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RAINER - William RAINER, one of Harrison County's successful farmers, living on section 17, of Union Township, has been a resident of the county since June, 1870. At first he rented a farm of William RIDDLE, giving him a share of the crop for the use of the land. The same year he bought a part of the land comprising his present farm, and constructed a "dug-out" on the same, in which he lived during the two years he rented land. His own land cost him $8 per acre; he purchased the same of the railroad company, and while he was erecting his "dug-out" he lived within his wagon.

From 1870 to 1889 our subject was farming land on shares, hired his forty acres broken, and lived within the "dug-out." His present farm house, the model of neatness, is 16x24 feet, and two stories high, with a wing 14x16 feet, one story high. His farm now comprises eighty acres, all under a high state of cultivation, enclosed within a barbed wire fence, and provided with a substantial house and outbuildings. He is fortunate in also owning a five-acre timber lot. In order to obtain this land, which now provides him such a comfortable home, he, like many another man, had to go in debt, and during the years of the grasshopper plague much self-denial and great hardships marked the experience of this man and his family.

To go back to his earlier life, it may be said in this connection that he was born in Franklin County, Ohio, December 6, 1831, and is the son of Abraham and Christina (PONTIUS) RAINER, who had two children, our subject being the youngest, the other, a sister, named Ann. The parents were also natives of the Buckeye State, and the father died before our subject was born, and his mother died when he was a lad of eleven summers, when he went to live with his grandparents on the maternal side. He remained with them until nineteen years old, when he embarked on the sea of life for himself.

Until twenty-two years of age he served as a farm hand in Ohio, and then came to Clinton County, Iowa, where he was engaged at the same work one season, when he enlisted as a member of Company C, in the 26th Iowa Infantry, and served eight months during the second year of the Civil War. His regiment was sent to Helena, Arkansas, and was at the seige of Vicksburg. After that struggle our subject was taken sick and sent to St. Louis hospital, where he remained two months and was discharged. Between the time of his leaving the service of his country and coming to Harrison County, in 1870, he worked land on shares in Clinton County, Iowa.

Concerning his married life it may be said that Melvina K. COFFMAN became his wife October 24, 1854, in Fairfield County, Ohio. She was the daughter of Noah and Rhoda COFFMAN, natives of Ohio.

Mr. and Mrs. RAINER are the parents of the following children: Lizzie G., born December 6, 1861; Frank, August 23, 1864; Anna R., July 16, 1867, now deceased; Jessie G., December 13, 1871, now deceased; Mabel, October 18, 1875.

Their son Frank was married March 1, 1888, to Winnie M., daughter of Richard J. and Mary E. MILLER, who had five children, of whom Frank's wife is the oldest.

Our subject and his wife are acceptable members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and in his political views Mr. RAINER affiliates with the Republican party, first, last and all the time.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, page 698,699.
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WEST - Jonathan WEST, a farmer living on section 25, Cincinnati Township, came to Harrison County in the spring of 1857, and settled in the village of Cincinnati (noe defunct). In the autumn of the same year he procured a certificate for the land he now lives upon. The same called for a quarter section of "swamp land," whenever it came into market. He erected a frame building 14x20 feet, with an addition 10x20 feet, and in the spring of 1858 removed this to his place.

All was new and wild at the time he came to the county, and there were but few settlers found in any part of the county, and what settlement there was, was found within numerous native groves of the county. At first his team was a yoke of exen, and it required a trip of two days to go and come from Council Bluffs. Agriculture was not what it is at this time, as there was but little market for farm produce. But our subject sold considerable cottonwood lumber and hence got hold of some cash when his neighbors had none.

Mr. WEST was born March 7, 1828, in Clinton County, Ohio, and remained at home with his parents until he was twenty-one years of age, and in the spring of 1849 he engaged at farming in Fulton County, Ill., and remained in that State until the autumn of 1856, with the exception of one year spent in Ohio. He came to Pottawattamie County, Iowa, and remained there ober winter and then came to Harrison County.

He was married in Know County, Illinois, August 19, 1854, to Miss Rebecca DRUMM, the daughter of John and Jane (Hull) DRUMM, by which union eight children were born: Mary J., Jerome, Cornelia, Sarah C., John D., Hulda A., Viola and Olive, all living (1891).

Rebecca (DRUMM) WEST was born in Marion County, Ohio, August 24, 1830, and the same year her parents moved to Fulton County, Ill., where she grew to womanhood.

Our subject's father was Henry WEST, a native of Virgina, where he remained until after he was married. He settled in Clinton County, Ohio, at an early day. His wife rode a horse from Virginia to Ohio and carried a pack, while the father walked. They opened up a farm and the father remained there until his death which occured in 1848, when he was sixty years old. The good wife, Nancy (TERRELL) WEST, was a native of Virginia, and remained there until her marriage, and died in Ohio in 1862, aged seventy-one years. They were the parents of ten children, four sons and six daughters, our subject being the youngest. All are deceased, but our subject and one sister, Catherine (WEST) KANE, living in Clinton County, Ohio. The father and mother were both members of the Lutheran Church for years but before their death untied with the Christian Church.

The father of Mrs. WEST was John DRUMM, who was a native of Virginia, and when he had grown to manhood went to Licking County, Ohio, where he married Jane HULL, and removed to Illinois in 1830, remaining until 1855, and then removed to Mills County, Iowa. In 1857 he came to Harrison County, and improved a farm in Cincinnati Township, and remained until 1875, when he went to Clay County, Nebr., and he there died in August, 1876. His wife was a native of West Virginia, and her parents emigrated to Ohio when she was young. She passed from earth in Harrison County, about 1880. They were the parents of eleven children, two sons and nine daughters. Four of these children still survive, Mrs. WEST being the third child in her father's family. The other living children are: Hannah J. WHIPPLE, living in Montana; Julia BENTON, in Harrison County, Iowa; Cornelius DRUMM, in Arkansas.

Our subject, Mr. WEST, usually votes the Democratic ticket, but is by no means a radical partisan. He has held about all the local offices in his township, and was a member of the first Board of County Supervisors Harrison County ever had. They convened January 7, 1861. In 1888 he was elected Justice of the Peace, which office he still holds.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, page 769,770.
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DOTY - Wilson DOTY, a representative farmer of La Grange Township, came to Harrison County with his parents twenty-five years ago -- in the autumn of 1866. They settled in Taylor Township, near Modale, and three years later they removed to St. John's Township and were there until 1872, when they came to La Grange Township, where he and his father at first purchased forty acres of wild land, having to borrow the money to make the first payment with. They built a frame house 16x26 feet and in 1883, erected a barn 30x44 feet. The farm now consists of one hundred and twenty acres.

Mr. DOTY was born in Morgan County, Indiana, December 28, 1847, and when he was seven years of age his parents removed to Madison County, Iowa, where they remained until the spring of 1866 and then moved to Berry County, Missouri, remained one season and then came to Harrison County. Our subject remained with his parents until the time of their death.

Preston DOTY, the father of our subject, was born in Kentucky, in 1807, and in April 1814, came with his parents to Indiana, becoming a pioneer of the Hoosier State, and remained there until 1855 and then removed to Madison County, Iowa, from there to Missouri, and so on to Harrison County, Iowa. His wife, Mariah (LEE) DOTY was born in South Carolina, December 2, 1804. Her parents came to Indiana, where she married John BOLDS, January 1, 1824. They were the parents of two daughters and three sons. Mr. BOLDS died in Indiana, September 10, 1831, and January 1, 1841, she married Preston DOTY, by which marriage three children were born, our subject being the youngest of the family. The children were as follows: Lucetta, born October 31, 1842; Evan, born August 5, 1844; and Wilson, born December 28, 1847.

Our subject's father (Preston) married for his first wife Nancy SHRUM, by whom one child was born, John, April 1, 1828, and who died June 1, 1832. Nancy (SHRUM) DOTY, died March 31, 1834, and September 25, 1835, Preston married (as his 2nd wife) Elizabeth MURPHY, and they were the parents of two children: Samuel born August 17, 1836; and James born September 10, 1837. The mother of these children died June 11, 1838.

Our subject was united in marriage in Harrison County, Iowa, August 3, 1875, to Miss Winnie E. JONES, and they are the parents of six children, born as follows: Oscar, June 14, 1876; Leroy, January 17, 1878; Chloe M., May 28, 1879; Edgar, May 22, 1882; Winnie E., September 19, 1883; Earl, February 28, 1888. Edgar died August 20, 1882.

Mrs. DOTY was born in Pottawattamie County, Iowa, December 11, 1858, and removed with her parents to Harrison County when a small girl. Her father, William M. Jones, was born in Putnam County, Ind., June 8, 1820. He first married Miss Tabitha Aldridge, and they were the parents of five children: Emily, Martha A., Allen S., Silas A. and John H. Tabitha (Aldridge) Jones died in Indiana, and Mr. Jones married for his second wife, Miss Sarah Ellis, and by this marriage eleven children were born -- William M., Euen G., Acenath T., Amanda J., Winnie E., Sarah A., (deceased), James E., Joel L. (deceased), and Harvey L. The mother of these children was born in Indiana, April 22, 1829, and remained in the Hoosier State until the date of her marriage, and is now living in La Grange Township, this county. Both she and her husband were members of the Predestinarian Baptist Church. The father and mother of Mr. Doty, belong to the same church, the father being a minister of that denomination.

Politically, our subject is identified with the Democratic party, He has held the office of Justice of the Peace, being elected in 1889, and still holding such position; he is also a member of the School Board, and has been for six years, and was elected Trustee for La Grange Township at the November election in 1891.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, page 571,572.
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BEAN - Frederick C. BEAN, a farmer located on section 26, of Jackson Township, came to Harrison County in April 1883. He first located on the farm he now occupies, consisting of a one hundred and thirty acre tract, with twenty acres under the plow, and a small house upon it. He moved into this house merely as a place of shelter from the elements, and commenced improving his place. He built a one story and a half house, 24x32 feet, with a wing sixteen feet square, and a thirty-two foot addition; also a barn and a carriage house. He set out an orchard of six hundred apple trees and ninety trees of smaller fruit. From time to time, as he has been prospered, he has added to his original land until he now possesses four hundred and forty acres of rich, Harrison County soil, one hundred and twenty-five acres of which are under the plow, the balance is in meadow and pasture land.

Our subject was born in Lebanon, N. H., July 1, 1858. He is the son of John W., and Frances S. BEAN, natives of Vermont and New Hampshire respectively, who had no other children besides our subject.

John W. BEAN, father of our subject, enlisted in 1861, as a private in the volunteer service, to put down the Civil War, and was promoted from the ranks to Second Lieutenant, then to First Lieutenant, and from that to Captain of his Company. He first enlisted in the Fifth New Hampshire volunteers. After the close of the War he went to Washington and worked in the Treasury Department for nine months, when he received a commission as Second Lieutenant in the Regular Army, and was retired, holding the rank of Captain, in September 1890.

Our subject remained with his parents 'midst the hills and forests of the old Granite State, until he was nine years of age, and then went to Washington after his father received his appointment in the Treasury Department, and when he received his commission for the regular army he and his mother went back to New Hampshire and remained two years, and then both went to Indianola, Tex., and remained one year and then spent a year in New Mexico and returned to New Hampshire. Our subject attended the High School one year at Bristol and then went to Governeur's Island, N.Y., and attended a preparatory school, and in 1874 entered Anandale College, where he spent four years, then went to Germantown, N.Y., and was engaged in the mercantile business at Clermont, N.Y., two years and worked on a farm near Germanstown for three years, and from there came to Harrison County, Iowa.

Mr. BEAN was united in marriage in July, 1878, to Esther V. DICK, the daughter of William H. and Eleanor DICK, whose children were; Amos W.K., Alletta and Esther. Our subject and his wife are the parents of three children -- Frederick V., born May 11, 1879; Frank W., February 16, 1885; and Francis F., September 6, 1886. Mr. and Mrs. BEAN are acceptable members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and he belongs to Lodge No. 283, I.O.O.F. at Little Sioux.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, page 587,588.
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PATTON - Columbus M PATTON, a farmer living on section 11, of Magnolia Township, has been a resident of Harrison County, Iowa since June, 1857. He first settled in Harris Grove, LaGrange Township, where, in 1856, he had purchased two hundred and forty acres of land. The first year he came to the county he worked at the carpenter's trade at Magnolia. In 1856 he moved from LaGrange Township to Magnolia Township, and bought sixty acres of improved land on section 14, which he sold in 1866, and moved to his present home, where he purchased one hundred and twenty acres of unimproved land. This land, on account of defective title was taken from him, and he had to repurchase it. To the original tract he has added until at one time he had seven hundred and twenty acres.

He was born in Monroe County, VA., in March, 1828, and remained at home with his mother until 1847, and then worked at the carpenter business until 1850, when he embarked in the mercantile business with his brother-in-law, and continued until 1857, when he came to Harrison County.

He was married in Virginia, in 1852, to Miss Mary A. DUNSMORE, and they are the parents of eight children -- Mary A., Marelda J., Austin N., Maggie E., Nelson F., Anna L., Frank W., Edward E.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, page 954,955.
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BARREY - Merritt BARREY located on section 36, of Allen Township, came to Harrison County twenty-one years ago, a poor man, and went to work by the month on a farm near Magnolia, continuing this for two years, and then bought twenty acres of improved land in Bigler's Grove, and remained there two years, and soon after bought the farm he now occupies.

Mr. BARREY was born in Orleans County, N. Y., and is the son of Benjamin and Louisa (CADY) BARREY, natives of the Empire State, who had a family of five children, four of whom still survive. Our subject remained at home until nineteen years old, and then came to this county. He was married in June, 1871, to Ellen CHATBURN, daughter of Richard and Mary CHATBURN, natives of England, who had ten children. Mr. and Mrs. BARRY are the parents of eight children, seven of whom are living -- James; William, deceased; Benjamin, Mary, Serene, Adell, Louisa and Sicily.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, page 954,955.
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CARD - Rev. Kirtland CARD (deceased) was among the first men who effected a settlement in Harrison County, locating in Cass Township in 1863. He was born in Portage County, Ohio, in 1828, of Scotch descent, and was the son of Bostwick and Hannah (BLACKBURN) CARD, natives of Connecticut and Pennsylvania, respectively. He received his education at the common schools in the Buckeye State, and began preaching in 1859 and continued until 1864, as a minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church. At this time he was compelled to quit the ministry on account of ill health. He was married September 10, 1847, to Polly CALVIN. By this marriage nine children were born, six of whom are still living: John B., Amelia, Sylvester K., Mary, Luella and William.

Mr. CARD proclaimed the Gospel at many points in Western Iowa, in pioneer days, and during the Civil War. He was a man highly respected for his manliness, and Christian graces. He passed from the scenes of life, in the spring of 1891. The widow lives at the home left her by the deceased, with the two youngest children.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, page 839.
Family Researcher: Susan K McMahan
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CARD - Shederick B. CARD, a resident of section 10, Jefferson, came to Harrison County with his family May 10, 1854, and settled at Six-Mile Grove, Cass Township, where he bought a piece of land on section 20, and remained there thirteen years, and then went to Ohio, and remained in that State eighteen months, and there sold his Harrison County farm. He soon returned and settled at Whitesboro; the land he selected was the northeast quarter of the northwest quarter of section 10, Jefferson Township. He rented land there until 1874, and then moved to his present place. Upon going to this land all was wild and new, with no improvements, and as one looks at his present well improved farm, they are convinced of the fact that he has not been an idle man.

To learn something of our subject's earlier life and ancestry, it may be said that he was born in Portage County, Ohio, February 4, 1833. He is a son of Bostwick S. and Hannah (BLACKBURN) CARD, and is the fourth in a family of eight children. He spent his early years 'midst the forests and prairie openings of the Buckeye State. He attended the common district schools in his native State and one term after coming to Harrison County.

Mr. CARD remained at home until he was married, which event occurred November 13, 1853. His wife's maiden name was Susan M. CHAMBERLAIN, who was a native of Ohio, born December 14, 1835, and the daughter of Peter and Susan (HAMILTON) CHAMBERLAIN. She is the youngest child in a family of seven children. The father and mother both died in Ohio, the latter dying in 1867.

Mr. and Mrs. CARD have been blessed with six children -- Clara, born in 1854; Twins, who died in infancy; Orlin O., born in 1863; Lorin, in 1871; and Clay, in 1875. When Mr. CARD came to Harrison County he was $5 in debt. He came down the Ohio River to St. Louis, and from there to St. Joseph, and there hired livery and came to this county. The first summer after he came here he worked at any labor he could do; he remained eighteen months before he bought his land.

Politically our subject believes in the principles as administered by the Republican party. During all of the years of his residence in Harrison County he has borne the respect of his neighbors and worked for the general upbuilding and development of his county and township. And by industry and a study of agriculture he has built for himself and his family a comfortable home, and like most of the early settlers who have been frugal and painstaking, is surrounded by the comforts of a pleasant life.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, page 365,366.
Family Researcher: Susan K McMahan
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