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SEDDON - Joseph SEDDON (Portrait), one of the enterprising citizens of Persia, Harrison County, Iowa, was born in Lancashire, England, December 28, 1847, and in February of the following year with the view of bettering their condition, his parents emigrated to America, stopping at different places, finally came to Council Bluffs, Iowa, in 1850, where the father pre-empted a piece of land, a few miles north of the present city, where they remained until 1856 and then moved to Florence, Neb., the father having died in this State. In the spring of 1858 they removed to Platte County, Neb., remaining there until the spring of 1863, when they moved back to Florence, remained one year, and then came to Shelby County Iowa, settling on section 31, township 79, range 40. Here our subject remained with his mother and step-father until the fall of 1867, then removed to his own place and remained until the fall of 1870, when he bought a farm on section 4, of Washington Township, the farm consisting of a quarter section of wild land which he improved and lived upon until the spring of 1884, having made his arrangements the fall before, entering into partnership with W. J. BROWNRIGG in the drug business. They purchased a building which had been used for that purpose before. Our subject remained in this business eighteen months, when he engaged in the general mercantile business, and in the store now occupied by Mr. BULLARD, remaining in that building until the spring of 1890, then bought Mr. BURTON out on the northeast corner of Main street, where he still trades.

Our subject was married November 17, 1867, to Miss Nancy M. POE, who is the mother of eight children---one who died in infancy, John Z., Alice E., Asath, William H., Nancy M., Joseph A., and Oliver. John, Alice, Asath, and Oliver are deceased. The mother, Nancy M. (POE) SEDDON, was born in Randolph County, N. C., December 9, 1846, and about 1861 her parents came to Hamilton, Ind., where they remained until 1866 and then came to Harrison County, Iowa, locating on a farm in Douglas Township, where she remained until the date of her marriage.

John SEDDON, the father of our subject, was born in Little Boleton, England, and died in Pottawattamie County, Iowa, in September, 1850. His wife, the mother of our subject, married for her second husband, Henry HALLIDAY, of Cass Township.

Politically our subject is identified with the Republican party, and both he and his estimable wife are members of the Latter Day Saints Church, he joining that society December 5, 1869, and his wife September 15, 1878. He is the present pastor of the Persia branch of this church.

This is another instance wherein one coming from a foreign shore and identifying himself with the spirit of our institutions, has made for himself all that this world affords--- a good home.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp.757-758
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IVENS - Robert IVENS, while not among the earliest pioneers, has been a resident of this county long enough to have become closely identified with her every interest. He is a resident of section 14, Cass Township, and came to the County May 24, 1872, and commenced farming with his father, continuing at home, working at farm labor and building, until he had reached his majority, at which time, or soon after, he bought forty acres comprising a part of his present farm. The same was wild land and was not so easily tilled as the mellow soil of his present place.

At the same time he was improving his own land by breaking and building a house 14x22 feet, he was also tilling his father's farm. He now owns one hundred and sixty acres, which, to the passerby, give unmistakable evidences of the fact that he is a man given to thoroughness and order. To his original farm house, has been added a portion 12x14 feet. Good outbuildings, stockyards, fences, trees and shrubbery, together with a fine windmill, constitute the chief attractions of the place.

Concerning the birth-place and parentage of our subject, it should be stated that he was born in the town of London, West Canada, and hence at one time was under the Dominion of, and subject to, the rule of Queen Victoria. The date of his birth was June 10, 1856. He was the twelfth child of a family of fourteen children, eight of whom grew to manhood and womanhood. The following are the names of the living given in their order---Edmond M., Mitilda, Louise, Thomas P., Catherine E., Alice G., Robert and Fannie.

The father was a na�ve of England, as was the mother, and they came to America about the year 1855, and settled in Howard County, Iowa, after having resided for a number of years in Canada.

Our subject was married January 1, 1878, to Annie B. BARNES, of Cass Township, a native of Illinois, but who was reared and educated principally in Harrison County, being only nine years of age when her parents removed West. She taught six terms of school prior to her marriage, and twenty-nine terms since that event, the majority of which have been in Harrison County.

Her father was Nathan D. BARNES, who came to Harrison County in the year 1866. He was born in Luzerne County, Pa., June 20, 1828.

Our subject and his wife are the parents of three children: Oscar C., born November 26, 1882; Libbie and Edmund M., (twins), February 12. 1889.

He started in life unaided by others and without money, having run in debt for his first forty acres of land, for which he paid $8 per acre, the remainder of his land costing $10 per acre. But it is gratifying to know that every acre of this land is now worth $25, and that he is in possession of one of the many beautiful and valuable pieces of farm property for which Harrison County is not

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 754-757
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HAWK - James R. HAWK, a farmer residing on section 7, of Lincoln Township, came to Harrison County in the spring of 1882, and bought eighty acres of land near Dunlap, upon which he lived one year, sold the same and purchased one hundred and seventy acres in Lincoln Township, which he now lives upon. This land cost him $14.50 per acre, and had some improvements made upon it. Mr. HAWK set out an orchard of on hundred apple trees, besides cherry and plums, also a three-acre grove of maples. He has since added to his farm until it now contains two hundred and sixty acres, one hundred and eighty of which are now under the plow.

He was originally a Buckeye, having been born in Jackson County, Ohio, in December, 1852. His parents were Jacob and Susan (LAYTON) HAWK, natives of the Keystone State, and by whom eight children were born, our subject being the fourth. The family were as follows: Aaron and Rebecca E., deceased; Samantha J.; James and John, twins; John is deceased; George W., Jacob N. and Mary S.

Our subject lived with his parents in Ohio, until twenty-two years of age, and then went to Sangamon County, Ill., where he worked on a farm for two years, and then moved to Vermillion County, of the same state, where he bought eighty acres of land, remained two years, then sold out and came to Harrison County, Iowa.

He was united in marriage to Eunice E. BENTON, February 17, 1878. She was the daughter of Orin and Mary A. BENTON, natives of Ohio and Illinois respectively. They had two children, our subject's wife being the youngest.

Mr. and Mrs. HAWK are the parents of three children: Clara R., born December 1, 1880; Mary E., November 10, 1882, and Lester R., April 10, 1890

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp.752-753
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BOLCH - John BOLCH, who came to Harrison County in the spring of 1870, is now a prosperous farmer on section 16, Lincoln Township. Like so many others who came to this part of the State, our subject commenced working on a farm by the month, and continued so to labor for three years, at the end of which time he rented land in Allen Township, where he subsequently bought one hundred and sixty acres, in company with his brother. He lived on this farm eight years, and then bought the place he now occupies, consisting of two hundred acres, for which he paid $20 per acre, the same being partially improved. He added improvements from time to time, including a granary, windmill, and other conveniences for stock purposes, and also set out a fine orchard. As the years have rolled by this man of energy has accumulated and added to his original farm, until he now has four hundred and forty acres, enclosed by a good fence, with three hundred and twenty acres under the plow.

Of his more personal and domestic life it may be said that Mr. BOLCH was born in Washington County, Ohio, March 24, 1849. He is a son of John and Elizabeth (KUHN) BOLCH, who had seven children: John, Peter, Mary, Frank, Joseph, Adam, deceased; and Elizabeth. Mrs. BOLCH'S parents were natives of Prussia.

Our subject lived in the Buckeye State until twenty years of age, receiving a common-school education, and being brought up on the farm amid the scenes of rural life. Just as he was entering manhood, he went to Missouri, where he worked on a farm for one year and then came to Harrison County. He was united in marriage in the spring of 1882, to Bertha M. HOLBEN, the daughter of James and Dortha HOLBEN, natives of England and Canada, respectively. Mr. and Mrs. BOLCH are the parents of three children: John, deceased, born November 21, 1885; Eva, April 29, 1886; and John Jr., November 20, 1888.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp.752
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MATHER - James H. MATHER, who has been identified with the history of Harrison County since December, 1881, settled on his present place on section 34, of Cass Township, where he owns one hundred and sixty acres of land, which he purchased a year previous to moving here. It was wild land, but now has been subdued, and one hundred and forty acres of the tract are now under a high state of cultivation, while the remainder provides its owner with a valuable pasture and meadow.

M Mr. MATHER was born January 5, 1858, at Salt Lake City, Utah, and is the son of James and Margaret (HOLT) MATHER, who now live in Redlands, San Bernardino County, Cal. The father was born in Scotland, August 29, 1826, and came to America about 1853, and immediately went to Utah, where he was married. He reared a family of six children, of wham our subject is the oldest. His mother was of the number, with her parents, who made the trip across the plains, with the hand-cart caravan of the Mormons who went to Salt Lake and endured the hardships co-incident with that journey and wearisome march, the equal of which has never before been recorded in history. The father of our subject went across with an ox-team train, in 1853, made up by another company of Mormons.

Our subject attended school at Galesburg, Ill., where he received a good business education, leaving school at the age of fourteen years. His parents left Salt Lake, Utah, in 1863 and moved to California from Illinois in 1891.

When eighteen years of age James H. came to Shelby County, Iowa, on account of his health, and to see relatives living there, and with whom he made his home until he was married, December 8, 1881, to Elizabeth A. HALLIDAY, who was born in Nebraska, and the daughter of Henry and Alice (GARRETT) HALLIDAY; she was the oldest of a family of five children by her father's second wife.

When our subject came to Shelby County, he taught school for four years, two terms of which were in Harrison County, before he was married, and in this way he laid the foundation for his present comfortable home, which presents an appearance of systematic order. The place contains a fine orchard of one hundred bearing trees, while cattle, swine and horses constitute the chief elements of this man's farm. When our subject seemed prospering, and all bid fair for many years of home happiness, the angel of death stole down and called his beloved companion from the home circle---she died May 3, 1891.

Politically Mr. MATHER votes with the Republican party and has served his township as Justice of the Peace, Trustee and Township Clerk and in 1890 was Republican nominee for Clerk of Court for Harrison County, being defeated by W. T. HOWARD.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp.751-752
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PRITCHARD - Joseph A. PRITCHARD, an extensive farmer of Cass Township, living on section 36, one half mile west of the Shelby County line, came to Harrison County in the spring of 1877, in company with his brother. They rented a house in Dunlap, and spent the first part of the season in looking up a location. They went into Nebraska but found nothing to compare with the land found here. Consequently our subject purchased two hundred and forty acres of wild land, constituting his present farm. Not having any means, he purchased this land on time, agreeing to improve the same, which he did by breaking sixty acres and building a one story and a half house, 18x2 feet. The following spring he went to the place and commenced to keep house for himself and a hired man, each having a team. The first crop was divided between oats and wheat, and eighty acres more were broken, and a two barbed wire fence was strung around the farm. The territory in which he bought being purely a prairie country, our subject very wisely planted out an artificial grove and a small orchard the first year he owned the place. To the passer-by there are unmistakable evidences of thrift and prosperity about this well improved farm home.

Our subject was born in Canada, February 16, 1847, and is a son of Joseph and Rosannah (CAMPBELL) PRITCHARD. The father was born in Ireland and the mother in Canada, and they reared a family of nine children our subject being the fifth. The following are their names: Jane, deceased; Thomas, Judith, James, Joseph A., Sara M., John H., Samuel J., and William C.

When twelve years of age, our subject removed with his parents to Clinton County, Iowa, where he bought a farm in the spring of 1861. Our subject remained at home until twenty years of age, and for his faithfulness his father gave him a horse, team and $1000 worth of land consisting of forty acres, with an encumbrance of $500 upon it. He also bought forty acres adjoining and farmed until 1871, keeping bachelor's hall. But becoming weary of the routine of single blessedness, he consequently took for a life companion Harriet B. MULLER, the daughter William and Charlotte MULLER, the father being a native of Denmark, and the mother of England. The event of this marriage occurred in November 1866, at the little town of Camanche, Clinton County, Iowa. With no foolish bridal tour, this worthy couple at once commenced housekeeping, Mr. PRITCHARD having made everything in readiness in the way of furnishing his house before his marriage. Three years passed by, when suddenly our subject's domestic relations were shrouded in the pall of darkness by the death of his wife.

In the gloom of his affliction, our subject finally traded for a farm in Tama County, and took a trip to Oregon, going by the way of San Francisco; He stopped at Salem about ten months and from there went to Wall-Wall Valley, Wash. Where he engaged to drive cattle back to Laramie City, Wyo., during which trip, that lasted seven months, he never ate a meal of victuals or slept in a house. He arrived at Laramie City early in October, 1876, and from there returned to Clinton County, Iowa, where he remained until the following spring, and then came to this county.

Mr. PRITCHARD was again married at Logan, March 15, 1878, to Esther E. LAWTON, the daughter of Casper and Emily L. LAWTON, who was the third child of a family of seven children, named as follows: Julia, Charley, Esther, Harriet, Marteena, Myrtie, and Albert G.

Politically, Mr. PRITCHARD is a supporter of the Republican party, and, in religious matters is a Methodist.

Our subject's father is now a resident of Ida Grove, Ida County, Iowa, and celebrated his golden wedding February 11, 1891, and walks erect without the use of a cane.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp.750-751
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BERKLEY - Thomas J. BERKLEY, who is now living at Woodbine, has for years been an active business man of Harrison County, and his two sons are thus engaged at this time. Mr. BERKLEY was born in Frederick County, Va., June 10, 1826. He is the son of Samuel and Tacy (FURR) BERKLEY, natives of Kentucky and Virginia, respectively, and of English origin. The first fifteen or sixteen years of our subject's life was spent in Virginia, when the father moved to Beverly, Ohio, and there purchased a mill and a farm. He was one of the leading millers of Muskingum Valley. After the death of his parents our subject, Thomas BERKLEY, while yet a young man learned the milling business, which he followed most of the time since, with the exception of two years he was in trade at Lowell, Ohio, and about one year in Magnolia, Iowa. He rebuilt a saw and grist mill at Maxburg, Ohio, and in 1870, they moved to Virginia lived four years and then emigrated to Iowa, in 1875, and located at Magnolia. After one year's residence there he erected a flouring-mill in company with his brother, S. L. BERKLEY, which they subsequently removed to Missouri Valley. The same was destroyed by fire in October, 1879, and rebuilt and operated until July, 1882, when our subject removed to Woodbine and is still engaged at his trade.

He was married December 26, 1851, to Nancy DELONG, daughter of Isaac and Nancy (LANCASTER) DELONG, who were natives of France and Pennsylvania, respectively, both of whom are deceased and buried in the Maxburg Cemetery. The father was an extensive tanner. Mrs. BERKLEY was born in Maxburg, Ohio, May 29, 1832, where she was reared and educated, as well as married, the ceremony being performed in the same house in which she was born.

Mr. and Mrs. BERKLEY were the parents of ten children--Isaac N., born September 5, 1853; Charles L., born March 22, 1855, died December 22, 1877; Tracy V., born January 7, 1857, wife of F. M. MILES, who is general foreman of the machine shops at Missouri Valley; Mary Ella, born September 29, 1858, the wife of C. L. ROBERTS, a jeweler of Tacoma, Wash.; Martha L., born February 24, 1860, wife of J. M. CHEEVER, a hardware merchant of Sheldon, Iowa; Sallie T., born September 8, 1862, the wife of J. S. COOK, a railroad man, of Tacoma, Wash.; Samuel L., born March 30, 1864, a druggist, of Woodbine, Iowa; Lottie E., born December 29, 1867, the wife of W. F. SHULER, a clerk at Woodbine; Emma M., born August 19, 1869, wife of M. H. PELTON, a carpenter at Woodbine; Grace E., born January 22, 1872, still at home. The children were all born in Ohio except the youngest.

Mr. BERKLEY was an old-line Whig, and when the Republican party was formed, identified himself with that and was a firm believer in its principles. He died December 29, 1891, and was buried at Missouri Valley.

Our subject and his estimable wife were members of the Baptist Church, and had always been active in every good moral and christian work in the various communities in which they lived.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp.689, 690
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BERRY - Thomas N. BERRY, present Recorder of Harrison County, is a native of the Hawkeye State, and was born in Pottawattamie County, February 8, 1855, and came to Harrison County when one year of age. He is the son of Milton and Margaret (DAVIS) BERRY, natives of North Carolina and now residents of Missouri Valley. Our subject is the youngest of eight children in his father's family, seven of whom are living. His early life was spent on a farm, receiving his education in the common schools, and when twenty years of age began teaching; he spent one year in the Western States, and in 1880 engaged in the livery business at Missouri Valley, but after a few months dropped that and took up the grocery business, which he followed six years, and in the spring of 1887, was appointed Deputy County Recorder, under O. L. FRENCH, with whom he remained three and a half years, and at the general election of 1890, was elected to the office of Recorder, by a majority of sixty-six, he being the Republican nominee, and running two hundred and thirty votes ahead of his ticket. He was elected Recorder of the corporation of Logan, 1890, serving one year.

Politically, Mr. BERRY is a stanch supporter of the Republican party. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and belongs to Odd Fellows' Lodge, No. 170, at Missouri Valley.

January 1, 1883, he was united in marriage with Miss Jennie GUMP, the daughter of J. B. and Rachel (ERNEST) GUMP, now living in Calhoun Township, this county. Mr. and Mrs. BERRY are the parents of two sons, now living; George P. born May 2, 1886, and Fred T., November 23, 1887.

In his official duties, Mr. BERRY acquits himself in a very satisfactory manner to the people of Harrison County; he is ever obliging, well posted in that which pertains to his office, and executes a fine set of records, which will be more highly prized as the years shall, one by one, roll away.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp.728
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