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BRADLEY - William H. BRADLEY, a highly respected citizen of Missouri Valley, came there on May 6, 1869, and was in the employ of Snow & Tabor, general merchandisers. He remained with them until July, 1874, at which time he went to work for Ellis & Avery, with whom he remained two years. The next six months he was in M. Holbrook's bank, and the remainder of the year followed railroading. He worked one year and one-half for A. S. Avery, and then formed a partnership with J. W. Butler, and purchased Avery's stock of goods, and operated under the name of Butler & Bradley. This co-partnership existed two and one-half years, when Butler sold to C. W. Neitzch, who remained a partner with him one year, at the end of which time C. A. Walker bought into the firm. For the next four years the firm was Walker & Bradley, and then Bradley sold his interest to Walker, and for the next three years our subject was in the employ of S. B. Shields & Co., after which he was with Boies & Anderson, until he entered the employ of the Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley and Sioux City & Pacific Railroad Companies.

Mr. BRADLEY was born September 12, 1848, at London, Ont., and is a son of James and Mary Jane (FLYNN) BRADLEY. The parents were born in Ireland, and came to Canada in 1844. They were the parents of thirteen children, and of this number our subject was the fourth child. Of this number four sons and three daughters still survive. John is in the employ of the Union Pacific Railroad, in the general offices at Omaha; Edward lives in Missouri Valley; Joseph is news agent, running out of Kansas City; the oldest and youngest sisters live in Chicago. The former is the wife of James Henderson, and the latter the wife of Thomas P. Doran. The other sister is Mrs. T. L. TRACY, of Missouri Valley. The parents are deceased. The mother died in 1875, and was buried in London, Canada. The father died in 1887, and was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Missouri Valley, as is also our subject's brother, Harry.

Mr. BRADLEY was united in marriage May 3, 1873, at Magnolia, Iowa, to Maria J. WISLER, a native of Adams County, Pa., who came to Harrison County in 1870. Her father is still living, but the mother is deceased. Mrs. BRADLEY had a brother, W. E. WISLER, who works for the railroad company at Missouri Valley. Mr. and Mrs. BRADLEY are the parents of five daughters and two sons -- Florence, born March 20, 1874; Edward, May 4, 1875; Fannie, December 17, 1876; Blanche, May 17, 1879; Pearl, July 23, 1881; Bessie, October 4, 1883; William, May 18, 1885.

Our subject and his wife are active members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Politically, he is a Republican. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, belonging to Valley Lodge, No. 232, and also to Lodge No. 160, I.O.O.F., also being in the Encampment.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, page 459, 460.
Family Researcher: N/A
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DEYWALT - Henry DEYWALT, a resident of Little Sioux Township, came to Harrison County in 1862. He was born in Franklin County, Pa., August 7, 1825, and is the son of Daniel and Isabel (STOOKS) DEYWALT, natives of the Keystone State, who reared a family of fifteen children, seven of whom are now living. Our subject spent his early life in Adams County, Pa., and obtained his education at the common schools, and when he became of age began working at the carpenter's trade and followed that for some time in Pennsylvania and also after he came to Iowa. After coming to Harrison County, he worked on the Henry HERNIG farm for three years, and then bought the farm he now owns, on section 2, of Little Sioux Township.

Our subject was united in marriage to Miss Elizabeth HERRING, the daughter of Michael and Mary HERRING, of Pennsylvania. By this marriage union eleven children have been born, six of whom are still living and are named as follows: David, Samuel, William, Henry, Sarah, Ellen, John C., Nancy, Jane, Anna, and Margaret.

Politically, our subject believes in the principles of the Republican party.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, page 604, 605.
Family Researcher: Rev. C. Roy Daywalt
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KIRK - Jacob KIRK ranks among the earliest pioneers of Harrison County, coming as he did in the autumn of 1853, and took a claim of one hundred and sixty acres near the present site of Logan, but two years later removed to Douglas County, Neb., twenty miles west of Omaha, where he made another claim and remained four years, but upon account of the sickness of his wife, went back to Jefferson County, leaving part of his goods in his house and some with his neighbors. He returned after about one year to find his house and goods reduced to ashes. He then returned to Harrisonc County and bought his prsent farm on section 3, of Jefferson Township.

Mr. KIRK was born in Claiborn County, Tenn., in January, 1824, and is the son of Alexander and Catherine (BOLINGER) KIRK. He started for himself when twenty-two years of age, then worked out a year by the month, but returned home to assist his father, who had been afflicted with the palsy. In 1850 he was married to Amelia SMOTHERS, by whom three children were born. His wife died in Harrison County, and he was again married, Alice WHITE becoming his wife, and she died in about seven months. In January, 1886, he was married to Mrs. Mary J. YOUNG, who was born in 1836, and was married in Putnam County, Ind., in 1848, to David D. YOUNG, who died at St. Joseph, Mo., at the hospital, while he was in the United States service. Mr. YOUNG settled in Harrison County, at Elk Grove, in 1850, and remained there until he enlisted in Company C, Twenty-ninth Iowa Infantry.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, page 965, 966.
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GIDDINGS - Alonzo Decalvus GIDDINGS was born at Hebron, Ill., Jan. 8, 1849; died Aug.13, 1926, in Magnolia, Ia. He was the son of Josiah Harris Giddings and Hannah Gilbert. He was a member of a large family all of whom preceded him in death. He married Catharine Burley of Big Foot, Wisc., Nov. 7, 1874. They lived around Hebron, Ill. and Grundy Center, Ia., for several years before moving to Harrison County in 1882. They lived at Logan for a short time before moving to Magnolia Township and farming in the vicinity.

They bought a farm of their own in 1891 and lived on it for twenty-four years before retiring in 1915. They had a sale and moved to Magnolia, Ia., where he lived eleven years. He held office in the township and school district until his health failed. He was laid to rest in the Magnolia C emetery. The year of 1944, the farm was sold to Elmer Collins where Mrs. Collins lives today. They had nine children, two died in infancy. Their children married are, Levi, Ralph and Mary Burley; Josiah (Harry) and Mary J. Murphy; Thomas and Effie Donaldson; Sarah (Gertie) and Elisha Mahoney; Hannah Mae and Barton Allen; Bessie and thomas Frazier.
Original by Merle Mahoney.

Source: Harrison County Iowa 1981 History.
Family Researcher:Kathy Carter [Updated email address needed! kcarter@cti-nt.com no longer valid]
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SMALL - George W. SMALL, located on section 26, of Raglan Township, came to Harrison County in the autumn of 1879. The first two years he rented land in Taylor Township. He bought eighty acres of land in Magnolia Township which was partly improved, upon which he built a house and lived there two years, then sold his place and rented land six years, after which he bought eighty acres of his present farm, which was partly improved at the time.

He was born in Knox County, Indiana, in October 1855; the son of Abraham and Catharine SMALL. The former, a native of North Carolina; the latter of Kentucky. They reared thirteen children, our subject being the twelfth. Our subject remained with his parents in Indiana until twelve years of age, when the family moved to Otoe County, Neb., where the father took a homestead near the city of Lincoln, and followed freighting for three years. He was taken sick and compelled to give up his claim, and after living in the town of Wyoming, Neb., for five years he moved to Fremont County, Iowa, remained two years and then moved back to Nebraska, where he remained until the date of his death, March 26, 1878.

Our subject has worked for himself since thirteen years of age. He was married in March, 1880, to Rachel MESSER, daughter of William and Hannah MESSER, natives of Pennsylvania, who reared the following children -- Barney, Jessie, Elizabeth, Rachel, Polly, Caroline, Rebecca, Mentel L., and Hannah R.

Our subject and his wife have five children -- Joseph, Myrtle, Bertha, George, and Abraham, deceased.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 644, 645.
Family Researcher:Colleen Lovan [Updated email address needed! jlovan@uky.campuscwix.net no longer valid]
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KIRKLAND - James KIRKLAND, deceased, was a farmer of St. John's Township, and counted among the pioneer band, who wended their way to Harrison County, in 1855, and pre-empted the farm, now known as the Charles GILMORE place. He improved this place, finally sold it and moved to the village of St. John's, where he remained a year, and rented a small farm of his father. He bought the homestead now occupied by his wife, on section 35, which consisted of eighty acres.

Mr. KIRKLAND was born in Licking County, Ohio, in February, 1830. His parents were Samuel and Elizabeth (BLAIR) KIRKLAND. The father was a farmer and subsequently moved to Hardin County, Ohio, where he cleared up a farm, from out the big woods. Our subject was educated at the common schools of the Buckeye State, and remained in that country until he came to Pottawattamie County, Iowa, in 1854.

He was married in April, 1854, to Miss Rachel DEAL, of Indiana. By this marriage union ten children were born: Joseph, Sarah, Almeda, Robert, Margaret, Candace, John, Harvey, Eliza and May. Politically, Mr. KIRKLAND was a Democrat. He died July 1, 1882, and was buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, near old St. John's.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 955.
Family Researcher:Dick Jessen
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BLACK - Jacob BLACK, a farmer residing in Jefferson Township, has been a resident of Harrison County since September, 1882, having lived in the State since 1872. He was born in Armstrong, PA, May 15, 1841, and is the son of David and Anna (LENHART) BLACK, both natives of the Keystone State. He remained at home with his parents until he was twenty-seven years of age, after which he followed coal mining until he came to Poweshiek County, Iowa, when he commenced farming, continuing until he came to this county, after which he bought a piece of wild land consisting of one hundred and twenty-three acres, the same being located in Union Township. This he improved and lived upon until March, 1889, when he bought his present place."

He was married in Mahaska County, Iowa, in September, 1872, to Miss Anna SAUNDERS, a native of Ohio, by which union five children were born -- Jacob, Frank (deceased), Myrtle, Elizabeth and Molly. Mrs. BLACK died in Harrison County, Iowa, October 4, 1888, and was buried in the Harris Grove cemetery. For his second wife Mr. BLACK married Mrs. Ursula MCKINNEY, June 20, 1891.

Politically, our subject votes with the Republican party.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 292,293.
Family Researcher: N/A
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SCHRODER - Calvin SCHRODER, of the firm SCHRODER & MARTIN, hardware, harness and implement dealers at Modale, forms the subject of this sketch. In January 1890, Mr. SCHRODER engaged in the hardware business, beginning with about $1,100, and in May, 1891, he took in Reuben A. MARTIN as a partner, at which time he added agricultural implements and a harness shop. The firm now carry about $3,000 worth of goods.

Our subject was born in Lewis County, MO, September 9, 1863. He is the son of Henry and Jane A. (WAGGENER) SCHRODER. When he was four years of age, in August 1867, the family came to Harrison County, Iowa. The father having died in Missouri, the mother married a man by the name of Benjamin MARTIN and they settled on the land Modale is now on. He platted and called it "Martinville," and here they remained until the fall of 1879, Mr. MARTIN having died in the autumn of 1875. The mother married for her third husband Mr. D. M. ARNOLD, who took a homestead in Antelope County, Nebr., and he died there in 1883. The family then came back to Harrison County, and settled in Cincinnati Township and from there removed to Modale. The mother died in March 1884.

Our subject farmed near town, until he went into business. He was married in Harrison County, May 7, 1884, to Miss Martha E. CLIFTON. Four children have been born to them -- Ray L., Arthur E., Harry H. (deceased), and Grace.

Martha E. (CLIFTON) SCHRODER, daughter of Joseph and Sarah E. (HARGADINE) CLIFTON was born in Peoria, Ill., November 28, 1862, and in September 1875, came to Montgomery County, Iowa, and in 1878 they moved to Clark County, Nebr., and in 1881, to this county, and settled in Taylor Township.

Our subject obtained his education at the common schools. Politically, he is a Republican, and is now Township Clerk, and was appointed to the office of Mayor of Modale in the summer of 1890, and was elected to that office in March, 1891. He is a member of the Odd Fellows' order, belonging to Mondamin Lodge, No. 192. His wife is a member of the Christian Church.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 397,398.
Family Researcher: N/A
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EDMONDS - Orson P. EDMONDS, a thrifty farmer residing on section 5, of Jackson Township, came to Harrison County in the summer of 1867, and located on the place where he now lives consisting of four hundred and ninety acres. It was wild land at the time he purchased it, costing him $5 per acre. The first winter he lived in a shanty, built by some railroad men. He at once built him a house and good sized barn, also a double crib, wagon house and granery, and dug a well, over which he erected a windmill. He has added to this tract of land until now he owns seven hundred acres, one hundred being under cultivation, while the whole tract is protected by a good fence. It was our subject's ill-fortune to be a resident of the county during the grasshopper years, which were never known to, in any way, materially enhance the value of a man's growing crops.

Mr. EDMONDS was born in March, 1840, in Plymouth, Mich. His parents were William and Elvira EDMONDS, the former a native of England and the latter of Vermont. They were the parents of two children -- Charles (deceased), and Orson P.

Our subject moved from Michigan to Illinois with his parents when a small boy, his father dying on the way. He lived in Illinois until he was six years of age, and then removed to Walworth County, Wis., and remained there until about twenty-three years old, and then strolled over the country, working by the month until he finally settled in Harrison County, comparatively a poor man.

He was married in May, 1867, to Mary A. BURNS, daughter of Samuel and Catherine, natives of Ireland, who had six children, named as follows: Mary, Rachel, Catherine, Margaret, Ellen, Eliza.

By this marriage union our subject and his wife have been blessed by the birth of six children, born in the following order: William S., Robert B. (deceased), Christopher C., Ella M. (deceased), George D., and Katie A. (deceased).

Mr. EDMONDS belongs to Little Sioux Masonic Lodge, and stands high in his community.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 620.
Family Researcher: N/A
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