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WILSON - Lowery Wilson, of section 16, township 79, range 42, came to Harrison County in April, 1854, and located on one hundred and twenty acres of land, which he held about three years, built a small house near the railroad and attended Reel's mills until August 17, 1862, when he enlisted in Company C, Twenty-ninth Iowa Infantry, serving ten months, receiving his discharge June 17, 1863, on account of disability. After coming out of the service, he was in no particular business, for one year, but then went back into Reel's mills again, where he remained until the fall of 1865, at which time he removed his present farm, living in a log house provided with a puncheon floor and sod chimney. In this house he lived until 1872, when he built his present farmhouse, situated on a charming building spot, over looking the Boyer Valley, which at this point is ever a feast to the eyes.

Mr. Wilson was born in Barren County, Ky., April 25, 1833. His father was Benjamin Wilson, a native of Virginia, born November 2, 1803 and died in Logan, Harrison County, June 27, 1878. The mother, Jane (Bend) Wilson, was a native of Virginia, born February 11, 1809, and now lives in Logan.

Our subject was married, July 14, 1852, to Martha Reel, by whom four children were born: Moses W., Henry R., Lydia and Mary. Mrs. Wilson died March 31, 1865. For his second wife Mr. Wilson married Mrs. Mary D. Reel of Indiana, born April 17, 1833, the daughter of William Acrea, a native of Kentucky, born January 19, 1806, and died at Logan, Iowa, October 16, 1879. This lady was the daughter of Ferba (Walker) a native of Kentucky, born April 10, 1812, and died May 14, 1845. Mrs. Wilson's people came to Harrison County in 1855, and settled about one mile south of Logan.

In his political belief, Mr. Wilson favors the Republican party, believing as he does, that this party best subserves the interests of the country. In religious matters Mr. and Mrs. Wilson are believers in the Protestant faith, being members of the Christian Church of which his parents were charter members.

Mr. Wilson came to this section of Iowa at a very early date and looked out upon what then a wild, yet romantic and beautiful wilderness. Game was very plenty, and while he saw his share of hardships and privations co-incident to frontier life, yet with the exception of the sad bereavement he met in the loss of his companion, he has probably now no reason for believing he could have spent these thirty-nine years of his life in a more pleasing and profitable manner, than has been his lot in Harrison County, which he has lived to see become one of the banner sub-divisions of the great commonwealth of Iowa. Here he has lived and labored and built up not only a goodly home for himself, and family, but also woven about him the respect and good will of a large circle of true friends and admirers.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 648-649.
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BEDSAUL - Isaac F Bedsaul, a farmer living on section 29, township 80, range 43, within Magnolia Civil Township, came to Harrison County with his parents in the spring of 1854. They settled at the village of Magnolia just after the town was platted. The father brought a general stock of groceries from Indiana, and continued to sell goods until 1857, when he sold out and bought a tract of wild land on section 28, the same consisting of one hundred and sixty acres. Our subject remained at home until August, 1862, when he enlisted in Company C, Twenty-ninth Iowa Infantry and was mustered into service at Council Bluffs in October of that year, and in short time was found at St. Louis, and a little later at Helena, Arkansas. He took part in eleven battles and skirmished, including Shell Mound, Miss., in February, 1863, Helena, July 4, 1863, where he was taken sick and sent to Keokuk, Iowa where he remained five months and then returned to his regiment. In 1864 he went with Gen. STELLE, under Gen. Banks on his Red River expedition, and was in the last battle that was fought -- the Siege of Mobile. He was discharged at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., September 18, 1865, after which he returned to Harrison County, Iowa. Soon after coming out of the service he bought a farm on section 23, township 80, range 43, of Magnolia Township, which he improved and lived upon until 1870, and then moved to Magnolia, and for four years ran the mail route to Logan. For one year after leaving the stage line, he lived on his farm and then sold out, lived one year on his father's farm, after which he formed a partnership with S. L. Berkley, and constructed a steam flour mill. A year later he sold to his partner and bought the farm he now resides upon; the same being one of the oldest and best improved farms in the county, one which William Cooper, an early pioneer had entered.

Mr. BEDSAUL was born in Marion, Grant County, Ind., November 25, 1840. When a small boy his parents moved to Wabash County, of that State and remained until 1854, and then came to Iowa stopping for a short time in Council Bluffs, where they were just building the first brick house in the place. The family soon moved to Magnolia.

Our subject was married July 28, 1867, to Miss Minerva AKERS and they were the parents of two children -- Bertha W. and Frank H. The mother died December 3, 1870, and in 1872 Mr. BEDSAUL married Miss Ada STEBBINS, by which marriage union Lewis R., was born. His mother died January 22, 1875. September 18, 1888, our subject married his present wife, whose maiden name was Ida M. LaFERE, and they are the parents of two children, Gracie L. and Oliver Pern.

Politically Mr. BEDSAUL is identified with the Republican party.

Of our subject's father it may be said that he was born in Grayson County, Va., December 24, 1799, and when a small boy his parents removed to Panther Springs, Tenn. From this point his father, in company with two other gentlemen, started for a trip into Western Tennessee, and were both killed by the Indians, and his wife died near Panther Springs, when Isaac BEDSAUL, father of our subject was eight years old. He was bound out to a man by the name of JONES, who was a great slave owner, and when Indiana came into the Union, he went to that State, but it was declared a free State, JONES returned to Tennessee, taking young BEDSAUL with him. But the next year, which was 1816, he in company with two other young men, ran away and came to Henry County, Ind., where he worked at clearing up timber land and was one of the first to enter the wilds of that county. He went to Indianapolis, when it was first platted as a town, and took a claim near there, but on account of sickness, he left his claim and returned to Henry County, and peddled among the Indians, continuing for three years. He built one of the first houses in New Castle, and went into the general merchandising business. When he first opened up his stock, three clapboards would hold all his goods. Coon skins were the general legal tender of that day. He prospered in his business, and at one time owned twenty-one hundred acres of land, his whole property amounting to $97,000. He moved to Marion to Lagro, on the Wabash and Erie Canal, where he built a large pork packing establishment, which did not prove a success, and in consequence of which he failed. This was in 1849 and a year later, he took ten men with twenty-one head of ponies, and packed across to the plains to California, his eldest son, Oliver, accompanying him. They built a sawmill, which they finally sold, and bought a provision store, ran that awhile and then came back to Lagro, Wabash County, Ind., arriving in the spring of 1853, and in 1854, came to Council Bluffs and took a claim near where the Union depot is now situated. But being convinced that Magnolia was a better country for stock purposes, he located there and died in 1886. The mother of our subject, Mary (CARY) BEDSAUL, was born in Springfield, Ohio, in1807, and her parents moved to New Castle, where she lived until the date of her marriage. Her father was in the Revolutionary War, and also in the War of 1812. Her grandfather was also in the Revolutionary War, and Mr. BEDSAUL's great-grandfather, on the father's side, was one of Gen. BRADDOCK'S soldiers.

Isaac BEDSAUL, our subject, is a member of the Masonic and Grand Army of the Republic orders, and is a member of the Congregational Church, while his wife belongs to the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 311-312.
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FROCK - John D FROCK, a resident of section 19, Jefferson Township, came to the county in March, 1876, and moved near Reeder's Mills, where he worked for John WILLIAMS on a farm for three months, and then moved to Magnolia Township, where he rented land one year, and then bought forty acres in the same township. It was improved land, for which he paid $1,100. After two years he sold this place and moved to Harlan, Shelby County, where he conducted a hotel a few months, and then returned to Harrison County, renting land for two years, after which he purchased one hundred acres in Jefferson Township. The land was all under the plow, but contained no buildings. He erected a farmhouse 24x28 feet, and set out an orchard, cultivating the land for four years. In the spring of 1886 he purchased the place he now occupies.

Mr. FROCK was born in Maryland, January 31, 1840, the son of Valentine and Maria (HARNER) FROCK, who had a family of eight children, of whom our subject was the third. The children were: Louisa, Sophia (deceased), John D., William H., James E., Samuel (deceased), Lucinda and Theodore.

The parents were both natives of Maryland. John D. was married December 11, 1866, to Rebecca, daughter of Frederick and Elizabeth STOCKSLEGER, who had a family of eleven children, our subject's wife being the youngest. Her father's family were as follows: Joshua, Jacob, Maria Ann, Joseph, Amos, Isaiah and Jeremiah (twins), Abraham F. and Isaac J. (twins). Samuel, and Rebecca.

Mrs. FROCK'S parents were both natives of Pennsylvania. Mr. and Mrs. FROCK's children are as follows: Elizabeth M., born September 27, 1867; William E., January 31, 1870; Ella M., April 19, 1872; Luella P., September 12, 1881.

Mr. and Mrs. FROCK are consistent members of the Presbyterian Church of Logan. Politically, our subject is a supporter of the Republican party.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 329-330
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SELLERS - Alfred SELLERS, who is numbered among the pioneer band who sought for themselves a home in this goodly portion of Iowa, has been a resident of Harrison County, since 1853 and hence a short sketch of his career is truly befitting in this connection. He is now a resident of section 21, Union Township. He first settled at Union Grove, where he became a "squatter." He and his uncle bought out some old Mormon claims, upon which had been erected log cabins, and a few acres of hazle-brush land under cultivation. Here our subject remained with his uncle about three years, and then purchased eighty acres of land; forty of which was Government land, and the remainder he bought of the county, paying $1.25 per acre. This land was fenced by rails, stakes and posts riven from the native forests by his own hands.

Among the improvements that he put upon this place was a house 18x20 feet and twelve feet high, with an addition, 8x20 feet. Here our subject remained for twelve years, when he sold the place and removed to Council Bluffs, where he rented land one season; then went to Illinois and framed one year, when he became convinced that no state was quite equal to the Hawkeye, so he moved to Des Moines, where he was employed at carpenter work one season, but by a force of circumstances, again returned to Illinois, where under contract, he hauled coal for two years, and then moved back to Harrison County, Iowa.

Of his earlier life, it should be said that he was born in Ohio, and was the son of Peter and Mary SELLERS, who were natives of Pennsylvania and New York respectively. They were the parents of two sons -- William (deceased) and Alfred, our subject.

Mr. SELLERS, of whom this sketch is written, was united in marriage during the month of June, 1841, to Betsy Ann KINNET, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth KENNET, by whom five children were born -- Mary, Salem (deceased), Elizabeth, Amanda, and Jane.

After nearly a quarter of a century of married life, Mr. SELLERS was bereft of his wife, who died about 1864, and three years later, married Matilda, daughter of Henry and Frances PECKENPAUGH, who were natives of Indiana, and had a family of eleven children in the following order -- Justice, Stephen, Lewis (deceased), May (deceased), Harvey, Thomas (deceased), Didama (deceased), George, Matilda, Parker, and Virginia.

By Mr. SELLERS' second marriage, six children have been born -- Emma, February 8, 1878; Annie, April 7, 1869; William, July 1, 1870, deceased; Mary, August 7, 1873, deceased; Lovinia, September 21, 1874, deceased; and Rosy, May 19, 1877.

Mr. SELLERS' second wife had been previously married and by such union had two children -- Leona, born October 10, 1860, and Edora, January 17, 1862.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 458.
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JONES - William M. JONES, a farmer residing on section 33, of St. John's Township, has been associated with the interests of Harrison County since 1863, having been a resident of Iowa since 1855. To acquaint the reader with this man's early life, it may be stated that he is a native of the Hoosier State, born November 14, 1852, in Putnam County, In., and can trace his ancestry back to his grandfather, Allen JONES, who was a native of Kentucky, but lived in Indiana in after years. Allen Jones married Elizabeth Smith, by whom twelve children were born, one of whom was the father of our subject. He was the sixth child and was born in Indiana, was twice married, the second time about 1850, to Miss Sarah ELLIS, the daughter of William Ellis, of Greene County, Ia. In our subject's father's family, there were thirteen children, seven of whom are now living: William M., our subject; G. Jones, of La Grange County, Ia; A.T., Mrs. Dewerse, of Kansas City; Amanda J., Mrs. Cox, of St. John's Township; Winnie E., Mrs. Doty, of LaGrange Township; James E., St. John's Township; Harvey Lee, of LaGrange Township.

When but three years of age, our subject came with the family from Putnam County, In., to Appanoose County, Iowa, where the father purchase a farm, remained four years, sold out and moved to Pottawattamie County, renting a place for a time and then bought in LaGrange Township, Harrison County, in 1863, at which time our subject was nine years of age. He attended the Honey Creek district school, of Pottawattamie County, and in 1873 began farming for himself, renting land for five years. In 1879, he bought forty acres of land in St. John's Township, on section 19, uponwhich he built a small house, lived awhile, and came to section 33 and bought land, upon which he built a fine farm house, and made many other substantial improvements. He has one hundred and thirty five acres of land under cultivation, and his place is considered one of the best in the township.

Among the more important events of this man's life, may be mentioned that of his marriage, October 3, 1875, to Miss Tabitha J. DEAL, the daughter of James E., and Hannah (CASE) DEAL, who still reside in St. John's Township, having come to the county in 1853. Our subject and his wife are the parents of two children: Elzie E., born December 29, 1876; and Bernard, September 18, 1883.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones are both members of the Primitive Baptist Church, at Loveland, and in his political choice, he is a supporter of the Democratic party.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 458.
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TOVEY - Thomas D. TOVEY, a farmer living on section 2, Raglan Township, has been identified with the history of the county since the spring of 1869, when he accompanied his parents to the county. His father was a blacksmith and located at Magnolia. Thomas D. remained at home, until he grew to manhood, and then rented land for about six years, and then bought one hundred and twenty acres of partly improved land, where he now lives.

Our subject was born in Jo Daviess County, Illinios, in August, 1856. He is the son of William and Anna Tovey, natives of Canada and Ireland, respectively. He is the eldest of a family of six children -- Thomas D., Ellen, Anna, Maggie, Elizabeth, and one who died in infancy. Thirteen years of our subject's life were spent in Illinois.

He was united in marriage in February, 1881, to Alice McLaughlin, daughter of Neil and Mary McLaughlin, natives of Ireland, whose six children were as follows: John, Rose, Dennis, Neil, Alice, and one who died in infancy. To our subject and his wife three children were born: Neil, December 10, 1883; Daniel, November 17, 1885; and Joseph, November 6, 1887. Politically Mr. Tovey favors the Alliance movements, and in religious matters he and his wife are Roman Catholics.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 763.
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FOUTS - William N. FOUTS, of Missouri Valley, left Indiana from Putnam County in 1850, and emigrated to Pottawattamie County, Iowa, and engaged at farming in Rockford Township until the spring of 1857, and then settled in St. John's Township, and continued to farm until about 1885.

In the James Buchanan presidential campaign he was one of the nine voters in Rockford Township, and the election returns show that Buchanan received five out of the nine votes cast. It is said that the Clerk of the Board, Joe DeFOREST, an ex-sailor, made a speech in which he said that Buchanan was elected, and regretted very much that they did not have communication with Washington by telegraph, because he knew Buchanan was elected, for as "Rockford Township went, so went the United States!"

Mr. FOUTS was born May 13, 1827, one half mile north of Manhattan, Putnam County, Ind., and is the son of Abner and Rosy (WOODRUM) FOUTS. The FOUTS were of German descent, while the WOODRUMS were of Irish extraction. The father, like most of his ancestors, followed agricultural pursuits. Of the three children born by this union, our subject is the only one living. His mother died in Indiana June 23, 1841, and in 1850 the father came to Pottawattamie County, Iowa. In 1842 the father married for his second wife Edicy TRESNER, a native of Putnam County, Ind., by which marriage union six sons and two daughters were born, of which numbers four sons and one daughter are living. The sons are all residents of Douglas County, Neb., while their sister lives in Texas. The father died in Harrison County, and was buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, St. John's Township, and his widow lives near Valparaiso, Neb.

In the autumn of 1864 our subject enlisted in Company C of the Thirteenth Iowa Infantry, and continued in the service of his country until August 12, 1865. He was in SHERMAN'S Seventeenth Army Corps, and participated in the battle between Thomas and Hood, and was at Nashville in the reserve and was not called out.

Politically, he has always voted the Democratic ticket, except in the Greeley campaign. He has held numerous local offices in St. John's Township; was Trustee twelve years, Assessor, member of the School Board, and School Treasurer. He was one of the charter members of the Grand Army Post at Missouri Valley, and belongs to Lodge No. 232 of A. F. & A. M.

Mr. FOUTS was united in marriage August 2, 1855, to Miss Elizabeth C. SMITH, of Pottawattamie County, Iowa, who was a native of Wayne County, Ohio. The family moved to Greene County, Ind., and followed farming until the autumn of 1854, and then came to Pottawattamie County. The father died in this county in the early '70s, and the mother survived until March, 1890. They were both buried in the Harris Grove Cemetery.

Mr. and Mrs. FOUTS are the parents of three sons and five daughters; Alma deceased at the age of twenty-one years and five months, and was buried in Oak Grove Cemetery; John W., who lives in Missouri Valley, and is a carpenter; William A. is in the Missouri Valley Carriage Factory; Rosa L., wife of Daniel GRIFFITH, a farmer for many years in Illinois, but now in the restaurant and candy trade; Ida J., wife of M. E. BRUNDIDGE, living in Missouri Valley; Hattie, living at home; Clara Eliza, at home, and Marvin Earl, at home.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 314, 317
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ELLISON - Isaac ELLISON, was born in Monroe County, Va., June 2, 1807, and was the son of Mat and Anna (CAMPBELL) ELLISON. At the age of twenty-five years Mr. ELLISON started for himself. He first went to Ohio, lived ther ten months, and then went to Wayne County, Ind., then to Missouri, and then retraced his steps to Pike County, Ill., and in 1850, came to Pottawattamie County, Iowa, and three years later to Harrison County.

Mr. ELLISON was married in Virginia, in 1831, to Sinda CLARK, and they had a family of eleven children, eight of whom are living, one of whom was Lehi, who came with his parents to this county in the fall of 1853, and located on section 17, of Cass Township. He was born in Jim-Town, Henry County, Ind., in 1837, and removed with his parents to Iowa in 1850. In September, 1864, he was married to Lydia M. SCOFIELD, a native of Ohio, born in 1842. Mr. and Mrs. Lehi ELLISON are the parents of two children, who still live, and two deceased.

Mrs. Isaac ELLISON is a native of Virginia, born February 23, 1815. Her parents were Alexander and Mary CLARK. Mary Clark's maiden name was HOCKING. Isaac ELLISON and wife have fifty-three grandchildren, and forty-one great-grandchildren, most of whom live in Harrison County.

Another son of Isaac is Alma, who accompanied his parents to this county, as above related. His father entered eighty acres of land at a time when wild game was very plenty. He erected a hewed log house, in which lived the family consisting of parents and ten children. Alma was born in Pike County, Ill., in March, 1840, left there when ten years of age, with his parents for Iowa. When twenty-two years old he embarked in life for himself, by farming a tract of land he owned on section 16, of Cass Township. He was married August 24, 1862, to Sarah M. RUNYAN, a native of Iowa, born in 1844.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 444.
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