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SPOONER - Alphonso SPOONER, a lumberman at Mondamin, came to Harrison County in 1871. He is a native of the State of New York, and is the son of P.C. and Amelia (OGDEN) SPOONER. The father is still living but the mother passed from the scenes of this life April 23, 1890.

Our subject was born in 1843, in Warren County, N.Y. His early life was spent in his native State. He received his education at the village schools, and later on graduated at Eastman;s Business College, at Poughkeepsie, N.Y. He came West in the employ of the Union Pacific railroad company, furnishing timbers for bridges, culverts, etc. He was with the company three years and went West as the road was constructed. In 1873, he established his present business, hardware, lumber and agricultural implements.

Our subject was united in marriage, February, 1870, at Laramie City, to Lizzie HEALEY, the daughter of John and Mary HEALEY. She died in January 1885, leaving the following children: -- Irving, born in 1871; Sumner, in 1875; Grace, in 1877; and Carrie, in 1880. Our subject was again married in March, 1887, to Miss Olive A. BRYANT, of Ohio, the daughter of Hopkins and Mary E. BRYANT.

Mr. and Mrs. SPOONER are members of the Congregational Church. He belongs to the Masonic and Odd Fellows' Lodges, and in politics affiliates with the Republican party.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 398-399.
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ACREA - Thomas J. ACREA, was among the pioneers who found their way to Harrison County, in November 1855, and is now a resident of section 7, of Jefferson Township. He accompanied his father, William M. ACREA, who bought a farm in the spring of 1856 in section 24, Jefferson Township, and died October 17, 1869.

Thomas J. was born in Clay County, Ind., September 22, 1837, his parents moving to Putname County when he was a small child. In 1855 the family might have been seen wending their way, overland by horse-team to the fertile valleys of Harrison County, Iowa. Their outfit consisted of a horse-team, an ox-team and a drove of cattle numbering thirty head, a part of which belonged to S.L. CASE, who came through with them.

Our subject was married to Miss Sarah A. DEAL, in St. John Township, March 9, 1865. Mr. and Mrs. ACREA are the parents of fourteen chldren: James W., born January 1, 1866; John L., September 13, 1867; Eli N., December 25, 1868; Charlie P., June 1, 1870; Hannah J., Mary E., Mark M., Leslie O., Arthur B., Austin J., Coila B., and Minnie B. Two of the above died in infancy. Mrs. ACREA was born in Putnam County, Ind., November 25, 1848, and came to Harrison County three years after her parents came.

Concerning our subject's father, William M. ACREA, it may be stated that he was born in Kentucky, January 19, 1806, and when a small boy, his parents moved to Alabama, remaining there eight years and then moved to Indiana, where they lived until they came to Harrison County, in 1855. His wife, the mother of our subject, whose maiden name was Pherraba WALKER, was born in Clay County, Ind., where she remained until she was married. Mr. and Mrs. William M. ACREA were the parents of six children, Thomas J., being the third child. The mother died in Putnam County, Ind., May, 1845.

The parents of William M. were born in North Carolina, their names being John and Katherine, they were reared and married in North Carolina and emigrated to Kentucky, making the journey on horse-back, carrying their entire possessions with them. The husband died in Indiana, and the wife came to Harrison County, with her son William M., being eighty-five years of age at the time she came. She was not able to ride in a wagon on account of it making her dizzy; but in good old pioneer style, she came on horse-back all the way from Indiana. She died in Harrison County, in February, 1866.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 656-657.
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JACKSON - Benson JACKSON, one of the early pioneers of Dunlap, came to the county in March, 1868. Upon coming to the county, he entered the employ of Story & Smith, hardware merchants, with whom he remained for three years, and in March, 1870, he embarked in business for himself, opening up a hardware and tin-store, and in August, 1873, he formed a partnership with Mitchell & Laub, with whom he was associated for four months, under the firm name of B. Jackson & Co. He then assumed full control, when the firm was consolidated under the name B. Jackson, and in 1879 he sold to D. P. Simmons & Co., and removed to his farm, three miles south of Dunlap, on sections 23 and 24, of Harrison Township, where he spent two years making improvements upon a farm which now contains four hundred and forty acres.

In the autumn of 1881, he returned to Dunlap and in the spring of 1882 he was engaged in the lumber business, in Montana, and that fall sold and formed a partnership with A. I. McMartin, purchasing the lumber business of Olmstead Brothers, at Dunlap, including the grain business. The elevator at that time only contained four bins, and was run by horse power, but has since been rebuilt and remodeled by Mr. JACKSON, until it has a capacity of fifteen thousand bushels. In 1883 he had charge of the business alone, and a year later, disposed of the lumber department, and after two years, repurchased the lumber yard of Pierce & Wells, and again assumed full control. But almost immediately sold the same to A. I. McMartin, after which our subject devoted his entire attention to grain and livestock, together with his farm interests, and at present nearly has control of the grain business at Dunlap. He has handled as high as three hundred car loads of grain in one season.

He has always been one of the active business men of the place, and as a reward now possesses several excellent farms, one located on sections 7 and 8, Harrison Township, of three hundred and twenty acres; a fractional "eighty" on section 6, and eighty acres on section 36, of Willow Township, Monona County; also one hundred and twenty acres in Grove Township, Shelby County; and two hundred and forty-one acres in Crawford County, a part of section 32-3 of Union Township. The last two pieces adjoin on the county line, and this he calls his "Grove Farm." In all, he possesses twelve hundred and seventy acres of land. And the strange part of all this accumulation is found in the fact that when he first struck Harrison County, the total amount of his exchequer was $27.40. He first set foot in Dunlap, at three o'clock in the morning, and commenced work the same day, at carpentering, as his tin-shop was not yet completed. But soon everything was in readiness for his bench work. He started in at $3.00 per day, and from the very outset commenced to accumulate, and has never allowed a good trade to go by, and when he could not get the cash would take such quadrupeds as horses, calves and pigs. He is a close figurer and a shrewd, intelligent, business man as his success will attest.

Our subject is a native of Upper Canada, born in the County of Dundass, January 7, 1846. He was reared in Canada, and his early life passed on a farm. He recieved his education in the public schools, and at the age of sixteen went to learn the tinners' trade, in a large establishment. On account of his education he was soon given the management of affairs, which gave him a good business schooling. In January, 1866, he came to the United States, taking a trip through the Eastern States, and finally landed in Williams County, Ohio, where he remained one winter, previous to his coming to Iowa. He landed April 21, 1867, and spent the summer in Clinton County, and from there to Cedar County, where he remained until the time of his coming to Dunlap.

Politically, our subject is a Republican, but is an avocate of free-trade. He belongs to the Masonic Order, being a member of Hospitable Lodge, No. 244, and Ark Chapter No. 89, and passed all the Chairs of the Blue Lodge, and is Captain of the Host, of the Chapter. He was the First Master Mason made in Dunlap.

Thanksgiving Day has a peculiar significance to our subject, and especially that of 1874, when he was united in marriage to Miss Josephine BRYAN, who was born in Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. JACKSON are the parents of four children -- Lilian, Ray, Thomas J., and Gladys I.

The father of our subject, James JACKSON, was born in Canada June 30, 1813, on the same farm he now occupies. He is the son of James and Peggy (DORAN) JACKSON, natives of the north of Ireland and Holland, who settled near Albany, N.Y. There were three brothers who operated flatboats on the Hudson River, and when the Revolutionary War broke out the grandfather of our subject took sides with the British and moved to Canada, while the other two remained with the Federals, and it is supposed they drifted to Virginia.

The mother of our subject died November, 1890, at the age of seventy-six years. She and her husband were the parents of eight children -- Isaac A., a resident of Dunlap; James H., residing at Shaller, Iowa; Benson, our subject; Permillia E., deceased wife of Robert E. ROSE, of Dunlap; Charles E., of Harrison Township; Lovinia, wife of John A. STORY, residing in Canada; George A. and Edgar W. died in infancy.

In conclusion it only remains to be added that the above sketch, tracing the business ladder of this man's life, impresses the reader with the importance to be attaced to a youth learning a good trade and obtaining a good business education, which were the corner stones of this truly successful man's life.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 533-534.
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KENNEDY - David W KENNEDY, who lives adjoining the town plat of Logan, is a native of Ohio, born in Athens County, April 11, 1838. He is the son of Charles and Elizabeth (MARSHALL) KENNEDY, and came with the family to Crawford County, Iowa, arriving November 15, 1854, locating on a quarter section of land.

Charles Kennedy, father of our subject, was a native of Ireland, born in April 1790, remained in his native land until about 1821 and then emigrated to America, locating in Philadelphia, Pa., where he engaged at making hair trunks, having learned the weaver's trade in Ireland. In 1837, he removed to Athens County, Ohio where he remained until coming to Iowa. He moved to Harrison County in 1868, where both he and his wife spent the remainder of their days, with their children. He was united in marriage in 1829, to Elizabeth, daughter of William and Jennie (ARMSTRONG) MARSHALL, who were natives of Ireland, Elizabeth being the eldest of their seven children. She was born in Fermanagh County, Ireland, February 8, 1795, and came to this country in 1821, her parents locating at Philadelphia. Her father soon returned to Ireland on business, and there died, the mother having died soon after landing in this country.

Charles and Elizabeth (MARSHALL) KENNEDY were the parents of the following children: Sarah Jane, born July 14, 1838; Samuel G., born September 4, 1831, and died October 8, 1859, leaving a wife and two children; Zelotes M., born July 13, 1833, now deceased; Joshua M., born October 30, 1835; David W., our subject, born April 11, 1838; Elizabeth Ann, born April 30, 1840. Charles Kennedy, the father of these children, died in Harrison County, Iowa, February 27, 1873, aged eighty-three years.  The mother died March 19, 1883, aged eighty-three years, and is buried in Whitesboro Cemetery, in Harrison County.

Charles Kennedy's parents were Patrick and Esther (BUTLER) KENNEDY, natives of Ireland.  Patrick, under the leadership of Henry Gratton, took sides with the Patriot's in the Rebellion of 1798, and was not seen or heard of afterwards.

David W., of whom we write this sketch, located on eighty acres of land near the old town site of Whitesboro, in Jefferson Township, March 1, 1878, where he remained and added to his land until September ;8, 1885, and then moved to his present place.  He was united in marriage, January 1, 1868, to Miss Nellie J. Newman, a native of New York State, born August 10, 1841.  She is the daughter of Stephen F. and Lovinia (KLOCK) NEWMAN, also natives of the Empire State.  Our subject's wife came to Illinois in December 1861, and four years later to Crawford County, Iowa, arriving May 2, 1865.  Her father was born in New York, November 1, 1809, and was the son of Nathaniel and Esther (FROST) NEWMAN, and was of English descent.

Our subject and his wife are the parents of the following children: Charles S., born December 23, 1868; George M., born August 9, 1870; Merritt E., born December 15, 1871; David Earl, born May 13, 1874, died September 2, 1874; Lewis M., born February 17, 1876, died January 22, 1882; Minnie L., born November 22, 1878; Mark B., born August 31, 1881; and Nellie May, born February 28, 1886.  Charles S. attended the district school at Whitesboro until sixteen years of age, and then attended the High School at Logan three years, after which he took a course in the Omaha Business College, graduating from the same July 16, 1890, and at present is engaged in studying stenography and typewriting.  George M. is engaged in the windmill and pump business at Logan.

Politically our subject affiliates with the Republican party, while in religious matters he and his wife are members of the Latter Day Saints Church. He belongs to the Masonic fraternity, being a member of Chrysolite Lodge, No 240, A. F. & A. M., at Logan.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 833-834.
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KENNEDY - Joshua M KENNEDY first bought land in Harrison County in the spring of 1868, and he now resides on the south west quarter of section 4, of Jefferson Township. He first located on section 3.  His present farm comprises six hundred and seventy-seven acres, all in Jefferson township. The Boyer River runs diagonally through the part of the tract upon which his house is situated. This farm, like most of the farms in this fertile valley is one of much value.

Mr. Kennedy was born in Philadelphia, Pa., October 31, 1835. His father was Charles Kennedy, a native of Ireland, born in Dublin in 1790, and came to America in 1826, locating in Philadelphia. In 1837, he emigrated to Ohio, and in 1854 to Iowa, locating in Crawford County, twelve miles south of Denison. From there he moved to Harrison County in 1868, where he died February 27, 1876.

Our subject attended school in Ohio, and came West with his parents, from Ohio, being five weeks and two days on the road, arriving in Crawford November 15, 1854. The first land they entered was located in J. M.'s name, but was for his gather, who paid 1.25 per acre. There our subject made his home until 1866, when he located at Dunlap, but had been following the carpenter trade for some eight years at Council Bluffs. In the fall of 1869, he removed to his present farm, building a small frame house, in shich he lived about seven years and then erected his present large, well arranged farm house on section 4. He has since added to this building, until it is the largest within the township.

He was married April 27, 1867, to Lizzie BEACHTEL, a native of Maryland, born July 14, 1845. Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy are the parents of five children: Charles E., now a farmer in Jefferson Township; Florence M., engaged at teaching; Gertrude B., a teacher, both graduates from Woodbine Normal; Frank W., at home; and Wilburt R., at home.

Every intelligent citizen has his political choice, and our subject believes in the principles of the Republican party. In his religious belief, Mr. Kennedy is a Methodist.

His special feature in farming is stock raising, usually keeping one hundred head of cattle and a large number of horses, and of hogs usually one hundred head. His farm is divided into plow and meadow land; two hundred acres of which is seeded in tame, and one hundred and sixty in wild grass, which grew nine feet high in 1891, the whole tract being finely watered and drained by the Boyer River and Six Mile Creek, which makes a most excellent stock ranch. He also has thirty acres of good timber in Six Mile Grove.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History.
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PUGSLEY - George PUGSLEY, a resident of section 11, Boyer Township, was born in Athens County, Ohio, March 17, 1850. At the age of five years he came with his parents to Harrison Cony, Iowa, arriving in the autumn of 1855. They came overland with teams and crossed the vast country with but little settlements here and there. His father entered land in what is now Douglas Township. Our subject remained with his parents on the farm until 1877, having bought land however in this township as early as 1872. This land was on section 6, and was unimproved. At first he bought eighty-eight acres, but added to it until he had two hundred acres.

In the summer of 1876 he erected a house upon this and, into which he moved in the autumn of 1877. It was a frame house sixteen feet square and one story and a half high, to which in 1877, he added an apartment 14x28 feet and one story high.

Mr. Pugsley remained on this farm until the spring of 1882, when he sold his farm and purchased another in Lincoln Township, the same being situated on section 6, and also on section 31, in Willow Township, Monona County, the county line dividing his farm. This farm comprised nine hundred and sixty acres of land, six hundred and forty of which was in Monona County and three hundred and twenty in Harrison County. He built on this farm a house one story and a half high, the upright of which was 16x28 feet, together with a lean-to sixteen feet square.

The land was just as the hand of nature had left it and our subject had all the improving to do himself. That portion of the farm which is in Monona County is used for grazing purposes and of the portion in Harrison County ninety acres are under cultivation and the remainder about equally divided between meadow and pasture land. In the fall of 1882 he built a well arranged barn forty feet square. He aims to keep on hand at this place about three hundred head of cattle. In the spring of 1885 he moved to Moorhead, on John B. Moorhead's farm, over which he was manager until the spring of 1888, when he moved back to his won place, remained that summer, and the following winter visited his parents in Florida, and in the spring of 1889, returned to Harrison County and moved to the place upon which he now lives, which he had bought in 1888. This place is situated on section 11, of Boyer Township, upon which there was built a good brick farmhouse. It was also provided with a barn 30x50 feet. This farm contains two hundred and thirty actes, about one hundred and twenty acres of which are under the plow. Our subject was married September 20, 1877, and by this union three children were born- Charles W., born August 12, 1878; Sadie E., January 5, 1882, and one who died in infancy.

Mrs. Pugsley's maiden name was Ida KENNEDY, born in Crawford County, Iowa, March 20, 1858. Her father was Samuel Kennedy, who died when she was one year old. The mother was Mary (Howarth) Kennedy, who after her husband's death remained a widow several years, and then married John B. MOOREHEAD. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Kennedy were the parents of two children, Mrs. Pugsley being the youngest and remained with her mother until the date of her marriage.

The father of our subject, George W. Pugsley, came to Harrison County in 1855, settling in Douglas Township, where he built a log cabin sixteen feet square, in which he lived for seven years and then traded his farm for another near Whitesboro, between Logan and Woodbine, the same being in Jefferson Township. The last named place was improved, had a log house upon it and consisted of eighty acres of plow land and forty acres of timber. He remained there until the spring of 1872, and then moved to Woodbine, where he traded for the hotel property, which he operated for nine years, after which he rented the hotel and bought a residence, but looked after a small farm in the valley near Woodbine. After renting his hotel property two years he disposed of it. He remained in Woodbine until the autumn of 1882, when he removed to Putnam County, Fla., where he now owns a ten-acre orange grove, which he planted after going there.

He was born in Athens County, Ohio, in 1816, and remained there until the time of his coming to this county. Upon his arrival here he had three horses and a wagon and less than $1 in money, and that being the memorable winter for deep snow and cold weather, the family had but little to eat but corn bread and venison.

Mr. Pugsley was married to Rachel FRANCIS, in Athens County, Ohio, about 1841. By this union eight children were born- the subject of our sketch, George, being the fifth child. The mother was born in Ohio about 1821, and her mother died when she was a small girl.

Politically our subject is in sympathy with the Prohibition party, and in religious matters is a Christian.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 445-446.
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WILSON - Oscar D. WILSON, proprietor of the livery, feed and sale stable at Modale, came to Harrison County in the fall of 1869, and worked on the Sioux City and Pacific Railway, from Missouri to Sioux City, and from the Valley to Fremont, Neb., part of the time as an engineer and part of the time as a baggage master and also helped in the construction of the telegraph line. He was in the company's employ until the autumn of 1873, when he built his livery barn at Modale. In connection with his livery business he also practices as a veterinary surgeon. He attended the Chicago Veterinary School. In October 1886, his barn burned, but he immediately rebuilt, 30x60 feet with five box stalls outside. In the fall of 1888 he built a residence 24x28 feet.

To acquaint the reader with our subject's earlier days it may be said that he was born July 7, 1840, at Chicago, Ill. He is the son of Thomas and Mary (NORTON) WILSON. The father was a native of Ireland, while the mother was born in New York State, and was of German origin. He left home at the age of thirteen and went to firing on the Wisconsin division of the Northwestern Railway. About 1861, he got an engine to run, continuing to pull the throttle until September, 1863, when he enlisted in Company A, of the Seventeenth Illinois Calvary, and went South, and was on detached service most of the time. He was on both of the Price raids, was at the battles of Lone Jack, Big Blue, Mulligan's fight at Lexington and a great many smaller engagements. He was discharged January 26, 1866, at Little Rock, Ark., and then returned to Chicago and again became an engineer on the road he had left, when he doffed the greasy garb of an engineer and put on the royal blue, as a soldier in the Union army. He was locomotive engineer until the autumn of 1869 and then came to Harrison County.

He was united in marriage at Missouri Valley, March 17, 1871, to Miss Jennie R. BARBER, the daughter of George and Sarah (BLACKBURN) BARBER. By the marriage nine children were born in the following order -- Abbie M., June 26, 1872; Albert D., June 26, 1872 (twins); Thomas J., August 30, 1873; John W., October 26, 1875; George O., January 28, 1878; Lottie L., May 2, 1882; Ella E., July 26, 1884; Cora J., May 29, 1886; Oscar D., January 29, 1889. Abbie and Albert (twins), died July 16, 1872; George O., October 9, 1878. All three died with whooping cough.

Jennie R. (BARBER) WILSON, was born in Grant County, Wis., October 11, 1848, accompanied her parents to Harrison County, Iowa, and located in Cincinnati Township, where she remained until her marriage. She died at Modale June 17, 1890, and was buried at Missouri Valley. In her religious belief she was a Methodist.

Mr. WILSON was married August 26, 1890, in Missouri Valley to Miss Mary E. PHILLIPS, the daughter of Alexander and Emily (BURRIES) PHILLIPS, natives of Germany.

Mary E. (PHILLIPS) WILSON, was born March 8, 1850, and the same year came with her parents tro America, located in Greene County, Pa., in 1858, and came to Washington County, Ohio, in the autumn of 1875. She left home and came to Ford County, where she remained until 1878, and then came to Mills County, Iowa, and in 1874 (misprint?), went to Jefferson County, Neb., and was there until 1888, then went to Saline County, Neb., and in June 1890, came to this county where she was married. She is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Politically our subject is a Republican.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 880-881.
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KELLOGG - Lorenzo KELLOGG (Portrait), banker of Dunlap, Iowa, as well as a heavy real estate owner, and extensive business man in general, was born, January 2, 1829, at West Springfield, Hamden County, Mass., where he remained until he was twelve years of age, when his parents removed to Ellington, Conn., and from there to Rockville, where he spent a number of years, up to 1857, when he came to Harrison County, Iowa, arriving April 25, since which time this has been his home.

When he came to the township the only tract of land under cultivation was one hundred and sixty acres on the northwest corner of section 33, and a farm on section 22. He located on section 28, where he took claim of eighty acres, on the east half of the southwest quarter, and purchased one hundred and sixty acres on the same section, making two hundred and forty acres in all. Here he made it his home for twenty-six years, at which time he moved to Dunlap. From time to time he has added to his landed estate, until he now possesses nine hundred and sixty acres, located on sections 20, 21, 28 and 29, all of which he improved himself. During his quarter of a century of farm life in Harrison County, besides devoting his time, to the carrying on of his farm and stock-raising, he also operated quite extensively in real estate. He has been a very successful business man, and being among the pioneers of the county he has assisted largely in the building up and development of the same. In 1871, in company with D. F. CLARK, of Magnolia, and G. W. THOMPSON, he organized the Dunlap bank, with which concern he is still associated, and has been President of it since 1879, at which time the bank was reorganized.

Policitally, Mr. KELLOGG is at present an Independent. He has officiated as County Supervisor and in other minor offices, but has always preferred to keep out of politics, as much as possible.

Of his parentage, it may be said, that he is the son of Israel and Jerusha (PEASE) KELLOGG, natives of Connecticut, who were of a combination of Scotch, English and Irish extraction, but were among the early pioneers of the East. On the mother's side they date back to the coming of the Mayflower. The parents of our subject died in Connecticut and were parents of eight children -- six sons and two daughters. The latter are deceased while the former all all living. Lorenzo and his brother T. P., are the only members of the family who came to this part of the country. His brother is a resident of Douglas Township.

Mr. KELLOGG was married April 4, 1854, to Mary B. GAGER, a native of Connecticut and the daughter of John W. and Ann (BRIGHAM) GAGER, of English, French and Spanish extraction. The grandfather, Don BRIGHAM, was a drummer in the Revolutionary War. Mrs. KELLOGG was born 1834. By her marriage with Mr. KELLOGG, four children have been born -- Helen E., wife of B. J. MOORE, of Harrison Township; Clara W., wife of Q. W. TAYLOR, a resident of Dunlap; Mattie P. and Lillian B., deceased.

Mr. and Mrs. KELLOGG are acceptable members of the Congregational Church, and are active members of the religious and social world in which they move.

Men like the trees of a forest have various capacities and proportions, and it will not be in the least underrating the achievements of other men to state that our subject, like some sturdy forest king, has made a steady substantial growth in all that goes toward making up the life of a successful and useful member of society.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 337-338.
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SNIFF - A. H. SNIFF, editor of the Missouri Valley News, came to Dunlap, Harrison County, Iowa in 1882, as Superintendent of the Public Schools of that place, which position he held for four years. In 1886 he removed to Missouri Valley, where he filled a similar position for one year. The Harrison County News was established at Logan in 1880, and was moved to Missouri Valley in 1884; two years later our subject purchased the plant, taking charge of the paper, in May 1887, and converted it from a weekly into a semi-weekly gournal and established the "department system" of Harrison County News in 1888, adding the Sioux News, Mondamin News, Modale News, and Persia News, all being auxiliary publications. In May, 1889, our enterprising subject began the publication of the Daily News, since which time the paper has been know as the Harrison County News, Daily and Weekly.

In the Presidential campaign of 1888 Mr. Sniff was elected one of the Presidential Electors on the Republican ticket, and had the honor of casting the vote for the Ninth Congressional District of Iowa for Benjamin Harrison, as President of the United States. Mr. Sniff was born in Logan County, Ohio, June 12, 1853, son of Edward and Mary (FUNK) SNIFF. The father was of Pennsylvania-German stock, but a native of Buckeye State. He was a contractor and builder and came to Ft. Madison, Iowa, in 1857, following the trade of a builder for twenty-five years. Since 1872 he has resided on a dairy farm, at Denmark, Iowa.

Mr. Sniff, our subject, was the first child of a family of twelve, nine of whom are still living. His early education was received in the public schools of Lee County, Iowa and at Denmark Academy, under the Presidency of Henry K Edson. At the age of eighteen, he began teaching in Lee County, Iowa and followed this profession until 1887, as Superintendent of the city schools at Webster City, Iowa; Nevada, Iowa, Dunlap, and Missouri Valley, Io wa besides devoting much time to Normal Institutes in various counties within Iowa, since which time he has been engaged as above related.

Mr. Sniff was united in marriage November 28, 1878, at Ackley, Iowa to Mary E. GUTHRIE, the daughter of Dr. James A. Guthrie, who belonged to the regular school and served as an assistant surgeon in the Mexican War, and lost a hand at the battle of Cerro Gordo. He settled at an early day at Quasqueton, Iowa. In 1858 he removed to Butler County, Iowa, and in 1863, represented that district in teh Legislature, and died in New Hartford in 1883. The mother is still a resident of New Hartford.

After having given our subject's connection with the newspaper business is it unnecessary to remark that he is a Republican. He belongs to the Masonic fraternity, being a member of Hospitable Lodge, No. 244, at Dunlap, iowa, as well as of Arks Chapter of the same place. Both he and his wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Missouri Valley.

Mrs. Sniff has been a very successful teacher, beginning at the age of fifteen years, she threw the whole of her energies into her profession and as an instructor of literature and history, she was eminently successful. She taught in the Dunlap High School four years and has been Principal of the Grammar department of Missouri Valley High Schools for five years.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 846-847.
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