remained with his parents thus far in life. He attended Tabor College three years, commencing in September, 1879, attended on year and was out until the fall of 1882, and then went back and spent two years more, after which he went to Knox College Galesburg, Ill., where he graduated in the spring of 1885. He was married at Tabor, Iowa, April 3, 1890, to Miss Cora E. GASTON, and they are the parents of one child ---Marie H., born January 22, 1891.

Cora E. (GASTON) RICE was born at Tabor, Iowa, august 27, 1864, and remained with her parents until the date of her marriage. She graduated from Tabor College in 1886.

Dr. RICE and wife, also Waldo, their son, and wife are members of the Congregational Church.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp.781-782
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SEHLKE - -Henry SEHLKE, The subject of this notice came to Harrison County in the autumn of 1875, and is now a resident farmer of section 17, Magnolia Township, having lived there ever since he came to the county. Two years prior to that he purchased eighty acres of partly improved land. Upon this there was a frame house 16x22 feet, the same being boarded up and down. In this he lived until 1884, when he built a frame house 16x26 feet, with an addition 14x24 feet, which was completed in 1884, as was his barn, which is 28x32 feet. He has added to his original tract of land until he now has three hundred and sixty acres. He usually keeps about sixty head of cattle and an accompanying number of hogs. His whole premises show evidence of thrift and industry.

Our subject was born in Mecklenburg, Strelitz, Germany, February 16, 1843, and at the age of fourteen left his father's home and worked out for $16 per year for the first year and $20 the next year. In the fall of 1859 he sailed for America. He was seven weeks on the ocean and came direct to Cleveland, Ohio, where he worked by the month until September, 1861, and then enlisted in Company H, Thirty-seventh Ohio Infantry. He was sent to West Virginia, and was with Grant and Sherman, marching with the latter on his famous "march to the sea;" was at the siege of Vicksburg, and assisted in driving Johnston out of Jackson, Miss., then went to Chattanooga, Tenn., and was engaged in numerous hard-fought battles. He was discharged at Cleveland, Ohio, August, 1865, having served his adopted country four years, lacking one month. After his return from the war he worked by the day at the manufacture of kerosene oil, following this until the autumn of 1875, and then came to Harrison County, Iowa.

Miss Mary (MICHAEL) SEHLKE was born in Germany, April 7, 1849, and came to Cleveland, Ohio, with her mother, brother and sister when fifteen years of age and worked out until the date of her marriage, her father having died in Germany. Her father, Frederich MICHAEL, was born in Mecklenburg, Strelitz, and died there in 1863. Her mother, Dorathea, (GIESE) MICHAEL, was born at the same place as her husband, and died in Harrison County, Iowa, in 1887. They bore nine children, of whom she is the eighth child.

His father, Christian SEHLKE, was born in Mecklenburg, Strelitz, Germany, March 5, 1813, came to America in 1866 and settled at Cleveland, Ohio, where he died. Mary (BELLIENG) SEHLKE, the mother, was born in Mecklenburg, Germany, in 1815, and died in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1888. They were members of the German Lutheran Church, as are also our subject and his wife.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp.775-776
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